Droid X: Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date – Update from Verizon Employee

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We have some interesting details for those of you patiently waiting for the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Motorola Droid X. Some new information has been revealed on the update, allegedly from a Verizon employee.

As reported from Cnet, the information has come via AndroidSpin, as a Verizon employee has said that the update to Android 2.2 Froyo on the Droid X will start on August 6th. According to him, the rollout will start on this date (Friday), and continue until August 15th.

Both Motorola and Verizon have previously stated that the handset will be updated to Froyo before the end of the Summer, so there might be some truth towards this new information – what do you think?

If it is true, then you might want to hold off from rooting your device until a few weeks later. Full details over at Cnet.

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  • mr. carter

    Paaahahaha!!! I’m not falling for this again. Time to ROOT!!! Its better anyway. Keeps you from installing apps to your native mem. That means more stuff that I’ll never use ;)

  • http://www.brnv.net rv10032

    thas bull. they said the first motorola droid was going to get the update before the Motorola X. sucks. but i'm not waitting ir root time for me

  • http://brnv.net rv10032

    they said motorola droid was going to get the update before the motorola X. i’m tired of waiting i’m jus going to root

  • regbs

    You must crave attention. A Verizon employee, huh? What could be a more reliable source than that? Thumbs down. Fail.

  • droidy

    Working for verizon, my boss confirmed this too.


    I am a store mgr for VZW and yes, the information is true. Just spoke with people responsible for loading OTA’s to the network and the 2.2 for the X will be rolling out in the time frame given in the story.

    • carrie

      Htc says they are working on the update for the Eris do you have any idea when it will come out?

  • moto droid1

    When will it come for the motor Droid 1. Really don’t want to root my phone but its getting to that point..

  • havek

    Its official, Sprint has Froyo available for EVO 4g. Downloaded it today Aug. 3 2010. Still playing with it but notice some instability. Hangs apps (browser, some print apps) and atleast 2 don't respond to touch commands correctly (messaging, boxing game). Flash works divine.

  • J R 2

    I actually just left the store and have an email confirmation about the droid update. it's pushing to orignal droid starting today and the droid x starting friday….no BS on this one…

  • havek

    Making corrections to my previous comment. "Hangs Sprint apps". However, I did a manual restart and everything seems to run fine now.

    Cons: Some apps were lost. Example: Navigation says its not available in my area. (Android 2.1 did not have this inconvenience). Bluetooth in car kinda cheap.

    Pros: Processing speed increased dramatically. New apps included. Improved distribution of menus and app functions.

  • Hyperdmg

    Oh geez, I just want it for my original Droid. With all this fang daddled stuff Im alot better off just rooting it myself to ensure I get it today and now.

  • canihazfroyo

    bull, it's the end of summer and still no froyo for droid x users.

  • The Man

    Someone should seriously delete this since it was obviously a bit off.