Range Rover Evoque: Official Photos and Specs

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Back in August we offered details of the upcoming Range Rover Evoque – due for release in summer 2011. It was only a matter of time before the Indian owned company would show off some official pictures for the press to see, which I believe is to wet our appetite ahead of the 2010 Paris Auto Show.

There is no denying that Land Rover has gone for a bold design on this one, and for good reason. The range of CUVs hitting the market is getting more adventurous with their designs – so the Evoque had to offer something special. Looking at these first official images that appear on the Telegraph website, I would say that they have certainly done that, but what do you think?

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What makes the Evoque different compared to other models in the range is that it will come with front-wheel drive. Doing away with four-wheel drive will help please those who wants to cut down on CO2 emissions.

There is a choice of two 2.2-litre diesel engines, with one producing just 130g/km of CO2, for those wanting a more grunt then there is a more powerful version. Do you think that the Range Rover Evoque will be popular, or is the design to radical for the company?

  • David Beckham

    Pointless & overpriced. 90% will be owned by footballers wives.

  • reader

    Dear author,

    Please learn to spell. Also, check your grammer.

    Thank you.

  • djb

    Hardly matters what design they come up with unless it also means their vehicles stop being such completely useless and unreliable failures of engineering. Terrible cars, horrid resale value.

    • Angel

      Have you checked the Range Rover Sport resale values? They are the highest in the Luxury SUV market. Get your facts straight before spewing garbage.

      • hhh

        yes, because the range rover sport has the bmw supercharged engine that's why its reliable and thus the high resale value.

        • DCB

          Incorrect, naturally aspirated & supercharged versions of a Jaguar engine have always been in the Sport.

  • Hen

    Too not to.

  • Granny Schoolmarm

    One cannot "wet" an appetite. The correct word is "whet."

    Whet: Excite or stimulate (someone's desire, interest, or appetite).

  • james

    It is supposed to be "whet" our appetite.

  • lyla

    You're all a bunch of pompous asses!