iPad Stock Update – Hope for White iPhone 4?

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We have some good news for those of you still waiting in line for an Apple iPad, as we can confirm that Apple has just changed the estimated shipping time for all orders placed on their website.

As reported from Apple Insider, this means that instead of waiting for a potential time of a few weeks for all new orders, the Apple store now states that your device will be shipped within 24 hours – which is great news.

This means of course, that iPad production problems have been resolved, which in turn, could be a sign that the white iPhone 4 is next in line to release soon. We previously heard that the device will be available in September, so it looks as if Apple will maintain that release period.

Don’t forget about Apple’s media event on Wednesday – I’m still hoping for any news involving the white iPhone 4, what about you? Will you be purchasing an iPad from the store now that the shipping times have been improved?

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  • http://twitter.com/Indiesociety @Indiesociety

    Yes, yes the IPAD would be cute when travelling but at home, there is nothing better than the brand new and powerful IMAC. I love reading so I definitely will get an IPAD eventually. However, nothing compares to the beauty and the performance of the new IMAC! Keep the Ipad so you have a toy for your business trip and get your kids a great new IMAC. The screen is HUGE and the quality is amazing.

  • http://www.pennypromoters.com Stock Promoters

    White iphone is very nice to look. I have one 3gs white . Hoping for iphone 4 white.