Call of Duty Black Ops: Multiplayer Reveal – Full Preview for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2010

Did you manage to catch Treyarch’s multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops last night? Don’t worry if you didn’t as we have a full recap of all the new features and game modes that were announced at the event.

There are so many changes to the game, I’m not sure where to start. I have to admit that I had my doubts on whether Black Ops would offer a significantly different experience to Modern Warfare 2, but I happily stand corrected.

One of the biggest additions to Black Ops, has to be the in-game currency known as COD points, or CP. Aside from gaining regular XP during a game, gamers will now acquire cash for which they can use to purchase new weapons and other customization gear. It looks as if levelling up won’t unlock new weapons just like that, but rather unlock a set of weapons, to which you must purchase to actually use them.

COD points will also serve as a primary feature in Wager mode. This is a brand new multiplayer addition to Black Ops, and will allow users to ‘gamble’ their acquired cash to win more, or lose it all if you fail to meet certain requirements. There are four modes that consist of Wager mode, and players will have to place in the top three position to win more points, if you don’t you’ll lose whatever you bet in the first place.

The Four Wager modes: One in the Chamber: a mode which arms players with just a pistol with one bullet and a knife. One shot kills apply here and if you kill someone, you’ll gain an extra bullet. However, if you miss you’ll have to knife your opponents in order to get extra ammo.

Sticks and Stones: This mode gives players a crossbow and a ballistic knife – two new weapons in Black Ops. You’ll also get a tomahawk weapon, and if you manage to hit players with it, you’ll render your opponent bankrupt and they’ll lose all of his CP that they wagered.

Sharpshooter: In Sharphooter, players will have to contend with a constant change of weapons after a certain amount of time. If you kill people with your current weapon, you’ll gain bonus perks for a limited time, like sleight of hand, or double XP.

Gun Game: This is already my favourite out of the four, and a mode which has clearly been inspired by CounterStrike on the PC. Gun Game will start all players off with a pistol, and you’ll have to kill others in order to move up the ranks and onto a more powerful weapon – i.e, assault rifles and sniper rifles etc. The first player to successfully use all weapons is the winner and will pocket the most CP. There is a catch though, if you get knifed during this match, you’ll get downgraded to the previous weapon you used, so you’ll have to be extra careful with this mode.

Black Ops will also introduce computer AI Bots in a new mode called Combat Training. Think of it as a replacement to Death Streaks, as Combat Training will allow you to practise in an online-style match against the computer – obviously to prepare you for a proper online game when you’re ready.

Treyarch didn’t really go into too much detail on new weapons, maps, killstreaks and perks, but we’ll bring you further details on these specifics as we get them. Treyarch has said that last night’s event showcased ‘all’ of the game’s major multiplayer features, so hopefully they will give another full preview of Co-op mode soon – we’re talking about zombies!

What are your thoughts on the game so far? Black Ops releases November 9th on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC.

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  • COD

    yea hey guys can somebady give me the link of dawonload call of duty black ops multiplayer
    please 🙂

  • MATT

    no stopping power WTF

  • .

    ive read on other pages that combaat training dont have search and destroy or capture the flag or something because the AI is not smart enough(bull crap) to capture a flag or defend or capture a bomb … just team death and free for all and wger matches thats all … i was hoping for search and destroy though

  • junglegym4158

    Aslong as it has search and destroy forget the other modes

  • nick

    what about hardcore stuff

  • Ivan al Asad

    The Combat training mod is great! But I see it as much more then just getting ready for online multiplayer..

    • Francis

      Definitly i will be using it as a full game mode. Because my online is really bad.

      • Danny

        you need online to use combat trining.

        • OCainte

          You sure about that? Kind of sucks if not available offline.

        • OCainte

          Never mind – confirmed. Very disappointed

  • jamie

    is the M40A3 on this game???

  • Dean

    every game type from mw2 is in this

  • ShruteFarms

    If you haven't seen this…check it out…BAD A!!!…!

  • Jay

    I like how it was supposed to be a full multiplayer reveal but they only announced the wager mode and the combat training… that makes me think that it's going to be just like MW2 with a couple add ons

    • nick

      the people from waw are making it………..not infinaty words like mw2

  • nottyboi

    this looks awesome

  • ShruteFarms

    So we saw the "Wager" portion of the multi-player experience…is there going to be free for all, team death match, sabotage…etc.???

    • Kyle

      yes there is, sorry i cant give you the link to confirm but i did read that there will be for sure

    • Alan Ng

      Yeah definitely team deathmatch, but I'm not sure about Sabotage.. the four new wager modes are all free for all modes…so it might be a replacement.

  • icecoldkilla78

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • a tickin spud

      apparently there is only 4 online maps with standar edition ;(

      • Francis

        How many with prestige?