Nintendo 3DS: Price too Expensive?

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Following on from our main article on the official Japanese release date and pricing for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, we know to know your initial reaction to Nintendo’s price point. Do you think it is too expensive, or reasonable?

For a brief recap, Nintendo has just announced at their September 29th press conference that the Nintendo 3DS will be available in Japan on February 26th, priced at 25,000 Japanese Yen.

We shouldn’t expect a direct conversion for US pricing, but that figure translates to just under $300, 298 to be exact. For a next-generation system, do you think $300 is reasonable for the 3DS, or completely out of order?

To put the figure in perspective, you can pick up a 120GB PS3 Slim for the same price on Amazon, while you can also pick up the new Xbox 360 250GB console for $299 as well.

Can you justify paying $300 for the Nintendo 3DS or not? You could argue that the price is likely to drop a bit for the US market, but we can’t see it dropping too much to be honest.

For the average gamer, this may seem a bit expensive, but then again, the 3DS does feature some amazing hardware. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Coverage from the press conference can be seen over at IGN here.

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  • dave

    way to expensive for me

    • jae jae

      yea whos going to buy the 3ds when its $300 i rather buy a psp go

    • Josh

      Ooh 3d gaming. Why would you care for that I'd rather get a psp or a DSI

  • chaos

    You have to understand that products cost more in japan (cost of living). $250 will most likely be the price in the U.S. I’m pretty sure Nintendo is aware that that’s the cut off point for most people.

  • ssfdfs

    not buying !!!! 199 USD would be also TO MUCH

    • pwnstar

      You=stupid. why would they ever make it that cheap? It’s the science of supply and demand. They KNOW the demand will be massive and the supply will purposely be low, which translates into a high price. Don’t worry though! the price will drop one day! I however am smart enough to recognize a great gaming machine and am willing to pay the price for it. maybe you can look for the psp2. however i doubt that will be cheap either lol. You=cheap.

    • poooooooo

      its TOO much-not to much

      • safdsaf

        I was about to say the exact same thing.

        • veveve

          lol..too.much… i willbe so glad if i can buy it for that price uk sell one for double the price

  • 3DS Wanter

    I think US will be $250! It has great hardware so why is $199 too expensive for you? Nintendo is out of their minds if they will sell it for $300.

    • Husky

      $250 is perfect. $300 would most definitely be too much money.

    • Nathan

      yeah I'd want the price MAX to be $250, it's a lot but its got great graphics i heard. here this is a full review on it, pics,features and vids

  • thelegendofzeldafan

    Since the dsi included the camera the 3ds included the gamecube features it should be $193-$250

    • drew71

      what gamecube features

  • nmz

    dude, thats way to much for a tiny device, even if it has 3D.

    Why not buy a wii or an iPod Touch.

    • guts

      iPod? ewww…

    • billy

      cause we already got those! :P

    • Pfr

      You criticize the price of the 3DS based on it's size, yet you're all for buying an iPod Touch?

    • Joe

      Unless you wear big pants, it's hard to fit a Wii and a television in your pocket.

  • stephen

    too much. $200 was my limit. ill just wait and keep my ds lite.

    • James

      $300 dollars is a very reasonable price, considering that it would cost you $350 to get a decent IPod touch with some accesories and I will be buying this when it comes out it seems very interesting, yes there will be some glitches but im all for new technology. It should be very good to see the impacts it will make in technology, next thing you know our computers wont just be touchscreen or 3d but holographic and Im actually researching that. Cant Wait.

  • Dude

    Man i’m not sure if I’m going to buy it if it’s even $250. This is a little handheld device. Not a freaking computer. Maybe I’ll go for the iPod 4 instead. But even that is overpriced :/

  • dogbite

    sounds like some kids need to get a job. lol.

    Look at it this way, sony tried making tv's. 3d games, 3d glasses. a good pair of 3d glasses is like 150 bucks!!!

    If anything, 250 is a insane value, worth every penny.

    • soulonfire

      lmao. damn kids.

    • Yo Handsome

      Yes For a 3d System with No glasses More Options. And who ever wrote this article is an idiot! and if it is 250 games stop is gonna be like hey we take your old ones to scrap and make more and we will make it 180 or something So kids with no money get a job. 250 is not that much for a device like this.

      • Radic77

        Obviously you probably dont have bills to pay or have well lined pockets. We live in a tough economy and gas prices are through the roof. Asking 250 for a handheld is freaking ridiculous! I have tried the 3ds at a store and it is very cool. But to pay 250 for it, I am choosing to wait. Most of us are middle class and live check to check. When it gets to 200 or less, maybe I'll grab one but for 250? hell freaking no! Besides, dont most game consoles sell for less than the manufacturing price and rely on the game sales for profit? Nintendo is getting really greedy and should realize that most of us are not rich and that makes buying the 3ds out of the question. I have been a loyal consumer and had been buying their products since the 8-bit NES days. But now, I am very disappointed with the $250 price tag on the 3ds. You can buy a ps3, xbox 360, or the Wii for less.

    • Mintt

      Look at it this way, sony tried making tv's. 3d games, 3d glasses. a good pair of 3d glasses is like 150 bucks!!! <– I don't know what you mean here.
      I do agree 250 is a great value, it has processing power that is better than the gamecube and in game graphics that beat the PS2. Add in the 3D/Virtual Console for GB and GBC/Backwards Compatibility/3D Camera/3D Movies/etcetera. You ARE practically getting a computer and at 250 I'd buy it with no questions and 300, hell I would just save up for a few months.

    • Isaac

      Take into consideration the drop in popularity of 3d TVs. Maybe this has to do with price point, but by the end of a 3D movie, I have a twinning headache. I can't imagine people wanting to play a 3DS for more than 15 min without feeling nauseous and turning the 3D off. Then what's the point in paying another $80 just for a 3D feature you won't use. I call gimmick.

  • 3ds GOD

    All you people saying its just a little handheld this is for you. Its not just a little hand held. Its THE LITTLE HAND HELD THAT WILL REVOLUTIONISE GAMEING! $300 dollors may be a little high and even shocked me at first but im going to buy it anyway. And the virtual consule with the all the gameboy, nintendo,super nintendo,and N64 games all made in 3D it is a perfect deal. I may be being a little extream but hay, this thing is worth it.

    • Michael

      I have the feeling that you said every other system revolutionalized gaming.

    • Grammarian

      It could also revolutionize grammar in gaming!

    • Susan

      *Ooooh, if you want it to be possesive, it's just i-t-s, but if it's supposed to be a contraction, then it's i-t-apostrophe-s! …Scalawag




      *WITH the virtual console games or MAKE it a perfect deal


      *hey (hay is for horses)

      I hope that English is your second or third language. :/

      (Yes, you are being extreme.)

  • belgarion234

    the price is reasonable, the gameplay and graphics are that of the wii and you can play it ON THE GO!!!!!!!

    • Ricardo

      The PSP also has the graphics of the wii , on the go!!!

      Sad as it may be, as is true Nintendo style , they will release something that has a gimmick(3ds) , sell millions and refuse to lower the price due to the gimmick still generating sales.


    • colton

      the wiis graphics suck compared to ps3 or even some psp games for that matter and any one buy ing a 300 dollar hand held device in stead of another system either is crazy or haz money to burn

  • mike

    you idiots that say it's to much plus it comes with a bunch of stuff including micro sdcard

    • Anonymous

      Oh boy. A micro SD card. I can go buy one for $5 at Walmart.
      I'm offended that you're calling the people who value their money "idiots." I'm sorry that I don't have $300 to throw away on a gaming device.

      • colton

        wow one of the only sane people comenting; thank you for adding some logic to this blog

    • colton

      you can buy an micro sd for 20 dollars so it isnt that big of deal

  • berry-sama

    remember when the ps3 came out? it was 600 usd and noone cared bout it, the 3ds is a very hightech gadget guys, so i think 250 or 300 usd is a very nice price.

    • Manoko

      Console and handheld are 2 completly different things and a lot cared about the price of the PS3 why do you think Sony was doing so bad with the PS3 for the first few years and now doing so good since they lowered the price…

    • Net56

      If I remember right, there was a LOT of "care" going around about the PS3 price. Endless Youtube vids, not to mention of countless people talking about how they were springing for a Wii or a 360 because the PS3 was "five-hundred-and-ninety-nine U.S. dollars". And the PS3 was made more expensive because of the BlueRay, which isn't on 3DS.

  • Michael

    I"m sorry but I'm not playing the same price for a handheld that I payed for the wii. No matter what the features are its too expensive for a handheld at 250.

  • Michelle

    yes it's way toom much …i need two if im going to get it…i have 2 kids and i wanted one myself i wont be getting it for 300 the most i would pay is 200 and thats really pushing not to mention how much the games are going to cost

    • allen

      i argee i might aswell just buy my self an xbox 360

  • Jennifer

    And I thought $225 would be expensive for it >.> Definitely not buying it…

  • Fernando

    Feel lucky for ''only'' 250. Here in Brazil probably will coust like R$2000 (!!!!). Thats like more then 1300 DOLLARS.

    • bru

      é fernando… é foda msm ahauhauha
      ainda bem q moro ao lado da bolivia…

  • Fernando

    what about the games? im wondering how absurd we gonna have to pay for only ONE of lots each of us may want

    • billy

      the game prices wont change unless they come with something to plug in like the gituar hero thing

    • Matt

      looking at game stop and the games that their coming out with, it looks like the games will be around the same price. I'd say around $35-$40 depending on the game of course.

  • david

    I hope they put killer instinct gold,banjo kazooie,mortal kombat amargeddon on this thing. The graphics look great for the resident evil they have on it, looks scary. Oh, and how about some silent hill, 4g download speeds and the ability to download movies on the thing. It has so much potential, definitely want one.

    • Net56

      I know what you mean. Thing seems like it can do so much, though if it's anything like the DSi and Wii, I figure they're gonna waste a large amount of the potential. :(

      • Aria Boyd

        I think it will be better than the Wii. And I, personally thought that DSi was a good improvement of the DS. Now the DSiXL, was the bummer, imo. But I have very high hopes for the 3DS. It's gonna be sweet. =D

    • SSBBrawler

      I hope they don't have downloadable movies. It's a video game system, therefore it should be used to play video games.

  • Jess

    $300 is a bit pricey for my tastes. The DSi XL that practically just came out, is at $169. Yes, I agree that the 3DS system is pretty neat and that I really do want it, but for that I could get something else.

    I think I would pay $200 for it, but I doubt that's what the starting price will be, so I'll just play on my pink, slightly broken DS Lite until the price drops.

  • NINty

    well is aus the dslite is 199 dsi is 250 and dsixl is 299 and apparently the 3ds is gonna be 350

  • edgarska

    i actually expected it to cost 300 so i will buy it. And when the first zelda for 3ds comes out it will be worth every damn pennie spent.

    • Jeff

      Zelda: Oot for the 3ds single handedly makes the 3ds worth getting. Not to mention starfox 64 3d, Final Fantasy 5 3D, Final Fantasy 6 3D, Kid Icarus uprising, Kingdom hearts 3d, and the 6th generation of pokemon when they decide to make it. Which will be 3d. I agree that eventually the 3ds will have a better version and a better price, but even buying it at launch date would be worth it.

    • Daddy

      Learn to spell penny

      • Guest


  • kingj

    Don't call some1 an idiot for saying its expensive. $1000 could b nothing to some1, while to some1 else it could b a lot.

    $300 is a lot for the 3ds, i do believe it will however launch for $250 in the us (still expensive for me). But by the end of summer going to Christmas i hope it will get a price cut to $200 which is the most i will b paying for it.

    • J-rad

      What are you talking about? The Wii launched in 2006 for $250 and only dropped to $200 in 2009. That's three years not just a few months. So given a straight forward estimant we would see a price drop in about 2014. But given the advancements in tech since 2006 it would be fair to say we might see a price drop in 2013 or maybe even late 2012 if were really lucky.

  • Jeremy

    I really want this, but I can't afford it. 200 dollars is my max. As much as I love Nintendo, I simply can't fork out $250. That's just like asking for my own wii. I may just get a cheaper $150 DSI instead since my DSlite is broken.
    This little system is amazing, but I can't afford it.

    • William

      I agree. I can afford it, but the price isn't all that reasonable. I'd rather get a PS3.

  • Steve Eisenmann

    I could do 250. If it is 300 it better come with a game.

  • Sigma

    $300 double the price of the NDS on its release date. $200-250 is reasonable.

  • Michael

    Most of you need a pair of BALLS and a JOB!!!
    $300 for a small handheld device that has 2 screens (one a touch screen), plays games in 3d, or 2d. Plays movies in 3d, or 2d. It has 2 high megapixel cameras, capable of capturing pictures and video in 3d, or 2d. Internet connection, Wi-Fi, No $150 3d glasses what so ever. It comes with an Infra-red communicator port. Also a recent press release announcment states that there will be a virtual console service available for Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and "classic games" all in 3d. Plus it is a multitasking device that can connect to the internet, while you play a game! Now… after everything I have said, if you still believe that 300 measly dollars is too much, then you need to refer to the first line in the paragraph

    • god

      Dude, some of us pay rent off of minimum wage.

  • Nintendo

    Michael STFU, not everyone who has a job lives in their moms basement, so not everyone can buy a 300 dollar handheld game that will be obsolete in a year.I personally am still being affected by the recession that has supposedly ended. 300 is way to expensive, at 200 i would think about it but even 250 is steep.

    • You=WIN

      LMAO, Thank you! I mean if people have 300 dollars to waste on this thing more power to em but it certainly isn't as cut and dry as get a job, most people with jobs have bills and a life. And the 3DS is being aimed at casual gamers most of whom aren't even old enough to have a job yet.

  • redkid555

    I think it would be no more than $200

  • Stephen

    While all the games for the 3ds look fantastic, but it will take a while for them to come out and the 3 ones that come out on the 3ds launch date do not look appealing at all (i.e. Resident Evil, Icarus, Wild Crossing). I will wait until the games I like come out and hopefully the price of this system comes down. There is no way I will pay $200+ for a portable game system. Even the PSP does not cost that much and I have heard its equal to it. I will assume Nintendo will only ship 3ds for preorders so it does not risk over flooding the market.

  • jose

    I read in some page that it was going to cost about 170 dollars.

  • Revolutionary

    Watch the price fall down to 150-200 in a year or two, if you guys are not going to buy it, the price will surely drop due to supply and demand

  • asdf

    I think it will be a high price. It is going to basically be the hand-held version of the Wii with 3D. I think it will be $250. Then I am going to guess that on Black Friday the price will be about $220. My bigger concern is how much the games will be.

  • ssbb

    this 3DS is amazing but it is a bit pricey.Once i get it i bet its going to be worth it

  • boy from the uk

    if you have done some reseach you would find out $300 is about £190 I and my limit is £200 which is $316 so do some research

  • soul 90

    i know the technology that nintendo is useing is the first of its kind in a hand held but still 300 dollars is still 2 steep 250 or 225 would b a great price when it is launchd in my opinion but we will just have 2 wait and c what nintendo decides 2 set their price at

    • Donny

      Yes it is very steep indeed. In the United States, there is no way people are going to pay $300 for a portable gaming device. That is outrageous! The Wii was $250 on release in the U.S. so it is sure to be about 200 to 250 dollars. If they think it through they aren't going to sell something like that in this terrible economy. If it is 300 dollars I will just knock my self out and buy a DSi XL.

  • Jackie

    Way too expensive, and considering everything is about 40% more expensive in Australia (in gaming terms) I have the short end of the stick and will probably end up not buying it at all. What's the point of AUS>USD is you can't do anything about it?…
    The DS Lite is still $200 here for gosh sake!

  • jacknight 11

    Why the hell would u buy this for three hundred dollars!?

  • Justine

    I think it's a little too much considering on what people are willing to pay, and the economy isn't making this any easier either

  • Net56

    Okay, the thing has awesome hardware, we can all see that. This isn't really matter of whether or not you have the money to get one. The 3DS just simply costs too much, and everyone knows it, including Nintendo.

    Here's the thing. The 3DS costs more than the N64 (of which it's boasting a lot of it's game line-up), it costs more than the Wii, it costs more than the PSP (which, to some, is thought as superior to the DS).

    Now let's look at what is actually on the system. Camera (on DSi), 3D (which is mostly just a screen-trick. It has nothing to do with expensive software or alien technology, so it can technically create a 3D image of ANYTHING), better hardware (somewhere between N64 and Gamecube on graphics, with more memory), a bunch of other gimmicky stuff we'll rarely, if ever, use (gyro sensor). The rest is software (mostly DSi).

    Now we know exactly what the 3DS has on it. Google "3DS specs" and you'll get the rest of the specifications. Is the system overpriced? Heck yes. If it costs more than the console and also the rival handheld, it's too much. Mainly because we know for a fact that the system (talking about JUST the system here) doesn't cost nearly that much to produce.

    Anything else they sell with it (an SD card >_>) can be used as a valid excuse to boost the price, but it still means we end up forced to buy the system at a higher price than we want to, since we all know you don't need an SD card to run your DS.

    My point? System costs too much. Nintendo is taking extra cash from our wallets simply because they KNOW we'll buy the system. They're turning into Apple.

  • V-kun

    I am a big fan of nintendo, always have been. However as much as i want this system, i cant afford it. $200 USD Is my limit, even paying that will leave me in the hole especially for being in college. and even if i were to purchase it, imagin what the games themselves would cost.
    Sorry Nintendo, i love you guys but $250 is way to much.

  • OldDS.

    I still have my ORIGINAL DS because I didn't even want to pay the 150 or so for a ds lite. I think nintendo is going to have to prove that it is worth the value before expecting to sell a lot. Especially after releasing the DSI and DSIXL so recently.

  • Jorge

    i was so looking forward for this, especially with games like metal gear solid 3, ocarina of time, starfox 64 and resident evil, but if its $300 , no way im getting it. Its just insane to pay that much for a handfeld device. Maybe ill just wait for the psp 2, hopefully it wont be that expensive

  • Legion


    *on release date*


    • unkown

      trade in some unwanted games and systems

  • Megaz0

    A fair comparison wud be the original price of the ps3 and xbox 360 when they where new. This is a new product with technology new to the consumer. the price is fair in my opinion. It offers a lot, and more than a gaming device. Its definitely worth more than the Wii is at the very least.

  • jaeyo

    nintendo is out of their freakin mind! who would buy a 3ds that costs $300 dolars!!

  • matthew

    i live in trinidad…i think $200 USD would be a good price because its around $1200 TTD here.3ds has camera and 3d which you wont need 3d glasses it also has touchscreen,joystick,wifi,internet and micro sd…

  • Ashitaka

    It shouldn't be any more than $150. Every system ever has been labeled as revolutionary in some capacity. The DS was the first handheld to have multiple screens. The Wii had the motion controls. But there has to be a limit. $150 is reasonable. $200 is the absolute limit. At $250, I wait for the first price drop. $300 is plain outlandish, the Wii didn't even cost that much at it's release.

  • John

    I think at 250, its not that bad. It comes with all sorts of things too. Now, if it had OoT 3ds with it, Then I'd think it was perfectly reasonable.

  • dfgfdfgfd

    Dude i was already sold after seeing Resident Evil and Ocarina of Time on it

  • akT

    OK everyone really! Its 3D and a really hot device. And I think many have forgot that our society is ran on MONEY. the price will be high and most will buy it even though they don’t want to because their precious sweeties “got to have it”. So why not charge $300, people will pay.

  • Timothy

    The 3DS is promising. I still think 300$ was more than I thought it would be but after looking at all it can do, the deivce has well exceeded my expectations. WiFi, Web Browser (Faster Processer than my PSP), Touchscreen, 2 High Resolution Cameras, 3D gaming cappabilities, 3D movie playback. It seems alot of money after you look at all it can do, but since NIintendo is in more of the children category.. They will be nice and keep it at 250$.

  • eric

    yeah $300 is way too expensive,i bought the 350GB playstation 3 bundle with the ps move and that put a real dent in my i'll wait 'till its drops to $200(hopefully)then i'll buy it.

  • Da Woj

    Yeah… about that. Back then, in November, 2006, 25,000 yen was about $213. As of today, it is $308, according to today's exchange rate. How about you do some research? :)

    Regarding whether or not I will buy it, I'll only get it if they're able to drop it to $250, and no more than that. Even then, I probably won't be able to get it for a couple of years, given my financial situation.

    Da Woj

  • Nic

    no way im buying that i have the orginal and im happy with it. and im not going to spend 300 dollors fora device i only play pokemon games on!

  • HubbaBubba9849

    Sure, it does seem expensive, but you gotta admit the technology IS brand new and fairly ahead of its time. On the other hand, that also means it will probably be pretty buggy for a while and i know many people, including myself, won't want to pay the same price for a handheld as for a full-fledged home console.

  • Nights111

    If you already own a DS you can sell it and earn a little more money. Thats the best way to get a 3DS. Im selling some of my games and My DS to get it. $200 – $300 is an OK price.

  • miggy81

    I agree its expensive but my son wants it and I would do anything to make him happy =)

    • lau

      i wish my parents is just like you.. :D

  • Dave

    i think the price should be $250 and i dont think it'll be too has so much in such small size and perhaps the best games coming out…but still…i think they should lower it…you can buy a wii instead…

  • flame

    that's too much that is sooo expensive.can't you lower the price?

  • Matt

    $300 for the 3DS? Yeah that's a bit pricey. But I'm wondering if I trade in my DSi could I get some money off of it. Regardless to say I probably most likely will be getting it. I really want to play the Mario Kart 3DS!! But yes I am hoping for a little price drop. $250 at the least would be nice. $200 would be even nicer, but I doubt it would start off at $200, I mean for what it can supposidly do. But we shall see as the time gets closer.

  • dale

    well i think most of u are being cheap 250 would be great but 300 isnt bad even if it was 400$ dollars id save up mah money to get it the 3ds games are supposed to be around 40 dollars a little pricey but i mean not as pricey as wii games

    • Donny

      Some people aren't rich you know. In this economy $300 is outrageous! 250 is still a high price but not too high. 200 is perfect in an economy like this cause the Wii was 250 on release. No way they will be doing 250 on a handheld device…

  • Jack

    Seriously? The 3DS has great graphics, better than the Wii's and nearly as good as the 360's, and 3D, as well as about a million other awesome stuff, including a better camera, a fantastic library of games, and Miis, yet you people think $250 is expensive. A 360 must be like highway robbery to those people.

  • Donald Salguero

    The price is OK, it has a lot of interesting features that have already been explained by previous posts. Unluckily, i can't afford the price, i guess it's time to start saving

  • Josh

    guys the ps3 and xbox were around $600-$750 when they were first released (some people bought it for 1000 where i live) and no one cared. plus at the time some x-boxs got red ringed and people still bought x-boxs. $300 is such a deal for this and if its too much for you wait awhile until the price drops. also when i bought my ds it was $199, nintendo is not stupid enough to sell a better system with 3d technology for anything less.

  • Matty

    does ther hav 2 b all new games for it or can u play regular ds gamewss

  • Anonymous

    To the people who call us idiots:
    I admit, the 3DS looks pretty amazing. With 3D graphics, this machine will deinately change the way we look at gaming. However, I believe that $300 is a little steep, especially for a handheld device. I understand there are a lot of awesome features, but seriously.
    For the average American, $300 is hard to scrape up, especially if it's for something that won't help our lives in any way. You have to consider the additonal prices of games, plus the necessities of life such as food, clothing, and shelter, too. For me, it took three months to scrape up enough extra cash to buy a used iPod touch. It cost $150, half the price of a 3DS. Could you imagine spending six+ months saving for something that might not even be cool by the time you buy it?
    I can imagine spending $200 on a 3DS. If it releases at $250+, however, I'm waiting to get a used one.

  • Cameron

    I say that even though it will be a 3-d system it should be no more than $240. if you sell for 300 bucks, nobody is gonna buy it. This isnt out yet, so theyll pry have a few more conferences and lower the price. Im pretty sure of it NINTENDO ROCKS i cant wait for the sf64 remake. ILL BE DOING BARREL ROLLS IN 3D YEAH

  • kevin

    in 2007 the wii came out for $250 (about 25,000 yen). it is likely the 3ds will be $250.

    even if it was $300 it would still be worth the price because of advanced technology and it is also backwards compatible (plays normal ds games as well)

    for those of you who are comparing it to the release price of the original ds for $150ish, you need to account for technology differences and the YEARLY rate of inflation

  • jhake

    nintendo will make the price at $250 lower!

  • mwiz

    i think $250 is a little too high, but its definitely reasonable with all those features!
    im gonna buy it anyways cause i wanna play OoT and other favorite games on 3D, and 3DS just sounds awesome XD

  • Guest

    Thats more than a Wii!

  • yagamislight

    3d seems kinda worth the money. BETTER BE AROUND 250 THOUGH…. I’d still get it at 300

  • Kylie

    DSi XL is 300 here (in Aus). I'll happily pay 300 for a 3d handheld gaming device (although it's likely to be more here). It's 3D. No matter what else you buy, you won't get that technology.

    • Donny

      Dude I feel really bad for you living in Australia then. DSi XL is only 170 bucks in America. DSi is 150…but the 3DS should be no more than 250 considering our economy.

  • TrEvOr 99

    i really hope that its not too expensive.But i have hope that the price will drop.

  • Random

    Wow, thuis is way cheap, i was expecting 500$!

  • Shane

    Gotta start saving..

  • RSS Trace

    First of all its going to be Hard for teens but mainly kids to actually get a 3DS. Parents will think twice before buying it 1 because of the price and 2nd because they'll see it the same as past NDS's Now lets get reall 300$ for a handheld? NO WAY! 250 or 199$ would be resonable, you cant argue with that. Most people who are rich can get things quick, but what about other minorities?

  • jeremy1

    k first of all this thing is simple amazing , if u look into it like the ipod it has a touch screen but the games are far better , with front and rear facing cameras wich the ipod does not have . like the person befor me said it also suports sd hc witch means you can expand the hard drive , just like you CANT DO on the ipod plus lets not forget that 2nd screen . now that i think we will all agree its superior to the ipod we can talk about its 3d . thats right 3d games without glasses and oh yea thats right there gonna support 3d hd movies so basically u have a portable 3d gaming system hd movie player with full online capabilities for 300 bucks , sounds like a freakin deal lets also not forget its nintendo so remember all those classic games that u grew up like um i dunno ZELDA 3D conv over . shutup and buy one or get left in the dust

    • Donny

      Sorry that we aren't rich like you. 300 bucks in expensive in these kinds of economies…250 is way more reasonable. 50 bucks can make a big difference in someones live. Back then it took 70 hours of work for 5 bucks. x 10 u would get 700 hours of work just for 50.

  • Tamarind

    As much as I want one, And it's DAMN amazing!

    $ 300 is just a little TOO much.

    but who knows, the price might drastically drop.

  • kyle

    to much but then i coul pon my dsi and buy one after all it plays dsi games

  • person

    The 3DS IS GOING TO BE $ 250.00-NOT $300.00. It will beat any other system like kinect, psp, smartphones, and android phones.

  • Chris

    300 bucks is expensive for you? where the bloody hell are you guys living? africa? cause 300 bucks is completely nothing. i just bought and iphone 4 for 900 bucks. now, that was a lot, but 300? im working, and i could buy a 3ds each week if i wanted to….you kids need to grow up. now you can minus me, cheap bastards :D

    • Donny

      If you bought an iphone 4 for 900 dollars…you must be really greedy. 300 is way too much in this economy hun.

  • Carl Louie Agbayani


  • Ipsita

    I would want it to be 150 to 200 if it is over that I am not buying it

  • Ipsita

    The US just wants profit

  • Gamer

    I want it to be $150 or $200 now thats a reasonable price for the 3ds.

  • Moinak

    I hope it is $140 or $200 that would be awesome for the 3ds.

  • victor

    300 dollars? Ps3 or 3ds?? Hmm

    • Donny

      That' the best comment I've ever seen. Everyone please look at this comment right now. PS3 is about 300 bucks now and its not a portable console but something with better graphics. 3DS for 300 bucks too. That's outrageous for a handheld device. Im 85 percent sure its going to be $250 plus tax which is $265.

  • PRICE$

    I think the perfect price for this is…….. 175-180 USD dollars cause lots of peopl still have the original ds and ds lite and love classic gameboy games. do u think people will pay $300.00 or even $200.00 in this economy….. no also i can get a psp for under 200.00 so yea.

  • Mad guy

    All of these people are retarded hypocrites. How many of you pulled out $250 when the Psp came out? All of you, myself included. Quit acting like it's a lot of money for it when its just the same old price that you always pay when stuff first comes out.

    • Donny

      People usually don't get things the day it launches. They wait like 6 months for it to drop like 40-50 dollars.

  • Matt

    im sure it wont be any more than 250 when it is released in the US.
    I will be preordering it myself, regardless of the price.
    Yeah I know I could get a 5 year old console for the same price, but I would rather have the 3ds any day. I mean, portable SSF4!!!!

  • shady

    Well the system is amazing and revolutionary, but everything in life has it's limitations and mine is $250. any higher and i ain't buying it, it's just not worth it

  • Moe

    seeing as how i was expecting $300 (or more!) and therefore started saving a while ago, all i will need is a date of release in the US! 250 would be amazing! i would have enough to buy a new game :D

  • Alice

    At first i was really excited about this… Until i heard the price. I assumed it would be expensive, but not $250-300. I mean, nintendo does want us to have enough money to buy games, don't they? Though, i probably will give in and pre-order just for the remake of Ocarina of Time and possible another Animal Crossing or Kingdom Hearts.

  • SSBBrawler

    Even if it was $300, I have a $50 GameStop gift card, so the price would be around $250 regardless.

    But I find it a good price, seeing as it's as good as the Wii regarding graphics. Then add the fact that it is 3D, which will be great.

    I'm currently going to save every penny that I make so that I can pre-order one.

  • Marina

    Well, we ALL know that the DSi costs about, eh, maybe half or higher when it came out? But super-graphics without 3D glasses? Awesome!!! Do you all know how much it costs to MAKE that type of thing? $300 must be a very small part of making it all! And everyone's used to higher prices. But I think they can let it down a bit…

  • MESanborn

    The nintendo games are always childish and terrible except for the OBVIOUS games like mario and zelda which EVERYONE always mentions in the gaming argument.

  • jose diaz

    i think 300 o 400 usd is a good price, it has 3d features, and is a fkn awesome console, not like wii, wii has no games at all, just a few, but 3ds comes to kick ass, also nintendo said that unlike wii, 3ds is more focused to the hardcore gamers, so i think is a good price, because all the stuff it has to offer

  • Marina

    @ jose

    That might be true. And the whole 'price to make it' again, a small amount to pay for something AWESOME! And personally, by MYSELF I would understand that price if it came wit one game, maybe… Say, do you have to have games made for the 3DS on it, or can you put regular? Questions… and also, Pokemon Black and White? I dunno if it's on both… ds dsi, xl… same…. 3xd… all 3 types of same games! (2?) Lmao…

  • metamoss

    look, people in Japan pay the equivalent of 50 bucks for DS games these days. So, once you do the math of percentage, you get about $210. That might not be the true price, but its a good guess.

  • sfaustino13

    wait until christmas or black friday or ebay to get one but now I will enjoy my 2 year old nintendo dsi

  • FableKiller

    i hope they put the legend of zelda wind waker on this that would be sick on the 3ds im really happy about Ocarina of time!

  • john

    $250 is a lot of cash… but if you see some of the vids on u tube, heck, i'd pay $500 4 it. I also want 2 C the Metal Gear Solid 3 game. It looks like a killer game

  • AndrewG

    … mark my words, The Nintendo 3DS will fall to that horrible thing people call an iPod touch.
    Nintendo owes its portable success to parents and grandparents spoiling their kids with an affordable portable game system. Why the hell would said grandparents choose a $300 system over an iPod touch or an older model DS. It doesnt matter how awesome the system may be, you have to remember who your customers are. Nintendo is making the same mistakes Sony did.

  • effe

    Did anyone of you realise that its much more expensive to get high tec things in a smaller format.!

  • kollen93

    where i live it'll probably cost 400$ or something in that way. so 300 is still a reasonable price for me;)

  • Chris

    Well, i have to say that i also agree that $300 is overpriced, the good thing is that it will come out in the US in March which is in the month that i was born in (Birth day) so hopefully if it launches for 180-200 i'm sure my padres would buy it for, the other good thing is that i already pre-ordered Pokemon White so i might even be able to play a new game in a new 3ds console! Well seeing as how St. Patrick's day is in March, i could very well have the luck of the Irish! Hahaha

  • Michael

    That sounds like a very reasonable price. I mean, I just love my DSi XL. If I could evaluate a price for my XL, it would be around 250-300 dollars. Now, the 3DS is supposed to be better since the DS systems keep getting better and better. Especially since there'll be a Mario Kart 3DS, because I loved Mario Kart DS. I hear there'll be a Luigi's Mansion 3DS, which is a wonderful GameCube game with amazing graphics. I'm going to get the 3DS, because it sounds perfectly reasonable.

  • Gameboy

    shit, i just convinced my dad to get me a ps3! i really want a ps3, but this looks so damn nice with the graphics, features and GAMES! ARRGGHHH!!!! guess ill just have to wait for a price drop, which will be like in a few years… like in 2012…oh well i still got my dsi and wii and soon a ps3! still having fun with super smash bros brawl(wii) and soon black ops(ps3) and all my great ds games! oooh i hope they come out with a super smah bros for the 3ds by the time i can afford to ask my parents for one.

    • Likely

      What about buying you the consoles by yourself, eh?

      "Mommy, puh-lease, buy me a PS3."

  • Mitchell

    $300 is way to much even for a brand new system if it was like a new version of the Xbox then I can under stand but a Ds $200 max that would be a fair amount plus with the price low a lot more people would by it then for one at $300

    • Donny

      Correct especially for a handheld device.

  • Roxas

    This is WAAAAY to much! Holy crap!

  • Michelle

    the 3d does not pop out at you, so dont compare it to 3d glasses. it is just going to give depth to the game play, simulating 3d effects so nothing is going to pop out at you. I love video games and the system has my favorite game comming out, Legend of Zelda, But if it costs 250-300 dollars, I can wait till christmas becuase we all know there will most likely be bundle packs and the price will drop from people not buying when it is over priced. (Take my advice if it initially comes out for 250-300, it will drop by christmas to 200 with a bundle pack)

    • Donny

      How would you know? It didn't even come out yet. And I can change my computer effects to full 3D with a program. I saw the 3DS on Youtube and it was fantastic.

  • manny

    Nintendo is out of their minds of selling the 3ds for $300 its should be at most $250 it should he thru $199-$250. when new ds systems come out its always been about $30 more for the newer version ds lite=$130 dsi=$160 dsi xl=$190 3ds should go for=$220

    rite now i hav da xl ive gone tru all but if the 3ds is $300 ill just stay with the xl but i dont want to nintendo needs to listen to all dis lookbif they lower da price dis is how we would luuk :( / :) it would make us happier NINTENDO LOWER DA PRICE OF THE 3DS PLEAZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oscar

    I’m only getting one so i can play mega man legends 3 and that’s it….

  • cam

    even 300 is a pretty good price considering things and i will be buying is definitely as long as r4 works on it

  • omar

    damn i thought thst ds were supposed to be cheap like under 200 like i got every single ds and they were all at great price… so i think that 300 is like way too much! like i aint going to be paying 300 for a lil game system why dont i just go ahead and get the iphone!!??

  • Greg

    Well I won't be able to experience it anyway since I have Monocular vision. If you don't have perfect vision you won't be able to see the 3D. I think that is going to cost nintendo a few sales. I really hope however Nintendo just makes the 3D a cool add on in the games not something you have to see in order to progress/play through the games because if that is the case me and a few other gamers out there who have vision problems wont be able to play new nintendo games for a very very long time :(

  • Encrypt

    200 tops for me. Though I expect it to come out new for $250 just like the psp go. Just wait to see what the psp 2 has to offer and some new tablets look like they have gaming in mind.

  • qqmoar

    Well, the same thing happened with PS3. Awesome engine + Blu ray = Expensive and they didn't generate a lot of sales in west compared to xbox/wii during the first year. PS3 climbed up when the RRoD incident but then PS3 was still expensive therefor there's only a few % of sales made.

    If 3DS will go for $300 – only hardcore DS lovers will buy it, average gamers will wait. I know my friend will buy one ASAP but as for me, a non-ds gamer, I'd wait for a decent price like 130-160

  • Sarah

    Too expensive… I was hoping for something around $200, actually. I have money set back for it and everything. I just don't know if I want to waste an extra $100, you know?

  • Wee

    it may be expensive, but what about the iphone? all it is, just a phone with a small screen thats bad for your eyes, unadjustable memory unlike the psp or nds, and a bunch of apps that you must pay for.

    Dont, forget, the 3DS is the first handheld that has 3D capacity, so they got a monopoly which could be a reason for the increase price. It also has a camera(which is usually 60$ alone) free wireless connection(unlike the xbox 360…), and to me, has graphics that rivals the current great handheld that I oh so love, the psp. I'm sure it has a bunch of other functionalities but thats all i can think of atm.

  • cheapskate

    Hey do you guy know how much it cost presently to make a screen where you can see 3D without glass ?
    I saw a program a few days ago and they were talking about new television that was able to play 3D with glass but at crazy price 22 inch TV for more then 5000$ that's how much it cost with current technology to make a screen that can play 3D without glass.
    So i wouldn't be surprised if nintendo lose some money with the 3DS like what happened with the PS3 from sony until around last year.
    I think with all the feature 3DS will offer 300$ it quite cheap.

  • Firearia

    Hmm, I'll gladly pay that much as long as game prices don't shoot up… I don't feel like paying PS3 game prices for DS ones… I hope they stay in the 40 dollar range, but they probably won't. ^^;

  • John

    That freaking thing is 3D! WITHOUT GLASSES! I CAN SEE WHY ITS $300! I SEE THE MAX ATLEAST $450!!

  • Runt

    I don't think it will be 300 USD, but somewhere in the range of 200. Of course, people would be way too caught up thinking about the aftermath of the purchase rather than the console itself. And yes, Nintendo would be "out of their minds" if they sold it for 300.

  • Runtilishous

    I just hope that Kingdom Hearts 3D will be available on the regular DS Systems.. The title kind of ruins that hope though…

  • Pasho

    But you also have to take into consideration that is a Television. It is much bigger, and less compact and not as portable. Also the 3D will not have things popping out at you, especially if they don't use glasses. T.Vs also have, you know, all that HD stuff I will not go into. My main point is that the 3DS will be a great system, but if you thought the 3D was like something you see at a movie theater, or even inside your own living room, you are thinking into the future.

  • guymanperson

    i think 250 sounds likely, while yes it is a little high remember this thing is dishing out some serious hardware and is a major upgrade from the old ds line. now yes of course this is expensive but for what its offering it isnt any different than shelling out the money for an iphone or god forbid an ipad. i have to admit that if it is 300-250 it is a bit steep but i would say that for all the substance that nintendo has cramed into this it justifies the higher price range, i wouldnt let the price get in the way of the 3ds it would be alot to miss out on

  • Lau

    For all it's unique features
    i think 250 is really reasonable

  • Jwalker

    Even with a job, 200 is my limit. I MIGHT, get it if its 250 buts thats just pushing it waaaay to much. No handheld in my opinion, should cost more that 250 dollars. If nintendo really wants to make bank on this system, then how bout they price it between 150 and 200, that would really get them sales.

  • Opossum 1

    I got my first gen ipod touch for that much and apple is expensive.Nintendo has always been my alaby in price.So this is too much for me.

  • james braselton

    hi there what do you think about the psp 2 price of $350 on the internet for old 2D and resolution 480 by 240 and with only 512 mb or 1 gb internal flash memory psp 2 will just be a expensine psp go with internet specs soo far

  • billy bob

    This is going to revolusionize gaming really 3d wit no glasses thats awesome its only 300 im pretty shure you would pay more for an ipo touch

  • henry

    im getting it. 250 was my limit

  • poolol

    it isnt that expensive for a ds that can show 3d pictures without havin to wear those stupid glasses!!

  • jack

    in england it is £250 thats around $400

  • SadGameboy

    People think 250$ is too much? In Sweden it costs 415$ So don't move here! …….

  • Wes

    lol, looks like some people who worry about the price of games haven't heard of an acekard :) Definitely gonna buy, it's so worth it. I've gotten more enjoyment out of the DS then my xbox or even the wii.

  • SadGameboy

    That might be true but why the unfair pricing and why on earth is it not region free! Im sure i will love my 3DS but still.

  • S****o

    Totally going to buy it. It's new tech even if it's small and a hand held device. Have you people even thought of the money it costs to build this thing?

  • Winged-fox

    Youve gotta be freaking kidding me! I expected it to be at least as much as a DSI, maybe a little more, like 180$.
    But 250%? There are many other things I could get for 250$!

    And then there are the games, nintendo really expects me to shuffle out 250$ for the game system, the another possible 70$ for a game?!


  • nitendo lover

    too expensive… $200 is my max..i really want to buy it.. but, what can i do?? i really can't afford it..

  • stephbro

    250 makes me wince i mean i could save up my allowance to get it but i got the wii when it like FIRST CAME OUT and i nearly had to save up for like a year nintendo seems to overprice things i would price this aroun 150 or 120

  • chondon

    sexy chicks whts up

  • Sophie

    It's way to expensive. My Dell mini cost $250 and they want mee to a a handheld video game for $250-$300! No way

  • bobby

    dudes this is reasonable because its new so what do you expect ?

  • Neon

    Very expensive. My dad would never agree to the price. I'll just wait for it to go down maybe 200 dollars or something. Until then I'll just keep my DS Lite. :) But when it DOES go down to 200, my mom will be getting my Lite. Yes she plays some puzzle games in it lol

  • Julia Hensel

    3ds cost to much.I’m waiting to buy it when it is at least $150.That might be awhile though.You know what Nintendo needs to wait at least 5 years to upgrade there game systems.The only reason I’m going to buy the 3ds is because the games I want are only coming out on the 3ds.And who knows the game might as well be lame.Lower the price ok.

  • Jamile Padilla

    why can’t you put the 3DS in a lower price