Wow Patch 4.0.1: Update On Patch Issues, Bugs & Problems

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Now most of you have downloaded and installed the new 4.0.1 patch update for World of Warcraft, you may have noticed some nagging problems within the game. These “known issues” were raised in an article we posted earlier and we have an update for you to see which of them will be resolved and when along with new issues raised.

Along with the already known bugs, new ones have been found. These range from the Druid spell Insect Swarm (Balance) not being available even when your spell book tells you to visit a trainer to learn it, only to find out that the trainer says you already learnt the spell.

There has also been some confusion with the Master Riding skill, missing enhancements, authenticator issues, renamed Warlock pets, and probably a WoW players biggest nightmare — missing characters. The entire list can be found by visiting the source page below.

Are you having any issues with WoW Patch 4.0.1?

Source: WoW Insider

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  • danny

    ok i have a really annoying problem, i downloaded patch 4.0.1 with no problems at all, i log into my account also with no problem….. but when i select one of my characters and press enter world it loads up but as soon as the loading bar reaches the end it freeses…. or sometimes all i get is a frozen picture or where i lat logged out with none of my spell bars, map, chat screen….. nothing just a picture of borean tundra, which consists of trees and thats about it, any1 having the same problem at all? plz get back to me, thnx lorindian lvl 80 hunter (deathwing)

    • gary

      dude i hav the same problem!!!

    • MathMan

      This is the exact issue I am having. Been searching the internet for a fix, no success yet.

    • Destrophy

      I also have been having this same problem and i cant seem to get any solid reason from blizzard why this is happening to people.

    • Dani

      Addons are down. That might cause some

      Trouble. It has for me. Try disabling them!

    • guest


    • ryan

      me too, driving me crazy, they just say to disable addons, any updates

    • Nicholas

      I am having the exact same problem. The Download Is Done, but it says "applying non critical updates" its said this for the last 24 hours. then every time I open WOW it lets me log in and choose a character. the load bar loads to 100% and then crashes and sits there at the loading screen until I have to manually close it because the window has stopped responding. Ive tried defraging my computer and running cleaners. running wow repair, rebooting, removing the update and redownloading it again. havent been able to get past the load screen since before the patch was released. im not to impressed

      • dave

        My issue is exactly the same, I have removed all addons and reinstalled the game, still having the same issue.

    • Ticked Off

      Having the exact same problem. Disables addons, repaired Wow, about to try to uninstall and re-install the entire game, just absolutly pissing me off. Anyone found a viable solution yet?

      • Joseph

        did reinstalling solve it coz i have the same problem

    • freydis

      also experiencing that exact same problem and mightily annoyed by it

      • Ukeru

        i ended up having to reinstall the whole game to fix my experience of this problem

    • Thomas

      There was a crash-prevention thread (… ) that said you should remove your Interface, WTF, and WDB folders from your WoW game direcotry. I have done it myself and it hasn't worked, but at this point, untill someone can find the right combination of what to do to fix this issue, lets see what we can find that might work and use that list to see what combination WILL work.

    • jack

      same problem if anyone figures out how to fix it plz post!

      • Cia_Bpi

        Exactly the same problem. Removed all add-ons, reset everything, removed all non-essential directory's. Run repair tool, disabled torents, and about everything else i can disable.This is an installation on XP.

        Only thing I found so far is if I copy the directory to my Windows 7 installation, and run it there, no problem at all : can load add-ons, can log in and out of each character. Also been searching all over the place to find any indication, but as usual nowhere anything i can find out why this is happening on my XP Pro SP3 installation.

      • Philthewarrior

        I tried downloading a new graphics card drive and it worked a treat.

    • jackie

      i've been having the same problem and thought it may have had something to do with my video card. updated my drivers, didn't work. disabled my addons, didn't work. removed the files blizzard said to, didn't work. even uninstalled and reinstalled wow and it still hasn't fixed anything. so far, nothing is working to fix this problem and blizzard has failed with this patch for sure.

    • jack

      found out how to fix that problem just follow instructions on this link, worked fine after that

      • taff

        Excellent. Solved my problem of graphics crashing out.

      • RIch

        It worked!

      • Cindi

        this didn't work for me :(

    • Matt

      I had the same problem. Solved it by downloading the latest driver for my graphics card.
      it works fine now.

      • Philthe warrior

        Thanks yes this worked 4 me 2

    • RIch

      Looks like its a common problem. I have it too. Any help yet? I was able to get into the world on a friends system but mine is toast. Even reloaded my OS but still have the same problem.

    • erlingo

      When i shall download the 4.0.1 patch it wont download just stuck at a few prosents icant download it is stuck! D:: anyoneplease pelase please help me get the 4.0.1 patchworking i cant download it its stuuuuuck cant downlaod it….. thatmeans icant play wow…. D:: any1 help me get the 4.0.1 patch workin again please!!

    • Nick

      Did you figure it out i had the same problem i mean sometimes i get in but a log of times it dc's me i talked to a blizz person he said my vid card was not good nuff but im highly doubting that with a brand new MacBook Pro??? anyone have a solution

    • GameMasterRha

      I mean to reply to the very top, to the actual little article, but I can't find how to do that. This would have been good info had I been here patch day–good to know not necessarily useful–but I thought the author might want to use LEARNED instead of LEARNT.
      I'm not trying to be mean but the more I mention it the more I hope to see that in the trade bla bla's and on forums and sites like this verses the 'learnt' and 'definately' deficiency going around the World of Warcraft.
      Best wishes

    • Mitch

      Hey mate go into options on the logon screen and video options and turn off "sunshafts" and lower all the vid options to lowest setting. IT worked for me all my chars were freezing on the loading screen

      hope this helps mate

      • Cindi

        Already done that, no help….

    • Cindi

      Yes!!! I am completely frozen!!! I'm not talkin the usual LAG, I cannot even play the game!!! I just opened a ticket. There has to be something we can do to remedy this, I have never had a problem like this….

  • Laura

    I have a serious problem with patch 4.0.1.

    Yesterday we had a hell of a time downloading it… only once it was downloaded we had to download another 11 gigs of information?! As far as I know, no one else has said anything about downloading 11 gigs!!

    And then, to top it off, now whenever we try to log into a character, all we see is… well, a full screen closeup of some random icon, the sound buzzes and lags out, and if we see any cities at all, they go from being textured properly to being textured with random things like mount skins on the buildings and stuff…. and the text will be all garbled and un-readable. The skins on the buildings/toons change. Like, it will flip through several different skins, almost like it's looking for the right one. And then if I log back out again, all the skins on my toons are messed up.

    I've run a repair and everything. So far I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem. I can't even play the game to find any other problems.

    • Dom

      same issue 11 gigs !!!!! what is going on !!! someone pls help

    • Hairylarry

      I have the same exact problem and i even tried uninstalling WoW completely and reinstalling it took about 24 hours and the problem is still there random colors like mounts on my shoulders or a completely black char and random colors on buildings and stuff really weird…worst patch ever…i have never had problems but yea its unplayable.

      • F*CK THIS :(

        YEEEEAH I have same problems. Very weird sounds, colours, forms.. everything is like incompelete graphics. And so massive lag that when I get in I have to push ctrl + alt + delete and shut down Wow.exe. I would get gray hair very soon if this doesn't be solved.. Maybe I have to just wait that my boyfriend check this.

        • Terodian

          This is a long shot, but I had a similar problem. When you first come to the login screen, try going to your sounds and video settings and turning them nigh all the way down. It stopped the odd colorations for me.

    • Jyson

      The one thing that you all need to remember is that World of Warcrafts Graphics engine use to be so low that you could just about run the game on anything… a laptop/computer with out a proper video card. The biggest thing that was changed in this patch is there video rendering on textures and graphics is much better allowing people like my self with really good gaming computers (a computer with at least 4 gigs or ram and at least nvidia 260 gtx video card and better) to actually run the game for the best graphics possilbe. So in turn you all need to go out and buy a video card just like you would need to if you were playing any other game on your computer other than WOW.

      • Jchil6000

        Well that may be true but does not require a new video card. “Other games” don’t require this either I play a couple with much higher end graphics than WoW. WoW just finally nosed dived from their pedestal and failed miserably here. Very bad timing for them too as they will soon find out. Cataclysm I believe begins the ending of WoW. Disagree if u must just wait and see. :)

    • Mark

      I've had the same issue as well. I got the Blue Screen of Death on my HP 4 times so far

  • Player X

    I did the upgrade and now I can not play. The character stands there and does the requested commands second, Seconds mind you, later making the game completely unplayable.

    • fourpoint1israpingme

      thats just lag. all servers/most players r experiencing lag that they dont usually get. i dont think its a bug, just latency.

    • Cindi

      That is the EXACT same problem that I am having!! EXACTLY!!! and very frustrating I might add!!!!

  • chris

    yea when i log in it just gives me this glitchy screen after i select my character and are trying to get in to the world

    • tom

      when u play can u see ur character and the outline of the world and everthing exsept its all in different colors ? and if so how did u fix it if u did fix it?

  • alby roberts

    hi there i have a problem with my hunter not been able to keep a pet,i have travelled to wintersprings from honour hold twice now to get a pet but when i get back and leave honour hold my pet is gone and i can't summon it, all my talents are in beast mastery and cant get by without pet, i would also like to know is anyone is having simmilar problems.

    • franklin

      I had atleast a similar problem…when I would attempt to summon my pet I would get an error that I didnt have a pet. I went to a stable master and 1 at a time selected a pet from stable, summoned, dismissed, and repeated with all my pets and the problem went away.

    • BeauHunter

      Pets have to be on the Active tab on the left when viewing the stable master interaction. If they are not listed there – they are just 'stabled' and unavailable. You should have spells call pet 1, 2 ,. etc… (depending on what level/training you have) When they are listed, those spells say call "PETNAME" with an icon of the pet in the button. Still working through RELEARNING my 80 characters now WTF.

    • Erlingo

      When i shall Download the new 4.0.1 patch it stuck at a few procent i mean i cant download the 4.0.1 patch! that meansi cant play wow… ;(( any1 help me get the 4.0.1 patch work? plzplzplzplzplzplz!!!

  • Robert

    I've d'loaded latest patch and all I get is a black screen. No character info, no sound, no nothing… except a black screen. This is not good. I paid for these days online and now I'm losing out.

    • Mike

      yeah man i am having the exact same thing as you it started yesterday after downloading the patch.

      black screen nothing no sound.

      blizzard have not replied to any of my emails.

      its wank

      • Chris

        I updated all my drives and still the same problem

  • max

    how long has it taken for the download to be fully completed? mine is going extremely slow, i understand that connection and download times with everyone varies, but I just want to get an understanding on what download times and issues people may be having.

    • Frank

      With a high speed (cable) connection and a fairly fast dual processor computer it took me about an hour and a half for the download and the installation took so long I went to bed and got up in the middle of the night to shut it down (so I don't know how long that part took, other than real L o n g). I started Tuesday about 9 PM est so it might have been peek usage that didn't help.

    • Philthe warrior

      Mine too over 36 hours on a 4mg line – So long!

    • Mark

      I'm running a hardwired Ethernet cable for my DSL. I started at 2:47 on the 11th and I'm still not done

  • really anoying

    I have many problems …. cant go to dala bcs of lag, cant fly in Icecron, cant go out Ironforf bcs the game just kick me, etc, Tbh this patch sucks … ty blizzar

    • Nakago

      im having the same problem have u found any solutions to it yet? i log in and get dc'd almost instantly i cant even play this is so bad!

  • EshEsh

    I've patched into 4.0.1 with no problems at all, but when I try to get into the game , 1- Launcher cannot connect with Blizzard download tool .and then Error
    2- when i try to launch the game without the Launcher the game take 2-3 mins to appear , then when i put the password and log in the game freeze at " Connected " message.

    • Natt

      I have got the same issue, any fix?

    • Whitehawk

      I have this same problem. It freezes on "Connected" then after 3 minutes it says "Disconnected from server". I tried to use the updater on the patch and it keeps saying theres not patch file to update, even after i downloaded the patch.

    • Tony

      I have the exact same problem

    • Tony

      I had the exact same problem. All i did was run the launcher as administrator and bam! fixed.

      • Zaran

        This works for me too, right click on launcher – or desktop shortcut ans select run as Administrator (I'm on Vista). Then it works. I think it's something to do with it downloading little bits every time you log in, your PC thinks it's being attacked – or software is being added, which I suppose it is!

    • LCE

      I cannot get into the game even though I have downloaded the game

  • Packrat

    i have a differnt problem i downloaded the patch no probs there, got the new snazy cataclysm loading screen, yet again no probs the 2 probs are on laucher screen have a bar saying downloading tool updates the freezes and timesout from server, if i ignore that and click play enter my password and authenciator i get a download screen and then it crashes with error #132 i looked this up and followed what blizz say to do and still prob is there. please help me if possible

    • shell

      i had same till i turned of my firewall till sorted

    • HARRIZ

      i have the same problem, times out or crahes if i skip to play.
      i have disabled my fire wall and tried running as admin but still dont work, has anyone found a way of getting it to work?

  • jemma

    pf i dont even know where to start wiv my problem

    • David

      I have loaded everything, can log in but as soon as I try and cast or use an item (HS) I get a fatal error

      ERROR #132 (0×85100084) Fatal Exception

      am downloading the latest updates from DirectX but I don't hold up much hope.

  • jemma

    basically i about 6g free for the 4.0.1 patch – downloaded it, although the patch was only 5.g ish, error not enough space.

    okies, so unistalled it and downloaded it from my battle net account, which i was supose to take me up to 4.0.1 (this was 16g ish in total) and my cd is only 8 ish, so im assuming the download from the battlenet is including all the other patches upto 4.0.1. Anyway to it totally filled up my drive. so – THIS TIME, lol i unistalled it, AND deleted the folder cos it still had some content etc, so with it unistalled and folder deleted, im Re installing the Battlenet download client, not the cd. i have 23g space when i started this – shorly 23g has to be more than enough ?

    • Claire

      I'm going to need a new laptop that just plays WoW at this rate!

    • Michael Swapp

      Your really not supposed to fun your harddrive that full anyways. You need at least 10g of free space at all times. I recommend cleaning up some useless programs or getting a bigger harddrive.

    • Mikro

      my WoW installation is 40gigs now :) including all patches and files in User folder :)
      welcome in 21st century!

      if i count PTR it is like 60-65 gigs total.

      lucky i have 1,5TB drive for gaming :)

  • HuntersGotNerfed

    i agree. my list of problems is so long it would take a full day to post it in trade chat. And to top it off i am now having the same problem as everyone else….not being able to log on to a character. Thank you Blizzard for ruining my game experience. Oh yeah…..has anyone else logged in to find that your game screen icons are much much larger than usual? i tried to adjust my video settings and when i do, the game minimizes and continues to run, but the tab to restore it has completely disappeared into thin air. Any ideas anyone?

    • Jyson

      Hey just so that you know, all you have to do is go out and buy a new video card. That is your problem with you not being able to change your video settings the game just wont let you do something your computer cant handle

    • Zariem

      The game icons being too large is a fix in the video settings. It's under UI scale. Drop it down a bit, that'll help. Helped immensely for me as I too found this rather aggravating.

  • Aen

    Instance groups being disbanded randomly, being locked inside instances and cannot log back in – screen loads forEVER and will not log in on any character. It'd be nice to be able to login and open a ticket o_O

  • newpatchrapesme

    my only problem with the game is that i get this big, gray, weird box in the middle of my screen. its transparent for the most part, but cant click through, and cant click it off cause the -X- button thats used to close stuff doesnt want to work. its not just a box, it has little icons that say things like, prev-next-report, and other stuff. and then it has tabs that say guild, friends, and other things that i would expect to appear on the 'O' hotkey thing. im guessing its some kind of new chat stuff, but i cant use it, the buttons dont work, the tabs are out of place, its on all my toons, and i cant click it off. :'(

    • Agebur

      That means your add ons need disabling so you go to the Blizzard default, Then try enabling your add-ons 1 at a time to find the culprits. Then wait for them to become compatible. It's a LUA Error Report generated by one of you add ons.

  • eclipes

    damm u guy got it downloaded i can't even get in my computer stops at 70% say there was a error

  • fred

    I had no problem dowloading the patch, but now, i can play for about 5 minutes and then my computer shuts completely down, with no warning whatsoever, no heating, virus or any other problem.Works fine when not playing.

    • Bri

      I have almost exact same prob…pc works fine all day long then try to play wow with all new drivers etc everything up to date log in ok play for 5 or 10 mins then screen goes blank and pc locks up….not much hope for Cata then :(

    • Thomy

      did u find a way to fix this problem

  • guest

    If you have any problems getting shift to work to compare items, disable all add ons, worked for me.

    Guess addons cant be used until blizz have fixed bugs.

  • Summer

    I am having the same problem as the first poster Danny; The GM gave me the same advice which was to delete addons. This was not a solution. An interesting and odd side fact.
    I have a second account and I can view my character with my second account, however,
    the computer which is downloading that character, does not see my character or any npc
    on the screen. Sometimes I dont even get that far, and it freezes at the bar at full looking like it is ready to open to the character. I dont think we should adjust our computers too much, this looks more like a game problem based on the number who are experiencing it.

  • Summer

    PS I should have told you that I can load the character successfully to my working computer.
    So something on my second computer now is corrupted since the patch? drivers?
    files? (to restate it; On one computer the game is successfully loaded and I can play either account.) On the other I can not get into the game with either account.

    • steve

      Transfer the game from the known working pc onto the one u are having probs with…

  • Darren

    I can't even get the patch to download :(

    • Helen

      Same problem, tells me 'your game installation is damaged, run Repair'. Have done this, says game is repaired and STILL can't download the patch. Have removed game, reinstalled it and am now trying to download the patch for the THIRD time (only 8 hours to go). Tried to contact Blizzard US and Europe – no luck. How more frustrating can Blizzard make a gaming experience?

    • cza

      I cant get it to DL either. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, I cleared out my cpu even thou I have 200 gigs. I have deleted everything WoW and still not being able to get passed downloading. Started at the "downloader" and it runs its 9hr process then i get an error "WoW Downloader has run into and unexpected problem and has shut down" then another pop up "would you like to report this problem?" I have tried re-installing 3 times, downloading at least 7 times now. Nothing seems to work regardless of what I have tried. My CPU has even restarted on several occasions due to this patch. I am at a loss…..someone even suggested I pop my cpu case and clean out the dust from the processor….Im at a loss, please help

  • Bitter Beauty

    My biggest issue is the lag that I now have. I never used to lag and now I can barely play because its so bad :( I mean wtf! I still have 253gb left so its not like i dont have enough space. I'm annoyed =/

    • Jyson

      Ok really is that all you think it takes in your computer to render graphics is your disk space, you also need to take into consideration your CPU, ram and the most important piece of hardware your VIDEO CARD. And that would be why you are having problems with seeing your game properly go buy a new computer yours isnt good enough anymore

      • shantell

        ohh plz you are a moron computers aren't the problem it's the crap blizz has done and they don't know how to fix it now.

      • Jysonpwner

        lol fail troll is fail. If one single patch from blizz renders computers "Not Good Enough" Then there is an issue with the content that has been released. Seriously! Jyson you fail at more than wow apparently!

    • imnotgreat

      i have the same problem i used to be around 50 fps and now im lucky to get 7

    • Speedyduck

      I had terrible lag after i changed in game video settings to low (or default) and muted sound.This worked for my Nvida 8500 gt card. Im running on a non dual core AMD computer. The Graphics are now less than they were before the patch but at least i can play again.

    • shantell

      i have same problem my latency goes clear up to 6000 and some sometimes. I can't even cast without freezing or dceing. I tried doing icc 25 and couldn't do anything with the first 2 bosses i finally got in to play and then i dced after every cast i lost count after 25 dces. I was fine until friday when blizz did there little upgrade patch and now i can't even play. I put in a ticket and did everything they told me and turned down my seetings and turned off some addons still did not help at all , who wants to pay 15 dollars a month for a game they can't even play.

  • Feekandweeble

    They scerwed my Fury warrior. Thanks Blizzard!

  • mick dagger

    fukin bs man fuk this new patch i just wanna go back to 100 gold mounts at lvl 40

    • MelC

      You appear to be a half-wit

  • vikki webster

    blizz did to much in one go got loads of lag lost my moonkin aura my dps and crit strike have decreased im no longer enjoying playing

    • Andrew

      I to have mega lagg jumps from 90 that was my usual latency before the patch to 5k or more and suddenly disconects and donno what to do anymore internet connection is fine patch downloaded fine but the lagg makes it unplayable hope they fix this soon or ./delete Wow

    • guilherme

      i agree. Blizz did too much stuff in just one patch and the game it's not running smoothly anymore. it's unplayable right now.
      Hope they fix it.

  • Dan

    well i went ok apart from the game CRASHING on me about 48 times and taking me back to my desktop where it just said error with system BLAH BLAH grat work blizzard i hope you are going to give some of us something back for the amount of downtime we are all experiencing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4o4o

    I have the SAME problem – I installed the whole patch – it took me about 14 hours during the whole night i couldnt sleep because of that and then when it said that im Up-to-date i started the game and i saw the same welcome screen. I logged but as soon as i entered the world with my druid – !!! ive never seen such bugs! All icons were bigger and with the same angled yellow arrow on them, the character had some weird colored dressed in with, parts of polygons were crashing into the center of the interface and then it automatically dropped me on the desktop openning the sound card program and telling me that a jack was plugged in in the rear … Then when i came back in the game it just froze in black screen and pushed me to push the RESET button on my computer case. And after rinse and repeat. Then i deleted all addons from the folder, then i deleted the whole folders INTERFACE, CASHE and WTF what the f**k but it continued crashing big time. Then I uninstalled the whole game client and delete the folder…
    Then I started installing a ready-to-use 4.0.0 client from the link and now the launcher of the game is downloading some 10gb data through the downloader but my hope is little for nowq seeing u guys have similar problem with it and concluding this patch is seriously BUGGED and total crap.
    I wouldnt hope for such a bad move from Blizzard but hey this day came and im dying to know when this mess is going to be cleaned.
    Tbh everything with this game was flowing so smooth for so many years and all who thought it is a miracle now crash in reality with such great power that it hurts!

  • Robert

    Because no one at Blizzard can help my 'black screen' problem, I decided to uninstall WOW and start from the beginning. Now my problem is wait time… says it's gonna take 72 frickin' hours to d'load the patch. I'm beginning to think is it really worth the hassle. And, do the guys at Blizzard really know what they're doing?

  • dave

    Jesus, calm down everyone, It is guaranteed that there were going to be problems with the new patch and being only ONE day old will take a few weeks to fix, stop getting you knickers in such a large twist.

    • ryan

      how can you say calm down when we are being charged for time we cant use and have whole systems that crash on us?

      or do you work for blizzard and want to make us all relax!

      • frustrated

        i think he works for blizzard and messed up the game and made us lag and dc!!

  • steve

    let's see, i cant loot… red names above everyones head(that even when i disable they are still there)… my shirt or whatever on my druid is now all black with a big spider web,no joke! and the lag is so bad it takes me an hour to walk a block, ha ha aaaaggggghhh

    • frustrated

      the shirt thing is funny, sorry.. my guild tabard is glued to me, and it is not equipped.. however when i type it says i am no longer in a guild =(. The lag thing not a joke.. i ended up running into water and drowning because of the lag. I was in a dungeon and the lag caused me to run into a boss and kill the whole group =( they were not happy.

  • Taylor

    i am having the same problem as fred as where my computer just randomly shuts down and beeps (even with the mute on) no reason i have updated my drivers and uninstalled-repaired. now playing with no addons. i have no ideas on how to fix this can anyone link something from a Blue that would mean they are fixing this since its clearly on their side not ours???

    • Frank

      Am having the same problem when i get to the blizzard updater it randomly crashes my computer and i have to restart the whole download only so it can do it again. am pissed i cant get on wow can someone help me?

  • Eddie

    I am not having the depth of issues the former posters are having, but I have experienced a few glitches. First, the bags open up in random locations on the screen. They pop in the right area, but in sequential order by which bag i choose. Something has changed there. I dont like it but i can live with it. Second, when i open my mail, i cant seem to be able to grab the attachments. Also I have to search for items in bags, boxes in windows, and the X's on windows with the pointer. They seem to be slightly off. Thank You

  • Hols

    cant even download the patch, server timeout apparently. have tried more times than i can count and if i try to log in i get an error message.

    • LCE

      I have the same problem, how did you solve it?

  • Dlievn

    i have problems with BG's , my name doesent show up the list when its over , easy targetting doesent work , my SP gems are named INT now and problems with interface

  • Michael

    My installer only goes to 75% before it gives an error message…
    The eroor code is .0
    So far there seems to be nothing that i can do about it.. i need tech help!
    Also on my laptop when i try to dl the new patch it says failed to apply patch… what can i do??

  • nicolai

    I got this problem when i come to '' Blizzard Updater '' i reach around thirty % but then it keep crashing down and say this

    The file "C:UsersPublicGamesWorld of WarcraftDataOldWorld.MPQ.f99a9d4b.temp" could not be opened. (OpenRepackTarget::Execute)

    ive deleted wow and re installed it many times and havent found 1 guy with a problem like this yet or forum :

  • franklin

    My problem is lag, but its very strange. I'm showing very low latency, but, for example, I was doing a WSG on a toon I'm leveling and everything was flowing normally, then I grabbed the flag and was completely frozen for nearly 2 minutes. The same thing occured in DTK(H) doing my "daily" (not much of a daily anymore). I was experiencing very little latency at all, but again froze completely for 1-2 minutes on each boss fight.

  • Matte

    Having the same problem as most of u here, my downloader went just fine but when im trying to logg my charater the screen freeze as fast as im online. I can walk around etc, but i dont know it. Lucky that my friend told me -.- ? Been trying to repair etc, dosent work. What the hell ? My last hope is that it work propery on my laptop :(

  • infernus

    this is totaly bullshit man. i have 3 days downloading the patch and is in 47%
    i already turn off all the antivirus and firewalls even windows defender, and still doesnt work, im so angry. and i can hear u guys that there are problems whit warrior, this is gona be a fucking nightmare. thanks blizzard .l.

  • disgruntled

    My issue is that my characters have been nerfed to the point where either they're unplayable or boring me to tears. I don't care about bugs or glitches, that comes with territory. The whole thing stinks on ice. It's not the same game.

  • Jim

    Same problems as above. I can download the patch no problem. 2 minutes later the installer opens….gets to 64% and get error codes and say's can't open file: disk space full. My disk space is not full and I'm totally getting pissed. I have tried this several times and alway's stop at the same place. If anyone figures this out PLEASE post the solution.

  • Theotter

    I had a problem with the first phase of the three installs. It was telling me that I had an error at about 70-88%. I tried it four times and then it told me I had to reinstall the whole game again. I then reinstalled everything from the site and tried the 4.0.1 update with the same result. I finally went directly into the folder that the update had downloaded into and ran the install from there using "run as administrator"– It Worked!! When I left my house it was on the last stage of the install.

  • marco

    I got maggots on my mobo now wtf.

  • christophe

    I deleted in the wtf folder "" and ran wow again, this way it got fixed for me.

  • palladwarf

    im downloading the patch right now wierd thig is it got to 8% no probs but then got message saing not enougth room n hard drive when i have over 200 GB free i have to keep starting the downloader which gives m3 10 MB download a time befor getting the same message its taken me 6 hours to download 200 MB any1 know whats wrong ?

  • Lolrat

    I still haven’t downloaded mine I’m at 20% and I started yesterday?

  • Zan

    i have huuuuuuuuuge problem with graphics though my pc is top notch, i have to logout several time to be able to see my chat log and talk with my guild SRSLY FIX THIS SHIT BLIZZ

  • Milo McRobbie

    im not even able even to download it at all it keeps stopping right before the playable part on the update :(

  • Girog

    well, I'm experiencing most of the problems described here and the GMs gave up :(
    I had my problems with patches in the past, but never this bad.
    A friend of mine, who is working at Blizzard, told me the best thing i can do is try again around February, after they will (hopefully) debug and fix cata so it would be an enjoyably game again.

    so, can anyone recommend a good MMRPG? – a stable one please :)

  • Serraphinn

    Is this patch week hell? Will this improve? Can't even do dailies -_-. Oh the LAG!!! /cry

  • wowjunky

    TAKES to dammed long to instal and to much buggs ,,,,why

  • Edam Kester

    I got black screen on the first day. 'Let there be light', I said to myself. Reinstalled WOW. Redid the download. Managed to play the game for 15 minutes. Then this happened Error Code: 0×85100086. Can't access the game at all. This is fucking rubbish. I pay for this time that Blizzard are using to test on all us faithful WOW customers. I DEMAND A REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danny hewison

      i got same probelm i needa use non launcher to get into WoW and when i type in info it comes up with a update that exits out and big errors

  • zygyzag

    whats more to say – I have insane lag now – socant play in any city, My non combat pets have disappeared and there is no pet tab on my character display. Add in random disconnects plus hours of reloading and testing addons. I hate this patch.

    Xen lvl 80 rogue – playing since vanilla wow

  • Flanell

    i'm having the same problems as some other people, i downloaded the patch without problems, and i can log into my account without problem, but when i choose one of my characters and press enter my whole cumputer just freezes after the loading screen! i'm not gonna be as polite as you guys are and say "thank you Blizzard" I say FUCK YOU blizzard, for ruining my game experience and stealing the time i've payed for on WoW.

  • dave

    For some reason i cant see the damage above my character :( and when i do its at all sorts of strange angles , anyone else having the same problem ?

    • Charles Burgess

      i am so annoying



  • Jack

    im having this problem when i either duel somebody, or get into a BG it works for a little bit then freezes and i have to quit the program, and i havent been able to play for the last 2 days because of the freezing

  • Vivienne Dwyer

    Download was good, no probs. Played well since the download and OK this morning, this afternoon it's trying to download new tools??? won' even get to 25% and WoW shuts down. Frustrating!!!

  • letdown

    so i downloaded the patch. took me alll day. and now i was all stoked to finally get to play and i cant even connect to anything blizzard related. the launcher "cannot connect to blizzard servers" the repair utility "cannot connect to blizzard servers" wont load neither will and when i bypass the launcher by using the wow shortcut i try to login in and it just stays on connecting till i get the error notification. ive tried restarting my internet. its definatly not me. bliz fucked up some how

    • Danny Unimpressed

      I have same damn probelm EXACTLY… and some people say try REinstallin the whole game.. which i havnt kept all 11 discs… so i guess that means i gota quit WoW.;

  • Charles Burgess

    what is wrong with wow tonight some one plz let me know

  • Charles Burgess

    is the website down or something plz some one reply would be greatfull

  • chris

    been playing 4 years witout a mess like this, computer crashed just before 4.0 came out.. reloaded with vista, downloaded whole game from blizz and getting in is OK but after a few minutes the screen freezes with messed up colors and whole computer locks up.. tried lowest settings and same thing.. reloaded computer with xp and same issue.. I have an nvidia 9800GT 4gig ram dual core duo 8400 (3ghz) and 900gig free space. Have always ran wow with graphics all the way up no porblem. Even ran DXdiag, nvidia diag, intel CPU test, HD diag, mem giag and a burn in test all were 100%.. this sucks.

    • Martok

      AMEN! Running a 2 core quad processor with Intel(R) 32/31 Chipset Family, Ran all that stuff too. Even updated the Intel Chipset with an accelerator download from Intel. Spent $120 on system tweak programs. Improved my performance great!…..ON EVERYTHING BUT THIS PIECE OF DUNG GAME! WOW you should be ashamed. Talk about unethical. The Washington politicians have nothing on those A-holes at Blizzard! If they dont get this crap fixed they can kiss my 2 accounts goodbye. I hope players bailout on them by the 1000's. I WILL be calling to cancel and the poor schmuk who gets the call will get a blistering earful!!!!!!!

  • pissedoffatbliz

    I have downloaded 4.0.1 about 6 times now, i open the game and log in and then it says i need an update, so it does it in the game screen, which is normal i figure. but then it restarts the patch again! 4.76 gigs over and over and over.. WTF IS HAPPENING!?!? PLEASE HELP!!

  • sam

    mine isnt even downloading ive waited 2days and its on 34% im pissed off

  • Duality

    Well this was to be exspected, this patch is so dam big that the problems (bugs) with it are the same BIG? I think Bliz has made the mistake of rushing this out being the size it is, I think that due to the upcoming Cata wanted out for the christmas rush we as loyal players r taking the can for it. I would be happy to wait for the bugs and non playable ones to be fixed if Blizzard gave us a free monmth on our accounts for the trouble? Yeah you know it, no chance of that. We have 2 choices here, Leave and go play another game or stick with it till its sorted. No amount of OMG, WTF, Bliz sucks ect ect will change the fact that there are meaga bugs in this patch, we should all be concentrating on helping each other with them rather than just giving it large :-) good luck all and lets hope its fixed quickly :-)

  • Harry

    at least you guys can even log in! it keeps saying i need more space on a “disc”? i dont know what it means. i jsut wanna play! i need help!

    • Duality

      If you e r running Xp check the quota in the c drive properties.make sure quota management is disabled.
      xp alocates a certain amount of temp space to install files, and as this one is so big it maybe just maybe that your temp file allocation is to small and thats what is generating the no space error not that you have no space on your HD.

  • Sean

    The downloader hits 3% then it jams my ADSL connection. Its ADSL 2 and I havent gone over my download limit so shaping is not in place. I have to turn the ADSL router off for 10 minutes then restart the PC before getting internet back…pfft a 4.8gb patch yeah good one, with blizzards patch loader I have had 2gb ones take as long 10hrs with firewalls switched off. I agree not very smart they have just tryed to do too much in one hit.

  • Abby

    Okay, I ownloaded patch no problem. Played game on patch 1 time for 5 mins no problem. Next time, I open the box, it says there is MORE to download. Wtc? Then, I log in after waiting ONE HOUR to play, and when the loading screen comes up to try to play, it stops not evn halfway through. I tried to alt tab to exit, but it took 5 mins. Then, I opened it back up accidentally, and there's my char. What do you know? LAG. It goes like, frame by freakin frame. I am ticked at you, Blizz. I used up all my space for this game, was ready to by more RAM for cata, but now, after all this, I CAN'T EVEN PLAY THE FREAKING GAME! /end rant

  • Elfy

    At this rate its going to take me 5 days to download this patch, my dsl keeps timing out…omg Bizzard you are now the buzzard of games…..

  • Sanityclause

    Crashes using moonfire, crashes using inscription, sometimes it just crashes…..getting seriously cheesed off – did they test this?

  • Keith

    Im at the part where it says downloading updated tools, and it stops at around 48-50%, and it doesnt move at all… plz help

  • jumanji

    did got this problem today: i did try to log in wow, (after loading this 4.0.1 patch) then it was Again, loading something, then i did got message "your installer is broken. run a repair." then, i did this, but i was unable to open wow then. -_- then i did relog computer, did same, still wont work. all i have to say about this is: WtF

  • odyssey

    my entire user interface has a huge delay, whenever i enter combat, the framerate drops to something like 1 frame per 3 seconds (or maybe its a latency spike) but it happens every time i cast a spell. also the graphics in general are a whole lot worse. it actually physically bothers my eyes.

  • Kirsty

    Tried it twice with no success. The patch downloaded fine on the 2nd attempt after formatting my PC trying to sort out the mess and then it seemed to install OK. However, the download for the updater on the launcher still kept timing out, and after trying to start the game without the launcher the game language changed itself from English to Spanish, WTF! Now I gave up and cancelled my subscription until this is resolved in perhaps a few weeks time.

  • Demtro

    I downloaded the patch with no probs and played for like 10hours yesterday but this morning when i tried to get in it starts download some fucking tools and stoped at 10-20% and a pop up window comes up and it says instalal is damaged plzz use repair. and I have like 10 times but nothing changes ffs

  • ThiBz

    I can't even dl the patch, it's taking days…this is really turning me off to wow and now I cannot wait for diablo 3

  • Montok

    Ok, i think i can help some of the people that have downloading issues where they get error or just stop downloading or installing. If you are running two sticks of Ram. remove one, then try. i found this fix a while back for 3.0.1 or something. Second i am having some issues with instance and BG's. instances sometimes freeze when entering. BG's Freeze when spells are cast. have to Ctrl + Alt + Delete and close program. There is a lot more lag then i have ever had in wow. i have turned down settings on video. The thing is my GF who is always sitting beside me on her pc seems to crash in bg's at same time i do. I have also noticed others who enter bg's and instances freeze up and d/c. For all of you who cant even log into game keep up the hope Blizzard will get this fixed.

  • Braden

    i finished downloading the patch and everything but for some reason i cant find a way to get my add ons back on. usually when you select a character there is a button on the screen that says "Add ons" but now its not there

  • Brian Veikko Salo

    The framerate has dropped considerably for me. I'm on an iMac and I used to be able to play it at full everything and now it's chugging along slowly at the point of annoyance.

    Plus my Hunter lost his volley skill along with a few others, I might try another MMO and cancel this one given that I'm not at the point where I'm willing to find a way to get enjoyment out of this game again.

  • Joey

    i have like 9000 ms. The latency is horrible and the game is unplayable. Before the patch, as you all know, the game was amazing and so much fun. I had no problems at all, after downloading this patch i cannot play anymore. The lag is just too bad and after I cast a spell it takes around 40 seconds to finally cast it. Blizzard needs to fix the latency ASAP.

  • allen

    personally the only issues I have noticed is on some ppl you can inspect them and others you cannot, lag in towns has seemed to increase at times, especially in DAL. the one pet peeve not being a glitch that I was upset over was my gems which I had recently bought to boost my ret pally stats r no longer what they were and r useless stats for my build not to mention socket bonus is no longer there.I wasted roughly 300+ gold on gems..also consecration takes like forever to cool down now.
    On the positive side though I feel most chars have improved from the update , Healers r able to heal like mad and have mana to spare ,I as a prot tank when doing dungeons have yet to come close to losing any substantial amount of mana whatsoever and I have not had a single party wipe while doing randoms since the update. the one thing that sucks most of all is that you have to have to have 30+ points in one tree before being able to hybrid in the least. so now I have a straight prot on one of my dual talents and straight ret on the other, has made my solo lvling a lil harder but in groups most should be unstoppable.

  • QuinlanD1998

    I don't think any of you are having the same problem as me, but maybe you can help. When I double-click the WoW icon, the normal screen pops up and starts to download. After it gets to about 20%, it stops and a box comes up saying, "Updater Connection Timeout". It only has an OK button so I click it and then the downloading stops. Blizzard's new patch won't even download so I guess I'm out a level 80 druid and my other alternates. Thanks, Blizzard.

  • chiqui

    I can no longer connect to the game now. Downloaded new patch with no problems played for last 2 days no problem. Now while trying to new updated tools it says "connection timeout" and now when i click on icon nothing happens. Can anyone help?

  • Benderian

    Last night i got booted from game and ever since im trying to egt back in by using launcher , it starts to download updated tools and it stops at 10% and shut down by itself , cant get it to work , anyone else having same problem or any idea how to get this fixed ? never had any problems with patch-updates or whatsoever

  • Drdamnationx

    My problem is when I try to open WoW, it will load up with the old WotLK Screen. I will try and log in and then it says "connecting" and then the whole thing shuts down and i get the message saying "World of Warcraft Retail stopped working.". How do I fix this or am I going to have to re download the whole game again?

  • Nightglitch

    There's only 2 issues I have with this patch.

    1- when swimming, using the W button to move forward makes my toons dive straight down and I can't keep it above the water for air.

    2- when I click on ANY other toon, as soon as I'm done interacting with it, I used to click somewhere away from them to get their pic and name off the upper left side of the screen but that doesn't work anymore. It doesn't take it away unless I hit the esc button on the keyboard.

    Other than that the only other thing that bothers me with the new patch is that it changed my dps and crit strike from most of my toons. Makes playing a bit harder on toons that performed just the way I wanted them to in the past.

    • Montok

      The issue with not being able to remove a target. You prob have sticky Target checked in Interface options.

  • john

    ok, knowing that the new patch is ready for downloading, i logged on to do so. but launcher doesnt automatically start downloading new patch.

    anyone else having this issue or know how to manually start the download?

    thx in advance

  • arashi

    The moment i get into a raid or pvp ground it freezes then shuts down my graphis card

  • Greg G

    i a having issue with actual game play. Framerate drops to 1(yes one!) fps!!! outside Org, Nagrand among few places. No issues while in dungeen, just while solo, completly random. Download says 100% completed, however it says that "Applying non-critical updates. This will take some time". It is day 4 and it still says same thing. Is this the issue why it is lagging some bad? This is extremly frustrated at 1(one!) frame per sec!!!

  • 123

    ive downloaded patch 4.0.1 and the graphics are extremely messed up i cant even sign in any help?

  • disappointed

    After hours of downloading & installing the patch (killing my internet allowance!) – I cannot play the game due to the rubbish fps.

    I'm on a macbook. Perfectly ridiculous that macs seem to have been forgotten about in this – as an internet search has brought up a load of complaints re this issue of fps being extremely low and unplayable.

  • Female_Warlock

    i have downloaded the new patch and everything went good. but the game luncher is not working .. its giving me a message (Failed to download information about the next patch. check your network connection).

    i have unistalled the game and installed it again, worked in safe mode and sownloaded the patch. redownloaded the patch. repaired. nothing worked .. any 1 know what shall i do.. plz helpppppppppp

  • Random guy

    I cant even play….
    Everytime im trying to install the patch, a warning box poping up: "Your game installation is damaged, please run a repair" and i run a repair: " Repair is complete and no problems were found"
    And the warning box still poping up!
    I have tryed to reinstall the hole wow game, and it dont help….

    Can anyone help me?

  • Adam

    I downloaded the patch fine but when I put my password in and try to log into the game the game just shuts off And takes me back to my desktop as if I never even tried to start it

    • Adam

      So I fixed the problem by deletion of the entire game an just reinstalling it and it runs great and looks good no problems

  • Sian Teske

    Startup screen is unreadable, all pixilated and cannot enter world to play…

  • Kelly

    Many, many people should be fired for this so called brilliant idea of such a large patch to download. God damn good thing I can't fire anyone there, that's all I'm saying.

  • fazealicious

    ur telling me yo….i didnt lag until like i was in the major cities….it was a little hea little thea but nothing like now i cant even freaking move it lags so bad! ne where! takes forver just to do something and im paying for this!?! dam gtfo!

  • Nolan

    Everything is downloaded fine when i type in my username info i press enter and it stops at the connected part then wow shuts down and an error message pops up.. any help ?

  • Joe

    my problem may not be as badly as most of you have it, the main problem is that when I try to log onto my main lvl 80 char, I get onto the loading screen with Arthas and all, then when it's finished it freezes and then my entire computer just resets itself. I've tried all my alts and they work fine, its just my main character thats bugging the hell out, plus its got a "known bug" where the guild tabard shows on my character even if in not wearing it.

  • grrrrrr

    i just flat out cant download it… on the launcher it downloads, on the downloader it does what ever it does, but on the installer, it gets to 3 percent and quits???

  • ryan

    after uninstalling everything then downloading direct from blizzard everything works ok now, took 2 days in total as i had a 9.8GB then another on of around 5GB too. give it a try if not already

  • dean e

    This patch is driving me nuts im having major probs with it on windows 7 i even tried a fresh install and got the first 3 expantions installed fine then i get a 5.29g patch download that fine its installed ok then once on the new launcher it goes to update tools gets 40% in then looses connection then when you try run it again it says your copy of wow is damaged please reinstall , so i have had to run the program on admin just to get it to work but now every time i log out i have to redownload a certain amount of the patch and thats after it saying your warcraft is up to date ….blizz really didnt think this one out to well :(

  • Nikita

    my download is mess up somewhere, i have to reinstall… another 5 day wait to download patch.

  • Darshawal

    I'm LOVING the new patch! The game pace has slowed down, and now with all the other players lagging and locking up…I am in the top 2 or 3 for DPS in my 5 man group! I even made the top 10 in a EOTS Battleground! Finally Blizzard has introduced a feature to level the playing field for those of us who only use a mouse to click every icon during playing :-)

    Thanks Blizz!

  • PLaing wow!

    HAHAHAHA mine is running perfect not issiuses at all! lol suckers im playing and your not!

  • Dickster

    All good, Its a game, i would heav to say that 90% If not more were do to addons. Ya there are issues, at least they did this when the only really import to do is ach and hollidays. before Cata comes out. Maybe alt ICCs and such. Relax although yes it has been futrating. All new talents and such. But at least we have a month to fix it before Cata comes out and we bust ass to get to 85. much better then all at once. My better half and I would have probaly giving up then. At least thisGame can be mentally stimulating unlike must ive seen were all u do is sit ther qand shoot. If your tired and dont need nothing from ICC. Do some questing work on ach. Help others. Heck fart around with AH see how much money u can make or lose in a week. Remove all your addons and macros and play it. And yea i have typos and spelling ,grammer errors, but at my age as long as point gets across i dont care. The world is to appolgetic as it is chill have fun enjoy life in what ever u doing. I just hope my internet kicks butt in nursing home if i live that long. Take care all

  • Gibbo

    Can anyone hlpe me im trying to download the patch, it is going really slow and after about 10 mins of downloading i get a blue screen saying IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and my pc restarts and does the same thing when i try again, i am using windows seven. can anyone help?

  • Kai

    Each time I join a Random (all normals, hc's, bg's and headleass horseman event) My screen freeze. I cant see my damage. Many bars and shit have they're size fucked. And I have no addons on. And I have major FPS problems. lame patch…..

  • goatgirl

    has anyone noticed a weird sort of ticking lag? it lags for a split second but does it every second. its giving me headaches….

  • masterpaladin

    yeah i am so pissed. whenever i log in and select my character and enter the realm. my graphics blend together. i dont know what is wrong. i have done the blizzard repair. but it doesnt change anything. if anyone finds out any information about my problem plz post it on this site again. thx in advance. :D

  • its over!

    Ive pretty much seen it and done it all in this game, but Ive never seen anything as drastic as this patch, ever. While a few of the enhancements in game are appreciated, I think what did it for me in the end was the complete redo of all classes and trees….well thats at the top of a verrrry long list anyway. Have you noticed the "rush" mentality that has taken over this past year? Dungeons, leveling, everything. It feels like a shadow of the original game, where people played for FUN and truly worked together and helped each other. Some of the many realms Ive been to in the last few months have been nearly vacant, and the ones that do have plenty of players have become so plagued with trolls and downright nasty people..I am unsure if its the new generation of tough talking 'behind the screen' cowards, or if this is just the overall majority of people that now infest the game. I dont mean to imply a blanket stereotype, I know there are still good people on there, I know some of them personally. However anyone who has been playing for any length of time CANNOT deny it is truly a different wow world these days. Remember folks, there are countless 1000's of games to choose from, and as a one time wow fanatic of many years…Im voting with my $ and time to go elsewhere. I canceled today and will not be back. Good luck to the few true gamers left out there, it was fun and I'll miss ya!

    • Shadow

      4.0.1 is a really terrible patch and WOW is now a Simplistic, Instant Gratification, Video Arcade Game…

      Over the last couple of years the game has became more and more simplistic and more "instant gratification", the challenges have disappeared, it became easier and easier to survive and to get "everything" … (from ? marks on everything to "trainers" being able to teach all skills, spells etc…) no challenges left in the game.. just a rush to get to level 60, to 70, to 80 and then what??? YUK…

      My Wife and I made it less than an hour of game play (on the new patch) before we realized that the game has lost all of it's remaining appeal and to the point we're not even interested in the Cataclysm release…

      We've both canceled our subscriptions today…
      (5 year veterans of WOW…)

    • Duality

      I to am not going to renew my sudscription why? well since patch 4.0.1 there is a lack of play I once enjoyed, and the game is now boring me? never thought It would. this patch is ill thought out and so bugged I can't believe there was any thought gone into it.
      Well there r more games out there so off to test a few, nice knowing those that played well. cya.

  • blizz sucks

    ive downloade patch 4.0.1 susccessfully it says wow is up to date so i click play and it loads up but the graphics are extremely messed up i wrote them an email 5 days ago…. thank you blizzard great job on the patch

    • Ben

      I am having the same problem. Did you figure out how to fix it?

  • Kim

    It took me a week to get into the game after my first full download failed totally – I then deleted everything and started from the file /sigh

    This could have been done better as many errors was in the test realm. Guess they got enough money. Cataclysmic pre-patch it certainly was. Will the Cataclysm then be blowing up my computer?

  • Paige

    I downloaded the new patch. When i click play it goes to the log in screen…but i cant see "email" or "password". Also there are bluish and black and some times green squares everywhere. I can see the dragon flying in…but he is all black. I have no idea what to do to fix it.

  • Becca Boo

    Ever since i downloaded the new patch I have not been able to play. I can log on and choose which character to log in with, but at the loading screen it freezes up and I have to restart my computer. Twice I was able to load into the game but could not see anything but background. Once I was able to enter game normally but after a minute my entire system shut down and I recieved the blue screen. I have more than enough memory and ram. 10 meg Broadband connection. 8600 gt nvidia graphics card. And currently running windows xp. I have followed all the directions given from blizzard tech issue forums and have reinstalled the game 3 times now. Nothing is working. The only step I have not completed yet is updating my graphics card driver. The update is waiting for me on the Microsoft automatic update site, but whenever I install it, my computer either reverts back to lowest graphic settings and won’t let me fix or it just totally deletes nvidia off my system. It is an update from 2007 that I some how missed but never needed obviously until now maybe? I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to cancel my account, but if I can’t play there is no point in paying for it.

  • james

    My problem is that for some reason when i click on my wow icon its showing that it cannot obtain the patching information

  • Robert

    I was playing the game fine until today. I tried to log on and it said patch needed restart and download the patch. tried downloading the patch and it said i was up to date and didn't need a patch. Now I have this round robin. Every time I go into the game this same thing happens. I can't play.

  • Cody

    Everytime i log in it says ''connecting''success!''then after 5 minutes it tries to load the realms for another 5 mins.and when i finnaly log in it dc's me.What should i do?

  • Tom

    Well i load up the game, log in, fine all good, load my character and BOOM! doesn't load, just sit there looking at my screen at a fully loaded bar doing FCK ALL! cant believe i pay for this crap. sometimes i log in, make the mistake of trying to MOVE and i get timed out. if its not sorted by Friday i'm stopping my subscription. no way am i paying for this anymore!

  • Yazurt

    Blizz has done it again a fail patch that won't load worth the crap stuck at 10% , uninstall game multiple times , reinstall , uninstall virus program , shutdown firewall , restart in safe mode with networking , and the countless number of wasted hours trying to resolve this is unfreakin real . Get a hold of tech support only to have them give me solutions that don't work , there forums on this subject are junk , there support sucks , I enjoyed this game a great deal had a great deal of friends but now I can't even get past that dam updating tools . Hey Blizz F@#$ You Very Much .

  • Becky

    I downloaded the patch but mine and my brothers laptop are the same and the graphic card stops responding ever so often ONLY where I play wow..

  • joy

    The Youtube post tips works and by installing new driver for the graphic card works like a charm too thanks guys.

  • Jason

    My friend downloaded the patch but when it comes to installing it when she goes onto the logging page it comes up with the Text saying failed to apply patch . please try again later does anybody know how to get it working?

  • chad

    im having an issue since installing the 4.0.1 patch i cant go in crystalsong forrest storm peeks or agent vanguard /argent tourny grounds it blacks out my screen then comp crashes says it could be a prob with my graphix driver but ther all up to date spent 4 days back and forth with gms to no help everything worked fine before the patch pls let me know if theres a fix for this or if any one is having the same issues im lvl 78 and this will be my first 80 toon realy need thes areas to work right

  • cuzini

    total bullshit-takes forever to dl then i keep getting this *free up disk space* msg -i have freed up like 17 gigs of space for the installer but it just keeps sayn error not enoigh hard drive space right around 65% installed i have three lvl 80s and i cant even play -im about to just say screw it all together

  • expert noob

    i also downloaded 4.0.1 patch without any problems, i can login and play with al my characters but the problem is that wow shuts down almost everytime i go into a dungeon or when a friend try to invite me. (i can go in a group though when our all characters are close to each other.
    also when i play with my rogue i can't learn new spells and i can't open the subtlety menu in my spellbook, if i try the same thing happens, wow just shuts down…

    can someone help me? i'm' playing on macBook but i don't think that's the problem.

  • fuckblizz

    I got same shit as everyone else i can rarely afford to pay for wow and now i did and i cant fuckin play this is HORSE SHIT

  • caity

    I'm pissed. I cant even get into realms. And if I can, I can't see my characters! WHAT THE HELL.

  • davidlee9245

    I downloaded the new patch and now when the load screen comes up an window pops up and says “lost connection to updater” then you click ok and it shuts down. Any Ideas?

  • Person

    When I try to DL the new patch, it freezes at a certain point and sends me the message "The server connection has timed out" and it closes my launcher and I can't reopen it until I restart my computer. When I do, the process just repeats itself again. Can anybody help me with this?

  • Haldiria

    Seemed to download patch ok, then I started getting a delay in reaction time of everything i was doing with hunter and mage. Very annoyed since I end up dead. :( . Also I started randomly getting a message popping up when I would try to launch program. It would simply state, Cannot obtain patching information. Please check your internet configuration. Well, nothing on my end has changed so and my internet otherwise works great. I cant even get into Launcher at all now. Help!! What's the use of having this if I cant play. Please fix issues soon.

  • juaquan johnson

    omg ok so every time i start my click on my wow icon on my computer it just downloads but it goes realy fast but when its done it just stops so i click it a get and i have to hurry up and click the play button befor it starts down loading agen then it goes to the login i type in my user and pass word the i press enter and then it tell me i need to update and i have to press the restart button to download the new patch so i pres restart and agen it downloads realy fast and when it stops i have to do the same thing every time and it wont let me play ive been on youtube google but i get no answers

  • Paul

    my problem seems to be different to ever one else. i have patched it easily but when i start up my game, everything seems to be moving 10x faster than normal. even the loading screen showing deathwing is moving to quickly. then when i log into my character he runs at seemingly 1000000 mph and when i cast spells the cast bar goes quickly aswell but then it lags for a secound and then casts :S someone please help me!!

  • Stefan

    Hello everyone.I want to ask if someone of you had a problem with WoW after the current patch 4.0.1.Before the patch i played the game on Ultra.After i downloaded the patch and log in the came i went to a local town it took 15min for me to enter it.Like im playing on pentium 3. :S> then i dicided to go in a bG and while atacking opponets the screen together with the character lag so much.Does any1 know what is the problem?

  • Asdsad

    ffs blizzard fix the loading screens

  • Daniel

    I can’t even get into the game i get into loading screen click play and i can’t even get into the game SOMONE HELP ME!