Halo: Reach – What Rank Are You?

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Halo: Reach has only been out a few days, however I am sure some of you are already into double figures in terms of multiplayer gameplay hours, therefore we wondered what rank our readers have now reached.

Recently we posted an article which listed all of the ranks up Lt. Colonel Grade 3, this requires 540000 credits, therefore I very much doubt any of you have reached this yet (without boosting).

If you are having trouble ranking up you may want to check out our previous post for a few tips and tricks, however this will not help you if you truly suck at the game!

We would appreciate your feedback to see which rank you have reached already, so feel free to use the comments section below to boast your rank, also feel free to share your own tips and tricks.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525044162 Jonah Falcon

    I'm Sergeant Grade 2. Am saving 100,000 creds for the Happy Birthday armor affect.

    • guest

      im a hero and next i think its noble! got like 60000 credits for buys, really want eva helmet with black visor!

  • Daniel

    I Am Warrent Officer And Have The Legendery Armour Effect THE FLAMING HELMET My Gamer Tag Is Scrapy Dan

    • halo

      im captin grade 3 almost on major my gamer tag on xbox is acexxxassassins

  • ben

    im a warrant offficer grade 3 right now :)

  • James

    sergeant grade 2. definitely gonna save up for master chief's voice in multiplayer as well some of those cool visor tints!

  • Declan

    Warrant Officer grade 2, Got myself Malcolm Renalds voice for firefight ^^

  • Jamie

    captain grade 2

  • jake

    Lt Colonel First One In The World Baby GT: Soul Br Z X A

    • Kerr

      wrong alot of people are already top rank :)

    • Mike

      Dude, get a life.

  • Torres

    Warrant officer grade 2

    gamertag : cuban 021

  • brandon

    warrent officer grade 2

  • Jake


  • bungie

    defiler last rank

  • Stranger

    Anybody already up to or past Major has to go back to school/work or get a life…..

    • Glyn

      not being up myself, i'm past major, i'm Lt Colonel and i go to school everyday for 7 hrs and work in the weekends, well what i'm trying to say is that i'm good.

  • Chris

    I am Bonana Man grade 3

  • wes

    im lt colonel grade 3 but cant go to next rank is it the max rank ? that is what i see richt below corner

    • Glyn

      you mean Lt Colonel, Colonel is the rank after commander

    • halo

      no its not highist rank is about 200 levels

  • Glyn

    Lt Colonel grade 3, i'm just going to save my credits and once the new ranks come out i'm definitely buying the commando helmet.

  • Glyn

    Gamer Tag: HUNTER F1000

    • http://Youtube oG R4MPaGE x

      Gt:oG R4MPaGE x

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001354665982 Max Dooley

    i just got to captain grade 1.
    iwonder if bungie are going to release more ranks


    i am gaylord rank 3

    • faheem


  • jenelo

    captian grade 2, aimin for junes armor

    gt:"king jenelo"

  • Jorge414

    Im Major grade 2 :D

  • EG0 Freindly

    I'm commander-no joke they released the rank up today.

  • Frank

    Commander Grade3 get on my Lvl Going for Emile's Helmet
    Gamertag: FrankieMoney

    • Dalton

      no way your that level and you dont have the helmet you are able to buy that helmet when you are a Lt. Colonel Grade 2

  • aladdin

    warrant officer grade 2

  • Dalton

    my friends a Lt. Colonel Grade 3 and almost a commander and he didnt boost

  • Jonathan


  • faheem

    im a lt colonel grade 3 and almost a commander

  • http://Youtube oG R4MPaGE x

    I’m on xbox live my name is above add me as a friend if u want and I will help u gian xp k. Be your self put ur sensitivity on 10 and go on swat and firefight , firefight arcade and practise on costme games , forge PEACE

  • http://Youtube oG R4MPaGE x

    I’m also a cornle grade 1

  • spartan 117

    eclipse oh yeah suck on it

  • Austin

    Im Warrent Officer Grade 2 With Air asault and emile's voice for firefight

  • inheritor

    I hacked halo reach ^_^ .

  • seanconn

    i am a Commander Grade 1

  • http://eferwgterterte The Best Player On Earth

    I am an Inheritor and have 1,000,000,000Cr. I haven’t used any cheats, MODs, codes or whatever, I am just the best player on earth.

  • Dylan

    Commander Grade 3

  • Doucsh

    I'm a Commander Grade 3, have all the helmets so far.

  • garret

    Captain, saving up for Emile's helmet at commander.

  • RushL

    Commander grade 3

    • lost sparten

      im a general grade 1