Sony PS3 Firmware v3.42: Update or stay on Jailbreak?

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We have some breaking news to bring you now, as we can confirm that Sony has put up a speedy firmware update for the PS3. It is available to download now, and has been tagged as a mandatory update.

That means of course, that it isn’t optional, so unless you update to v3.42, you won’t be able to access the Playstation Network, i.e – play games online.

No word from Sony on what the update actually does, but you can guess that is has something to do with all the jailbreaking methods that are swirling around at the moment. Just hours ago, we told you about an update to PSJailbreak, which will allow support for PS2 gaming – again.

The question is though – do you update straight away for online gaming, or do you hang around until something happens in the jailbreak scene? Update, or possibly lose any chance of playing legal homebrew content on your PS3.

Let us know what you plan to do.

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  • Hrushikesh Ghatpande

    I'd rather wait. Anyhow my ISP in India is so boring that I can't play too well online. The speed is really good, but connection keeps breaking. As it is, I've got some 12-13 games, and I don't play them online. It'd be great to run homebrew, if not dumped backups (as in the free method) so I'd wait. :)

  • leonhutton

    Sony said the new update adds "new security features" so I'm guessing your right, its something to do with jailbreaking.

  • mushi mush

    i dont understand why everyone need to run OS on the ps3??? This is gaming console where you can race and kill each other. You want OS to run on the gaming console? get a PC and stop moaning. Sony does a great job and you morons want to ruin everything. Go and f*** with xbox, leave alone PS3!!!

  • Mole

    im confused turbo,
    dose the updat allows ps2 gaimg or just block the hack?

  • darwish

    what will i get if i update my ps3 .. ?
    i will lose my JB mode .. and go to blu-ray?
    or i will have problems with my ps3??
    plz >> i need help