iOS4 Users Report Bluetooth Problems: Are You Having Issues?

By Jamie Pert - Jul 23, 2010

Another day, another Apple problem. They seem to be never ending these days. The latest issue is concerning the Bluetooth performance on iOS4, with users complaining of patchy connections and sloppy audio.

According to SlashGear, they say that when they reviewed the iPhone 4, no problems were found while using the Bluetooth service, but it seems that just like a host of other problems, Apple’s consumers can’t help but complain about another issue.

Some examples of the complaints can be found here, here, here and here, which are all coming from the Apple support forums. The problems target iOS4 specifically, including iPhone 3GS handsets that have been upgraded and iPhone 4’s that came preloaded with the OS.

Users are primarily complaining about sporadic connections, wireless music play issues and poor audio quality when making calls. More problems are aimed more at the broad-range of third-party devices available to sync with Bluetooth, with brands such as Motorola and Jawbone being mentioned.

The most unsatisfying thing about the whole charade is that AppleCare are refusing to deal with the issue, as there is no way to downgrade to iOS3.x once it has been upgraded to iOS4. Therefore, no fix is anywhere near for those who are having Bluetooth issues.

We are not sure how many are affected, but if you are one of them please mention it in the comments below and see if one of our visitors can point you in the right direction for a suitable fix. Until then, we will try and keep you posted with any new information.

Source: SlashGear

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  • c w campbell

    i have a polaroid zink mini printer trying to pair with i phone 3gs upgraded to 4 does not want to know even connecting with usb still no go

  • Jonde

    Im having problems with internet tethering via bluetooth ever since I installed the IOS4 on my iPhone..:/ It seems my MacBookPro connects (my phone says it's tethering) but on my macs preferences, the "bluetooth" and "bluetooth pan" is both "not connected"..