iPhone iOS 4.2: Release Date and List of New Features

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In a surprise turn of events, Apple CEO used tonight’s media event to not only introduce one forthcoming iPhone software update, but two. We have the first details on the upcoming iPhone iOS 4.2 update.

As reported from Trusted Reviews, iOS 4.1 will be landing on the iPhone and iPod Touch sometime next week, but Apple also teased iOS 4.2, which will be landing on the iPad, as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch in November.

You’ll be pleased to hear that iOS 4.2 will include all of the current features on the iPhone and iPod Touch, which means that the iPad will get multitasking support, a feature which is much requested by users.

New features of iOS 4.2 include AirPlay and Wireless Printing. Airplay is the new name for AirTunes, since the service will now support video, as well as music. Wireless Printing speaks for itself – it is a feature that was heavily requested, and now Apple has finally delivered.

Look out for a few report on iOS 4.2 soon. It will be available in November, although the exact date is unknown yet. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming software update.

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  • kietro

    Camera-less FaceTime chats on the iPad? Huh. They're brilliant!

  • mark

    Wait for a new iPad in November! With Camera :-)

  • macgeek

    The next big thing is iOS 4.2 for iPad, get a chance to try it as soon as it is released in beta: http://www.ios42beta.com

  • Mtx

    I cant believe the ipad still doesnt have multitasking and my ohone does, sooo ridiculous…

  • Ken B

    How about the ability to turn off multiple-tasking

    to lessen memory drain??

    • David

      you have to jailbreak that in order to turn it off
      the jailbreak is limera1n or greenpois0n for the ios 4.2 update

      • Zeus13666

        Limerain and greenpoison for sure have the jailbreak for 4.1?…. Do you know if they’ve solved the unlock issue with the firmware 05.14.02?

  • katastr0phi

    It wont be released until 4.2 is

  • dev team

    yayyyy unlock for baseband is just around the corner.

  • nirav

    when is it going to be released?? cant wait to unlock my iphone 2.10.4 baseband???

  • omeir

    when will the corner come? when when when? when will i get to unlock my iPhone 4 bb 02.10.04? when when when?

  • Paul

    my faith is with them to release it soon….one hopes !!!

  • Shay

    WHEN :(! *shows fist* should not of rejailbroken and updated yday FML.Now need to wait for 4.2 to unlock :( i am fail.

  • Zander

    i guess the unlock for 5.14.02 is supposed to come 2 days after the 4.2 is out

  • ruben

    im locked out of my phone till then hope its soon

  • http://Aol Jorge

    I hope that the new system will work fine because if nt than apple is trying to miss r phone so we have to by the new phone

  • Mike d

    Battery life!!!! It’s got to improve battery life.

  • dryapple

    this sucks