Windows Phone 7 vs. Google Android: HTC Has No Favorite

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Yesterday at the Windows Phone 7 launch event HTC unveiled five new WP7-based smartphones, up until yesterday it seemed as if HTC were concentrating solely on Android-based smartphones, however they have recently revealed that they do not have a favorite.

Instead of picking a favorite mobile OS and running with it they are offering both, this will ultimately be a good thing for the consumer as OS developers will work hard to make their HTC smartphones better than those running an alternative OS.

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Here is an official statement from HTC’ Ceo Peter Chou “Right now we have Windows Phone 7 and Android, and focus the same on each, but let the market decide”, it will be interesting to see what he has to say in a years time.

Do you think Windows Phone 7 will overtake Google Android in the long run?

Source: Engadget