Opera Mobile: Coming To Android Soon

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If you have ever used Opera Mini on any of your devices you will know just how much better it is than the native browsers that most smartphones offer, now we can confirm that a Opera Mobile is coming to Android.

Most smartphones are compatible with Opera Mini, however Android will be getting Opera Mobile, Opera Mobile is considered better than Mini and offers a richer web experience, this requires more CPU power, however most Android smartphones have plenty of that.

When it arrives we are assured that Opera Mobile for Android will be extremely fast and offer pinch-to-zoom functionality, I for one will definately be isntalling this on my partner’s HTC Desire as Opera Mini has been great on my BlackBerry.

At the moment no solid launch date has been given, therefore we will have to keep you posted, all we can say is that it should be available within a month.

Will you install Opera Mobile on your Android device?

Source: Engadget

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