Google TV Accessories: Logitech Revue Cam, Controller and App

By Peter Chubb - Oct 7, 2010

Jamie Pert covered the price and release details of the Logitech Google TV, so I thought I would take a look at some of the accessories that will be available for this latest device. The one thing I can tell you before I get started is how sleek it all looks.

There are three accessories that will make the perfect companion for the Logitech TV; the first is the Logitech TV Cam. For those who wish to make video calls to others, then this camera is a must, but at $149.99 we have to wonder why it costs so much?

The Logitech Revue Top-box with built in Google TV already comes with a keyboard, but this is just a standard device. However, for those looking for something that offers more features and improved design quality, then the $129.99 Mini Controller is a must-have.

Finally no device like this is complete without an Android or iOS app. The Harmony Remote App makes it easier for you to control your Logitech Revue Top-box without the need for any other expensive remote device. For more details and images of each device then head over to Erictric.

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