Call of Duty Black Ops: Pre-Order Bonus at GameStop – Xbox 360 and PS3

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2010

We have some good news for those of you yet to pre-order the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops, as we have details on one bonus you’ll get when pre-ordering for the Xbox 360 or PS3 from GameStop.

As reported from Xboxic, an image has confirmed that gamers will receive a special avatar for use on either Xbox Live or on Playstation Home.

According to GameStop, the item is a ‘unique high altitude flight suit’ – a picture of it can be seen below. As usual, this pre-order content only applies for US orders, so we’re not sure what goodies await pre-orders in Europe.

While an avatar is nice, I’d prefer early access to a multiplayer weapon or even an extra map – something really worthwhile for splashing the cash early. Come on GameSpot/Treyarch – you can do better than this!

What do you think about GameStop’s pre-order bonus?

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  • WJV

    Hahahaha Awesome! Screw noobs!

  • anonymous

    Read the entire board. It's so annoying to see the same stupid questions with people whining about what to do, what to do.

    Read above Noah.

  • Noah

    I got my reciept and left, so do i go back and ask for a poster or avatar suit. because im not sure what to do. Can someone help me out?

  • Connor

    The sally 8 thing means that the daughter of the creator of the zombies name is sally and the guy who has sallys name on his gun is on round 8. This is a reply to Scott. It’s not a demonstration. It means there is going to be zombies in black ops!

  • daniel

    i heard that they were giving away 3 maps for zombie mode with every pre order

  • Rob

    when i went to gamestop and pre-ordered Black ops they said the gamestops ran out of the flight suit so now there giving a special gun as a pre order bonus at least thats what a few gamestop employees said but i haven't heard anything about that anywhere else

  • Pat

    Yeah, I thought that they were giving away in game weapons, what’s that about

  • ryan

    i have the poster but i dont have the card what do i do

  • chris

    best but wants you to buy the 4000 points and the game to get the 20$ gift card. i just looked that up.

  • gx master

    i was told u get a remote control worthog

  • anonymous

    JUST PREORDER IT FROM BEST BUY. THEY GIVE YOU A 20$ GIFT CARD AND 4000 FREE MICROSOFT POINTS.( also if you have a ps3 you can sell the points


    Laaaaaaame only a 10 year old would like this shit.

  • James

    hey everyone, if your wanting your rave code card because the posters are discontinued. when you preorder your black ops you MUST ASK THE GAMESTOP EMPLOYEE he will hand you one….if you didnt recieve it simply take your reciept back to gamestop and get your card….

    SEPTEMBER 30TH IS THE DEADLINE….I HAVE THE CARD RIGHT HERE… JUST WAITING on my verfication that ill recieve avatar on release date….. hope this relaxes some of you so you dont have to sit here wondering forever….i know how it feels lol……..

    have a great one…. – Gamertag NeutralVisions Team – Tbªg

  • jackson

    if i preordered it yesterday how do i get the rave card code?

    • James

      go back to gamestop with your reciept and let them know you didnt get your card….they will pull one out the rubberband for ya and give it to you….i had to do the same lol…hope this helped

    • Max

      i didnt get anything

  • cameron

    its gonna be on wii to

  • donkey kong jr

    I don’t really care about an avatar. If a different store has a bonus that is actually in the game I’ll get it there instead of the usual GameStop

  • Ciz

    From what I have heard from a Gamestop employee is that the poster has a special code on it. They don't know what the code is for though

    • abe

      I have the poster on the landscape side, and the only thing that would make sense to be a code would be "Sally 8" or "Sally VIII". It is on the character's pistol in the picture. See if that helps you

      • jake

        the code is an ip adress for the internett idiots type that in and it takes u 2 a website

      • scott

        the sally 8 thing on the side of the gun isnt a code…. its a demonstration becaue in black ops you can engrave pictures and your clan tag onto your gun. you also can pick face paint and different clothes for your character and the character you create will be the one you use online against people

    • Just Reality

      It was for the beta, but they decided not to do it.

  • Zipzoe

    do we get it if we already preordered it

    • jose luis guerrero

      no. this offer won't be available until augest 5th and it will last through september 9.

    • killsic6sic

      i preordered it at game stop and they said i get the avatar stuff and the zombie DLC for free which i think is only if you get the hardend or prestige edition

      • phil

        technically its not free lol