Fired Over Facebook: 13 Reasons

By Peter Chubb - Aug 5, 2010

My nephew was recently fired over Facebook, so I thought that I would look to see if this was an isolated case, and it looks as though this is becoming a regular occurrence. So what kind of behavior warrants your employer firing you over things said or done on the social networking site?

Catharine Smith and Craig Kanalley posted an article last month on The Huffington Post, which looked at the 13 posts that led to their jobs being terminated. The problem lies in what Facebook users have been posting, some of which can give the company that these people work for a bad name.

The first one was a woman who said that she was too ill to turn up for work, but was then spotted going on Facebook. The employer said that it “had destroyed its trust in the employee.”

Another incident I remember now, it was the one where a cheerleader uploaded a photo on Facebook leaning over a friend who had passed out. Caitlin Davis thought that it would be funny to draw all over her friend, this got her fired from the New England Patriots cheerleading team.

These are just two of the reasons why people have been fired over Facebook; visit The Huffington Post, for the complete list of 13. Were you fired over Facebook? Do you agree with this practice?

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  • SMH

    I was fired from my job for posting a comment on facebook about going to New Orleans for Bayou Classic which had nothing to do with work at all!!

  • MEME1

    I was fired from Apple Inc for posting photos in our break room to facebook.

  • connie

    u should never say nething u wouldn't say 2 someones face…that way u don't have 2 apologize : ) : )

  • lolla

    Funny, most people are on facebook during the day and they are not on their own time but company time… so- is that fair…??? and comments about partying your face off- who is sleeping with you… I think facebook sucks…
    Great idea- now out of control… it is a spy tool.

  • Richard

    MEME said: 'irregardless'. There is no such word. The word is 'regardless'. Thank you.

  • Richard

    MEME said: 'It may with or without malicious intent, but irregardless'. There is no such word as 'irregardless'. The word is 'regardless'. When will Americans stop butchering the English language?

    • MEME

      I wonder if Richard has anything intelligent to add to this conversation rather than attacking others? Perhaps he is one of the not-so-clever bunch who ran his mouth in a public forum against others and found himself in the unemployment line?!?!? Why are you so quick to personally critique others, Richard?? Is it a deficiency within your morale that you find compels you to be so quick to judge?

  • MEME

    Good rule of thumb….If you wouldn't want your boss, co-worker, friend, ex, suboridnate etc. to hear you SAY it don't WRITE it. Even if you set your security settings super, super, super strict, you never know who you can trust, which leads me to my second point…TRUST NO ONE!!! You'd be surprised how many of your "friends" on facebook will run back and share what you wrote. It may with or without malicious intent, but irregardless, it will cause you a world of hurt. If you want to write it buy a diary and keep it in your home. Don't be surprised when you get into trouble because eventually you will!!!

  • winchesterdoug

    Employers have NO right to fire an employee for his or her comments that made be made – on their own time – on their own Facebook page – people have a perfect right to express their opinion or displeasure about something they feel is wrong – unless, of course, they are lying about someone or slandering someone – then that is a different story. Perhaps some lawsuits would be in order against these companies that are doing this. Maybe then they would get a clearer picture. – But of course, this is all further evidence of how the employers have all the power in this country and the employee is powerless. It is very sad actually.

    • chester

      Actually, unless you are under contract, your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason at all. They have this thing called at will employment, where your job exists at the will of your employer, or at your will if you choose to leave it. Contract labor is only slightly different, and even there, a disparaging comment can more often than not cost you your job.

  • FaceIt

    Well, someone has to be the responsible adult. There are those adults who are so irresponsible as to what they're posting on this site. I work for a local government agency. I have cautioned employees time and time again about posting items, pictures, etc., on these sites, which are offensive, or draw negative attention to their employer. Even if the messages are "cloaked" by using initials of co-workers, referring to "my boss", or a common nickname….it's not off-limits to be scrutinized. These individuals are pathetic snipers. Cowards, who instead of dealing with things on a mature level, stoop to infantile tantrums on Facebook. Have your say. Then, your employer will have theirs.