New iPad 2: 7-inch tablet by Christmas?

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We recently mentioned that Apple is already working on a smaller iPad; more news has come-to-light that the 7-inch iPad 2 tablet will be with us by Christmas. This is hard to believe, why would Apple launch the new tablet device one-month before its current cycle?

Dan Nystedt from IDG News has written on PC World stating that a recent Taiwanese newspaper report is now the second report of an early release – so is there some truth into these latest rumors? The idea of a smaller iPad certainly makes sense, as it will be ideal for those who feel that the current iPad is just too large.

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We do not know if there will be any changes to the design of the iPad, will it come with a front-facing camera to utilize FaceTime, or more RAM as the iPhone 4 has? These are all questions that will not get answered until Apple decided to unveil the details – not unless one gets left in a bar by mistake.

Maybe Apple will release a new smaller iPad just before Christmas; this would be the perfect time for a sales boost. This could help them gain back some of the revenue lost for supplying free iPhone 4 cases and bumpers.

What do you expect from the new 7-inch iPad?

  • Ooostl

    I want it to have the same specs as the original iPad, just smaller, it's to soon for a new iPad already, my big hope is that there isn't a 7inch iPad, because I like the large 9.7 inch iPad, I want them to wait till 2011 spring, to upgrade, give a year, like they do with every other apple device.

  • chelle

    I want an ipad by the end of the year and REALLY hope to get the ipad 2 by Christmas!! So excited. I didnt buy the first ipad bc i figured there would be a second, now im just waiting! :)

    • ctgoddess

      I agree! I always wait for 2nd generation items before making a purchase. This way you get an improved product.

  • iPad_Lover:)

    I'm torn about the iPad sixe's if an iPad 2 is released

    iPad (1st gen)
    -Nice Sized Screen
    -Good tech specs (more RAM???)

    iPad 2 (TBD)
    -Cheaper (would have an iPad 1st gen if it was cheaper)
    -ugh… Smaller.

  • Alex

    I think that the new iPad should be a little bigger. I am having trouble with a small iPad when using the app splashtop.

  • Nina

    Why would they change the size of the screen, i reckon 9inch would be better.

  • robert

    I say you make different size screens just like a notebook or monitor and price it as set for screen size