Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Locations Guide Video

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If you have been playing the campaign mode in Dead Rising 2 you will probably understand the importance of Zombrex, if you are struggling to find the miracle drug we have found a very useful video for you.

This video has been embedded at the end of this post, it shows you all of the Zombrex locations, which will be very useful if you do not have $25,000 spare to buy the zombification treatment.

In Dead Rising 2 you need Zombrex three times to keep Katey alive, in total there are four lots of Zombrex hidden in Fortune City, therefore check out the video embedded at the end of this post for a complete location guide.

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  • JoHaN


  • Ellie

    thank you it has helped very much when i needed it thanks so much.

  • Eddikins

    Great video, cheers!

  • CEG

    No wonder I wasn't finding any; they're in places I'd never think to look!

  • @Next_Jen

    Thanks for making this video, it was very helpful.

  • Roxas

    Thanks! Very helpful! :D

  • Noel

    That was very helpful thanx…..!

  • Tyquan Nevius

    how do you take zombrex

    • Atom

      Um you dont you administer it to your daughter between 7and 8am daily or its game over

  • Gamertag ; Suarez 1795

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  • Jason

    Thanks a lot. Very helpful.

    • Murf

      you can also get a zombrex by saving an EMT giving CPR to a guy.

  • dylan

    i had to restart this game because of zombrex, and you are a lifesaver! TY ^-^

  • ddr p TIR

    unfortunatly ur wrong: there are a total of 10 – 4 shops, so there are 6. Some1 post to ask me where they r.

  • kt

    thank you

  • kingy

    great help thanks

  • Troy

    I am playing the campaign the second time around and I can't find a pawn shop thats open

  • quin.duran

    this was really usfull (=

  • 555555

    i dont know where a pawn shop is ?? help plz? :(

  • Moldren

    i bought some for $25,000 at the pawn shop shortly after i first gave my daughter her first dose… but it says i have zero .   did it go somewhere ?  is it being kept at the safe house or am i beat for $25,000 ??

    • Jbobby375

      Noooooooooo You just got beat or your DR2 game is fake !!!!!!