Black Hat 2010: How to Hack Millions of Routers?

By Peter Chubb - Jul 21, 2010

Before we start, we will not be explaining about how you can hack into a router that is the title of one of the more controversial talks during the upcoming Black Hat 2010 security conference. The title is alarming, and it is not hard to see why, a researcher has found a way to hack into number of routers that you and I use every day.

Andy Greenberg from Forbes reports that the Seismic security consultant Craig Heffner will explain to those attending the event how easy it will be to hack into these routers with a software tool. Those most at risk include Dell and Linksys, and can be tricked into visiting a webpage where their router could then be hijacked.

Once this has happened they can then have their information stolen from them, as you would imagine I was very shocked to learn of this hack. The technique that Heffner uses is called “DNS rebinding,” which has been known in the online security business for almost 15 years now.

Trying to explain the details of the hack would be too difficult, so the best thing for you to do is visit the Forbes link above. For more details on Black Hat 2010, visit the official website.

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