Halo Reach: Gamescom Gameplay & End Cutscene/Gameplay Revealed (Spoilers)


By Posted 23 Aug 2010, 15:18

Now, let me just warn you that this post contains links, and video to some major Halo spoilers. If you do not wish for your Halo: Reach experience to be spoilt, I suggest you stop reading right away. But if you are interested in seeing some exclusive footage of the first mission from Halo, plus the end cutscene from the game — read on.

Game developer Bungie’s Brian Jarrard gave the audience a live demo of the game during Gamescom, that took place shortly after the entire opening cut-scene was previewed. Most of that you would have already seen in the trailer last year though. You can see the footage below.

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But now, something quite shocking. Someone from the Halo: Reach world has somehow acquired the last mission and ending cutscene. I haven’t watched it myself, as I do not want to ruin the game, but I know some of you out there cannot contain yourselves.

I therefore present you with the link to the video, that also comes with warnings around 2 seconds in. Remember, you have been warned.

I on the other hand will wait until September 14, when the game will get a full release on Xbox 360.

Source: VG247

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