Limera1n Jailbreak: iOS 4.1 Problems after Download?

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As we told you just a few hours ago, iPhone hacker Geohot has once again surprised us all by releasing Limera1n ahead of schedule, more importantly – earlier than GreenPois0n. However, some of you appear to be having problems with Limera1n after installing, as confirmed on the official Limera1n website.

If you haven’t tried installing the Limera1n jailbreak for your iOS 4.1 device yet, you can do so by obtaining the download over at Geohot’s website here.

While the download notes says that this will jailbreak all devices on iOS 4.1, it looks as if there is a known problem when trying to install Limera1n on the iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.1. This has been confirmed by Geohot himself with the following message:

”3GS new bootrom is broken, fix pending”

For those of you who are having problems, hold on as we’re sure Geohot is working on a quick fix for you. The good news however, is that Limera1n appears to be working flawlessly on the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1.

If you have any problems during or after installation, let us know in the comments section.

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  • lashawn daniels

    Limera1n works flawlessly, Thank you Geohot for this wonderful jailbreak tool. That will teach the other mother #@#!@ not to screw with us.

    • Darcy

      Hi can any one help me. I have a iPod touch 3G 8gb and I can not get it to work . Any tips?

      • James10101

        You have to have iTunes open the whole time you r doing the jailbreak

    • gEOHOT


      • ryleeee(:

        SAMEEEE!!!! :O I’ve spent all day trying to figure this damn thing out

  • Carter

    I tried using Limera1n on my ipod touch 3G, but for some reason after it says the jailbreak is done, the limera1n symbol doesn't show up like in other videos i have seen. And when I turn it on there is no limera1n icon to download cydia.

    any advice?

    • caretiger

      Same problem here. I tried 3 times but the limera1n icon still doesn't appear on my ipod touch 3G.

      • dsgd

        Ye I tried 4 times and that didn't help either

    • Samuel

      Same problem, can we get a fix?

      • franky

        use greenposi0n if limera does not work

    • Josh Miller

      The icon doesn't show up at all or it just shows as a white box? It is a known bug that it just shows as a white box. Use it anyway, it works fine.

    • Meh.

      right, found out. when it says release the power button, do it. but do not release the home button until the message comes up that the jailbreak is done.

      • speck

        This worked perfectly! Thank you!

      • brandon

        how long did u have to hold the home button for?

      • touchxl3

        That didn't work for me and i did hold the home button

    • Bill

      I have the same problem when I first started,
      I fix this by changing limera1n to compatiblity mode Window XP sp3, then run the program with administrator mode. I am done. Jailbroken.

    • evaneto

      same her. geohot said it would work on all devices but it he better fix this.i think
      geohot was a little bit inconsiderate saying that it would jailbreak all devices and it didnt
      he probably rushed him self to get it out earlier then greenpois0n and made a mistake.
      i know he is trying to help but come on man thats so unprofessional. sorry but its true :(

      • Manu

        Why are you calling this unprofessional? did he charge you for his program? did he make you? he doesn't even have ads on his site! it is so nice of him to help us out and all you do is calling him unprofessional…jerk.

    • Justin

      Me too… ive tried so many time ! what do i do now?

    • Fritz

      I'm having the exact same problem, tried a few times but nothing.

    • Dwight

      EXACTLY the same problem

  • Scuba

    Not working for me – iPhone 4 iOS 4.1… hope Chronic Dev Team's solution is a winner…

    • HoneyB

      hope too!

    • Remy Marietti

      Works fine for me iphone 4 iOS4.1

  • Juan Ruiz

    ok and how unlocked after that

  • micah

    ipad on fw 3.2.2, limera1n not working also, no cydia icon, but according to program jailbreak was completed

    • coollooc

      The restart of DFU will help, make attempt it

    • Rob

      same obeservation here on ipad-3.2.2, tried again and even restarted a few times. Has anyone got this to work on ipad-3.2.2?

    • tarpediem

      same problem here with ipad 3.2.2

    • Guest

      I was having the same problem with iPad 16GB WiFi running os 3.2.2. I had just updated itues to 10.1, I rolled itunes back to just plain old 10.0 and voila, it worked. The limera1n icon was just showing as a white box on my springboard but it still worked when clicking on it. I was able to download cydia and then when I went back to my springboard the green raindrop was showing as it should. Working flawlessly. Good luck!

  • Baldilocks

    It works perfectly on 4.1 on an iPhone 4 if you follow the directions. If you don' follow the directions don't expect results.

    • lemonra1n


  • jim

    on my iP4 4.1, im having cydia errors, that i cannot add or load any source at all, i tried restore and jailbreak again but it giv me another error and nothing loaded as well

    • @Scarecrowmac

      this has been a cydia related problem
      some wifi's arent good enough for cydia
      try complete upgrading cydia then try sources
      if it wont work go to a faster wifi

      • gfdsgf

        not true. my wifi is fine and i still can't add a single source. it's this crappy jb.

  • Ezee

    I have upgraded my iPhone 4 to firmware 4.1amd baseband to02.10.04

    Will limera1n help me out

    • 702


  • Anis

    i confirm Limera1n is working perfectly on my 3gs 4.1 thank you geohot

  • Trimond

    Getting error downloading cydia on ipt3 4.1
    Error: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomainCode=-1001 "the request times out." UserInfo=0x173b30

  • Frank

    for all those having problem not seeing limera1n icon on their pages. rerun the program and wailt a little longer before releasing the home button. Just about seeing the exploit message. I've done it the second time in this method and it really works!

    iPhone 4, 4.1

    • limera1n

      NOT FOR ALL… tried multiple times and various timings into and out of DFU and still no raindrop nor limecons after the iPhone 4 with clean restore of 4.1 boots up.

      • tann1e

        If you have more than one computer, try the same process on another computer. It may just work fine on another computer. Same problem happened 3 times with me yesterday, and same solution. Good luck!

    • DJS

      Keeping the home button depressed till the exploit message worked for me. Installed Cydia after, but didn't show up. Powered down, cydia was there and working fine!

    • leo

      It didnt help my i still have no limera1n drop on my iphone 3gs 4.0.2

    • steve

      wow thanks mate id done the break about 6 times with no luck and then bamm your comment caught my eye thanks so much mate and to the host of this forum thanks…

  • Tim

    iPhone 4 with 4.1, tried it 3 times and no limera1n icon.

    • tann1e

      Try it on another computer. good luck

  • John

    I tried jailbreaking my ip4 on 4.1 firmware using limera1n.

    After all jailbreak process no limera1n app installed.

    What a fake and disappointment

    Gottu wait 4 Greenpoison perhaps


      No the OP is right. I had the same problem, but you need to keeping holding onto the home button until the message pops up on your computer that it is jailbroken. It will work. Then your phone will show the limera1n symbol. turn back on and the icon should be there.

  • Labargoth

    It is working on iPod 3G. It’s Not working with your devices because there is no iPod 3G with 8GB. It’s a iPod 2G

    • Guy

      This guy is right. I googled and found out that our so called 3G iPod Touch 8g are actually just 2G.

    • Nyimtse

      Thank you for pointing that out. I just checked and confirmed your information.

  • jgalt5

    if you want to see cydia icon , all you do is after you have installed limera1n click on it, install cydia, then do a hard reset, then when you have done this, cydia will appear!!


    many thanks to geohot!! please donate to support his skills!

    • lemonra1n

      WOW THANK YOU…. any solutions to clicking on limera1n when it is not there?????

  • angry_3gs_owner

    Works like charm on my 5.14 4.1 3GS :)
    NOW, HOW DO I UNLOCK IT!!!?!??!?!?

    • chris

      how?? limera1n on mine just opens a black screen then goes back to homescreen.

  • Ahmed

    i have installed limera1n on windows xp but when i connect my fone it says waiting for device, what are the system requirements to run this jailbreak

    • Terry

      having exact same problem on 2 different xp machines.
      does not find device, but asks what to do with my devices pictures when i connected usb cable – so the computer sees the phone

      • dave

        same itts really pissing me off!!! and there seems to be no support , i shudav waited till i done it before making a donation of £20. !!! mad right now !!!

  • shtofff

    I'm getting over and over the following error that the file can't be downloaded (timeout)…
    Error: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomainCode=-1001 "the request times out." UserInfo=0×173010{NSErrorFailingURLStringKey =,
    NSErrorFailingURLStringKey =, NSLocalizedDescription=The request timed out., NSUnderlyingError=0x18aa30 "The request timed out."}
    but when I'm trying to access it via my PC i can access there !!! and even download the "cydia.tgz" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what am i missing here ????

    • shtofff

      OK…. finally i succeed !!!!!!!! i went to the near PUB used their WIFI … and boom !!!
      i was able to download cydia on the first time !!!
      other solution is to try to download the cydia to your PC and install it "offline" mode…

      • TheSalooN

        After jailbreaking I am stuck with the same time out therefore not letting me install Cydia. Is a manual install an option on an Ipad as well (there's no Installer)?

    • David

      I'm having the same problem,
      I have an iPod Touch 3g 4.1,
      I tested my WiFi with (the iPhone app) and I get:
      44ms ping, 7.37Mbps download and 0.95Mbps upload
      what's wrong here?

    • Antonio

      Thanks for the insight. I have the same problem that you described earlier and tried a different WiFi and still stuck. My limera1n icon is solid white and Cydia gets the message you described before. Any other solutions you have come across? Thanks,

      • ash11b

        I have the same problem. The limera1n icon is solid white and Cydia gives the request timed out message as described. Did you solve this? Anybody knows whats the problem ?

    • Samsung

      looks like wifi problem, try using 3g network. I had similar problem and i switched off wifi and downloaded using 3g network, all good now.

  • Oskar

    Don't know yet but it seems like it's working perfectly on my Iphone 3Gs 4.1 iOS and it has never been jailbreaked before or anything, new bootrom as far as i know :)

  • chris

    installed it on 3gs 4.1 with new bootrom but when i click limera1n on homescreen it loads a black screen with a red apple for about 3 seconds then returns to home screen…..
    any suggestions???

  • chris

    installed it on 3gs 4.1 with new bootrom but when i click limera1n on homescreen it loads a black screen with a red apple for about 3 seconds then returns to home screen…..

    • y wont it wrk

      i have the same problem

  • steven

    didnt work on my iphone 3GS running on 4.1.
    did it 6 times. no icon but says complete an jailbroken.but its not
    help ?

    • maverick

      Me too, i tried it 10 times!!! please help

  • seannyyx

    not working for ip4 have run and rerun about 5 times now.. W hen it gets to "explotiing" it kicks the phone out of recovery and just loads normal 'Apple logo'
    Nothings changed on springboard..

    • lemonra1n

      same here Bro I feel your pain

    • Ballz

      Same here….

    • mfield

      exactly the same here. 4G, 4.1, 02.10.04

    • pakko972

      Same dude… :(

    • Francisco Manuel Fernández Cano

      Exactly the same here…

    • gbot

      Hold the home button during the install proces until the green rain drop appears on the phone screen!!! I tried 7 times before I figured this out

    • tann1e

      Try the same process on another computer if you have with you. Good luck.

  • Sara

    works on my 3gs 4.1, but how am I gonna unlock it now ???

  • Felix

    It is not working in my iPod touch 3G 4.1
    No Limera1n symbol at all..

    • Meh.

      When the limera1n says release the power button, release it. Then dont let go of the home button until the jailbreak is completely finished.

      • marsh

        i have a 2g but that hold the home thing does not work

      • Teun

        i did, but still no icon, what now?

  • birra

    not working for me. ipad 3.2.2 + windows 7 when programs says "done", my ipad looks like allways and no green drop shows

  • manuel alejandro

    okay, i just tried it, and after its done, it springs up againg with apple logo, what to do. please help

  • dude

    limera1n showed up as a white box and it wont open im on 3gs how do i get it to open

  • Brian

    Installed last night on Ipod touch 3G OS4.1, nothing appear after limera1n said done, did hard reboot and everything was there waiting to go. Geohot thanks a million.

  • Jason

    What an awesome exploit!!! /s

    I have run this 4 times now on my ipad 3.2.2, does not do anything, just tells you everything worked perfectly after install and to power on ipad, but nothing changed. No Cydia icon, even after powering off and powering on half a dozen times…

    Hey Geohot, how about you QC your software before you rush it to the market and screw everyone over. Not only did you screw greenpois0n over, but you also screwed your fanbase by releasing an exploit that does not work.

    Has ANYONE with a 3.2.2 iPad been successful?!?!

    • hiwind

      Same problem here.. The exploit says 'done' but the limera1n icon does not appear on my device.. Tried it on iPad 3.2.2 and iPod 4g 4.1.

    • 7amoodi

      it worked with me on my ipad ..
      but guess wat .. i tried to do the same thing to my friend's ipad it didnt work ..

      it gives me everything is done but no ra1n icon .. no cydia ..

      really we need a help on this 1 ..

  • alex

    no limera1n icon after running the program>ipod touch 4g 4.1

  • Jay

    On iPhone 4 and like many others no Limera1n icon or Cydia. Needs to be fixed.

  • leo

    its not working for ipad 3.2.2

  • ruiiz

    my iphone 3gs ios 4.1 is not charging after jailbreaking.. what should i do?


    Not working on iPad running 3.2.2. No lime logo but states successful. On. Restart no lime app to download cydia.

  • Gen

    It is working like a charm on my 16gb iPad wifi, after it says completed you have to reboot one or 2 times to see the cydia icon

  • Jay1

    This will not work for anyone using Windows XP on iPhone 4. Just ran Limera1n using Windows Vista and it's worked fine.

  • mike d

    if you have an iphone 3gs old bootrom and limra1n is not working what you have to do is restore it with itunes. after the restore close itunes (dont activate phone), and run limera1n. it should tthen work.

  • Romz

    guys it actually works. as commented on top when releasing power button keep holding home button untill you see limera1n image on the iphone

  • Joefr

    Same for me: iPad 3.2.2, process ok but no rain icon after

  • sean

    ipod touch 4:
    worked like a charm…
    but no facetime working and no ifile

  • Francisco Manuel Fernández Cano

    Just like many other people, I connect, enter recovery mode, enter DFU mode, exploiting… Everything OK… Except that "Everyhing OK" means "Nothing happens"

    iPhone 4 (4.1) running limera1n in a windows vista machine, a windows XP SP3 machine and a virtual XP machine running inside Mac OS…

    I bet I can do a programs working exactly like this one, but running over WiFi or brain waves…

  • omar

    After jailbreak, cydia is working fine, but I am not able to install application throught ITUNES… i do have some application on my hard drive, I want to install the, but I am not able….. any one can help ?

    • Mjksoft

      You have to install installus

  • mel

    Worked fine for me (or so it seems) on a 3g iPod Touch.

    @jgalt5 thanks for the tip about rebooting after installing cydia.

  • Hunter

    No success here on iPad 3.2.2. The limera1n exploit says that the jailbreak was successful, but no Cydia nor limera1n icon. Tried 3 times. Doesn't work! Any ideas?

  • DJ KG

    I have an iPhone 4 (got launch day and only updated to 4.0.1, but I don't know the baseband; I don't really care because I'm using AT&T… just not sure if it's necessary to know). I updated (not restored) to 4.1 and ran limera1n; The process completed successfully, and I turned on my phone. I clicked the limera1n app (white icon) and the app opens, I can see the raindrop in the red circle at the top, but then the app crashes. I tried re-running the limera1n program on my computer 3 times and all I get is a crashing app….. Any thoughts?

    • Fabio Smusmu Smulian


  • Tjoez

    Same with my ipad 3.2.2, fresh 32gb/3G one.
    Install went fine, after that, no white icon, no limera1n icon, …

    Come on George
    I don't want ra1n, I want thund3r :-)

    Will wait…

  • caty

    Limera1n worked on my iphone 3GS new bootrom and I installed cydia now I'm having trouble running it. I keep getting this msg:

    Error: Refershing Data
    The method driver
    /usr/lib/apt/methods/Http could not be found

    what to do?


    Appears only vista works with iPad 3.2.2

  • jjp41

    cant get sms to change colors on sent side is anyone else having this prob or do you kow what i might me doing wrong thanks

  • ToM-e

    i have time our error for CYDIA !!!
    what should i do??

  • SteveB

    3GS 4.1……..
    Tried numerous times using XP on bootcamp, each time the window said done and nothing happened.

    Tried it on Vista (on another laptop) kept my finger on the home button, everything went the same way until the Limera1n appeared! Job done!!!

  • Andware

    Same for me, iPad 3.2.2, Limera1n say OK. Not Limera1n Icon on iPad. It is work on me iPhone 4.

  • Vox_dei

    Perfectly working on my iPhone 4 4.1

  • MANiAC^tR

    1. I have an iPhone 3GS wirh iOS4.1 and cannot get Limera1n to work. I've tried releasing Home button when Exploiting message appears, when Done message appears, but so far no Limera1n app icon appears on the homescreen. Before this, I had 3.1.2 with blackra1n jailbreak working fine.

    2. I have also re-restored the iOS 4.1 without letting iTunes to activate the phone, I applied the Jailbreak with no sucess.

    3. I can always get the DONE message and the phone boots normally.

    4. I cannot tell you wether it is a old or new bootrom. Some help would be great so I can give you this info.

    Any suggestions?


  • jjp41

    is any one else haveing prob with sms not changeing colors

  • Lexiani22

    Everything ok with my iphone 3gs new bootrom…except that Cydia is not loading on the main page and Im getting a "504 gateway time out" error. I have tried to use pkgback up and i'm having a hard time also…getting a "no internet connection detected…" error while the cell is connected to wifi…any suggestions???

  • Gigoy

    Worked like a charm on my iphone 3gs new bootrom. Can't wait for unlock to come out!!

  • bolicat

    works for me too..iphone 3gs iOS 4.1…thx a lot GeoHot…

  • Snow

    After using it on my iPod 2g 8 gb w/4.0.2 software no

    Limera1n icon appears and I was really looking forward to unlocking my iPod. Please repair the bugs as quickly as possible.

  • javz

    No Limera1n icon after the process done successfully….

  • aaron


    i have an iphone 4 on 4.1 with baseband preserved at 1.59

    i have windows 7 64-bit i ran limera1n beta 1,2,3, and 4 with NO luck, compatibility mode, to vista xp, regular , run as administrator, ive probobly run limera1n over 20 times no luck, restore software NOTHING worked UNTIL i went to settings general reset, then clicked erase all content and settings i repeat not erase all settings, not reset network settings, i clicked RESET ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS, something i would have never thought to do and the minute it rebooted bam i finally have a limera1n icon, i really hope this helps

    • leo

      it did help me!!! thanks

    • jes

      worked for me too!

      also needed to do a hard reset to get cydia to show up after installing

    • Sergey Mishchuk

      worked for me. thank you.

    • raj rodrigues

      Tks man. The tip worked like a charm. And nothing's wrong with Cydia installs either!
      3GS baseband 05.14.02, iOS4.1 locked to AT&T…….now to unlock it.

    • Neil

      this did not work for me,

      • Aaron (isquaddevteam)

        This will only apply to those that get the successful jailbreak pop up and see the lime rain drop on the phone but then when you turn on. The phone don’t see the rain drop icon. And I only tested this on one phone and everyone else seems to get this to work. Sorry if it doesn’t work for everyone

  • danny


    • steve

      try plugging it into another usb plug and start itunes and restore, then start your jailbreak process all over again.

      Funny thing, is I broke my Iphone 4g with limera1in fine, but after i done mine when I switched to my gf's iphone 4g, the icon woulnd't show up for limera1in.

      I bought mine unlocked, and hers came locked with rogers


    i have tried to use limera1n b4 now on 3 IPHONE 3g on os4.1 and 1 3gsand 1 2g.

  • Emil Frisk

    I have just installed it on my iphone 4, but it looks like cydia won't load the packages. what do i do?

  • jeff

    will this work on 3gs 4.0.2? if yes,will i be able to unlock it using ultrasn0w?

  • Amin

    Works like a charm on my 3GS 4.1 ..

    thnk u Geo

  • MANiAC^tR

    I've just download the Limera1n version RC1 and still no results. Anyone with problems with the BETA4 had success with this new RC1 version??


  • Dany

    so I ran limera1n on my iphone 4, iOS4.1 and it worked perfectly. Added Cydia to my home screen but when I enter Cydia, I'm missing a ton of sources so I can't download the apps I had before (ex. biteSMS). Someone know why?

  • Alberto Chavez

    I hve an ipod 3G and ive followed all these steps. The ipod doesnt show the drop. the cumputer has that said it is jailbroken. i cannot see the app of cydia or limerain. itunes is open and its latest itunes ten.

    The drop dont show and it has the apple logo and nothing changed

    Please help

  • Rob

    hi, i have an iphone 4 on 4.1, on the old cydia-jailbreak, the program to install apps was called installous, does anyone know what the new one is called? because i cannot find it anywhere

  • howie

    having a serious problem with getting the sms bubbles to change colors. dont know what im doing wrong. have the same apps as I had before when i had my Iphone 4 jailbroke and they worked fine but now nothing is working right with jailbreak.

  • Fahoodi

    I found the fix for not finding limera1n after trying to jailbreak. Do these steps and you will get your jailbreak:-
    1-Back up you phone through Itunes.
    2-Update to the lates firmwear 4.1
    3-Jailbreak your phone befor you restor from your back-up.
    4-Download Cydia.
    5-Restore back from your back-up.

    That all
    Good luck to you all & have fun with the jailbreak :)

  • Rawr

    I've tried jailbreaking my iPod Touch, (4.1, 3g). About 5 times, with lime, of course.
    Lime opens, runs, I hold down the buttons, release, it goes info dfu, it says done.
    Everything goes smoothly, but then when I go to the home screen, theres no limera1n icon, I have tried restarting, & hard rebooting. What to do?
    Please help?x:

  • Nate

    I tried it on my iphone 4 4.1. When I was told to hold power and home and then release power my phone went black. I'm trying to restore now but keep getting an error from itunes. 1004. Does that mean anything to anyone? I'm using windows XP and I don't think I was using it as Administrator.

    • Aaron (isquaddevteam)

      Use tinyumbrella or reboot to kick out of recovery. 1004 is fine it means your baseband is different than what’s meant for your firmware.

  • Chris

    I was able to jailbreak my 3gs 16 gig on 4.1, but was not able to jailbreak my other 3gs 32gig. Not sure why it would work on 1 and not the other

  • fern

    it worked for my 3gs the only problem is i cant watch movies on my tv or u tube

  • luckygurl

    Ok, I'm not smart at all when it comes to this stuff but, when I download Limera1n and release the power button like it says to, it stays stuck in DFU mode. How long do I have to wait? and do I keep holding the home button?

  • Lewis Magers

    I've tried countless times to get limera1n to work on my ipod touch 2g 4.1. It does not work at all. need suggestions here

  • chris

    I just downloaded and installed, the phone seems to work great!

  • Aaron (isquaddevteam)

    Check my previous post about how to fix this problem. It’s worked for three that we know and probably more

  • MANiAC^tR

    Just tried the latest Limera1n RC1b and still no results with my iphone 3GS and iOS4.
    The limera1n app doesn't show up on the iphone's homescreen.


  • 7amoodi

    just download Limera1n RC1b and try again … WORKED 2 TIMES WITH ME on my iPad ..

    PS: not the BETA !!

  • josephine

    i have an ipos 3g 8gb vith 4.1 installed (don't give a crap about that people say that it's not a 3g, it is! (: anyways, i have the same problem as MANY others, and i wonder if anyone else with an ipod touch 8gb 3 generation (MC model) has been able to see the limera1n icon and if anyone has been able to complete the jailbreak (with an ipod touch 8gb 3 generation)
    If ANYONE would answer i'd be very grateful!

  • Joey

    This jailbreak worked great on my wifes 4.1 3GS phone. Thank so much for the Jailbreak. I didn’t get the first time but 2nd time was a charm! It’s a easy jailbreak if you just follow the directions!

  • kunal

    my wifi is not getting detected , my wifi was working fine before i jail breaked 3.2.2 ipad 3g
    can u help me , i did reset the network setting but noting is helpiing
    my wifi router is working fine

  • megosh

    i have iphone 3g with 4.1 firmware will it work

  • Bryman

    I have a question. I have a ipod touch 3g running 4.1. I am on am mac and I hold "home + power" and the screen goes from connect you ipod to itunes and blacks out like in the videos but limera1n never tells me to release the power button… so I am holding both buttons for like a minute and the give up

  • lin

    I can't send emails after jailbreaking my Iphone 4 with Limera1n..
    Any fix for this??

  • sam

    its not working on my ipod touch 3g either and i have tried it like 3 times

  • bobby

    IPOD TOUCH 3rd generation 8 gig does not work with limera1n. the process goes by smoothly, but the limerain icon does not appear on teh screen and doesnt show up on the homepage. the ipod goes through the process, but is just like before with no changes.

    please fix this

  • mark

    iphone 3g with 4.1 gets stuck at dfu mode please help

  • Rob

    I jailbroke my Ipod Touch 3G 64GB with Limera1n with no problem about 20 minutes after it was released…..but now, I just tried to jailbreak my sisters 8GB ipod touch 3G and it says its done, but nothing comes up for limera1n to download cydia, and yes i had Itunes open, ive also tried the greenpois0n release and it fails everytime…….from what i can tell is that apple patched it completely in a mini update without a full release update, and failed to mention it, i noticed the update yesterday myself when i restored and updated the 8gb touch from 3.1.3 to 4.1

  • Eddie

    I tried it on a 3G, it says press home b+power b…. then release power b which I did, kept it pressed for a long time, tried 5 or 6 diff times, now it did something to where my iphone is on connect to itunes mode and I can't even restore it… comes up with an error message. any ideas??????? i think my iphone is dead :(

  • ShAdY

    Limera1n worked great on my 3gs :0)

  • erik

    Tried on an Ipad 3.2.2. Successfully installed Cydia. However, when I clicked on cydia, it said reorganizing and show an apple and a loading sign and soon after jumped to the home screen.

    Cydia is not reorganizing…and it kept on jumping to the home screen when I click on it.

  • Keith

    Hey guys I’m still getting this error message when trying to download Cydia from limera1n. I’m using an iPhone 4 4.1 with 1.5 Mbps of Internet. My wifi is turned on and my iPhone is connected to it. What else am I doing wrong??

  • P-L

    No limera1an icon after succesful jailbreak my 3gs 4.0.2 I restart 10 times and try many times the make it rain but same result.

    Anyone have an answer ???

  • myself

    I want to jaibreak my ipod touch 3g 4.1 and is the risk big with jailbreaking? and how can I get the jaibreak of my ipod if I don’t want it anymore?

  • Danny

    I have The same problem as Trimond has..

  • Scott

    I just used Limera1n on an unlocked iphone 3gs, I got the green screen then went to reboot and it's stuck on the Apple screen. What to do now, nothing is working.

  • Alex King

    I Applied Limera1n on 3GS and I lost my Wifi & GSM Phone oparation. what should I do

  • joshua

    im having trouble downloading limera1n onto my 3gs phone. it gets into dfu mode then wont do anything else

  • William

    To jailbreak you must have itunes opened! Download limera1n then open it. A message will say “make it rain” click it then it will tell you instructions to hold sleep and home. Keep holding it until you get the next instructions. After limera1n will be installed onto the iphone. It has no icon. Click it and install cydia

    Dont jailbreak with iphone!!!!

    You will have no service on the phone!!!!

    • az19

      ok i did, now i have no service, what do i do?

  • David

    I get to step 4 where is says release power button and I do that and nothing happens after that. What should I try now? I have tried unplugging and plugging it back in and it says to retry pressing home and power button again. After I do that it says release power button and I do and nothing!
    Please help! Tried this like 4 times now

  • Mrhendrik

    I just bought iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 firmware 02.10.04

    Can it be jailbroken with limera1n? I Want to try but afraid This Will break My Phone.. Please advice.

    Thank you..

  • Steven

    Hi All,

    Im trying to jailbreak after upgrade to OS4.1 using limera1n for some reason it cant…… When click make it ra1n…. it goes to recovery mode and the device wipes off and i need to click on restore in itunes to restore it. Pls help on this issue I want to jailbreak my device.

  • Frank

    Hi all,

    I used Limera1n on my 3gs with OS4.1 works nice but when i want to turn the soundvolume
    louder or softer……the springboard crashes and i have to do a restart
    And also the docked icons at the botom of the screen
    Also my crachreport
    ## Crash log
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""&gt;
    <plist version="1.0">
    <string>Incident Identifier: C06268A9-70D3-460F-972B-A79EFBDF04F6
    CrashReporter Key: b39a9324728d30af2b2a1921bae14ab6c027f137
    Hardware Model: iPhone2,1
    Process: SilentMed [740]
    Path: /Applications/
    Identifier: SilentMed
    Version: ??? (???)
    Code Type: ARM (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [1]

    Date/Time: 2010-11-17 23:30:51.753 +0100
    OS Version: iPhone OS 4.1 (8B117)
    Report Version: 104

    Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) Exception Codes: 0×00000001, 0xe7ffdefe Crashed Thread: 0

    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Calendar.framework/Calendar
    Referenced from: /Applications/
    Reason: image not found
    Dyld Version: 154.6

    Binary Images:
    0×1000 – 0x14fff +SilentMed armv6 &lt;648856562c7cc80b3556ceeb3affcf0b&gt; /Applications/
    0x2fe00000 – 0x2fe26fff dyld armv7 &lt;a11905c8ef7906bf4b8910fc551f9dbb&gt; /usr/lib/dyld 0×30025000 – 0x30055fff AppSupport armv7 &lt;20908678e860c23207574337097b94f1&gt; /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AppSupport.framework/AppSupport
    0x300a5000 – 0x301c0fff CoreGraphics armv7 &lt;6dcc299d5ca75f73afbc98a1b4bd2c7a&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/CoreGraphics
    0×30267000 – 0x30273fff GraphicsServices armv7 &lt;7075593b53fcd90c8d2aa40ba9ff4397&gt; /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GraphicsServices.framework/GraphicsServices
    0x3069b000 – 0x30744fff QuartzCore armv7 &lt;1628da07ea69b89c0b6a5a7d2dc42a24&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework/QuartzCore
    0×30885000 – 0x309b5fff AudioToolbox armv7 &lt;9420239a007f28f7aa2163b05053d110&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/AudioToolbox.framework/AudioToolbox
    0x30c23000 – 0x30cc3fff Celestial armv7 &lt;aa0773c3d8e022e5a0b307b1db79232a&gt; /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/Celestial
    0x30e9a000 – 0x30ed4fff IOKit armv7 &lt;6810c1b44dd12227780dc88c76b692e4&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/IOKit.framework/Versions/A/IOKit
    0×31564000 – 0x31565fff CoreSurface armv7 &lt;586f25579330ac060decd2df4cc05bd8&gt; /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreSurface.framework/CoreSurface
    0x31acc000 – 0x32d0cfff UIKit armv7 &lt;3f1f8f7555dcf93cc4ce2146286bd3f6&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/UIKit
    0×33249000 – 0x33368fff Foundation armv7 &lt;5cffb5458e87beccdb75770cea676753&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Foundation
    0×33971000 – 0x33a31fff libobjc.A.dylib armv7 &lt;49029949741e10f21b178b0a4b2df979&gt; /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib 0x3438c000 – 0x343ccfff CoreAudio armv7 &lt;96e6c0b793449c9e08a507693c956aad&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudio.framework/CoreAudio
    0x3440b000 – 0x344defff CoreFoundation armv7 &lt;adb562d8b5eaadbb874e255a09d0e04b&gt; /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/CoreFoundation
    <string>iPhone OS 4.1 (8B117)</string>
    <string>??? (???)</string>

  • Arman

    I jailbreaked my iphone 3gs 8gb ios4.1 with limera1n it receive an messege no enoch memory but it installed succesfully

  • bjraz

    I'm having some issues that when I start to jailbreak, my phone is no longer shown on usb.

  • honeycomb

    i have a iphone 3g & i get as far as the getting the limera1n symbol on my phone…what next??

  • stephen

    Installed on a 3GS RUNNING 4.1, works fine apart from a lack of 3g and data services

  • Max

    my ipod touch 4th gen got stuck with "release power button" then I tried to restore it in itunes and it does not restore…it's with the itunes icon and plug cord….what should I do?

  • Paddy

    hi newbie here does limera1n work on iphone 3g 8g

  • Ayesha


    i tried to run limera 4 times bt could not c icon .. in my ipod 4g i went on search nd just wrote limera .. nd i found it ,, then u can download cydia :)

  • Benny

    I ran Limera1n and it seemed to work but the limera1n icon was white. I taped it and it placed the cydia icon on the screen but when i went to install cydia the download screen came on but the bar never moved. then it said that cydia load sucessfully but there was no cydia icon. I have an iphone 4 running 4.1 baseband 02.10.04. does any body have any Ideas as to how I can jailbreak and unlock this phone ???????????

  • Cole

    Works on my iphone4 4.0.2…

  • tcm

    did the limera1n ow my phone wont turn back on wtf

  • Robert

    I used limera1n on my iphone 3gs 4.1 and it worked fine but everytime i sync my phone it takes all the apps i download through cydia. Is there something specific im missing?

  • Freddy

    Hey guys, i had the same problem with Limera1n , after doing everything right it just wont show up the Limera1n logo . i tryed it with greenpoison and it worked fine. my phone is unlocked now!

  • shan

    Hi i use limera1n, but there only a white box there. when i try to press on it.. it juz goes back to the screen again=( How!!! mine is ipod touch 3g but with the MC model.. will i will problem=(

  • Ron Sager

    I used it and it would not get past the DFU mode so i cancelled it and now MY IPOD TOUCH WILL NOT TURN BACK ON ANY HELP WOULD BE GRATEfull

  • Ron Sager

    I used it and it would not get past the DFU mode so i cancelled it and now MY IPOD TOUCH WILL NOT TURN BACK ON ANY HELP WOULD BE GRATEfull

  • Ray

    can’t get the green rain drop to show up on my iphone, Won’t download from computer to iphone??