BlackBerry OS 6.0 Coming to Bold 9700 and Pearl 3G

By Jamie Pert - Aug 3, 2010

You must already be suffocating on the amount of BlackBerry news there is today. BlackBerry Messenger being banned and monitored, the announcement of the BlackBerry Torch, and now, even the older Berries have something to look forward to.

Thats right, BlackBerry 6, the new OS from RIM that comes on the Torch will also be coming to several existing models of RIM devices. In the US, BlackBerry 9650 owners will get the OS update, and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G are also in line to receive BlackBerry 6 in the UK within the “months ahead.”

No actual release date has been set, nor do we know if it will come at a cost. RIM also say that it is dependent on the networks that your BlackBerry is tied to.

If you want more information about the upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS, then keep your eyes peeled as we will be reviewing the features ourselves very soon. Stay tuned!

So, Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and 9650 owners, will you be upgrading to OS 6?

Source: Electric Pig

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  • Virgilio

    Hi friends, Im Virgilio from Mozambique and i have a Blackberry Onyx 9700. How can i upgrade the software 5 to OS 6?

  • Din

    When it will be availble in UAE ?

  • Hamzaa

    well ive got a white 9700 and ive got the leaked os 6 running on it. it does have some minor bugs but thats simple to fix. one problem with the os 6 is that the firmware file is around 150-200mb and the bold sometimes starts running slow. also many apps start crashing.

  • Temogo

    sinc upgrading i am experiencing issues with my gps

  • Evan

    I know this may be a really stupid question but will you have the buy the phone with OS 6 pre-loaded onto it or can it be downloaded for example from the app-store or updated when connecting it to a computer because I am about to buy the Bold 9700 and if I have to wait for OS 6 I will wait because it looks amazing

    • Gary

      no you download and update it your self through desktop manager or do it through wireless update under your advance options

  • Brad

    Yeah I will get the upgrade if I am able to with my network. I wonder if a 9700 has enough memory for it though? I dont want it to be like another vista that looks pretty but is a pig on RAM

  • Joel

    Heck yeah I will be upgrading to OS 6. The web browser on my Bold 9700 is total crap. I can't wait for the upgrade.