PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 Problems: What are they?

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Earlier this morning Jamie Pert informed us that Sony had made PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 available for download. I have yet to download the update – something to do with my PlayStation 3 not working anymore. However, we know that millions of you would have already updated your system, so we now await to here what problems you have been experiencing.

We know that the firmware version v3.50 adds the ability for Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback, so we are certain that there will be a few teething issues with this. It does not matter how much planning and developing Sony do, something always goes wrong with an update like this – so will require a small update in the coming days or weeks. More details on the update from the PlayStation Blog.

We are not certain how smoothly the new Facebook Integration feature will go, we will need to wait until PS3 titles can fully support this. The idea of gaining access to Facebook user’s profiles during a game will hopefully work from the get-go, but we all now how these things can go horrible wrong.

Have you downloaded PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 yet? What problems do you have, if any?

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  • Mark

    None, why would there be? I don't know of anyone thats ever had any PS3 firmware problems.

    • billy bob

      just finished update 3.50 and the 3d support don't work, won't even recognize the 3d movie LOL ohhh Sony try again

      • vanillabear888

        i hav a different problem,
        since updating it hasn't allowed me to sign in it keeps saying my login stuff is wrong, but, i know its not because it jus allowed me to sign on to the battlefield bad company 2 website using my online details
        wat the hell should i do??????? :(

        • Markus-Ruski

          I’ve got the same problem. I tried the good old off and on trick but alas, no joy!! Typical when I was planning on adding my Danish friend too!!

        • Anthony

          Same with me. My saved login information is gone, nothing I enter works, and I get an error when I request a password change.

      • Mike

        Blu-ray 3D movies don't play in 3D, just 2D, on my system… No sync signal is coming from the ps3, according to my Sony 3d tv. The major purpose of the 3.50 update was blu-ray 3D but it fails on my ps3 slim console, in spite of all Sony equipment and HDMI 1.4 cables.

      • Jj

        Is any one having a problem with there game discs not start when u put them in no games work for me

        • Victor

          Hey I have the same problem, have you found a fix for this cuz when I updates my ps3 would keep spinning the disk but it never loaded to the screen

      • PEEDOFF

        Just bought a new HX800 3D compatible TV, that was marketed with a ‘free’ PS3 and 3D Gran Turismo/Alice in Wonderland movie. Just received the PS3 pack today and downloaded update 3.50 AND update 3.55-BOTH updates haven’t enabled 3D to work-very f#$king annoyed and frustrated. Another slick marketing campaign Sony-all hype and no substance…6 hours down the track and still no 3D. The instructions they’ve given seem to have been written by a total f$%king imbecile. It seems that a few people have had this problem-what the F$%K are Sony doing!!??

    • tony

      updated the 3.50 system software and now have problems sign in to the playstation network stating that the e-mail addy or the password is wrong

    • ciaran

      i have been a ps3 network user for some time and i always use th sign in automatically button. since i updated my ps3 password has been wiped and it has been a long time since I have had to type in my password, and I can't remember it anymore. another problem im having since the update is that the "forgot your password?" button is displaying an error code when i press it

    • frankie

      1 problem i cant sign in to my account keeps telling me my email or password is incorrect wtf

    • Neal Swannack

      Cant log into ps3 network since downloading new 3.5 sofware update and now error's when asking for forgotten password even though i know what my pass word is, why cant they ever get it right no wonder more people choose to buy xbox cause ps3 support is w@nk !!!!!!

    • bbq

      weve had issues with every firmware update including this one.

    • Grahamps

      hey, could anyone is anyone else encountering the same problems, i did the update and when i play mw2 there is no sound on some parts of the game online or off, then after i play a game online it just freezes and i have to turn off my system, then i put fifa in and there is no commentary , i did a hard reset and wiped everything clean on my ps3 which took 5 hours, and i still have the same problems can anyone help thanks

    • fred

      it killed my ps3…. i downloaded the 3.50 update and it started the install then crashed and it won't finish installing. I can't even go into safe mode………….

    • Ethan

      Immediately after installing 3.50, my Ps3 stopped recognizing any discs i put in it. I cant play games, watch dvds, or watch netflix.The one time it did recognize a game, it started loading, then sent me error code:80010514. Cost of repair by sending it in is almost $150.00. I wont be sending it in until the next update comes in… maybe that will fix it.

      • kris

        im havin the same problem mate, wont read none of my games i have slim 250 gb,, my warranty runs up in november not sure if 2 send it off or not?

      • fmang

        i also can't get any of my game discs to work after this freakin update. it doesn't even show that the ps3 reads the discs. but i was able to play immediately after the update installation. after a system shutdown, that's when the problem came in.

    • Marc

      Well, I updated mine and it killed my PS3. First the screen video wasn't working, only audio. So, I did the Safe Mode fixes and nothing. Then I tried to reinstall the 3.5 firmware and now the PS3 just gives a green light and nothing else. No Picture, No Sound. Can't even go to Safe Mode anymore. Nothing. I hope that was a little sarcasm in you question. You can't tell on the internet you know.

    • nix

      had my ps3 for about four years, myriad updates, no problem. Update to 3.5 and all I get is a flashing red light and nothing more. Solution? Hell, I wanted a slim ps3 with the bigger hard drive so I bought one. Update to 3.5…crashes. Won't connect to trophies (freezes system) which means no game. Played Blu-ray and DVD fine, though. Exchanged for even newer ps3, no update, no problem

    • hutchy97

      my ps3 says i need to install the new update so i click yes to install it and it says i already have the update so i cant sign in :( please help

  • Retro

    Oh I don't know there Mark, there has been a ps3 update problem in the past that actually caused hundreds of systems to crash… google it sometime. I avoided it by not updating until it was safe to. Anyhow the only problem I am having is that I can not grab the 3.50 update from my ps3 at the moment, Im having to use a usb drive to do it. Half way through the update Im disconnected and have to start all over… again and again. Gave up and am grabbing it via the laptop this time.

    • Scott

      just downloaded the update, now my playstation store doesn't work! so i turned it off and on, and now it wont even let me sign in!

    • timo

      what website do u use to download update via usb key.. the offical web page for sony is only letting me download version 3.40 and i am having same problem downloading via ps3,, it cuts off at 28%..

    • lauren

      i have a ? my update doesnt finish. it crashes about half way through. it says its unable to work. so, how do i update it using another computer? im 16 btw, & have no clue what im doing, lol.

  • DeathByChair

    Well this update has made my fragnstein usb controller ( no longer work.

    They better be working on a fix for this.

    • MBA

      the new FnS firware is up and running smooth.
      Bannco support has delivered once again, as promised.

      check the site.


    • MrFragnstein

      I have the same problem with my fragnstein, then i tried my stearing wheel, didnt work eather it seams like the USB ports are knocked out.

    • benq620

      my ps2 to ps3 orb converter has stopped working after this update…sony is really startin to piss me off and im really considering going xboxy

  • Mark

    Hundreds? You know there are 40m PS3's out there. That's like 0.000001%

    This is the dumbest topic ever.

    • brendan

      this subject is not dumb, yes most are fine and I personally never had a problem, but this is for people that have it happened so they can get help for what to do and also for anyone not sure on updating.

      • BobVance

        Adding on to what brendan is saying, Sony shouldn't just stop helping their consumer because a small percentage is having problems. Sony made the updates mandatory if you want PSN access, and if those updates have potentially caused problems, then they should look into it. Admittedly, the issue could not be caused by Sony, so if there is a problem, troubleshooting should reveal what could be causing it.

        If it's a problem with the internet, along with getting bad packets, then Sony should already have a checksum checker with their updates. Which is actually the most basic thing to have.

        On a side note, it's interesting that this Mark was first sure that the firmware update didn't cause any problems since he never saw it. Then after realizing that there have been problems, was ok with it. Very interesting.

    • Tom Gilby

      u must be a fucking idiot.. so its first importent if it hits u or what ? so there's no problem cos u dont have them ?? u must think with ur ass

    • Ferry

      Mark your probably just some faggot that works for sony denying the issues that the ps3 are getting with there updates, now i have the code 80010514 my effing bluray player is stuffed. and the 3.50 firmware allows you to play 3D content on Blu-ray 3D discs. and thats what caused the problem and it stuffs up 2 days after my update. AND now sony was asking for $250 off me to fix and i could of only said one thing and that was to go fuck them selfs i already paid 600 for this shit aint paying another 250.

  • Andrew

    just updated mine and now it wont turn on….plzz helpp

    • UDAman


      • CodMaster

        Since this update neither me or my gf can sign in to psn. we both have it set to remember username & password but now it wont remember them. Then when we put our usernames & passwords in straight away i get a message saying THE SIGN IN ID (EMAIL ADDRESS) OR PASSWORD IS INCORRECT. Its also happening to my 2 brothers at my mums house, my cuzzin at his and a few of my mates. Why would this update cause the playstation 3 to not recognise your username & password? Im getting sick of the update problems. Mine crashed with that big update bug little while back. Any answers to why none of our PS3,S can recognise the username or password or remember them for that matter, AFTER THIS UPDATE???? Would realy appreciate the support & feedback. I WANNA GET BACK TO CODDIN OUT. CHEERS

        • James

          Same here I cannot sign into psn either now

        • Allan

          Same here I can't sign in to psn!!!

        • Deano

          same probs here. any advice?

        • xastunts

          i can confirm that i have the same problem. it just told me my email id or password where wrong. when i try type it manually it says same thing. its always on remember my password and auto sign in. so i shouldnt be needing to be part of all this bullshit!

          i bet its just same shit with the servers of playstation cause i can confirm that i have logged in and played online after i updated to 3.50 . so this is not just cause of the update.

        • Gina

          Me too. All four of my online accounts don’t work and they can’t even send me my password. Fix it Sony!

    • chizzle

      mine wont sign in either. whats the deal psn???

    • cheepster76

      I am having the same problem, only my worked for about half a hockey game. Shut off in middle of it. YLOD!!!

    • hugo

      Same Problem

  • Samm

    how do i down load it from computer and upload it via usb to console?

    • Amz

      put u'r usb on the ps3 and see if it reconizes it , if so got to ps website on u'r pc and go to firmware update and download it. then move u'r downloaded folder to usb and plug into the ps3. when u do so, go to software update via usb on u'r ps3 and there u go it should start downloading. i done it myself.

  • alzza28

    i am having the same problem as retro, halfway through it says a connection cannot be established and then it cuts out and i have to start again, and it is not like it is a ten minute update

  • Jordan Dyckes

    I've had every update since 1.80 and never had any issues, the only time my PS3 stopped working was when the Y2K Bug occurred and the date was set to 31/12/1999 which stopped the PSN from connecting.

    It depends on a lot of factor's beyond Sony's control, when downloading update's theirs always a risk that your Internet Connection could of dropped some packets and the file was damaged, or you've changed your HDD and it caused some issues or may be the console was on it's way out anyway, and it decided the update was too much.

    If the update was to cause problems, it would affect everyone updating to it; but it doesn't and therefore isn't a problem with the update, but your console or Internet.

    • worster

      stop talking out of your arse! mine was working before the update and now it wont let me sign in and keeps comin up with a fault code so how can that be my console or my internet!!?? and how is your console any different to mine!! knob!

    • Tudim

      You had PS3 in 1999? Wow – it was about 6 years before its launch ;-)

      • mellow yellow man

        yeah, didn’t you know that the ps3 has been around since like jesus was born…

  • Lee

    It seem like Sony never listen to the consumer. For months now every blog site I have been on they are all crying out for the xbox cross game chat. Not much to ask for but Sony yet again let us down. Maybe on day we will get our own version of cross game chat.

    • BLNKO

      The reason there is no cross game chat available is because alot of the older games do not allowed this because of the way that they programed the game and if they add the cross chat to the system you will not be able to play alot of the older games and this will make PS3 liable of service agreements and companies can sue PS3 for alot of money.

  • Guest

    So far so good – no problems for me.

    • niks

      the update has wiped all my emails and passwords for every account and now is sayin they are incorrect when i know they are fine. sony totaly nafs every update with some kind of bug or feature that is non repsonsiv sort it out SONY!!

      • Hanzy

        Saaame! Im really not happy with this. Stupid sony! How long do you reckon it will take for a fix to this?

      • Sam

        Myna done exactly the same, tried to create a new user and the error code 8053 whatever keeps on popping up

      • Danny ︻╦╦╧─ Groves

        OMG it happened to me 2 :(

  • Renze

    Firmware 3.50 and all's well. Of course, I don't have a 3DTV, or any 3D blu-ray movies to test on it, and the Facebook stuff can't be tested until software actually uses it, nor have I had any report-worthy messages sent to my PS3 inbox…

  • LeViZ

    never had any issues with any update . my ps3 still working like it should 4 years after buying it

    • Amz

      u'r seriously lucky, my ps3 slim keeps on bloody freezing on every game i play.

  • paul

    my controllers wont connect wireless anymore, was working fine before the update

    • VinTheDean

      Try connecting via USB.

      • Micro

        I have same problem, controller won't connect via wireless, but when I connect it via usb it works. I also tried to reset it with small rst button – it still doesn't work

        • tralala

          same problem here,my snakebyte bluetooth controller stop working after the update,when i connect it via usb,it works.they better get it fixed!

        • troy

          im having the exact problems with all my controllers. At first I thought it was the bluetooth internal antenna was malfunctioning…then Best Buy gave me a new console, the controllers worked fine wireless until I installed the 3.5 update.
          I just discovered yesterday the only controller that will work wireless is the original one that came with the console when i first bought it, but none of the controllers work wireless that i bought seperately.

        • Jonathan

          We are having the same issue. The controller that came with the system works fine, but the other ones wont!

    • Karl James Shortland

      yeah i have the same problem it worked fine before the update but now it won't connect wirelessly anymore the only way i can play on my ps3 now is to have the controller permantly connected up via usb.If i try and take out the usb cable then the four lights just flash at me and if connected via usb player 1 and 2 lights stay on solid.

    • mightymo05

      I have the same problem. Damn, this is really irritating.

  • Haydz

    No problems here either. Downloaded in about three mins. And am now installing. Never had any issue with any download or install. Now if the rest of my life could go so smoothly and faultless. Good luck out there.

  • Disappointed

    Installed it last night – PS3 works fine except that 3D bluray movies aren't playing (I have a Panasonic 65" VT25 3D plasma)……

    • mike

      you need to have a sony tv i had heard. only brand ps3 will work with

    • Jaspinder

      Show off -_-

  • shane

    the problem im having is once i update my ps3 the data stops sending through my hdmi cable, it will work with standard set up through av cable but that lacks audio and visual affects

    • Jamie

      Is your stuff HDMI 1.4 compatable?

      • Ryan

        whats that?

  • ilovethishole

    downloaded it last night, just woke up tried to turn it on and the light turns green but there is no noise and no picture. after about 5 – 10 seconds the light begins flashing red. WTF?

    • shane

      you got YLOD.. it can be fixed but if your ps3 is under warranty i think u should contact sony if not and you think you good with electronics theres loads of videos on youtube showing you how to fix the problem

      • Matan

        do you have a link to any of these videos? I just installed 3.5 and now I get no video

    • Sue Sony

      This exact same thing happened to me to on a CECHG01 40gb unit. Sony is killing of the older PS3's! We paid a lot of money for these older consoles with backward compatibility, and now they are slowly killing them off. I say we get a lawsuit brewing. This is complete BS. This console has worked fine in a clean, cool, well ventilated space. The update killed this PS3, because after it restated itself. It died!

      • Amz

        i agree with u, someone should step up to sony…

  • Montel

    Well I get the error message and it want even let me begin the download.. Please hurry and fix this problem I jus want to play my PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UDAman

    I downloaded 3.5. I waited for a bit. I actually set it so that it would turn off after the update. I come later to record a program with PlayTV. I try to turn PS3 on. The green and yellow lights just flash at me. been 3 hours. tried turning off. didn't work. PLEASE HELP:) but the controllers do connect…

    • lafraga

      hold it down the power button until your hear three bips and it will turn off then do it again hold down power button wait for three bips and the diagnostics screen shoud come up, try to restore the system

  • Jamie

    Hi all, updated the PS3 to 3.50 and everything is working fine. However it seems that unless you have HDMI 1.4 throughput on your amps etc it won't work. Connect direct to Samsung 3DTV and never missed a beat and looks awesome infact better than demos i have seen running in stores with far less shadowing. Are people on here using a 1.4 version HDMI cable to contact with so they can get the bandwith.

    Just a suggestion that works for me.

    • scruffy21

      thank you for suggestion i could not get most of my games to play after the update to 3.50. Turns out I just needed a new HDMI cable! Thanks!!

  • Billy1980

    I have ps3 slim with samsung 46" 3dtv and when playing monsters vs aliens it's laggy and has severe motion blur. It's all sync'd up properly but the 3d capability isn't quite there yet. My 3d gaves work fine!

    • Jamie

      Hi BIlly, i have the samsung 46" LED also. I had the same issue but after alot of looking around it seems that it takes upto 2hrs for the screen to "warm up" before it reaches it's full potential.

    • terry

      I have the same setup as you and i couldnt get my ps3 to read the movie disk….so i dunno what the deal is .

    • Øystein

      Hi! Same setup, but the same problem as others here, it will not read the 3D blu-ray disks at all. Any ideas? I have a old fat PS3, not the slim one. Anyone with the fat model with working 3D Blu-ray?

  • James, UK

    Just updated my 60gb PS3 and it switched off and now only has a flashing red light and wont switch on? WTF Sony?

    • Leo

      Same problem happened to me just now. The update only took about 20 minutes, so it is not a long time for the PS3 to overheat and I had not used for at least 4 days.

    • Stacey Davis

      I have the lovely original 60g too. UD 3.5 ruined RB3. Haven't tried any other games, but had to remember even DLing that firmware update before I realised what had to have caused the problems with RB3.

  • xGeostigma

    90% of USB Devices have been disabled. Why even have USB ports on the system if you're going to disable everything? Most notably, 99% of PS2->PS3 gaming converters are now no longer working.

  • Pepe

    I can't connect to PSN, nor login with my two accounts… They say I have a wrong password, even if I put "Forgot your Password?" it always shows an error… Please fix it I want all online features back

    • miranda

      i have the exact same thing!! its my boyfriends ps3 and im tryna fix it before he comes home from work . is there anything we can do to fix it?

    • prisoner_23016

      me too. I'm seriously pissed off

    • jtb

      yea same, whats happening,

    • Bob

      Exactly the same problem here !!! plus the same has happened to a friend !! How do we get it sorted??

    • McMerkis

      i also am having this prob

    • Brendan

      I have just updated (UK time 7.30pm) I have the same error. It wiped off my passowrd and when I reinstated it it said the password (or ID) was incorrect. I went through the forgot password procedure and it said "error".

      So So So annoying

    • Matthew

      same here, they better fix it

    • James

      Same!!! and on my friends a/c he cant remember his password so now hes bunched!

    • Herjo

      SAME THING!!!!!

    • tom

      im the same wont sign in WTF
      sony are no longer a good brand

    • XtrIjmDarKk

      i think they fixed it mine had the same prob and know i can log in normaly

    • Rob N

      Yeah same, me and my freind have it and we both have the original 60gb consoles and my other mate as the 120gb newer console and his works fine… Im sorry but this awful from sony.

    • gohan

      there's a maintenance on the store going on, you wont be able to sing in until 8 pm pacific time

    • Turbo_nick_dk

      we where a group of 5 ready to do the BAD comapny 2 Team yesterday we got the SAME f……. problems as you what is going on with this update… do the get it fixed or what ? are PSN aware of this problem ??? my guess would be that in the thousands have the same problem….

    • Travis Carter

      yeh me too pepe i knew i should've waited c'mon sony

    • Gord

      Exactly the same thing happened to me. I cannot play on line and I cannot enter a password that is accepted. No idea what to do next.

  • Zay

    Help Me D: I Cant Sign Into PSN :(

    • jack

      same, no idea what to do!
      does it say your email or password is incorrect?

      • bow

        gettin same problem got 2 ps3s and the sames happened to both of them im well fooked off dont know wot to do?

        • bow

          same here please help cant get online says password wrong

    • vanillabear888

      same its seriously starting to anoy me
      wat should i do????

    • Alex

      same problem, i say go and buy a 360, the online is apparently faultless compared to this sony crap

      • Jamie

        I agree alex lol

        Can't make 1 freakin update without a bug >:/

    • sam

      same shit, different guy. same problem

    • SHAGGY


    • liz

      same here, really annoying, someone help. :(

    • Nathan

      OMG SAME any ideas from any one ive tried multiple accounts and tried changing the internet settings nothing worked

    • Niko

      the same thing happened to says that my password or id is inncorect but is trying to sign in the last three days..plz help..coz iim so pissed right now -.-

  • Digitalman

    Just done the update – I can't sign onto the Playstation network – keeps say either my email add or password is incorrect – WHICH IT ISNT!

    • James

      Got the same problem.

    • Jamie

      Same exacly with me, :) Thank god im not alone lol i was wetting my pants :'///

      I think its a techinal error, no cod for me ;(

  • Crystal

    Hmm…I just recently updated my system, but now NONE of my accounts will sign in? It says, "Email or password may not be correct" What the ef? Uggh

    • Gragnit

      I've got the same problem


    • sonny

      same for me i was playing mw2 on one account got off that account n tried to get into the others and then no accounts worked anymore saying my email or pass is incorrect its pissing me off

    • Athavan Thayalan

      thats exactly what happened to me, so annoying, i tried different passwords and emails but it still didnt work!

    • lafraga

      im having the same problem too..cant log on to psn. after the udpate

    • mathew gardner

      same here

  • Jose M.

    Haven't seen any problems yet talking about actually connecting to PSN. Its telling me for all the accounts i have on the current PS3 that i have incorrect pasword or email but it was fine before the update. Anyone have this problem or any idea if its something completely different ?

    • sonny

      same here it sucks

    • snipermakedonski

      Yes, I have the same problem. I cant turn it off. :(

  • john

    after the update i was unable 2 sign into my PSN account, i tried later it still didnt work, it might be a coincident but

  • bob

    I can't sign in.

  • SixFootyeti

    Just updated .. Now iv`e found i can`t sign in ? It says wrong password yet when i try to recover password it just says error and some code .. so now i can`t play online ?? Anybody else experiencing this ?

    • UberG79

      I am also getting the same issue and the error code 80023017 when i try to recover my password.
      this happened straight after the update .

    • MIGUEL


    • Brad

      EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!! Glad to know im not alone on this one.

    • terry

      yeah same for me and my ps3 doesnt even read the 3D blu ray movie i have………sigh.

    • rnroll

      am having same probs doing my head in

  • Indigo117

    My PS3 just wont download it in general. lol. Go Playstion!

  • sean

    my ps3 wont allow me to sign in on any of my accounts it says that the email or password is wrong i put it in it doesint work…… wtf

  • Jord

    I have updated my PS3 as well as my brothers, but now it won't let me log in and says wrong password and email, WTF Sony I know my own bloody password I have 4 Accounts UK, USA, Japan, and an Australian ALL of them say the same thing!!

  • BuggerIt

    Since applying the 3.50 update, games have started to stutter. The stuttering or pausing happens at differing times.

    • TOM


    • Avinash

      hey i have the same problem the stutter at different time and the ps3 goes off and red light blinking and but happening to all the latest exclusive games like rachet and clank crack in time, uncharted 2 like that all what to do is it firmware fault or some other problem

  • Abaman

    I went updating before reading this forum. It lost my password and I can't login…

  • Gary Glasgow

    Gary from glasgow here ….i have downloaded the update …..the update has whipped all my passwords from my accounts and wont let me sign in ? HELP ME PLZ !

  • kiz

    after just updating to firmware 3.5 the system now can not log on to playstation netwrok. it says the email and password are not correct. even when i put the password in again same problem.

  • Upgrayed

    this is awesome.. I updated now im getting a PSN error code when signing in.. Also tells me that my password and username don't match.. it has done this to all the accounts that are on my playstattion.. great yet another update to ruin Playstation.. don't they test these things before releasing to the public.. im sure they could have sent the update to all their Beta testers.. Those guys got to be good for something..

  • StaticFox

    I just updated mine 80GB console, and now no matter how many times I try my password and my email, it claims it's wrong. So I can't sign it! At all!

    Anyone else having this problem?

    I get this garbage:

    "the sign-in ID (e-mail address) or password is incorrect"

  • Angel

    i dont know if i seem to be the only one having this problem, but after downloading the update, i was signed out of PSN and now i cant sign back on. it says my email or password are incorrect. is anyone else having this problem?

    • Mick

      Um…your the only one!

      Why don't you read others posts befor posting

  • Bob.

    Got the update, it has now said my psn e-mail and password dont match and because I am putting in the right password I tried "forgot my password" press this and it comes up with "An error has occurred.(80023017). Thanks alot.

  • …..

    mine is saying i have the wrong email and password? wtf?

  • Richard

    Just updated it and none of and my PSN account password login will not work.

  • Someguy

    can't log in anymore, says pasword/login name is wrong

  • mathew gardner

    well mines complety kicked me out of the PS£ network and deleted my password and gess what i cant remember it tried clicking ''forgot your password'' it just comes up with error HELP

  • ahah

    After updating to 3.5, I couldn't log in to psn. It claims that my email or password is wrong (which for sure is not :)).

    Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Toxyk

    I did update and now the machine don´t accept my mail/password….nice…cannot sign in…

    • Brad

      Same problem and it wouldn't let me on my e-mail either. It is also bringing up an error code 80023017 when I click on forget password.I looked up this code and it says the playstation store is down.

  • collingwood876

    Since completing the update my PS3 won't sign in online – it just comes up with a message that my sign in name or password are incorrect. My password and sign in name are correct but the system is no longer recognising them.
    Seriously annoyed and can't find any information on how to fix this problem.

  • jamie

    i cant, or any of my friends can now login, it says the email address is incorrect

    • Jason

      Hey, just try this and see if this works. Go to –> Network Settings –> Media Server Connection –> (hit "Disable"). It worked for me after installing that stupid 3.5 update. Good luck.

  • jdaus

    this update has messed my ps3 right up.. all my passwords for accounts dont work and i cannot sign or oven request password.. ps3 does nothin now but turn on.. bricked thanks to 3.50

  • Brandon

    I can't sign in to any of my accounts after updating. It tells me my Email/Password is incorrect and when I go to "Forgot your password?" I get an error.

  • Minion7

    I am told my login information is incorrect but when I retype my password it says the same thing. I went to click on forgot password at the sign in screen and it tells me there is an error code 80023017

  • mike

    I installed update 3.50 and now my PS3 is unable to connect to the PS network, saying that either my email or password is incorrect, though neither have changed. Any ideas?

  • Andre256

    I cannot Login my PSN Account "Wrong Passwort" !!

  • Scott

    just updated to 3.50, it has turned off auto sign in and ive had my ps3 so long ive forgot my password. I tried the 'forgot your password?' button but it just keeps telling me an error has occured, has anyone experienced anything similar and if so any tips as how to get my password back?

  • Brandon, UK

    Downloaded the update about an hour ago.
    It appears to have installed fine, but I can't sign into Playstation Network.
    The update reset my password bar, which I always have set to "Remember my password".
    I know I am entering my password correctly and my email is fine, but it keeps coming up with the error tht my email or password is incorrect. When I click "Forgot my password", I just get an error code. (80023017)
    I know this error code is related to a PSN update, but my other friends have apparently signed in A-OK.
    Any ideas?

  • BornWithBagOnHead

    Just updated as had a call from a mate who said he can't even sign in after doing I can't either. Anyone else having this problem? Call Of Duty won't play itself Sony!!

  • Harry

    Im in UK just got home from school turned it on says there is update so i update it and wait until it turns itself off. When I come to turn it back on it says error no numbers it just says 'Error' and tries to update again i cancel and the screen goes black!!!!!!!????????
    WTF Ive never had a problem with the PS3 before
    BTW is there a problem worldwide coz I just rang my mate and he said his PS3 wont even turn on!!

  • ChaosBoss

    So I updated to 3.50 and I have the following problems:

    When I go on my profile I have auto-loggin enabled, it says email or password is incorrect and now its wiped the password out – (done this on 2 seperate profiles)

    Also PSN seems to be the problem, or the update has done something because I cannot request 'lost my password' because it says an error has occured, I also cannot create a new PSN account because that also comes up with the same error message.

    Hopefully fix soon.

  • Paul uk.

    Since download my password no longer matches my email account on both my psn accounts . When I go into forgot password I get error code 80020317 . This has happened to my ps3 and all of my Friends ps3s . End result I can no longer play games over the network . WTF

  • Connor

    I just downloaded 3.50 and I can no longer login to either of my profiles.

  • Brandon, UK

    Can't seem to find evidence of this problem anywhere else. Just glad I'm not alone

  • yan banks

    i also cant sign into any of my accounts after the 3.50 update wtf

  • billycudd1990

    well im not having those problems, it just wont let me sign into the ps3 network, keeps saying that i have the wrong password but i know its correct cos its on sign in automatically, i then click 'forgotten password' just incase then an error message appears, fuckin hell sony sort it out!!!!

  • snipermakedonski

    Hi I updated my PS3 software to 3.50 and i cant sign in to PSN and to be even worse my PS3 wont shut down i have to shut it down at the back! Please help!!

  • Hoobajoob

    server is down (error 80023017)

  • bill1990

    i have not had those problems, but i cannot sign into PS Network, it says I have the wrong password but i know it is correct as it was on sign in automatically, i then click forgotten password but an error message comes up, they need to test things first on people who volunteer to have the update to see if they encounter problems, jeez havent they heard of testing?

  • jdaus

    dear sony.. this is the second ps3 your updates have bricked.. what the hell morons do you have workin in your software department.. do you test b4 you release or just say hey it is in the fine print so it aint our problem.. love the ps3 but this is a joke.. get it to gether sony

  • sonny

    wtf i cnat sign in and i see alot of ya cant i thought i got hacked or something lol but it worked fine after the update but when i switched accounts after playing mw2 it erased all my passwords n says my info is wrong this sucks

  • Sam noble

    I have a problem with 3.50 just downloaded it and now it says my email or password is incorrect this happened to 3 of my other friends we only just talked About it so Sony better fix this I want to go on cod hahaa

  • Chaotic

    ive tryed loging in on all of my accounts and got about 10 and it saying Password or Email incorrect but before i updated i was on it fine played a game and everythink as normal Sony fucks up

  • Lauren

    It wont let me sign it says password or username is wrong thats bullshit

  • Shaz

    i updated my PS 3 45 minutes ago, guess what i cannot log online any more. Keep on getting message that the email id or password not correct even though it is all saved on the system. Hope that makes sense. Every time i try to click on the password forgot icon it brings up a error code 80023017. Which means i cannot even change the password.

  • Duncan Hughes

    lol, I have also downloaded the new update, I can't login in either!

    My email or password is incorrect!

    What the hell has this update done!

  • collingwood876

    Anyone found out how to fix this connectivity problem?
    Tried to log into the PS3 site but must be overloaded with people having problem because it won't even load.
    Bloody annoying :(

  • Martin

    Well done Sony, another fine fuck up

  • Scott

    does anyone actually give us any answers here or are we just all waiting for nothing?

  • BaKa

    3.5 update deleted my passwords and says they are incorrect so i can't sign into the PSN : ( please fix this.

  • jamal

    its undergoing maintenance till 5pm in america and 1 am in UK

    • AJOK

      how do know this dude?

  • luke

    the fucking download has lost my online it wont let me online and all it says that there is something wrong with my e-mail or password when ive checked it thousands of times both password and e-mail fucking help :D

  • jamal

    the same thing is happening with me!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the F

    yeah im having the same problem.. i downloaded update 3.50 and it wont let me sign in to any of my accounts, it says my username or password is incorrect when i know for a fact they arn't because i havnt touched them for since i made the accounts

  • j clover

    just downloaDED new 3.50 version now cant sign into network wrong pass word a email getting error code 80023017 whats going on dont want 3d just wana kill people on gta

  • Nick

    Same problem as last 2 posters. Can't sign in on any one of 4 accounts. Says wrong ID or password :(

  • Matt

    I jus’ done the 3.50 update and I can’t sign in to psn. WTF Sony

  • mark

    ihave updated an it says wrong pass and email crap i know there right but i go to forgott pass and i get an error this update has crashed or summit

  • Jonny

    Just updated to 3.50 – cannot sign in either. The error message (80023017) is the same as before when it was a problem at the Sony end….I think that took almost 2 days to fix……

  • juanluis

    i got a real big problem… for some reason after downloading the update i cant log in to my psn account it saids that either my pass or e-mail adress is wrong. then i click on forgot password and it saids error!! wtf?

  • Joe

    Matt Baxter – I've not seen it mentioned!

  • Chris

    wow i thought it was just me that couldnt sign in but there seems to be others with the problem so im a little bit happier.

  • Alex

    i usually have my ps3 sign in to PS3 automaticallly but rite now, it wont and it says my password is incorrect, I know it isnt because i saved the password with the ID

    SONY fix this ASAP or i will buy myself a 360 for all the brilliant games comin up before the end of the year

  • stephen

    Well i was playing call of duty Modernwarfare 2 when i was signed out of PSN and it told me i had to do a system update. so i did whitch took 15 mins altogether and now i cannot sign into PSN it gives me an error code and says the email id or password is incorrect and when i click reset password i get the same error message. ive only had this problem since updating my firmware? what do i do? many thanks

  • Jamie

    I need help somebody, my ps3 wont let me sign in with my id, it just says incorrect password, i tried on 3 accounts and ALL aren't letting me sign in… I know 100% its the right password, this happened straight after update

    Please can someone reply a.s.a.p


  • guyuk

    I downloaded the update this morning (GMT) and then logged out after playing poker for around 2 hours – now I CANT log in as my passwords are no longer accepted NOR is the 4 digit code in the "security settings" which now reads "incorrect" – is this a firmware problem or have I been hacked?

    If I have been hacked – what do I do to get my account back?

    Also if you receive any ps3 traffic re guyuk – thats my account so report it to sony and link it to my post here.


  • Darren

    wtf cant login it says my password or email is incorrect wich it isn't and i cant connect my wireless controller ???

    everything was fine untill i downloaded the update

  • Matt baxter

    It has wiped all of my passwords ( which I can’t remember) so I can’t play online… Did this happen to anyone else??

    • vanillabear888

      same its seriously starting to anoy me
      and when i use the "cant remember password" button it says

      • mathew gardner

        same guys there gona have to take this update bk or the hole worlds gona go tits up

  • wayne

    a cant sign in to online sayin my email r passwords incorrect how can a fix it

  • Danny Mabbott

    same here, can't sign in at all!

  • guest

    same here not letting me sign in the acounts say passoword or e mail adress is wrong help sony i wanna play coooooooood

  • KXF41

    I've just done this update as I was forced to, it got 36% through installing then crashed, now i cannot sign in to psn same as all you guys. It says my password is incorrect and brings up an error message if i try to reset it. I try to run the update again and it says its installed? Nah it aint sony! Anyone know a help number for ps3 iowners? I need to vent!

  • Naden

    i cant sign in anymore coz update

  • Trad

    hey guys, i have the same problem and when i went to the playstation site they have a notice on there that says the online network is down for maintenance till 5pm eastern time.

  • deron

    Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

    PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, September 21st. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 8 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 5 pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN.

    Because this maintenance window overlaps the normal PlayStation Store publish, we’ll be making new content available tonight. Grace Chen will post the store content as normal when the content is live.

    Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates on tonight’s store publish and for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    So all is good i think.

  • Cory

    I can't sign into any of my ps3 accounts after I downloaded the new firmware. WTF

  • bob

    wtf keeps crashing my games……

  • deron

    Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

    PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, September 21st. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 8 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 5 pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN.

    Because this maintenance window overlaps the normal PlayStation Store publish, we’ll be making new content available tonight. Grace Chen will post the store content as normal when the content is live.

    Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates on tonight’s store publish and for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • kage

    i just updated my ps3 and now my password wont work for the playstation network.. it says its incorrect but i have always saved my password… whats goin on… any help?!?!

  • Terry

    WTF, i turn on my ps3 after downloading the new update and my accounts keep throwing an error message… SOny get on this pronto, Im off daddy duty and this is the only time i get to get my t-bag on in modernware 2

  • Karl

    Yes, it seems were all having the same problem. There is somthing horribly wrong at sony. im sure they will fix it. NO ONE CAN SIGN IN AND EVERYONES ACCOUNT INFO IS MESSED UP!!!

  • Andy

    Yep same here.. can’t sign in…

  • chrisb


  • Trad

    hey guys, i have the same problem and when i went to the playstation site they have a notice on there that says the online network is down for maintenance till 5pm eastern time.

  • Bads316

    can't sign in, great stuff… no really…. genius.

  • HUg

    Okay good every1 cant sign into PSN i take it, So sony "HAS" to do something about this error.
    I also do not know my PW lets hope they can actually send it to me after i clik forgot PW link.

    I Also cant sign into PSN.

  • Gary

    Yes same for me. The previous passwords are apparently incorrect. Another mess up by Sony. well done you never fail to pee me off.

  • miranda

    omg can someone help me PLEASEE. i want on my boyfriends ps3 to play cod.. and it said to do a update.soo i did and now everytime i enter my username and password it says incorrect wth. please help meeeee. lol my boyfriend is gunna kill me !!!!!

    • rebecca

      its not broke, its an error with sony. everyones is down that has used the update

  • Nish

    cant sign in…same problem as everyone elses…psn error…it erased my passwrd…n wen i type the correct says the same as everyone elses..wen i click forgot says error 800.. something..

  • Bads316

    PSN is down for maintenance

  • bow

    same here as well ! wots goin on sort it out sony!

  • J_Michael

    Me also, it won't let me sign in…..

  • Guest

    Why the FUCK is an update for this gimmick that is 3D MANDATORY?? I don't own, or want to own a 3D TV, and therefore don't need this stupid update. The only thing it did is fuck up PSN, and now I can't sign in!

  • Mr. Bumbag

    Downloaded the latest version….Ace!! One problem….I seem to be the only one in COD online!! WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!?

  • Jack

    this is not the first time i havn't been able to connect online after an update, but it's never been like this, like everyone else is saying. it says i may have the wrong email or password, this has caused inconvenience

  • stunt_waabeeb

    updated then lauched paradise (best game ever) worked went to switch accounts same prob as all the other four pages ??? wtf ???

    stunt_waabeeb :PSN

  • Niklos Alexander

    Right after downloading update 3.50, I was no longer able to sign.. I cant make any sense of it. I had the "automatic sign-in" feature enabled and my email/password saved. After updating, the feature was no longer enabled. I put in my email and password and it tells me time and time again that one of the two are incorrect. To test to see if this was true, I tried logging into my email with my pc and I was able to.. The email/password is corect.
    What gives?

  • Bernie from RI

    this is fu**ed up! first i did the update about a month ago and it caused my modern warfare to stop working and it really screwed the disc up somehow because it wont play in any of my friends playstations either… now i update the 3.50 and i cant sign in. it says error and incorrect email/password. this is bullshit. why is sony doing this to us? the new xbox 360 is only $199 and has wifi and the rrod problem is fixed …i think its time to switch to xbox.

  • Link 555

    i cant sign into the psn, it thinks that either my e-mail address or password are incorrect, and this happened two minutes after i downloaded the firmware.

  • Erwin

    Here… same sign-in problem like everyone else!! My password doesn't work anymore…

  • Ryan O Donnell

    same as pepe and zay none of my friends can do it either

  • Bill Gates

    Typical Multi Million Pound Company – cant get it right. They obviously have the wrong IT people doing the job. Should have left it the the Kids, sure they could do it better…

  • Daniel

    Playstation Network to be down all day tuesday — 9/21 — til 5 pm pacific time — check out under playstation store…:-(

  • fabian

    wft cant sign in on my account. HELL WITH THIS CRAP. WAY TO GO SHITHEADS

  • Trent

    Let me sum it up for everyone.

    Cant log in.

    Sony FTW

  • stunt_waabeeb

    updated then lauched paradise (best game ever) worked went to switch accounts same prob as all the other four pages ??? wtf ???

  • Chris

    I cant log in to psn either help!

  • joe

    i cant sign in

  • Andrew McGill

    just updated my ps3 and cannot sign in to the playstation network, keeps saying invalid email/user id or password is incorrect but that is not the case, sony need to get there arses in gear. as network gone on a hissy fit.

  • A Olver,Jersey

    I just recently updated my system, but now NONE of my accounts will sign in? It says, "Email or password may not be correct" What the

  • Paul

    It seems the PlayStation Network is down so I'm guessing this is why we are having so many problems. shows it's offline.
    I'm hoping that's all it is and when it comes back online we can all sign in – fingers crossed!!!!!

  • Bill Gates

    Should have bought a Wii.. or 360….

  • Josh

    when will ps3 release any news about if its fixable or not?

  • owen

    i cant sign onto psn plz help!

  • andrej

    psn is dead on my system too

  • Ben Dover Sony

    Updated – now can log in with the info I have been using for 4 years. This is after I just bought a new ps3 cause the other gave the yellow light of death then red light. Sony I am about completely done with this. Your a billion dollar company – get your shi+ together

  • DannyG2010

    same ere boys no joy atfer the update says i cant log in and me passwords wrong .. sony sort it before i slap all ya team bunch of stupid idiots

  • Mighty Joe John

    Did the update this morning and now I can't sign in. It says my password is wrong.

  • Dan

    mine has deleted my password and won't let me log back in. same thing happened to 4 of friends. any ideas on what to do?

  • Tim Schulte

    I can't login on the PSN! The ps3 says that my password is incorrect, but that's not true!
    Can anybody help me?

  • greg

    ive just updated mine with that update but it wont sign me in it says email not recognised, but the psn network has been closed for maintence so i will try tommorrow!

  • sulaiman

    can anyone help me am having problems in sing-in please

  • Chris

    Mine says "The sign-in ID (e-mail address) or password is incorrect. After hitting forgot your password this error message shows (80023017)

  • luk2808

    can log in my account, damn!!!

  • Billy

    Mines is the same!!! Raging!!!!

    • blunt

      me too xbox time!Q

  • blah

    Gee read the post about 3 up from all the dumb comments, psn is down today according to the sony site…


    :( same!!! FIX IT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • guest

    I cant sign to psn , when update to 3.50 WTF sonyyyyyyyyy

  • steve

    Can't login to psn either. ahhhhh!!!!!!

  • IVOR

    This is a very strange problem. Myself and my neighbours are all having the same login problems. However I have one friend who is signed into PSN as I type and hasn't experienced any problems during today since the update. I can understand not being able to sign into PSN if maintinance is being carried out but how come 1 friend of mine can sign into PSN!!

  • drew

    it keeps saying wrong email or password wtf every update i have a problem!!!!!!!!! come on sony quit f'en stuff up

  • Anon

    Having trouble logging into PSN also :/

  • Eric

    i just updated my ps3. can't log in to psn. psn is down at the moment.

  • lee

    stupid update is now saying username or password incorrect??? wtf??? why would they force us to have an update that ruins our gaming time?/ idiots. anyone know of a fix for this pleaseeeeeee.

  • vman

    no connection tonight i think

  • Peter

    Im from Belgium. same problem here.

  • Jens

    From Sony

    PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:00 on Tuesday 21 September 2010 until 02:00 on Wednesday 22 September 2010, BST.

    During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

    * PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP and PC.
    * PlayStation Network Account Management.
    * PlayStation Network Account Registration.

    In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from If you wish to play online during the maintenance, please ensure you sign in to PSN before 16:00 on Tuesday 21 September 2010.

    During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

    If you have any questions about this down time, feel free to visit the official PlayStation Forums where you can post your query and a member of the moderation team will get back to you.

    For the latest maintenance updates, visit the PlayStation Blog, keep an eye on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

  • vman

    how long is this gonna take??

  • @diaryofaledger

    The PSN is down for maintenance.

  • bbq

    We downloaded the update and now the system will not recognize our internet log in information.

  • jack h

    i just updated, won't let me even sign in, helppp

  • Simon

    Since I installed version 3.50 I can't login to PSN anymore, they keep saying that my ID or password is incorrect, but I kept trying (like for 5 mins) to re-enter the correct ID and password and it did not work. Also, when I do ''forgot password'', it says error 8………

  • Dave

    Same as the last few. Can't sign in. Nothing but error msgs. WTF. Call Sony.. and a recording says "We cannot help you right now" … and tells you to go to Sony site… which is "Down for Maintenance" when trying to sign in there … swear to god. This is pretty bad.

  • BoltZ

    wait until after 5pm pacific time. psn is down for maintenance today.

  • Steven Paterson

    Just updated to 3.50, and now apparently all my sign in details are incorrect, even though the box was ticked to save passwords and sign in automatically. A SWIFT KICK IN THE BALLS FOR SONY IS NEEDED AT THIS POINT

  • Brandon


    Good lord can people read….

  • Hector

    I also can't log into P.S.N, i am 100% sure i know the password but it won't let me sign in. I also know what my forgotten password is but when i click it, it says error 800 something. Can anyone help?

  • jack h


  • Chak

    3.5 update blows….. Did the update, all is smooth, UNTIL I go to login….. then PSN has never heard of me! It doesnt recognize my password…. on ALL accounts. When I use the ((Forgot password)) button…. It states, error 283502bla bla bla…. So the update I didnt need, has locked me out of my ps3. Way to go Sony, your machine "Does Everything" but start. (chuckle) dummies.

  • ross

    me and my friend also have to same problems, says incorrect password then when you try and reset it it comes up error…:(

  • Brittny

    I cant logon to psn anymore on both of the accounts on my ps3 it keeps saying my password or email is wrong and then when i click forgot password it just keeps saying theres an error. What can i do !!!!!!

  • @KydOhh

    i can't sign in!!

  • chinaka

    I did not have problem at first, but after loging off and on over 5hours period, it wont let me log on, it keeps saying that your email or password might be wrong, why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Gutted, useless update; I've got the same problem, no MW2 for me tonight, thanks Sony

  • psn123

    um.. i had all my ps3 users set to "sign in automatically" (so i dont have to remember the passwords) but now, when i try to sign in, it says my email or pass is wrong, i tryed all my users, same message…. =.=

  • ratstar27

    guess what i cant sign in to PSN either just downloaded 3.50 GOOD JOB SONY NOT

  • Tom

    I CANT sign in to ps3 online ! it sayz password incorrect which i know the password i enter is right but its telling me it isnt and i tryed going on forgot your password and then it sayz Error 80023017 !!! sort it out ps3 cause lts of people ain happy !

  • Mike

    I cant even sign on to any of my accounts on the PSN since I've Updated it to this new Update

  • Mike

    i cant sign in either, will sony fix this or what?

  • expert

    PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:00 on
    Tuesday 21 September 2010 until 02:00 on Wednesday 22 September 2010,

  • Adam

    same problem, for some reason the update has took away my password to sign in and i cant no longer remember it to put it back in, and when i press "forgot password" for it to send me my password by email it says "error". What the f**k man

  • Mike O

    I'm having the same problems as Pepe, I updated 3.50 last night and today both of my accounts say "invalid email/password" even though I have them on autosave. It was working fine last night…what's going on?

  • Ryan

    i cant sign in just says wrong password even though i know its not

  • jimi wild

    Can't sign in looks like the whole worlds got the same problem – anyone else tried to get on official PS site(uk) thats not loading up on my PC either – could it be that thats down aswell cos everyone want to know WTF is going on!!!
    Also how the hell will they fix this issue?? if you can't sign in how the hell can you get a fix??

  • jimi wild

    Found this on another site – its down til 2am BST

    PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:00 on Tuesday 21 September 2010 until 02:00 on Wednesday 22 September 2010, BST.

    During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

    PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP and PC.
    PlayStation Network Account Management.
    PlayStation Network Account Registration.
    In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from If you wish to play online during the maintenance, please ensure you sign in to PSN before 16:00 on Tuesday 21 September 2010.

    During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

    If you have any questions about this down time, feel free to visit the official PlayStation Forums where you can post your query and a member of the moderation team will get back to you

  • troy

    i cant sign help me!!!!!!

  • kitkatkid

    my ps3 says the same thing about the password being wrong too, does anyone know how long it took theme to fix the y2k style problem because if it takes more than a day to fix im going to go batshit

  • Andy

    Any news on how long sony is gonna take to fix the problem, Typical sony cock up!!

  • Andrew

    arrrrrgh noooooooo excatly same n i hav a few accounts on mine all sayin incorrect password or email address but if i go to forgot password error comes up hmmmm dam update wouldnt mind a lil if id got a 3d tv im stuck with a little 52"samsung now i cant play codmw2

  • Yung Dolemite

    exact same problem, they need to hurry up and take care of this issue.

  • Lee

    I can't get online since I updated 2day! it says my username and/or password are incorrect when I know they are right. HELP, was lookin forward to Call of Duty 2nite!!!!

  • Gavin Ross

    I come home from work and i wanna play my PS3, but it won't sign in without this update, so i do the update and guess what….i cant sign into PSN which means i cant play online


    Get a godamn grip Sony, this update is pointless anyway….3D? WHO HAS A 3D TV RIGHT NOW? about 2 people??

    I am able to sign in now, but guess what…my OFFICIAL SONY HEADSET isnt being recognised by the PS3……

    Cut the shit. Release proper updates with stuff people actually want….

  • jj redick

    this update is garbage, my wireless controllers dont work and i cant sign in to the psn. need to fix asap or I am returning my ps3 this week. i have bought it only for a month now.

  • jordimac

    Yeh the same thing happening to me. After the update i played sacred 2 online for about 30mins and got bored at this time there was 0 people online and there is useally a adverage of at least 7-8 people im guessing the same thing has happend to them.. So i turned my system off. I came to play a bit of C.O.D and wont let me sign in? Whats the deal?

  • mathew gardner


  • tbaker


  • Karl


    "PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, September 21st. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 8 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 5 pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN."

  • Smify

    Done the new 3.50 update. Tried to sign in, it just deleted my password, and it was on auto sign in.. so i dont know it.. :( Got to 10th prestige on Mw2, and it has all my other saved online things on.. anyone know if this will be fixable, seen as the passwords are gone?.. i think its gonna be prety hard for them

  • Jeva

    I have had the same problem as Pepe. My update crashed mid update and I can access main menu but will not log in to the PSN. WTF…. need help

  • ThAtWuZ2EzY

    i cant sign in to my account!! why does sony always have to do something wrong

  • sean

    i can sign in but it says i cant do anything because im not in the right region or country yikessssssssss

  • sam

    just downloaded and installed 3.50. Now i can't sign into either of my accounts

  • AJOK

    has anyone found a solution to this bullshit yet?god damn updates fckn eveything up!!come on sony get your finger out of your hole and sort this out.

  • dave

    ARRRRRGHHHHHH i got the 3.50 update and cant sign into psn at all
    when i go on any website it says out of memory this page will be replaced with a blank one

  • Mike

    Guys, guys. PSN is down today.

    However I'm pretty pissed off that they basically cut off nearly every USB based accessory. I can't use my ps2/3 adapter anymore. I know it's to prevent the JTAG'ers or whatever that stupid dongle is called, but damn this is kind of a lazy way about doing it. Why not look for the alogryhtms or whatever, rather than alienating people who use accessories to prevent a microscopic group of hackers.

    On top of that my fragenstien doesn't work anymore. I'm sure they'll patch it soon, but.. Come on..this is my only day off. :(

  • Zack

    I have just updated my pse slim 120 gb and i have 2 MAJOR problems!!! first of all i cannot acces my "acount manager", i get an error (80023017) every time i click on it. I anm able to sigh in though. The second error that i get is when i try to acces "play stations store" i get a message "This service is not available in your country / region." That is really wierd because i was on ps store yesterday evening… that new update is a major fail!

  • AJOK

    just found out the problem they are doing maintenance until 2 a.m. UK time.

  • Guest

    Kinda irritated, because for some reason I can't get into the PlayStation Store anymore. It says it isn't available in my region.. I live in Michigan for crying out loud.

    • betsy burgher

      I have the same problem I need help

  • Zombie_X

    IEverything on mine works but says the PS Store service is not available in my country. WTF I live in the USA and it's a NTSC-U system.

  • Swampykiller

    I can get onto the playstation store, it says its only avalible to people in the UK, Iam in the UK..??? Whats going on?

  • Adam

    I can't access PS Store after updating to 3.50 about 2 minutes ago. I get a message saying "This service is not available in your country/region"

  • Gary

    i've updated mine just now and now no discs will load!!!!! tried all formats i have ps3games, blu-ray, dvd, cd, etc) still no joy :( anyone else had this?

    • John

      Hey Gary, I have the same problems as you. The machine will not take in any discs! I tried Games and Dvds too. It took a disc in once or twice last night but the machine wouldn't recognise them! Now it's back to not accepting them!
      Not happy!! Have you tried contacting anybody? Where are you? I'm in Ireland.

  • Joey

    My Joybox don't work!! I love my PS2 controller but now its useless..anyone have a cure?

  • Chris Havill

    i can no longer get into the storem on my US or UK PSN accounts.

    (background, i moved from the UK to the US and took my UK playstation, has never been an issue)

  • Xander

    woooooow i got the update and now i cant get into the playstation store it says this service is not available in your country/region

  • Glenn

    Updated, and lost my Red Dead Redemption downloads AND can't log onto the store to reload – says it doesn't support my region, although the only change was the firmware update.


    ERROR CODE: 80023017

  • Links

    i cant go to account management or the ps store they better fix this quick

  • albasheer

    i cant log in to my online account
    i guess i have to play modernwarfare2 offline :(((
    any help plz

  • RussUWGB

    updated to 3.50 went to watch a regular blu ray movie it tries to load the movie but you hear a click and the movie never comes up. My friend also updated and he also cannot play a regular blu ray disc anymore either. side note DVD does work and I can still play COD etc… Sony do you even test these updates or just send them out asap?

  • Sean

    cant log to my psn account

  • cyrl_79

    I cant download the update from my PS3 ive been doing it since yesterday, I even left the console to download itself still to no avail…. Im trying to download the update on my laptop but with anxiety of the update messing my PS3…

    The cannot sign in thing I think its because of the scheduled downtime for PSN (for maintenance or something….

  • jangotat205

    No issues here. Ran update played some CODMW2 online and Soul Calibur IV without a problem.

    • Kevin

      dont expect it to last much longer just when u think all is fine somewhere in ur system its going to get messed up

  • TJM

    Can't login even after maintenance was scheduled to be completed 4 hours ago.

    Does anyone have an update?

  • corn

    yeh same here i have 120 slimline and it says password not recognised. im sure there will be a small update to fix this soon.

  • Jesus

    I can still access my accounts but my controller will no longer sync.

  • lord

    This was posted in official web on 15th sept….LOL

    PlayStation®Network maintenance on 21-Sep-2010
    Date : 2010-09-15
    Owing to the system maintenance, some services of PlayStation®Network will be unavailable during the following period:
    Start Time: 21-Sep-2010 23:00
    End Time: 22-Sep-2010 09:00

    Affected services (not limited to):
    - PlayStation®Network online gaming service
    - PlayStation®Home
    - PlayStation®Store (PS3™, Media go, PSP®)
    - PlayStation®Network account registration and log-in
    - 'My Page' and PlayStation® product registration

    If you require additional support, please contact our customer service hotline (service hours 9am – 8pm) at

    HK: 852-2341-2356
    TW: 0809-079-888
    SG: 800-8523-663
    MY: 1-800-81-4963
    ID: 021-2994-8800
    TH: 0-2715-6100

    Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused.

  • mick

    cant log into network after 3.50 update nor can my friends.and one other friend did the update and now his fat ps3 is showing the yellow light of death ?

  • Eddie

    Unfortunatley I'm in the same boat, I had the password problems and mine is turning itself off during online play………… not good, not happy……….. SORT IT SONY!!!! I thought my baby had fired itself!!

  • John

    Hey Gary, i have the same problems as you. The machine won't take in any discs! I've tried Games and Dvds. It took them in for a few mins last night but the machine wouldn't recognise the discs, nothing showed up!
    But now it's back to square one, it's not accepting any discs!! Not happy!!

  • maxx

    i don't have any problems at all

  • maxx

    My ps3 is 60g ps3 pal. update and nothing abnormality with it at all.

  • pago974

    i installed it yesterday, and now i cannot access anymore to the playstation store. It says it's not available in my area …..

  • Jim

    Somewhat obscure…but the bluray of “sunshine” disables the option of turning of pip, forcing you to watch with it on. After having this happen to me today I checked many other forums and found this has happened to others

  • stephen

    why would playstation release an update and at the same time do maintenance on the servers. Where is the sense in that. No wonder almost everyone is having trouble.

  • charlie

    yer got the same problem. y has it done it? and can anyone say they actully fixed it???

  • paul

    Installed 3.50 on my 40gb cechg03 last night… seem to bomb mid flash and now I'm getting no signal! tried reset, safe mode boot different H/D vga/comp/hdmi cables no joy!
    Green light …. just no output!!! wtf!
    Mailed PS support… and await some feedback
    well out of warrenty so don't hold out much hope!!

    I 'm a programmer and I reckon the firmware stalled/incomplete and is hanging the system boot!

    Needs a restore/restart point but hey! its a sony! no chance there then!

  • Will

    Have managed to sign in today only to find my downloads i.e map packs for COD, films etc that have been previously downloaded have all been wiped off!!!! Sony you have some serious explaining to do!

  • rockrees

    sony are fixing the problem and it is a problem with the update, they are working figoriously to fix things and nopefully psn will be back up and running within the next week :)

  • sam

    worked ok for few hours after maintenance then while playing gt5pro game froze then flashing red light ,wont work now.

  • ???

    it wont let me sigh in help

  • Molly

    I have updated my Ps3 to v3.50 and now its saying my email adress or password is wrong, even though i have it on auto sign in for ages and not changed it. i have spoken to a few friends and they have the same problem does anyone now if it is the update or our Ps3's

  • Matt

    I have the original system (80gB I think) that plays PS1 discs as well as PS2 discs. After the update I was able to play 'Demon Souls' for a while and then it locked up. I then inserted 'FF XIII' and the video was choking during the opening cutscene (didn't happen a matter of days ago). It no longer even recognizes the 'Demon Souls' disc.

  • Greg

    FFS sony have gone wrong, apparently every account password is wrong on my system even though its sign in automatically!?

    Anyone have any fixes to peice of shit PSN?

  • Greg

    FFS sony have gone wrong, apparently every account password is wrong on my system even though its sign in automatically!?

  • Kevin

    downloaded the 3.50 update yesterday turned ps3 off after playin a few matches of call of duty i turned it back on today and the disc wasnt read had to take it out and put it back in for it to read this problem happend to my other ps3 which the patch killed the blu ray in it and its done the same thing to this one wdf is up with patches that destroy a whole entire system in a matter of mins

  • Leo

    I just updated my PS3 and after installing the update it shut downed and the red light started blinking. I seriously believe that it is not due to overheating because it took about 20 minutes to download the update and I had not turn on my PS3 in about 4 days.

  • JOE

    my ps3 no longer acknowledges the disc that is stuck inside it (mw2),nor will it play any games stored on HDD!!! now signs in to psn,but thats all! NOT IMPRESSED!!!!

    • garry

      I have the same problem with nothing working from the HD after the update.
      I have an origonal fat 60G machine, running of a non-hd TV.
      I even reset the machine and re-downloaded and installed some demos and pictures,
      Still no games are playing from the HD, it will save and read data from the HD but
      blank-screens when attempting to play a game.
      I can't try the blue-ray drive as this was already not working (I was wating for a new one to arive).

      The machine is well out of waranty, and has been previously fixed by a non-sony repairer.
      Should I just wait to see if the next update fixes the problems?
      I can get on-line but there isn't really much point as I cant play anything!

      Oh, any I'm not a noob, I'm an ex-computer tec and an applications developer ;)

  • Pyrofer

    I got the Blu-Ray playback issues.

    I tested everything before the update, KNOWING that people would tell me it wasn’t the update if I had a problem.

    Casino Royale worked fine.

    Did update.

    Casino Royale wont play.

    Restored HD Database, found corrupted data (a game I had just played and tested was suddenly corrupt after the update).

    Tried Casino Royale, it worked.

    Tried 3D Monsters Vs Aliens. Nothing, wont recognise disk.

    Tried Casino Royale again, Nothing. Wont play.

    Nice work Sony!

  • Ryan

    I have a playstation 3 slim and performed the update. Now my bravia sync no longer recognizes my ps3 and i have tried everything to get it to work again. All hdmi controls are on and it simply won't find my ps3. I have unplugged everything and reset them and still no help. Does anyone else out there know what to do?

  • Kasper

    After installing the 3.50 update, locating to a point in a movie doesn't work when you're streaming from PS3 Media Server (or a similar program i think)… I don't think it applies to all movie formats though, but I had the problem with a .mkv (h.264 encoded) file!

  • corey

    since the download I can’t play any games or movies just called tech support they r saying I have to send it in to be fixed 150 plus shipping etc etc bunch of bs

  • Derrick

    Updated and now my PS3 won't read any discs. Just bought the latest Sunny in Philadelphia blu-ray & all I can do is look at the case now.

  • litew8

    Have an older ps3/2/1 console, after installing 3.50, none of my psn accounts, gives error!!!!! WTH!!!

    I HAVE ANOTHER (newer) PS3 that I STOPPED SHORT OF DOWNLOADING THE 3.50 UPDATE (meaning I have not updated SINCE FINDING THIS THREAD!) and it REFUSES TO PLAY BLUE-RAY NOW!!! Doesn't recognize the disk!!!! WTH!!!

    • litew8

      UPDATE: Turns out it was the B;ue-ray disk – rental with deep scratches which is why themy 2nd (none updated) PS3 will not play the disk. But the fat PS3 is still messed up after 3.50

  • Angry PS3 User

    40GB Fat PS3 wont read anything after 3.5 update.
    When I insert a disc, it's completely QUIET. not even disc spin


  • Dan

    updated my ps3 60G with 3.50 every thing is fine, I can still sign in online, all my games play with no problems, I also have a new samsung 3D TV and it works great wached MONSTERS VS ALIENS 3D and was better than the demo in the shop. I Had to alter the 3D view point on the tv to stop gosting and had to alter the audio delay on my reciver as it was not matching up right however this was very easy and the system reverts back to your previous settings when not watching 3D films ( also on another note when playing 3D games make sure game mode is set to on if your tv has one).

  • Billy1980

    Dan, how do you alter 3d view point my copy of mva is laggy and blurry. Games work fine but blubray males me feel queasy!

  • Rob

    Downloaded 3.5 to days ago. Said there was an error on trying to log into PSN. Today tried logging in (Midst re-setting my password) and crashed an now wont turn on just blinks red. What a load of @#&£.

  • Billy1980

    Ok, messed about with settings on samsung 46" 7series. Go to menu, choose top option (screen) and go down to 3d. It will the allow you to auto calibrate or do it manually. Seems to work better on monsters vs aliens now. Not so laggy or ghosting for me on -1 setting. Try it out if you had the same problem that I had of it being all twisted and blurry when in 3d. Now all I have to do is wait forever for 3d content….

  • Billy1980

    Also changing picture setting to smooth may work well!

  • D3V!L 9

    i apologize ,it's just frustrating ….waiting days to play online,an its still not working ….i would be alot more of a happy customer if i got something ..dont care what just anything to make the wait worth it …i could have put in a few hours of gaming .by now its been four days …….a couple more days an it'll have been a whole week of no online features. I pay for internet mainly for my Ps3 an i cant use it for a whole week ,yea i hope to get something for this bs if not i'll be very dissapointed …guess its back to 360 an ds damn i love my PS3 why does this sh!t happen … :S :(

  • D3V!L 9

    so …im on psn again!!,just had to go to an reset my password ….now i can sign in again ….but it was four days ,i asked around ,a friend finnaly told me to try that ….hopefully it works for everyone else but still something to do with them updating the password security or something F'd up every ones account …… was a pain im jus happy i can actaully use my ps3 PLEASE SONY DO BETTER WITH UPDATES!!!!

  • Player

    Update 3.5 has hosed my system. It installed "properly" and shutdown. Now powers up but notthing therre except waves (no menus). Had been working and used daily prior to update without problems. Don't update until this is fixed.

  • nick

    after the update my ps3 wont eject discs i have 2 reset it a couple of times and then finally get my disc out had no problems before this update

  • albaforce

    My FragFX V1 is not working after the 3.50 update! I am so tired at Sony right now!
    If they don't pay my 60£ back I will complaint to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

  • garry

    Has anyone else not been able to play games/demos etc downloaded to their HD after the 3.5 update?

    I played things from the HD immediately before doing the update, a few hours later, after it finished everything looked the same from the dashboard but when trying to play anything… blank screen!

    Will the next update fix this SONY?

  • Brian

    Same here right after patch 3.50 my 80gb ps3 won't read ANY sort of disc. =/

  • michael murfield

    I have the 60gb version of the PS3 at I have the problem where it won't recognise my 3d copy of Monsters V Aliens, I had contacted PS3 support via email 3 days ago and no response yet.

  • paul

    I've updated and now I can't see any of the video files on my NAS media streamer!!

  • Pissed Off

    My PS3 crashed after the 3.5 update. I turn it on then while it is booting up the yellow light flashes once while the system makes a loud noise. Then the red light just flashes.

  • less than happy

    Updated my ps3 today and really wish I'd seen this first!! I can no longer play bluray movies or games…

    I expect this from microsoft, not sony.

  • Ggonzalez

    I had it with playstation this is the last time im getting screwd up by them. I updated and everything went wrong my ps3 just keep rebooting to 99% instal of update. My brothers one was able too update but now two of his controllers doesn't work and can't go online. Try to play need for speed and it wont work cause cant sign in to ea networks. When I called about my Ps3 they washed their hands and said "it's not our fault" and the guy actually expected me to buy another console. I will be speaking with my attourney tomorrow and I will seek legal actions. I had it with "SONY'S" BULL…..T

  • Costa10

    Since the update to my 60GB, all my games freeze at some point. What the hell is going on?

  • Carl

    as with the last 2 updates this update caused my 60GB launch model to get the YLOD again. the repair shop (an offical contrator for Sony and Microsoft) said the firmware code has a line in it that disables the fans on the old models they told me Sony has been trying to brick the old systems to get us to buy a new one. its bull crap

    • Ev0lutl0nX

      I'm completely disappointed with Sony. I bought my PS3 July 3rd, 2010 and within the 1st month it went red-light on me and wouldn't power up for no apparent reason. I Sent it in under warranty, waited 3 weeks to get it back a few days ago. Performed this 3.50 update the next day and since then my system went to crap. All blue-ray functions have ceased, games and movies. I also can't login to the PSN so I just spent nice chunk of change on a system (and extended warranty) and games I can't even use. IF i were you Sony, I'd get my poop in a group before i released and update that hasn't been fully tested. You just gave this new customer a very bad impression.


  • garry

    I contacted sony uk support by e-mail and asked if this is likely to resolve itself with the next update. They mailed back saying I should phone the support line, gave me a caller ID and said the email job was closed!

    They didn't even attempt to answer, or even mention, my question….

    Back to the 360 I think!

  • kris

    im gettin error code 80010514 and ive got slim 250gb, wont play none of my games now :(

  • Gdanvz

    Updated to the new software, and then the day after my PS3 won't read ANY discs at all. AT ALL. I have the older "FAT" 80GB unit and this is the SECOND TIME my unit has gone bad (I had a unit go bad before I owned this one so in total I've had 3 faulty PS3's!!). The last time mine died it was 2 weeks out of warranty and they accepted to extending my warranty just that bit and they repaired it for free, but now, since it's been over a year since my unit's out of warranty they "can't do anything about it" except charge me the $178 for the repair.

    I spoke to 3 different people, each time going up the "ladder" and talking to supervisor, then finally the "floor manager" and it was like talking to a wall. "Oh, we understand your frustration and we apologize, BUT there's nothing we can do for you"…..

    It's SO ridiculous that I've had 3 PS3 die on me. I take good care of them too. I deal with hardware for a living so I'm not sloppy with my gear. Nothing I said got to them, not filing complaints with BBB or with Consumer Reports. Apparently since they already waived the repair charge once for me they just CAN NOT do it again, even though their work has failed 3 times for me. It is retarded and I'm sad to say I'm considering not paying for it at all and just not using Sony products anymore.

    They couldn't even tell me WHY the charge is $178. I'm so pissed with them, even more every time the floor manager said "I completely understand your frustration as I would be frustrated as well but unfortunately there's nothing anyone can do".

    • daniel

      They told me it was $178 also but online it only told me $149. Whats up with that?

  • Zerrick

    Never had a problem with my PS3 until I did the 3.50 update. My PS3 will no longer recognize my Netflix DVD (may be unrelated), but ever worse, I cannot turn off my PS3 with out unplugging it. If you down the button on the remote and hit turn off system and then hit yes like I have so many other times, it gives me a black screen and will not shut off. I left it for like 30 minutes thinking maybe it was doing something, but it just stayed on. Has done it over and over now. It will not shut off. Weird!

  • daniel

    I just updated to 3.50 and now my ps3 (fat model) won't read any discs. Way to go playstation. And since the update can't cause a system to mess up (according to the playstation tech support) they want me to fork out $180 to get it fixed. Get bent!

  • Politech67

    My PS3 Connects wirelessly, and my signal strength is about 77% strong, once updated to 3.50, my signal strength is still 77% but the games such as FIFA 10, MAG have poor signal (ie. less than 40%). I don't understand why? Nothing has changed with my router, and no-one is using the router & internet whilst I am logged onto the PS3.

  • Kdub

    Mine no longer recognizes any discs.

    • Luis

      Mine neither, do you have any news about this?

      • jessica

        same here

  • Ken

    I am having issues as well – my blu-ray dvds won't play correctly… some will start and then stop while others won't read at all. Also my nyko bluwave usb remote won't work !?!

  • SkullXBone

    Since 3.50 the sound cuts out on games and the PS3 Eye for 10 -15 seconds at a time. Crackles back in and then is fine for awhile – then cuts out again a few minutes later.

  • VCL

    Ok, looks like I'm not the only one with issues here since the update to 3.5. My 60GB has been good since 2007 and now I have this dumb error code: 800010514. Can't play any BD/DVD/ PS2/PS3 games….WTF SONY?

    Anyone else have this issue?

    • Ben

      I have exactly the same issues with the same model and error code. BD's freeze half way through, games freeze or don't start at all. DVD's have been ok though.

  • Ste

    Ive had some problems no matter what game i play it crashes so i have to turn it off by the main switch at the back and turn it back on again then it works fine…it doesnt do it with dvds just games…

  • SkullXBone

    Only got the problem after installation of the ps move and the down load of 3.50 firm ware also down loaded eye create…somewhere in there lies the problem…Why does adding things to your systems almost always seem to screw with it somehow???Some things should be tested a little more be for release…Un sound problem it is…

    • Selfish

      This is the exact same thing that happened to me. I thought it was the PS Move monopolizing my machine but I thought back and remembered that I had played SC for hours on end and never had a problem so why now? Then I was hearing about issues with the recent firmware update and the disabling of 3rd party products via the usb. Somehow I think Sony screwed themselves in the process….

  • Wayne Allen

    My download will not complete. I left my PS3 on all night and the 3.5 download is still not finished.

  • Extreme frustration

    Man….. SO-knee is a FsUcCrKeEwDed Up company!!! I cannot even connect to the internet via wifi after the update! It says im not entering correct wep password! Soknee so lameee!

  • LFR6

    my ps3 broke after fcking 3.5 update!!!!! I can play for like 10 minutes and then it just shuts off… then I turn on and can play like for 2 minutes and shuts off

    it seems like a problem of overheating, but I had my play for like a year with no problems before this update

    I hope sony come out with a fix

  • JOhn

    WIth 3.50 I can no longer download to PS3's internal hard drive (download error) but CAN to an external hard drive? WTF?!!? And XMB freezes or just plain slow…POS update.

  • Joe

    since updating mine almost 2 weeks ago everytime I try to download something on the network the system freezes. Sony said I have a bad HDD so I bought a new one. did system backup and restore….same problem. then did a format without restoring my data to see if that was the issue….same problem. if anyone can help me get this update out of my system the help would greatly appreciated. I know it is not a hardware issue as EVERYTHING works fine on the ps3, no crashes ever or anything. It only freezes when i click "download" off the "my downloads" menu on the network.

  • Joe

    ok I figured out how to fix it….after long useless talks with tech support, replacing my HDD that they said was bad(it wasn't) and getting nothing accomplished i tried something new that they never once recommended during troubleshooting. here's what you do….

    1:download update 3.50 on a SD memory card.(its on this site with instructions on how to set up the folders for the update)

    2:boot in safe mode

    3:select the last option in safe mode(update system)

    4:plug in sd card into memory card slot(use usb memory card reader if you dont have memory card slot on your console)

    5:follow directions(press select and start at same time)

    it will install the update from the sd card and the freezing problem will be fixed…..

    I was able to do this while on the phone with the retarded LYING cust/tech support MORON, and once i told him i fixed it and how I did it his response was "well that is one of our troubleshooting steps but i skipped it since you already had the update installed"……

    now mind you he was the 3rd person i spoke with and not one person ever recommended doing this even though I was relentless in telling them that the problem was the update, not hardware or internet connection….their only solution to fixing the problem was sending the ps3 in and pay to have ot serviced or trade it in….(of course this was after hours of their worthless troubleshooting)

    • Bruce V

      i did that also but it only made it worse, i bought a new hard drive, i have the original 60g and went to a 500 but even with a new hard drive i still have corrupt files and no disk at all is recognized, its the firmware

  • Mike

    My PS3 no longer reads discs….it detects them, spins them and doesn't allow me to load them (doesn't even show icon under relevant category – i.e. game, music, video).
    This was working perfectly before 3.5 update – as soon as it installed the update and rebooted – it no longer works.

    I've seen some comments across the web from stupid (clearly clueless) and incompetent people saying "it's your lens", "you need to replace your drive lens" – that's bollocks…this fault is CAUSED BY THE UPDATE. Not everyone may have the same problem, but this is one of them.

    Wish sony would sort it!

  • Trev

    My controller is not connecting Thru wifi only USB WTF

  • james

    when i try and watch some of my movies on ps3 the picture is fine, but there it no sound what so ever, it does not happen on all films, the problem is i've watched the films before on the station. also seems to be after the new firmware 3.5 update.

    • Jarred

      I cant Play any CD's, Games, Movies and Music CD's!!!

      And it only happened after the update!

      I played it the day before the Download and it worked fine!!

  • Kev

    i just did the update last night and now i cant play any games with the move controller…wtf!!!!

  • Madashell

    My PS3 wont even effin' finish the update. It gets to 22% and gives error 8002f176. I can't even get into safe mode. I shut the ps3 off and back on and it goes right into the download again. I try the sequence to go into safe mode and it just starts the download again. WTF sony!? get your shat straight!

  • rga

    after the upgrade to 3.5 ,my PS3 don´t read any disc!! what happen Sony??

  • breakfast

    I cant even recall when I did the update..probably the first day it was out.

    my system was fine. ive played it a lot since then. watched some movies..

    even played last night adn randomly…today. it wont read disc. itll load them…and i can hear the drive spinning but it doesnt show up anywhere. its an fat 80gb model.
    wtf. this is my first issue with this thing since i got it a few yrs ago.

  • Tricky103

    Hi. I fixed a hdd for a customer 3 weeks ago, he brought the ps3 back to me today, (now with 3.5 firmware, was on 3.4 when fixed) it plates a game fine, but if you try a2nd game it crashes when it reads from the hdd. I have replaced the hdd and reformatted, used 3.50 and I have the same problem. I updated via usb. Also I noticed I it didn’t read the discs when I put them in. I think I will have to give it back to him and say it is the firmwares fault.

  • @HokieDragon

    Wondering, not sure if this is update related or not. Now, suddenly, my PS3 will no longer read or recognize PS3 disks or Blu-Ray disks. Works fine on PS2 disks. Platform is about 3 years old. Any ideas?

    • PaulyD

      careful thats what happened to mine before it crashed.

  • face

    there is nothing wrong with the firmware it's just that you have a shitty ps3, quit trying to blame firmwares

    • boners954rr

      It is the firmware you stupid ass, now mine won't play dvd's and now mine will give a black screen when trying to play games and watch movies. This is the first issue I've had out of mine as well. They need to fix this issue fast. I can't even play modern warfare 2 that much because the ps 3 won't give me a screen. This was a bad update on sony's part. I'm using an HDMI cable as well and yes the ps 3 is set for 1080p, but it still won't work…

    • PaulyD

      Face I got two ps3s both the 60g fat ps3 the first one to come out. Why i haven't changed it? because I play my ps2 and ps1 games on it. and I have all my data saved on it. after updating both of them neither will read, Games, PS1 PS2 or PS3, Won't read blu ray or dvd, wont play the demo that I downloaded today and it freezes when i try to play the demo, but before I did the update it would play ps2 games fine. Ever since i did the 3.4 update it gave me problems with ps3 games but it would just say that the game could not be played or it would just never load. now they don't even show up and all games are blocked.

    • world beater

      people like you need to wise up for christ sakes this topic is now 452 comments deep of people mainly saying that the firmware is frying there systems i know for a fact i take care of my PS3 slimline bought at christmas this year might i add. i hoover it to keep it in warantee and dust free and i have it in an isolated area that is well ventilated and when i downloaded the firmware games start messing up left right and centre. now people like you that say this isnt the firmwares fault it your shitty PSN are narrow minded and lapping up sonys bull spit. lets take the figures of this room alone this is an extremely isolated site and yet there are multiple shouts saying the same thing is happening to peoples PSN now not everyone will hit the net and go outrage firmware broke my P.C but those of us in the know that have seen this happend in the past know howe unreliable sonys updates are 3.50 was a rushed job and should have had better testing. you have to remember these PSNs are made to work in different regions so therefore not everyone will be experiencing the same problems some people may not even experience any .;like yourself face but i really hope it does happen to you so you can see that everyone isnt moaning for the fun of it to see if we can all say the same thing this is happening make a fix sony

  • WTF

    After the update I cannot connect to PSN. Keeps asking for my password and then telling me my connection has timed out. I reset my password to no avail. Anybody else have this problem?

  • Mike

    a buddy of mine recently updated the firmware on my 40gb ps3 without my knowledge…everything works fine but now the ps3 wont read any discs at all?..any suggestions ?

  • Freefinger

    did the update, now I can't play Iron Man, Batman and the Superman: The movie I have!! All movies I was able to watch before! WTF! I'm a Senior Business Analyst and when we ask for changes to the system we ensure that old thnigs work on the system BEFORE we test the new functionalities! Sony does not seem to understand this!

  • richardyc

    did the update, now it won't play Ghost Town blu-ray disk…maybe other movies too, but I haven't tried other movies yet.

  • drew

    i updated now i cant play games…it wont read disc…please someone help me

  • jcastrob

    Anyone having problems with the ps3 not reading blu ray discs after the 3.5 update could you please write to BBC Watchdog? It does not take longer than 10 minutes to do it and if we get sufficient people complaining they will make a case out of it. I have phoned Sony and they have told me that they will replace my PS3 fat 60gb for a refurbished one for £131 with just 3 months guarantee and I am not willing to pay that if it was their fault. I am from Spain living in UK and I have checked spanish forums and the owners of the first fat PS3s are having the same problem, my wife is German and she has checked german forums and they are having the same problems after the 3.5 update so it is not just a coincidence. As I said if we get enough people they can make a case out of it.


    • Hali

      can you help i havent downloaded it yet and im scared to everyone is saying that it messes up your ps3. i dont want that but i cant do anything…. like get on the s store or anything in that area. plz help

  • impalassgrn

    I have an error while i start the update

    My internet speed is very good but it stops at 47%

  • Hali

    should i download the new software everyone is talking about how bad it is for your ps3 but i cant get on anything this is my first time trying and it says i need the update 3.50 thing and i dont want my ps to mess up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Uploaded 3.5 update to a 2.5 year old PS3 and now it does not even show the startup screen on the TV. It wont reset either and the controllers wont talk to it – What now??

  • Bill W

    Downloaded 3.50, then Netflix so I won't have to use the disk. Started Netflix app and it locked up. Had to unplug system to get it to come back on. When it came back on, I started getting intermittent popping on my speakers and static fuzz on my TV. I connect via HDMI. Anyone else had this problem and were able to fix it?

  • Luis1040

    I just update my 120gb PS3 slim and my games are not working fine, the images are frozen for seconds and I cannot play! Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

  • Dee Bee

    Lost all audio with DVD's. Wondering if anyone can help…

  • Cleo

    PS3 CECHK02 Had not missed a beat until moments after the 3.50 upgrade. Will now play NO DISCS at all . Disc icon not coming up in menu. ?????? Same symptoms as many others.

  • Patrick Crowe

    I purchased a PS3 18months ago in june this year i moved house i put my PS3 safely back in its original box during the move.After i moved in i set up my console it worked fine
    on my initial trial playing a game it has since not worked.Ihave tried and tried to play my games and blu-ray discs but nothing happening,i even tried restarting using manufacturers reset waited 5hours but still nothing.I have since contacted sony PS3 support line they said it sounds like it could be the firmware and could fix it for £131.
    They asked if i had dropped it reply no,if games compatible reply yes.As sony know this
    is a problem millions of PS3 gamers are having and a bug seems to have affected PS3 consoles sony should fix this problem gratis and warranties should be more than 1year
    due to the console ,accessories and games are not cheap and the fault not caused by the user.I am disappointed with sony PS3 as i have a PS1 and PS2 with no problems that i have had for years PS3 has let me down rather than pay £131 for repair i may buy an X-box360.

  • Ben

    since downloading the new 3.50 software, ive not had much luck with games. it first started when i was on red dead redemption when it randomly crashed. ever since ive been able to get onto the game first time round and play for about 5-10 minutes before the disc crashes. after the disc crashes i wont be able to access the game again for quite some time. i have taken alot of care when it came to my ps3 and have purchased many games. this is getting very frustrating as i am a keen COD fan, and what with black ops out tuesday, i havnt really been able to play it. i would much rather spend my money on a new xbox rather than give more money to ps3 if this is the way they treat their customers.

  • justin

    my fat 80gb still has not been able to update since 3.42 came out…stops at 99%……….so i went and got the 120 gb slim.. updated to 3.5 just fine…now i have an extra very expensive blu ray player just laying around..

  • Jake

    Mine is messed up to games keep freezing up….WTF is wrong

  • john

    I DOWNLOADED THE NEW UPDATE, 1 day later when i was playing cod, it starts to freeze and then when i turned it off and back on again, the disk doesnt even show up :| is there a way to downgrade?????

  • dsd4

    This update introduced an audio bug which is annoying as hell. basically sometimes the audio goes off and it'll only come back on after I load a blu-ray movie. i'm using a sony z series tv connected via hdmi. never happened to me before but i'm hoping they release a fix for it soon.

  • jikuu_senshi

    i cant start battlefield 2 anymore, does anyone else have this problem? the disc looks absolutly normal…

  • peter

    last night updated 3.50 on our 60GB old fat style unit,now won't read discs nothing,tried reseting everything,still nothing,sent Fony email,told me ,have to send it back for repair,
    what b/s,was working fine until update,reckon it,s no coincidence they launch a new model and destroy the older machines with updates so you have to buy a new one.

  • Tony_T

    I own a new PS3 120gb slim. All was working properly until this new 3.50 update. After the update I notice the system will not automatically play my games. I actually have to eject the disc and insert it again in order for the system to recognize it for I can begin to play my games normally. Has any one experienced the same problem after the update. If so, how did you resolve the issue?

  • Goobalicious

    Downloaded 3.50

    Games and Netflix – The video seems… glitchy. On Black Ops, the screen will show what appears to be hex code for a split second every time the cursor is moved on the screen. Netflix – movie pictures in the menus won't scroll right. They stop about half way into the selection box. This is on a 120gb slim, appx. 8 months old.

  • mister

    For the past three days i cant login to psn. I can when i use my coputer and go to the ps site but not on my ps3 when i want to go play black ops! I keep getting the dns error. BUT it worked fine three, well now four days ago… i am sooooooo tired of this crap and no i do not have a router.

  • Jake

    ps3 is now a paper weight…THANKS SONY!!!!!!!!

  • tintin-62

    i need help my ps3 crashed last night wont turn back on eject game nothing it come on for 2second then turn off again what do i need to do to get it to work??? pls help!!!

  • Guest

    Sounds like a fullblown Class Action Lawsuit is in Order…….

  • guest

    60gb original release PS3 , Update 3.50 broke my Ps3 . PS3 turns on but all I get is a few pixels and no boot. Tried safe mode boot and it starts updating again…….. tried about 5 times now and no luck . Sign me up for the suit .

  • Dewey

    I've tried updating via my wireless connection, which ceased in the 70% area following a "server error" which i've NEVER had before – since then, all internet related systems have failed, PSN won't sign in, browser doesn't work etc. I have loaded the update from my PC onto a usb pen, which gets to 78% before crashing – and still nothing works. I've System restored my console and then tried with the usb pen, still nothing, I then system restored and set all settings back to default, still doesn't work. I then system restored, put system settings back to default, re-formatted my usb pen to fat32 and saved a fresh download direct to the usb pen from the website, still nothing. I'm currently going through this same process only this time i'm going to format the PS3's hard drive. Surfice to say, i'm really f*$%ing p*£&ed off.

  • bosshogg

    I have 3 PS3's and after the update they all started freezing. I've done every reset possible & it won't fix anything. It's frustrating on one but all 3 is killing me!

  • carl42172

    i updated my ps3 firmware to 3.50 and after that the sound started skipping while playing games, not just one game even demos i downloaded and frame rate seems slower.

  • rnroll

    my wired controllers wont work and i have hd fury that isnt working either

  • Sergio

    WEll iam!! Ps3 keeps freezing during blu ray playbacks AND games never and i mean NEVER has my ps3 not worked its not overheating its not the yellow light it just freezes! it was right after i updated did this start happening. >=/

  • Stacey Davis

    After the update to 3.50 RB3 is beyond ruined. Can't delete chars once realising your guitarist is singing, playing drums, anything but playing his guitar. Scoring is insane too after the update. And woe to the lefty players out there… Had to literally uninstall RB3, the game, and reinstall. Don't think it's fixed now either. But at least the chars are gone and now new ones can be created to maybe do what they're supposed to do. 3.50+RB3=FAIL

  • Nelson

    I updated mine, and i'm having lots of problems, i can't play any game or dvd, the system just crashes, or simply doesn't work, tried to restart the sytem or even restoring it to the default settings. I don't know what to do next. Maybe trying to format the hard drive?

    Any help please?

  • cody

    I updated to 3.5 and now my ps3 wont recognize disks at all, which i thought was just a one time deal, but then tonight my friend called and said his ps3 wont even turn on after updating yesterday. I am starting to think sony is trying to put their $150 no questions asked repair deal to work. Based on what happened to me and my friend, I am starting to think it might just be on the 40gb versions. I am pissed and will never buy another sony product, seems like i might just downgrade to a 360

    Ps: if your ps3 has the same problem as mine and is out of warranty, you can buy the laser mech for about $60 istead of paying the $150 sony steals from you. thats what i did but dont try to blame me if it doesn't work

  • brad

    mine works fine :D

  • jmuch77

    anyone has the problem where it shows error "8002F14E"

  • mojtaba

    after that i downloaded it i cant plat games and it stops during the game.

  • pisseatps3

    I have an 80 gb and I 2 started 2 have first freezing and then no blu ray recognized now nothing plays it loads then freezes, WTF I have been with sony since ps1 never had issues with ps2 now we drop the big bucks for ps3 and this all happens after a firmware update…

  • skillzwithahz

    Played GT5, went to sleep, woke up and updated, PS3 stopped reading discs, end of story.

  • jon

    I DOWNLOADED THE NEW UPDATE, 1 day later when i was playing cod, it starts to freeze and then when i turned it off and back on again, the disk doesnt even show up :| is there a way to downgrade?????

  • Tom

    i went 2 do an update and it stopped halfway through and said you have completed the update lol

  • Duan

    On sign in PS3 asks for an update and when the update is selected it says "Update has already been installed" but still cannot sign in to the PSN?
    What to do?

    Please help!

  • CanisLupis

    downloaded and now it wont let me change my password…help?

  • Gebgar

    i downloaded the new update now it wont let me sing in i can use the internet but i just cant sing in