Windows Phone 7: No Verizon Release Date until 2011 – Confirmed

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We have some disappointing news for those of you on Verizon now, as the carrier has just confirmed that they won’t be releasing any handsets with Windows Phone 7, until later on into 2011.

According to this report from Engadget, Verizon announced the news when speaking in a BusinessWeek interview and is likely to be met with a wave of criticism for those hoping Windows Phone 7 handsets would be available on both AT&T and Verizon in the US.

For reasons still undisclosed by Verizon though, it isn’t going to happen. Instead you’ll have to make do with AT&T’s now-believing claims that they’ll be the number one provider of Windows Phone 7 devices upon launch.

Are you really prepared to wait until next year for a WP7 handset on Verizon? The CDMA iPhone could be out by then! – Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • GoldReaper

    Fuck Verizon, I'm gonna switch providers.

  • ddd

    Screw you Verizon! I'm going to AT&T….

  • lokienloki

    The only two carriers you will be certain, that WP7 will be landing with are – Tmobile and AT&T.Windows Phone 7 Verizon Updates

  • R. Santos

    F…Verizon…I am taking MY BUSINESS SOME WHERE ELSE.

  • Dave S.

    I firgured it wouldn't land w/Verizon. Verizons not dumb. Last thing they need is a unproven OS on a new unproven phone. Let some other carrier put up with all the headaches. I'm pretty much through with WM. and I'm not going to be a test subject for the new WM7…So I'm switching to Android OS with Verizon…Still has the best network for those who travel.

  • mary

    Finished with Verizon!! YOU ARE SCREWING UP!!!

  • Juan Carlos

    Funny how people take things personal on gadgets and carriers.

    Life is not perfect. Weigh the pros and cons…and decide, what is it that you like, want and want to put up with. Make a decision.

    That is why I stay with at&t. Overall, it is better to me than other carriers. And they carry what I want.

  • Pablo Recadez

    Why? i was so looking forward to this now i have to wait even longer seeing as verizon is the only provider that i can get service at home, out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Jamie

    If iPhone comes to Verizon before Windows 7, then I'll get the iPhone. Otherwise I'll get the MS phone.

    • Nate

      Me too ! I really would like WinPhone 7 over iPhone.

  • thierry

    Yeah, well either one of them will probably be brain-damaged like they've done to some of their other phones – like the RAZR. Verizon also has a history of selling good products with some of the features diminished.

  • Eugene

    Verizon still has the largest and most reliable network, so all of you Verizon "haters" should know that it's not for everybody.

  • Travis

    Verizon also got screwed with the KIN microsoft phone…. i think they have every right to be hesitated about WP7