Samsung Galaxy S: Froyo Update I9000 JPM is Live – Do you Have it?

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We have some breaking news to bring you now, as it has been reported that the official update to the Samsung Galaxy S is finally starting to roll out for some countries. The question is though – do you have the update for not?

According to this report from SlashGear, the update is now live for Galaxy S owners in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, since the update is now showing up in the Samsung Kies software updater.

We’re not sure about users in the UK or US as of yet, but you can bet that Samsung will be rolling this out to everyone over the weekend.

Key changes include Adobe Flash 10.1 support, auto-updates to the Android Market, improved keyboard response, speed performance improvements, fixes to GPS app, Samsung Media Hub support, Improvements to Exchange features, .mp4 video recording, new gmail application, a new search widget and much more.

You’ll find the full list of changes so far over at Slashgear. The update is confirmed to be 138MB in size, let us know if you have received the notification or not.

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  • G man

    not here in the UK yet :(

  • ZetsuBozu

    Well, finally!

    Now I'm only left to ponder whether or not Samsung will bother patching the thing to Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread) in the future. Far as I know, the Galaxy S meets the minimum system requirements.

  • blablabla

    I have the new update and have had it for 5 minutes. it works perfectly so far.

  • Thomas

    I am in India and its showing the JG4 firmware version ready to be installed as well…so looks like happening..I will possibly doing the update on monday!

    • Max

      I am also in India…cant see anything on mine….perhaps thts is some diff update

  • dan

    not available in UK yet

  • Dino

    Update on T-mobile Uk is going to be delayed. Them fools can't stick to anything they say, they started with September, then October. They might as well be politicians. Time to change from T-mobile – YES!

  • ssj4Gogeta

    @Thomas: JG4 update came to India like 2 months ago. It’s not Froyo.

    • victor

      yes.. thats just a patch sort of.

  • SwedenPete

    Just update my samsung galaxy s to Froyo in Sweden. I´ve heard, that Denmark and Norway also are rolling out….

    Market app disappeared – did a factorry reset. Now everthing (What I´ve seen so far is working fine).

  • Aly

    yes! It is really great! I have it in Bulgaria

  • Otto

    I just bought this from Light In The Box and it is junk. Not Samsung at all. Only email access is Gmail. Piss poor picture. Runs too hot to hold. And – now I am trying to get them to let me return it but cannot get a response. Stay fay away from this retailer. Fraud!!!!

  • Jay

    im in uk i decided to flash froyo jpm update before it was available through kies. (if you cant wait search google for the download) first up is gps fix its pretty poor outdoors can take up to 15 mins to lock and is very inaccurate in location (gps has never worked in any froyo beta builds for me so i guess its a bonus). after reebooting for first time camera fails to take pictures but will record video ok. (tried to reflash, reformat, still camera wont take no pictures even tho not installed any apps exc) there is still some major lag even with 1 click lagfix applied and i have seen several apps causing the black screen to appear for few mins. when navigating back to the homescreen sometimes it takes up to a min to load widgets oh this is a joke!!, alot random freezes with little going on is pathetic. this rom is worse than the stock eclair rom my galaxy s came with. if you want bit more reliability in froyo i suggest you install docrom available from xda its based off the same jpm build is light and very nice rom only prob i had was after doing 1 click lagfix my files app seems to dissapear no big deal.

  • Alessandro

    Too bad, Netherlands not yet

  • Ajay

    Just checked for update in India.. not in as yet..

  • Anupam

    I’m in India & have been checking for the update everyday for the last 1 month. Nothing as of now on KIES. There are some leaks available on the web, but have not had the courage to try them out for fear of killing my phone.

  • kl in KL

    not available in malaysia as well 18 oct 2010

  • cjwiphone

    To bad malaysia not yet

  • noundereighteen

    Too bad, Malaysia not yet

  • andrew.choo

    Someone told me Maxis Galaxy S Froyo is only available in December. Hope they prove me wrong.

  • pranav

    when is it comming in india??

  • HKI

    Still nothing in India…y cant these guys give actual dates :(

  • liubo

    Aly. You have a mistake!i am from bulgaria and i dont see froyo update on the kies!

  • Jay

    If anyone has successfully installed Froyo through Kies, can you please confirm if the following remained as before or were wiped out by the upgrade:

    – Market Aps
    – Personalized Settings
    – Home Screens & Shortcuts
    – Contacts
    – Images, Files & Other Data

    Knowing this will make a lot of us choose whether to move to Froyo or not.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Charlie

    UK, I installed through kies and had some sort of force closing crash of everything upon any reboot. Phone was effectively soft bricked.
    Managed to save it by flashing JPM via ODIN tool. Tutorial was on xda, linky:

    God bless them.

  • Bhaskar, India

    NOT in india yet… frustating like hell. Why cant these blokes give some dates

  • Vino

    When is it coming to India.. Really testing my patience….

  • Magnus

    got it in Sweden yesterday

  • John

    I called up Samsung customer service in Malaysia and they told me Malaysia will only get froyo update end of December. By the time they release here Gingerbread would have been released in other countries that got the 2.2 now :-(

  • Avi

    Why the Samsung is not releasing the update in India. India is a big market and I think they should consider it on top priority for its goodwill also.