HTC EVO 4G Problems: Power Button Area Cracking?

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This year we have been spoiled by a lot of amazing new smartphones, the HTC EVO 4G is undoubtedly one of these great devices, however we are hearing of a problem which is affecting quite a few users.

Apparently some EVO 4G owners are complaining that their device has cracked near to where the power button is located, we have embedded a high-resolution showing this crack at the end of this post.

It is hard to say how widespread this problem really is, however I’m sure that there are plenty of EVO 4G users out there looking for a replacement, at least 138 voters on XDADeveloper‘s poll claim that they are affected.

From what we can see HTC has not yet officially addressed the issue, therefore we will have to keep you informed as we find out more.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback in the comments section below, has your EVO 4G cracked in a similar place?

Source: SoftPedia

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  • erik

    Yeah, I have happen to me, it also happened around the volume buttons. I have never even dropped my phone

  • Joe

    mine is cracked in the same place

    • Brad

      mine isn't cracked at all anywhere…

  • Dare

    Mine does not have any cracks yet…

  • smoke014

    Never had an issue with the phone from day one, and with everyday use still going strong

  • HTC EVO Case

    same as smoke ..cant believe the difference and how stupid i was buy just sticking with iphhone …just love my htc

  • Kevo

    mine has this crack

  • Lyz

    Mine has done it now too and the screen is separating and Sprint claims it is not a known issue!

  • Robert

    According to sprint there is no such thing as a "Known Issue" LOL. But no mine isnt doing it.

  • Edward

    mine has the same crack