Final Fantasy 15 (XV): Storyline Ideas for Square-Enix

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

Were you one of the many gamers who was disappointed with Final Fantasy XIII? It turns out that Square-Enix are already aware of this issue, and the company has admitted that they are currently unsure as to where to take the storyline for upcoming games in the franchise.

Square-Enix President Yoichi Wada spoke in a recent interview with Gamasutra, and in it he revealed a few home truths about FFXIII and also future plans for upcoming games, such as Final Fantasy XV for example.

If you thought Square-Enix stopped listening to their fans lately, think again. Here is what Wada had to say on the divide on Final Fantasy XIII: “But when it comes to the customers’ reaction to the quality of the game, some value it highly and some are not very happy with it.”

Then we move on the future of Final Fantasy. Wada revealed that the team were stuck in two minds as to whether the next game should be a ‘new game’ or a continuation of an existing storyline in one of the previous games – FF7 Remake please?.

When speaking about this subject, he had this to say: ”Should Final Fantasy become a new type of the game or should Final Fantasy not become a new type of game? The customers have different opinions. It’s very difficult to determine which way it should go.”

Very interesting comments there from the boss – what do you make of them? From a personal point of view, I’d like to see a follow-up to an existing title. Take Final Fantasy VII for example. We’ve already had a prequel in Crisis Core for the PSP, and a ‘sort-of’ sequel in Dirge of Cerberus on the PS2, so how about a proper title after the events from that game? It would be great to revisit the lives of Cloud, Tifa and Barret wouldn’t it?

It is clear that SE are struggling, so lets hear your ideas and help them out a bit. What ideas do you have for a possible storyline for Final Fantasy XV?

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    Square enix this idea it could possibly end up critical on to higher level of graphics infect and nail the
    heads to depends how big it is like out of league DLC title I ben thinking if you put it like the world into
    half earth and half asteroid then it would end up very effectively of big extremely graphics ever.

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    Square enix I finally found out anather idea with a big massive map along with the sky and the clouds
    by have the map above the extremely big stalactite along with extremely graphics and more by have it
    like out into the space like very far out their and have the mountains look brown along with traditional
    best graphics and more.

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    Square enix have the chocobo’s look color full have one of the chocobo with red and have the anather
    chocobo with blue and have the ather one with pinck color if you might updated the chocobo carnival
    Square im really focus on these titles like how I put final fantasy 15 be tip of the iceburg and im looking
    forward make anather title about this big new gas station for final fantasy 15 with a big statue.

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    Square enix make a anather paint body for the car a carbuncle decal one to the regalia that would look
    outstanding have it look very effectively detail to the car like which color look just great with it and more.

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    Square enix make a moogle suit along the store for fans to buy from the moogle store and a chocobo
    suit have the brotherhood dress up like moogle and chocobo suits that would be awesome and wont
    be pointless in the game have these suits the most ultimate suits in the game these suits has big defense along with the suits and make more paint body’s for the regalia from the summons for the
    car that would look outstanding and very sharp have it look very cool even have leviathan paint body
    make like fast scene picture’s or have fans do this for them self’s instead in final fantasy 15 by prompto
    could take picture’s of summons then fans could go to hammerhead then have cindy put it on the car.

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    Square enix I have anather idea or more idea’s instead ad a moogle store in the insomnia city and ad a
    ghost town to where fans could build up their status effect’s in the insomnia city and ad more side quest
    like have a ghost town be a abandoned town and ad abandoned bridge that leads to abandoned ghost
    town and updated more just incase and ad item’s laying around to those glowing blue
    light’s and ad like couple of lost character’s in their and put like two or three more ghost towns in the
    insomnia city then fans along with hidden bosse’s and ad side quest to them have these ghost town’s
    along with almost best spots level up the status effect’s ad ghost like in altissia and more.

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    Square enix im putting anather hardware together behind close doors this ather hardware it has
    big columns that looks like Mt. Nibel from final fantasy 7 and more.