Call of Duty Black Ops Beta: Xbox 360 Only, Start Time Revealed?

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2010

We have some important news for Xbox 360 owners looking to pick up the next installment in the super popular Call of Duty franchise, as it has been rumored that sign-ups for the multiplayer beta for Black Ops will begin this week.

That is according to this report from, who have captured a screenshot of Google News which shows that a beta is on the way – despite the fact that it hasn’t been announced by Treyarch – remind you of something?

They report that the beta will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, and that sign-ups will begin on Wednesday 1st September. There is some truth to this, since we already know that Treyarch will be unveiling multiplayer mode on Wednesday – we just hadn’t heard anything related to a beta before.

It is safe to say that Black Ops will be the most played game over the holiday period, so a beta would be pretty logical for Treyarch. It is just a shame that it will be exclusive to one console again.

What are your thoughts on this? Xbox 360 owners must be delighted with the news. Don’t forget about our ongoing Killstreaks and Weapons thread here.

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  • fanboyhater

    I hate fanboys, the Ps 3 is just a better console – thats all

    You xbox people – you make a lot of noise but thats it.
    And now we have all got the real game

  • bob

    wow bunch a dweebs

  • No Name

    everybody no beta just game cod started on pc

  • anonymus

    all of you guys are all lonely get off the video games and go geta girl friend trust me its worth it i did it just yesterday it was awsome i gota girl friend

  • Jairo

    Dude Ps3's are lucky to get this cod b/c it is Microsoft's ownership not theirs get it?


    grant it spelled LEGIT not LAGIT dumdshit

  • COD is fun

    there's no beta for anything so get over yourselve's

  • edgar

    ok look i have a ps3 and an xbox360 i love both of them but i got to hand it to ps3 i hate joining matches on mw2 and all of these hackers and noobs its soo stupid and halo…… i have played them all dont no why ppl say its a great game i really dont like itits just stupid but thats just me…. but i do like how xbox has all the exclusive content and the kinect !!! love it but i prefer the ps3 for some reason and im sure black ops is gunna be an amazing game…. cant wait for zombies

  • inforyourself

    Check it out it came out for the original xbox…

  • StupidComments

    Look at all these People and there dumb comments. Stop Arguing about games!

  • Save da earf!

    This shit is all gay, why do people argue over what system is better? Just because of one beta doesnt mean xbox is better, and just because you dont have to pay for PS3 doesnt mean its better, o wait it does. let me rephrase that, just because you have to pay for xbox doesnt make it worse, o wait that does to… well FUCK it! If you little pussy ass virgens want to fight over video games, then fine. I dont give a fuck if you guys waste your lives on video games and never know what living is, its not my life… but if you do waste your lives, think about this… YOU WILL NEVER HAVE SEX! big motivation to stop wasting your time, huh?

    • Hahahahahaha! You talk about wasting your life when you just took the time to talk about your made up life and call us all virgins where the truth is your a little bitch who likes to big themselves up. Who knows your most likely a virgin yourself. If people want to argue let them instead of writing gay ass comments.

  • matty

    Wow xbox fanboys must really have nothing better to do if they're bitching and think they're superior just because of a beta which we don't even know much about, and could still be multi-platform.

  • benjamin

    Dan JSY1 on xbox 360 is holding a beta for call of duty black ops, send friend requests and messages for invite

  • AtLeastISeeIt

    since when do url adresses have capital letters 😐

  • DJAlzheimers

    The black ops beta should be on Xbox 360. God knows that everyone who owns a 360 is much more of a hardcore gamer. plus wtf is the assassin's creed beta doing on the ps3 only?? Assassin's creed is such a 360 game. Of course sony tried to make another game an exclusive, but failed. Call me an Xbox fanboy while you're at it.

    • moop

      You're lucky that you're even getting betas.

      Someone finally wisened up in the industry and saved a bunch of money and cut back on people that actually test the game for a better experience and and replaced them with a bunch of screaming, rabid muppets that couldn't actually test a level to save their lives.

      The real hardcore gamers play on PC because its so expensive to be competitive.

      • Da popo

        Ur stupid on pc there are more hacks in public games bcuz of the open server let alone tue weak security on the server matrix. Ps3 multiplayers games r good but not that good specially mag some stupid ass lagging game. Xbox360 is more competitive bcuz the servers are more protected on the xbox then the anyother console. Besides there won’t b anyone hacked in black ops bcuz treyarch is making a team to ban anyone who is hacked in blackops multiplayer. Since they alerady did a gamerscore ban hammer on the 360 to c how they can make a team to ban hacked blackops players. All u ps3 users play the360 to actually compare the two ass well as the pc same for the pc users play ps3 and 360 also the same for 360 users then decide there which is better for then shut the fuck up it’s just a fucking game console and game. I’ve plaed all of them and the 360 is for gamers while the ps3 is for entertainment a.k.a. Blue ray.

        So just shut up with ur little gay talk and mature up and stop sounding like little kids fighting over the stupidest shit in ur life.

  • sdsds


    dbn ur dumb it started on the orginal xbox and pc your stupid never post a comment again

    • Moop


      The Xbox version of CoD was CoD 2: Big Red One which was released on November 1st 2005 followed by CoD 2 on Nov 15 2005. There were two major games and an expansion pack released for the PC before that date. The original was released in late October 2003 with the expansion pack in September 2004. CoD 2 was released on the PC about 3 or so weeks BEFORE the xbox (and subsequent Xbox 360) release.

      The original CoD was released to the consoles for the FIRST TIME in late 2009 as PSN and Live Arcade games – that's over's 7 YEARS after the original PC release date.

      So, fail troll is fail

  • oshmen

    Dumb ass. This is just a pice of information 4 u guys. In real bussines when u know that your competitor have a better product and it's starting to sell more hardware than u, one of the many strategy one should do is try to get an exclusive for a product. That's what microsoft is doing, they r expendigs lots of money buying the exclusive to reach an amount of sales. Sony is in no need for that… So stop thinking that Xbox is better, this is a wake up call. " it is not".

  • jamie

    what idiot would would have a PS3? Xbox 360 is far superior mutliplayer gaming than a PS3.

    I have several friends all prestige 10 on PS3, they are all purchasing Xbox 360 for black ops and moving over as they say not as good, multiplayer game play problems & everyone plays on xbox.

    PS3 sucks!!!!!! Poor mans COD

  • Moto

    I would love a PS3, and I own an Xbox 360. I love the Xbox and it's exclusives but sometimes I'd just like to relax and play on a PS3, because I've played on a PS3 before, and the 360 just seems more competitive to me, which is a good thing. It makes me a better player. And honestly, it is a GAME! Grow up, go outside, notice the thing called the sun, and when you're done, that's when you should come in and relax, not fight over which gaming console, which by the way, will get you nowhere in life, is better.

  • john

    so have you not heard of the new software hack for ps3 you can buy it in dongle form its been all ova the new where have you been in bed with ur mum?

  • Anthony

    Until this is confirmed by Treyarch, this is just a rumor plain and simple.

  • we420

    wow i would sign up for the beta but my 360 broke so i jus gotta wait till christmas when i get a new one

  • sam
    • we420

      i think its fake most news articles have more details and they said the game was called Call Of Duty 2 Black Ops, the news would make titles accurate.

  • Popeye

    the only reason xbox get MOST of the exclusives is because they all feel sorry for you. You all buy xbox's because of one small problem…. you cant afford a ps3. Xbox are a poor mans console.
    I couldnt give a flying F*** about the beta. At the end of the day its only another game that is gonna get hacked to sh** and ruined by people that cant play a game properly

    • BIG time bullehd

      No, the reason XBOX 360 gets the exclusives is because of the amount of support the games get from the XBOX console. Go look at the pre order numbers. Black-Ops is pre ordered for XBOX users way more then PS3 users. So of course the right crowd to please would be the one with the most customers, and the future money spenders of their games.

  • Anon

    Most played game this holiday season? There is no chance Halo: Reach will put it to shame.

  • len64

    i own a ps3 and a 360 i play both just as much each one has its ups and downs so can we all mature and stop fighting?

  • Alex

    Wow idiots, there is no public beta. Btw how much of a fanboy are you bringing halo in to talk about COD. In Halo’s defence atleast it isnt broken like COD and in xbox’s defence atleast they put out exclusives to combat the activision giant. Where are the ps3 exclusives? Hiding from COD because they are too shitty to stand out. Jeez people have hollow arguememts

  • swadd

    360 beats any system any time anywhere

  • another 1

    lmao hola is comming to the ps3 ther contract is up with nicrosoft right?? lmao hahaa

    btw wtf is halo about? lmao

  • ese

    lmao 360 fan girls thinkk that only their getting the beta stilll lmfaoo ps3 is going 2 get it stop crying 360 sluts

  • Jacob


  • Billy Bob LOL

    Okay, PS3 suckks Lol not the console but the PLAYERS on the console i played MW2 on there at my friends house… WOW its so easy lol… nukes left an right! PS3= Entertainment system, Xbox 360 = Gaming Console… Nuff saidd.

    • sadads

      so TRUE

  • Zach

    You get what you pay for…… and i pay for xbox live 🙂

  • DARA

    im not gonna believe it till i see treyarch anounce it… would be nice though (i play xbox so the whole ps3 not gettin it doesnt bother me) 😉

  • Meh

    Legit? 360 is hardly legit with the amount of piracy on it. BTW i am a PS3 user and tbh i would rather all you 360 fanboys didn't give a **** about the PS3. Maybe then we could get rid of those awful 8.5 GB multiplatform games and start getting the 50GB games rolling in.
    But then it would be the other way around and unfair to 360 gamers. Its one rule for 360 and another for PS3 currently.

  • wow

    wow its just a game ps3 or not calm down

  • kevin

    there is alot of crap talking but it did start on pc then moved to xbox

  • Lol

    Wow, supernerds fighting over the better console. Now who's going to be the bigger 10 year old and realize they're wasting their time. I also own both consoles -_-

  • SirGamesAlot

    Ok every one stop being selfish halo might be on Psn cause bimbos isn’t with Microsoft anymore. And who cares if it started on pc it was still part of mircosoft

  • chickity dee

    xbox gets everything first because microsoft pays money for the exclusivity. period. Ps3 is better because it's not a pain in the ass to have your credit card deleted from your account, just try it all you xbox users, it's almost impossible. And xbox is full of faggy hackers. You have to pay for xbox live, ps3 is free. It's obvious which is better.


      lol, since when is cheap better?

  • dr rockso

    cod sucks go halo


    wasnt ps1 the first console with cod

  • nick

    where do i sign up for the beta

  • David

    I feel the same as the guy above me. Stop fighting over this for no reason.. I understand that xbox gets it first because we have to pay monthly, but still, dont need to get all pissed off at Treyarch about it..

  • Tommy

    That's bullshit, seeing as how MW2 turned on PS3 AND 360, broken and full of noobs little dicks, what's there to stop that happening? So why only 360 when theirs problems on both consoles, we should get to see if this games any better than the recent failure…


    DO any of you know that xbox has to pay for all call of duty exclusives? They have a contract, so thats why they have been getting all the Map packs first etc. etc.

    • OWNED

      thats why you can MOD you noob

  • Aervid

    Sweet a beta, you better be right foo.

    And DBN stop trying to start an argument.

    • derek

      there is no beta its closed to activision

    • ripper

      DBN aint starting anything he stating facts

  • Legit gunman

    Well the post is right cuz I am downloading the beta right now. So all u saying this isnt true check yourself before u speak. As for the gay station players its OK to be mad. Everyone knows xbox is for the true gamers

    • BillGates

      Legit gunman. whos been sucking microsoft cockage… Its funny how you shitbox owners think the xbox i the best. How about you do a little research first before you speak as your making yourselfs sound retarded. mmmmmm all this 3d goodness on the PS3.. Kinect makes me laugh lol the ps2 was released with motion sensoring lolololololololol So much for a next gen console that cant even keep up

      • Gansta

        umm your eyes will die with 3d after 2 minutes and xbox got 3d too.. and ps2 its crap you need only to make something move fast on the screen to run with your hands.. WTF any way ps3 got a faggy controller for kids under 6 years..
        and why do you think ps3 its better where its the party chat? i cant find it WTF? ohh wait its not here LOOOL

    • RandomNazi

      To right, mate

  • Killa

    You are such a ****. Aww you think your legit. Just using words like that makes you a geeky fanboy. Just growup and stop acting like the 360 is better than God. Both consoles have their downsides and many enjoy the PS3 more than te 360. Some even decided to buy a PS3 when they found they were let down by their 360.

  • SeeMeN0wUDont

    I am starting to honestly care less if the "Full Multiplayer Release" is a BETA. I think it is awesome if they do release one but i hope it will be for all platforms. Why can't we all play them at the same time? Personally i play the 360 but just let everyone play.

  • will be beta tester

    its so funny to see ps3 fanboys get worked up now then when the beta does get released as an xbox 360 exclusive they make a new rant…

    • Someeebooooddyyyyyy

      There probably might not be a beta at all dude Other pages say fake some say real Possibly beta only for Their workers o.O DEAL WITH IT

  • Hatton25

    No Xbox have a deal with Activision which runs out in 2012. That's why Xbox get DLC first.

    • xboxowner

      yup lol thats why ps2 sucks becuase ps3 have a deal with medal of honor which runs out 2012 also lol whos getting medal of honor me not lol

  • Hatton25

    PS3 could be hacked with a dongle. Black Ops has a team set up to stop any hackers.

    • Darren

      George Hotz, the guy that 1st jailbroke iPhones has hacked the PS3

  • Josh

    This is fake!!!!!!

  • Grant

    you all are retarded!!!!!!! This article isn't legit, there could still be a ps3 beta, there might not even be a beta at all. Besides ps3 got the MOH Beta. and who cares plus ps3 is lagit retard. And you know why xbox gets everything before ps3 because it came out first, therefor more people own an xbox so they release everything to xbox first to make more money, see how that works retards?

    • Moto

      That's weird, I'm pretty sure i was able to play MOH on my xbox….Lol

    • Bluellama1

      PS3 is selling just as well as Xbox if I remember correctly. If the beta ends up being xbox only, ah well, at least we got the BC2 beta.

      • Da popo

        Dumbshit bc2 beta is also on the 360

    • Johnny Extreme

      Someones a hater

    • Dylan

      umm…. who cares what came first. the fact is that both system has a myriad of players and they make money from both and if were talking about a beta…. they arent making any money so why not put it on both systems.


      Grant are you stupid. Xbox BUYS exclusive shit from developers. where have you been for the past few years

    • daniel

      MoH sucks + 55% of all cod game that were sold were for xbox
      33% for ps3 and 12% for PC .. thats 1 of the reasons

  • marhorn


  • josh

    what does xbox being microsoft have anything to do with it carlos , microsoft only make a operating system for pc

  • Zack

    PC = Microsoft
    Xbox 360 = Microsoft

  • carlos

    yeah , but remember that xbox is microsoft ;0)

  • ethan

    cod started on the PC dumb shit

  • john

    wow if ther is a xbox 360 beta and not a ps3 1 i am not buying it ps3 clost more thna xbox

    • Dylan

      ps3 costs more for the moment of purchase but 360 players pay 50 bucks a year and PSN is FREE. so over the years cod players on xbox have paid more.

      • Dylan is gay

        Sure, but the PSN is piece of shit. You will get a fee eventually and when that day comes I will laugh.

        • tripLjXD

          U idiot that already happened. Its called playstation plus and its an optional fee of 50 dollars a year. Unlike 360 paying actually gets u more than regular on ps3. Oh and sony’s money come from the tv’s and other home entertainment items. And if u own a sony hd tv or a sony vaio or anything with the name on it u might as well throw it away since u hate sony so much

    • josh

      ps3 dont cost more then xbox u smut ….. xbox has quality its called a quality game console u pay for wat u get ps3 is shyt compared to an xbox

    • 360s pwn

      first of all learn how to spell damn nub but the 360 is more user friendly than the ps3 and its less expensive

  • Alex

    Lol WTF at halo on ps3, and cod on xbox? I don’t think so buddy.

    • Somebooooddyyy

      o.O halo aint that good it has stupid things like a freakin pistol with EPIC damage

  • caj

    why he's right

  • John

    this is great, because i was mad that they were getting teh assassin's creed beta, but this is a better gain.

  • No one

    Cod Started on PC so just shutup.

  • Jacko – You sir are a tard. CoD started on the PC, not the 360.
    Psnarcade – talk shit much.

    • Wow

      I think what he means is that cod got more popular on the 360 because cod 4 was a game u could get with the console

    • boowhoya

      u are all sore about this maybe it didnt start on 360 but it was still a microsoft system its not our fault u brought an abomonation to the gaming industry all u sore ps3 players commenting maybe next time maybe next time you will get a decent system (xbox 360) and not a crap one (ps3) spoken by xbox gamertag (boowhoya)

  • Jason

    Hardly much proof – 1 google adwords display which anyone can pay to display up there!!! You really thing Treyarch / Activision PR really would pay to display Beta information on Google Paid Adverts before anywhere else…

    What a joke of a news post

  • psnarcade

    'DBN', you can stfu.

    • DBN

      thanks, I will do that. Very informative. I suppose I should just shut up be thankful and wait for Halo on PSN?

    • Nighthawk8800

      dude get a life why would people on psn want halo. the worst game EVER!!!

      • DBN

        I don't want halo on psn, I was alluding to the ridiculousness of the first comment.

  • DBN

    What have you been smoking? CoD started on PC, it didn't start as an Xbox 360 franchise you nutjob.

    • DBN sux

      yea but cod is to easily hacked on PC, so it didn't really start until xbox.

    • Mhen

      Like a lot of u say, cod started out as a PC franchise not a xbox franchise. The only reason why xbox blayers get everything before psn and pc, is because micosoft pay Activision to do it. And ofc all activision want is money so they just make everyone else wait 1 moth extra for DLC's and never let us enjoy beta's.

    • daniel

      noob he did mean cod2 you stupid fag

  • Jacko

    ps3 players shouldn't be annoyed at losing out as they are still actually getting the game it started out as an xbox 360 franchise and we're giving you the game but obviously giving priority to the xbox 360 gamers ps3 gamers should be happy if we can hand over call of duty who knows maybe next you will have some halo games.

    • chris

      wow shut it noob xbox will have black ops hacked in a week wow

    • Anti-Fanboy

      Wow you really are a 360 fanboy because of your obvious lack of knowledge.
      Firstly COD started as a PC franchise back in 2003. It is not an Xbox 360 franchise and is not owned in any way by microsoft. You only get these things because your lovely Micro$oft likes to $pla$h out with money. If anything the 360 holds it back with its closed off servers and lack of disc space but i won't go into that because i actually have a 360 and like it.
      You are not "giving" anyone the game. I don't know why 360 fanboys speak like this but let me make this clear that no console gives another console games.

      Next Halo is owned by MICRO$OFT! Don't try to make you fanboys sound better by suggesting you will be all so nice and give the PS3 any games owned by Microsoft. Personally you have no power in the gaming industry and as a whole with all your fanboy chums you have no power in what goes on what console.

      So basically shut up with your awful knowledge before you make a bigger fool out of yourself.

    • xscoot

      Uh…. Call of Duty is a PC franchise. It always has been. The games were better and cheaper on PC than on consoles.

      I'm angry over the lack of a PC beta.

    • DownWith360Fanboys

      That enough you cocky cock! I honestly hate 360 fanboys, especially one who know nothing on the history of the games they claim to know so much about. And who cares about halo. PS3 has quite a few game 360 doesn't have. And yes PS3 owners should be annoyed you fag!

    • geust

      dude its just a game and its coming out for both systems so deal with it. also be patient.

    • mitzibishi uk

      your a dope, call of duty started out on PC, and the multiplayer started on PC well before 360 was even though of you probs think the first FPS multiplayer was COD4. and mods are shitty low grav, unlimited ammo hacks and were invented when they appeard on consoles. your a dope and want to look into PC gaming and history and shit

    • Michael booth

      Although i agree that they shouldn't be annoyed, there is NO WAY ps3 gamers would get Halo. It's made by Microsoft themselves.

    • CAZP

      yea u get the games earlier, but i see it like this, they use the 360 user as guinea pigs cuz by the time the game arrives to the PS3 we dont have as much bugs and rrors as u guys have so yea i can wait a couple of weeks.

    • unf

      Fuck Off.