HTC Surround AT&T: Release Date, Pre-order and Price at Best Buy

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If you are interested in picking up the recently announced HTC Surround handset, you’ll be pleased to know that retailer Best Buy has just set a solid release date along with pricing for the device.

As reported from Engadget, the HTC Surround is gathering quite a lot of interest, as not only is it one of the Windows Phone 7 launch handsets, but it also comes with a unique slide out surround sound speaker from Dolby.

Best Buy has stated that customers can now pre-order the device on AT&T, ready for shipping on Monday 8th November. It will be available on a two-year contract for $199, but those wishing to buy it off-contract will have to pay $550.

The HTC Surround is definitely one of the more ‘desirable’ Windows Phone 7 handsets, so we imagine a lot of you are interested in this one.

Let us know your thoughts on the price.

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