Limera1n By Geohot: Download iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak Instructions

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Earlier today it had been assumed that Limera1n by Geohot would be released on October 11th, one day after the GreenPois0n jailbreak from the Chronic Dev-Team, However, in a strange twist the former is now live and ready for download.

We can already see by the number of tweets from @chronicdevteam that they do not seem too happy to be beaten with a jailbreak for iOS 4, which unlike GreenPois0n supports all models of the iPhone, iPod Touch, as well as the Apple iPad.

Limera1n is currently only available for Windows, which you can download by going to the official limera1n website. Mac and Linux versions will be coming soon.

Once you hit the download for windows link you will then have the choice to open or save a text.doc file, from there you will be given full instructions. Let us know how you got on.

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  • Steinar Helgesen ッ

    Did not work for my iphone 4 version 4.1.

    Unable to load network list.

    • Lucks Magic

      yea my iphone 4 isn't being jailbroken either

  • jaybenni

    i downloaded and used limera1n on my iphone 3gs 4.1 and no sign of being jailbroken.. no cydia??

    • @ADeadlyDude

      it says on limera1n to restart the iphone if you see no cydia app

    • Gideon Pollack

      i think this is clearly a SCAM whenever i tried to turn it off and back on nothing its a big SCAM!

    • HusseinP

      make sure u run it as adminstrator

  • Haroon Pathan

    Limera1n not working on my iphone 3g ..Ios 4.1 Urghhhh………

    • gol

      same thing i try it & No JB on my 3gs what's up with that

  • GuEr021

    aint no text file FFFFAAAKKKEEE

  • Shava

    limera1n does work on all devices its just that the 3gs is having problems right now. to have it show up some people need to turn there device off and on. once you do that cydia will be there and it will be functional!! GEOHOT RULES!!!

    • Steve

      Actually, limera1n installs a program called limera1n, then you install cydia from that.

    • Wtf

      Dude stop trying zoo hrs to up limera1n’s credit. I do have a friend who successfully used it but he doesnt go around saying it’s the greatest in the world! I just wish it’d work for me…

  • bud

    i just tried with 2 iphone 3gs, and no jailbreak! Geohot said 3gs new bootroom is broken, PENDING FIX? DONT TRUST LIMERA1N

    • trip


  • myles

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahaha that sucks for all of you that didnt get it to work! it worked perfectly for me! :)

    • joestar44

      can u tell me how please

  • muddy

    NO CYDIA DID IT WITH IPOD TOUCH 4.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • jay

      restart ur ipod

      • adam

        ive restarted mine and it didnt work?

        • Anon

          You must install Cydia from the Limera1n app, which is installed on your iDevice.

  • Mad3813

    Tune your iPhone off and back on again after installing Cydia using Limera1n. mine is working perfectly.

  • Alex

    use redsnow for 3G

    • abdo

      do i insalle it

  • Adam Birch

    Worked for my iPhone4 4.1 :) Had to try and install cydia a few times though :/

    • yoyodog32

      how did you get it working i tried it and didn't get the limera1n symbol on my iphone 4 4.1 and i tried many times and it won't jailbreak it or get the limera1n app where i can install cydia how do i get it working? please help

  • roger

    worked like a charm. just follow the steps in the box

  • guest

    Worked absolutely fine for me. Had to reboot to get Cydia working, but no hassles!!

    • Kay Alqahtani

      which one u got is it 3gs? i have tried to reboot so many times but shows nothing huh

  • Jake S

    better to wait for the Poison tomorrow boys….

  • Steve

    Nope :-/ ill try again does not work on my iPod 4G 4.1

  • tom

    didnt work for me neither in iphone 3g

  • Steve

    A bunch of mice gave felt for a fat cat. You all are in deep shit now. Apple will brick your phone as you try to restore

    • Beatdowncity

      Hey Nostradamus, wanna explain?

  • Jonathan Arias

    Funny how 2 teams of nerds (chronic dev team, and the dev team) couldn't compete with just one person (GeoHot) Either way, thanks for the jailbreak and for working on it.

    • Xfreddyx

      Geohot stole the exploit used by chronic dev team. The guys from CDT gave it to geohot so he could contribute and improve, then geohot just released one day before CDT Release date.

    • i_hate_jonathan

      i hate your face.

  • mifah

    limera1n is working on 3g 3gs and iphone 4. not problems. in germany. thank you geohot

  • cl9

    After installed the JB. Click on Limera1n icon to install Cydia. restart iphone. Mine is working fine.

  • fa0771

    would it work for ip4 4.0.2??????????

    • Boo

      update to 4.1 or wait for greenpois0n which can preserve ur ip baseband, guide to unlock.

  • nightz

    just wait one more day for a jailbreak that has actually been put effort into

  • Alfonso

    For iPhone 3GS once you have jailbroken reboot your phone and Cydia should show up, that’s what geo has posted on his website. And limera1n don’t support iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2g. You have redsn0w for that.

  • bluecice

    what does unpatchable mean?

  • Minty

    Took a few steps but YES it works, untethered. Great stuff…. donation on it's way :)
    Just instal and watch the instructions on the limera1n box on your screen.
    1 – "Make it Ra1n"
    2 – When finished you are promted to hold down power and home button.
    Then release power button when asked
    Then restart the phone when booted.
    Then go to the Limera1n icon and instal Cydia.
    Then restart.
    Cydia is now there

    • ash

      people who could not make it work on their phone, either have have problem with their fingers pressing the buttons right or they have a problem reading the instruchtions properly. It worked for me….and it took less than 30 sec to jailbreak my phone.

    • MsUndastood

      Where is the limera1n icon located? I did all the steps but I don't see the icon to install Cydia.

      • TheBigNig

        Same, all of the steps worked, i even started with a new restored ipod in factory settings. and updated software, but when i turn my touch on, it shows rain as a background, but no limera1n logo anywhere…. any suggestions?

    • sophia harrazie

      Hi I think I am just being think here. I downloaded it and its doing everything thats its meant to but its comes up after you release the power with "DFU mode……..wait" now do i wait and keep holding the home button or what cause this is my 10th attempt

      • Nigel Rogers

        u realease the home button and wait

    • kto

      limera1n says jailbreak is ready, but i don't have any limera1n icon! even after several reboots. how do i install cydia?

  • Tonyfdf

    Ive got it working but tehtred on 3gs install it then go to the app which will be blank click install cydia and let it do its thing then reboot and try clicking the blank cydia and it wont work so go to lime on phone again and redownload and install cydia then reboot and click blank cydia icon again it works for me but is tethred :(

  • specialtylaser

    NO CIDIA, NO limera1n ICON TO CLICK TO INSTAL CIDIA. iPhone 4 Firm 4.1 I ran the jailbreak twice. this is my 4th iPhone and countless jailbreaks was on tMobile for 3 of them. Not a nub here.

    • adam

      i agree, have done lots of breaks before and this one dont' work

  • specialtylaser

    i forgot i turned my iphone on and off 5 times still no cidia

  • Ian

    i was having problems getting mine into dfu mode!!!!! help please

  • MaC

    After I release the power button I get message saying IN DFU MODE but it seems to stay in DFU mode for ages and nothing happens. Any ideas

    • Lost

      Same here!!! 3G, help!

      • OMAR REYES

        Same Here… why is this happening.. Ideas please

  • Tony

    use above instructions, Thanks so much geo

  • mark

    iphone 4 with 4.1 no cydia or limera1n logo. Tried multiple times with reboots

  • Chris D


  • michael

    worked great for me iphone 4 running 4.1

  • Tobes

    iphone 4 4.1 worked flawlessly

  • Erik

    I've tried this twice. no luck. no limera1n app on my springboard.

    • philip

      same here…

  • Muddy

    Not working on IPHONE 4 4.1



  • hbomb

    sick, worked fine, little bit more trickier than blackrain but welldone geohot!

  • Steve101010101010

    use limera1n at your own risk. it has been untested and geohot screwed over @comex who trusted him to wait.

    about 3 hours ago from web


  • simsim

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks god for line ra1n and many thanks to geohots for this amazing jailbreak tool which takes 5 min max. For those whom experienced some difficulties, please do as you instruct with jailbreaking you device, then after the process is done, the limera1n icon will appear white, tap it and install cydia, then switch off the device and welcome to your jailbroken device.

    once again big shout to GeoHots, and goodluck for the dev-team in the approximately 9 hours.


    • Beko

      Did jailbreak but afterwords couldn't install cydia – error 1001. Can someone help with that ?

  • vietcong

    I can't not fins the Limera1n icon after jb ?

    • simsim

      Try again it should work with 4.0 ios
      if not update your ios using i-tune then use limera1n to jailbreak your i-device

  • Neil

    the limera1n icon doesn't show when im jailbreaking it. Instead of the limera1n logo, it's just the normal apple logo. and no sign of jailbreak. I'm using iOS4.1 3GS


  • Neil

    the limera1n icon doesn't show when im jailbreaking it. Instead of the limera1n logo, it's just the normal apple logo. and no sign of jailbreak. I'm using iOS4.1 3GS

    • Colin_Thames

      I didn't get a logo either on my iPhone 4, 4.1 but on the home screen was a blank Limra1n logo that when tapped allows you to download Cydia or uninstall Limera1n

  • Dennis in NH

    I followed Minty's instructions ; it then said "exploiting" and then said "done". But when I restarted, there was no limera1n icon to be found. I'm on iPhone 3GS 4.1 modem firmware 05.14.02

  • gary

    update then jailbreak

  • Joseph

    Waited for greenpois0n, tried limera1n.. awesome, JB'ed in 2 minutes flat.. thank you for all your hard work!

  • zippersniffer

    Hi guys

    My 3GS is on 4.0.2 and is not doin the lime thing. Do I need to get 4.1 first

  • @AndyR0kZ

    After rebooting my 3gs cydia and the limera1n app still isnt there.

  • Wing Ming Choi


  • Josh Jones

    i'm waiting for GP. LR will be patched on next iphone update and GP won't. GP is jailbroken for life!

  • dingo

    limera1n work fine on my iphone 4

  • IP4


  • MTUddin

    Geohot is a legend! Thanks, PS: I shall try this l8r

  • amwat

    my 3gs ios 4.1 is not jailbreaked and no cydia and no limera1n please we need a one-click tool since it is not working so well
    another question this still beta 2 any coming updates ? since my phone is not jailbreaked :S i trust geohot but my phone not yet jailbroken ….. help geohot

  • NotoriousTIMP

    yup…..upgraded to 4.1 on a 3Gs and now limera1n wont load at all :(

  • loftus

    Follow instructions people. Works like a charm on my 3GS. Thanks GeoHot…

  • stevie q

    it didnt work for me either iphone 3gs mc model tried a dozen times and zilch nothing aaaaarg.

  • ace

    3gs on 4.1 newboot NOT WORKED waitin 4 fix

  • marty

    Doesnt work for 3G with 4.1

  • Carlos m

    Works perfect on iPhone 4. Read all the instructions on if you are having problems getting Cydia on ur I-device

  • Mario C

    I have an iPhone 4 4.1 iOS and I just jailbroke my iPhone so yes this is a genuine jailbreak, Cydia shows up after u install it.

  • jere

    worked for me…

  • Laneybogs

    worked fine on 3gs. had to install cydia twice and reboot.

  • Hussain Member

    I have an iphone 4 on 4.0.2 and can confirm that it works without any bugs at all :)

  • platinum behr

    doesnt work on my ipt 3g. ive installed this several times, still cant find cydia or limera1n, even deleted my installous. im going to keep trying. maybe a dozen times the charm :/

  • Adam

    Not working for iPhone 4 4.1 Lets hope Greenpois0n gets released soon. Geohot you really are a little turd!

  • gulshan

    guys how to unlock after we jailbreak?

  • Zack

    The hell? Nothing happened? I turn my iTouch 3G on and it looks the same as always…
    If someone can help here's my email and MSN:

  • MsUndastood

    Does the limera1n jb work for iPod running on 4.1?

  • Auggee

    Its Awesome…. :)) It Works….. :)) Thanks a lot…

  • zee

    Odd thing actually. I had to run limera1n twice to get it to appear on my iTouch

  • Zee

    Also for all you haters… Remember Greenpois0n?
    Yeah, remember all that talk about working on all devices?
    Guess again ;)

  • sunder

    worked fine…thank u soooooo much

  • Alex

    No problem on a Iphone 4 with 4.1. Thx Limera1n

  • Adrian

    worked for me 2 on 3GS. Now what's left is unlocking the damn thing :))

  • Chris

    Dudes,geohot’s blog explains everything and its official!!!

  • gchen

    Get the latest fix, it jailbreaked my 3GS 4.0.2 and 4.1 also my IPHONE 4 4.1 as well. Great stuff. You have to use it right guys!! It works!

  • Drake

    it says cydia is installed and i have to restart to get the icon and i restarted it but it wont show up

  • DrSeussFreak

    worked fine after 4th attempt ;)

  • joe mama

    just used limera1n and the blank icon on home screen once clicked does not open limera1n to install cydia!!! attempted numerous times with same results. NOTHING!!!! restoring my iphone and waiting for the legit jb from greenpois0n!!!!

  • John

    Limera1n left me in recovery mode.

  • woooohoo!

    Worked perfectly for me!
    I have iPod Touch 3g 4.1

    When I installed Cydia the first time it didn't show up
    So i restarted it, reinstalled.
    Then restarted and it appeared :)

    Hope that helps someone..

  • Andy

    My 3GS won't enter recovery mode when I click 'Make It Rain', any ideas anyone????

  • nuke

    Had limerain on page 2, in which there's an option to install Cydia. Did that – and all's well now on iPhone 4, 4.1

  • jjtomy

    no good on my iphone 4

  • pirat79

    works perfectly on my iphone4 running iOS 4.0.2

  • zippersniffer

    Anyone with new bootrom 3GS tried beta 3 limera1n???

    Does it work??



  • hateiphone

    it works with my iphone4 , ios 4.1 , after install cydia , restart , my phone still no network service ! any help ?

  • R1pperZ

    Worked fine on my Iphone 3GS i downloaded last night i think around 8 or 9 Oclock just followed the on screen instruction and wep it worked fine.

  • Kevez

    Works on iPod 3G you have to install cydia through limera1n icon a blank White icon and when it install cydia it it turn into a green drop. But nothing happens on iPhone 4 it says it’s done but the limera1n icon doesn’t show up even after reboot any help please

  • dvbandit

    Right on,You re my Hero man.Itouch 3g and ios 4.1 no problems what so ever

  • Aryav

    Just did it 5 min ago and it works PERFECTLY. Now installing ringtones, games etc from Cydia. Will donate $ now. Thanks.

  • Lyger000

    3GS with new bootrom works fine!! Reboot for cydia once installed, WELLDONE Geohot once again you rule supreme!!!!

  • Thirdpole

    Hi All,

    just downloaded Beta4 and it is perfectly working in my iphone 4.1. Thanks to those who made it possible.

  • Dave

    I've followed the instructions to the letter on iphone 4 with 4.1 and after rebooting phone have no limera1n icon either.

  • renee

    work on my 3gs 4.1 and iphone 4 4.1 also.

  • danknugz

    worked great! at first, now i am going to have to reinstall from scratch because all the apps in my folders were corrupted. thanks for nothing egohot. back to 4.0.1 untill a good jailbreak surfaces! 3gs newboot limera1n beta 3 with newboot fix.

  • Jeff

    sick it works on my 3GS 4.1!! GEOHOT is the shizzle!!!! Oh and he is a rebel of all rebels LOL

  • Chris

    Hi there I ran Limera1n on my Iphone 4 os 4.1 and all seemed to work fine however when trying to add sources keeps coming up with language issues and other errors, therefore it wont let me add appsync to put cracked apps on can someone please help me out here, many thanks Chris

  • wetjet

    Not working for me. I've tried it on several computers. Have an ipod touch 3g.

  • ShAdY

    Worked Great for my 3GS on os 4.1. Didnt work until beta 4 was released tho. and once I got the Limera1n app n DL cydia I had to do a hard reset to get cydia to show but otherwise its working great. Now someone needs to update udidfaker!!!!

  • Alexander Paez

    Did not work for my iphone 4 version 4.1.

  • Bojo

    Hi everyone, any one try it on iPad
    …?????? 3.2.2 V

  • LOu

    Try it on a computer with XP os. Tries it 20 times in many ways with all the tips to no avail on my Windows 7 and vista machines. Worked first time on a work machine still using XP.

  • VegasOpEFNET

    If you need help or want to chat about the Jailbreak for iDevices join us on IRC (GOOGLE MIRC INSTANT CHAT IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IRC IS) were here along with developers of these cydia apps and hacks for Idevices.

    Server EFNET Channel = #iphone

    All are welcome.

    Thank you!

  • The Bilderberg's

    To those who did'nt get Cydia after installation, REBOOT your device. Not Respring or etc etc. Works perfectly fine for me with iPhone 4 & 3GS running on 4.1.

  • stephen

    i have use limera1n to jailbreak my iphone 3gs on iso 4.1 it jialbrok it but the carrier unlock is stuck on search any help plz

  • angelson

    Iphone 4 ver 4.1 I did de jailBreak, with win 7 32 bits very easy, but when i did with a 3g didnt work…!!

  • eve

    Is anybody know if limera1n is Not working for 3G?
    I've tryed so many times but it kept stuck in DFU mode…wait.
    Please help…

  • Sherriieeee

    hey guys i used limera1n on my iphone 3gs version 4.1 and it worked beautifully for me, no problems at all. this jailbreak is not a fake,, you just gotta know how to use it. thanks geohot. your a legend

  • TexT

    For the iPhone 3GS to jailbreak you must have at least iTunes 9.2 or it will NOT work!

  • @smii

    works like a charm! nice

  • Ronald(YOMA)

    it works both on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with 4.1. Just Minty mentioned, follow his steps and on screen instruction. It will get the limera1n installed. After that you need to have some internet connection so I used the wi-fi free spot to get the internet connection first. Once you have the interconnection launch the limera1n program by tap on that. It will ask you to install Cydia program for jailbreak. Wonderful and I have the 4.1 for long time now I am free now bye bye to AT&T.

  • mrcoffee03

    Worked on my new iPhone 4 with 4.1 already installed. The number one thing to do is dont rush it. when you hit make it rain follow the prompts of the little box. 2 things i would add, 1st when you make it rain wait fr the app to tell you to push home and power buttons and no2 when it says release power button still hold down the home button until it is finished.
    After it is complete I rebooted before i clicked the limera1 icon which then installed cydia, I then rebooted after every installation. again the biggest tip is dont rush or try to shortcut iPhones hate this and tend to freeze.

  • Colin

    Ok I downloaded limera1n and I clicked make it rain and well I did everything that it toled me to do and the green rain drop didn’t show up and the app wasn’t there to

    And do u haft to restore before u jailbreak???

    Please reply

  • Nigel Rogers

    this shit works for ,me 3gs thanks u save my life ……………….cheers

  • Angel Masters

    It Works, confirmed on 3gs

  • Justin

    Mine didn’t work there is no limera1n app or cydia and I tried to jailbreak it with limera1n says done but nothing happened restarted my iPod still nothing and I used green poison and says failed to jailbreak and my iPod is a 4.1 2nd gen

  • austin

    the app isn't showing up after reboot.

  • TaskLover

    iPhone 3gs, 4.1 – tried first with limera1n, no cydia icon appeared after jailbreak :(
    Then sn0wbreeze's 2.1 custom ipsw (it says failed to upgrade at the end in iTunes 10.1), but nevertheless, limera1ned it again, and it worked! :) sn0wbreeze:

  • kim thurston

    I cannot find a copy of limera1n that will work, my iphone 3g os 4.1 stops on the dfu..wait screen.

  • losha

    i downloaded limera1n got the icon on my phone and also got cydia and restarted my phone but still no sign off jailbreak

  • Bob

    Ok. I downloaded the jailbreak from for windows. I ran it and followed the steps in order that they appered. Then I restarted my ipod and there is no app that says limera1n. I have restored my ipod to 4.1 then tried to jailbreak it…No icon showed,not even after a reboot.

  • G-oh

    After jailbreaking turn off device and turn back on there should be an icon to where you can download cydia