Jesus Toaster From Burnt Impressions, LLC: Is this right?

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Over the years I have heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of pictures of what looks to be Jesus’ face appearing on a wide-range of objects, however one company has now created a toaster which purposely leaves a pattern resembling Jesus on your toast, this toaster is aptly name the Jesus Toaster.

A website has been set up to introduce you to the Jesus toaster, you can check out the site here, a lot of people seem to be fans of the toaster, however others believe that it is exploiting religion.

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The company who came up with the toaster are called Burnt Impressions LLC, they previously created popular toasters which left patterns showing a Peace Sign or Hemp Leaf on your toast, they now hope to make the Jesus Toasters available for school and church fundraisers.

If you would like to buy a Jesus Toaster they costs $39.95 each and can be purchased here, you can check out and perhaps buy a different design by checking out the Burnt Impressions website here.

Do you think that the Jesus Toaster is exploiting religion? Or is it simply a bit of fun?

Source: PRNewsWire

  • Googush

    The Jesus toaster is an awesome tribute to Our Lord and Savior!
    What a great way to start the day – with Jesus on your mind.
    Why would you even suggest that a tribute to Christ is an exploitation? Is there something wrong with you?

  • dawntreaderfarm

    Oh, it's so right. So right.

  • Thinker822

    I should buy this for someone and not tell them and watch the miracle ripple…LOL please people.