Google Chrome: Critical Bug Discovery Reward Raised


By Posted 21 Jul 2010, 14:05

In today’s web browser market, security is becoming more and more important, therefore it is no surprise to hear that Google are now offering higher incentives to hackers/researchers who find and report security vulnerabilities in their popular web browser.

Previously Google launched the Chromium Security Reward program and offered $500 for security bugs found in Chrome, however since then Mozilla has surpassed this with a reward of $3,000 for a security vulnerability found in Firefox, which has prompted a quick reaction from Google.

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Now the Chromium Security Reward program will pay out $3,133.7 to researchers who discover critical bugs in Chrome, if however you find a bug which is not critical Google will pay $500. Chris Evans, from Google Chrome Security also stated that Google would consider rewarding more for high-quality bug reports.

Earlier this year at the annual Pwn2Own computer hacking contest Google Chrome was regarded by many as unhackable, therefore finding any critical security vulnerability is a huge accomplishment and deserves the high pay out.

Source: Softpedia