Limera1n Not Working: Solutions For Errors

By Jamie Pert - Oct 11, 2010

Yesterday we posted an article asking you whether you was experiencing problems with the Limera1n jailbreak, now we have received hundreds of comments which suggest that there are problems with it, which begs the question is Limera1n not working?

There are a lot of different problems people are experiencing, so let’s start with the obvious solutions, first of all at the moment LimeRa1n is for Windows only, therefore if you are running Linux or Mac OS X you will not be able to use the jailbreak.

One of the most common problems results in iPhones getting stuck on the Apple logo, if this is what is happening to you check out this very useful post. If your iPhone is stuck on the Limera1n logo you should try rebooting your iPhone, if this fails try a hard reset (instructions here).

If you are trying to run Limera1n on Windows Vista or Windows 7 you may need to try running the program is administrator, to do this simply right click on Limera1n and click “run as administrator”.

If you are experiencing any other problems not covered in this post leave us a comment and we will do our best to help, also consider checking out the source link below.

Did Limera1n work for you?

Source: iPhoneDownloadBlog

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  • bz

    when it says in dfu mode wait it wont go away 
    i am holding the home button 

  • bz

    when it says in dfu mode wait it wont go away 
    i am holding the home button 

  • Kitylik

    i did everything it said to do but my ipod stays on the apple screen. HELP!

  • Andrew

    My problem with limera1n is that it doesn't even install on my Ipod touch 3g. I don't see the limera1n logo or the app. I've tried both using the cradle and just the cable. with the cable it just sits there saying hold the home and power alot long then 5 to 30 seconds.

  • Tony Schultz

    For me it says "Completed now please donate…." but then it still has the itunes logo and plug but when i turn my ipod back on nothin happened HELP

  • gfSWTG

    nothing is happening when i try to jailbreak my ipod i mean nothing

  • Limerain won’t open on my windows vista ! Once I hit ( make it rIan ) it says error and to reinstall it ? ????? Wat the heck ! It used to work on my windows vista but now it won’t ! Any help out there ?

  • NOV@

    My ipod has the limera1n logo and the spinning thing at the bottom but and just keeps spinning

  • Emily

    Would this work on iPod Touch 3G version 4.0.2?

  • Zoufi

    I have windows XP and I got limera1n on it but when I jailbreak I follow all steps but the limera1n logo doesn’t show up on the screen and my iPod turns on to recovery mode.

  • I have tried following the instructions of holding home + power button however after 2 seconds my laptop just shuts off…what is the problem?

  • al77

    uploaded limera1n,,, now iphone wont turn on,, help anyone????

  • kratos

    dude it does the dfu by itself in the new version DOWNLOAD IT

  • hashem

    hello. i had a problem with my iphone 4 (4.1) after jailbreaking it with limera1n and had to restore my phone, but the problem is i after using limera1n again the icon wont apppear on the iphone , i tried it several times, PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSE someone help me ASAP. Ps the first time i used limera1n was on windows 7 and the second time was on windows xp, (is this the problem? )

  • gonzalo

    it wouldnt work for me but as soon as put the ringer button to up to ring it worked perfect, good luck

  • Stephen

    Okay, I am a first timer here and everything went smoothly for me with these instructions until it got to the "In DFU mode…wait" step and it just stayed there and I never got a "done" message…what do I do?? I did everything right according to the directions; held down "home" and "power", let go of "power" when instructed while still holding "home" until the message came up about DFU mode. I have an iPhone 3G IOS 4.1 04.12.02 is this version not compatible? help?

  • Dax

    I downloaded the jailbreak limera1n but it only gets as far as hold & release button stage, & after releasing the power button it wont go any further keeps coming up Try again and the connect to itunes comes back on veiw after each attempt. I have tried different computors, usb ports ect. But each time it stops at the same point and i have to eventually restore my phone , Would appreciate any help

  • Allstar

    I tried to JB via Lime1Rain and i’m having issues…I plug in my Iphone 4 to my windows laptop and run Limera1n. Once I make it rain my iphone 4 goes into recovery mode but then i get the “connect phone to itunes” graphics on my phone and itunes says “phone is in recovery mode, you need to restore via itunes”. Even when Limera1n says to hold power and home my iphone 4 sitll prompts me to do a restore vis itunes. This has happend both times i’ve tried to JB.

    I’m tired of restoring my iphone 4…any suggetions?

  • porno

    Banoffie pie is one of my favorites, so is it a Finnish

  • VID

    took me an hour but finally got it right
    the key is to release the power when told to do so while holding the home until it says done
    3GS 4.1

  • someone please help i have an iphone 3g 4.1 8b117 firmware w.e it is.. im trying to use limera1n.. i click make it rain then it says hold home n power button .. then release power button.. it gets stuck at that part and idk why .. if anyone can help i would really appreciate it im using windows 7 with itunes 10

  • Thufe

    Arite limera1n I’m really an expireinced jailbreaker but this one problem has me stumped on my second gen iPod I try to jb it but everything goes perfectly until I reboot my iPod and no limera1n cydia or anythin!!!!!! I’m srsly frustrated do sumthing plz?!!!!!!!!

  • PloppinFresh

    Hi folks. I have an iphone 3g that I'm trying to jailbreak. When I use Limera1n, I can't get the phone into DFU mode. It doesn't seem to want to go past the 'Release Power Button' phase. I've restored the phone a few times, as I can't seem to get the phone out of recovery mode, but every time I try Limera1n, it chokes before DFU. Any suggestions?? (This is a fresh install with no SIM… should this matter?)

    • im stuck on the same problem it wont go past the release power button phase .. n if u download tinyumbrella when it says ur phone is in recover mode u can kick it out with tht

  • joshfokis

    my ipod refuses to go into dfu mode any ideas on how to fix it?

  • ben

    i dont even get the limera1n icon on my ipod plese help!!!

  • chris

    where can i get 2g 4.1 firmware? when i download it it always shows up as a compressed file, not the brick symbol that shows firmware. i already downloaded sn0wbreeze all i need is the firmware

    • SmartOne

      iPod 2g isn't compatible with the 4.1 firmware.

  • chris

    2G ipod please help! now i know that i need to use sn0wbreeze but i need 4.1 firmware. ive looked everywhere but when i download it it comes out at a zip compressed and a bunch of files, NOT the brick logo for the firmware. please reply.

  • specdout

    im hearing if you go to restore but just leave that screen up in itunes then try the jb its worked for people because then the warning doesnt popup during the exploit process so idk im about to try that … also im hearing you need to redownload limera1n after each time for it to work , a freshly downloaded limera1n so ive been trying that as well , don't forget to try reboot after you jb.but if you dont get the green limera1n symbol during the dfu to exploiting period its probably not really working…..good luck just keep trying if youve got the patience you might get lucky… any new info please post lets help eachother out details help…

    • shawn

      I heard that your i tunes has to be up to date as well but I am not sure how that helps.

  • specdout

    I have an iPod touch 3g mc on 4.1 now i tried it on 4.0.2 and both firmwares i go through the whole process says it worked but no green raindrop while im jailbreaking holding the buttons but it says it worked enjoy your jb iphone bla thanks to comex.bla.. so no limera1n icon …reboot nothing turn it off on nothing done this twenty times on each firmware with itunes 9.2 and 10 ran as administrator allowed but itunes always pops up with a you need to restore before you can use itunes (warning) at the same time as the exploit starts ive tried everything on vista on win. 7 on xp on 9.2 itunes and 10 with all of them ran in compatiblity for xp nothing works help please would be appreciated.

  • shawn

    I tried to jailbreak it with limera1n, everything was fine until it went to exploiting, no limera1n logo showed up. And when it says that the jailbreak its done, I get no limera1n or Cydia. Can anyone help? My firmware is 4.1

  • Gam3Freak

    i've got a problem. i have both an iphone 3gs and ipod touch 3g with the latest iOS, so i started jailbreaking my iphone, no problems at all, jailbroken succesfully. but when i tried to jailbreak my ipod touch… it didnt work. when the jailbreak succeeds, you're supposed to see the limera1n logo on ur iphone/ipod. well, i dont see the logo at all. in the end, nothing changed at all.

  • Hey all. Something wierd with my iphone… I did the limera1n jailbreak, really fast and without deleting anything. I get the icon, I installed Cydia from there and it worked. But when I tried to put an ipa application from itunes it didn't work. (cracked ipa). It says something about an unexpected error and a number… and also i installed an app through cydia (for 6 dock icons instead of 4) and doesnt work either

  • hernandez

    ipod 3g 4.1. i do the steps that it tells me, but when i check for the limra1n app its not there. i also try greenpoison and same thing

  • Graham

    I have iPhone 4 4.1 and followed all instructions and after it said it was done I revolted iPhone and nothing no app or anything tried this 3/4 times but still no luck. Also tried on old IPhone 3 but it hung and I had to do a complete restore to get it to work again so presume it’s not working as it said it could

  • ambiel

    I have ipod touch 3G 8gb MC model and I tried using limera1n to jb many times but to no avail. No limera1n logo, no limera1n icon even though I reboot it. Ipod touch 3G 8gb uses the same system as ipod touch 2G but still different since redsn0w doesn't work for me. Any ideas how to fix it?

  • nutnezz

    I have an iphone 4, running on iOS 4.1..
    jailbroke it using limera1n and everything was fine, I had the limera1n and cydia icons on my home screen after rebooting my iphone.

    then i downloaded the cracked apps, and put it on my itunes.
    but when i tried to sync it to my iphone, it said

    "Some of the applications in your iTunes library were not installed because one or more errors occured"

    Am i doing something wrong?

    • Erick Gwapo

      install the installous first then sync it again.

      • nutnezz

        thanks erick!
        thats exactly what i missed out! everything works perfectly now 🙂

  • martin clark

    mines jailbroke fine however my facetime is missing and all the "fixes" i've found in google don't change that, has anyone experienced this?

  • 7amoodi

    it works actually … but i think not for everyone ..
    my ipad was jailbreaked .. but my friend's won't ,,

    i think it depends in the model maybe ..

    • Erick Gwapo

      it needs itunes 10 or tell him/her to download the limerain with the antivirus off

      • Sneezy

        this worked for me, win 7 and admin mode with Itunes 10. Cheers

  • FreddyNz

    ok this might help some ppl…..
    I tried jailbreaking my ipod touch 3g time after time but each time the limer1n icon wouldn't load….. then i tried it with itunes on and well…… it worked perfectly ! (just uncheck auto-sync in itunes 1st). At that point i could find limer1n in search but no icon, i restarted the touch and there was the icon… from there you just install cydia…
    This is my first jailbreak and man has it made the device so much easier to use… big thanks to the dev team/person who put in the long hours to make this possible !

  • rick

    SYNC it to itunes first den use limera1n when it shows in recovery mode on itunes you'll install it correctly.

  • youknow711

    I tried on my iTouch 4g (4.1). the limera1n box says "done" and that it is jailbroken, but my ipod just shows the connect to itunes screen. Also itunes is showing a message saying it detected a device in recovery and it needs to be restored. I restored it and the same things keeps happening. Ive tried 7 times. Please HELP!!

    • Erick Gwapo

      download the latest limerain with your antivirus turned off. also you must have itunes 10

  • Zack :D

    I run 3g 4.1 and I can't connect Limera1n to my ipod. After I click "Make it ra1n" it says waiting for ipod response or something. Help Please?

  • Sigh

    i downloaded limera1n and i opened it on my windows vista computer from the run as administrator but after i clicked the make it rain button, it did not turn it to recovery mode, i tried doing that itself but the button kept saying "waiting for device" p.s iphone 4 was connected and on 4.1

    what did i do wrong?

  • wetjet

    Not working for my ipt 3g. Using windows 7 x64 enterprise. Going to try to do it on a slower win xp laptop. Hopefully I'll have better results.

  • caleb

    i open limera1n and the app crashes

    • jessica

      Mine desthe samething. Did yo ever find a way to fit?

  • Falco

    Worked a treat, using windows 7 and iPhone 4 with ios 4.0.2

  • tree

    Works fine, except it doesn't recognize any media but photos. ipod touch 3g 4.1

  • peter

    I have a 3 Gs with 4.02 and don't want to upgrade to 4.1 because of bb. Limera1n runs as it should, I even get the big icon on the iphone screen, but after the restart there is no limera1n icon on the springboard ….

  • Petemully

    Cydia is now on my 3GS 4.1. Great!!!

    But now I have lost all reception which leaves me with just an I without the phone bit which isn’t good at all.

    Please help before I throw it at the wall.

  • ning

    hey guys :dont leave your finge from the home button till the green drop appeared~~
    i tried and it worked ~~
    thanks for limera1n~~

  • A2tHeD2030

    U guys r doing it wrong when u jb it u do see iTunes but limera1n tells u in it’s own window to hold the sleep button n then u hold the home n let go of the power button it’s easy as 123

  • omar

    i m stuck on the waiting for device step when i open limerain

    • Zack :D

      same :

  • Jeffro

    Well i have an iPod touch 3g and when i click make it rain it just stays at waiting for device its seems like my device is not syncing but i do check and my device is synced perfectly…. what do

  • dj123

    I have the ipod touch 3G running on 4.1 firemware. I tried limer1n followed all the instructions realeased the button when it told me too and when it said the jailbreak was done i looked on my ipod and the limera1n logo never appeared on my ipod or as an app on my ipod. I restart my ipod and still nothing. Can someone help me?

    • friend

      You need to update to the latest iTunes, do the jailbreak again, and you should get the limera1n icon appearing on your phone

  • Nodster

    Same as Dombomb. Tried on iPad(3.2.2) several times. Don't get limera1n logo just get the connect to iTunes logo. Running from Windows 7 with full administrator rights. Limera1n report that everything was successful but no logo and no app on the iPad

  • Ryan

    same problem it says my ipod touch 2g was jailbroken with IOS4.1 but then when i got on my ipod limera1n wasn't anywhere on it.

    • Nov@

      it only works on 3g and up
      use green poison

  • I Want GreenPois0n

    I Have An iPod Touch 3G on Firmware 4.1 I Did Everything Properly And when LimeRa1n sez Its Done and Exploited No LimeRa1n Logo Comes Up and it just restarts Normally with no icon Could anyone help
    Btw Ive Tried Everything on the List

    • bob

      same problem


    am stuk in dfu mode any help guys how to fix this now

    • Jaxx

      did u manage to restore ya phn m8?

  • Dombomb

    Tried it on my iPad(3.2.2) 6 times. Plugged it in did everything but instead of the limera1n logo I get the connect to iTunes. Of course I turn it off and my iPad is fine again

  • So the program is installed. Where can i get the carrier i want?

  • angelson

    I tried my iphone 3G with Limera1n , appears Itunes in Iphone later, when you have to put home+power , later i release power button , later says in DFU mode wait and nothing happens, what can I do?

    tx for any help

  • guest

    Using windows 7, I get to the release power button. From there is just sits in entering DFU and nothing happens.

    • chris

      i know i have the same problem


    YEH GUYS MY IPHONE IS HUNG NOW COZ I THINK MY HAND SLIPED . so now am trying to restore it with i tunes but its giving me error any help guys am running windows 7

  • Luna

    I follow the instructions perfectly, i think, i hold down the power and home and release when told to. Even so i dont see the limera1n logo on my ipod touch 2G MC model! im frustrated now T^T what could be wrong???

  • So the program is installed. Where can i get the carrier i want?

    First time user so dont understand much of the program.

    Just want it connected to my carrier.

  • Dray

    Peter – You have to get apple to lock it to a specific network. you can give them a call and they will do that for you but it will cost you around £20-30.
    When it gets unlocked by Apple, it will ask you to register each sim card you put in – very annoying

  • prince

    my ipod touch 3g worked !!!

  • A2tHeD2030

    Limera1n works great for me but it does take up mem on the iPhones not like the older jbs plus font dnt work so if u use font u can only change the clock font n Thts it.but everything else works great

    But if ur on the beta 1 2 or 3 limera1n re do ur jb n get the beta 4 which I’m on n ur have no problems peeps

  • Mike

    @cherry Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try it on Windows Vista.

  • danny

    3gs to 4.1 unlock instructions to avoid any problems

    do a clean reinstall of ios4.1
    dont restore backup
    do the full jailbreak as per the instructions
    reinstall any apps that mabe be needed before restoring your backup (infinifolders etc)
    restore backup


    Limera1n jailbreak is a little bit tedious and some users will have problems with the button pressing stage to achieve a working jailbreak. The key is to leave your fingers on the buttons until it tells you to remove them, that may sound easy but a slip of the button before it says complete can leave it hung on a logo. The limera1n jailbreak is not broken.

  • cherry

    @Mike, for me the same problem, but I have a iPod Touch 3G
    I heard the this maybe caused buy the OS you are running.
    it didn't work with windows 7, but it worked when I used windows vista.
    otherwise, wait for the Greenpois0n jailbreak



  • darragh169

    I tried using Limera1n on my iphone 3g with windows 7 and keeps getting stuck on DFU mode

    • Faraday

      Me Too! I get stuck on the recovery logo…

      iPhone 3GS – new bootrom…

      • Jaxx

        same here ive attempted this 6 times now and each time sticks in DFU

        • Fascinate Owner Guy

          Same here…

    • kyle

      same problem, anyone found a fix yet?

  • lewis bridge

    well when i click make it ra1n an error message comes up and on the top bit it says bad image
    is it because i need to save it into the itunes folder please help

    • STUART

      I have the same problem!!!!! PLEASE HELP US!

      • James

        same fucking problem here!!!!! HEEELP!!

  • ben

    i have an ipod touch 3g mc and it wont come up with the limera1logo help

    • SlickIce

      can anyone help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Meh.

        you let go of the home button too early, or if holding the button until the jailbreak is over does not work.. fuck knows.

        • shawn

          what do you mean by let go of the home button too early? when do you let go of homebotton?

  • Laksh

    @Mike: same here………anybody with a solution pleaseeeee!!! help !!!

  • Dave

    I've followed all the instructions, get the limera1n icon, reboot phone and have no limera1n icon.

    iPhone 4 running 4.1 using windows 7 64bit

    • Fletcher27

      I can't run lime ra1n on windows7 but I have an XP machine and it ran great on it.

      • Robin

        I can't see limera1n icon with windows 7, XP or MAC. My ipod 3g not works with limera1n. Pleasee help.

  • Mike

    I tried to use Limera1n on my 2G iPod Touch with 4.1 iOS and everything goes through fine, but when my iPod reboots I don't see the Limera1n app on my iPod. Idk what else to do. Help?

    • Steve

      You have to use redsn0w, limera1n isn't compatible with ipt2g

    • f3te

      It doesn't support iPod touch 2G… read the website, it lists iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G

    • Navin

      same thing happens to mine also, just tried it again today. Helpp?! :

    • Hrh

      This happens to me with my ipt 3g

    • Neil

      Same thing happens with my iPhone 4. Anyone have any ideas? – Thanks

    • Brian

      dude same thing happened to my iphone 3gs

    • Shane

      dude i had exactly the same problem. but guys redsn0w only works with like the 3.0 firmwares and stuff. and you have to download that which is irritating. but if you need it heres a site with all the firmwares for every ipod.

      well i tried putting 4.1 in redsn0w and it wasnt compatible so yeah.

    • tyler

      same here bro its so stupid i have tried everything ! :((