Final Fantasy XIV: Tons of Screenshots to Check Out


By Posted 17 Aug 2010, 16:06

In just over a month the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV will launch, therefore we thought that a fair few of you would appreciate some screens to give you an idea as to what you can expect.

Luckily a recent article posted on ScrawlFX includes a huge gallery of FFXIV screens, there are seventy in total, all of which can be seen here.

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We have embedded a couple of our favorites at the end of this post, the graphics in my opinion aren’t amazing, however Final Fantasy games have always been about gameplay.

It is worth noting that the screenshots are from the game’s beta release, therefore things may look different with the proper version. Frustratingly the PS3 version is still over 6 months away, therefore I hope these screens don’t make PS3 gamers too jealous.

If you are buying the PC version you may want to check out our previous article which lists the PC requirements you need to meet to play the game.