Facebook Places: How To Disable – Step-by-Step Guide (Video)

By Jamie Pert - Aug 19, 2010

Yesterday Facebook announced one of its new features called ‘Places’ that is currently only available via the iPhone application or on a specific website. But if you do not want your friends to know where you are, or want to keep your location private — follow this handy guide.

Just something to note about this feature and how it is potentially very risqué — check out PleaseRobMe for some evidence as to why making your location publicly available is not such a great idea.

The thing is, Facebook automatically think you want to be a part of these new features, and they also know that most of the users will not know the implications of having their location available to every single ‘friend’ or ‘contact’ they have in their friends list.

Here is how you can disable it: –

1) First, login to Facebook. Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings (at the bottom left next to the pencil icon).

2) Under “Things I Share” you should see “Places I check in.” This should be set as to be only visable by your friends. You can customize this setting to your liking. If you want full privacy I suggest the “Only Me” setting.

Underneath this, you should also see “Include me in ‘People Here Now’ after I check in.” Depending on if you want people to know what location you are in, enable or disable this option. Unchecking this box will remove the feature from your settings.

3) If you do not want people to share your location, and check you in to places then go down to the “Things Others Share” and find “Friends can check me in to Places.” Set this to disabled to turn off this feature.

Remember, if this is not selected, friends can still check you in to places where you really are not — In a seedy bar in Soho, London for example. Try and explain that to your other half.

We have also just been informed that Facebook application can also share your location. To disable this, you must go to a completely different place.

Go to the Applications and Settings link > Info accessible through your friends > Edit Settings. Scroll down to the last check box and uncheck the “Places I’ve visited” option.

Was this helpful? You can also check out the video guide below.

Source: Life Hacker

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