Internet Explorer 9 (IE9): Problems With Beta?

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The beta for Internet Explorer 9 has been available to download for a few days now. It is being promoted by Microsoft as “play in a more beautiful web”. The look of the new browser is said to be more simplistic and the address bar doubles up as the search box.

My colleague Jamie Pert has commented on how IE9 loaded up some popular websites such as Facebook pretty quick. It also seems that Microsoft has taken ideas from rival browsers, but this could be Microsoft’s best browser to date. The Beta download is only 39MB in size so doesn’t take long to download to your system.

As with all Beta downloads there will be problems, as it is not the finished product. Have you downloaded IE9? And have you spotted any problems? Tell us what you think of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 so far.

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  • csl

    ie9 won`t work on my computer. w7 32 bit

    • Sam


    • Ali

      I am having the same problem. I start it and then it says the explorer is not working properly.

      • http://microsoft william rodriguez

        have the same problem and cannot uninstalled it , wont stop pop up with not working properly vista 32

    • Camille

      same here

    • David

      Flash problems here. w7 64 bit

      • Mulp

        It’s fine if you can get it into full screen tho (win 7 64)

    • WizzardOne

      Tries, then drops off – NO CIGAR!

    • marcus h

      Same on Vista Home Premium

    • Tony

      Same problem!
      W7 64 bit.
      Just a quick flash on the screen.

    • Daniel

      Windows Vista 64 Bit, stops working, can't uninstall it, can't reinstall it. This is why I use Linux….

    • praveen

      it is working for me but i am not able to download any files using IE9

    • steven123

      Same problem. Couldn't uninstall. Used system restore and now fine on IE8

      • Phil

        Best to stay with ie8 until all the bugs are worked out. Doesn't make since, they have to be smart enough to test drive thier software before they release it…..hmmm

    • afm0422

      I had no problem downloading it and it worked fine for most things, but several websites would not load with it, or did not load correctly – I then had to go to Mozilla Firefox to work on those sites, which is inconvenient. So I ended up restoring my system to get rid of the "Beta" version.

    • Phil

      ie9 only works with vista or greater, and must be 64bit operating system.

  • dan t

    I used it on w7-64 and it worked part of the time. I had to "help" it quite a bit by reloading web pages or actually looking at the source html to see what might be an issue. I does look lovely on the "pretty pages" it recommends.

    But I could not use it with Google Docs. I wonder if there is a campaign in that direction?

  • Rob

    It will not work on my system Win 7 32 bit. Just says …….has an error, sending to microsoft….. I had to go in and kill the processes for it to stop popping up with the error

    • este

      me to im so upset i really want to try it

    • Joe

      I have the same problem Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Edition instead, both 32bit and 64bit has the same issues

    • Bob

      Same thing with me!

    • peter

      ive got same problem went back to ie8 works fine

    • Kbr

      IE9 not working with VISTA – each time installed, browser stopped working completely and got error message pop up, had to roll back to IE8. Annoying that Microsoft is sending nightly updates to try and install IE9.

  • lee

    wont log into some websites seems to be a ficus issue of some edit boxes

  • William

    I am running Windows 7 Starter Edition and couldn't get IE9 to work. Had to uninstall it and IE8, which was on there to begin with, works just fine. Not even the first clue!!!!

  • Dave DeHart

    Downloaded fast and fine. I like the simplicity in appearance. . .but I could not get Adobe Flashplayer to run. Went to Adobe page and attempted to download their fix. Still did not load Zynga in Facebook. NBot only did it not work, but I had to kill processes to get back to a working page. Finally had to uninstall IE9 B. Maybe when they get enough fixes lined up, I'll try it again.

    • cmjb

      Exactly the same here.

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

      IE9 specific 64 bit flash beta

      Intel i7 Quad Core

      ATI Radon

      MS Office 10

      All Software up to date.

      There is nothing else on this machine which is used for testing purposes.

      All other browsers are working fast and fine.

    • mee

      me three, its ridiculous, it freeze the whole application

    • Kentigern

      you need to download "Adobe Flash Square" which is compatible with IE9 beta

      • Jen

        Wow, I'm going to try that, Kentigern. Thanks! Having lots of troubles with Flash Square!

    • cindy

      I had the same problem. No Adobe Flashplayer. Uninstalled flashplayer and reinstalled. No luck. Went back to ie8 until they ge the bugs out of this!

    • deb

      I have noticed on zynga fb apps that it does freeze up quite a bit. Had to restart the whole system just to get IE9 unfroze.

  • Dean

    Issues with the new naitive 64-bit Adobe Flash, which has been optimized for Internet Explorer 9. However, this is not a Microsoft issue, rather Adobe, and will be fixed relatively soon as they are working close to polish this beta as a final product.

    Three crashes, out of hundreds of succesful window and tab openings, which is relatively good compared to my experiences with the Firefox 3.0 and Chrome 7.0 browsers.

  • Dean

    @dan t Yeah, IE9 does not work with Google Docs, which is more of an issue with the program than IE9. Gary Marshall from Techradar has noticed that Google Docs in it's very nature conflicts with IE9, but in the same respects IE9 reflected congruent in SunSpider speeds of Google Chrome. The later of which is good. Google Docs, we can hope, will be fixed up on final release with IE9.

    @Rob You're having installation issues or operation issues? Operation issues can be covered with the troubleshooter online or within the program since it's already installed. Installation, though, you can rest assured you're not the only one. NitinA@TWC from has accumulated reports of such issues into one article. Maybe they can help where Microsoft or I could not.

    @Jerryo Didn't even notice the issue with previous bookmarks and settings not loading from previous installations (or other browsers for that matter) until you said that. Good find. And, yeah, it sounds like JavaScript issue.. Good luck.

  • jerryo

    The download and installation was easy and quick. IE 9Beta does not load all the prior IE8 settings however; one must experiment and find all the tools menus etc. I had a problem getting my Favorites toolbar to load as a toolbar, but eventually did it. It also seems to crash and then right itself when first bringing up the program with an error message that something on the site I was loading was wrong. I was loading two sites, Google and Comcast. It seems to occasionally crash for no reason, then comes back on retry. Perhaps a javascript issue?? I am using a Quad Core Gateway with 4 GIG RAM and Windows 7.

  • Someone

    When I click on the download link, it says can't open the link. Although it works by going to "other versions" and manually downloading the right version, I think Microsoft should fix the problem.

  • Paul

    Having a lot of problems loading videos – I am getting a lot of black screens. Sounds but no video. Some web sites won't even load.

  • rabel

    Cautiously impressed (haven't uninstalled chrome). Loaded run and mostly stable in w7-32. Java problematic with some complete failures (bigpond webmail) and anoying minor issue (java menus going vertical). Most annoying is the error reporting applet which refuses to acknowledge me as a user authorised to report an error, but also refuses to stop asking me to report errors. Later error may be core requirement of microsoft philosophical base.

  • Scott

    Blue screen of death… junk uninstalled ASAP and back to A-OK.
    Not ready for prime time, my system never crashed before IE9
    but crashed 3 times in 1 day, not just the app but my whole desktop.

    Caution… stay away.

    • Neo

      The same thing happened to me. I installed IE 9 beta on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit w/ 8 gigs of RAM. The entire computer blue screened before I could even restart to complete the installation of IE9 (never had a blue screen of death before with this OS). After restarting the computer, it blue screened again within a short period of time, and IE 9 wasn't even open at the time. I immediately uninstalled IE 9 beta, and everything is back to normal.

    • lesd

      Same thing here. brand new laptop, running W7 64bit. had the cpu for only 4 months. never once had a problem till i downloaded IE9 beta. then pages wont load, the pages that did load had errors, had the black screen of death 3 times in one morning. eventually uninstalled IE9 Beta. now we will see if all goes back to normal

    • sharon

      I'm having the same problem. It also at times wont load I have to keep refreshing the page

  • Barbara

    It seems to be doing OK on a Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), except it's pretty slow at times to load or return to a page.

  • gnairooze

    It worked fine with me on w7 32bit. But failed to correctly view the web access of my company microsoft project server 2007 website. WOW IE9 is not fully compatible with microsoft office products

    • Becky Hall

      Good luck. I have been trying to do that for days. They will not contact you either.

  • guest

    I've installed it on Windows 7 64 bit and it works fine. All my settings carried over from IE8. It runs pretty quick, loads pages fast. I have had a few css issues with text placement on some sites but a refresh or scroll d/u fixed it. Works on banks site. I also tried Chrome this week and I really like that one too.


    Wow . . . another piecie of crap that you expect to at least perform at some great level. I am now trying to uninstall it and it will not even come up in the programs. I cannot find out yet how to get this off of my machine. Compatbility mode does not work. Javascript stopped wotking on several pages. YUK! Totally not even ready for beta.

    • Tony

      go into 'programs & features', then 'windows features', highlight it when it shows up in the list, click on uninstall,,,,,

    • Pat

      You have to go to View Installed Updates in the upper left hand corner. Click on it. Then find Windows Internet Explorer 9. Right click on it. Then click on uninstall. Restart the computer, and you will have IE 8 back.

  • Parley

    Really like it. Very slick.

  • Peter

    some other software like quickverse bible 2010 begins to display incorrectly. I have to uninstall IE9 to get the software to display correct again.

  • Roland Latiolais

    IE9 downloaded twice with Win 7 32-bit. Installations resulted in error messages continuinly stating that Internet Explorer has stopped running. Also, Windows explorer won't run which disables getting to the Control Panel to Uninstall. Had to reimage machine twice. How can all these blogs and comments be so glowing without any reference to this problem. Some comments reference this problem but nothing about how they overcame the crashes. I think they were scarred stiff of M$.

  • kledee

    The problems I've had with IE 9 are all flash related. Some pages wont load properly that have flash on them. The worst problem is and AOL mail, and a local news page. Other than those it works great.

  • Scottyboy

    The flash problems can be solved (mostly, still glitchy sometimes) by downloading the IE9 specific flash beta… find it here:

  • Andrew

    Installed fine on Win 7 Ultimate but I'm having issues with a lot of my desktop gadgets including O&O DiskStat as well as slow start-up issues that never occured before IE9 installation.

  • Unknown

    Well Flash isn’t working with ie9 and my GeForce 7150M card in my laptop. I’ve tried both the latest stable and “square” releases, but since the card doesn’t have hardware acceleration it crashes those sites. The good news is that the browser doesn’t crash just the web pages like hulu.

    I’m running windows vista with all the latest patches.

  • Cavillas

    Works ok on my win 7 32 bit except for toolbars. They seem to vanish when opening up another tab. Otherwise very fast.

  • sclaus

    Installed IE 9, then 20 minutes later unsintalled it. Incredibly slow compared with IE 8 on the same machine. Clicking on documents (like word) in web pages deosn't open them like before. I think I'll stick with IE 8.

  • sgmelb


    Try this link to uninstall. It worked for me;

  • Brickwork

    Not impressed – the favourites is a job to find and no indication as to if it has connected to a web site – think I'll go back to 8 as this needs a lot of work yet

  • dlorde

    Works OK on my Windows 7 laptop, but on my Windows 7 PC, when run it goes into a loop where the OS pops up a message that it has stopped working and prompts for a click to close it, and just keeps repeating that cycle. I have to kill it using Process Manager. I tried running the installation again, but it said a more recent version is installed (I guess because it downloads & installs the latest update), but when I went to uninstall it so I could reinstall it from scratch, it doesn't appear on the installed program list!

    Now I have to find out how to get rid of it…

    • Celine

      I have the exact same problem on my Windows Vista laptop… Glad that I have google chrome as a backup, I cannot find a way to reinstall the older version of IE! HELP!

  • dag

    I like it, but I am having issues with a few websites, eg Tesco, where the menu drop-downs aren't working as they should…. Am I right in thinking this is probably a Java/Flash issue?

  • mrmski

    Great for playing you tube videos – like HD quality – dont rate the search add on buttons across the bottom of the search bar – ie8 was better and easier to use for this with them listed at the side, google maps etc doen't work! May remove & restore ie8 until fixes are out

  • JoRene A

    Installed fine on my Windows 7 32 bit, both a desktop and laptop but had issues with some web sites. I'm not sure if it is flash related, but won't form selection box to zoom in on weatherunderground radar maps. Might have other issues, as well, as I've uninstalled for now.

  • Mary W

    IE9 downloaded (32 bit Intel C2D NC6400 running Windows Vista Ultimate)

    First installation attempt warned that I had to download two Microsoft fixes. The first patch wasn’t applicable to my system. 2nd patch did install (KB2117917) and IE9 Beta has crashed once (Vista application crash).

    I cannot figure out how to include the toolbar with File open, print, print preview, Exit, etc.

    But so far, so good. Graphics are improved and so has load time for certain pages. Need to test this with Java intensive websites for response time during load.

  • Rick IEOutreachTeam

    We are aware that some are experiencing some Installation problems and a guide has been released to help with explaining how to address some of those issues. You can find it through this link to the Microsoft Support Pages: I Invite you to take a look at this and other resources to help improve your IE9 Beta Experience.

  • adam

    vista and its screwed the lot, wont wvwn let me log on

  • Camille

    I am happy w/ Mozilla Firefox. I have Windows 7 and tried to download the 32 bit Internet Explorer 9 but I keep getting an annoying message that Windows Explorer has stopped working. I had to go into Task manager to shut down windows explorer for the message to stop popping up.

  • Lofty

    It works OK on win 7 32 bit but my Sky email will only open in a basic form.

  • Anonymos

    Mine won't evan open. when i click on it, I get an endless barage of the "This program has stoped responding" msg, and it won't let me restart explorer 8 which is what I was previously using. I had to make this comment on my laptop.

  • redroger

    No problem downloading IE9 but running another matter. No first screen ,just a string of "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and will shut down" message boxes. Reverted to my trusty Firefox.

  • Kent Torch

    Works fine except ALL the comment links in the Craigslist Forum are dead.

  • J.Sin

    Hung on 90% of web pages. Crashed my system… also wouldn't even display the Microsoft website at all. Had to uninstall it… terrible browser as of this beta release.

  • Jeffers

    Zone Alarm is reporting stability problems with IE9 and continually attempts to restart the browser. After every restart, it reports the problem again.

    I've had to disable IE9 to be able to access the internet using Fireforx.

    I can't find a way to revert to IE8 or uninstall IE9.

    System Restore has ceased working.

    IE 9 can't be that bad, can it ?

  • eugene

    me either i'm running w7 32-bit OS… updated IE9 huhu it doesn't work… maybe i'll w8 for the final version not the beta one…..

  • Ben Symington

    Its awesome!!! yes it crashes but get over yourself if you comment on rubbish like crashing through a Beta then you should not download it at all!

    yes my IE9 crashed on may laptop too but what i saw was awesome and this will be browser killer if the rest don't follow suit quickly.

  • Jonboy

    Just a few problems – it won't let me post on a couple of forums I use but others are OK, it seems faster, no other problems..

  • Colin

    NOTE to Uninstall IE 9 ( Win 7 ) go to the Uninstall option, programs and features.
    Select "View Installed Updates"
    Select "Windows Internet Explorer 9
    Uninstall in the usual way

  • hbfjsfj

    history will not delete

  • Cabut

    Works fine on my Win 7 64 bit with all the latest patches installed, but realoading seems to be slow. Wonder what worng ?????

    Hope on the final version will be okey by then

  • JWG

    ie 9 looked pretty good except that my "Favorites" list disappeared. I also had some pixel problems at a few sites. So I'm going to wait until it's fine-tuned before re-downloading it. I'm fine with ie8 until then and I have my Favorites again too.

  • Alex

    I installed IE9 and works very fast, i liked first, but when select text on a webpage it crashes itself and also windows live messenger (v. 14 neither the beta) don't work when ie9 was installed, uninstalled and everything worked perfectly, so bad because I like IE9, anyway i confortable with firefox4beta and chrome6.

  • Daniel

    Just doesn't work – Internet explorer refuses to open, Outlook crashes continuously – this is pants

  • martin

    I installed ie9 yesterday.. when the windows asked for reboot i did it.. but windows did not start up again.. some system files where currupted… so i did install win 7 again.. and it works fine without ie9 hehe

  • bla

    win7 32bits: would not work at all. pops up and dissapears .miscrosoft is shit

  • Rev Howard Allen

    I installed ie9 beta fine. however it keeps reloading as it opens and closes repeatedly

  • Anonymous

    work vulnerable to w7-32
    once I enter another website from home page,the whole browser LAGGED
    this problem keep annoying me

  • guest

    Installed and looked good. Flash updated right away. Went to facebook and tried to play Mobsters 2…..will not happen

  • Jeremih

    as soon as i opened it it told me its not responding.

  • Paul John

    i downloaded ie9, i doesn't work on my windows 7 32-bit..the web is loading but witjout picture….it is a white blank page.

  • David

    Worked fine for the most part, except it was messing up my desktop gadgets a lot. Also out of nowhere, it randomly reverted back to the old IE8 logo on the desktop even though it was still the new IE9 beta. I'll give it another chance when its officially released, it has potential.

  • hvnlymusic

    Ok, I like this new version, I just would like to find out why AOL looks so strange.

  • drbobgold

    When attempting to print (Windows 7 Pro), it immediately prints the entire document, and the printer selection screen can not be called up. So you can't PRINT SELECTION, or have any options. I had to uninstall IE9beta and all is well again on IE 8.

  • john

    Does not work with windows 7 x32 keeps saying problem occured oh well it is not a finished product but to get rid of the warning I must reboot the computer

  • wattlebird2

    Go to: Network And Sharing Center,
    Next Go To:Internet Options in the left And Go to Advanced and check Use Software Rendering Instead Of GPU Rendering*<–the first one…

  • anonamous

    Crash crash crash
    Win 7 premium 64 bit
    can't get rid of error message. Keeps popping up
    What a surprise NOT!

  • JohnyB4Mod

    I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. I use a programme called auctiva for listing on ebay. auctiva was losing listing as it was runnig slow. advice from auctiva was to upgrade to latest Internet Explorer. Using the link on the auctiva page it took me to Internet Explorer 9 beta, which i downloaded. Now auctiva listing page opens wrong, isn't useable and i can't do ebay listings. Even the contact Auctiva support doesn't work. It said it was compatable to the latest version, obviously not.

    I have tried to reverse the download, reset my computer to original I E settings, but computer will not reset, so i'm stuck with I E 9 beta that doesn't work on auctiva. Is this supposed to be progress ???

  • Becky

    I installed IE 9 on both my work and home computers, within a week I reverted back to IE 8. I am usually up for change, but I did not care for the changes made. IE 9 was constantly crashing, I couldn't print a page in email without opening it first, and I really hated the fact that the search box was made into a dual search / address box. I found the combo box to have a mind of its own. I like the ability in IE 8 to search in one tab then use the same search in another tab. One thing I did like was the ablility to drag the tabs. Both of my computers are running Windows 7 Ultimate, but one is 64 bit. The 64 bit computer slowed down when IE 9 was installed.

  • Adnan

    IE 9 doesn't work on my win 7 64 bit, error message keep poping and had to kill it through task manager. after installation every shut down displays updating 1 of 3. It completes update and next time shutting down it again updates same configuration

  • AzherRehan

    Hi All,

    I recently installed IE9 Beta in my Windows-7 OS. Everything in a page gets loaded fine except for the scrollbars. Overflow: auto doesn't seem to be working fine in some cases. Is someone facing the same problem? Or, does anyone have a solution for this ??

    Please respond. Thanks in advance.

  • Al W

    Downloaded it on W7 and wambam! I got attacked by a really nasty piece of Malware called "Antivirus IS". That thing invaded everything and it attempts to charge you $$ so that it will remove viruses which it pretends to detect. It locks up everything. I could not get into Task Manager, Windows Explorer, etc. I run AVG and Avast on FF and Chrome and normally are well protected. So, beware of IE9. I'm not going to touch it again for at least 6 months, if ever.

  • Brendan

    It won't install… getting an error. Running W7 Starter 32 bit. Please help!

  • Algo

    whole contents doesn't appear

  • Peter. S

    IE9 will not download speed camera data from Garmin web site. When clicking "download" nothing happens. I had to use Firefox to download speed camera updates.

  • Henry Salo

    I install IE9 on my win 7 64 bit. It worked alright but the lettering of the internet was overlapping the other lettering. The next day, I uninstalled it and it went back to IE8. All my windows updates were all up to date. IE9 would work but it was the lettering that was the problem.

  • Merrick

    Getting lots of characters appearing in areas that should be text in dropdowns and places you can enter information. Any ideas?

  • Wally

    Adobe has released a Win 7 64 Flash Update that does seem to work well. YWHA !
    I have been trying IE 9 and have experienced very slow loading of some pages. When I first boot and open the IE 9 the blank page sits for a very long time. I almost thought I was back on dial up. At the same time I am still cleaning leftovers in my reg. to install Catalalyst 10.9 in a sqeaky clean way. EAH5870 HD Radeon ATI, this beast has at first crashed the whole machine itnermittently which makes it hard to track down. Now at times when surfing the diplay driver (only) crashes and recovers. Since my super clean install of ATI Cat. 10.9 {and no other ATI software, tweak in the bios only !} no more crashes of any kind.
    My vid. is 400 mhz and mem. 1200 mhz oc and IE 9 is fast like lightning when it is going to pages and severs that are more up to date. Maybe IE 9 can have a virtual xp IE 6 mode that will be fast for old sites after you buy your upgrade to 16 bit XP Mode. LOL
    The more browsers you have, the more spybots hitchhike with you all through the net. DOH
    Looking forward to stable release of IE 9. CPU grinding with GPU, it's about time. Cheers.

  • Wally

    Macing Asus 1156 P7P55D LE, CPU i7 4 Core 860, Video Asus EAH5870 HD Radeon, 400 Dac, 1200 mem. running Win 7 64.
    Thought clean install of video card would stop display driver dropping out and Explorer IE 9 has stopped working box. No more display driver issues but just as I was gaining confidence in it I experienced a black screen, no sound and had to kill power to tower to reboot. Not too bad considering still in beta I guess. Seems like ATI upper series video cards software might be in beta too. LOL

  • C.S.

    Video streaming is much slower with IE9 Beta. It also seems to have the propensity to drop connections and not accept hotlink selects.

  • Raj Adhyaru

    Print out from the IE 9 BETA is a problem, some time not spooling the job or printing junk characters.. however through with mozilla fire fox…

  • Chris Rowe

    Installed on HP dv8 laptop, int. i-7, 8 gigs ram. VERY buggy and SLOW!!! and will not stop asking on start if i would like to make startup faster by disableing add-ons, even when i set the time tolerances above the current add-ons installed. removed 9 and roled back to 8, and i'm all smiles again.

  • Gh. Mhanna

    I installed the ie9 64 for w7, and it was a big mistake, no way to uninstall it or restore the previous version and some links for other sites cause an unlimited series of errors and pop-up error messages.

    it could be a better idea if i uninstalled the ie8 before i installed the ie 9, because it looks like the up-grading process didn’t uninstall the previous version properly, and some files remained specially the “.exe” which sometimes it is triggered by some links and that what causes the infinity of popping up error messages.

    I hope the responsibles of this conflict find a solution to help those who ran in the trap. PLEASE HELP..

  • cooter

    dont like the click here to allow active x at the bottom it was fine up top ….. when working on web pages when clicking the pages link the link for "edit with (what ever web editor you use)" is not in the list until I slide the cursor over and open the tools menu the go back to page and it is there? Does not refresh changes to web pages I work on some times I have to dump temporary files(only did that twice so far). Don't have the abality to move shortcuts around like favorites are on the right now and you cant move it. Windows side bare calendar gaget is now blank some times , have to reboot to fix. Had windows live essentials beta installed before no problem , now since loading ie9 beta it has error and closes but still opens messenger. It does load pages faster , once all the buggs are out should be good….ie8 beta i had to uninstall until they got it right …..haven't uninstall 9 yet most problems i can tollerate for now.

  • TMR

    I downloaded IE9 beta onto my Windows Vista 64-bit machine, When I open IE9,
    it gets into an infinite loop with displaying a window with this message: "Internet Explorer
    has stopped working. A problem caused ,,, " Gives a button labeled "close Program"
    If I click on it, the window will close for a second and appear again … infinitely.
    I don't know what the problem is.

  • gofyrslf

    I'm not one to download "beta" programs. Is there a prospective date, as to when the finished product for IE9 is to be announced?

  • Rob

    I downloaded Explorer 9, and I cannot access my favorites or the menu bar. I right clicked and selected them, but they still do not show up. I have to manually type in every website.

    Also, there is no little arrow by the “back” button to look at the last few websites I’ve been to. Very annoying to click the back arrow dozons of times.

    I’d rather uninstall and get Explorer 8 back.

  • Abid Ali Soomro

    Internet Explorer 9 is not working in XP, This is the big Problem. Because XP is the most Popular windows ever, and every one is Running XP, But they are missing your New Products, Beacause each new product you are releasing with suppor of new operating system.

    And what about the XP User, therefore every one is migrating from Internet Explorer to Firefox and Chrome, Because they are much more faster and can be run on any OS,

    At least Release the Internet Explore 9 for XP SP3 users,

    Hope you have got my point.

    • billy decastro

      I am sure they got your point, and that is exactly the reason they release it, you might think is premature to do so, but MSFT is collecting all this information, while google did released theirs much later than MSFT has, google chrome was a lot more ease to navigate with I believe because they adapted to what's out here on the field such as toolbars and other accelerators and add ons, hope they make their own third party add ons compatible with their own Beta release sooner than they final one, so far bing search and comacst toolbar do not work well wit it

  • Joshua Chirita

    Everyone who is having the problem where Internet explorer stops responding READ THIS!! Uninstall any toolbar that you have on your pc. I got this problem on 3 Installs!! Just uninstall any toolbars you have. Might make your IE defective. A possible explanation is that your toolbar is made for Internet Explorer 8. Not 9. So get rid of the toolbars!! Email me at if it worked. Thank you.


  • Bryan

    Using 64 bit ie9 on windows 7 and find problems with css formatting. Some of my wordpress sites are disjointed. On the 32 bit it seems to crash for some unknown reason. I have also run across some other issues.

  • Ron Olney

    Although I already love it I'd have to agree with another commenter; it's not ready for beta release. I got stuck in some pretty serious nested loops that I couldn't revive from without a complete reboot and looks like I will have to go back to IE8 until some serious work is done on this "delta" NOT READY FOR RELEASE release! Good grief people, THINK!!! You've released some real headaches on unsuspecting folks that trust or trusted you alot before this, you may not live this one down as much as you youngsters think you can. I think you wasted a lot of your last mile of trust on this one. Sure, it's looking like a beauty but you don't put your investors through hell on their systems and with their workaday or pleasure seeking moment lives to solve problems you should have taken care of before you release it. Have any of you ever been bit by a Pit Bull? Once is more than enough. Some Sr. Managers ought to be slapping some of your punkass faces!!! I've been stuck with having to settle with Chrome to get me through the mess you made for me. I don't have time or need for this kind of cheap trick 17 year old crap. I can't believe your CEO let you pull this kind of #@%!!! -Ron Olney, NCE

  • Linlou

    Running windows vista, and nothing works properly anymore. I can not get onto msn game zone anymore, have no compatablity with facebook, several problems with Adobe, as well as contsant freezing on Homestead and my computer. Flashplayer 10 does not help. I am trying to unistall it, but it does not show up in my programs unistall or files and folders

  • sharmaine73

    IE9 Beta sucks. I have twice installed it, and twice uninstalled it and gone back to version 8. On my Windows Vista Dell it runs really slow, scrolling doesn't work as it simply drags words vertically along the page so you're left with a mess you can't read. I know this is a beta version, but for me, visually, it looks unfinished. It should at least look presentable! Also, I didn't find it easier to navigate or more intuitive as I still had to figure out where my commonly use attributes were located (like the favorites button). But the fact that it doesn't load pages very fast and scrolling results in a garbled mess pretty much 50 to 75% of the time, I had to go back to IE8 if I expected to be able to get any work done in an efficient manner. Otherwise, I would just be frustrated and cursing at my computer all day. Don't download it until they've fixed everything. Right now it's garbage. You shouldn't have to fiddle with it to make it work correctly. It should just work. This beta version isn't even presentable as a beta in my opinion.

  • Sylvia

    I hate it. It keeps bugging and I have to restart my web pages all the time. What I hate most, is I can't go back to what I had before.

  • Bajgiel

    IE 9 stops working (not responding message) on my machine with W7 Home Premium 64.
    I'm sick and tired of it. Even I had a problem with submitting this comment.

  • Jarrel

    In IE9, the pages will display as fully loaded, but NO IMAGES OR TEXT WILL SHOW UP ON SCREEN. I repeat, NO IMAGES OR TEXT WILL SHOW UP ON SCREEN!

  • Dr Kim Wyman

    Worked as fast as Chrome in Win 7 32 bit and better on downloading, filing etc. Suddenly last week (?? after some automatic update then) comes up with interminable array of "Allow" Internet Explorer Security" screens which make it practically unusable
    * Microsoft Search Enhancement pack (First four)
    * Google bar for IE – first of a mix, no discernible pattern with singles from
    * Adobe Flash Player
    * SkypeNames
    * Google Toolbar notifier
    IE9 Beta turned off (interestingly did not revert to previous IE8) and reinstalled. Same result.

    Any similar experience or correction ?

  • anil jayant

    I had IE8 on win 7. after downloading IE9 both stopped working. I can not remove all IE9 using remove program. It has left about 8 files which has made IE8 now unoperational. Got screwed so far and can not get on internet. any ideas??

  • Thomas

    IE9 sucks IE8 worked fine and now everything is messed up getting "Internet Explorer 9 error @ startup of my computer

  • oli-uk

    IE has always had more problems displaying pages and particularly some graphics than other browsers

    Many of the problems with IE9 result from IE8 specific ‘fixes’ on sites that are now coming back to haunt IE9

    My advice for what is worth is to leave IE alone so that it can be work for updates etc because if you use it for browsing it will probably break at some point

    Then use any other browser for actually browsing there are plenty to choose from

  • J. Swaby

    Unable to book delivery date/time on Tesco grocery web site. Had to go back to ie8 to place order. First reaction very favourable

  • tope

    it shows up a blank white space.. i can type URLs, add new tabs, but everytime I visit a site it doesn't shows up the at all.. it is juz a plane white space

  • Bootlebarth

    First impressions are favourable. One strange issue is that the experience has random features. I use Kaspersky Inetrnet Security Suite and Secunia PSI. The sandbox works somewhat erraticaly often opening two screens and sometimes loosing the web site. Difficult to pin point the issue. The search seems to have a mind of its own also.
    Another very odd issue is the Windows Vista Calendar Gadget which sometimes presents with the dreaded blank Orange other times opens correctly – as sometimes PSI leaves a process active with an icon in the left hand status bar. Maybe there is an issue with startup processes. Looks good once most of the glithces are ironed out.

  • sheree

    i used ie9 with windows7 32 pitbut i have problem whenever i send any request while playing games asking for help or givet it gaves me this error message
    message from wepe
    failed to publish feed:type error:objects doesnot support this property method
    with ie8 i dont have the same problem

  • keb

    just won't load the image on any pages!!!

  • Heybud

    My online banking program does not work with IE(

  • Julie

    Oh boy. Fun with IE loops. Downloaded the beta 9, installed, rebooted. Upon startup, IE9 constantly loops with error message that the browser has encountered an error and will now close.

    For those who don't want to mess with this nightmare of a beta, uninstall it by going into Control Panel>Programs & Features>View Installed Updates (on the left). Find the IE9 beta and select it, then uninstall it. You have to do it this way as there is no listing for IE9 under "Programs" that you can choose to uninstall.

    Best of luck, and message to IE9 – Come back when you're all grown up!

  • Sunaru

    For some reason my tab key won't indent when typing something in ie9. When I use the tab key it switches my cruiser from where I'm typing to the address bar. If I press the tab key again it highlights buttons on my toolbar.

  • Sunaru


  • Types

    it wont work! the installation went smoothly, however, when i tried to start it up, it sent me error messages. all of this results in me having to take a trip to the task manager and ultimately ending everything associated with Internet Explorer, HELP!

  • rob

    unable to open sky email with ie9
    sky email opens ok with chrome

  • doug

    When i try to play online facebook games have nothing but trouble, kickmania and hooves of fire cannot play them at all now. farmville plays but wont let me publish gift post as explorer 9 wont let the publish box to come up on screen. wish i could go back to explorer 8 some how?

  • neon

    I am actually surprised to see all the bad comments about ie9. I use ie9 64 bit with square flash 10.3(2?) 64 bit and it works amazingly. I play a sloppy flash written game that used to use anywhere from 20-60 percent of my cpu, it now uses 0-4 percent at idle with spikes of cpu use during play. all while using 8-12 percent of my gtx 285. No crashes, only been running a day though. The graphical animations in my flash game run smoother though, oddly enough.

  • guest

    No problems installing IE9beta , but caused problems on my computer–Windows 7. Windows I opened shadowed and stayed shadowed and Cox Security Suite-McAfee is not compatible. Had to uninstall IE9beta and computer now works much better and faster.

  • mark

    It will not let me view temp. internet files. I want my IE8 back.

  • Iain

    I have Vista 32-bit. IE9 was a disaster. It idn't load a single web page, just kept reloading stating there was an error. I had to run system restore. Leave the beta and just wait until they get it right.

  • Javon Williams

    IE9 won’t allow me to comment on websites… it won’t let me upload videos on facebook… it won’t let me type info on websites such as…

  • shinil

    Sites with call back is not working..

  • shinil

    Video is not playing.. Also most of the scripts are not working..

  • caine

    I downloaded IE9 and and I am running it on windows 7 premium. A few of the problems that I have come across are that it will load facebook quickly but it will not allow posting or gift requests. I also have some issues with different web pages not loading. About 15% of the time IE tells me that it cannot display my bing home page when i boot up IE.

    are there any updates or patch files released that might fix these issues


  • sean

    the apple store never works correctly, and if theres a simple problem all browsers open will not respond at all. pointless program needs to be reset atleast once a week

  • vendelin

    Installed on W7 Ultimate and keep getting error reporting message. It just would not work on my computer and I have to use Firefox.

  • Roy

    Loaded IE9 on my laptop w7 64bit but was unable to veiw any videos on facebook tried a few times but to no avail. Unloaded and went back to IE8 all works well. Hope Microsoft sort it out was impressed with speed.

  • Bruce

    I can’t blog on CBS sport page

    I can’t do my online banking.

    There are so much it won’t do.

    So I went back to IE8

    IE 9 SUCKS

  • Taha Bashir

    I have face the serious problem about IE9 . The problem is its functioning . When i Search any thing in google in IE9 and then select the searh content to remove. IE9 Automatically go back to main page and i cant select what i wrote…. and the second we cant change google background image with IE9 and easily can change with IE8

  • btsbits

    Opens very quickly for me, but sadly, it closes just as fast, before i can even 'touch' anything on it. I would use the built in bug reporting tool, but that would require being able to get to it. I was going to develop a web site to ensure it looked proper in IE, but now I can't until I uninstall and download IE 8.

  • Aaron

    ive been using ie 9 for about a week and havent found any problems so far overall a good browser.

  • Wayne

    IE9 will work with my Vista 32 bit only if there are no add-ons. If I try to use the add on version it crashes every time I attempt to load it. Too bad. Speed was much improved over IE8. Back to Chrome!

  • GrandmaJo

    IE Explorer 9 won't allow selection tool to select area to zoom in weather underground radar map. Probably has problems with any site that uses same web tool. I can't believe that after so many months there are still so many problems with IE 9.

  • Eric

    After installing IE9 i cannot get my virginmedia mail to open and have to go for the HTML version basic. Also it wont work with on line flight booking companies such as Easy jet . It just cannot continue any progress through booking atall. I am quite dissapointed and probably will uninstall it.

  • Ethan

    Problems with facebook chat on internet explorer 9. and some status updates looked like a script was missing of something.

  • Mori

    I am not able to open videos on Face Book with the new ie9 but I was able to open with ie8. I downloaded the google chrome and Firefox. I am able to open videos on Face Book with google chrome and firefox. So, must be an issue with ie9.
    Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • karl

    Why dont they fully test their updates before they fuck up everyone computers instead of using us as guinea pigs.

  • MrMez

    Loaded it on Win 7 64 & 32-bit PC's. Loads fast & seems to work well exept for problems with Flash (on both)

  • Ted

    I installed IE9 a few days ago on Vista Home Premium 64 bit. It ran fine from the getgo and I was pleased with it as a browser.
    Then I noticed my most used Windows Sidebar Gadgets acting funky. They would run intermittently, not at all or had lost some of their options. It may be that the gadgets needed to be removed and reinstalled under IE9.
    I chose to remove IE9, reverting back to IE8. All is well again at the home front.

  • bbhett

    Had a win7 32 bit with me… and I have problem loading flash games.. It would hang in the middle of uploading.. and I end up quitting..

    Its pretty fast just like G**gle after reformatting my pc and updating its patch.. Before I had a hard time usign IE beta 9, but I have no choice but to keep her for my Y!Messenger.

    But still, nothing beats Mr. G! hehehe

  • Dennis

    cannot get my favorites tool bar to display vertically on the left side of the screen. It wants to display horizontially, and need to click on right arrows to display??

  • anthony

    internet explorer 9 will not work,, my home page googlecrome will not come up with

  • Jim

    Installation was easy. Running Vista 32bit. Some pages are slow to load and major problems with submitting fill in forms. At times links in pages fail to do anything. will be trashing this version and going back to v.8

  • Andy Christensen

    Tried IE9 for a day or so.
    TWO PROBLEMS found so far.
    1. drop downs when typing in a word won't activate. So I had to completely type the word.
    2. vidoes on YouTube, etc., just flash on and off. I have to go to full page to see them.

    I uninstalled it but may try again when these and other problems are solved.
    Like it for the most part, though.
    Andy Christensen

  • HMMM


  • Stevirobbo

    I don't like the missing back button :( you can't click on the arrow inbetween the forward and back buttons now as it doesn't seem to be there I used this a lot in 7& 8 guess I will have to try and get used to this, every update why do they change sides with the buttons? I know they want it to look better but all it does is confuse, it's exactly the same as 8 and 7 otherwise just a mirror image and any updated stuff that is hidden will never be used by most people anyway, all we want to do is search, go back to previous pages and go forward tovarious pages, visit pages that we choose to and not have pop ups spoiling our searching,, nothing else just keep it plain and simple instead of spending vast amounts of money on stuff no one will ever use except the geeks who think it's cool

  • funtobewith11

    I use Windows Vista and it loaded fine and worked except that it would not allow me to view .wmv files from the internet. I cound not fid a fix for it so I removed it and am back to IE8. Once a fix is found I will go back to IE9

  • Steve

    Doesn't work on w7-64bit or vista-64 both computers downloaded fine but when I tried to run it in stopped working before it loaded and says Internet explorer stopped working close program. It closes but the same message keeps popping up.. had to forse close using task manager. Went back to IE8. IE9 needs lots of work!!

  • Unyo

    After installing the ie9.0, online games not working anymore. It was working fine in ie8.0. Pls help to resolve this problem.

  • Myself

    Cannot seem to adjust my cookie settings. Am planning to uninstall tonight as fed up with re-logging into all my forums etc.
    Also, black picture / videoproblem – especially with googlemaps. Just won't show streetview.

  • Dobre Ruxandra

    i have win 7 64 and ie9 beta does not work, i can't see the page, it shows me that the pgae is loaded but there is just a blank page i can acces links on the invizible pages but i can't see them, i don't get errors i tried updates, nothing.. microsoft is realy weird now..

  • Dilen Ashman

    I have Windows Vista (HP) 32-bit i downloaded IE9 and it would only load up blank white pages can someone help?

  • kickme22

    This is a weird problem I experienced. After installing IE9 an internet video link I watch using windows media player stopped working. As soon as i got rid of IE9 the link started working again.

  • Jacques

    Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

    IE 9 is soooo very slow! Chocking!!!

    Switching to a new web page leaves you with the impression that your keyboard is defective. At first, nothing happens, then after 4 or 14 or even 40 seconds, the expected page shows-up… And there is now visual feedback telling us that something is actually downloading!
    Many many security warnings pop up at the bottom of the page; the funnyest ones offer to close some applications to fpeed-up the browser by 5 millisecinds! Imagine!

  • RobK

    I have started to have a problem with IE9. First of all, its slow, and asked me questions way to much that has to do with security.

    Next, and more importantly, I will google a site, and click on a link, and click on it, the screen will go right back to a Google start page. Its done it a few times. This just started today. I tried pausing my protection…no change. I tried these same site with FF 4 Beta, and they worked well.

    MS, if this is the best that you can do, I will never use IE9 except for the needed windows updates and so on.


  • Awais

    I just installed Internet explorer 9 and it stopps working when try to stream videos on youtube

  • Giridhar

    Many websites are not getting opened completely and probably not at all !
    ex:,, etc. many are there!

    Hope I need to switch over asap, as it is affecting the actual work,

    hope the issues will be resolved in complete version.

  • DAveMH

    Having given it three months finally un installed, windows Vista 32bit, was quick and simple to load and set up, then problems with some website functions, particularly forum posts and uploading photographs, which was slow and got slower, then finally stopped. Issuses with pages and links on Fbook, and gave up this week after three crashes in 45 mins.

  • Ken Schulz

    Wow. After reading 7 pages of negative FB here, and countless other sites with the same FB, I am so thankful I have not installed this nightmare of a program! It pays to do research before jumping into an "update" like this.
    I will most definitely wait until well after an official IE9 release before I even consider downloading this program. Hopefully by then, MS has all of these problems sorted out. MS never should've released this failure of a browser, even as a Beta. It's this kind of cr@p that wrecks a companys reputation.

  • Miguel A.

    I have Win 7 and IE9, and have problems with LinkId, "next" screen, is not working at all.
    please, any advice?
    configuration, is the factory one, and seems to be ok…
    please help.

  • Kim

    Does not work. Keeps sending problem to microsoft. Not responding.

  • http://sky chell

    Since install of exp 9 my childrens binweevils account does not work properly.Can only assume this is the problem may have to uninstall anyone know how?.thanks

  • chelle

    Since install of exp 9 my childrens binweevils account does not work?any one know how to uninstall?thanks.

  • Jim

    works well with my windows7 EXCEPT when i go to read my email at
    It says i have emails but none show up, can't be seen, invisible…thanks alot microsoft!
    Can i uninstall and go back to IE8??

  • Umesh T

    Fails to load images on from time to time. Refreshing doesn't work
    Fails to maintain session with
    Fails to load some of the buttons images with

    Screw it! I am getting it the hell out of my PC!!!

  • Ashis

    Whenever I search something through the Bing bar from,strange that ie9 hangs for a minute,and only then displays search results.Its ok searching form or search bar,but why wont it quickly search from help.Have already tried resetting ,and the like.Nothing is working,though.

  • Larrry Goldberg

    I downloaded 9 (my PC uses windows 7 service pack 1), and my internet service stopped. My home page would come up (, but I was unable to go any further. Any request (new page, go to a specific story) I would get a error message indicating the explorer had stop working. I had to have service tech, delete 9 and reinstall 8 to get my internet nworking again. I want my service call cost reimbursed!

  • TCam

    I can't get adobe flash to install on it….picnic will not even load…some picture web sites are either broken in parts of the web page or won't load at all. I have installed, uninstalled flash multiple times trying to get it to work. Guess I am going back to firefox…being I am into photography and grapics explorer is useless to me in this state..

  • William Dinkins

    Tried IE9. Lots of hang ups and crashes. Removed it and went back to IE8. When I downloaded IE9 I didn't realize it was still beta. Might try it again if MS ever gets a complete final version but for now will continue to use Firefox.

  • dieter

    I lost all of my bookmarks when after installing IE 9. This is a real pain. Now I can't uninstall IE 9.

  • bcfd144

    I down loaded it today. liked how it looked, but would not allow my yahoo mail to work rt. It wouldnt allow the contact drop windows to appear when I wanted to send an email. I didnt bother to try it on any other stuff I use daily. If it wont work on my email rt, no reason to use it. Ill gove it a few months and try again.

  • Charles

    My computer totally crashed getting on the internet. It would not download my internet sites. I was really upset what it was doing. If I were you DO NOT DOWNOLAD the Internet Explorer 9, it does nothing but cause you trouble. I have Windows 7 and a brand new HP which worked great until this happened.

  • Melissa

    I've uninstalled it due to my emails no longer being able to have attachments. Even after changing the security from advanced to medium.

  • Rose

    Im using Google IME tamil language its working with google chrome but its not working properly on internet explorer 9 latest version any one please help me How can I do ?

  • eleonora james

    I am having problems sending messages on the tagged site so far with explorer 9.havent used it for everything just as yet,but this is one glitch it has

  • Bob

    Save Target As downloads only get to about 99% then don't finish

  • Hootsmon

    Downloaded and used IE9 in Windows 7 32 bit version. All very nice but……….seems to be some conflict with User Account Control. In IE8 when clicking on a website link, if it didn't open, you had to double click on the Protection Mode section in the status bar; change your settings to either On or Off as necessary. After the change, clicking on the link will open in a new window. There doesn't appear to be any allowance for the Protection Mode in the status bar in IE 9. There is no directive and you just sit waiting for the new window to open, which of course it doesn't.
    I've now uninstalled IE9 and gone back to using IE8. I'll stick with this version until Microsoft do some more homework and not depend on customers to notify them of their shortcomings. Hopefully they can produce a more user friendly version.

  • pat RICK

    Chat bars on some websites do not work. and popup windows for alot of facebook aps dont load. needs new plugins out.

  • Fred

    Internet Explorer 9 beta can't handle Java very well

    • Tosha Muhammad

      yes your right

    • Tosha Muhammad

      yes your right

  • Bryan

    Pages freeze a lot, especially when right clicking on something.

  • Computer Analyst

    I have w7-64….First off, it was not faster for me than IE8 it was slower. Second it does'nt look like IE8 and the user interface just sucks….I know it's suppose 2 be new but keep the user interface because i liked the task bar being at the bottom. Third i had 2 refresh my page every 3 or 4 searches to show everything and it still didnt show all…Fourth some sites and programs were not compatible with it.. Fifth not only does it crash but i had my laptop only 3 days and after i installed it i couldnt even restore my computer 2 a state where it wasnt on there…. i had 2 restore my laptop 2 factory settings because after i tried 2 restore it, it gave me errors and it even messed up some of my programs as to where i couldnt load them…..unless u fix these problems( @IE team) I seriously do not recommend this product 2 any 1 who 2 try it……PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE!!!!!!!…Unless they correct there mistakes!!!!

  • Computer Analyst

    Oh and I forgot to add after the restore i couldnt get on the internet!!!!!!!!

  • Donna

    I been having the same problems as "Fred" and my computer crashes alot , especially when I'm on Facebook. Now I cannot access Facebook on my computer. I can on my Phone so I know thatI'm still active on Facebook. I have been having to many problems withIE9 and i no longer can go back to IE8. IE8 was far better.

  • edoued

    works also on my win 7 32 bit.. also kinda fats maybe?

  • Beverly B

    Mine download fine. Initially had FB pinned to desktop, but removed because link was incorrect. Tried pinning again, this time the logo for FB is on IE logo. I know, minor. Cannot change icon.

  • sacnee

    youtube videoes close immediately saying malicious add on has been blocked..
    it is a very irritating experience .. i'm reverting to ie 8

  • avastarr10

    It's horrible! HP tells me they are inundated with calls from those running Windows 7. It is not compatible. I spent twenty hours trying to fix this. I get an error message every time I start the computer saying "You are not running Genuine Windows." Really? It came installed on my Pavillion when I bought it.

    It also disabled my print spooler, AVG and Maladbytes. It cost $200 to get the Print Spooler reinstalled. Explorer 9 messes up the Registry.

  • Bob

    I've been running Windows 7 x64 for many months, mostly all good. Loaded IE 9 x64 version, first, and found too many problems running video clips, flash, non-access to many websites, and a constant "screen pause" situation. Reverted to the standard IE 9 and most issues with video and flash were taken care of; however, still have limited access(aka none) to several of sites my kids use for games. AND the biggest issue is the "screen or browser session pause" situation. This is constant, I've investigated many avenues for why, unable to answer. I can either just sit and wait 10-15 seconds for the browser/screen to be "active" again, or, if I switch to another application and back then the screen is "re-activated" and works for a 2-3 more transactions.

    I feel like I'm out in mountains on a cold night, just keep moving and you'll stay warm. Same with this IE 9 issue, don't stop navigating in/on/around the screen and the problem won't happen. Stop for a few seconds and you're hosed. Going back to IE 8. My wife's machine is the same as mine, running IE 8 and no problems.

  • becky hall

    It will not let me post or visit or ask for anything on fronterville or framville. All this time i thought it was there sites. But it is not, it is this program. I think you should have all the bugs worked out before you put it out there for people to use. I would like to go back to internet explorer 8. By the way what is cross site-scripting? It keeps tell me that when I try to post? Don't try to ask explorer 9 they will not answer.

    • Tosha Muhammad

      yes pretty much the same here, i play facebook games and i cannot send gifts or hire friends :( it always give me an error i hate it. but i do kind of like ie 9 other than those problems :/ should i say something about this or should i switch back to ie 8? :( confused, everything was working just fine with ie 8

    • Tosha Muhammad

      yes pretty much the same here, i play facebook games and i cannot send gifts or hire friends :( it always give me an error i hate it. but i do kind of like ie 9 other than those problems :/ should i say something about this or should i switch back to ie 8? :( confused, everything was working just fine with ie 8

  • Diane

    IE9 has issues with Frontpage websites. Most of the text is missing when viewing certain sites.

  • Ethan

    me w7 32bit, no problems with installing IE9 but after a few days it seems like it getting slower and won't load full page.

  • Joe

    I've been using win7 x64 bit for a while and like it but ie9 just caused far to many problems and I was forced to go back to windows 8 vary quickly as was just to slow to use and slowed other programs trying to update causing them to crash. I tryed re-downloaded programs such as Acrobat DivX & Quicktime to make certain that they were compatable and reseting internet and firewall to setting to default but notheing helped. I may downlad this after another 3 months and some of the kinks have been strightend out but untill then ie9 will remain a bad experiance.

  • Craig

    I downloaded IE 9 and it makes my computer freeze. Even task manager will not end task. I have to soft boot the machine to get it back up. Also all my favorite sites are gone.

  • Steven

    I downloaded internet 9 today and I loaded it up and it is really slow and won't display web pages.

  • Faizan

    IE 9 crashing problem appeared on my uncle PC i fixed that problem by following this guide:
    and now that son of a bitch problem appeared in my PC, i followed the guide but it didn't worked for me. Need your help to fix it.
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Ronda Johnson-Mccullough

    all i can say is i HATE it… i have a BRAND NEW laptop that worked wonderfully until i installed this horrible ie 9. totally crashed me computer for 3 days. i finally am able to get online but it freezes and crashes and i get a “facebook is not responding or yahoo is not responding, or messages of that nature. i hate it i hate it i hate it. im not new to computers i can fix my own usually. (never had to take it to be fixed). but this is aggravating… needs fixed badly. 

  • Mike Ruiz

    I use Windows 7 and I installed  IE 9 and now I can’t download or open files from my emails

  • Dr. Puppy MD

    dont like all the pop up videos on website. the video are a big block from seeing the websites and cant close the videos.  

  • Tosha Muhammad

    well even though this might not seem like much, but i play games on facebook and certain features i cannot use because i downloaded internet explorer 9. But when i had internet explorer 8 everything worked just fine :( kind of irritating but although i love internet explorer 9 and hope that these problems can be fixed soon ! :)

  • Robert

    same as most comments…i have a new laptop with 7 and when i installed ie9 it went black and slowed down my system…how can this be a faster internet? the claims are misleading to say the least. SUX

  • Anonymous

    If Explorer 9 is the best Microsoft can do, they should get out of the business of creating browsers ENTIRELY!  I had tons of problems with it!  I had to do a system restore to the day before I downloaded explorer 9.  I don’t think Microsoft even tried to test it.  I hate the interface too!  I will stay with Explorer 8 until I have no choice but to change!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you even CONSIDER downloading Explorer 9, now or EVER!  It’s the biggest waste of 0′s and 1′s that Microsoft ever attempted!  They didn’t even try to test it… no!  They have US do all their testing on it!  Saves them tons of money!

  • sheila greer

    Horrible.  HORRIBLE……………..DO NOT UPGRADE TO E9.   Pages load up RED-ORANGE, and cannot read print on this garrish background.  It is glaring, and seems to be present ONLY when I use Explorer and since the update to 9.  I give up and will use Firefox, until Explorer gets it together.   Thank you, FIREFOX!!  Why EVER would they release this massive debacle?

  • Kelly R

    I downloaded it yesterday…..and I hate it.  I want internet explorer back!  I am getting all these crazy little flickery ads on the screen, and no X button to remove them.  I also can not send any emails from my yahoo account.  It is really frustrating!  Don’t download this!!!!

  • Andy

    I have downloaded–and uninstalled EXPLORER 9. The first time was s few months ago and I was excited with the new upgrade. However, it proved nothing but trouble and then had to tediously uninstall it and go back to an earlier system backup. Then I tried to download it again recently, thinking they got the kinks worked out. Nothing–no improvement.

    What is going on here? Don’t they read comments from users? I never seen ANYTHING positive. DON”T DOWNLOAD EXPLORER 9.

  • Kai

    I gave this thing a try (2 or 3 months) and I admit at first I hated it, but now I got used to it. I would’ve love to keep this but the flickering ads as the other reviewers mentioned is really very annoying. No way of removing them. Can’t download yahoo games or some other stuff on the net, the browser will stop working. Can’t view some of the items I want (in Eddie Bauer site) to buy because the pictures will flicker/disappear. I’m sure there are other bugs I haven’t encountered but the thing is, IE9 needs to be ironed out before being unleashed to the public.

  • Perry

    It is rubbish with very basic errors of usability :-
    (1) I cannot attach anything to upload files into the web based world i.e. my CV as I am trying to get a job as a Surveyor NOT as a computer software tester
    (2) My wife had a similar problem trying to upload stuff via her offices VPN
    (3) If i wanted to buy an adstream – i would sign up to a cheap product – or is IE becoming …..

  • Perry

    It is rubbish with very basic errors of usability :-
    (1) I cannot attach anything to upload files into the web based world i.e. my CV as I am trying to get a job as a Surveyor NOT as a computer software tester
    (2) My wife had a similar problem trying to upload stuff via her offices VPN
    (3) If i wanted to buy an adstream – i would sign up to a cheap product – or is IE becoming …..

  • Clairebrazil

    After downloading Internet Explorer 9  I cannot make my printer print.  Have tried different options to no avail.  Hope you have a solution.  Thank you.

  • Cdenil

    Have become VERY frustrated with IE9 alsoIE8..they tend to lose connection to my msn games. Do they(Microsoft) want us to use Bing only?
    I am really disappointed with Explorer this year!

  • JR

    Ran update for Vista 10/4/2013, reboot failed and got black screen. Lost confidence in Microsoft, after years of buying MS computers, and am now finally looking at Apple purchase.