Sony’s new BDX-S500U external USB 2.0 Blu-ray drive

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Back in July Jamie brought you pricing information on the PX-B120U external Blu-ray player by Plextor. Now we have news on Sony’s slim and portable BDX-5500U, which is another USB powered Blu-ray drive.

Its small design makes this device an ideal addition to your notebook or netbook. The BDX-5500U can burn data to dual-layer discs at a maximum rate of 4x, as well as single-layer BD-R media with a 6x speed.

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Some of the advantages that this device offers include the ability to share amongst your home or office PCs, for backing up important data up to a 50GB capacity, and watching high-definition 3D Blu-ray films.

Other media supported by this drive is DVD-RAM, CD-RW, CD-R, DVD-/+RW, DVD-/+R, also both single and dual-layer formats. To read more detailed information on this product, see Ben Bowers article over at