Facebook Down: Service Unavailable – DNS failure

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We have been getting reports that the social network site Facebook has been experiencing problems. It seems as if the site keeps coming up then going down with the message saying Service Unavailable – DNS failure.

I went on a few moments ago and Facebook was down, then tried again and it came back up. We are not certain what it going on, but we do know that the 500 million plus users will not be happy.

Huffington Post reports that DownRightNow said that service disruption” is “likely.” However, we are not certain what is causing the issue. I have had a number of my friends who live in different parts of the world contact me to ask if it was down for me as well – so we know that it is happening in other countries as well.

This is the second time in as many days that Facebook has been down; only yesterday Mashable reported a disruption due to a “third party networking provider.” We wonder if this is the same or a separate issue? Is Facebook down for you?

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  • melinda

    kept happening to me for the past ten minutes on chrome. worked fine with fb touch app on phone.

    • emann

      same here tried iPod it works but even theres errors on the iPod like loading the chat box to see whos online or even updating news feed

      and Im using chrome too for the past 20 mins

    • Roberto

      Same just happened her on IE8 and worked fine on my blackberry. Oh why does fb move goal posts without warning anybody?

    • Guest

      it was down for me on chrome but worked on internet explorer this doesnt make sense and also it works on my laptop but not my desktop

    • Ally

      Yeah it worked on my phone too????

    • hhhh

      mines working hahaha neh neh na neh neh

    • Darlene


    • n1ghtl1ght

      Yeap down for me too im in North Yorkshire!

    • dina

      same here…

    • Bob

      works on linux

      • Bob

        sure does

    • Elkin

      It's internet based servers. I have been getting redirected for about a week now to another server. Something or someone has been redirecting all of us to a "FAKE" server and we are being raped! lol It's typical. Only a matter of time!

    • arfar

      has been down for me for the past 2 hours ?????????????

    • Soraya

      No FB for me either for the last hour, blips in and out but I'm completely out now. 'DRN service' keeps popping up. Very odd. Hope it gets solved soon, feels os out of touch (hahah) crazy facebook :-).
      Soraya in London.

    • Celeste

      I have the same issue and is retarded because,i use it for school,and talking to my other foreign friends,so idk if its happening to them too =/

    • p3nnyp0ts

      FB's not working well in Israel either :(

  • guidinggolden

    It was down for me here, in CT, USA for about 10-20 minutes. It's back up for me now.

  • David F.

    I typed facebook down and got this link, its def. down, had problems yesterday too (9/22)

  • Jasta

    Facebook down everywhere here in Birmingham (uk)!

  • Jess White

    Same for me for the last 1/2 hour. Can access it through mobile though xx (UK)

  • guidinggolden

    Nevermind. It's touch and go for me. My FB app on my iPhone isn't working either.

  • Mr Fox

    Works fine in opera, Service Unavailable – DNS failure in firefox. Checked on multiple computers…

  • eraze

    India—Here also the same problem for an hour

  • bub

    same here

  • Paul

    Its down right now in the UK. Did manage to log in a few mins ago but down again now. Using Opera.

  • Aravindhan

    It is happening for me now.. i am addicted to facebook Restaurant city game and when i was about to play it.. Service Unavailable – DNS failure i got this error. when i searched in google i got this link.. now i atleast know that there is some problem with facebook and not with my internet connection.. Thanks for this quick review

    • monica

      do u know why it is doing this????

  • Heather_texas

    Me too.

  • Tristan

    mines down on chrome too

  • Stephanie

    It's down for me. Was down a bit yesterday afternoon as well… Agh.

  • daniel clayton

    been down for like an hour for me :(

  • Steph

    Down for me too. Very frustrating.

  • Andrew Williams

    Having problems here too – using Firefox, but IE also failed. Came back up for a few minutes but has gone down again.
    I'm just glad it's not just me!

  • kazzie

    Down for me too,im in the uk.
    I noticed before it went down it switched back to the old 'request' page and bookmark layout which they had changed'updated' (at least on my account)yesterday.

  • JIm

    Down then up then down then … I'm in the UK.

  • C.M1322

    Down for me and has been for 15 mins

  • Adam

    I live in California and its also down for me

  • Amber

    It's down for me!

  • Jon

    yep it's down here in New Zealand.

  • aim

    hmmm happening to me too.. not good

  • Anonymous

    yea and i like how at the end it says follow us on twitter or facebook lol

  • Vagabundo

    ☼ Has been down for me for the past hour on the Mozilla ☼

    Didn't have no problem yesterday.

  • camila

    yep its so annoying…i haven't been able to log in

  • justin

    hmm same here.

  • caroline

    Keeps happening to me so annoying also now cant access from my mobile it says my IP address wont allow it and I have been blocked for abusive behaviour dont understand whats happening really getting cross

  • Rich

    Dwn 4 me :(

  • vasko

    same here….on mobile or on pc….

  • david

    yup fb down for mee too.

  • anon

    Still down for me in London.

    • Ongolf1

      Have been down for me here in Denmark for over and hour now!

  • oompaloompa

    has been happening to me for the last half hour

    • Lynn Lee

      it was loading so slow and then now DNS failure :(, I use google chrome

  • saraaaaa

    it keepsdoing the same for me!

  • donna

    it works on the iphone app, but not online.

  • loopy

    Facebook need to sort this out! its happening too often1

    • Rim


  • adam

    yep. its down. even on phone.

    • Roberto

      It's gone down my blackberry too now! The fb team need to sort this out as it's getting a chore/headache in having to just keep up with fb!

  • subti

    mine is down, not a happy bunny

    • god

      get a life you sados

  • barb

    I have Firefox. Can't get so much as a blip.

    • Gwen

      Same here

  • ayleen

    Hey from Bulgaria here happens as well for the last 10 minutes

  • Crystal

    Yea, Wont work on Mozilla or Internet Explorer either…

  • courtney

    its not work9ing what do i do??????

    • Your boss

      could get back to work I guess?

  • Ron

    It would work for a few seconds, then suddenly change to "service unavailable".

    • Lynn

      same here too :( service unavailable and then DNS failure when reopening

  • Alicia

    Down for me as well.

  • Pat

    Down on chrome, ff or ie for me.

  • Phoebe

    I'm in New Zealand, can't get on, DNR message. Been trying for about 30 minutes.

  • Marina

    I got as far as posting a comment on my wall, but I can't do anything else. It took forever to get on at all, and I can't go anywhere on the site.

  • Brenda

    Down for me in South Florida. Off and on (mostly off) for about an hour now. "service unavailable, DNS failure"
    Was off for a good couple of hours yesterday too.

    • chris

      was it, worked on my phone yesterday but nothing at all now

  • The wanderer

    Not working for me on firefox or IE

  • Ultric

    I don't really have something important to say, but I just thought that this was kinda funny:

    "Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or get daily updates via email."
    Facebook. Which is down. Which is what this article is about.

    • saya

      it also says at the top " be the first of your friends to 'like' this on facebook" why would we like this… on facebook?

    • That guy remember??


    • taylor

      I KNOW RIGHT THERE SAYING FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK , i think this is either a possible virus or, well actually im not even sure, this is a worldwide network and they cant even pull their dam sh*t together

    • win

      haha. second this! ;-)
      FB down in Austria for me… past 45mins

  • Theresa

    Facebook is down here in Canada due to DNS Failure

  • JBK

    the end is nigh!!!!!!!!

    • kat


    • http://twitter.com/pasaway166 @pasaway166

      Service Unavailable – DNS failure Here in Philippines

    • Roberto

      Have to agree!!!!!

  • Todd

    Oh well off to bebo! :)

  • Anonymous

    my Facebook App on my ipod touch wont loadnew posts and my browser wont even load the facebook page. i feel so shut off lol

  • fotograf

    i get the same message, i live in Serbia

  • Sheridan

    ive been trying on google chrome, still not working.

  • dawn

    mine won't work (dns failure), but my daughter's works…

  • Anna

    happening right now for me. lol'd at the "follow us on facebook" link. XD

  • steve

    been up and down for last hour, sometimes lets me in then freezes, mostly not letting me on tho, very frustrating

  • Cody

    Hahaha I thought my job finally blocked the site, so i googled DNS Failure to check what that meant and instantly saw 10 news stories about FB down within the past (first) half hour!

  • Maria

    This has been the case for a few hours. When it was up it was running extremly slow. I live in Cyprus, so must be all over the place!

  • Nanc

    Down in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Charlotte

    Its down for me as well and I get the same message. DNS failure. I am in Canada.

  • Sumanta

    The problem is the same here, Cardiff, UK

  • SKorpyo

    Hello, same for me, i live in Madrid, Spain


  • Saika

    i was updating pictures :(

  • Jared

    Facebook is down and i am now very unhappy with them…

  • simon

    Not working for me in France!

  • Louise

    Service Unavailable – DNS failure keep getting this message doing my head in

  • Michael

    Still down. NYC.

  • Paula

    FB went down for me about half an hour ago. I just checked it again and got the DNS error. It's apparently working from phones. at least it is for my mates.

  • gladiator

    down in Rome, Italy.

  • Emma

    its not working on chrome, firefox, explorer…. grrr

  • hbk

    i am in the midlands and it is down here

  • Andy L

    Down for me in Herts, UK

  • Rawr

    Still down in Florida!

  • Jason

    Works with my mobile browser, but not on chrome, IE of my sidebar gadget. But what is funny is how PR had put up the "share on Facebook" link and it doesn't work, and the story is how about Facebook doesn't work

  • Marco

    italy. same here. damn facebook. first it owned our minds, now makes us get mad ! "whaaat??? c'mon facebook! c'mooon!!! i'm getting crazyyy!!!" , is probably said from half world : D

  • Nirjoy

    Facebook is down here in Bangladesh due to DNS Failure


    OMG IM SCARED no more fb jk its down for me..

  • Christophe C

    FB down for me in Belgium.
    Using Chrome

  • jen

    down in seattle

  • Osama

    They didn't pay their BILLS!!! It's a jihad.

  • Mamaz

    down for the second day in a row. getting irritating fast!!!

  • Paula

    i wish facebook would come back soon before my crops die lol

  • anon

    Not working in Finland either

  • Samia

    I am from Sudan face book is down here i have get the same massage ..".Service unavailable- DNS failure"
    What happened pleas we want solve to this big problem …

  • Sylvie

    Down for me too in East Anglia using GC, IE8 and FF and it's my birthday :-(

  • Nellie Flingboyster

    Arizona. FB down now for at least 20 mins, maybe longer. Still down. UFO abductions. A whole lot of probing going on. FB withdrawal is something none of us want to witness, let alone, experience.

  • stuart ellis

    same here !! this is the second time this has happened

  • Kristeen

    down for me as well, and cant pull it up on my blackberry

  • KaL

    tying to get connected to fb for last 2 hours sometimes it would go up and then down again. not being able to open any apps! it's frustrating!

  • Mravic

    down for me

  • sdogodoasfg


  • Elle

    Down in North London too,oh dam,looks like I have too study !

  • Yev

    oh mine's down all right!!! =|

  • dawit

    wow wat iz goin onn i needto go on fb o my goddddddddddddd

  • Guest

    mine isnt working here in ontario for chrome

  • uman

    Using both opera and firefox in windows, can't access FB. Restart with linux, and still cannot login to facebook.

  • http://advanced-ape.com Ape

    Down here, in the UK.

    • AAA

      Oh dear!

    • PLUTO

      Italy's down. Something doesn't work out

  • Hänk

    down in finland and around the whole world……….

  • Rach

    omgzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its the end of the world!

  • divingcometsmom

    My OS is WIN7, 64BIT. I've tried both IE and Flock Browsers w/ same results DNS error or link broken, GRRRRR.

  • jaz

    Down in Australia as well

  • Marko

    Down here in Portugal too…

  • JACK


  • swan

    good its not just me then, 1st facebook i.m went down, then i got the DNS failure message, hope it gets fixed soon

  • Marco

    italy. down here too

  • nikki

    facebooks down :(
    someone fix it…

  • Julie

    down on iinternet explorer and google chrome. what the what?

  • Donna

    Down for me also in Michigan!

  • rockerboy

    itz down in q8 also..!

  • Kec

    Down for me too, West Mids, UK

  • Debbi

    yeah, down here too…I live near Toronto, Ontario..

  • Christophe C

    Was down untill a few minutes ago here in Belgium.
    Seems to be up again. Wonder 4 how long…

  • Addicted

    My crops and dishes! What will I do??? :)

  • chasity

    im on chrome and its been down for over an hour .. dns failure or zero size something is the errors i have gotten

  • Damit Dan

    FaCIAbook is downskies . aww poor CIAbook, not able to gain and sell more personal info we're not givin

  • viking

    down here in Sweden as well

  • kaz

    down for me in Djibouti

  • yearone

    Mine is also down… (DNS FAILURE)

    This doesn't seem to be the only problem with facebook:

    A) Sometimes chat doesnt appear at'all
    B) On the iPhone peoples post appear & dissapear
    C) DNS failure
    D) Generally the site is getting much slower

    Is it because of the now vast amount of people using the site? Or maybe changes facebook have made internally? Never used to these problems.

  • MOS

    Down here in Ireland

  • Sanjiv

    Chill Go Outside And Get Offline

  • Stijn

    same problem in Stockholm, DNS Failure, tried both with Chrome and Firefox

  • Diego

    my benchmark report a perfectely working DNS for my WAN, but Facebook is down here in italy

  • Sam

    Facebook – DNS Failure here in East Anglia. UK.

  • saya

    down in norther California on chrome as well. any news on when this is going to be fixed? is it a hacker or something?

  • Geneveve

    It's not accessible for me either. I'm in the US. Cannot acces it via PC or phone.

  • NSD

    Down in Canada for a while….trying to cope with life after fb….its a hard knock life

  • L. B.

    Down on the PC, but works on the BLackberry

  • allllll

    the world is ending omg!!!

  • MAL

    Down here in Scotland!! God, no facebook for a night… What to do now!

  • Deuter

    Damn ! I've got the same issue as you all guys.

  • chrisspencer1979

    down in Derbyshire, UK too.

  • susan

    Facebook is down in Guernsey Channel Islands….

  • Fig

    Has been down for the past 10 minutes in Vancouver, Canada

  • UK axe

    no facebook!!! life is not worth living!!! ROFL

  • mel

    Yeah down in SC, United States, too. Been trying to get on internet exsplorer..it gets in then quits..google chrome keeps saying dns faliure.

  • gladiator

    still down in Rome

  • ivz

    Italy is down

  • Oldbones

    its everytime zynga updates its software for farmville that facebook goes down,they changed the method of accepting requests and it hasnt worked right since

    its not like there was anything wrong with it

  • Jefken

    Also down in Belgium, East Flanders, Aalst ;)

  • Roz

    Same here

  • Nia

    Yes it's happing to me 2 was so frustrated was ready to throw the friggin comp plzzzzz fix it

  • anon

    Down for me in London

  • Samia

    I am from Sudan face book is down .. I received this massage ..".Service unavailable- DNS failure"

  • Gwayce

    Down in the Philippines, Service Unavailable etc. etc. No go in IE, FF, Chrome. What happens to my farm now?

  • Carmen

    Facebook is down in Kansas City

  • bell

    :( sort it out facebook man!!

  • devil girlz

    still down!!! but its not like we are missing anything cuz it seams that it is down everywhere else so we wont be missing any notifacations :P

  • wasnt here


  • siv

    I think if FB is working for some, they are not going to be posting here that it is since they have no idea it's not working for some. :)

  • Anite

    Dear oh dear Jack or Zack whatever your name is…… too much money too little time… ;-)

  • Pea

    Listen world…get a grip…Sweet Zeus…imagine if the internet went down for a week everyone would flip out!!! it hasnt even been off for an hour and everyone's turky-ing…. There is life belong facebook you know :) Oh by the way Hello everyone1

  • 80'S 4 EVER


  • sarah

    down in Alberta

  • Tim

    Down in Canada

  • Losille

    Have been getting the DNS error for a couple of hours. If they are being attacked the hackers are computer gods!!! I bow to their genius.
    Taking Facebook down would be such a spectacular hack, it would be epic. Worth going to jail for!

  • TinaRay

    Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm in North Texas. Somebody fix this mess before I go insace :)

  • WSUyo'

    Safari/FIrefox down here in Minnesota… STILL! >:(

  • Angela

    Down in the big Virginia USA too.

  • Sara A

    Noooo….. How will I cope? Down down deeper and down. Hurry up Facebook!

  • julia davidson

    FB is coming and going but even when i do get into it i cannot do most actions i attempt to do then it goes back down again. from julia in birmingham uk :)

  • HZM

    DNS failure in Denmark

  • TNW

    Down here in SA TX :/

  • Ali Khan

    yup,its happening here in Pakistan frequently for the last half an hour
    i got afraid of losing connection with my lover from Europe,so as a safety
    in my last message before signing off,i sent her my msn and other e mail ids
    to remain in contact in case FB goes for ever !!! i hope it will get repaired soooon

  • Laura

    Yes, mine is down

  • Bite me

    I NEED to harvest my crops on farmville!

  • Racel

    Facebook is also down for me too (Hertfordshire England)

  • Tiffani

    Alright good. I thought it was just me, lol. It's down here as well… :/

  • that dude

    down here in jersey usa

  • Bob

    linux rocks, its the best, user friendly sometimes dependable always

  • Kiba

    Down here in India!!

  • Linda

    Down off and on for me the a=past couple days and even if i am onlin and the site is up it looks as though i am offline…

  • Gemma

    Facebook is down in Victoria, Australia =(

  • Lisa

    Down in NC

  • maggie

    mines down too,so not hppy!!!!!

  • clandestino

    same problem with FB in Greece right now.

    Service Unavailable – DNS failure

  • Bite

    I NEED to harvest my crops on farmville!

  • Liz

    Down in London still.

  • tracy

    same UK :(

  • BooY

    Down in Belgium… no wait, working now… up and down now.
    Started last night.

  • sara

    yeah it's not working

  • Farle77

    Facebook in Tennessee is down. . .works on my verizon phone, but not at home. Pretty ticked.

  • sss

    fb is down here
    Eye witness news

  • Carole

    Hey-y-y-y-y! Where did all my friends and family go????

  • terry

    Down in Louisiana, Too

  • 80'S 4 EVER


  • JGrace

    Ok, could this possibly be attributed to the $100 million dollar donation the founder of facebook has given to the Newark school system OR the premiere of the movie??? …Jus sayin'.

  • Ajj

    im back on but goodness knows for how long. my chat not come up though :(

  • heather

    im done here too… im in california

  • pomania

    I am in Australia it is down on my phone and lap top.. OH my good friends in Uk should of got details from on ce i get back on i am doing that so i can stay in touch what ever happens :((

  • yourmom

    downnnn! wt!!!!!!! n i was bout to be getting a bootyyycalll!
    im in a worse mood now..
    thought sex was gonna make it better
    damn you fb.. so good yet so evil! why dont you love me like i love you

  • Mark

    down in Portland OR!

  • karim

    its working now

  • chris

    down in New York, but then it looks like its down world wide

  • cromy

    please..get a life ppl.talk to your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend

  • nothappy

    down in Vancouver Canada

  • lynn

    ok i thought it was my computer but i see fb is down foe everyone it did it yesterday but my friend could use it on her phone

  • Deb

    Down for me to.-Canada

  • http://twitter.com/offTopicSimon @offTopicSimon

    down here in canada…

  • roz

    Whoop whoop jus got on facebook xx

  • Bob


  • php

    down, Philippines

  • frank

    Down here in Houston N side

  • chilli

    I've been getting the same message DNS failure. A few minutes ago I was on Facebook and clicked on a neighbors picture and it showed facebook/ her password
    very bad

  • Akhil

    Its down here as well. New Delhi, India



  • Ash

    I can get on from my iPhone but not from any pc

  • Carol

    Also down in Pembs, West Wales

  • Gwen

    Tried to access facebook again and it still won't let me in hopefully the ppl that run facebook will get it back up and running soon

  • BayArea

    It's down here in the bay area California.

  • togmi

    down here in Mexico

  • facebook

    We’re currently experiencing some site issues causing Facebook to be slow or unavailable for some people. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

  • janice king

    me too..im here in VA.. DC area still down here..so sad..fb is the only way i can communicate to ma brother in qatar..

    • aya

      hey wats going on..

  • angela

    Fb down for me too and on my phone!!!

  • Osaka

    still down for me…

  • dontcare

    Maybe everyone needs to get a life and stop relying on facebook.
    Who cares if its down!

  • XYC

    Fb is down here in Croatia :-(

  • Ben

    Down here, in Taiwan

  • Grace

    Happening to me in London…. Can't even get on my phone due to a different problem!

  • All

    Down In Bahrain. On iphone ok.

  • destiny

    Down here too. :(

  • Kdog

    what the heck is wrong with facebook???

  • 1lostchickie

    Down for me, but that's ok. I can live without it… at least until Farmville withdrawal kicks in. ha ha

  • Bill

    Down for me for the last half hour, i went on b4 it went down and chat wasnt working so i refreshed and it kept coming up with that DNS failer thingy

  • nick

    least i'm not alone, i was going blame the laptop!!!

  • Didi

    Facebook is down here in Bulgaria

  • Catwoman

    down in south east london england too

  • Hansen

    Down to in Denmark.

  • audio geek

    Phew…for a brief moment there i thought it was my system. I had requested "more storage", was in the process of verifying , then VOILA….well do hope this is only temporary.[ Canada]

  • Light

    down in canada

  • Jiean

    me too i cant load facebook . ( Philippines )

  • joe

    still down in cz

  • nielschristian

    Down in Denmark as well.

  • Lalablue

    To many USERS!!! Needs to update there site. Hey EUROPE get off my FACEBOOK!!!

  • Tary

    It was working a few hour ago for me but now its down =/ not happy about this.

  • Rui

    Down also in Lisbon…

  • Raed

    Still down in Dubai

  • colin

    down in liverpool to

  • Phil

    It is down for me too. This is bull. i wish they would fix it already. Shit this keeps happening I will find a different social network to use.

  • raquel

    down here in the Netherlands too… hate it :S got too addicted to this

  • Hid

    I'm in Bay Area, California and it's down for me too

  • Jesse

    still down, but before it went down(a couple hours ago) it was REAALLLYYY slow

  • mhai

    down here in las vegas…they have to fix it soon…

  • stacey

    down for me.. in salford.

  • jrob

    looks like fb is down :(

  • margaret

    i deleted my granddaughters face book account and i can't get on my face book at all now.it it face book or do you think i deleted mine to????. :(

  • bill

    zomg no facebook wtf R We gonna dooz ohhnn noozozzzzz z not facebooookke!

  • Twin

    down in munich, germany. same error

  • Domo

    Also down for me, it blows! I'M TRYING TO POKE MY GRANDMA. SHE WILL NOT WIN THIS WAR.

  • VBB

    OMG … How can I exist without it LOL

  • bjkuhblhj

    Same, on safari all my sites work but that comes up for facebook.com

  • Dean

    down on iPhone and PC in the southeast region of USA

  • Guest

    OMG!! Facebook isnt working!! We're all gonna die!!

  • Emma

    not working for me..!

  • Warp

    Its down in Greece as well..

  • pjb

    down in ireland 2

  • Mo Jam

    Hawaii down.

  • chilli

    I've been getting the same message DNS failure. A few minutes ago I was on Facebook and clicked on a neighbors picture and it showed facebook/ her password, maybe this is why they took it down.

  • Charlotte

    Down in San Francisco!

  • Iprincess

    Down on Firefox and Safari and Iphone app not responding either!

  • jose

    the world has come to an end, hahaha

  • Kritter79

    Down for me in Nova Scotia, Canada :(

  • Veve2491

    Yup, Facebook's fucked worldwide! D:
    And yeh mine's down to, I wanna know why >_<

  • northmc

    service is down, in Greece

  • ennie

    I'm in Bosnia and Herzegowina , can't get on, DNR message. Been trying for about 30 minutes.

  • Rcb

    Not working for me, been down for the last hour. :/

  • Elin

    Down for me in Sweden.

  • tony

    yup its down here tew U.S.A.

  • gimifi

    not working here in italy, only works on smrtphone with skyfire connection. down here since pm

  • crystal

    down in montreal too :(

  • aattgsw

    its been happening to me since yesterday.

  • Ian Williams

    arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no facebook i cant take it abandon ship women and children get ya own bloody life boat this ones mine arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ALTERNATIVLY……..Im going down the pub :)

  • Lobo

    The narcissists' worst nightmare! FB is down. Oh no!

  • PolitiZilla

    If you run a page there, as I do, you'd have gotten the message for the past few weeks that facebook was making an "upgrade" scheduled for 9/23/2010. Some upgrade. LOL

  • julee

    still down in the uk. peoples farmville sheep are dieing. and the farmers are unable to cull badgers or allow their hounds to rip fox's to bits. sad times.

    worldwide, people who are unable to access fb are concidering mass suiside. the only thing stopping them is that they are waiting to post it as their status first.

  • fbobsessed

    Facebook is down in New England…ughh

  • Fluffyy

    it's been down for almost an hour.. Wisconsin.

  • moelatte

    down for me…quite disappointing

  • nilo

    It's down here too


  • kaka face

    down on firefox chrome mobile and touch

  • chem

    same here in Greece tonight … getting the dns failure message

  • jose



    It's doen on everything for me =/

  • Drw

    Down in Montana.

  • áine

    down in ireland

  • fbobsessed

    alsoo it wont work on safari or my phone…

  • Eric

    We at Facebook apologize for the Inconvenience this has caused everyone. We are working as fast as possible to get the site back up and running. The problem is we had a hacker, hack into our servers and destroy the code which is used for facebook to run. As well as attacking our DNS Ports. The site should be back up and running normally by 9 pm PST tonight. Thank you for your Patience.

  • Aiden

    Not working for me either, hope it will be fixed soon. :[

  • carol maynard

    I am a pensioner and this is a good cheap way of me to connect with my family,or supposed to be come on facebook with all this technology how come you cant sort this out ,tut tut

  • Malin

    Same as here – Poland

  • fcgoldpride86

    yup still down here in Sunderland

  • aljenn09

    Facebook down in South Carolina, USA … Service Unavailable-DNS failure :(


    Looks like their DNS services are having problems connecting

  • shane comeback

    DOWN in Minnesota-get DNS failure

  • Talei

    This is Chicken Little reporting from down under in Australia… Yes , It's true…..the sky is falling

  • Rhonda

    Some one sent me this message today– NEW VIRUS ON FB using your pictures. It says you have been tagged in a picture, wants you to click on a link to see it, then hacks into your computer & all your accounts, including banking & other secure accounts. It destroys your computer. Once hacked into your computer, it sends e-mails to your friends telling them they have been tagged in pictures & starts the process again. PLEASE RE-POST

  • Monica

    yup, down for me too

  • Doris

    down in italy as well

  • Jamie

    Yes…it's down for me on internet explorer, mozilla, AND my blackberry app…

  • pisshead

    u all suck

  • hayley

    down for me too from sheffield its doin my head in

  • kelvin

    went on about 2 mins ago but then it sent me off again now can ge back on (from england)

  • amanda hallam

    Its down in nottingham!!

  • andré

    also down in switzerland, lucerne.

  • AwesomeGuy

    I like how it's not been down a day and everyone's panicing. Well good.

    By the way, it's down here in Nottingham, England. :/

  • Me-

    Facebook down in Central FL as well :(

  • taylor

    I usually use Google chrome to go on Facebook but it said failure so i tried again and it did the same so i used Firefox and it did the same thing. lastly i tried IE and it did the same! I tried updating my status with my phone and i got a message back saying " unable to update due to technical difficulties." i then tried on my iPod and it said Service Unavailable – DNS failure. I don't know what the problem is but the Facebook staff better be doing all they can to fix it!

  • Vicky

    Down in Belgium too! :-(

  • Mary

    I was playing it and suddenly it went! That is bad.I hope they find out what is happening!

  • mel

    getting right on my nerves now!!!!!

  • pfisher73

    Down in San Diego.

  • eddyyyy

    mine as well just wont let me go to it even, ib on luck if i even get to the page

  • Kairi

    Yup it's down… not too happy about it either.

  • John H

    What do you do? You get a life and do something else. That's what.

  • jaqi

    its the end of the world…………………..I HAVENT GOT IT EITHER

  • kuk

    Down in pt!!!

  • StopSpinning

    Down here. I'm in Austin, TX

  • Tomas

    Still down for me in Brno (Czech Rep.).

  • john

    down for me too in mass

  • JDc

    Its gone dang broke

  • Lynne

    up and down.

  • ben

    down here

  • carly

    omg facebook is over my life is ruined facebook is soo annoying i wana play my god damn game

  • nicola

    my facebook doesnt work!!! says dns failure!!! what does this mean!??

  • anita

    still down in the uk :(

  • ben

    down here in germany

  • emmbam11

    ugh! It worked for me earlier…. but now it's down……I'm in

  • Gemma


  • carly

    were all doomed DOOMED I TELL U

  • bassa

    Down in Vienna, Austria

  • martin

    Down in germany as well

  • Sucheta

    Down for me in Cary, NC, USA

  • sam

    Still down, tried chrome,forefox and IE!!! From London

  • danny h

    the world is coming to an end lol

  • Joe Dirt

    crap, buggy, non-intuitive, lame software is down!

  • neal

    i' v tride iexplorer, firefox and google crome i cant get it to work but my bro sez his is fine heas on bt i'm on three network and i,m in notts hees 200 miles north of me, i dont no if its any of these or if heas just a jammie git

  • caperald

    It's been down over here in Nigeria – west africa

  • Caco Reguera

    Same in Madrid, Spain

  • Pauly D

    Its still down.. here in Jersey

  • mmmmmm


  • pissed!

    Down for me too :-(

  • carly

    omg even this site keeps goin dwn

  • mert

    london/luton aint working still….

  • sabri

    facebook down for me in Tunisia

  • Zghost

    this is one epic disruption

  • Rhonda

    I got this message from a friend a little while ago—NEW VIRUS ON FB using your pictures. It says you have been tagged in a picture, wants you to click on a link to see it, then hacks into your computer & all your accounts, including banking & other secure accounts. It destroys your computer. Once hacked into your computer, it sends e-mails to your friends telling them they have been tagged in pictures & starts the process again. PLEASE RE-POST

  • Janet

    Down here in Australia too :0

  • Hannelore

    still down uk

  • Karole

    Mine's down to in Bournemouth UK

  • mammer

    Not working in sweden

  • LaLa

    Down in the UK.. Anyone else not being able to get on in the UK? and how long does this usually last i've not been able to get on in 2 hours…

  • taykor

    a go*dam worldwide network and they cant even pull their sh*t together within the past how long?!?! ive been trying since 122 o clock now, this is just absolutely pathetic

  • Chara

    Down in Athens…

  • Amy

    must be down every where, Ohio

  • Rosy

    Mine is down as well, here in the USA.

  • joshinKy

    its down here in Kentucky also.. dont know whats going on

  • DameProductios

    Bristol on fire fox even changed my DNS lol still down!

  • dan

    this is takin the piss now. i cnt even get hold of my boss now to find out what time i got to be in work and if im not there im sacked so sum1 better get fb sorted out coz it pissing me offffffffffffffffffffff to the fuckingg mainn

  • lee

    …Down for me here in Bournemouth England

  • Chris

    Down in Austria

  • HL

    Still down, whats going on?

  • Pinkiepie

    Down in Vancouver BC also…was very very slow for the last hour, and now i can't log in at all, DNS message.

  • Vida

    :'-( I really truly hope it will be fixed soon :(

  • Josh

    down for me
    - manitoba, canada

  • colin

    way on down Aberdeen Scotland :(

  • laura

    Down here in Nova Scotia too!!…..oh my what will I do….lol


    down on 1 pc able to post the odd comment,change status,yet it is don on my old pc go figure.oh btw i am in the uk

  • Lynn Lee

    down in Vietnam.. just an hour ago.. Sept 24 2010

  • Mav02

    unavailable in MA, still – going on 5 hours now.

  • salma

    down in moroco too

  • Guest

    Annoying… I download FF because I thought my IE was having a bad day(again). Now I read this, Facebook really does need to sort this out… 500 Million people, not very many Happy Campers.

  • henry

    facebook, i cant breath without you, i cant live without you, i will kill myself for you,

    i been trying for 1 hour and uninstall everything in my computer

  • vicky

    Service Unavailable – DNS failure
    every time i try to go on fb it says thaat shit :S

  • jano

    down in watford too…. but samsung phone working good

  • rory

    it is down here too

  • Joe

    down in MI

  • James

    down here in Australia too

  • hnelke

    Down in Germany as well (www.facebook.de) and now the mobile access (m.facebook.com) is also down!

  • Eagle

    http://blog.facebook.com still works if you were logged in.

    Seems like Facebook is up, but some organization is fecking with the DNS tables.

  • Kristen

    Down for me as well here in PA.

  • Webfreak

    Down here too, I'm in South-Africa

  • Jules

    YEP! Down for me in Tarzana, CA Also down on iPhone App!

  • henry

    facebook, i cant breath without you, i cant live without you, i will kill myself for you,

  • Bent

    ugg…i got out of school and wanted to get my stuff done that i do on Facebook…but this is a major fail..really…they need to fix this..Bent. USA.

  • xatu

    down here tooo.. in LK

  • Stephen H.

    Down in Vienna, Austria

  • ALice

    Down in Italy, yay!

  • li12

    down in new jersey

  • Johan

    Down in Sweden a well.

  • Patman

    Ireland here.
    I see blog.facebook.com is live but I can't login. http://www.facebook.com still giving DNS issue.

  • Naryn

    down in Barcelona – DNS issue haha no facebook so we all post about no facebook hahahahahaha

  • Marwa

    Down in Egypt as well! .. Fail!

  • kenny

    facebook down for me 2

  • Olivera

    F down in Serbia, too.

  • JRR

    Down in Norway too, tried with Moz, Opera and IE

  • slickshoes023

    Down here in India 2… wtf

  • Alucard


  • Fransisco Rinaldi

    that's right, we hit peak oil and now facebook. get ready for Armageddon.

    • Fransisco Rinaldi

      down in New Orleans currently.

  • Boss Lady

    Down for me to!

  • jonny

    its the hackers i bet

  • nicole

    not workinh here to in adelaide but can get it on my phone

  • kristie

    Down here in Central California… Wont work Via Phone Apps Or Pc's! Ugh!

  • keyoz

    Down in Germany as well… what do we do now? is there a life without fb?

  • alex

    Its down for me to and i leave in Louisiana

  • mrdoubleu

    down in germany as well, trying to log in for 30 minutes

  • http://twitter.com/All_Existence @All_Existence

    No funcioNo funciona facebook
    un mensaje de error "Service Unavailable – DNS failure " D: na facebook
    Peru :S

  • Johannes

    for me too here in sweden :-/

  • dotty

    a no go in Aberdeen too

  • wzed132

    down in houston still..

  • msa

    Down here, in Palestine

  • anthony

    down in the caribbean!!!trinidad to be precise

  • rhiann

    still down how long does it take? was on not long ago uk aylesbury

  • saif2k

    FB down in UK, life seems so incomplete without it!

  • kegan

    this facebook is redicilus

  • tracey dalton

    my facebook has been down since 8:15pm nearly 2 hours now the very same happened last pm its getting tto the point where im running 3 laptops and getting nowhere with fbook might have to find a different social network site

  • michelle

    down for me too

  • slickshoes023

    Its down here in India 2, it works on and off my iphone

  • Ty Smith

    facebook is not good (N)
    when will we be able to use it again by today ??????

  • jason

    Lol Imagine if this was the 'end of face book' . We all would get alot more done around the house. But it would also really suck to have drive around to stalk people

  • badger

    off all night…………..

  • ajx

    grrrr im not happy………. sort it out facebook!

  • brizzie

    It's down in Australia too…. I wonder if steve z did this to whip up some controversy…. all those stupid farmvilles going to fallow lol

  • deedi

    same in Germany, down !!!!!

  • Laura Jayne

    Lol the worlds going crazy!!! whats happening weird stuff eh? I'm not even getting on the mobile app for facebook

  • Kosova

    down for me too here in Kosovo

  • Zee

    Down in Pakistan

  • sirwallis

    down here in dublin ireland too

  • annonomous

    oh noooo the world has ended i gotta find sheter

  • BGCR

    Down int he UAE

  • tracey dalton

    my facebook been down for nearly 2 hours now the same last pm very annoyed as i live in ireland and its my way of chatting and keeping up with friends and family in the uk a fed up facebook user

  • Chrisprols

    yep. down in France (Rouen) as well from my laptop on Ubuntu via Firefox.

  • Jasmine

    Down in ontario also!!

  • lula

    Yes it's been down all evening for me in wales but works fine on my phone??

  • Jenny

    Down here in Lincolnshire UK too :(

  • Spanteg

    Lucky we still have Tumblr. :)

  • Katie

    it was down about 10 mins ago, and now it's working for me, but I can't get any of the apps to load.

  • wyse

    still down @ 2:00 pm PST

  • anthony

    its back up for me!!

  • debbie

    yep fb is down here to it's working on mobile but not on pc

  • http://www.facebook.com/julia.gafarova Julia Gafarova

    DNS Failure in Russia too


    has been happening to me:-(

  • p3nnypots

    FB not working in Israel either :(

  • jose+maria

    down in the netherlands too

  • Kiba

    Down here in London

  • gplayers


  • Mireille

    Down here in Holland too. Since approx. an hour

  • Warez

    Facebook is working at the moment (23:06) in Hungary.

  • Lloyd

    i'm in uk and facebook is down but i can get on facebook mobile on my phone

  • Nanashi

    Down here in Finland as well.

  • Shellsea Gonzalez

    Ive been trying for awhile now ! . I called my friends and i asked if there's was working .. But they have the same answer , Its not working in US ! :/

  • nessy

    happend also here in Morocco and in Tunisia

  • mahmood alam

    I think some link is creating this DNS problem.

  • Jana

    My business profile is fine. I can only get to my private profile via iPhone though. Strange.

  • deedi

    down in Germany

  • inked_miss

    Facebook seems to be working ok now

  • Pete

    Down in Germany as well as in Dubai (checked with a friend).

  • Christian Grammer

    Works fine on my HTC Desire, but not on the pc, and hasn't done for the last 40 mins¬

  • Lynn

    Down in the Netherlands too.

  • kris

    come on fb sort it out pls. i got rent to collect in millionaire city lol/ anyone know what a dns failure is

  • Johan

    Yip in South Africa also FAILURE. Is now 22:45 pm. I thougt it was my phone. Hehe!

    thanx 4 ths topic.!!

  • Jonathan

    Down for me in Linz, Austria for the last hour or so. Not so much as a peep. Lot's of DNS errors.

  • PolitiZilla

    I've been reading a lot of articles about this outage and some of the comments to them are hilarious!

  • Raed

    Facebook is back now, from dubai

  • s.m.c

    Ack! It's the Equinox Attack! j/k Poor facebook. Mine came back up, but is verrry slow

  • Nellie Flingboyster

    Up, then down. Up then down. worse than a stud farm. Come on Facebook !

  • rissa

    Wow…can't believe facebook being down was seen as article worthy…the world is going downhill

  • Graham

    here we go again!!

  • Gogga

    off in Namibia aswell

  • David Parks

    I've had lots of problems over the last few weeks connecting from Vietnam. First I couldn't get on using the DNS of the local provider, so I started using Googles DNS servers, fixed it until today. Now googles DNS providers also give me an IP that finds facebook unavailable. I think it's DNS because the first time I hit this I got different results from the DNS servers in veitnam than I did from google. This second time around I'm just throwing my hands up.

  • chaco

    I'm in Japan and it's down too.

  • FBFan

    Looks like its down again….

  • http://www.teeviewvilla.co.uk graybo

    Down now and has been all morning. Cambs, UK.

  • karen

    down for me here too, in malaysia. the whole morning… grrrrrrrr

  • karen

    down here too, in malaysia. whole morning. grrrrrr

  • cj

    in my case, my acoount is temporarily unavailable but my brother can access his t.. same computer..
    i ve tried to login to a different area and different computer.

  • trisha

    tried to log on to face book … Service Unavailable …. not happy … USA … Florida ….