Final Fantasy 15 (XV): Storyline Ideas for Square-Enix

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Were you one of the many gamers who was disappointed with Final Fantasy XIII? It turns out that Square-Enix are already aware of this issue, and the company has admitted that they are currently unsure as to where to take the storyline for upcoming games in the franchise.

Square-Enix President Yoichi Wada spoke in a recent interview with Gamasutra, and in it he revealed a few home truths about FFXIII and also future plans for upcoming games, such as Final Fantasy XV for example.

If you thought Square-Enix stopped listening to their fans lately, think again. Here is what Wada had to say on the divide on Final Fantasy XIII: “But when it comes to the customers’ reaction to the quality of the game, some value it highly and some are not very happy with it.”

Then we move on the future of Final Fantasy. Wada revealed that the team were stuck in two minds as to whether the next game should be a ‘new game’ or a continuation of an existing storyline in one of the previous games – FF7 Remake please?.

When speaking about this subject, he had this to say: ”Should Final Fantasy become a new type of the game or should Final Fantasy not become a new type of game? The customers have different opinions. It’s very difficult to determine which way it should go.”

Very interesting comments there from the boss – what do you make of them? From a personal point of view, I’d like to see a follow-up to an existing title. Take Final Fantasy VII for example. We’ve already had a prequel in Crisis Core for the PSP, and a ‘sort-of’ sequel in Dirge of Cerberus on the PS2, so how about a proper title after the events from that game? It would be great to revisit the lives of Cloud, Tifa and Barret wouldn’t it?

It is clear that SE are struggling, so lets hear your ideas and help them out a bit. What ideas do you have for a possible storyline for Final Fantasy XV?

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  • Andrew

    If they make a sequel to FF7, (which I can only hope they do) I hope to God that they keep the same system that made FF7 great, and don't try to transform it from a classic role-playing game to one of their more recent, trash-adventure games….

    Nothing is wrong with having random battles and level grinding!

    • Aaron

      Yes Remake FF 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd buy that !!

      • Spencer Morgan

        id be down for a remake. I was stoked when I saw the re-made intro for ps3 in tokyo at the game expo… It was so amazing, such a teaser for all the people who want to see it on ps3. I would also be down for a legit sequel. DoC was sick for the story line stuff, but I would even have fun with an AC game.

        • John

          It would be cool if the battle system became real time too, or atleast an option at the beginning of the game that let you do that.

    • jdilla


      • Greg H

        Yes I agree chance nothing, first remake FF7 then make a follow up like advent children using FF7 battle system. I would pay 500.00 bucks easily for a game like that.

      • Stevie P

        Totally agree :)

    • greg

      What Square Enix really should do is make a story off of the world that they made in Final Fantasy 13 with a whole different story because the game would have been amazing if they would have made the story like all the other final fantasies instead of making it a straight forward story where the only place you explore and do side missions in one area.

      • Gabriel

        thats what final fantasy versus xiii is.

    • Shane

      I hope this gets to Square-Enix. What they really need to do is give that old RPG feeling back to the players like they did in FF 4,6,7,8,9 and 10 kinda. But they should defiantly make it an online RPG but they need to base it in a world that FF fans already love and respect, like World of Warcraft did. Pick one of the exsisting FF worlds and build on it. I think if u were to say pick the blue planet where Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Rydia and Edge are from, that could def be a great start to an interesting RPG online feeling for the FF series that will may in time compete with WoW. If u choose to be a Knight, warrior, etc u could start in Baron, if u wanted to be a monk, you'd start in Fabul, or a thief and Ninja would start in Eblan and of course white and black mages would start in Mysidia and the Summoner could start in either the Village of Mist or Land of the Summon Monsters. and amazing titles like FF 6, 7, 8, 9 could be expansions where a portal or something opens up to travel to the next one

      • Matt

        Gotta say a remake of final fantasy 7 would suck… Wat would be nice is if they made a prequel to ff 10 because you do see some of those scenes about where jhett and all of them were doing their thing but I would like to know a bit more and see it more in-depth…

    • Mike

      Hell no, That system is what made FF7 utter trash. Listen, i understand that you weren't too bright when it comes to playing it's predecessors. However, having an RPG that actually made you THINK is an RPG that people can truly. If i can go into a battle, and place my controller down after entering just ONE command becuase i know i'm going to with that fight. It's not worth my time or my money. (and no, i'm not talking about Knights of the Round either…)

      • Amir

        Final Fantasy 7… Trash! What is wrong with you!

    • Aaron

      I agree 100% It wasn't broke from 7 – 10 and then they got dumb. XIII was a joke:P I mean if I wanted to walk in a straight line I'd play ET:P

    • joshua reynolds

      now if i were them i would make it follow the same sad story that all of them have been about which is true love… and i think it should not become a new style of game because many people would get confused about it because they were so used to playing the true love story that is final fantasy and that it could cause chaos because many people are looking forward to it continuing and also they should keep the lvling systems and i also think they should make a storyline that has every single final fantasy character ever made in it cause each person has a different favorite character and that they should allow us to choose from a group of characters to be their main character only because it could make the story change depending on which character they choose for the game to follow and that could be a huge improvement……….

    • Michael

      If you do remake the game, don’t butcher it by doing any of the new crap final fantasy stuff, with games like final fantasy 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12, 13 was the largest disappointment of my life. it was the same characters as final fantasy 8 with different names. a gunblade specialist, a fist fighter, a sharpshooter, a whip person and Nora? sounds like a lot of repetitive thinking going on at square enix. I say make final fantasy XV more like the older final fantasies we all have come to love

  • Stefan

    Please no more FF7. Why do people obsess over that game so much. I much preferred FF9 to seven it had more and better minigames a huge world and much less angst. But still what i really want is the spiritual successor to FF6. I actually quite enjoyed FF13 up until the open world and which point the whole thing kinda fell apart it felt like someone had cut out about half the game but still it was good game so long as you switched the audio to Japanese. To me this obession with trying to replicate ff7 is the real problem with the last few final fantasies. FF15 needs to be a break with the past in that it needs a new type of world and set of lead characters with a little more maturity not another dystopian sci fi FF7 rehash. Hopefully versus will show us something new but i doubt it.

    But for those of you who still think FF7 is the best final fantasy seriously go and get an emulator and play the snes version of FF6 (was released as FF3 in the united states) and have your eyes opened.

    • Patrick

      I have to agree with the points made here. I'm a gamer that grew up playing every iteration of Final Fantasy from the age of 7 (I'm 31), and can appreciate the love that people have for their favorite FF (mine would be 6, but I loved 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12 as well), but I think that because people like myself— essentially Nerds that grew up and got jobs but will never outgrow those things that made such a mark on our childhood, because we're the main bulk of gamer consumers that actually have the disposable income to buy these products, that companies are DESPERATELY trying to get into our wallets by throwing every god damn remake/reboot/sequel/re-issue they can imagine. We see it in games as well as movies. While I personally love seeing the games I grew up with updated on new hardware, I think it also has the effect of stifling creativity. I loved every second of FF7, but I don't want to see a remake of it, because those are resources that could be used to make something more original, and I happen to like originality. I think a spiritual successor to FF6, perhaps if only reflected in the number of playable characters and a more steampunk-ish vibe, would be a great starting point.

    • Alex

      dude, you totally right,how come square didnt remake any of the other classic FFs like 4,5,6 and so on.Although Sephiroth is one of the best villains of all time, I feel that they were dragging it on for as long as possible,FF7 is a good game, but that shoudnt give reason not to re create any other of the good ol’ FFs in the series.would it be a good idea to bring dissidia on to another platform like ps2/3

    • who cares

      if you dont think FF7 is the best then theres a possibility that you might be gay

    • Jonesy

      played ff6… great gameplay story was just bolax like ff13.
      i think 7 ans 10 had better storys

    • Claymore

      After reading this I contemplated bowing to you for your complete perfection in the writing of this response to the above article, but i'll just settle for letting you know that i absolutely agree with you, and have been telling people similar things for ages. Thank you for being intelligent, and also for being above the "Cloud Craze". Really, Zidane is a much better character. Also, I think the newer FF games aren't even bad, they're just different games. Personally, I didn't find FF7 to be even close to FF9 or FF6. Or FF8 for that matter… Definitely far too overrated, and I am happy someone agrees.

    • Cicma

      I've played and enjoy FF6 as well as 8, 9 and 12, but no one compares with the story, feeling and characters in the 7, much of the messages seems to be haters, I think the best is an always be FF7 (sorry for those who just don't get it) FF6 probably is the second best FF ever. FF7-2 would through SE again to the top of RPG makers and sales! as well the consoles it would appear in.

    • mazl

      ummmmm yea ive palyed every final fantasy (including both ports of original3) multiple times while the pre 3d ones are spectacular games 6 most especially. to say that any of them are better than 7-10 is just hogwash 7 is by far the most memorable one in the series as well as influential to say a 2d version of ff is beter than seven is biased your prolly like 35 and got all mad when 7 came out and was mildly sci fi people wouldnt cry remake so much if it wasnt the best one

      • Jake

        Being only 18 years old, Final Fantasy 4-6 were my favorite. For the PS, prolly 8 would be my favorite. So, your discussion is pointless. And please use punctuation.

    • matt817

      I've been playing FF since 4 (FF2 in U.S). Since then, I've played them all. 6&7 are by far the best of the series. 12 wasn't too bad either. 13 was way too linear

      bring on the REMAKES! sabin, Locke, Terra

      • Jake

        I agree. 13's linearity almost killed it for me, though I loved the story, Final Fantasy isn't linear. But, overall, I did enjoy the game and still do.

    • Kyle

      No words have never been more true. FF7 was good, but FF3/FF6 however you look at it, was amazing. Best evil character to boot (He actually destroyed the world, unlike any of FF other antagonist.) Anyways, cheers!

    • bladerunner

      "To me this obession with trying to replicate ff7 is the real problem with the last few final fantasies."

      Ummm….the last few final fantasies have done anything BUT replicate ff7…

      I know your mad because the best game in the series also happened to be a major hit, but get over it. The fact that you actually liked FF13 says enough about your taste in final fantasies. The game is crap.

      • Dan

        Agreed. I contemplated putting FF13 in the microwave just to see the pretty colors it would make if i fried it. FF13 was crappy button mashing and took no skill. They also waited way to long to bring in the open world concept. I don't know what square enix was thinking on this one.

      • Craig

        fo sho!. FF3/6 was definately the BEST ever when it comes to story and memorable characters. I would much rather see a remake/sequel of 6 than 7 and i liked 7 alot as well. however 6 was just better to me.

    • becky

      Its not so much the game that makes FF7 so favourable. Its the characters. Im a great fan of cloud, he is my all time favourite. And I especially enjoyed the FF7 films :the advent children. I can only hope that they will make more. aswell as a game remake. x

    • Nicholas Starnes

      this dude knows what hes talking about, FF7 wasnt that great…i mean, sure it had 3d graphics…and a black guy….and a robot cat….and a stuffed giant mog…..and an experimented on moomba and a girl with big jugs…..but it is so over-rated….FF8 and FF9 were excellent…..and no final fantasy game will be good ever again, due to square merging with enix….squaresoft was good back in the day

    • Anonymous

      You Crazy? You "quite enjoyed FF13 up until the open world"?
      The game was one, long hallway filled with enemies…
      Not even a town to explore…
      If FFXV even just has a world map and an airship, it'd be better than 13…

    • Bryan

      I have to agree with you FF7 was a great game but really stole the headlines only because it was the first release to the Playstation. True Final Fantasy fans love the plots of FF6 far more. If they did a remake to FF 6 or a sequel to FF6 with the rise of Kefka from the ashes the only true FF evil character worth true hatred. FF9 also had that goo background and plot development that ff 10, 10 p2, 12 and 13 all lacked. Go back to the traditional ways of making the games.

    • Declan

      Well my personal favourite is VII ive played ALL of them( including MMO's) 6 was very gd love Kefka hes awesome xD,but i still prefered 7 even X where as alot of peeps prefered IX, i really didnt like it, I dont know why still completed it like but jus didnt like it =/.

    • Jaller

      I'd like to see a FF9 remake as well, and as for a FF15 storyline, I'd like to see a fantasy world.But with named characters.Something that looks like a modern FF9.

    • Dan

      You're crazy if you thought FF13 was fun in anyway. The storyline and the graphics were good but the game play was horrid. Just a bunch of button mashing and a linear path to follow. That's trash. The paradigm switching was a neat concept but still not nearly as fun as any of the previous FF games. I personally wouldn't mind a new story but the game play of FF15 needs to get back to some of the older ways were its not just a bunch of button mashing. Also, it needs to bring back the open world concept. The ability to explore and find cool secret things on a board has always been one of the coolest parts of the Final Fantasy series. Other games are lacking in this area. Final Fantasy can do way better than FF13

  • Platomaker

    I agree with the ff6 reference, but something else i realized over the years. Something that I see a lot in dragon quest games and not in final fantasy are enemies that know when and how to heal themselves. It has been a while since I last felt like I was in trouble in an RPG. Final Fantasy one was great like that, so much so that its been remade for 5 (ps1, gba, wonderswan, Iphone, psp, and probably more) systems.

    Not many people know, but FF3 actually had a mode for multiplayer- it was underused, don't get me wrong but it was still nice to have. If they are really working to make their games multiplayer from now on, that'd be a good start. Doing something similar to DragonQuest 9 with some FF6 music to it with wireless lan or online. (system to system or handheld to handheld)

  • Gindelbi

    Bring back the old school RPG elements which were there all the way up to FF9 (Scratch 8 from that list).

    • guest

      8 was a good game..better than 9

    • Bryan

      Yes I think square spends far too much time developing CG and not enough time developing a good hard plot. Each character should have a good believable background

    • andrew

      8 was the best final fanstasy

  • Concerned

    FF9 was rediculous and childish. FF 7 storry was amazing and thats what a true Final Fantasy game is about, you have to have a story that keeps people intrested the "secret" to the succes of Final Fantas 7 and 10 is that people actually cared about the story and character develepment not just some character who wine every 20 minutes or a bunch of cartoon characters… If FF 15 is gonna be succesful you need to have a rich story and some original content… and I would much rather do random battles then this wannabe adventure crap!

    • FD97

      Okay, you did NOT just insult Final Fantasy IX! Final Fantasy VII's story was probably the LEAST interesting story of the Final Fantasies I played. I've never been able to truly get into the game because, after 15 hours, the story still felt like it wasn't doing anything interesting. Final Fantasy IX had, for once, a main character that was fun and adventurous. It was set in a medieval world which is where I believe Final Fantasy should return to, and not just the online ones. How did the story of Garnet bore you?

    • Nathan Howes

      Man, move on from 7 and 10. We all have our favorites, and the ones we hate. But I do agree with some of your points. Characters need to have massive development! Maybe bring a dark character like Cecil(4) or Leon(8)! We don't need another cold, heartless person like cloud(7) or Lightning(13). A rich story and original content is a definite must!

      • Lightning farron

        Sorry…. But I will have to disagree with you tt lightning and cloud are cold and heartless!!!!!!! They are NOT!!!!!!!!! They are just cool!!! If cloud is heartless, he would not have cared for spook many children, grieve over aerith’s and sack’s deaths!!!!!! If lightning is heartless, she would not have risk her life to save the world and her sister,serah!!!!!!!!!!!! I see NO reason for you to say they are heartless!!!!

    • Yawnna

      I do have to agree with ya FF7 was my favorite of all though 10 was the one i first started and what got me into the series!!! I have to disagree with nathan i would love to see another character like Cloud and i would love to see a remake of FF7 with updated graphics!!!They do need to go back to the random battles and more free romming. They definenty need to change what they are doing for sure!!!!!!

    • Keith Ausomus Martain

      A story Drivven MMO would be awesome, open world good combat and every quest that changes the game and other people are ine your world doing that stuff too. everyone has a different story they start out as a little kid and depending on which real person is your father in the game you ll be raised differently, and this takes long time it all so depends on which place your being raised and what your choices are, youll look they way youll be depending on what hapens for example if tou want to beat up some one youll get a scare… or if some thing really bad happens to you by chance youll be raumitized by it.

    • Ryu

      @ Concerned FF9 was childlish? Are you fucking kidding me? Did you even play it? Just because it's set in a more FANTASY like setting doesn't make it childish.

    • Saikoh1110

      I think that they should take attributes from each game. final fantasy 7 was cooler, and more mysterious. while final fantasy 9 was more of a magical adventure. I personally like 9 and 10 the most , but they are ALL good. final fantasy 5 was a cool idea too, with various job types.
      I have always wanted them to remake a darker ff9. making it serious. but i dont think they will. I just want them to have a cool new world. not a remake.

    • Old School RPG Freak

      I think ff6(3) and 10 were by far the best in the series, followed by 7 then tactics. Everything else was garbage. I wish the wouldn't have made such a major failure in 10×2. That was a joke, but something with blitzball in it and a rich storyline would save their them I think. If they follow the path they are on now though they are going to have a rough ride right out of business…

  • Rob

    If random people can write a story for Dragon Quest X then so can I for Final Fantasy XV.

    You'll probably notice some "rip-offs" from other final fantasy titles but that was part of the plan when making it.

    Planets core is of crystal.

    2 Kingdoms fighting. 1 invading the other. Both seeking power from the crystal.

    1 resistance group fighting to stop the kingdoms from using the crystal for power. According to one of their scientists (possibly Dr Cid) if humans tapped into it's power the crystal risks becoming unstable and exploding. The result of this, the world is destroyed.

    The Crystal is alive. The being residing in it wishes to take on it's true form. One which would allow it to rule over the world and destroy civilisation. It requires that the power from it must be tapped into by an outside force (kingdom seeking to use the power) Once the power is free to leave, the being leaves it's crystal body and can take on it's true form.

    The moon is almost entirely made of crystal and holds it's own being. Unlike the planets crystal, the being inside this one wishes to help humans. However it has been locked in it's crystal form forever only able to communicate to people that find it's “gates”.

    Main character comes from one of the kingdoms, a young soldier 19-20 (eventually finds himself part of this “risistance” group)

    There's more if you're actually interested… at least agree it has a better storyline then the Sims.

    • Taylor

      You just combined Infinite Undiscovery, Final Fantasy XII, And Final fantasy XIII into one glob. Then you just added your own personal tastes…. Soooo Exciting (sarcasm, in case you didn't notice ;) )

    • Deron

      i think that instead of a soldier it should b a White mage there HAS NEVER BEEN a main main character that was a white mage… i.e dagger and zidane, zidane was the main character! and im prolly gonna get some haters but you need to have a hot emo chick (lulu) that is your warrior i think girls with swords are hot just saying and way cool looking

      • Nanaki/Vivi/Paine

        Hello? PAINE? Hot emo chick. Well, not completely emo but yeah.

      • Morrigan La Fey

        The reason there hasn't been a white mage as a main character is white mages can't attack, and they can't do black magic. They're more of a support role since they can't do any real damage. I honestly can't stand having to keep a white mage in my party.

    • Nathan Howes

      It's a great idea, but if follows a few cliches. Make the main character older – young people with no experience don't make good characters *cough* hope *cough*. Two warring kingdoms can be seen as cliche as well. Why not adapt it to more of a crystal race, kind of like the cold war, with both kingdoms sabotaging each other. The Soldier thing is also "sacred" to ff7 fans, and kind of cliche now due to cloud and lightning. What if it were to be a prince of the kingdom, gone to see the progress towards reaching the crystal. The main character then gets caught in a terrorist attack from either the other kingdom, or the resistance group. Great story idea overall!!

    • Filoux


    • Morrigan La Fey

      I think that the story line kinda sounds a little bit like final fantasy four, and even a little like five cause of the crystals shattering and how it would destroy the world. You were right about the allusions to previous titles. But even the greeks knew there's nothing new under the sun. Keep writing!

  • paul miles

    the sqaure series now really needs 2 do a remake of the best final fantasy game ever and every 1 knows it final fantasy 7 remake it square please and let every 1 play it and dont let it be online only square

    • Nathan

      7 seriously doesn't need a remake! A sequel will ruin the original, and I view it as a treat to all the classic fans. I'm sorry if you have an xbox, but Final Fantasy was designed for the playstation, and should stay that way.

      • James

        Actually, FF was designed for Nintendo. Just fyi.

  • clay

    i say i hope they make a reamake of final fantasy VII but at the same time why dont they create a game that combines some good of each classic final fantasy…for example i like how everyone could use all summons in 7 and 10 and i like the build up of magic in 7 but the mini games are awesome like the cards in 9 and the chocobo races in 7 and the chocobo bloons in 10. i also like the shpere grid in 10 but you should be able to move a bit more freely on it. i like how you could upgrade weapons in 13. Final Fantasy 12 sucks its horrific. plus i like how the old games were a 4 disc means you knew you were in for a good long adventure. my favorite characters were always the cloud gang cuz none of the main guys were wimps at the begining. in 10 tidus and in 13 hope were lil girls but they got mean.

    • ap7

      COULDNT AGREE MORE with 1 exception i liked 12 especially the summons in it. They really kept me interested. Character depth and creativity lacked in 12 but it was pretty good, 10 prob. my fav.

    • Chung

      all good point in what you mention. I like to point out that Final fantasy 8 have a great story line. But it leave a lot of question for the players to determine and think was it possible. Like Squall can Leon be his father. And it was an amazing love stories that lead to another great story in Final Fantasy x. I like the magic systems where you gain it from fight to be prepare for future fights. The GF was great too and the cheat was awesome. One of the greatest thing about Final fantasy games in the mini game and the ultra boss. Final fantasy 13 have lose it way in how their thinking about bosses.

  • Danny

    What you really need is a game in which one can combine your game with the player's creativity. So maybe, it would be that you could customize the characters a bit more, or create your own character in the beginning. Whatever it is, it should really not only have good gameplay but also an addictive storyline in which you can't wait to get to the next cutscene.

    • Kenny Erlichman

      to the whole idea of making a character, its almost a complete impossibility because you get rid of one of the key features, the cut scene.
      that's because square would have to have motions for each item, clothing or otherwise. anything with a reflection would take a wile to work on. voicing would be completely off base to. when you change you character from big and bulky to tiny, voice changes as well. gender has its own issues, because you have to make a COMPLETELY different way of putting on items.

      if you don't want cut scenes ( is that even an option?) then go ahead and use character customization.

      as for a new idea for games… anybody remember ff3…they remade it for the DS…

      in that you play as the warriors of light, but there is a Far to short back story for the warriors of darkness. i want to play as them.

      there's already a bit of a back story set up, but it could be SO GOOD! it could go over the whole creation of the floating island, the evils of the light, all that good stuff.

      • Dace

        Honestly, I’ve been wanting to see the full story of the warriors of darkness as well.

        I believe that square needs to return to its roots which made final fantasy great in the first place. It’s gone completely off track ever since they made 10. Now, don’t get me wrong, 10 was pretty awesome in its own right, but that new style of play gave way to something completely different and off track. It gave less time to just explore the world and find side quests.10, 12, and 13 lead you through the game on a leash and I, personally, do not like that.

      • september

        my opinion on this, good daniel, is that technology is improving and available technology is growing for global use by all. in the case of square, we might begin to see individuation in even the cinematic cut-scenes, but we probably cannot expect square to permit extensive custoization such as character creation in story intensive games.

        i think we could see nice easter eggs such as npc character generation in things like chocobo farms or other extended mini-games.

        of course square might continue to refine their mmorpgs even decades from now.

  • Michael Bishop

    thats junk ff13 blows and so does the idea of 14 im gonna stop playing square enix games all together if they dont come out with something planned out well thought not online with a real final fantasy feel …… come on the guy who made ff7 or 9 or 10 or 12 needs back on the project for sure no we dont need a remake of ff7 get off the trip the whole reason we love ff is because with each game it takes you to a whole new world and sucks you up in its amazing they started screwing up with 11 then 13 and now 14 seriously i feel ff is turning as stupid as wow

    • ijij

      um i like all ff's except for the onlines they are just a money monster

  • Ryan

    Please for the love of god… let us roam the world freely and give us an AIRSHIP! I dont mind grinding, I don't mind a linear storyline…. but for all that is holy – give me some freedom at the end of the game to do some exploring! Hide some easter eggs, let me scour the world to complete my collection of weapons or items, hide some funny cut-scenes or super difficult enemies and make me go find them!

    • armon

      you must not have beat ff13 because you are free to roam the world all you want.

      • lala

        same with 10. you can do all that in 10..

        • anonymous

          you get so fed up with the game before you beat it you never get the chance cause both of those games blew hard

    • Bryan

      If you had spent the time on FF12 you would have found those bosses but I do agree that the freedom was lost.

    • DeMarco3000

      Final Fantasy is really cool, dude…like…….yeah….airships …chocobos …and swords..oh yeah you gotta have bad ass swords!

  • juan

    I like how 10 had the free roam at the end of the game and I loved the unique and intense fighting style of final fantasy 13. I think the next one should have free roam and Easter eggs. As for the story I have a couple of ideas.

    #1 This may sound like thirteen but bear with me. Three kids are out in modern day woods when they are shot and killed. They wake up in a new world and have no memories of the past. The world they wake up in is old as in medevil. The three are given a task to destroy the world. This vague idea can have so many twists and turns and hold promising content.

    #2 The basic kingdoms fighting crap that is way overused.

    #3 Evil emperor crap that is overused

    #4 A total remake of games 1-6 and 8-9 to please everyone (including you stupid 7 fans).

    • That Fangirl

      See, look here. There is the whole childish war between 7 and all the other final fantasies. Mainly 7 and 9. I personally love them ALL. ALL OF THEM.

      Final Fantasy 7 had good characters and storyline. I will admit: IT WAS ANGSTY. I love happy go lucky games, but I also love angst because it makes for a deeper plot. I did have its faults though. It had, to put it simply, terrible graphics. There was the fact that after your first play through it was, quite simply, boring. But it was still a good game.

      Final Fantasy 9 also had good characters and storyline. It was more childish than 7, but that's not a bad thing! They gave us some variety, to appease everyone. What if every FF game was happy, or angsty, or "go find that sphere!"? That would get boring. 9 also had its faults, along with all the other FF games. There has never been a "perfect" game. That would make it boring, if you sometimes didn't have to throw down your controller and curse your TV into oblivion.

      Now, you may call yourself a FF 7 fangirl/boy, or a FF 9 fangirl/boy or a FF 1 or 8 fangirl/boy. But me?

      I'm a Final Fantasy fangirl.

      • Nathan

        Great Comment! But you do have to admit, most ff7 fans haven't played any other games besides 7 and 13, and they do tend to be a little over-zealous about their game. To all FF7 fans, I urge you to go play 5,6, and 9!

      • september


        it seems to me that we can imagine each final fantasy game is a commentary on another crpg or a refinement of game and story.

        the problem is in actually liking the game after 10. 12 throws away too much charm and 13 is just a narrative game stripped of even the false hopes of 12.

        too much of ivalice remains untapped.

  • BlaBlaBla

    I think that Final Fantasy XV should be about a comet that hits the planet, when 7 different heroes meet and then it absorbs them and then they meet a strange sprit who tells them of a world crisis caused by a strange alliance called The Structure, bent on world devastation. Then they team up and (Dah!) save the world

    • WHOAL

      A comet that hits the planet? SEVEN heros? Oh my oh my oh my. Oh! And the game should be released 2012 and the spirit should be Sephiroth!


  • jessie

    What they NEED to do is make a new storyline to a new Square Enix game, one that actually involves real characters that develop. Nobody cared squat about Final Fantasy 13 and now I'm realizing that Final Fantasy 8 was brilliant in it's story. If you play those old versions, it's hard to believe that 13 was so terrible. I liked the idea of a introverted, somewhat cold hero as opposed to the teenybopper style girly guys they feature now. They need to stop with the giggles and bring back the darkness that once fueled the evil of the past Final Fantasy games. I myself am writing a story to an RPG, maybe it will one day be something.

    • Kersten

      I agree i loved the old games to be honest they had a little more depth and seriousness instead of all that giggling. I mean when i saw my friend had FF13 i kept complaining about it how the older games where better but in the end i bought it to see what it was like and i liked it but not nearly as much as the older games because it wasn't classic hero stuff. It was a good try though i don't mind the battle system to much even though others were better. It seemed to be fixed there was no freedom it is just a movie in my opinion

  • Chris

    I think square needs to get off ff7's dick. Quit milking it, it wasn't even good. I honestly felt like it was more of a chore to finish that game. Besides, there has been like 4 spin-offs/sequels already. I think they should bring back the medieval theme.

    • Corey

      I agree.

      • jakpirate


    • Nathan

      You are too hard on 7. Square Enix hasn't made a huge deal out of it, only the fans. I agree that the fans who think 7 is the best do need to move on, but it wasn't an overall bad game. The Medieval theme would be refreshing with the tendencies to be futuristic with the new ones.

    • jhunter199511


  • Kari426

    That is a possibility when you think about it for a remake of Final Fantasy 7.

    Think about it, it would give old gamers and new gamers of the franchise, to either relive or explore a new world of the remade FF7. Also, while Square Enix is working on the remake, they could compile a storyline for Final Fantasy 15. Making another spin-off/sequel story of either FF7 or another Final Fantasy game, would just drag on forever.

    Sequels in the Final Fantasy area are becoming too common now, and that's not the Final Fantasy I remember and grew up with. Although remaking old games, I have no problem with. I also miss the old RPGing like in Final Fantasy 9.

    And people who disliked Final Fantasy 9, I don't care what you have to say to my opinion, but I thought that was one of the greatest FF games. It was in a fantasy world (Final Fantasy? HELLO!!), the characters were original, the storyline was compelling, and yeah it had some childish qualities to it, but the Final Fantasy games are not made for mature audiences. It was made to entertain the gamer or anyone who was watching it. You play RPG's for the storyline, not the quality or graphics.

    RPG's nowadays are soooo overrated because the gamer's are expecting too much out of the series.

    Alright, I'm done with my lil rant.

    • Bill

      i lov u

  • Kersten

    hey has anbody ever heard of dragoon it was seriosly an amazing game i personally love all final fantasy games but if they could somehow have a new final fantasy game in a mixture between final fantasy battle setting and dragoon character and actions that would be really fricken cool i sadly never got to finish the game though i was only on disc 3 and disc 4 broke. that could be a good final fantasy game but if not i mean there could always another game extended story where it would be like derge of cerberous which was also great and maybe it would be off final fantasy 10 to get more depth or even 12 which not many people liked even tough i liked it a lot for some reason that way they could explain the story better

    • Jax

      not dragoon Kersten, it was Legend of the Dragoon, and yes I have one american copy in perfect condition and one English in ok-ish condition, I love that game and will forever and hate that they never carried it on!

    • Matthew Stathis

      The legend oF Dragoon….awsome…!

    • Ace

      you mean the legend of dragoon?

    • Brewer

      awesome game the battles were well intense and with the cmbos you could perform excellent. Always remember the lat battle taking over an hour to kill good times

  • Taylor

    Square Enix got everything right in all their games. The only problem is that they didn't get it done at the same time. Final fantasy XIII had an amazing story line that had me hooked. But ultimatlly I got bored with the game because there was nothing to do. Honestly final fnatasy XII had what I really look for in a game, choice! Now it may not have been like Fable where you get choices that determin what happens throughout the rest of the game. But if you wanted to you could TRAVEL (key word TRAVEL) to another area of the world and enroll yourself in another hunt that takes you half way across the continent. Truly, a game needs two elements. Story, and Choice, or an expansive area to play. Gran Pulse did okay with that in FFIII but it was mainly side quest, Final fantasy XII did it right and gave you a realistic large, expansive world to play in and to explore while still packing the punch of a great thought out storyline. Truly any new final fantasy game should be, not a remake, but a new game in itself. Final fantasy should again become what it once was, A WORLD! A world, not just a area made of up mainly strait lines. But a world that breaths and feels!

    • Dan

      I couldn't agree with you more. The world and the choice aspect was taken out of FF13. They did have the open world concept toward the end but it still wasn't very good. The ability to revisit areas from earlier in the game would be good too. Maybe put a few cool items around for people who want to explore.

  • Peachers

    Personally, I dind't find 13 that bad. It had a good battle system that always kept me button shifting and characters that developed well despite the short timeline. It all came togetehr well. My only beef with it was the complete lack of sidequests until Pulse. Little things like hunting x amount of animals or a scavanger hunt list to make a super weapon etc. FIND THE CHICKENS! Makes any game awesome.

    I thinl the new FF should have a lot more freedom about it. Follow a linear storyline but make it so we don't have to do it straight away after spending hours trying to defeat a boss. Let us rest a little by doing something fun and non-plot related but can still benefit the character. Hide loads of weapons and items. Also…maybe have different types of battle. Like…if you're a warrior type have a set battle system. If you're a mage type have another.

    Plot-wise. I've noticed these games getting more and more tech related. The thing is though…we already got the techy feel from the pretty graphics. We deal with tech every day and this is supposed to be a fantasy. Maybe bring back some classic elements, but ideally I think a game that cameos different existing cultures, fusions of east and west (medieval eskimos anyone?). I lovely diverse world full of different cultures to explore and characters as diverse as their backgrounds. Maybe have a couple of shiny tech worlds. Then have some shiny forest worlds and some shiny ice worlds and some shiny mountain worlds and some shiny volcanos and islands and roman style empires…Just don't make the mistake of ff12 and focus too much on the world at the expense of ANY character depth.

    • Austin

      You forgot to mention don't ever make a final fantasy game with sky pirates in it ever…ever…ever again!!!! *or pirates altogether*

    • Tim

      whats this great combat system about. I could only stomach the game for about 2 to 3 hours before giving up because the system was so bad. for that entire time i was able to hit the one auto battle button win ever battle without even coming close to dying and be all healed right after the battle leaving no challange at all. It made for a nice movie but no one wanted to be the button masher that keep the movie going

  • BlaBlaBla

    I think they need to have a true Final Fantasy game for Wii

    • Random

      Nintendo haters……………………………The next-gen nintendo console with…omgosh…HD.OhhhhhhWooowwww. should get a final fantasy mainstream game.
      The Wii tends to focus on gameplay more than graphics. It was ripped off by Kinect and move. Besides, everyone wants the games to be more like the original games right! So why not go back to the original brand of console. They should release games for all 3 consoles. It the gameplay that counts right. Everyone (expect the PS3 fanboys) would be happy. Wii-lovers please comment!

    • Anonymous

      Right with you dude

      • BLABLA


  • Justin

    I would love to have another final fantasy that was just like 6. Lots of characters, big map to explore, lots of side quests, world getting blown the fuck up, character depth, good storyline. We are so used to exploring in FF games in an airship, all over the map in a split second. In 13 i think people got bummed when you were unable to do that whole exploring thing like the previous games.

    • Stardominic

      Yeah. But as i saw one person comment somewhere, you didn't explore during the game because of the story. You weren't in big cities with people and all that because they were in hiding as l'cie. It's obvious if you think of it like that, but it wasn't that bad.

    • keith

      I know how you feel FF3 was my game when I was kid it had everything exciting in it

  • David

    I personaly think that 7, 8 and 9 were the only three that really sucked me into the final fantasy world without any regrets(I started playing after ff7). 10, 12 and 13 had horrible voice acting that just ruins the feel of the awesome graphics. The have to either get rid of the voice acting and go back to reading what they say or have the voices in Japanese with english subtitles. Other than the voice acting 10 wouldve been good. 11 is not worth mentioning. 12 had a horrible battle system and too few cutscenes. On 13 Square enix got lazy when it came to making different enemies to fight as you progressed. All they did was create different versions of the same monsters through out the game. I would have to give ff13 a 7 out of 10 only because the game was visualy breathtaking.

    • vfg

      Bad voice acting…yeah your standards are waaaaaaaay too high

    • Austin

      10 had bad voice acting but those others no 12 had the final fantasy environmental feel but bad story and badly made characters, 13 just didnt have the enviromental explore feeling to me just basically a game with amazing cinematics!

    • ap7

      i TOTALLY agree

  • Park

    teenybopper style girly guys? Really? How? If you're going to tell me about vanille as an example of this "giggling" then what about previous peerky female charcters such as relm, yuffie, eiko, and rikku? They were just as cheerful and never really took things seriously as well yet I haven't heard people complain nearly as much as vanille. FF13 may have not be the darkest FF but not by a dramatic amount as some people make it out to be. I mean look at FF9 that had alot of light moments as well but that end up being a pretty damn good game.

    • djv

      Ok retard: "teenybopper style girly GUYS" Vanille, Rukki, Yuffie and the rest are all female stupid. Tidus, Hope, and Vaan are what we're talking about. Make the main character a badass, not a queer please.

      • vfg

        Tidus is a badass!

        • Nathan

          Tidus was gay. . . Go watch the end again. "I hate you, dad!" was the basis of his entire existence. Was very pathetic!

      • dean

        you cant really say tidus is whiny character how would you feel if you wer brought to a diferent world nd didnt know any one

    • Connor Wisnom

      thats what jessie WAS talking about. notice how she said girly guys. hope was the most obnoxious character in FF i have ever had the displeasure of working with, after that was snow. whenever a dude has blonde hair in a an FF game in recent years it seems hes always a whiny overemotional idiot. then before them was the infamous Tidus and Vaan. both looked like they belonged in the backstreet boys. vaan wearing a gay metal jacket with gems in it that was 10 sizes too small and tidus with his getup with the one pantleg thing. at least vaans idiocy was a form of comedic relief to me. i actually liked lightning as a character, and was one of the only main characters ive ever really enjoyed. in truth, i want a main character for the next final fantasy to be like an inexperienced Auron, hot blooded but not gay about it like snow.

  • RandomPerson

    I believe that they should have a Game with a chocobo as a party member, cause I know they had a moogle. And I don't mean Chocobo's dungeon, I mean a true final fantasy game.

    • Austin

      Final Fantasy Tactics?

      • alex

        love final fantasy tactics boco ftw

      • Tim

        I,m with you . When are we going to get a new tactics i and all my friends would buy a copy in seconds

  • Robert Pollock

    i picture a game in which one would have more control of the environment a wider selection of skills and abilities classic and new a wide variety of weapons with an enhancement method comparing to that of ff7 with the materia affecting certain attributes but of course not materia crystals maybe? wider variety of landscapes spread with eventual permanent access a story of love lies and deception fate and destiny twists and turns the very things that make the final fantasy series wonderful. i could explode with ideas

  • Rob

    I think they need to create a completely new and unique world from the others, but with strong medieval influences. I believe your story needs to begin with a main character who starts off as a nobody, before events slowly start to escalate and they end up having to save the world, people like to watch a zero transform into a hero, I thought IX was a great example of that. Basically what I'm trying to say is, it shouldn't start with an already concrete story in place, such as V (although I still loved V), and there needs to be a more similar world map and battle system compared to what has been happening lately. I understand if you want to experiment, but I say try a new franchise for that, don't forget Final Fantasy's roots for the main, numbered series.

    Oh and bring the Crystals back, even if they aren't what the main story revolves around, if they at least played some sort of part.

    • Alex

      guys,help me out here,personally I lovED the idea of crystals playing a vital role story(yes,past tense)if youre wondering why,take a good hard look at FF12,hopefully you realize that it SUCKED! it fucked the the whole idea of it up.Come on,seriously?who the hell chose to call it manufacted nethicite.all your suggestions for the next FF rules!(just hope the suggestions are taken intn account when brainstorming ideas for 14) FF fan 4eva and eva!

    • CloudFan4Eva

      I kinda agree and i kinda dont agree because what do you really want happening…Some with no fighting ability getting super powers and saveing the world like Wtf
      ~But i understand what you mean people like seeing that i loved seeing that in FFX where Tidus was like a sports athlete and he became the freaking savior of the world so this one could be looked at in two ways.

      ~As for the battle system idea i really think they needa change it because to every die heart FF fan the battle system is fine and people love it…but if you want to grow the FF franchise you have to change it because battle systems such as Kingdom Heart, dantes inferno and God of War are popular and i think thats the direction they needa g to grow FF

      • Talon

        What's popular now won't always be popular.

        I found those games to be too weak in the sense that the overpowered combos made them too easy. There has to be a better system than mashing buttons to pull off a finishing move.

        As for the storyline, I don't understand why every game has to be in a new world. That confused me since I went from FFVII to FFX expecting at least the same terms as materia and some Shinra alternative. There should be some way to tie the games together, otherwise I don't see how they can still be in the Final Fantasy series.

  • Rob

    I think they need to create a completely new and unique world from the others, but with strong medieval influences. I believe your story needs to begin with a main character who starts off as a nobody, before events slowly start to escalate and they end up having to save the world, people like to watch a zero transform into a hero, I thought IX was a great example of that. Basically what I'm trying to say is, it shouldn't start with an already concrete story in place, such as V (although I still loved V), and there needs to be a more similar world map and battle system compared to what has been happening lately. I understand if you want to experiment, but I say try a new franchise for that, don't forget Final Fantasy's roots for the main, numbered series.

  • foxfei

    I liked the world maps. But, i like walking around a forest too. Why don't they mix to two? I've played RPG's like that and liked them. (like xenogears)

  • long way to go

    why every one hate ff 12 anyway it was really a good i have played (4,6,10) but 12 was the best especially license board system battle system and super optional bosses (yazmat)it was a real challenge

    as for ffxv i think the story should be original and not remake as 13 remake to 7 and ended up hated by 7 fans themselves and the open-ended world back that is what is make an rpg game an rpg game and find new system that close license board or grid sphere with satisfying story and several side quests MAKE US PLAY IT ONE MORE TIME

  • Michael B.

    Final fantasy XV should be more like Final Fantasy IX and X, Enix should bring back the sphere grid, the sphere grid was soo huge and all characters could go in different paths, we need to see more skills and techniques, i think that the celestial weapons and their crests need to be brought back, powering up weapons, having your own complete personal weapon, to be able to create its own look and what effects it has, this should be the same with armour etc, weapons and armour need more choice, also i feel that there needs to be more attention payed towards aeons/espers ( whatever you want to call them ) i feel that final fantasy XIII's were very bad, i mean everyone was robotic and turned into a vehicle ? i mean dont get me wrong the cut scene were they all came through the portal riding on all of there aeons was epic, but they should go back to the original beast forms, shiva isn't suppose to have a sister -.- i loved in X, going to the temples doing a puzzle and gaining a new aeon, it was exciting and a good challenge.

    The storyline should be interesting and keep the player hungry for whats to come, i agree with a persons comment i seen, it has been a while that i found myself in trouble in a RPG there needs to be more intense battles, even after completion of the game there should be a huge world to explore and plenty of sidequests and even secret bosses.

    also some aspects of past Final Fantasy's should be brought back, i love having loads of characters to level up, put up their attributes etc, more aeons to gain.

    P.S an idea i've been thinking about.. what about aeon armour? If Final Fantasy XIII's aeons were gonna be robotic Enix could've atleast made them into armour, vehicles wasn't really a could thing for me, they belong in racing games -.-

    • ap7

      dude i couldnt agree more i personally love the espers as well and having to looki for them and fight them to attain them awesome

    • THE CHosEN One

      your right about the sphere grip i loved that ffx was by far the most enjoyable to play so get a new story line completely new from scratch no sequals and not online keep it in the players interest because if they make another online one then it going to become so much like world of warcraft and thats not what we want

  • deborah

    ca serait bien une suite de final fantasy 8
    final fantasy 8 etait un excellent ff alors qu'il y avait pas encore les voix ni la qualite graphique d'aujourdh'ui alors une suite avec les performances que la ps3 peut offrir ca serait pas mal

  • BLABLAbla

    I thought of a awesome game……… Final Fantasy XV should have some of the summon creatures in your party (Like Shiva or Odin) and Cid could be a party member too! PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS

    • D. Reborn

      Dont you think they'd be too powerful? And if SQ tries to balance it, they'd be ridiculously weak for their mean appearance. As for Cid, I kinda liked him as a constant as he is, but if SQ can make it work, then I'm go for it!


        I have a solution maybe the summons could have died thousands of years before and then become paired with humans as guides and mentors to help them find the crystals to help the summons be reborn into to their true forms and defeat the dark creature who ( 1. killed the summons, and 2. pans to take over the world )

        • BLABLABLA

          Please leave comments (I forgot that)

    • Don

      Well Cid was in your party in ff4 and ff7 and technically the Espers are on your side just not physically seen but you still use their abilities when you summon them. If you want to stick with the Espers then maybe make a game just with them as the main heroes and swap in/out different ones for elemental weaknesses etc..
      As far as Cid goes Maybe he could be a part time character but is more useful doing what he does best airships. Hmmm..imagine a party of Ifrit,Shiva,Ramuh,and Titan..I like it!

  • D. Reborn

    FF7 is overrated(IMO)
    For XV I want square to make a new storyline but this Setting more fantasy base. Not things like Mass Effect, seems to me it just aint their thing… Much. A steam punk setting would be nice. No futuristic air crafts, just the old fashion air ship, no guns, rifles maybe but not machine guns
    Also SQ has REALLY need to work on the music. Ever since voice acting came in, I just didnt enjoy grinding or walking around the area.

    Bring back the Chocobos >:O

    As for the characters… I dunno, I'm tired of warrior princesses, how about a mage as the Main Character(MC)? It's mostly been warriors and one thief, so I think a mage would dramatically change the storyline. Should it be a guy or a girl is another matter completely for me.

    For the battle system, nothing complex like XIII, well okay, it wasnt that complex but it sure as heck got on my nerves that my spells keep changing with each class! And bring trance back, it really helps when your in a pinch.

    As for the storyline, anyone want tragic? No? Good. Ya so we want the ending to be happy, Love story included please! :D The MC's attitude, I want the next comments to discuss this, should he be like Cloud and Squall, dark and moody and at the end get's the girl or like Zidane and Tidus, Happy go lucky and basicaly "I'll save you even if your my nemisis" Kind of guy? I cant decide. But I preffer the latter, since they kinda failed on Squall, he just fell in-love to quick and too fast…(IMO)

    Good Luck SQ! You can trust us to keep on pressuring you all the way :D

  • D. Reborn

    Oh and if SQ's gonna make a remake, it should be IX. Not that it's my favorite, but it's just that the music is really well done as well as the story and characters. Plus, They should make Zidane.. Un-chibby. I dunno, it's just a suggestion. I always laughed at how badass the bosses looked like and all my chars are chibi! It looked wierd! :D

  • kujii

    medieval/steampunk influenced environment, classic atb battles, major focus on the game's cast and their development.

  • pharmaman

    a story for ff15 would be interesting if it's about some kind of virus of disease that strike a world and all human is turning to whatever mindless creatures and the heroes of the story are truing in to these creatures in a few days i mean they never made a horror story line for ff series…. (all ways there are a bunch of heroes who save the day form the bad guys how tried to control/destroy the world ha ha ha!)
    in ff 7 there is septheroth who tired to destroy the earth
    in ff 9 there is koja how tried to conrol the world'
    in ff 10 there is sin who attack people
    in ff 12 the same thing with the 2 kingdoms
    except in 13 which have a very nice story but bad linear short game play

    • D. Reborn

      I dunno man, zombies in a world with magic? It doesnt sound right. Interesting but, it would be more of technology here and there. Most of us want steampunk/medieval back. And Kuja wanted to destroy existance… not control.. just pointing it out…

    • andrew

      u didnt say about 8 ff8

  • SoccerB23

    I think that they continue final fantasy 13. Most people would probably not agree with this but that set of characters is just to good to drop and i loved the game. I think they should keep lightning, hope, sazh (maybe because of his son) and snow (maybe because of sarah) and add to new characters. So please, i hope that you think about my idea because that would be amazing.

    • D. Reborn

      Theres not much to go on more. The bad guy is dead :/


      I agree with the whole dead bad guy thing

  • Rick

    Final Fantasy X remake anyone?

    • Stardominic

      I thought FFX was good for what it was. X-2 was alright, but to me it was kind of a "lets-make-a-quick-one-and-get-on-the-next-one" game.. And the thing with the remakes for the stories is that they every FF ends with a pretty final ending, as in there's peace and stuff and no more huge bad guy and all that. and after the bad guy's gone, and there's peace in the land, what's suppose to happen?, another even stronger person comes along? that's pretty much what happened in X-2 and i thought it could've been better, but it was a little weak, story wise. remakes could be good, but don't count on it.

    • ap7

      10 was the best

    • ichocobo05

      i loved X! i thought it was my favoritest final fantasy out there! so im in on you, remake final fantasy X!

    • john

      YES!!!!!!!! it was THE best one out of all of them, it had an amazing storyline, emotional characters, and great music and settings! :-)


    *Terrible story! I've read text books that didn't bore me as much.
    *Annoying characters
    *Too many damn cut scenes
    *All FF are linear, but this game is a straight fucking line!
    *No NPCs
    *Upgrade system is worthless
    *Restores HP after ever fight?? WTF is that?
    *1/3 of this game is tutorials.
    *Not the best sound track.

    On the plus side-
    *Amazing graphics
    *Fun battle system

    FF13 got worse reviews than X-2 (which blows too). Nuff said.

    • meh

      Thats funny, because all review ranged for XIII in the 8.5-9.5 mark, when also considering that on a whole, x-2 got pretty impressive reviews, personally I didn't like that game, but I cant deny what is right there infront of me.

    • Josh

      QFT on the annoying characters. too dramatic or too pussy. Why dont they make characters like Steiner or Sabin anymore??

  • Eddie

    I'm a huge fan of the whole series. I liked the simplicity of the earliest games which somehow still managed to tell a great story. I also like the more unique aspects of some of the newer games. I will not play the online games… making loyal fans pay a monthly fee for a Final Fantasy game is a little silly. I don't care if they make online Final Fantasy games but I don't like them being part of the numbered series. As for the best game I thought seven was great because of the totally new setting and game mechanics. In addition the designers did a fantastic job of really making you HATE Sephiroth. And the game had a lot of twists and turns in the plot. * is a very underrated game as it had a lot of strong points, the battle system, the story-line. I liked the characters as well. My only complaint is that it was too short and that it took a long time to learn who the real villain was. Then I enjoyed 9's return to a simpler, less sci-fi story. Though I thought it took the story a little too long to get moving.

    For 15 I would like another look at a less technically advanced world with a compelling villain. The strength of the series is the way the designers pull at your emotions. Who wasn't pissed when Aeris/Aerith died?

    • D.Reborn

      Actually, I don't think FF7 is underrated(Looks at advent children, dirge of Cerberus, etc.) :/ also, I do believe Aerith being dead gives the game a bigger impact. And if you think about it, what about Zack? He wont get a girl D:<

    • Don

      The problem with ff7 is that its the first ff game many people played first so they use it to compare tp all others, so in the end its either overrated or underrated. Having played every ff game in the series including the online games i would have to rate ff7 as the #3 ff game behind ff4 and ff6 those games just had great stories, characters, worlds to explore and villains. For people to say ff7 is overrated though to me doesn't make too much sense seeing as probably 2 of the most recognizable characters in gaming history came from it in Cloud and Sephiroth, not to mention the countless spin-offs. Back to topic though ff15 should provide the same atmosphere and settings of the earlier incarnations with some new twists.

  • Stardominic

    I've read all the posts up to here at the moment, and i think many people expect too much from FF. If you watch these videos,… (the Final Fantasy Retrospective, which, if you are a FF fan/freak/follower, you will probably like to watch this because it tells about all the FFs up to 12 I think…) the producer of the games, Hironobu Sakaguchi, created the games for the STORY. It was never really about the game play, because in the videos they say that Sakaguchi was better at telling a story, and I think if they're missing that from an RPG, they're missing the whole thing. I've played 7, 8, 10, 10-2, 12, and 13 (don't worry 6 and 9 lovers, I plan to check out those too), and, just personally, because nothing is the same for every person, I thought that 12 was a little confusing, and I thought it was the worst story of the ones I've played, but i'd give it 6.7/10 (but I really liked the way they did the battle system and the world map together like that, except when you wanted to get away from the monster and it chased you). FF13's story I didn't really like because I thought that there wasn't enough depth in the story and characters. It was alright, but I was expecting more from it. I loved 7 for a emotionally disturbed guy who's the lone warrior, 8 and 10 for romance and main characters (except that they never say Tidus' name which really bugged me…..). I think every FF is good for what it is though, even if some things really sucked or could've been better. And 13 really pulled through in making things better, like actually being able to pause during the HQ cutscenes, especially during 10, and 12 i think.. that really helped during those bathroom breaks or when parents wanted me to do dishes… also bringing the sphere grid to a crystarium, which was different, but i can't really say whether it was better or not, and a few other stuff too….

    About remakes, I think it's better to just not do it, because if you've played X-2, or Dirge of Cerberus [haven't played Crisis Core, but it seems alright], those two were kind of failures if they were trying to be sequels. X-2 was just a bunch of missions. There was a story, but i mean, Sin was gone, and it's like SE made up a whole new bad guy to somehow fit after the ending, and it ruined the peace of X a little [I don't think they said "his" name in X-2 either...]. There really isn't any need for a bad guy after the bad monster was defeated, unless you just really wanna make something up, just to see them again, you know? So I feel that remakes will have too much expectations, and people will not like them in the end.

    With that said, FFXV should keep the tradition going and have a whole new game. I like the new characters and stories. There should always be a new story to tell. This is all just one person's opinion though, and everyone should give their own opinions and take in other people's with an open mind to see what they see, and stop fighting between 7 and 9!!! From my POV, 7 is most popular, next to 10, and 9 has been underestimated for what it is and has been disliked the most. That's just general stuff though. People can give their own opinions for each game, but really, unless you play the game, not judging the graphics or comparing characters and stuff like that, just enjoying the fantasy in the game, I hope you'll find that every FF is great and not dislike any of them.

    • D. Reborn

      Not much of us said anything about the gameplay… Except that we wanted ATB back and random encounters.. and yes, we wanted it "free roam" that was like one of the cores of the game but, yea, I guess better graphics + open world wasnt possible even for the PS3, not saying the Xbox is bad… :/ and we do know they make things better story-wise. And you should play 9, its got a good story if you play FF for the stories.
      For me remakes = Completely copying the game/story except it has better graphics. I dont think remake = X-2.. But hey, depends on perspective I guess…

  • Mark M

    FF15 should return to the roots of what made Final Fantasy great. Medieval theme (with some tech, like Kefka's Magitek factory) random battles, side quests and for gods sake, LET ME EXPLORE THE WORLD! Let us customize our hero's and their stats a bit more, much like FF8's junction system (except a LOT less confusing) or FF5's job system (the best system out of all the games in my opinion!)

    Please Square, stop with this linear adventure game rubbish.

  • Jason

    Something to tie in to either FF9 or FF6 (FF3 US). For those who say that FF7 is what a real FF title should be like, why not check your history and grow up a little. Although I loved FF7 as much as the next guy, FF9 and FF's 1-6 are where it was at!! I cut my RPG teeth on FF1 when I was just a boy (um, 10 yrs old when it was release in the US). Before that I was all about Wizardry and the such, but FF1 opened my eyes and to this day I have trouble putting the originals down (1-6 & 9). FF9 just kept the "fantasy" in FF that's why it was just as enjoyable as the first 6. Anyway, I think I've made my point. And I do understand that the majority of people holding strong onto FF7 are probably much younger than myself and the rest of us who were tickled to death with FF1-6&9, but please understand where we are coming from and what WE grew up on without the super-advanced technology of 3-D imaging and CGI and the likes. We played video games, but those we grew up on still required some imagination skills unlike those games of today. LONG LIVE FINALFANTASY 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don

      Amen brother! Could not agree more. Not to burst your bubble though I don't care for ff9. The battle sequences take forever, i mean I know it ps1 but i could fight several battles in other ff titles by the time the battle actually starts in ff9. They pan around every possible view of the enemies while loading your party up for battle. Also the tetra master not as good as the one in ff8 IMO, didn't care for most of the characters and the story just seemed to kinda drag until the end. That said however ff6 tied for my fav with ff4. A new ff title should be more like them as far as story/atmosphere go.

  • Drew

    10 12 and 13 were all games that you had to go through with a lot of restrictions and less freedom like in 9 or before you could go more places and get there on your own like when you get the airship or the boat or raise a chocobo. i just think in the newer ones its harder to personalize your game from playing through it agian by not having as much freedom.

  • KLKL

    i would like to see another setting where they take asian elements into it like final fantasy 10. i think that final fantasy 10 was the best looking ff game ever made but i still do like final fantasy 7 better cause it's a classic

  • Zac

    the final fantasy games are classic theyve done an amazing job with every single one and i cant wait to see what XV will be like, i just hope theres more of an open world and maybe a way to customize characters , and maybe a new unique way to progress characters

  • Joshua H

    I'm currently in a nostalgic mode where I'm replaying some old final fantasy games. I just finished 6 not long ago and am currently playing 9 and 5. I believe what makes these games so good is (sorry if I sound repetitive) the nostalgic feeling they had. Like when you get your first piece of mythril armor, or find the shiva esper or even meeting up with a character named Cid. I enjoy leveling up my characters and unlocking a new spell. There is no better feeling in my opinion than when you unlock fire 2 in ff7 ( this is just one example.) I enjoy it when I reach a hidden area that is filled with difficult enemies where you need to use a bit of strategy to win. There is nothing wrong with a turn based rpg, and I believe the reason ff 13 was diasppointing to me is because it was just too complicated in an annoying way. I like killing 20 tonberries to fight the tonberry king, and I like dodging 200 lightning bolts to unlock lulu's ultimate weapon. I even liked walking into a cave there the monsters are clearly too hard to fight and end up getting a game over, and restarting from my LAST SAVE. I liked treasure hunting in 9 and trying to get all the cards in 8. The world seemed so limited in 13, but in most other titles I felt like I had control over what I wanted to do. I could choose to level up my character or stick to the story. I miss the hidden scenes where you can find out more about your character, ( like taking Gau to see his father in ff6). I miss blue magic whether you learned it from having it cast on you or eating your enemy :) Mostly I miss the music and the atmosphere. I miss the old looking final fantasy where the greatest technology is an airship and not some super high tech robo crap. Final Fantasy use to be so exciting. I just miss the nostalgia…

  • Andrew G.

    I am tired of Tetsuya Nomura and his SCI-FI worlds. LEts go back to the way it was with Hironobu Sakaguchi. I was not impressed with any of the latter games since Final Fantasy 10 and by all means let Final Fantasy 7 die already. However, If they must remake 7 let the team that did Final Fantasy 10 do it. I have lost a lot of hope for Nomura in the Final Fantasy department. Leave him to his Kingdom Hearts.

  • Alex

    Ya know,now that i think about,I coudnt have said it better myself.Vaan and his group from FF12 are a perfect example of common idiots who dont have a clue what there doing was(I mean will always be) a complete failure among the ranks of early FFs like 7 and 8.I think Square enix started to lose their touch when they started that FFx-2 project which was a stupid excuse for a game,they simply couldnt match the irreplaceable awesomness of FFx (Zanarkand rocks!)l hope that they dont screw up the next sequel and also hope that they bring back the older versions of the weapon brothers(Omega and Ultima).They could show you what real power is.They are a force to be reckoned with.

  • John Smith

    Don't make it ultra futuristic, and don't make the entire game cutscenes

  • Dave

    I'm going to pull the 'L' word here. The thing that made Final Fantasy 7-10 so great was the human element, and particularly the Love story! If you think about it, all of the final fantasies had fighting, wars, evil empires, exploring, and most of the time a halfway decent storyline. But what made FF7 so real? Cloud's relationships with Tifa and Aeris, and how Seph took Aeris' life partway through… It was so human, so believable. The loss was heart-wrenching.

    In FF8, cold-hearted Squall warms up to Rinoa… we see their relationship develop so far that he is willing to put his life on the line to rescue her. You see crazy Zell flirting with the quiet library girl… Quistis, unrequited love… Laguna and Julia, torn apart by war. Laguna and Raine… Ellone… Irvine and Selphie… there was so much emotion, so much passion. It made the story seem so real, so possible… even if the junction system was crap! At the end of the game, when you see Squall and Rinoa out on the balcony, you feel so accomplished! You've made it to the end, and they lived happily ever after!

    In FF9, Zidane shows the princess Garnet (in a very Aladdin-ish way) how life is on the outside of the castle. She eventually falls for him. Her guard, Steiner, grows to trust Zidane.

    In FF10, the story is so emotional, so powerful, at times really happy, at times extremely sad, at times frustrating, and at times exhilarating! There are so many relationships, I can't list them all here. Tidus and Yuna is the biggest. There's so much tension between Tidus and his father… Auron, who's been there before… Wakka, who trusts the church so much.. Lulu, who's heart has been broken by the cost of war… Rikku, desparate to save Yuna from certain death… and at the end of the game? The ending made me cry the first time I saw it, I'll admit!

    These stories had fire! They had feeling, emotion. You could relate to the characters so well. FF12? Sure, there was a great conflict between 2 nations, and Dalmasca's caught in the middle. But what about the feeling? Certainly Balthier and Fran? Vaan and Penelo? Vaan and Ashe? They don't even hint at it. The characters are interesting, but the story reads like a history book. It should read like a novel. When the story ended, I felt like I had wasted my time. Same goes for FF13. You'd think Light would warm up to the others, but she doesn't… that Snow would calm down, that Vanille would grow to like Hope… but they don't. The closest thing in that story is Vanille's and Fang's somewhat awkward "I won't let you die" relationship.

    The next game needs a story that we can relate to! We need to be able to feel the tension between the characters, the ones that like each other, the ones that love each other, and the ones that hate each other… I'm looking forward to Square-Enix putting out a game with a REAL story, one like they used to!

    • jike

      Exactly.. couldnt have said it better myself.

    • Jaquan

      Good Comment man. That is exactly how i feel!

    • Ken

      Nice insight. Now i know why i like FF series so much.

    • Don

      Yes and no. FF7 absolutely, if you didn't do previous research then Aeris death was an absolute stunner, as far as Tifa and Cloud go..meh, I mean the whole i'm gonna lie cuz I like this Cloud and am afraid of what the truth about what happened in Nibelheim might do to him..ok. FF8 is a no for me, gameplay aside you can see this one coming a mile away. Aside from the love theme they try all game to irritatingly break him from his shell when I would have preferred to remain the loner bad-ass. The G-forces made us forget everything…really..
      FF9..okay i guess. FF10 absolutely, you might not like the characters but the themes are solid and the ending is easily one of the best of any game not just ff. IMHO.

    • Raquel

      I think you hit the nail on the head! FF7-10 all had that one thing in common…a strong, well thought-out, emotional, and a “pull at your heart strings” storyline that 11-13 has lacked. FF10 is by far my favorite storyline. I’ll admit…they could have made Tidus a little less flamboiant at times. But all in all, as we played this game, we watched him grow into a man; so different from the little childish boy that he was at the beginning.

      Anyway, do you see my point? We get wrapped up in these characters. Their individual stories as well as their main mission of the game. 11-13 became too futuristic and the characters too technical and cold.

      To fix the FF franchise, I think that SE needs to get back to it’s basics. Better storylines, less-futuristic robotic worlds, and (dare I say) romance. Not to mention…those ever so precious, butt kicking tough guys such as Steiner and Auron.

      Remakes? Eh, I don’t think that we would even be mentioning remakes if SE gave us the storylines similar to those that we came to love in the past installments of FF.

      My solution is simple…..get back to the roots of the RPG. Intense storylines, favorable characters, tone down the action a bit in the battle system (that is less “first person shooter”esque), and of course….romance. :)

    • Victor

      That's the thing man! =D

  • samson

    well i think they should make another chrono series and maybe that will give them time to come up with an EPIC Final Fantasy. A remake of FF7 may be good but don't you dare change it in ways to make it stupid. FF7 has a dark seriousness in it. No gay childish, girlie bullshit. It has to be like it was. Barret is a black guy. So make him a badass. Vincent is frickin undead, so therefore he is like 20 stronger than that bitch Cloud. Make these characters impact Cloud. When Barret calls Cloud a spineless bitch. I don't want Cloud to be like, omg your right i can't do shit. Let Cloud be dependent for god sakes. Enough about ff7, lets discuss ff15. Okay im super pissed that ff14 is a online money sucking game. Seriously the game itself is gonna be expensive as hell, now you want to milk all the money i have. We don't even know if it will be good enough to spend 70 bucks on. (or however much it costs) So ff15 should definitely not be an MMORPG, if you absolutely have to make it an MMORPG let us have a Free Version Dammit. (and i mean free as in, NOT PAYING A FREAKIN CENT FOR MONT HLY PLAY. If you don't make it an MMORPG than we definitely want to see ORIGINALITY no remake, make it a good game. I

  • samson

    want customization, i want side quests, i want towns for god's sake. Lately you've been making games where we can't explore cities. It's straight through dungeons, no going to a town for a grinding breather. Come on make it real and fantasy at the same time. Here's a suggestion also when making a final fantasy you don't ever have the chance to be evil or well a good example of a game where your choices affect your gameplay. Fallout 3(if you kill someone you get bad karma, which in turn makes your player evil) Its an idea you can try to tap into. Well im out of suggestions for now.

    • Nathan Howes

      The one bad thing about Karma, is that you have to write an infinitive amount of story lines, and would detract from the overall story. But cities, and the ability to explore are a must!!!

  • Tobias

    I think the series has somewhat declined… Unlike most the first I played was FF9, then 10 to 12, I came across advent children somewhere inbetween which led me into playing FF7… I agree 7 is a great game but it is overrated with lots (as many mention earlier) of chore-doing, many don't realise that 13 isn't really what square wanted with it's "on rail" regime… the problem actually lies in the PS3 and 360 hardware, square stated that the new technology does very well catering for graphics; however for enormous levels and open worlds and towns, square said that the current gen consoles are actually a problem, towns and open environments are extremely hard efforts, this has led to many problems and SE definately realised this whilst making FFXIII, as there is now a reluctance to make some games on this current gen (in particular a Kingdom Hearts 3- a very free-roam/towny game) as it is too much of a danger to take such series into an "on-rail" system like FFXII as most of their substance is in the freeness (although I believe this is the case for FF also…)

    • Tobias

      In relation to the whole hate/love FF7 divide fans, what about this: some of us like the story/concept of FF7, others prefer the medieval/knights/moogle style… what about a (sort-of prequel) to FFVII- HOWEVER hundreds of years before the events of FFVII- in a medieval time which talks about Gaia/the lifestream/the ancients side of things and could even link to the lifestream somehow being connected to crystals, we could see the orgininal threat of Jenova, primitive- W.E.A.P.O.N and maybe even a tyrannical ruler connected (perhaps Shinra's ancestors were king's who knew of Jenova? but then progress through this into the evolution and timescale as things change over periods of hundreds of years and see different eras and different people involved with the different times until we finally hit the current FFVII futuristic timeline…

      Surely this would cater for all fans and wet everyone's apetite a little? I think we could benefit from a turn-based/KH battle system and a darker storyline again (like FF7 and KH) as well as a return to open world and AIRSHIPS is much needed…

    • Alan Ng

      The series has declined you're right…that's because its a hell of a job to make a new game to the same standard as the classic PS1 titles that we all love. Square-Enix seem to care about making money now, not putting in real effort and content which the fans want.

      • Tobias

        Agreed :)

  • Matt

    All the final fantasys threw 9 were something to behold. Once square enix got a hold of the franchise there was a definite lack of feeling to the games. It didn't matter to squaresoft if the game's setting took place in a futuristic society or midieval world or in space or whatever because they all ended in a mindf@#$ of mayhem and awesomness in the end anyway. basically my only humble opinion is that squareenix had they're fair chance at making FF games and they failed. the games actually kept getting worse. They ought to sell the franchise to someone more capable cuz i'd hate to see another Final Fantasy that turns out worse than ff13…

    • Nathan Howes

      Sorry, but Square Enix is Square Soft. . . And 13 didn't purely suck, it was worth playing, just with many, many flaws.

  • Contonnia

    Final Fantasy needs to evolve again… Keep core elements story telling wise just focus on creating the experiences ppl wanna have… I think they need to create a world that combines past, present, and future elements in the series… I loved FF8… That world was the best one in my opinion… It was so modern yet had tastes of future and past elements… I'm not saying the world should be excally like 8 it was just an example of what I like about the series…

    I would like to see them take back from the older style of characters…. Clothing, culture, Bring Romance back into the picture…

    Although I love there gradual approach to changes in the series I wanna see some bold new exciting changes to the battle system and the world creation. Do something diffrent.. .

    The times are changing ppl wanna see something new… Honestly I think they should be closeing the series up in a few shouldn't they…If they do they should end on the good note… and maybe an online game outa the deal… One more like the series worlds… FF 11 and 14 and just too Midevil for me… SOme ppl just wanna have a character like the ones in the series…Many of us wanna play as our own character in a world that reminds us of FF7 or FF8, or FF10… The girls just want there Yuna clone and the guys just wanna be cloud… lol I for one would be Barrett… lol

  • ienmdb

    I think Final Fantasy should return to its momentous days of awe inspiring storytelling and fun gameplay, with lots of sidequests (including minigames) stuffed in.

    My idea for a story:
    In an early twentieth century world, there is a country led by a crime syndicate which rules over the populace with money. This syndicate was able to gain so much power by selling a crystal-like substance (which was formerly illegal) to other countries and profits by this trading business. This substance is highly valuable for its properties which gives people almost superhuman abilities and thus, is used for military purposes. The main character (who is of the monk class and fights with brass knuckles) is a low-ranked thug involved with the syndicate and in the beginning of the story, is trying to stop a rebellion from going on. After the stop of the rebellion, he is somehow left behind by his fellow thugs, and eventually joins up with some rebels and tries to save the world from his previous employers.

    I still have more if anyone wants to hear it.

    • Alan Ng

      I'm listening! :)

      • ienmdb

        Here's some more plot points that I thought of or forgot to mention in my first post:

        The reason why the substance (which is how the syndicate makes up almost all of its revenue) was illegal is because it is made up of the blood of beings called Enwu, which are considered divine by the people of this world. However, everybody, beside rebellion factions, is unaware of this fact and use it to their needs. The syndicate harvests the Enwu and breeds them so they can produce more of this substance.

        As for the villain, I thought he would be a traveling magician who performs around the main character's city, but isn't that popular. In fact, he's practically a nobody. However, tired of his neglect from society, he somehow comes across the substance created by the syndicate and increases his powers, eventually making fabulous performances which everybody loves. He grows addicted to his power and wants more, so he tries to find its source and comes across people from the syndicate who tell him about the stuff. His next target becomes the laboratories where they produce the substance and we find his power increasing more and more as the story progresses. I thought up this guy as a sort of comical character, similar to Kefka, but his comedy comes from the fact that he's clumsy and poor but that goes away as he powers up.

        If anyone wants to help me come up with names and junk, I'm welcome to replies.

  • Jaysen

    The world falls asleep for 500 years and during that time their nightmares and dreams materialize. When they wake up, the world is changed and dangerous. The game starts after civilization was halfway rebuilt and there is one main kingdom. The prince of that kingdom and a local farm boy both meet. The prince ran away, and the farm boy rescues him from an attacking nightmare. They both fall down a hole and discover a cave filled with dark crystals. Those crystals feed off the nightmares of humans, and create the creatures you see. (This would be the first dungeon). And you come to a large crystal with a giant creature in it.

    You accidentally set him free, and he is the master of nightmares. He wants to turn the world into his dream of twisted darkness. A magical being known as the dream weaver teleports you and the prince out of there, and tells you that you both share something special: blood. And that you both were destined to save the world together. Even though they dont like each other at first the story revolves around them forging a brotherhood.

    Eventually there will be a pretty girl character they will both fall in love with, but she will ultimately end up witht he prince and become the new queen after they restore the world.

    The dream weaver tells them there are 4 special crystals that can not be tainted by the darkness, and they must seek them out and gain their power.

    Im also thinking there will be a fourth main character, a male. And two extra characters who tag along, possibly non human twins (Maybe moogle twins?) but are controlled as one character.

    Yeah, Idk, the setting would be semi medieval with some technology involved due to the world having been reborn at it's peak. But obviously most people aren't used to the tech anymore. The Nightmare king (name to be determined) also has a daughter, who acts as his second in command, and who does his errands etc. She is in charge of finding the four main crystals and making sure the heroes never reach them. But she eventually falls in lvoe with the 4th main male character and sides with the good guys (but is never playable).

    Summons would be part of the game, and storywise would be the embodiment of the main crystals. So in total there would be 8 summons. 2 per crystal, which you can choose to assign to any character. But each character can only have two summons total and its not reversible so choose wisely.

    • Random Person

      I LOVE——————— IT! And I thought of what you could name the nightmare king Bakuzima after Baku the mythic dream eating creature of japanese fables Please comment

    • john

      i think this is genious, but i think that the dreameaters daughter should be playable with some sick darkness magic :-)

  • Jaysen

    The world falls asleep for 500 years and during that time their nightmares and dreams materialize. When they wake up, the world is changed and dangerous. The game starts after civilization was halfway rebuilt and there is one main kingdom. The prince of that kingdom and a local farm boy both meet. The prince ran away, and the farm boy rescues him from an attacking nightmare. They both fall down a hole and discover a cave filled with dark crystals. Those crystals feed off the nightmares of humans, and create the creatures you see. (This would be the first dungeon). And you come to a large crystal with a giant creature in it.

  • jessie

    i miss square soft….

    • Tobias

      Good point, maybe the real reason things are so crap now is simply because we've got "square enix" and not "SquareSoft"? :P

  • SomeNick

    I always had a sequel idea for Final Fantasy 8.

    Spoiler Alert

    Remember when Edea opened rocket fire on Trabia Garden killing many people?

    And remember how the protagonists and Edea “became friends” later on?

    I always thought about some survivor of Trabia Garden who felt deep hatred for Edea and deep hatred for the protagonists for befriending the person who killed so many in Trabia Garden, and this survivor would thus become a villain who would somehow try to turn everything against Squall, Rinoa and Co.

    This sequel would feature most if not all places from the original FF8, plus some new locales to spice it up.

  • Jkjosh7081

    Ok I think we need a game with a long story for sure and i really really like ff7 it is my personal favorite but I don’t think we need a complete remake of it but I like the materia idea and limit breaks and stuff ff10 was a good story but to short and I didn’t like the sphere grid idea very much at all cuz if you went through the whole thing with all ur caracters then every one is pretty much the same. So I think that we should make a game with a really good long story and put some of the ideas of 7 into it


    I like the steampunk ideas, and I think there should be an evil inventor?

  • Calvinwuff

    I will not say which FF is the best, but all of them are great. I'm not going biased here…
    But seriously, I think Final Fantasy VII took enough glory. Enough with all the prequels and sequels, though a remake can be considered. But do not just focus on VII SE, what about FFVIII and FFIX? They're both great too.

    On the storyline of FFXV… I can't really give that much of a storyline, but about the gameplay, perhaps I can give something.. a lil.
    SE could try to mix up FFXII and FFXIII together, eliminate each weakness and you have a nice FF X3
    In a battle, let us, the player, control our character like in the old FF's. Not by AI, we just don't have that much control.

  • Calvinwuff

    In field, I think it's okay… Only in Gran Pulse. At other place, it's just from point A to point B, rinse and repeat. I know it's to make the storyline more clear, but we would like more interactions please. Espeacially in Nautilus, there is so many thing going on but we can't touch anything… Oh yeah, stick a little to the old FF's and add some towns, not just a 'floating white machine' that does all the saving, shopping etc. Rabanstre in FFXII is quite well done for a city ;)

    Since this site is about storyline, I better touch a bit on it….
    This is Final Fantasy, not 'Final Technology'. I admit it, adding a little bit tech in it is no prob, but making summons into transformers? Well, it isn't a fantasy anymore..
    Make more job systems too…
    I liked FFIX, because of it's medieval like environment.. Maybe you all could try that too, since there's hardly any FF that's like that (I II III IV V IX )
    You could refer to some older FF that were famous, remember though…
    An RPG is about how people roleplay into a character, not incredible visuals…

    P.S. I agree with Rob's statement X3

  • Matthew

    The first Final Fantasy game to truly captivate me and make a DIE HARD fan of the series was Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III SNES) . I really loved how the story was, and I liked how the summon monsters were tied into the story line, and hell even one of the characters was 1/2 esper! I also loved how you could switch between so many differnt characters, and some characters were hidden or obtained through optional side quests of the game. Truly one of the best games in the entire series, and some odd 15 years later, I still completely love the rich story line, the awesome gameplay and the unforgetable cast of characters.

    That was my first FF game, 15 years ago and like I said before I have been a hardcore fan of the series since then. I have played and beated every game, or every console except Final Fantasy XI and of course the up coming Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Matthew

    Specific titles that I truly cherish are of course FF VI, FF VIII, and FF XII.
    For FF VIII, I really liked how there was a TON of optional side quests, monsters and of course the Tetra card system, which really made the game fun. The leveling system was great as well because I didn't have to spend as much time grinding like previous FF games. The cutscenes were very detailed in this game, for its time,, and always were a pleasure to watch. However as time goes by and technology has caught up with us, cutscenes are really just annoying, no longer the eye candy that we used to enjoy. FFXIII is a great example of this. I think too much develpoment time was spent trying to make the first "HD" FF game, thus making the game just as clear and as detailed as the cutscenes. Don't get me wrong the cutscenes are beautiful, but I think it takes away from the "specialness" of the cutscene, and becomes annoying. Especially because FFXIII was just one long cutscene. them email me, we could collaborate on ideas ;P I have TONS in mind.

  • Matthew

    Back to FFVIII, I remeber I used to have multiple save states just so I could watch certain cutscenes over again, I did this for FFVII and FFX as well, and I really liked how this was implemented into FFX-2 via the theatre.

    I would love to see a remake of FFVII, NOT a post FFVII game. I mean why would SE make a FFVII tech demo for FFVII if they didn't have a project already up their sleeves. If it ever sees the light of day (and I really hope it will) I really hope its an EXACT recreation of the PS1 game. I don't want a remake—at all. I just want the same game, same gameplay, menus, npc's, and materia as the original.

  • Matthew

    Another thing I really missed in FFXIII was the ability to go where ever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to do it. I really didn't like and couldn't get accustomed to the new linear system. I have to say, honestly FFXIII was the first game of the series in 15 years that I COULD NOT WAIT to finish and be done with. Once you finally get to Pulse though, it wasn't too bad, but at the same time most of the game occured before this point.

    If SE takes the series in a new direction I will not continue to buy their products. I was really disappointed with FFXIII, (which I literally counted down the days for and stood in line on release day to get, even bought a PS3 and limited edition strategy guide just to play FFXIII) I think I was more or less happier with the soundtrack in the end though. It turned out to be much better than the game. Not that there was anything really horrible about the game, I'm just not a fan of linear gameplay.

  • Matthew

    Please do not take the Final Fantasy series in a new direction just to compete with other games or developers. The Final Fantasy series has always had something special that no other series has ( or will ever have). The stories are memorable, the characters—unforgetable and the music is just so captivating. I swear if SE makes another game similar to Fianl Fantasy VII Crisis Core or FFXIII, this loyal customer of 15 years will say goodbye and wil retire from gaming. Final Fantasy games are all I play, all of the games and series in the world just do not interest me as much as these games, and as corny as this sounds these games and characters truly have a place in my heart and have been with me for so long. It really would be a shame if they commericalized the series and ruined their franchise and fanbase.

    Another thing too if Square Enix is out of ideas for games please have the email me ;P

    I have TONS of ideas for sotrylines, game play and characters.

  • wuggawugga

    i was born, a generation to late, so i never go to experience ff 7 8 and 9 to its full potential. so did the majority of the modern gamers. i am resorting to playing them on psp. thank you for that.
    things i liked in the games
    7- mysterious story, not to complicated but still enough to appreciate it, also cool characters
    8- the character/summon design- in 12 summons felt useless
    9- good humor – quina was hilarious and random
    10- epic story, could make girls cry. 10 was just awesome, most people who arent major ff lovers, love that game
    12- huge- i hate back tracking often to very tedious places, other than the great crystal and pharos at ridorana. i loved the world. but those needed to be in there for some challenge. no random encounters- also awesome-constant epic bosses and lots of them. extra content out the butt. challenging, no love story that it revolved around. focusing more on the worlds problems than 2 peoples is way more awesome. i think 12 was one enix best games, but was missing some elements that can be found in 7 and 10.
    things i dont like-
    ff 13- 40 hours of spam. not a challenge in it other than grinding lvls, the whole game was awful
    ff 12- only problem i had, but i still liked was the no longer able to get stuff in the game if u did it wrong
    10- amazing game, not much extra content.
    7,8,9 – the giant world map- find it dumb to travel around like that, all of the places should be interlinked.

    things to focus on
    awesome characters, avoiding love storied being the main story, good humor (quina), lots of content, hard extra bosses. mutiple weapon options, mystery, cool moves.

  • Robyn

    I personally wish that they had made final fantasy x-2 a little different than they did.I was so unimpressed with it I was just so dissapointing you know i LOVED Final Fantasy X and i was sooo excited when they came out with the sequal!!What the hell were they thinking??I mean i like the idea that she searched for him because that was the whole point.But they focused more on the seperate story that they added than on tidas and yuna.It really made me mad that they made it ware they actually finally got to be together again was the secret ending!!It just made me sooo mad! I really wish they hadnt screwed that up!!You know what game they should remake is chrono trigger!!I know thats not final fantasy but really wouldnt that just be so cool?? Ok but really…my point is more sequals common!! Stick to the origonal and keep it fantasy.No modern day stuff. all sorceros and magic and mythical because thats what final fantasy is all about!! NO Guns,Sords!!Keep it FANTASY!!

  • Zach

    FF7 was the best cuz who desn't like cloud. he per-rapes. Omnislash made him who he is and they should go off of FF7 and make a game off of FF advent children.

  • moses garcia

    what you all need is not something 'new'. what gamers want is what all the other past final fantasy's had that made them special. for instance, what was your favorite part of ff7?
    if square wants to make ffXV a hit they can't go any further with this "into the future" crap. with ff7 as an exception. with ff1-ff4 u were introduced with a new type of gaming.entering ff5&6, things get a little more intense.ff7 was the climax . ff8 focused on a love story. ff9 was back to basics which was what some gamers needed 2 get back from all the futureistic stuff. ff10 was the point of no return and very hard 2 follow. ff11 proved that. ff12 was fun 2 play but murder 2 sit through. ff13 was the exact opposite of ff12.

    what we need is the good stuff(what made you laugh, cry, want a sequel, and skip meals and call in sick from work) all put into the masterptece i hope and pray will be
    Final Fantasy XV

  • KH10

    Obviously as you read the comments below me and the ones that appear above me… everyone has completly different oppionions. some people are saying FF 7 is the best thing alive and others hated it. i personaly loved FF 7 but the problem is its basicly a split view. the company will most likely go to the majority of the fans who want the same thing so they can keep going.

    Remember its hard to make another completly different final fantasy story line. theres bin about 13 final fantasy story lines plus the side stories they made. it may be beginning to get harder and harder to try to think of something different and original cause they made over 10 of them already. give them some credit and time.

    • Justin Dennis

      there has been approximately 22 Final Fantasies including prequels, sequels, main tittles, and games like crisis core, tactics, dissidia etc

  • StnC

    As far as I am concerned, Square has ran out of ideas for new ff games. I haven't enjoyed a ff game since IX and that wasn't even that great. The series peaked at 6 and has been on a slow decline since.. Yes the recent games have looked pretty, but i'm tired of all looks and no personality. Square needs to focus on what has made the ff series great. The storyline. If they're not confident in their story making ability anymore, then do remakes by all means… but are you for real about making anoooooother ff 7 game??? give….it…..a….rest.. In my opinion remake 6 or 4. And for god sakes put that cutesy stuff to bed.. The story is dark. So make it look dark. The people who will want to play it is adults who loved those games as kids… So for the love of god make it for adults. Team up Nobuo Umaetsu with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and the graphics designer with David Fincher…. Well that's just my dream.. But do something!!! These games are great and I know how Square is in desperation by trying to appeal to the mainstream are will probably make these games into an awful cutesy pop singing freak parade. Just do me a favor Square… Don't mess it up to badly if you decide to remake those games.

  • Jaya Takayama

    Okay, I'm an FFVII fan, but honestly, 7 shouldn't be in the same group as these other games. It was good in its own way, but after the number of prequels and sequels it's had, it's a series in and of itself. I think it's fine for them to make more FFVII games, and I'd buy them. I just wish it weren't named final fantasy. Or if it's going to be, then new FF games should emulate the same feel (NOT just a sequel, because there are a lot of those). If you take a look at pictures of FFVII, it has a different feel from later FF games. I don't care if it's modern, future, or past. The story was gripping, the combat was epic looking (at it's time) as well as fun, the characters had inner personality (most of them) and were both likable and bad***, the music was awesome, and it was both dark and humorous at the same time. But the feeling you got while playing it was the most important factor. If you want to make a game that will be as successful, you need to capture that feeling. I'm sure other FF games have had it too, but I've not had the opportunity yet to play through them. FFXV doesn't have to be another FFVII, but it could be just as epic for it's day.

  • Ben

    SquareEnix needs to get back to basics and come up with something that incorporates all FF trademarks as a "major" part of the storyline, such as :

    - Magic and summons (that are actually useful)
    - Stunning visuals
    - Awesome soundtrack with classic themes (crystal, battle, etc.)
    - Absolutely no need for multiplayer (or optional)
    - Multiple characters that you can decide to all control fully (at least if you want to)
    - Linear story with multiple sidequests all throughout game (not only near the end)
    - As mentioned by many, there has to be Crystals (of some sort) in the storyline
    - Random battles with turn-based fights
    - Chocobos that play an important role in the story
    - Airships
    - A mixed medieval (castles, knights, blacksmith, etc.) and futuristic (machines, advanced civilization, etc.) kind of environment
    - An intense and complex storyline that doesn't feel like you're watching a 2050 version of The NoteBook
    - (optional) Some sort of job/classes system

    Since the FFVI-FFVII era, the FF franchise as lost more and more of all these aspects, with FFXIII being the "peak" somehow (don't get me wrong, it's still an awesome game, just never as good as many other FF titles). It's definately time to get back to what made people love the FF franchise in the first place.

    But whatever you do, just PLEASE keep making FF games. I want to live and see FFXXX (as in 30 of course … :)

    Thank you SquareEnix <3

    • Random

      I think the battle system from Eternal Sonata would be good

  • doug

    i have only seen my neighbor play final fantasy 13, and it looks stupid to all hell, i cant believe they made summons into freakin automobiles n shit, wtf is that…im an old school type of person stuff like final fantasy 7-10, but mostly 7 n 9 are my favorites, if they gon make this final fantasy XV, i think they need to give up this new stuff, and jus go back to the old shit, juss with the new graphics, take final fantasy 10's sphere grid leveling up, and the summons, have bad ass characters who arent really good, make it evil vs evil, now thats hardcore haha

  • Juan

    Well, FF7 remake would be too "small" a game for today's standards.
    So why not make a remake of FF7… beginning a week before the first reactor explosion, all the way to the end of the game, and continuing on to right before Advent Children. That would be a really long game and great story.

  • Christopher Halpin

    The battle system of Final Fantasy 13 was the only thing wrong about it for me. I miss the different roles and healing the proper way. Having a Medic role takes action out of the game. I didn't enjoy not seeing any moogles or all the chocobos. With Final Fantasy 15 they need to incorporate the older battle systems with new culture. I want to go to cities and have mini side quests with certain classes and cultures of people. No more Linearity, that was a mistake. The scenes in FF13 are beautiful, I dont think anyone can deny that. I look back at FF12 and loved the different activities I could do instead of just fight, level up, fight, level up. The new game needs to save lightning and put her in it as maybe the main character like the new cloud of the series. Anyways I hope the game designers actually read this.

  • Chris

    Honestly they need to go back to the extreme basic roots of Final Fantasy 1. The whole idea behind someone stealing the crystals, choosing your 4 heroes classes at the start of the game, exploring the world at will and following the questline whenever you want. Thats what got EVERYONE hooked on Final Fantasy to begin with. It would not be hard to conjure up a brand new story involving crystals and 4 heroes of light. Add on top of that next gen graphics, and you have yourself a HUGE profit maker and your main fanbase back at your feet begging for more!!

  • bob

    they should do a light dark thing not like ff4 but something like where you truly get to choose good or evil and it would effect the world around you in your decisions

  • BLA

    I think they should do a battle system where you choose your action and then do something while pressing buttons kinda like paper mario

  • nicholas

    new title with classic elements: materia, jobs, summons, side quests, open world, character depth, story depth, awesome villin and amazing graphics.

  • TJP

    I have enjoyed reading all the different opinions on this blog, It seems that there really are only two groups of FF fans out there. One that reveres FF7 and the others that do not. lol,
    But seriously, looking at both sides; In my opinion FF7 is a little like Twilight; A strong following of fans who think it is kick ass and nothing is better with despair as a key point in the plot line. All that said, FF7 is still a great story!! But, I am of the opinion that it should End and be done with. Also, The FF8 burners…. why would you hate the game? FF8 was just as deep as any game previously released. The Flaw with that product was that the market was not ready to change again so fast I suppose…. I hope that SE continues to venture into the realm of new styles. After all, FF has always been a forerunner in innovation and story telling. They have 14 titles that can prove that. ( 6,4,7,9,8,10,12,14,1,2,3,5,11,13) (in order that I like) I gave 13 the end because I felt the game was lacking a true hero. The first FF that had a Weak Epic background, Story was good but the theme was weak.

  • whats up

    I think they need to do a remake of ff8 or ff9. Don’t get me wrong. I loved ff7. One of the best games i have ever played. I loved everything about it. But to tell you the truth, I get tired of hearing about ff7. I played ff8 and ff9 and I loved them. I would love to see a remake or add-on of one of those.

  • Jonathan Nguyen

    FF13 was not as bad once you play it a few time. However it is very lackluster. That said, I think FF need to balance their game better. Focusing on story is nice. but not at the expense of fundamental. Which I think is why FF13 fail. Maybe they can incorporate game mechanic like FF Tactics Job System or Socking Item in FF7 to boost complexity. They also need better loot, more freedom, and no more retry. This make the game less suspenseful since there is not penalty for fail.

    • nate

      Great point on the retry. Also, on the loot, i woult like to see them go back to reqarding gill per batlle. Gil for me was so extremely limited in ff13. And just make ways to farm gill a little better. I for one spent a fortune on breeding chocobos in 7. Sold a few all materias :)

  • Allen

    I think there should be a prequel to ffX where we play as auron and Tidus’s father Jecht as they are guardians for Yunas father Lord Braska on their journey to defeat sin. That’d be sweet. Or a sequel to ff2 that game was great and so was it’s leveling system.

  • joe

    final fantasy 8 is the best

  • Koo-Man

    in reply to stefan
    i agree with your opinion about FF9…slightly. The open-world was indeed much larger and more fun with all the mini games. But in my opinion FF7 was the greater game, it had a better story, more interesting characters, and a battle system that changed the entire FF franchise for the better.
    Yes, the FF9 minigames were fun. The story was decent, but over all its definitely not better than FF7.
    If Square were to make a somewhat "Fusion" of the two games that would be awesome!
    The large world map and fun mini-games from FF9, mixed with the characters and story of FF7. Now that would be an amazing game.
    (Also, if you've played FF9 you may have noticed a reference to Cloud. In a weapon shop, if you press 'X' while facing a wall with a Buster Blade on it Zidane will say "I think i saw a guy with spikey hair with one of these." or something like that, haha)

  • Jonathan Nguyen

    I was thinking they might adds some mmorpg aspect to 15 especially combat.

  • Nate

    The first one i played was 7 when i was about 10 years old. I actually just got done replaying it on my ps3. The next i played was 10 and most recently 13. So i have a somewhat narrow opinion relative to a lot of you.
    I have read all 123 current comments and what iwould like to see with the next one is them just take their time and do it right. Somebody mentioned that there were problems with the newer platforms. Well i personally wouldn't be all the unhappy if they made it a bit more expensive and had to use say 2 blueray discs or 6 xbox discs or something crazy.
    Now personally, i loved the random battles and hp/mp not refreshing after every battle. It also made uncertain when going through diffucult places like the omega ruins or northern cave. Also please give us an open world with npcs and clues hidden within, and give us treasures to hunt and minigames. 7 was great at this, graphics didn't matter the gameplay was fantastic. 10 had multiple mini games. Both had towns and hidden scenes that would tell you more about your characters. Both had a wide variety of sidequests. There was more of a feel of adventure.

    My main beef with 13 was not the story, it had me wanting to know more. It was that it was so so linear. Somebody mentioned like call of duty-the multyplayer is excellent thesedays but i digress. Anybody remember the old 007 goldeneye? You had to figure things out my exploring and experimenting and reasoning. That is something that 13 lacked. They got clsoe with gran pulse but even that was quite limited. And the always clearly indicated where your mark was.
    I didn't completely dislike the battle paradigms of 13 but i so enjoyed being able to control all of my characters in battle. It was annoying when the would use only one atb heal when they clearly could've thrown 3 heals and healed x character to max health. I also didn't mind the way that monsters were visible and you could chose to avoid the or not, but please if they decide to go this direction let the entire game be more akin to gran pulse where we can explore. I enjoyed exp grinding and sidequesting.

  • padreSimon

    At this point, after so many Final Fantasy's, they need to create a game based on the first entry in the franchise. Final Fantasy. The original. The game that started it all. And then don't make another Final Fantasy again.

  • Michelle

    Ok, i first started playing Final Fantasy when i was 6, my first was final fantasy 7. I dont want a remake of it, because they make to many sidelines and sequels and to it. I would rather keep it original. I would rather see a 15 because im 14 now and i’ve played 4, 6, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and beat all of them. Im always looking forward for a new story, new characters, and new excitement:D Because its hard to guess what could happen next if you barely know the characters, and if a new 7 comes out or a remake, it would be like beating the game again in good graphics, which i would’nt prefer because i love the crappy blob – like graphics:]

  • Sobe

    To me the problem appears to be that the overwhelming majority of players are expecting another 7 but square cannot deliver. So give the people what they want. Personally, square needs to take a step back and do a shot for shot remake of 7 using the voice actors from advent children and give the writers and producers more time to develop the story line for 15. Hundreds of thousands of gamers want 7 in hd for ps3 and I would bet they would all be willing to pay well over 60 bucks for the title. Then it’s easy enough to add on content and maybe it will be such a hit that they remake all our other favorites. 13 was such a disappointment and 14 being mmorpg square needs titles that will generate revenue or their going down for the count again (hence the final fantasy series initiation).

  • Chris Reed

    Okay here it goes.

    So I've been an RPG fan for about 14 years (currently 21). I have played every FF title since 7, excluding 11 (not into MMOs). My favorite is 9, closely followed by 10,7,8,12,13 in that order. Some other RPGs I love, LOVE are Legend of the Dragoon (my personal favorite of all time), Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Lost Odyssey, Demon’s Souls, etc. They all have their pros and cons but the focus of this will be on FF XIII (pun intended =P). I liked FF XIII a lot but it was surely lacking. The battle system was great. It was painfully linear. Yes all FF games are linear but as many of you have addressed, this game suffers from too much of it. Yes it makes sense from the storyline why you are in hiding and whatnot, but it seriously takes away from game play.

  • Chris Reed

    The side quests came much too late and they are boring as hell. I beat almost every mark, and I was dissatisfied all the way through. The ultimate weapons were lacking, and I just felt the hunts were tedious chores. I live for post-story content. This was upsetting to say the least. The story was original, but wasn’t that good. I didn’t feel like I got a proper introduction to the ‘world’ of FF XIII. I despised being in so many separate groups for so long. It’s always a nice element to do that for one dungeon or so but damn for a third of the game my party was separate. This annoyed me as well as most of my friends that play. The summons were lame. I used them around 5 times the entire game. They sure were awesome in the cutscenes though. That about covers it for now, been awhile since I’ve played it.

  • Chris Reed

    1) An evil, malevolent, vicious, nefarious villain.
    I want to see someone who is wreaking havoc on the world. Now I don’t need to see people murdered on my television (no need to make it rated mature) but even stories of the evil/gruesome acts the antagonist has done would work. Look at Kuja from FF IX, or Melbu Frahma/the Black Monster from Legend of the Dragoon. Wonderful villains.
    2) Twists and turns in the plotline.
    Okay so there is a truly evil villain, but let’s not reveal him/her/it right away. I want to go on a journey trying to figure out what is going on, figuring out strange/fantasy elements of the game. Again FF IX and Legend of the Dragoon do a wonderful job at this. Google the storylines and check them out if you want. While I am using these two storylines as examples, they do not need to be stolen or copied. They are just wonderful examples of how twists, turns, and evil villains can be presented.

  • Chris Reed

    3) Summons and magic having something to do with the story.
    FF IX and FF X do a fabulous job at this. I didn’t care for FF XIII’s integration of them into the story. FF VIII does an awesome job with guardian forces. FF VII does great at integrating materia into the story.
    4) Something to keep combat interesting.
    Personally, I got bored in FF IX and FF VII. Not because it was turn-based, I love turn-based. You need something unique. Again draw from Legend of the Dragoon and FF VIII. The additions were so MUCH fun from LotD. It kept things interesting and incredibly challenging. Do not copy that game, just a good starting point. Timed button mashing is fun if your characters’ lives depend on it.
    5) Great soundtrack.
    Well I love all the soundtracks of FF games thus far, so I’m not too worried.

  • Chris Reed

    6) Epic cutscenes.
    If this makes the game be 4 discs on Xbox 360, so be it. Lost Odyssey had 4. People bought it. And that game wasn’t very long or stunning visually.
    7) A long story.
    When you buy Final Fantasy you are not expecting a game to beat in a weekend. You are expecting a long journey. It took me 80+ hours to beat Star Ocean: The Last Hope on my first play through, not including side quests. I loved every minute of it. I don’t care if the story takes 100 hours and then you have ~20 hours of side quests. I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but at around $60 U.S. for a new game, that sounds like your money’s worth.

  • Chris Reed

    8) Unique side-quests and mini-games.
    Okay mini-games are pretty simple. Just make a lot of different ones and scatter them throughout the game. As for side-quests; make them numerous. Make them interesting. It never hurt to put some extra back-story in side-quests. Secret items, weapons, and armors from side-quests are what FF is all about. Also a classic side quest is chocobos. FF VII’s breeding system is a ton of fun, as well as mixing it with racing. FF IX’s chocobo game is my favorite, getting rare items from playing a mini-game with your chocobo, as well as traversing land with different colors of your chocobo (also present in FF VII)! Three important elements mixed in one.
    9) No multiplayer! (Credit to Ben)

  • Chris Reed

    10) Medieval Setting. (Also drawing from Ben, but extended to my personal ideas)
    Medieval times are the best. Why do people play games? To experience something that is impossible in their lives. While the futuristic setting holds the same water, it isn’t the same. It relates too closely to our world. Medieval settings need not be centered on European architecture/themes. It’s a game, create something new! You could mix oriental with medieval. Bring some Roman/Greek themes into it. The possibilities are endless.
    11) The story needs to be on a scale of grandeur.
    Most FF titles have done this well thus far, although it needs to be established and reaffirmed throughout the game. Think FF VII, FF IX, and FFX; they do an excellent job of showing the entire world being in trouble and the world somewhat coming together to stop something. The Star Ocean series does a stupendous job at this as well.

  • Chris Reed

    12) Last and most importantly, make a free, open, vast, expansive world to explore.
    (Do I even need to elaborate?)
    Well there you have it. It isn’t perfect, but I think it holds some truth to it. As for writing a story.. That isn’t really my area of expertise. I am a Math major. If you read this your feedback would be much appreciated. If you are from Square Enix and like what I have to say, just know I’d work day and night to help make an amazing game! (Wishful thinking =P)

  • The New Guy

    Based on the about 20 comments I have read I can understand that people seem to be drawn between "I Love FF7 and hate FF XIII and FF IX" and the reverse.

    Personally, I have to say that I loved the FF 7 purely because its story was truly fascinating, deep and characters were very well written. FF XIII on the other hand was also a great game in that it showed an entirely different approach to the whole FF Series in terms of story development etc even though there are lot of points that were not all that much to my liking (but that's just too personal of an opinion).

    In order to truly remain objective, I would really want to suggest that !!! IF !!!! SE should decided to continue the FF franchise with part 15 it would be great to see a combination of most of the favorable characteristics from FF 1-13 and add something original to it.

    In other words, I would love to see a great, all-enveloping story with well written Characters that actually make me being interested in their further development as well as their origins. Next would also be that the game world as a whole needs to allow for free roaming! Meaning that yes even though there is a big grass hill and I cannot see beyond it as the road does not run over it I HAVE TO be able to venture on top of it and get myself a better view. FF 13 was very very restricting in terms of movement.

    Furthermore, I would also like to see the return of the the big Monsters ( with ridiculously High HP like 1million 10 million etc) as they had been present in FF 7 as well as FF 10.

    Also Chocobos and maybe Chocobo breeding are a very unique and cool idea. (Yes I know chocobo breeding was available in FF 7 but with a bit of extra effort it can become a new rewarding (for the gamer) feature) also Minigames should be back! Whether it maybe in forms of fighting arenas, a bezillion side quests with great rewards, snowboarding (FF7) or anything like that IT NEEDS to be there.

    I know this all sounds a lot like I want everything at once and in 1 game, but essentially that is part of what will true RPG fans as well as FF series fans remain happy for a long long time. The technology and graphics are there so please please please pleasssse USE IT !!! I remember FF titles coming on 3,4 and 5 CD rom sets and now that we use dvd's its only 1 I mean COMMON Square ENIX even MS's Lost Odyssey came on 3 and it was one hell of an epic RPG in my opinion.

    I also have extensive ideas for storylines, characters etc if anyone wants to hear them let me know via a reply :)

  • Fortunae

    These are the qualities that I would want to have in a FF title:

    A well thought out leveling and magic system that offers maximum customization and rewards for grinding out levels/experience/etc.

    Take away the voice acting (which is always terrible) and give us the freedom to change the character's names.

    Linear play is necessary, but needs to be broken up with sections of the game in which you are given free reign to explore to your heart's content.

    Easter eggs, mini-games, chocobos, moogles, airships.

    To grind or not to grind? Both. Let the game scale the difficulty to your level, so you can grind away to get secret items and other cool perks, or avoid unnecessary fights in order to reduce tedium.

    The graphics matter very little to me. 13 has graphics that are gorgeous, jaw-dropping, and beautiful, but that doesn't really make it a better game… just a prettier one. Content reigns supreme in these kinds of games, not the presentation of the content.

    Oh, and NO MORE SEQUELS. Let the game stand on its own for chrissakes. If it needs the support of a previous title, it is undeserving of the FF name.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • BLA

      I think your points are good but I like voice acting, maybe they could just refer to others with nicknames? Custom outifits would be great

  • Spencer Morgan

    FFAgito13 and FF Versus 13 look super fun in my book. I cant wait to see how those turn out. Versus is supposed to have a fighting system similar to Kingdom Hearts BUT more legit, and looking very realistic. The games map and world is based off of shinjuku, which, if you have ever been there, you know is full of alley ways, monuments, and tons of neat stuff. The game with be sick. I thought the idea of basing a game in a real city was great, like with Subarashiki Kono Sekai (what a wonderful world OR the US Title, "the world ends with you." That game was mad fun! Anyways, and Agito should be interesting as well, too bad I dont have a PSP. Balls.

  • priscilla

    i hope they go back to the original game battle system like final fantasy 10 that was my favorite final fantasy the story was great i fell in love with the characters i love a love story between the main characters like ff10,ff7 i was for tifa,and ff9, those stories are what made me want to keep playing and not get bored of the game i loved how the worlds were so big and the mini games were awesome like blitz ball form ff10 and the card game form ff9. i hope they go back to what made them so great in the first place as while as putting out the best graphics the final fantasy games always have the best graphics

  • Phil

    So far I have enjoyed almost every final fantasy except ff3 which I am currently working on. Honestly I am broken to ff7 as it was never truly finished and the movie and other games made after just never really did justice to that game. Final fantasy 4 and 9 have been my favorite so far in the series though I am a nut for steam punkish worlds like that. I personally hope that square will revisit that style one more time before they end the series. THOUGH! Above all else ever done by square, I would sell my own soul to have Chrono Break created. No final fantasy has come close to the Chrono Series.

  • BLA

    Does anyone think a Wii Final Fantasy XV would be cool…………………………..

  • Evan

    Maybe its time for S.E to give up final fantasy and start a new franchise? Heck, I find The Legend of Dragoon, Lunar Silver Star Story, and Growlanser to be much much better RPGs.

  • Brandon Cowan

    Ill agree with most in the fact that FFVII needs to die, or if they do remake it they should also remake every Final Fantasy to date. Playing FFVI in full HD with modern graphics would be amazing same with FFIX. Maybe even FF Tactics.
    In my opinion they need to bring a few things back.
    Minigames; Card games, Chocobo hot and cold, Every little thing that you could get something good from playing,
    World Map; Same style as every FF before X, just full on, with hidden fights and areas just like FFIX.
    Multiplayer and Full Character control; Even if they kept the fighting system from XIII they should at least make it up to 4 player and have the ability to control all members of the team.
    See personally I liked a lot of FFXIII but at the same time there was a lot of drawbacks to the game. I feel they should take everything that they learned from all the previous games and turn it into something fresh and new.

  • Joshe

    Square needs to do something different while at the same time recovering some of its old elements…I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a story involving something along the lines of space. Something SIMILAR to Mass Effect such as traveling from planet to planet chasing some greater evil (WITHOUT stealing its story and everything) and this is just concept wise…battle system wise, I want to see random encounters again with a somewhat old school battle system (FF1-10)..

    Or maybe Square should make another time travel game..maybe a final fantasy game that travels through time that doesn’t copy the story of Chrono Trigger…or maybe they should just break down and make Chrono Break…im still waiting Square…

  • joe

    They have listened to Final Fantasy X youtube comment rants! This means they'll be making Final Fantasy X Braska, Auron, Jecht! Now that would be awesome! Whatever the case, if it's a Final fantasy 7 themed or 10 themed, it BETTER keep the old battle system. Otherwise I wont buy it..

  • I_Angeal_I

    This is the issue of Final Fantasy XIII. Stop spending so much time on graphics sony. Your staff is straying to far from the overall storylines and details of the game just so things look more realistic. You created the rpg series with Final Fantasy VII and the characters didnt even have fingers most of the time! You just jammed there weapons through the middle of there hands during battles. Did that hurt gameplay? Not at all with the addicting storylines. I understand it takes time to come up with something as lengthy and detailed as in Final Fantasies VII-X but thats what consumers miss.

  • I_Angeal_I

    (continued) Does it save money to focus on graphics and not the overall story i dont know but your consumers love the story. With at least 60 hours of gameplay the graphics in VII didnt quite matter. A gamer wants to feel there characters emotions and in someways wish they were the character in the game. This can only be accomplished through an elaborate storyline with an extreme amount of detail and mystery. Final Fantasy XIII just throws whats gonna happen half way through the game by giving you there goal to remove their brands. Once thats given away the game has a very predestined feel to it. You just go along with the characters you no longer control there choices which takes the role playing out of RPG. Graphics < Storyline = satisfaction = loyalty to the franchise of Final Fantasy which seems it may dwindle if another Final Fantasy XIII is released. So take a step back from the future spend the extra time to create an amazing storyline and the graphics become unimportant.

  • Simon saoud

    FFxiii was different and refreshing. People are stuck on a vii remake but why tamper with a great story? Why not create a new one that we can explore? Every ff is memorable, so maybe ff15 or what have you will even out do ffvii? Or viii or ix x. Be open to new games to explore and love

  • Michael P Walker

    I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for years. I've played 7,8,9 more times than I've counted sheep at night (and I've counted A LOT of sheep dammit). To be honest I've lost interest after the 10th installment. The only conclusion to this tragedy is the integration of Enix and Square. I feel Enix has watered the quality of Square games. I never liked Enix before the merger and sure as hell haven't now. Remember the characters in FF12 and Crystals for the game cube? They looked horendous; that was the work of Enix.

    I agree with bits and parts of other comments; we need a game where we can explore freely to look for high powered weapons, go on side quests, unveil side stories that answer questions from the main story, collect items, be able to level and grind (random battles aren't a bad thing, they appeal to many fans), and find major boss encounters like Ruby and Emerald weapon. I can disagree with some comments that try to push away the idea of building onto the FF7 projects. More fans than not do want a remake or a sequel. Theres alot of hype about FF7 this and FF7 that, but there are reasons why so many people like FF7 so much. And if after so many years you still don't understand why, you need to drop the ego, step back, take a deep breath, and open your eyes.

    • Tyrone

      So you noticed when the square and the enix merged things changed. 15 should be a classic. If people love 7 or whatever so much maybe something with those elements combined. The remake and 7 in the same sentence has been around for years. I highly doubt its coming.
      I love the old school period and some new school.

    • BLA

      I would hate random battles returning ( Otherwise, I like your points)

  • Nathan Jones

    well i hope SE read this! this is how i think they should go!

    in 13 they had the new battle system witch i wasn't to found of in the end because all you had to press some times was auto battle and such. but i did like that they new in the new generation they need a better gameplay. i think the SE should keep thinking of new ideas for gameplay i loved 11's and i think in 15 have a similar gameplay in 13 but let us CONTROL EVERY ONE! thats the main reason i disliked playing it because of all the class switching in battle too. may 13 can go back to an old but updated job system (to seem new) with a updated old battle system witch the have done but a good one.

    also i like a good story but again not to fond of 13's but i think they can handle a fresh new story.

    good luck SE with the new one i look forward to it :)

  • Alan Ng

    Some great ideas guys…I've been reading them all. Keep em coming!

  • Maria

    A new Final Fantasy game should be just that: A NEW game! I personally do not want a re-make of FFVII but a brand-new game that features all that was best from previous games. FFX's free roaming feature, FFXII's entertaining hunting and traveling, and FFXIII's real-time game-play to name a few.

    Combining what was best from previous games and adding some interesting features as well would probably give old FF-players a sense of nostalgia as well as a fresh and brand-new story.

    Also, having more ethnic groups represented in the games would be nice, (European, Indian, African, Hindu, as well as others) instead of the almost asian-only features in faces. Because if you look at most of the characters, despite their different hair and eye colors they have mostly asian faces.

    • Bla

      I think it would be that having diffirent ethnic groups is a great idea. i t would be cool if city were truthfully diffirent. So having a parisian city and a asian villiage would be great. It would help me envision traveling across the world

  • Tyrone

    I think people like FF 7 because it was the first 3D FF the rest were all sprites. But it could have been any other FF like 6 in 3D and it would have been just as good

  • Austin

    I think they should after all the Vs. XIII and Agito XIII, and begin again with remaking starting from VI then VII, VIII, IX

  • ap7

    ok first remake 1-12 to make EVERYONE happy a collection of new 3-d remade ff's would definitely sell like crazy, and if u really wanna sell a "NEW" FFXV combine all the characters or best characters from 1-12 both good and evil coming together in a whole new story make it HISTORIC who wouldnt want to fight Sepiroth and Queen Brahne using Zidane(9), Tidus(10),Fran(12),Maria(2),Gau(6) or Cloud(7) it would br awesome in a free world, turn based new-engine, using summons with any character like in 7 or 10 with new new towns and the largest continents and world so far seen on ps3 make bigger parties of up to say 6 or so or be able to switch between characters during battle. Even bring back Cid and chocobos keep it old in tradition and new in style, graphics, and story. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ap7

    Also keep the character depth, variety in enemies, and world map variation, take us all over the word in one game. Summons are cool and can really add to a game like finding them then beating them like in 12 was the best part of that game and using them with any character and being able to ugrade or level them would also be awesome. Being able to explore and find lots of weapons and items is awesome and using some type of transportation like in most all the early games is another to way add gameplay while incorporating old tradition and bring SOME of the old mini games even as a way maybe to introduce some of the characters. i.e. blitz ball or card games used in the older games. BRING IT ALL TOGETHER….. It CAN be done.

  • ap7

    last but not least bring back the side quests we all loved sure some took a while but that is part of what made ff, final fantasy.

  • ap7

    AMAZING I just brought EVERYBODYS ideas 2gether into 1 SUPER KICK A** game. I RULE no seriously I believe that would be pretty cool to bring certain moves with certain characters both good and evil throughout and spanning 1-13 that woud bust ALL-TIME selling records COD wouldnt have s*** on 1 BILLION copies sold. I mean the possibility of playing with Cloud, Tidus, Zidane, so on in one party fighting against Sepiroth, Queen Brahne, and so on in one party would be INSANE. Then SE coud come back with something fresh or whatever afterwards and do the same thing 5 or 10 more years down the road.

  • ap7

    they coud even add in NEW characters to mix with old and so on or use charcters u might have met or seen in previous ff's but didnt get a chance play as thats just another idea. I don't see why they haven't already done this. I AM THROUGH NOW. Sorry im just full of ideas and really hope the series does something different to bring back some tradition. This new stuff is crap(XIII) and has totally deviated away from true rpg ff. 10 was awesome, could have used better voice over and 6-9 were awesome as well- and i liked 12, characters were a little iffy but summons were awesome. 13 almost ruined me as a fan!!!! I just want it to get back to the good ol' days.

  • claymore

    Personally I feel that a remake isn't a good idea. Mainly because they're only going to consider FF7 as a candidate and I didn't even find the original to be that enjoyable. The characters are far too shallow, and the story is ruined by the whole Zack/Cloud fiasco. Now, i definitely agree with the idea of bringing back the old turn-based, random battle fight system. I thought that was the most fun, and provided gamers with a sense of actual accomplishment. New skill sets, and even class systems would be a feasible idea, but the main issue with the later FF additions would be the linear aspect of XIII. I mean seriously! That's not what FF is. Come on already. Just make something that is reminiscent of the older games, possibly even in a medieval setting.

  • claymore

    Then I believe the story in later games should branch off at some point into a bigger setting – SPACE! Though it may sound like it's careening away from the FF origins, it's the only sure-fire way that the storyline can really be different from the current FF games. Eventually the setting must reach a larger scale if the plots and conflicts themselves are to even have a chance at originality. Maybe a FF in which the main character is an anti-hero, or even the antagonist himself is in store. Either way, Square needs to step away from the new battle schemes, make an attempt at reminiscence, and then try and incorporate a new setting into their already awesome developments.

  • painkiller4258

    i think they should do a new ff12 its the best one best story best battle system .no falling asleep while waiting your turn in battle.ff xv should combine ff13 battle system with ff12 world and ff7 will never be herd of again.

  • ChrisW

    It was true that a lot of the fun with ff7 through 10 was they joy of exploring near the end and spending hours finding all the little bonuses spread around. Like chocobo breeding in ff7 or the stellazios of ff9. I suppose I do have sympathy for square enix though, They always set the bar so high that sooner or later they would start to run out of ideas.

    Personally I would include the item creation of the star ocean series as well, that was an interesting sideline I thought. Character creation would make a change, but would make it difficult with Video sequences. A return to the random battles too, that was a great part of the earlier final fantasies. I'd probably spend less time with graphics as well, they're about as good as it's possible to make them atm, If they get much better people will start getting confused as to which one real life is, and we don't want another WoW do we. I used to think the job systems from i think ff5 and tactics advance was useful, as it let you influence the development of the character directly. Think Rob's right as well, people like to see someone go from someone no-ones ever heard of to a world hero. It's cheesy but in a good way. Keep the summons as well, and maybe a ff8 style levelling up of the summons themselves.

  • Daveyr41

    Final fantasy 15 should just be called the final fantasy. Take 2 years to listen to the fans and take five years to make it and make sure that's it's perfect. After that bury the series and send it out with a bang. I know it hurts but I would rather have the legacy ending on a great note than have so many crappy attempts stuffed down my throat until I cannot even say the name final fantasy without feeling a deep sense of disappointment. Start a new rpg franchaise and and roll with it. I also think that they should go back to the way rpgs were on the snes and ps1. They had great stories and battle systems that made not want to put down the controller because you cared about the characters and the story too much to want to quit. Do you guys remember playing for hours at a time? Everyone free moment you had you just wanted to play more just to see what happened next. I want those days back

  • Alex

    I know quite a lot of people would love FFX-3

  • Ariana

    Alright first I am going to say that for the last couple of final fantasy games I have felt severe disapointment. With final fantasy 13 which had most recently come out I really hated how there were no towns to stop at or that I could not explore, the characters were not all the great and to me the storyline was not up to par with all the other storylines that final fatasy games has produced. The only good things I found about it were the graphics (of course) and the battle system (I thought the battle system was ingenious and made the battles more interesting).

    Now lately these final fanftasy games have been missing somevery important things like
    Storyline is important because it is what keeps us on the edge of our seats what makes us want to play the game nonstop so that we can get to the next cutscene a storline is a must have and withought a good one a game is no good.
    Another thing that I find imortant are the characters.
    Lately the characters in final fantasy games suck when you play an rpg you want the characters seem like real people to you that when your are playing you would root for a character of even hate them, you want characters that draw you in, make you interested in them.

  • Ariana

    Now for some suggestions that I would like to make.
    1. make it so we have a big world to explore with tons of cities, a world that is completly different from all the others, or maybe even two worlds.
    2. please input more fantasy and less sci-fi the games are called final FANTASY after all and besides we have enough sci-fi games as it is out there. Good example of final fantasy games that focuse on the fantasy but have some technology ff8 ff9 and ff10.
    3. Sidqests and minigames should be included because some people just like to take it easy before getting back to the storyline.
    4. let us roam free! I really hate being forced into one set path and to be honest that was one of the things that I really hated about ff13.
    5. I think that the makers should reflect on past games that many people love and try to reincorporate what was great about them into a new games, and no I do not mean a sequel or ine with the same characters please people try to be more creative here!

  • BLA

    wii final fantasy xv

  • Random

    Please comment on Final Fantasy Xv

    • Random


  • crinigan83


    I'm not too fussed about the story, as long as its not as childish as FF9 (Think thats the only one I couldn't be bothered completing). However, I do hope the battle system improves, I didn't like the gambit system (I know you could chose to have it or not) or the Paradigm system. I like freedom and be able to control each character individually. A more versatile upgrading system would be great too (Materia FF7) don't like the linear way.

  • Curtis Davis

    All FF games were fantastic, however, I won't want them to continue a story line from a past version in a new game. FF has always been outdoing themselves each release, and therefore, should continue to do so by constantly evolving. Therefore, I am not in favor of stepping backwards in terms of story line. However, the Gambit system of FF12 was my favorite battle system only by a very, very, very narrow margin over the others. Having said that, I do believe that the FF has evolved significantly with the release of FF13, with a few reservations; I don't think that the game was balanced to the end, where you would expect to be 'GOD' at the end of the game – I didn't even transform one weapon, and also beat the game with level 3 disciplines, with some being level 2. Acquiring gil and exp etc. shouldn't be such a gift; as if it was sent from the gods. Nevertheless, these things can be sought out in the next release of FF with a new story line, which is always fantastic. I have other reservations about FF13 but would leave it here; but will say Fantastic Game! Looking forward to the next one.

  • lars

    You need to incorporate all the great elements from each final fantasy games and even take some of the ideas that wee put into use with the Last Remenant. I will give my two cents on what that is:
    Final Fantasy 1: the crystals- expand on that, with different worlds containing the a different crystal; fire- everything HELLISH, water-everything angelic, Wind-everything mechanical, earth-everything magic.

    Final Fantasy 2: development of characters
    #3: development of skills and weapons
    #4: story line
    #5: story and surprise connections to past events
    #6: music, use of summoners
    #7 character development, upgrading weapons with crystal attachments
    #8 storyline, realism
    #9 side games, clear separation of skills, not everyone uses magic, upgrade weapons
    #10 journey, espers, the love connection between twomain characters
    #12 the hunts, armor, special items and quests, stores, and story line
    #13 tutorial set up in the beginning.

  • Moe

    Absolutely loved FF7 and FF10, even FF10-2 had a story line I could enjoy. Didn't like 12 at all. I like the story of FF13, the graphics, and the battle system..but there are problems.

    For FFXV, I'd like to see:
    -More item dropping from foes. The enemies in FF13 didn't give up hardly any goods.
    -Use a bartering system instead of money based on those drops. Tired of grinding for money AND spheres/CPs, etc.
    -Semi-linear story line like Fable 3, choices character makes shapes the outcome to one of atleast 4 outcomes.
    -Setting should be a dystopian society. Tired of futuristic and medieval. Lets do something different.
    -Travel system/world map travel similar to Fable 3. It rocks.
    -Bring back my sidequests!
    -Bring back dungeon fights.
    -Let's be more creative with foes. Like another poster said, it's extremely lazy to just recreate the same enemy.

  • Random

    I meant to say please comment on Fnal Fantasy XV for WII

  • ap7

    lars couldn't agree MORE

    • Random

      On What? Wii XV

  • ap7


  • Nathan

    Final Fantasy 15 should be an entirely new game, with no link to any of the previous titles; they should stick with basic final fantasy tradition. The reason why the fans were so mad about 13 was because it was targeted for a different audience – the xbox 360. My friends who have never played a ff before adore 13, whereas I don't love it. I would like to believe that 13 was made just to attract new fans in, but it did a great job at neglecting the current fan base.
    What really needs to happen, is a return to the classics. Bring back the world map! Stop making the games so linear! Both 10 and 13 were perfectly straight lines, with no deviations, and this is unacceptable. Mini-games are very important to the life of the game, the more the better. And no, missions do not count as mini games. Keep the story lines dynamic! Of the recent ff's, 7,9, and 13 did a great job with story. Avoid the dryness that came from 10 and 12! You need music! You can't just take one song, and create 30 different variations and call it good!
    I do support the experimentation that Square Enix has been doing with Final Fantasy though. 10 had an amazing leveling-up system. 12 had great gameplay, with a unique battle system. 13's battles were very active, and fresh – a twist we all needed. So Square-Enix, continue experimenting, but please, do not ignore your fan base!
    I have played every final fantasy excluding 11, and will always love these classic games. Please, Square Enix, please, don't disappoint me with 15!

  • Connor Wisnom

    yea id stray away from what 13 did with the whole technology/magic mix. when i saw the release of 14 it bothered me that it was an MMO becuase i think it would have made an outstanding traditional RPG…

    i read once on an article by the "creator" of guitar hero that the future of gaming is going to be all MMO based, but he admits that he has only played one video game before, and it some crappy MMO that came out 10 years ago that "inspired" him to create video games. my point is, is that it wont happen, or at least i sincerely hope it wont. i just wish square would quit pulling all of the same bullshit they have been going in recently by straying away from what their fans want to get new customers, because it is hurting them much more than helping. maybe the backlash from 13 will make them change their ways, y' know, pulling their thumbs out of their asses, make a KH3 and a decent FF game. that would be wonderful!!

  • Lusobolt7

    Final fantasy 7 and Final fantasy 10 were the best ones… point blank. But FFXV should indeed have a key element from all of the other (mainly the good ones) final fantasy games. Final Fantasy is more about the storyline and gameplay and less about what the grinding and ease of access to certain parts of the game. FF7 and FF10 were pretty good with the airships and all… they should bring an airship into FF15 as well. FF7 had like 4 different forms of transportation. Anyway… i'm not one to complain about the final fantasy series. One of my key hobbies is beating them all, so I say bring 'em on.

  • MoreThanJustAgame

    I think what made final fantasy 7 so great was the fact that u could relate to it in real life, sort of, like how their was a president trying to get rich and powerful shinra fucking up the planet by poluting. Kinda like how america goes to other countries create a non-existant war and so on, like what the life stream was to them is oil to President Bush. So if they could make a storyline like that again relating somehow to the real world about corruption, greed, betrayal, and pretty much all things about how there is no control in the world with puppets in high places, I digress… Just saying though make a game that has a moral to the story with characters not on some super hero type shit where they're just a complete badass with a dry personality. Also the villains make the game now they can be complete badassess. So somehow relate todays life event into the fantasy world with magic and summons. Fucking sick!!! Make it more than just a game.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I'd love to see action rpg system which incorporates systems such as the ones in Final Fantasy VII into it creating a new experience for fans.

  • Random

    I think 1950's america type world would be so cool

  • tiduswithagunblade

    7 sucked. stop being sheep to the hype people. ok saying it sucked is being harsh. it was a final fantasy which means it was good. but aside from x-2 it was the worst one. x-2? dont even get me started there i dont know what they were thinking.loved 8 9 10 12 and currently loving 13. they each have something different to them and i find most of the characters lovable and miss able. the storyline grabs me. i would have liked more roaming abilities in 13 but i respect that they went in a different direction and tried something new. keeping things fresh is the secret to keeping a series going… with that said i dont think they should do remakes… would i like to go back and play those older titles with better graphics.. sure i would.. its almost painful for me to try to look at some of those now. but i wouldnt want that to hold up production of a new story with new characters for me to fall in love with. i would like to see some more confident characters and less whiney ones though. i love snow in ff 13 cause he displays confidence and strength. he might be hurting inside but he does what any real man does… keeps it inside he doesnt whine and cry about it the entire game. so where should ff series go? new. new story new charatcers new world. keep it fresh and interesting.

    • Justin Dennis

      VII sucked? Are you for real?
      Let's just look at sales figures here, the entire Final Fantasy franchise has sold roughly 97 million copies world wide.
      Final Fantasy VII (original version only) sold 9.8 million, more than 10 % of total sales and the highest selling in the entire franchise.
      Lets add spin offs and sequels, Before Crisis (mobile phone game) 900, 000, Crisis Core sold 2.59 million, Dirge of Cerberus 3 million, Dirge of Cerberus lost chapter (mobile phone game) 500, 000, and final Fantasy VII snowboarding (also mobile phone) a further 550, 000 copies.
      For a total of 17.34 million copies from the one game.
      That's a total of 17.69% of all Final Fantasy sales EVER, that's not including the movie or merchandise purchased.
      It is Squares highest grossing product bar none and the closest to it is X with 6.6 million, excluding X-2 which only sold a further 2 million copies.
      So for a minimum of 9.7 million people who have an opinion on that the vast majority would disagree with you and out of 239 comments which I doubt you read, the majority loved VII and you are crazy for thinking that VII sucked, can you honestly call yourself a true Final Fantasy fan at all?

  • LetmeExplore!

    i think what drove alot of people to love final fantasy was the amazing stories and the exploring. The Amazing Content about the heroes of the story, the ENDLESS and i mean ENDLESS hours of grinding to beat a boss. The heroes of the story and how they all came together for a cause. How everyone dealt with they're own problems and past it like a normal human being, FF13 im sorry to say but i bought it on the xbox and it was like hey this is as you can explore this map move on already, it was too fixated on going on with the storyline and didnt let you explore the city, the people, the world as a matter of fact. I love final fantasy.I just hope you guys let us explore like someone said before me

  • Joe

    PLEASE carry on ffx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the best storyline so far, it really was! come up with something more to do with the fayth and aeons or sin, but not all the 'machines', but it really was the best game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

  • Contonnia

    I think they should add some more freeflowing more realtime action oreinted aspects to game play while still maintaining its tactical edge that makes the series so great… if they can nail this balance i think we have the perfect RPG… As for storyline they really need to quit giving us the same characters over and over… i want so see something new as far as character go.. I really wanna see a new villan to rave over… sephiroth was probably the best villan thus far… Can they really give us something that excellent but new??? I was so dissapointed in FF13 I could scream… It was so beautiful yet it left so much to be desired…No real Limitbreak type moves accept for one (Army of One) in my oppinion was kinda lame… I think they should create A world that gives us some of that same modern flare that FF8 did… Of course I felt that FF8 was the best world in all the FF…. I mean who ever thought up the gunblade is a freakin genius….

  • Justin Dennis

    The next installment of Final Fantasy, should go back to the way the story and characters were in the earlier games.

    Personally I didn't hate FFXIII it had it's ups, but it also had it's detractors, the story was a bit lack luster, but the graphics were beyond belief. Subjectively though, looking at all the Final Fantasy games, it is really hard to argue with the generally opinion that Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX were by far the best yet.

    As for what XV should be we all have opinions on that, but what I'd like to see is SquareEnix actually taking the time to do the franchise justice instead of another let down. I have played all the Final Fantasy titles available at present and I'd like to just say that online is not where Final Fantasy belongs, it takes away from what the game is, none of the current games, even XI and XIV suit the MMORPG style, so I hope that Square avoids online for XV, but hey if they don't I hope they prove me wrong with what I just said.

    As I said I'd like to see them do justice to the game and let it live to it's full potential, I liked the whole darker more cynical worlds that we seen in VII and VIII, and I liked the more light hearted world of IX. Objectively I'd say Square needs to avoid making the male characters too effeminate like we've seen pretty much since IX though.

    I liked how they made the protagonist for XIII a girl instead of just insulting another male character like they did with Hope, but in all fairness Lightning was probably ballsier than any of the other characters.

    Graphics wise Square is hitting home runs pretty much since XII (considering the technological advancements between the consoles) but in all fairness they only really caught up with what they had in VIII and lost in that time between.
    As for story lines, really thinking about it they haven't hit the standard they set with VII but they have gotten closer in the more recent games.

    But for Square to actually hit the mark that we all want it's going to take a lot of time, so in that time I definitely wouldn't object to seeing a remake of Final Fantasy VII, possibly leaving the story exactly the way it is and upgrading the graphics, or possibly including some new content unlockable by completing the game (perhaps actually playing as Zack after the cut scene where Cloud regains his memories… or as Vincent in his time with Shinra… They could even include the events from Advent Children in the game after the end of the original story.)

    Now I know a lot of people didn't like the battle system of XI and XII, but possibly editing the current battle system, leaving in the random encounters, but developing the actual way in which the battles are played to somewhere more like XII with the freedom to move the character during battle.

  • Justin Dennis

    We all agree that for the game to really work we want a huge world we can explore and bring back the airship, giving us more of a choice like we had in VII, VIII and to an extent IX. possibly bringing back the "Island closest to heaven" and "Island closest to hell" concept. I'd also like to see them bring back something like they had in VIII with the space travel, even though it was just one trip, possibly making it a new accessible area or expanding the world into worlds similar to the Gran Pulse, Cocoon concept, but making the actual available areas and travel more extensive on both worlds.

    The characters need to have more depth instead of like in XIII: here's the characters, and everything about them have fun, that whole concept was bull, the characters have to have some allure, some background that is unlockable and discoverable in the gameplay like we had in FFVII, and I sure as hell don't want to be given every single god damn character pretty much straight away like XIII did, seriously gaining the new characters like we had to in VII, VIII, IX and XII was awesome (not so much X as it was pretty much in the first hour of game play you had everyone, including cut scenes.) I liked the concept of Guest characters and the choosing whatever weapon you want for your characters in XII possibly bringing something like that back wouldn't be that bad, provided the way it is done is good.)

    Side Quests have become a big thing in the more recent games, it's not a bad thing, but I'd like to see more actual game content like in XIII side quests were huge but actual game story wasn't that huge, and the end bosses were just way too easy.

    I truthfully hated the way you had to get the shops in XIII and the whole upgrading weapons the way it was done in XIII was terrible, upgrading weapons was good in VIII, but they went over board in XIII.

    I could continue for hours ranting on how I'd like them to make XV, and other remakes, or sequels that I think they could do, but at the end of the day my rant will likely be pointless on the corporate ears and some of my views ridiculed by others, and really the only way SquareEnix will raise the bar of Final Fantasy and indeed all other RPG's that will be made is to go back to what they had (not literally) and make a game that changes the way the world sees RPG's something that is visually stunning and stimulating, with a plot so epic that it beats the current bench mark and characters so much more complex than what they've had in recent times, and the only way I can see them doing something like that is getting to the point where they need it to be as big as VII was, as awesome as what the franchise is and that's back where they were when the original Final Fantasy game was launched when they were on the verge of bankruptcy in the late 80's.

    In closing Final Fantasy could be so much more than what it is today by going back to the fundamental origins of the franchise and if Square was willing to invest the time that the game needs to reach it's potential.

  • Curtis

    I think SE shouldnt change final fantasy. Ever since they changed their style after FFX the game has gone south from 12 and 13. They should stick to the old style turn based fully controlled parties and I believe they should focus on making the series complete hence going back to the beginning with FF1. They released a recreation of FF4 on gb and it looks good. They need to take this lack of future direction and look back. Fans now like the old FF games and they like HD graphics. Combine the 2 and remake the old ones starting at 1 and working your way to 9. FF has always been it's own thing and idk why theyre changing with the times.

  • Jazzmin

    ok i i love ff period (even before I knew how to play it i watched my older brother play 8 9 10 10-2) I never played 7(nor watched my brother play this one) but i hear so much talk about it makes me wanna get to know cloud and the gang i can only do this by (1) either re buying my now broken and in the trash ps2 and somehow find the game in the corner shelf of a gamestop (2) borrowing it or buying from another gamer (like thats gonna happen its a classic) (3) go on amazon and ebay and buy it or (4) if SE remakes the game and i just play it on my ps3 and im going for option number (4) I like 8 9 10 10-2 Yuna and tidus were perfect and 9 i like the princess and the tail boy 8 i like the cold heartness of Squall very attractive 11 i dont like final fantasy as a online game so no comment 12 never played and from what i hear from other gamers im not missing anything except CHOICE which i do like options that determine the games outcome now 13 i played and loved it i love light snow(cute) hope(adorable) and Sazh (finally a funny black guy in ff =D) I love the characters they all were very different and complex the fighting system didnt make u work as hard with controling every character i prefer the old way (but new multi/single player not online ff would be great!!!!!!) i love swords in ff there should be a sword fight like ff7( the only cutscene i seen from ff7) in ff15 i like having choices(like in final fantasy 10-2 at the end) and an alternate endings to encourage me to want to beat the game a 2nd and 3rd time because all tho i liked the story and characters of ff13 i beat it once and thats probably gonna be it. also secret cutscenes that are funny and treasure chests someone mentioned that already kudos (like in ff 10 and 10-2 all the way in some far away place that seems like i will never get there but i do with a hidden item inside is appealing) also i like hidden bosses(like the ones in 10-2 ex armageddon) and side games like blitz ball in 10 is fun and that card game with fiends in 10-2 please no medevil times they bore me i like the more modern futuristic technology(like in ff13) and islands(like in 10 and 10-2) like in (once again in 10 and 10-2) like in the other ff that had a percentage of what u completed to beat the game would be nice and last but not least serious good looking characters like sqaull would create the perfect ff game =)

  • SED

    Love the FF franchise. FF13 was a nice addition to it, even with its extremely linear flaws. The game had SOOOO much potential to be absolutely amazing, but fell short in so many ways. It was linear as hell, the characters overall didn't have enough back story for you to get invested in them thus enhancing the sweetness of a good story, the villains over all were a joke (more like forgettable speed bumps on the level progression road), and the real time turn based battle system had you so engaged in the intense fights that you couldn't really pay attention to the cool maneuvers characters did. FF12 had this last issue too. Characters did cool stuff but its all in real time so you cant pay attention to it all at once and enjoy each characters "flavor" in that fight. The vehicles were fun, but they just didn't have a place in the game beyond the battles. I would have loved to shoot across cocoon using Shiva with snow, or maybe causing a traffic pile up with hope's Alexander. So many things promised so much yet didn't deliver. even the basic baddies were rehashed almost immediately. I got really sick of seeing behemoth's face over and over! that baddy needed to split for a vacation. I blame it on dead lines cause that game was pretty large and detailed. the fal cythe concept was genius.

    Under all of that FF13 still came out pretty good, and its the direction I believe Square Enix should keep following in their FF games, fixing the flaws on the way. The FF series is known for having its over world map. Its restricted at the beginning of all FF games and players know it, but its fun free roaming at the end discovering all the little goodies at the end, fighting the super bosses, and completing the character side quests that tell us a little more about who our characters are. Bring that back and add to it. More character related quests that allow our heroes to shine. Sazh finding the Chocobo den on gran pulse was a fun little side addition that closed up a little issue between him in Fang in FF13. The quests don't even have to be part of the main story, just side things that let the characters shine, ding fun stuff that maybe the audience and players want to see them do, or ideas the development team thought would just be fun to show off. I would love so see a secret ending in a final fantasy game after defeating the final super boss. The over world is an easy way to throw side stuff in like that. I would even accept a chibified world setup as long as it was fun. this would go a long way in getting the FF feel back into Final fantasy.

    Get that overworld map back so we can explore the world and learn about the denizens of the place, its history, potential destruction possibly, what kind of people live there, and have it change in relation to the story events that occur though out the game. FF6 had two world maps, one before kefka trashed the place, and one after. it was fun discovering what happened to every one after the disaster. The characters need to show off their stuff in the fights. The RPG battle system was just as much about watching the heroes do their thing as it was about a challenging fight. I always looked forward to seeing how the next summon would trounce my foes, and watching characters like Cid High Wind call down missle barrages from his airship. make those fights fun to watch. The villains are just as important as the heroes and should not be out to dry. Ultros in FF6 was just an octopus, but he was in your face the whole damn game and you never really got to kill him at the end! Finally if Square-Enix is gonna do any remakes do it like X-2, don't dedicated a numbered FF to it. Would really like to see one of those addendum games expand on FF-13s world. there is so much left unsaid about the world and characters.

    • Jazzmin

      I completely agree with u about ff13 it had its flaws but the concept and story was genius with the fal'cie and the l'cie i couldnt wait for the cut scenes it had a twist it wasnt so predictable with vanille and Fang and SE should continue future games with this kind of creativity and also yess i was so tired of fighting barthandelus he was so annoying i thought Yaag Rosch was a cool boss he had nice moves but he died sucky and i wanted to fight him again more than barthandelus fighting barthandelus was more of like a chore i was forced to do

  • Vance Torres

    first before i say anything about my ideas if square-enix is out of ideas just make more sequels for the ff7 how can you go wrong there lol everyone loves ff7 even the fans that hate it say they hate it but still talk about it look it up and hate it which hey atleast its known lol

  • Shahab

    I’ve been playing rpg for such a long ti

    E it’s ridiculous however in the ff series I stopped after ff 12 . I found ff13 to be quite restricted , even though I have not played the game I have a lot of friends that tell me it’s the worse of the series and having played a bit of the beginning I would agree. My recommendation is to bring back some of the original concepts that made RPGs so great ff6 ff7 ff9 had all the right concept however I must say ff12 had a unique and very amusing fighting style the hunts were BEAUTIFUL it made the game more challenging , trolling around and being more free in an open world adds to the fun and difficulty of the game . As for the story line I think it’s best square Enix get out of there comfort zone and start to ai

    Towards a other direction the crystals gems love story are getting a lil over played we need more of a dark sided story with some ambiguity 2 sides to an ending either it can end with happy or sad ending or both letting us wonder what will happen next and open up to a sequel . Starwars did a great job of doing that . Characters more serious much more realistic to either the medieval or futuristic world , a definite need of maturity in with the main characters and a hero type of attitude cloud and zidane were good for that .

  • Alan Ng

    Amazed at all the feedback guys, SE seriously needs to take these ideas on board. Listen to the gamers for once.!

  • september

    i’ve played final fantasies and have interests in crpg dating back to akalabeth, temple of apshai, and beneath apple manor. i see that final fantasy seems to be losing some of its free-roaming game style and blame the airship crash in ffix as well as painful nostalgia for old sierra textual and graphical adventure games.

    regardless of the causes, vehicular travel must be restored for final fantasy aalong with adventure on the boundless wilds even if we need resort to reminiscing newer crpgs such as arcana of steamworks and magic obscura.

    we can see trains and big gold ostriches playing together. can we see a skyscraper of many levels as an airship, a character who is a mounted archer of a chocobo cavalry, and a mime who sews jewelled puppets?

  • Mel

    I think they should make the games like final fantasy 10 was! with aeons and you can take a break DURRING the battle. i love how they took turns fighting. i didnt like pressing buttons every second. i dont like the techy stuff. its too real THIS IS FANTASY. i mean give me a break!!! i found final fantasy 10 had the best stopry line out of ALL the final fantasys. X2 though bummed me out. i thought it would have been like final fantasy 10 ( battlewise ). otherwise story was great.

  • albhedsolja

    If you're looking at it from a storyline point of view, I feel as though FFX is the game that put the franchise in the stratosphere… It was the only game they actually made a direct sequel to and for good reason; people wanted to know what happened next. It had so many twists and turns and badass characters that you couldn't help but absorb it. Bring out new storylines that keep you guessing is what I say. A storyline that says, "WHAT? Hes not real? Or is he? Was he ever? Did that shit just go down? Oh word, guess I'll fight this giant behemoth spawn of satan that is coincidentally my father!"

  • Albhedsolja

    Oh, and the battle system was epic on XII even though it's story was a little clouded and dry. I think they should definitely implement a similar battle system. It's by far my favorite yet. XIII's battle system is almost too automatic. Not for me.

  • jim

    what they need to do is go all the way back to the first 2 final fantasys it was all about swords, daggers and, magic ,and you had to fight to gain money , and buy your new weapons, and you had to gain levels to get streanth and gain new spells, there are now no treasure chests anymore with cool weapons to find, , and you dont randomly get rare items for killing , and you cant steal, every character used to have his or her own title for instance black mage used black magic, white mages use white magic and a knight was just for atacking , the story was about the planets crystals and you always had free roam and got an air ship at the end, the new makers spent way to much money on graphics and not enough time on the gameplay itself i hate the new battle system for ff13, i felt like i always wanted to use auto atack it works best anywasys so othere thatn just pressing a the whole game all you do is switch battle plans how gay, not cool controlling only one charachter final fantasy fucked up!!

  • that1guy

    ff8 remake. they tried to make it as realistic as they could at the time. i think 8 was a game made before its time and i would like to see a lion heart pulled off on omega weapon in hd on my 42inch

  • brandon

    i dont know about u guys but i realy enjoyed 4. the midevil feel with the whole medevil tech too was fun. haveing the blacknight cecil and everything. it had a story line i enjoyed and even a battle sytem i enjoyed. when they make ffXV y cant they just apply all the good shit they had in each final fantasy. not this so linnear path like in 13. for christs sake i want to visit villages to buy my health potions not the damn save point. all in all there were things i liked about 13 (fighting, weapon upgrades, and crystal grid thingy) and alot of the rest wasnt so good. they realy need to come up with a better then decent story line. and stay away from 7. 7 is a good game and all but its in the past they need to do something to make us forget 7

  • Rusty

    Bring back towns, the airships, diverse character looks, side quests, world maps and exploring the world. Keep the great cinematics, the awesome music and intricate storylines and the strategic battle systems.Lose the voice acting. An FF game doesn't need it to be epic. Very few people, if anybody looked at the older Final Fantasies and complained that they wanted to hear the voices of characters. Lose save points. Saving anywhere at anytime is something that every RPG game should have. I personally don't care too much whether SE makes a new game or a sequel to an existing one. I'd prefer that they start with a new one, but if FF15 was a sequel, it wouldn't piss me off like 14 would. I can't say for all the fans, but I will wait 5 years for an epic Final Fantasy game. Square Enix has fucked up consecutively and disappointed far too many people, rushing production and what not. If they want to keep their fan base strong and well and continue to be seen as Giants of the RPG world, they're going to have to make a game that is on par with 7.

  • Chris

    I think they should go back to text instead of voice acting. Think about FF9, the dialogue is much more interesting and revealing about the characters' personality whereas when you use voice acting, it puts constraints on dialogue and character interaction because most of the time, moments that are emotional or intense end up sounding lame or corny because of the voice acting. Anyone else agree with me?

  • David Sound

    They need to bring back the old job classes and have castles. I don't like this futuristic crap.

  • Amy

    For the love of everything FF, just make it fun to play again. FF12 = blah. Wasn't even interested enough to buy FF13, so that's a scratch. And, just don't get me started on this trash heap of a game called FF14 (that I play only when I literally have nothing else to do).

    I just want to choke these people.

  • bret

    The greatest Final Fantasy games were VI through X. Just go back to how those games were. Follow the format. I know people will complain, but I guarantee they'll enjoy it more. Go back to the so called "Emo" main characters. People will call them "emo" but they'll like the game for some reason. Go back to the cliche "save the world" story. Not some lame political story like XII. Bring back the world map, and bring back exploring towns. In RPGs the important thing is characters, story, music, and having gameplay that isn't irritating. We don't care about the best graphics ever.

  • Avier

    as for XV…i know that XI XIII and XIV were not the best but i hope that SE can get back on their feet and get some new ideas but keep good ideas from previous games, im mean obviously somthing has been working to keep ppl in and they need to utilize that (sp?) and i think a co-op function in the game might be a great new addition, imo co-op makes a lot of games more enjoyable to have the option to play with friends and i mean who wouldnt wanna play a FF game where multiple ppl can play. SE may have to step away from the modern trasitonal 3 party play and up it to 4 but still. idk who will agree with me, i think they need a solid emotional and character consumer conected story a good leveling system incorperating modern leveling plus the use of more or less talent points, the wep leveling in FFXIII was pretty cool, come up with awesome new characters weps and content and i think the would make a fantastic game. i mean all they really need to do is get some stuff ion the story going to where u are always in susspense and maybe kill some ppl off so make it sad, idk. i just hope they read this stuff for input because they can get a lot of help for coming up with ne ideas

  • syafickix

    wow, so many people debating about ff15 to be like ff7 or 9…well for me, i choose the ff9 team. but ff7 kinds of games is good but i don't like it better than ff9 because its too futuristic and i can't find the "fantasy" that i am after. so to be fair, how about like ff10?? they have the futuristic but they have the medieval kinds of thing.

    how about making the main character boys…AND girls. you get to choose genders and stuff (of course there will be multiple ending but that is what i am after) and you can customize them just like other games.

    ff13 is marvelous but…no airship…no world maps and interesting town to explore…the game just flow in straight lines…and the quest is like "GO KILL THAT GIANT TURTLE THAT IS AS BIG AS A SUPERMARKET!!!" only that kinds of quest.

    how about making the protagonist have freedom of responding to people like persona series?? (not comparing them just taking samples)

    new game+ is a MUSTMUST! its fun that you can beat the boss that made you have to beat them for days then see that you can beat the crap out of it with ease.

    choosing weapon is a good one, and how about making surprise like putting a character from the last ff games (not playable but you can talk to them…you know what i mean)

    i LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE THE BATTLE SYSTEM IN FF13 but i think a bit more freedom of attacking and more intense cinematic camera view would be nice.

    theres sooooo many ideas that i haven't write in here yet, ill bring you some more info next time!

  • JOSH

    Nintendo has already caught on to this problem. The new super mario bros and even the new donkey kong has gone back to the original left to right screenplay. They are sticking with what they know that people love. I think final fantasy should go back to the 7 8 9 style. I even liked 10 although i think they should have added a world map. 13 didnt feel like a final fantasy at all. And i wanted to punch Snow in the face!!!

    • SED

      I was very happy when lightning did that.

  • Jax

    I think that part of what people said is true and we can mostly agree that a sequel or re-visit to a game would be the best thing possible, however my favourite final fantasy is FVIII (ff8) If they could make a sequel to that it would be awesome and my life would be complete! Squall is the coolest hero ever to visit final fantasy, with a great story line and a lot more realistic as they gain funding without constantly having to sell items and find money lying around -.-. Keep the old school battling system dont mess with it, it was great as it was, and the story line was simple and dramatic at times but it shouldn't be dramatic constantly! so to summerise, yeah a sequal to a pre-existing FF would be the best thing to do!

  • Chris

    A great Final Fantasy good is one with a good storyline and good characters. Face it, the last two Final Fantasy games(Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV) didn't have these qualities. A good thing for this company to do is to look back on their previous titles. Final Fantasies 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 are most of the fan bases favorite games. We as fans thrive on these games. They suck you right into the storyline. In my opinon the storyline should have a storyline like that of final fantasy 7,9,or 10. The thing that is so good about these games is that you grow to like your characters and you feel the deepness and compasion of the story. So in essence… Make a storyline like your previous Famous Final Fantasy's with a smilar love story to final fantasy X and a battle/equipment system similar to Final Fantasy IX and you cant go wrong

  • Anonmous

    A continuation of Final Fantasy 8 would be great. Having Squall(who did not die) be more energetic and lively. FF8 was so much better then 7 in the story line, cut scenes, etc.

    • Alex

      i agree

  • Anonymous

    A continuation of 10 was already made. It was called 10-2, remember?

  • Vraelia

    I would seriously love FF7, FF8, and FF10 to have a sequel.

    FF7 because, duh, everyone including me loves the game, and it should be extended, more fights, more bosses, hidden dungeons, hidden limit breaks, ect.

    FF8 because, I am so wanting to actually have the chance to be on the Evil side. And let Rinoa become the evil Sorceress, and for Squall to follow her, since he said he would be her Knight. We never had the chance to actually be on the evil side in a FF game. I'd like to choose to be evil. Keep the battle system as it was.
    If Square Enix can't do this, then please let them remake this but have it extended. More Summons, more Magic, maybe more Characters playable.

    FF10, I'd actually would like Yuna and Tidus to actually fight together again with the original characters plus more characters. Just please modify the Grid in it. Everyone having the same Magic and Strength ect is kinda pointless, and boring. Allow each character to learn their own spells and abilities. Such as Yuna, just allow her to be the 'Healer', Lulu the 'Black Mage', Kimahri the 'Blue Mage.' FF10 would be a good choice to remake again, 'FF10-3'. And for heaven's sake do not let the game be playable by only females. lol

  • Chris

    A sequel is a good idea but I think it would turn out bad. For example look at final fantasy X-2 it wasn't all that great. SE needs to definetely take a look back at previous popular games but not make a sequel ( Past Reference). Oh and another thing I forgot to mention on my last post was that I liked the old battle system wayyyyy Better. Honestly as long as the battles have good graphics it doesn't need to be 100% active.

  • Random

    Art-Deco Final Fantasy XV!

  • Giancarlo Hernandez

    Honestly, I think that they should remake FF 7 as well, it would be awesome. I liked FFXII but I still think FFX is the best FF game I've ever played. I like the idea of another final fantasy game. If they do make a new FF game, I really hope it's similar to FFX. I seriously love final fantasy, I hope it keeps continuing. I also hope that they add more summons because the only thing that I didn't like about FFXIII was the summons. They weren't that many, personally that is one of the main reasons why I loved final fantasy. Rob is right, I think the FF story will be really interesting if it has a nobody as a protagonist. I've never seen that happen in FF yet. Anyway, this is my opinion, I hope they continue final fantasy.

  • Giancarlo Hernandez

    I think it's a good idea to make a FF 7 remake. I liked FFXIII, but I still think FFX is the best FF game I've ever played.I also like the idea of a new Final Fantasy game. If they will make a new final fantasy game, I hope it's similar to FFX. I also think they should add more summons. The only thing I didn't like about FFXIII was that there weren't that many summons like in the previous games. One of the many reasons why I love final fantasy games it's because of the summons. I think Rob is right about what you might want to consider for any upcoming FF game.It would be very interesting to see and play a FF game with a nobody or nobodies as a protagonist. I'm only commenting because I hope they do continue the FF games.

    P. S. I love Kingdom Hearts as well

  • Keith

    I think that they should make a game with the random battles and a storyline similar to the FF3 (FF6), and FF7 game in one game itself while still keeping the secret of the game, while still having some mini-games. Having more Jobs-Careers won't hurt either, for the people who like to try different ways to beat the game

  • Josh

    I think 3 or 4 was best but I don't want a sequel for either I just want some sort of Job system like 3 and 5 nothing like X2's dress orb or whatever it was or 13's Role thing. If you make a sequel of another game then I don't really care which one I liked 1-10 and 13 but please don't make another 7 or 13. Maybe make another FUN last boss 13's was ridicules I just want to fight a human or ancient dude in armor whatever just not some 13 boss. Also just make summons summons not Guardian forces or whatever you might be thinking of.My last words for you are bring some 80's or 90's in your next game (and maybe talk with microsoft and sony about putting Final Fantasy 1-10 at least to xbox live arcade and playstation network).

  • tina

    you know tha music in 7 after you get outta jail and sephys gored up the place and its all survival horror, I love it! and the opera weird music in 8 when some scary stuffs goin down, and then the saddd music from 10 ;.; yeah i want good music, i dont want some gay ass music! i really liked that scramo song in ten too :$ what an opening! i was all like yeahhh and then at the end it plays it on jecht, dont tell me that didnt get u pumped to kick ass! i dont think my ass hit the couch once durin that whole game. also i think 13 woulda been good if atthe end they all turned to crystal and then the credits rolled up, it woulda been all heroic and stuff i woulda been like theyyyy did it :’( they saved the world and completed there task thingy and are still bound to it for eternity just like how it was supposeee to be but for some reason i didnt really understand, they turn back and arnt ilcie any more, im like wellll thats gayyy, any way yeah want cool music in ff15!

  • Walmartpimp

    Instead of calling the Franchise Final Fantasy, they should just change the name to Far Fetched. Just because it's a fantasy, that doesn't mean the stories can't incorporate elements of reality. One of the reasons "Versus" is so highly anticipated is because it has elements of reality, which is why VII was so critically acclaimed.

    Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with gunblades, and summons, and a little magic here and there, but what there is something wrong with is the far fetch unnecessarily complicated storylines that they have been coming up with since X-2.

    Let's see in X-2 the girls try to stop the enemy from using Vegnagun as the ultimate weapon, in XII the gang tries to stop the enemy from using Bahamut as the ultimate weapon, in XIII the gang tries to stop the enemy from using Ragnarok as the ultimate weapon. Stop with the ultimate weapon plot, and if you are going to rehash ideas, at least make them entertaining.

    Another thing the new stories lack is good characters; Rikku, Vanille, Penelo, stop with the unreasonably perky jail bait girls, they're annoying. Paine, Lightning, what's up with these two, why are they such BlTCHES? What because Lightnings parents died she's all emotionally detached now, so what lots of people's parents die and they act just fine. And who changes there name to Lightning, to "emotionally reinforce" themselves? What's the point if everyone knows your real name? As for Paine what's her deal? Was she raped or something, did a chocobo eat her baby or something, she has no reason to be all emo like. We need characters we can relate to, characters who have lost loved ones, who have made mistakes, characters with financial problems, vices.

    Another thing the characters lack is chemistry, there's no chemistry between the characters, all they talk about lately is "we got complete the mission, we got to complete the mission", in real life people talk about movies, or television, food, politics, sex, music their insecurities, why can't Snow ever talk about his dreams? or Penelo, talk about a joke she heard? Dialogue is key. Look at Tarantino, he's got great dialogue.and he's very successful.

    A great story is one with a message, VII could be seen as an allegory to the oil crisis, and X could be seen as an allegory to the corruption with religion. Maybe XV could do with a similar message.

  • tina

    this guy knows his shit! real conversation!

  • Zack

    They need to get back to the old stuff. They need to make something LIKE FF7( The best FF ive ever played). A true story line that keeps interst, characters who are totally badass ( with the exception of Cait Sith), and one badass villian who is out to destroy everything! I mean 10 was pretty good but thats cuz the introduced a new thing the whole sphere grid thing. but then 12 went and tried to do the same thing w the licencs or watever that was. the point is they need to get back to the old ways and develop a game that will keep the interests of its players. i havent played a FF other than 7 that had me waiting all day to come home and play it. so i say go for a remake or even something new. im all for open world and online play bring something new to the table but for the love of God please make the storylines better. im really getting tired of these whiny lil characters and these storylines taht are so damn confusing

  • Grace

    FF13's Graphics were awesome and there is just no denying that, but it wasnt Final fantasy do you know what I mean? It didnt realy have anything that another game couldnt do the reason I love final fantasy (Like loads of people before me) Its the fact you can run around and do your own thing then come back to the mission. With 13 the storyline was shoved to the side a bit and you were just constantly fighting. I didnt cry like I did when aerith died (The graphics were awful but the moment it hapened I wept buckets) and I wasnt depressed after the game ended and you should be when you finish a final fantasy game.

  • Erik

    I liked what they did with FF XII battle system wise, I liked seeing enemies on the screen, and everything being so seamless, though I think they should have made it a bit more like tactics in respect to movement etc. I also liked the mission/jobs you could get at the tavern. FF 6-7-9 had the best settings imo and something like that should be done again. (Steampunk maybe) and I would like to see the overworld map come back or something like it.

  • Alex Jake

    hmm…after reading all your comments and concerns i seen some good and bad points about the game…i think all our opinions do matter and shud be heard…i think they should bring back the writers and producers who made the older version of the franchise back and see what kinna crazy wild, fantasy they come up with…pssh…nothing like getting back to the basics of the series right…i myself have play 13 and had my own pros and cons about the game…i think just seeing the point of view of the factors that made Final Fantasy 7-8 so famous and popular…i know Square Enix has the skills and ability to do it all again….just need some encouragements…thats all…^_^

  • SED

    Walmart Pimp had it right. The best fictional stories out there parallel reality in some fashion. That is why I enjoyed Xeno Gears so much, great Square soft game that doesn't get enough credit. The story is based off of the work of Frederick niche, An 18th century German Philosopher who had issues with the dagma of the catholic religion at the time. Fei and the rest of the Xeno Gears cast had to dig their way out an oppressive dogmatic empire that worked behind the scenes of established nations. There was a love story, piles of twists, turns, alot of WTF is going on here, and mechs in an RPG, that managed to fit well. The main hero Fei was his own worst enemy, who who was liable to wipe whole cities off the map, and did a couple times. Xeno Gears was a very unconventional RPG with an amazing story that related to reality on many levels. And, it boasted 70 or more of hours of game play. It was great. Namco picked up the rights to the game and made the Xeno Saga games.

    Square Enix needs to expand their story telling beyond their norm. FF7 story was novel worthy and the only FF game to get close thus far was FF10. FF13 fell on its face for not having back story in place for most of the characters and world. I really wanted to get the know the world Lightning and crew inhabited. Linearity wouldn't have mattered to much if the story was fleshed out more. Get some novel reading going, RPGs started there anyway.

  • Cody

    Honestly I think that a continuation of FFXII would be great. it is only my opinion, but I loved everything about XII and believe that it is by far the best FF game put out. from the story line, the real time combat, and almost endless side quests you can tell they put a enormous amount of great work into that game. I think they should expand on this particular game, the ending even left it open for a revisit sometime in the future.

  • Chris

    Okay this is my third time posting on this blog. Ive seen what most people want including myself. So basically Final Fatnasy 15 needs five things. It needs Vivid characters, a better storyline(such as have the main character start out as a nobody), have a plethora of weapons, armor and side quests, a vast world map to explore. And finally use PAST REFERENCE! You have so many good past games Square Enix! Why can't you make them better?

    So poll viewers, any actual storyline ideas?

  • Kay money

    1) Ive played and beaten every final fantasy except X2, XII and XIII because they were whack as hell. They had ZERO character development, no secret goodies, and no world map. In my eyes (and im sure every other FF fan's) these are the things that really matter. And for all you fans with the giant ff7 boner, chill. The game was good. And it should never be remade or another fail ass sequel. My favorite final fantasy was eight. While it had a new innovative junction system, it never left its roots in what made a final fantasy great. The characters development was ON POINT. When Squall and Rinoa got together my heart warmed. The rivalry between him and seifer was awesome. It was completely original which is why i loved it.

    FFXIII seemed like they shoved you into a game with a retarded fighting system; where you mashed ONE move and you controlled ONE terrible character. Then walked down ONE path. No room for straying at all. No goodies. nothing. I was never more upset by a game ever.

    What SE needs to do before they release XV is make sure the character development is rich. I want gut wrenching decisions and the Aeris effect. Where someone you like in the game is tragically killed and im actually surprised and sad about it. It better have a world map. Stop trying to be different. People play the game cuz they love the turn based strategy, the level grinding, the easter eggs, the world map, and the twisted stories. The classic final fantasy.

    -It better have a story comparable to 6 (or 3 in the US on snes)
    -character development comparable to 8 (i want like.. 14 different characters. All different from one another. Like ff6. GENIUS!)
    -mini games as good as friggin blitzball! (i played SO MUCH BLITZBALL. More awesome mini games!!!!)
    -turn based fighting like 10 (i liked the way it was done there)
    -I want an airship of sorts.

    My suggestions for a story?

    Perhaps something dark this time.. like a twisted horror setting. Some blood n gore. Some abomination with a mad scientist sorta feel behind it. But final fantasy like. Scare us this time. Some eerie ff7 music.

    Have a character able to transform kind of like vincent's limit break but all the time and have multiple forms to choose from.

  • Brandon

    Based on all the comments I read, Square Enix looks to be screwed regardless of what they give us in FF XV. Everybody has their own opinion about what makes a Final Fantasy game great and SE will never be able to satisfy all of us. In my opinion the worst possible thing they could do is remake a game, because I can guarantee you every gamer out there calling for remakes will be disappointed with it because it won't be the original. If good or better graphics is what would make players happy everyone would have loved XIII. XIII was perfect for what the developers were striving for. The linear gameplay made perfect sense considering the story they were telling. These characters were on borrowed time. They couldn't afford to complete sidequests or mini games. Now, I'm not saying I liked the game. The story had already been essentially been told in VII and X and the game literally played itself, but it did exactly what they designed it to do.

    Personally, I still feel that the best FF game was XII (just finished playing through it again). Every time I've played it its taken me more than 75 hours to complete, and even though I didn't quite understand the story the first time through because of how they spoke, more of the nuances came through with subsequent playthrough. I loved the battle system (if you didn't build yourself a gambit list) because it felt like an action game even though it was a fairly standard time based system. You had to make good decisions quickly if you wanted to succeed. But this has always been one of the best parts of playing a new FF game in that the battle system is always different, requiring you to learn a new way to play and making it so we don't feel like we're simply playing the same game again, even if the stories as of late seem to be simply mashes of previous FF tales.

    FF XV needs to be brand new and have a deep, flushed out story that doesn't really explain anything until the very end, letting character relationships drive the story as the game progresses. Don't give us glimpses into what the enemy is doing if our playable characters aren't there to see it for themselves. In other words, if they don't know what's going on at any moment in the game's story, neither should we as the player. They shouldn't preach at us with a religious or political message (though religion and politics could still play a part), they just need to tell us an exciting and fantastical story.

    Characters should be developed the way we as the players want, and not just the main character either. Let us choose if they're to be the mage, the ranged combatant or the tank or some combination thereof (another fun part to me about XII). Weapons, armor and possibly even mounts…every aspect should be as we the player want it to be for our own respective game.

    The battle system needs to retain classic RPG elements, but be something new again that we haven't experienced before. In today's world, good graphics are a must and ALL scenes should be voiced. Spend the money on real A List actor's and have them all in the studio at the same time so the conversations feel real and not broken apart.

    Most important, we as the players can't go into the game expecting to play another FF (insert your favorite FF game number here). If we do we'll continue to be disappointed and that, more than anything else, is what will eventually bring down the FF series.

  • BlaBlaBla

    It's be cool if it was religion (good guys for once!) against science.

  • Jac

    i'de like to see something more done with ffx maybe show auron braska and jechts story

  • Bobbie

    I looove Candy!

  • Galpin25

    I think that they need to keep an intense feeling that something is always around you. FFVII and FFX did this with Sephiroth and Sin, you never knew when they would pop up. I loved FFX and XII 's religious feel to it and I really think they need to bring something similiar to materia back because the customizations of that were amazing. Use turn based action or Gambits I don't care because both worked in my opinion. I always love FF storylines, I just wish for a next gen system they could make an open "world" like 1-9 because that is where the magic happens with the series. I would gladly sacrifice some of the graphics for the greater good of the game. Also, mini-games are a must! VIII and IX 's cards were terrific and the chocobo search and rescue of IX was fun. I like having to work and achieve to get the ultimate weapons. I didn't like having to look up what to mix and match to create one in XIII, it takes the fun out of it.

  • Kris

    In my opinion, Final fantasy 13 wasn't completely flawed, the battle system was very fun, graphics were amazing, and the storyline was very compelling. However, the strictness of the world map and how you couldn't go into towns or cities was a definite negative… especially when there's not one, but two worlds.

    Final Fantasy 12 was the complete opposite. bad storyline, but wonderful world to explore.

    So why not combine the two? great story, lots of places to go? sounds simple right?

    Have a hero with a dark, scary, or important past that unravels itself while the game progresses. you need your damsel in distress, or a love interest that can kick ass and look good doing it. and a few side characters with some cool weapons and can also add a little to the story (example; brother/sister of hero, best friend, or someone you happen to meet at your hour of need).

    The antagonist needs to be someone that in some way, has a grudge or past with the hero, or someone close to the hero. the antagonist must show nothing will stand in his/her way of ruling to world, country, universe etc. and by doing that, the antagonist will have to tap into a dark, scary power, or weapon, or summon, army etc.

    Finally the last thing (in my opinion) a great final fantasy title needs is…a culture. I find this is to be hardest thing to explain to the gamer. a unique world that has only a few (if any) key elements that resemble other FF titles (Ifirit, Shiva, Chocobos, airships, a Cid who happens to be a pilot). The culture must connect all the other key ideas I made in order for the title to be a classic.

    I know there are other terms I am missing. But the truth is Final Fantasy has been with us for so long that with every title Square makes, it gets even more difficult to top. as part of the fan base, I may not know how many more classy titles Square can come up with, But I do know that if they can make over 13 different titles of the same type of genre and still make some sort of profit. then they're doing something right. Or it could be that we, the fan base, are hoping the next title will be the next classic.

  • jswain

    I think that, what isn't being said here, is that the earlier (up to 9) Final Fantasy series all revolved around mythological concepts of "Earth". Crystals, espers, materia, etc, were all ways of disclosing some primordial connection between the characters and "Earth". If the player cared about the characters, and comport themselves into their worlds, then this effect (of disclosing the connections of X and Earth) was carried directly into the individual playing. I think that this is why they had such a spiritual effect on players. As they progress, it seems that the main focus of the game creates stronger ties between the players and technology, which is absent (and if contrary) to prior phenomenon of earth-character. If SE continues to expand the FF series, then they should be sure to revive the connection of Earth and character that was found in the older part of the series.

  • CaseyD

    I think when making games like those in the final fantasy series, the characters, storyline, battle system, artwork, map design, music, etc. need to have their own strong points to focus on, which are emphasized some point in the game. Developers then create the game around these strong points. Also, emphasizing a nonlinear element would be good. The major parts of the plot should always be their, but the paths characters can take to reach these major parts can vary, even with slightly different cutscenes. Make sure to include lots of secrets that don't effect the main plot. Include sidequests, hidden treasures, minigames, and basically something to do in any situation (being underleveled, being overleveled, being somewhere that doesn't advance the plot, etc.), or while doing something tedious (special benefits from grinding, finding hidden treasure while traveling, etc.). Make sure to add comic relief elements as well as tense parts in the plot.

  • CaseyD

    My favorite parts of ffXII were the battle system, which should return, and the nonlinearity of the map and thus all of the extra features such as sidequests. Some things that could be added could be quality puzzles, a slightly nonlinear plot (like choices that come up every once in a while to change the upcoming plot), or perhaps a multiplayer main quest mode. The most important thing is to have strong elements of adventure and surprize, which are things that everyone likes.

  • Nick

    first of all make final fantasy 5(the one with bartz) playable without having to download it and then translate it. Also start sellign final fantasy 6 again or make a remix for ds because ff 6 was the best game of the series THE BEST! Don't just keep making new games over and over the fans would much rather see (in my opion) remix of the old school rpg games for psp or ds of even gameboy mainly because they owned!

  • Jay

    Have characters with actual Job Classes (Like ff9, in 10 they had classes but you could basically make lulu a powerhouse and Auron a mage if you wanted to), bring back Limits/Overdrives, have a battle system that combines Crisis Core and X-2 (I always liked the X-2 battle and ability system)

    I dont really have a storyline, but those things i listed should be in ff15.

  • Dee

    A FF13 flaw in my opinion was the battle system. It was repetitive. Auto Battle, Auto Battle, Auto Battle, Paradigm Switch, and repeats. You can only control one character, which kinda takes a lot less strategy. If they used the FF7, 10, or 12 battle system, it would have been greater. They also should have made the game have more things to venture for. Like in FF12, going out getting Tournesol, Genji Armor, Zodiac Spear, hunts, crazy bosses like Omega and Yiazmat, and a hell of lot less linear world. I absolutely love 12. So much adventure, and the bizaar system was great. You can put tons and tons of hours into that game and discover everything. That's what I LOVE in games. Discovering, searching, adventure, and chance. Those points in the game where you only get 1 chance to get an extremely valuable item in the game…

    Anyways… this is what XV needs:

    -A more adventurous world.
    -More things to discover in the game. Not just a bunch of missions with good prizes like in XIII.
    -VII, X, or XII battle system. Maybe with a few tweaks just for variety for the fans.
    -Ability to travel the entire world like in VII or XII
    -Honestly, graphics were great in XIII, but I wouldn't mind if they downgraded those just for the ability to add more side quest data and etc. for more play time.
    -Bring back materia or license boards! Or maybe a combination of both. I didn't quite like the level system in XIII, it was a spin-off of the grid system in X. I don't like the grid system.
    -I liked the Sky Pirate's Den, so that I know what I've completed in my game. Something similar to that would be cool.
    -Instead of assigned summonings like the ones in XIII, let us assign it to whoever we want.
    -Ability to control more than 1 character.
    -I liked X's ability to switch party members out in the middle of battle. Bringing that back would be great.
    -Weapon customization was pretty cool.
    -Medieval theme would be great. Lately, SE has been doing more of futuristic kinda things. If they did a medieval theme, I think the setting should be on 1 world with 2 large kingdoms on their own continents. And of course smaller towns and cities that you could visit in the game. :D

    This is all I can think of right now. My opinions may disappoint most fans of any FF released before VII. But if they made XV like this, I would surely be a buyer.

  • Alex

    this is probably going to make some people mad but how about they make ffxv the FINAL Fantasy? like explain why its called final fantasy, considering how i was expecting the final fantasy to be the first one and not have 13 more fantasies that were final. none of that stupid fighting kingdoms crap. none of that bad king crap. and no blatent murder in the storyline. i was thinking a game kind of like fable 3 where based on your actions you can either completely save the world, kinda save about half the world, or just screw off and let the world die. i like the linear storyline. and i dont know why everybody either hates 12 or forgot about it but i believe it was a diamond in the rough. give it some downloadable content such as bosses, mini storylines(like maybe what explains the fate of the other games hero). also if they do dlc, let the mini storylines have their games combat systems. yes even that steaming pile of crap known as ffvii. basically make one big super final fantasy that after you beat it you can go back and play the other final fantasy games. well i know its a long comment, but what do you think?

  • Deebz

    We need to get back to the magical stuff! Summons and magic played a massive part in the most loved FF games. Personally I loved 8 and 10, the story was captivating and the battles where much more fun than the button mashing 13 introduced. I want to plan out what I'm doing in my battles rather than following the same routine every battle. 13 was too much like a movie, and not enough like a game. FF is a series, SE should play off the best bits of the previous games; big maps, lots of sidequests, abilities that can change the tide of battle in an instant. If it has to come at the expense of graphics then okay. We play Final Fantasy for the plot of the story, not how good it looks.

  • mackenzy

    maby more ofa more old time story if you know what i mean something like ff9 for exzample but more in depth and turn based battles of course and if your gonna make another ff12 please no liscence bord or at least through in the sphere grid and make it avalible on all systems as well as pc :) and no online if theres gonna be online make it for like downloads or something

  • Masta1

    I would like to see FF VII game play system but on crack. Sure no more random monster but make them like real world / abundance and easy to spot. I want graphics to be like FF XIII but the theme to be like the Movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. I want to be more drawn into the story that is not so much like a drama queen but more like FF VII hybridge with with FF XIII Versus. Some romance quick and deep is great. But I think most of the game story line should involve a lot of twist and turns like Metal Gear Solid 2 and stuff. Oh, 1 more thing. When I say FF VII game play on crack, I mean, make it faster to load on each turn. Make it so maybe the turns are already shuffled like how it is in Heroes of Might and Magic 5. Perhaps hybridge the tactics game play wouldn't be so bad.

  • SED

    I've already posted twice here but i feel this needs to be said. Don't try to hard on FF15. That is the number one killer of the fun. Just bring back some classic FF elements; world over map, some small town areas to explore, near complete freedon at the end of the game to side quest all over the place, npcs to tell us tidbits of info on the world itself and it would be gravy.

  • richard c toma

    OK all, as far as storyline is concerned, I've never been upset with and ff game;but, gameplay for a new game should better than they've been doing. I want a world map again with hidden optional places ( walk around on foot or airship and look for caves ect… visually ) not a menu where you select a location.
    As far as ff7 stuff, I would love a remake with new up to date graphics and voices, mostly so my boyfriend and some younger friends will play it!! My boyfriend won't play ff7 because the graphics are too old, and I want him and my younger friends to play it so they can get in to the ff games and we'll have more to talk about. Seriously, I go to a gamer party and say "I killed a Chocobo in ff7" and not one person tells me "you lie".

  • splam

    In my opinion square should return to their roots, ff 13 was such a let down. just one long corridor from start to finish, it was a joke, more like phantasy star online than a final fantasy. I’d like to see an explorable world map back in the games that I used to love. I’m not saying return and remake ff7 because lets be honest they’d probably screw it up. I think a new story but bring back a lot of the old game mechanics. I’m not a fan of the orb system I much preferred materia from 7 and junction from 8, but obviously with a new ff it should be different, and I like to be in control of all the toons. I was a fan of 12 though and I thought they had come up with a really interesting game with that one. Something similar would be interesting, but the major point would be bringing back the world map.

  • Chris

    This is yet again another post….4th time. I was thinkning recently and I thought of a cool idea for the LAST final fantasy of the series, which ever that may be. They should take all the best main character and put them into a game. Such as take all the lands of final fantasy and make them fit into about 5 continents on the world map, it doesn't need to have every place in it. It would be EPIC. Your options would be so vast…..remember this isn't for now but in the future possibly.

  • mayjp0192

    I have always been a Final Fantasy fan for years and have enjoyed almost every one of them, but I was a bit disappointed in FF XIII. The story was fine and the graphics were great but, what really got me was the items and buying things. You didn't really use potions anymore or phoenix downs which everyone was used to and you had to train hours on end just in hopes of getting your weapon upgraded. Even then you had to pretty much beat the game and go back and train again just to reach the goals of getting the ultimate weapons. I personally would like to be able to train and collect my items and either create them in a new FF or just have a much better system to buy and collect things in the next FF.

  • thien

    Alot of people these days think that all final fantasy is about is graphics and cutscenes, bring ff back to the old days where you had almost complete control over the characters choosing attacks and where to go, what to equip, etc…. That's what rpg is all about! :D

  • Gabriel

    I don think you should make a spin-off from FF VII. I Like the game, but think there's already been so many different ones already. Like the Advent Children movie, Crisis Core and DOC. Some people think that's enough. Why not make it off some other game. Or you could just make a whole new story. You've made so many up till now, I'm sure you can think of another one. I liked the battle system for Final Fantasy 12. The running around while fighting. That was different. I agree with the comment before mine. Maybe you could have different environments for the worlds, forcing the characters to wear different apparel for that one section of the game. Like a desert or a mountain covered in snow. Think on that.

  • Logan

    def a prequal to 10 it would be great to be use Jecht, Braska, and Auron and lead up to begiining of 10.

  • Jaquan

    Hmm.. remaking final fantasy 7? 7 was good and all but it is overated. Lets go back to Final Fantasy 2 and 3 (5 and 6)…. those games were great. Overall though. they need to continue the story with Fanal Fantasy 10. Except not the type of gameplay in X-2. They should use the gameplay in 10… That game is legendary to me..

  • Rander12

    Just about everyone on this blog is missing the GRAND IDEA!!! Like always, FFXV must not relate to any of the previous games. If that were to happen, then why not call it, for example, Final Fantasy (numeral): (spin-off title). Obviously, FFXV must have completely original characters and plot! Of course, what would a Final Fantasy game be without its signature gameplay? I have been playing Final Fantasy I – VI and I can tell you what the concepts should be like:

    -A completely enjoyable game. Release a beta testing that gives out part of the story, mobility, action, etc.
    -Make sure to include the ABT bar; it keeps the players on their toes!
    -The characters could be some random, ordinary people who happen to get caught up in the conflict.
    -Return of the Job System! This gives the player freedom over the type of team he/she wants! (Am I right?)
    -Create some new content- some people can get tired of the same old spells, summons, jobs, etc.
    -For the hundreds of players out there, make a point in the story where all seems hopeless. (Characters fall to their death with no way of surviving.)
    -Probably give each character moves/skills that are unique to them AND what kind of job they have. (Player character is brave and is a Knight – True Spirit)

    Now, for my opinions:

    -I like games where multiple outcomes are present from your decisions – NO BAD ENDINGS! One example would be to either save a sub-important character from death (Bonus items, more bosses, more content, better ending) or to simply ignore him/her (original ending).
    -… I guess I don't have anything else

  • hayden

    If they are going to remake ff7 which i would love. They need to make it from crisis core thru to advent children and a lil more making the game 100 hours like the old school ff games. who cares if it is on 2 or 3 blue ray disks thats what we loved. what i used to love in the old school ff games was i would be able to sit down and relax to a game with mad graphics and music and with the old school semi real time battle system u could sit back and relax to this game its not really intense. the materia system was the best and also story in 7 i also liked 8 u could also do a remake of that but yeah back to 7. have the same battle system but make the animations better also stealing a idea for advent children in battle allow cloud to go from 1 handed uping his attack power to 2 handed lowering his attack but upping is evasion things like that. u guys gotta remake this game from start to finish nothing more after that make the story end and let every1 go that was the best ff ever maybe after advent children have sep come back one more time somehow cause he said he would never be a memory and have cloud finish every Jenova cell including himself being the last of it then have him go to Aries and zark in the promised land something cool like that but yeah just a couple of thoughts on a ff7 remake

  • hayden

    please dont put a lvl cap system on it as well i loved just been able to lvl up like crazy and smash bosses just been able to do what i want when i want but if im to continue with the story i gotta head to the town that i was heading to there was hardly any restrictions in ff 7 and 8 u could get in the airship and fly around that was cool maybe add some new content but not to much maybe just side quests and stuff like what they did with advent children call it final fantasy 7 complete just fill in the gaps and hold nothing back thats what i loved from u guys so bring it back. i know se had a hard start but yeah ff 7 was there first most successful game and they went all out seems to me they have to many people barking at them these days i remember they weren't making much money back then but made better games now they are making money and not making the best games its sorta going on a down slope now guys gotta bring back the squaresoft team not enix lol ff10 was the last best game they made in my eyes sorry se but its the truth and everything after that was poo even 10 part 2 did they make that for girls or something lol. anyway i hope someone from SE reads this and that they see the light maybe have me as director of the next final fantasy :P

  • nkurek

    FF15 should have a non-linear storyline and multiple endings. It should have a new game plus feature like Chrono Trigger where the player gets to keep all their levels, gold and items. However, the enemy parameters should also increase for every new play through just like they did in Valkyrie Profile 2 in order to keep the game challenging and entertaining. Some of the endings could involve alternate final bosses like in Valkerie Profile 1. FF15 could incorporate all of these concepts into a remake of FF7 with enhanced graphics and sound. One of the storyline paths could be the original FF7 but it could also branch in different directions depending on the choices that the player makes and by winning battles that would only be winnable on a new game plus playthrough. Square enix could make a lot of money off of FF15 like what I am suggesting if they release DLCs containing new playable characters, optional super bosses, additional side quests, and hopefully even more storyline branches along with even more alternate endings. Does anyone like my idea? I am interested to hear what people think about this.

  • nkurek

    In addition to a non-linear storyline with multiple endings that is based on FF7, essentially incorporating a remake of FF7 into FF15, the maximum level should be much higher than 99, just like in the Star Ocean series. Characters should be able to change classes like in Dragon Quest and FF tactics. RPG fans have wanted to see a remake of FF7 for a long time. A non linear storyline with multiple endings that is built from the FF7 storyline would give RPG fans the FF7 remake they have wanted for the past decade and allow Square Enix to still be innovative and unpredictable at the same time.

  • desh

    Honestly, i wouldnt mind a remake of al of the old FF games, but not the actiony crap. bring back the turn based battle styles, like the FFIII and FFIV remakes for DS, just improve the graphics with that magic square enix wonder.
    i enjoyed VII, but enough already, its done, i EASILY perfered V, VIII and III, and i miss squall

  • Matt

    SE should make a ff15 where you have the same type of battle system as ff10 ff10 was my favorite ff it had wat I thought was the best storyline. SE should make a prequel to ff10 or a similar concept.

  • Dck Almighty

    Everybody has there favorite Final Fantasy game.
    Some people need to get over the fact that classic games are in the past.
    Take Resident Evil for example. They upgraded it because the newer generation.
    Don't get my wrong, I love the old games as much as I do the new games. From Atari2600 to PS3. The older generation is dying while the new generation is being born.
    Honestly, I'm a true fan to square enix that even if they made a fps i would still buy it and finish it.

  • Josh

    I think they should just use the Idea of an RPG like Mass Effect where your decisions matter and where they have battles like in 9 and 10. I liked the battles in 13 but the whole seeing the monsters took all the fun out of it cause i liked it when the monsters popped up out of nowhere. plus they need a more compelling story line. I liked the idea of a main character lost and trying to find his way and meets people and eventually has companions in his journey. the idea of customizing weapons was good and designing your character is a good idea to. I also think that 7 has had way to many sequels and 10's sequel was horrible. The story is key also please Square Enix dont put it online if I wanted to play an online game i would play WoW. without a good story its going to suck and how you play. Free roam sucks so please stick to how it was in 9 and 10 where you had structure and then could be free to move once you leveled up. also some ideas would be making it like 9 where it was like it was in the mid evil times is good but if it will be futuristic i would like it like 7, 10, or 13. Please just quit making crap thats all I ask.

  • Sean

    The perfect Final Fantasy should have all of these aspects:

    -A great storyline, like 7, 9, and 10
    -Lovable characters that you can relate to, like in 9
    -A large world full of mysteries and secrets, like in 7 and 9
    -Either the battle structure of 12 or the rest (both worked for me)
    -A great soundtrack, like in 7, 9, 10, and 12
    -Strongly fantastic/medieval elements, not the high-tech crap you see in 7, 12, and 13
    -Many cities to explore, with at least 3 of them being considerably large
    -Many sidequests (I liked that I could spend many hours on non-story-related stuff in 12)
    -Lots of choices (like in 12- this actually made game more challenging and involved)
    -Slow levelling, so it's not too easy

    If Final Fantasy XV had these aspects, I would ♥ it.

  • Leon

    FF7,9, and 10 were the best storyline, and battle set up. i would love for a perfect storyline, the materia and sphere grid in ff15. nothing was as good as those 2 games if they mixed ff7's materia, ff9's sidequest and map, and ff10's sphere grid and made a good plot it would be the new FF7 humongous hit!

  • Ralf

    ok a few things, first ther has to be a love story this is a must, good vs evil, zero to hero, summons and magic (extensive like ff7) and the main thing i noticed all the early games had a fixed camera position. maybe we should bring this back, even if it moves slightly but not following the character wherever the hell they go this turns it into an rpg or an adventure game NOT a final fantasy. and how about runes being found for magic and plastering them on weapons to upgrade them?

  • Fran

    I think a remake of ff7 would be excellent i would love tomplay the game with todays graphics.I would love to see the fighting style the same way how they did it in ff13, it makes it seem more real

  • Anthony

    The best way to make final fantasy xv a huge success is to
    1. Make it open world again like final fantasy 1-9 witch 10 and 13(until 25 hours in) abandoned.
    2. Bring back cities, npc's, side quest, and some really fun mini games.
    3. Return to random battle's and tweak the final fantasy 10 battle system to make some minor improvments for 15's battle system.
    4. Return to the normal way of leveling up.
    5. Keep nobuo uematsu on music.
    6. Get a new character desiner that won't make it look like an anime with male protagonist that look like chicks and whine and bitch to much. Make really good, mature, smart, badass, and heroic main characters that we care about.
    7. Get a new art direction. 13 was just a graphically superior 10 witch was a graphically superior 7. Lets try an entire new art design where the characters and world don't look like a graphically superior 13 but instead an entirely unique game world.
    8. Maybe make cut scene's like mass effect cut scenes where you actually get into the cut scene cause you control what's going on, and you can make choices that effect the world around you and give you multiple endings dependent on the path you choose to take(would really add to the replay value and if a character you like dies you may replay try different choices and end up saving them the next time around ect).
    9. Bring back summons in all their glory. FF13 gave you no real use for them aside from reviving dead ally's and restoring team. I miss the old days in ff 1-10 where you just loved to summon because of the cool scenes and powerful attacks. We need that aspect back.
    10. Try focusing more on story, script, character and plot development. Square claims that the battle system of old final fantasies was getting old and thats the reason behind 13's gameplay. Well the gameplay was fine. no one ever really played ff for the gameplay….we played for the story and characters. They were spending so much time on making 13's gameplay "more next gen" and the graphics so glorified that they forgot the most important part of final fantasy and the reason it's made it 25 years. the fucking story and characters square. Stop trying to make perfect graphics and fast gameplay and focus on story and get final fantasy back to the way we love it. They were trying to make the graphics and gameplay so next gen when they should have been trying to make the story, character, and plot progressions more next gen like what i said about that mass effect like cut scene and story progression for example(even though it would not really need that so long as they could just make an insanely detailed and engrossing story).

  • A Strange Person

    Remakes are interesting, though personally I prefer the all new story theme. If the latest Final Fantasy has to be a remake, I think FF4 deserves a bit more love. Otherwise, entirely new plotline all the way.

  • Chez

    maybe they could put back in the card game, chocobo breeding & something like the golden saucer. also they could add something like chrono cross and have you make choices which effects the out come of the ending(multiple endings)
    instead of people being EX soldiers all the time, why not make them a soldier in the beginning or some small special force kinda thing then have it eradicated/destroyed then have some weird quest for truth to something corrupt maybe.

    Maybe they could actually add something like in space, different planets, different world maps (big world maps SHOULD come back) have air ships (not in space tho just a choice list thing on where to go) and have a main space station/ship thing or something.

    maybe the planet where the soldiers unit/army was based gets destroyed or sth

    have to go to a new planet to get a new breed of chocobo or w/e
    actually have a baby chocobo follow you on you adventures to grow/level up then breed them to make better ones.


    • Chez

      or one whole planet for chocobos, then you put them on your space ship to ride them on different planets
      and maybe an ultima weapon for the universe or something
      diff planets could have diff themes, some more advanced than others

      the chara could also be a thief, stealing stuff from the planets, then gets caught u get stuck on a prison planet thats just desolate then maybe get the chance to become free by having to work for your crimes..
      maybe u hav no memories.. live in a village on a planet find out ur a cyborg and try and find ur creator then end up being some weapon that will destroy the universe so you turn against all ur friends in the story to get closer to the person who made you or sth LOL
      ok im getting a lil too out of hand now, i dont even think im making sense anymore.

      Just something new and exciting, with old elements, with new ones too.

      mix it up.

      can't keep doing the same thing anyway

  • Stan

    Please Square –> Stick a bit more to your roots and the script of [FF8]
    FF13 has totaly destroyed dreams. Final Fantasy should stay RPG.
    You don´t need to research a complete new technology if you already produced the best RPG´s ever!!! >>>PLEASE NOT AGAIN MAINSTREAM-SH*T LIKE FF13<<<
    Keywords: Free World, Grinding, Lots of Sidequests, Super Secret Super mighty Bosses.
    Dont make the game so easy 2 play that even an 8year-old can play it.
    Would give me a reason to buy a PS3

  • Luke R

    me personally if they want to spend time on a new final fantasy give the fans something by remaking all the old games exactly how they were for gameplay and story just improve the graphics and bring them out on all platforms. Final fantasy 15 i think should have a fantastic story to it like 10 you really get sucked into it i also loved the blitz ball mini game not the blitz ball in x-2 that was crap bring back the card game from 8 not 9 and the chocobo races from 7 leveling should be like 10 with the sphere grid but with more freedom i like the idea of customizable weapons and upgradeing them but you need to make ultimate weapons not upgradeable and customiseable because they are ultimate weapons they should be great already.The game should deffinately be free roaming not straight away but at least 3 quaters of the way through. If they want a great game combine final fantasy 7,8,10.

  • mike

    11 13 and 14 are horrible. should be completely scratched off the list. shit 11 and 14 shouldnt be in the main final fantasy series, it should be renamed final fantasy online 1 and 2. 13 was a disgrace, they tried to "revamp" everything and make everything new, which is cool, but at the same time they sucked out everything that we loved about final fantasy. what they need to do with final fantasy 15 is make the storyline epic, powerful, youre reading a badass fantasy book that you cant let go of.. get a strong cast of characters, put back stories on them to tie you to the people, maybe kill off one or two of them so you can feel sorrow. but the three main things i can say is.. 1. epic story line, make something that ties the person to the game and makes them want to fight for a cause. 2. good cast of characters with good dialog, not cheesy childish stuff like in XIII 3. and bring back some old school rpg elements, i wanna be able to level my guys up and make them bad ass, i wanna be able to find new weapons, or new abilities that kick ass.

  • Negro

    I think the main character should be a black man for once :)
    BLACK POWER……………… Ranger

  • Ethan

    Let FF7 go. SE has whored it out so much it barely has any dignity left.

  • LizH

    I have had something in mind for a long time.

    Based on the Buddhist legend of the Kongo Rikishi, protectors of the Buddha.

    In a time of great strife ( I'm thinking that the gods have given up on the world and are letting it fall into ruin) in a world like ancient Asia, the people call upon the Buddha (or a Buddha-like figure with a different name) to guide them back into the light. But no signs of any celestial help are shown.

    Now, from here on out, I've thought it through a lot, so bear with me.

    An innocent but unimportant shrine girl from the Japan motif country goes to the ancient shrine where the first statues of Buddhas protectors are to pray to them for help. During her frenzied prayer, she notices that the colors of the statues that she's been praying to are black and white instead of green and red. She panics, but one of them (white) comes to life, goes berserk, and kills her. It then shrinks to teenage girl size and runs away, confused.

    I have much more, so if you want me to continue, I will.

    • LizH

      Yeah… I've thought it out a little more and they aren't SUDDENLY THERE. The people of the country remember a red one and a green one, but they don't remember when it was. Since before they can remember, the black and white have been there, but they know it's supposed to be red and green. Some person important to the plot said that they were signs from Buddha that something amazing was beginning. Girl is still praying, but she's not so innocent. She is a construct made by the villain to revive the Kongo Rikishi's that are in the temple and destroy the temple. Very old, important temple. The same thing with the white one happens, but that's what the construct was made to do. Another teenage (-ish) girl awakens in the place where the black one was. (She is the black one, humanized, but due to the fact that she had just awoken and had never known anything that her carver didn't intend her to know,(the statues were made of magic stone) she didn't know that she was the statue. She was awakened by a samurai/miko/mercenary girl who tries to get her out of the crumbling temple.

      That's the beginning, but the basic plot is that the gods of some alternate form of the Chinese traditional religion/shintoism have given up on earth and letting it rot slowly and painfully. The people of the world turn to a smaller religion (in their world) with an ever merciful leader, that worlds alternate form of Buddhism. 480 years before the events of the story start, a corrupt priest created the statues mentioned in the previous paragraph made out of a celestial stone that would someday come to life and protect Bhudda. He did this with the hopes that alt. Buddha would grant him power and immortality. (Knowing what we know about Buddhism, it didn't work.) He died, but they did come to life in the form of four girls. (It is not Lightnings fault that XIII is far from the best. Terra was in a great game, and I happen to love FF5. No more bashing female heroes. IT IS NOT LIGHTNINGS FAULT. [It was Vanilles... oh yeah, and errors upon the developers part.] We need more female heroes.) There would be battles with Gods and immortals. An epic Asian-style sound track. A few fun but optional mini games. Drama, comedy, and a little shoujo ai. So yeah.

      They try to find alt. Buddha's reincarnation and they find it in the most unexpected of places. Love is lost and unachieved and eventually loses it's strength as terrors from the past and future close in. But hope, even in a world abandoned by the Gods, will never give up. it is weird but original.

      And WHEN the do remake 7, they will entitle it "FINAL FANTASY 7 (name of a system here)". So if all you are going to talk about here is a remake of 7, go to a forum that is about the 7 remake that will happen or the fans will kill everyone. It will not be called "Final Fantasy XV". So please talk about it somewhere else.

  • Rander12

    Alright… I am going to break some news to some of you PS3 users.

    Final Fantasy XV is most likely to be released on the new 3DS system releasing next year.
    Sorry people; facts are facts.


      HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NINTENDO HAS LOVE FROM SE

  • toptop

    I haven't played any of the final fantasy below 7, but I enjoyed 7-12, 12 being the weakest, but it was still ok. It was just a bit different and i probably wouldn't play it again. But yeah 13 was a dissapointment.

    A sequel to 7, 8, or 9 would fine. I think these are the ones majority of the people remember and enjoy playing. A new story, world, and characters are fine too. I don't really care, I just need a good RPG to play!!!! Good story that's not too childish, interesting characters, battle system where i have control of all my characters.

  • Carp

    I’ve liked pretty much all but the recent final fantasies. I wasnt a fan of 12 or 13. Mainly because of poor characters and the fact the game was essentially on autopilot.

    12 not too the same extent on the character front, buy Vaan and Penelo had almost no connection to he plot. But as for gameplay it was ridiculous. Final boss fight I don’t think I pressed a button as the gambits did everything for me.

    13 was even worse, without reading the load screen I found the plot nearly incomprehensible, and all the fights requires was timely paradigm shifts between attacking and healing. I hated the party leader dies you lose, the fact you could only use one eidolon (who were only helpful for full heals and staggering admantoise, attacks sucked), and that each character has a unique skill but only the party leader can use it.

    7, 8, 9, 10 I found good though 10 I got annoyed by break damage limit as I had tidus with 99,999 attack damage on the final boss fights so it was ridiculously easy.

    That been said I don’t want them remade. I could just as easily go back and enjoy them now. Played 6 to which I liked, but got stuck at one point for ages that killed the game for me a bit. Completely forgot where I was and what I was meant to be doing and spent ages just wandering.

    IMO they just need to go back to ATB this real time battle system encourages too much button mashing and lack of strategy. Also bring back big side missions, world maps, vehicles, ultimate weapons, multiple summons and limit breaks.

  • Zakk Bean

    final fantasy 8 and 9 are drastically different games, and people seem to love either one, but hate the other. ff8 was the first ff game i played. i had never played anything like it before; it blew my mind. It was such a huge world to explore; that, and the gf system were quite dwarfing at the time… i was also a teen so i guess i felt like i could relate to the feelings of confusion and feeling lost that the characters seem to have.

    on the other hand, although it's visually beautiful, i can't stand final fantasy 9. its main character is a bundle of energy in stark contrast to the brooding squall of final fantasy 8 (something that continued into final fantasy 10 which i find so grating, especially with annoying voice-actors). It's a very straight down the middle linear Fantasy story complete with clear gender roles, and i think that is the reason why people are drawn to either 8 or 9.

    final fantasy 9 is comfortable; for those who want to feel reassured; who want to escape into a world of fantasy while never moving too far away from traditional tropes (particularly of gender).

    final fantasy 8 on the other hand does not have those clear identities; lines between Good and Bad blur, ideas of family are challenged; identities are challenged. I get queer vibes from it; questioning of traditional gender roles, a large cast of strong female characters. (and their breast arn't the size of their heads, ala Tomb raider/ every single manga EVER – yay

    i think that is why people tend to go for one or the other (although im sure there are people who go for both or neither)

    I like 7 and if they made a remake or more sequels that would be cool….I have no say so about 13 because i havent been able to play it and if they make a 15 I hope 15 turns out great….. maybe a Square Enix masterpiece

  • Francesc

    FF13's storyline is a pretty unconventional, yet fresh one. Many of the FF games have the main protagonist involved in a love relationship with another main character, but not this FF – Lightning does not have a love interest in FF13.

    But for the new FF, I'd propose "Love", "Betrayal", and possibly "Courage" as the main themes. Those themes seem rather mundane, but if the storyline can utilise those themes to the optimum with good plot twists and dramatic injection, the plot can be breathtaking.

    On a side note, I think the change made by FF13 to the FF series isn't all that bad. Progress to the gameplay has to be made because with a brand new console, Square Enix are presented new options and areas to explore to inject fresh features into the game. Sticking to the same gameplay as a PS1 for a PS3 game is a waste of the capacity the latter console provides.

    Nonetheless I believe SE will try to retain tradition while progressing at the same time. Sometimes, along with progress, some traditions may have to be compromised..

  • Cory the FF Fan

    final fantasy 4 and 8 are by far the best ff's ever dispite what u guys may think…dont take my word for it go bvack play them again see for urselves.. 8 had junction abilities which developed a unique relationship with a Character and his Summon and also benefits… Every Character was unique depending on the junction and summons attached to that character… For the love of god get off 7 honestly worst ff ever… terrible gameplay and materia reallly… and no hard monsters at ALL! only reason anyone likes it is because of Sephiroth and Cloud seriously…

  • ant

    i do like the old style battle system ff7 was a good game i like ff8 better but i would like to see ff7 in new graphics. from what ive read they say it will cost lots to remake ff7 as it is hard to remake the battle system if they cant do it then try useing ff10 battle system with it its more uptodate i dont think the equiptment would be hard to remake so it may make it easyer. i do agree with advanceing final fantasy it needs to pull away from the past few games as its just been bad they are ok game but not great ff10 was the last good one they did i think. they need new story lines like genitic enginering story line where they can use there mind to controle elements and experiments get set free that they have to hunt down or playing from both sides good and evil so the story line changes according to what you do on both sides and at the end you have to join forces to defeat "the ugly". keep the old school magic and summons but change how they get it and make a super story line

  • peo665

    I so hope they make it new that is what an FF game is they push and push and say this is what is possible and this is how much we beat it they are amazing when they go all new and push boundries

  • Swamphogg

    I feel the games have got easier and easier. Yes, level crunching was at time annoying! Yes, if you weren't paying enough attention you could walk right past equipment, summons! Yes, at times it felt like purgatory running around the maps! But once you achieved that final cut scene, it was all that which made it a satisfying game. I love all of the games 9 and below, 10 and up just didn't do it for me, don't just push the boundaries of design, push the gamers. There's just a lack of challenging RPG game today.

  • john doe

    they shud make a game where your the evil villian and have to destroy the protagonist

  • RR14

    I agree and disagree with everyone else on here. Look back at older RPGs, Breath of Fire, Legend of Dragoon, FF 10 and down, minus FF8 magic system, and 1 and 2 because I didn't play those:( All the past games were awesome, story wise and combat wise because although they were different, the company's that made the games listed didn't go to far away from the basics. And it seems that lady lead characters doesn't make for a good game, X-2, FF13. So stay away from that I say!! Now look at todays good RPGs….Lost Odyssey, and…..that's it. WHY?? It didn't stray to far from the basics. Mistwalker put the new school feel into it with the old school blocks that every great RPG was made with. Get the picture!!!!

  • @Xaldin1

    I think FF15 should be a new game. With a good storyline. 1Be able to free roam like you can in FFX-2, with an airship. You should be able to use the summons like you can in Final Fantasy X. Also there should be strong interesting characters like they had in FF 7, 10, 12 even. Also lots of side quests like in FFX-2, i still haven't got 100% completion on that game. There should be something like the Sphere Grid from FF10, but also upgrade weapons like on FF 13.

  • @Xaldin1

    Also on a new Final Fantasy they should keep the hunts, and bring back all the classical monsters–Omega Weapon, Ultima Weapon. As well as all the classical summons, Bahamut, Alexander, Shiva, Ifrit, but mix them with the summons of Final Fantasy 12, they were awesome, but you couldn't use them properly, and you couldn't get them really strong and powerful either.

  • D. Weller

    The biggest problem is time management. Good games take long periods of time to put together. A suggestion: Put half the the staff on the remake of ff7 put the other half towards future projects. IE: Something big. A remake isn't as hard as making an actual game. Mostly it's just Cg work incorporated with the original game. When the staff is finished with the remake release it and put the rest of them to work on the big project. It would give the staff time to develop something good. Anyone who has played ff7 knows the time frame for the game is quite a bit longer than games that are released today. It takes a long time to get anywhere giving the team time to develop. I've heard kids say they wish they could play ff7 or at least see the story line. It makes sense to release something that will make the company money. I've lost my ff7 version and what's sad is that the original versions are selling for more now then when they were first released. A whopping 200 on e-bay. Listen to all your fans.

    • lelouch

      kinda like pokemon

  • Hmm

    Just make it much less linear, kind of like FFXII was.

  • Xantera

    FF7 and FF9 were the best imo. What made the FF series so special was it's simplicity and the way you got obsorbed into the world it's self. Playing FF7 for the first time was truely a magical, and without sounding to crazy perspective alturing. They done something bold never really done before! killing off a main charater. Kudos for orginality i say! But the FF7 title it just wouldnt be the shame as those lovable box types toon's that we all know and love for the pure nostelgia factor. We got the movie and the psp game we have seen the chars in shiney graphics, leave well enough alone i say! Keep it simple dont get to flash go back to old school where the magic really was felt and bought to life.

  • Shane


  • Patrick Graham

    ok in my opinion I feel square should take a look at what has worked in the past. Like 7,8 and 9 which from what I'v seen have the most positive fan support. personal I'd be fine with a sequel to many of the single digit final fantasies, in fact why not just recreate the games on modern systems. Still a new final fantasy would be nice but some of the most common complaints for the series must be taken into consideration. For example, we realize that their can be as many as 10 modern gaming systems at any given time but exclusive releases leave many fans disappointed when they are unable to play the latest installment. And lets face it most, of us do not have the money to just go buy a whole new gaming system just for final fantasy (I know I don't). So lets hope Square-Enix takes these factors into consideration when they design future games. However I am just 1 person and believe that they should take the majority of their fan base into consideration.

  • Connor

    They should have another humorous psychotic villian, like Kefka.

  • Chris

    In order, from how I see it these are the best Final Fantasties in order from best to worst…


    . The Other ones seem to not please the fans. So if Square Enix wants a Great game, these are definetely the games to look back on. Final Fantasies 1-3 are great too, I’ve played every Final Fantasy…It’s just that many fans haven’t played those games.

    —–Oh and I noticed someone said something about not being able to power up your summons in Final fantasy 12…haha yeah it sure does seem that way, but you actually can. The summons grow towards the same way your character grows Example: Basch=Strength Penelo=Magic. That’s just the starting stats…can be changed depending on path on the grid you take…

  • that guy

    you know, it really gets me mad when people talk bad about ff7… i mean yeah wayyyy too many ff fans obsess over 7 and i know the other ff's (except 12 and 13. it was too boring) were good too but if i actually sit down and think about it ff7 is my favorite storyline… i really cant say anything about versus 13 cus its not even out yet and i dont really know its story but it looks pretty awesome.

    also, no offense, but i think everyone's being a little too picky about ff games. i dont see anything wrong with the sci-fi kind of setting in an ff game and i dont see anything wrong with the old medeval kind of setting like the first ff's had. as long as the gameplay is fun and the storyline is awesome like they almost always were, i dont see why the game would suck just cus its not in a setting that you want or its not the grinding type of gameplay elements that you want

  • Chris

    Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X are the leap games. They are so good because of the leep between systems. You cant beat that. FFXIII isn’t that great though Square Enix is loosing time therefore the games get worse and worse.

  • Solomon

    I would like to see a FF11 type game in a single player form. A game where you get control of a party of 6, you can change jobs and have sub jobs. RDM/WHM/BLM/WAR/MNK/THF are the starting jobs and after reaching a level requirement you can unlock new jobs such as NIN/DRK/PLD/BLU/SMN/RNG so forth and so on. The sub jobs cap is half of the main jobs level ex: LV 50 Dark Knight/25 Warrior and you get all the traits and abilities of the sub job up to that level. With a crafting system, mini games, and missions I think it would be the best choice and give players the most for their money.

    I think FF11 was by far the best FF in terms of job system, level system, and gaining abilities. The battle system could be turned into a turn based system. The biggest drawback of FF11 was that it is an MMO which means you control one character and must rely on others to advance, if you eliminate that aspect of it by making it a single player RPG I think you will have the best FF ever that will be played for decades.

  • Santo DiLorenzo

    My ideas for final fantasy xv is this.

    1. The game needs a world map and must give out lots of time to exploring around.

    2. Being that games today have spoken dialogue how about this. If say you want to change the main character name to the players name I would love to hear all of the characters in the game speak the players name.

    3. Being that the technology today can store more memory there should be a final fantasy game that is so huge that there should be more than one world map and there should be downloadable content to expand the story of the game.

    4. how about a final fantasy game with many different endings depending what you do and say in the game.

    5. The game should have a well balanced battle system with reasonable enemies and bosses.

  • hadm

    have anyone played the game infinite undescovry? thats a nice play system and with good story line too.
    so i am with the people who said that FF XV should not be a game from previous FF so try mixing up a new story line and a game that has midevil world & tech world then you can let anyone enjoy the best of it.

    ohh as a hint to the storyline go back to the old best FF and you will find that the best 7 8 9 10 series had a romance to it.
    but the worst ones didnt like 12 (and some off 13).

    FYI i didnt play the 1-6 FF cause (i dont know).

  • Keva

    I do not think they need to make a continuation of a previous game, I just feel that the new game should be fresh and interesting. Final Fantasy is known for its intriguing storylines, graphics and FANTASY (magic, etc). The magic (as well as the enjoyment of the summoned monsters) was definitely missing from FFXIII, and the storyline was a little boring after a while. I understand that after a series becomes exceedingly successful and has many sequels, it can be hard to keep them all fresh—but when the game goes sour, the best thing to do is to look at the format for the previous ones (especially the ones that have done very well) and recreate their format…then build upon it with new ideas.

  • LedZeppelin443

    To begin with, ff13 was awesome. It maybe wasn’t classi rpg, but that’s wat made it grate. Also, I would love to buy a remake for ff7. I would buy it, but I suggest you make it for the 360 too. There r so many fans who don’t hav a ps3. SE wud make more $ that way. but remember, KEEP IT LIKE THE ORIGINAL, just way better graphics and VoiceOver.

  • Matthew

    More Freedom to develop characters and personalize them –

    LEAD CHARACTER to be personalized a little from the start –
    - Gender – Male/Female.
    - Hair – Long/Short/Black/White.
    - Style Options – Biker/Rocker/Soldier/Fashionable/Funky/Girly/Cool/etc.
    - Weapon (most would pick sword I think) but give options.
    - User can decide each Characters choice of a WEAPON, a SUMMON, a BLACK MAGIC.
    - I really like character levels from Level 1 to 99. So its fun to talk to friends about it saying “im level 56, what level are you”.

    - A summon should give advantage in battle, like single hit is 5 times more than main character.
    - Summon should be an advantage in battle. Its discouraging to call a sumon to replace other party members and fight with the Summon when they are similar strength.

    Magic/magic development/battle team/world/story – CONTINUED IN MY NEXT ENTRY….

  • Jaws

    I know not many people would agree with me on this, but I would really like to see a FF IX (9) remake/sequel.

    You see the thing is, FF IX was the first FF game I played, and I was instantly hooked, and it still is my favourite game of all time. To me, FF IX had the most distinct vibe about it, and I would very much like to see the world off FF IX in light of the new visual enhancements that we have today (I also hope they make an X-box 360 version cos’ I don’t own a PS3).

    I would be nice to see a change from the ‘mainstream’ remakes of FF VII. I would like to see Kuja– and his dragon, again. And maybe they could try to fix the story line and introduce a little backstory to Necron before just shoving him at us in the last minute. I can’t speak for everybody, but I know I went “Who tha F is this guy?”.

    So yea, my humble opinion. :)

  • pc 1

    i believe that a remake is not a bad idea, but i much rather play a new adventure than a remake, even if that remake is final fantasy 7. to me the problem that ff had over the years is simple. first, nobuo uematsu nor sakaguchi are at square any more. that's like making a star wars movie without goerge lucas wriiting it and not having john williams doing the music. that;s why they don't feel anymore like a final fantasy, because the creator is not there anymore. you ever heard of dragon ball gt? wanna know why it sucked so bad, because akira toriyama had nothing to do with it. as a writer i know that only the creator understands the spirit of the series book movie game etc.
    that's why no ff game has felt like a ff since ff10. there's nothing wrong with exploring, ff 12 story wasn't very compeling, but it wasn't a bad game, ff13 story wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. until the creator of the series come back, we will never see final fantasy games like they use to be period.

  • Aaron

    Final fantasy is fine the way it is. Yeah the series has had a few bad episodes (X-2, XII and crystal chronicles to name a few). But I'm playing XIII right now and after playing EVERY Final Fantasy game ever released, think that XIII is a great game and shows that Square Enix can still pull it off. Regardless of what the battle-system and exploration restrictions may be, Square Enix have been making games longer than most of you guys have been alive so I have more faith in them knowing what's best for my favourite franchise.

  • Scott

    I'll play final fantasy 15 regardless of environmental or character depth on three conditions:
    1. the protagonist male may not have blonde hair (overused).
    2. no online crap to detract from the story.
    3. And this is the most important one: no more f—ing chocobos!!!

  • Bryn

    all i want is that it can be played on xbox
    plus i didnt really mind FFXIII, but the graphics might have mesmerized me into thinking this way haha. But i agree, a new totally different world would be awesome as well as being able to develop your destiny, rather than having the story line already set in place. Also, i'm pretty sure they havnt done this yet, the Chocobo should be a party member and have abilities.
    Going back to different charecters, id be cool if on like an Xbox you could design your own charecter, like the online game but yah know, it would have a regular plot line like FFXIII did.

    • CloudFan4Eva

      Nope i dont think it should be out for Xbox and i dont think it would because FFXIII was three disc on Xbox (i think) So if they were to create a whole new world an put so much detail into graphics and charcters and really like i know FFXV would be
      ~Your looking at around 5+ Disc while still it would only be 1 disc for the ps3 and include and online prob another disc so it would cost alot to manufacture all those disc and FF after Nintendo release it Sony has been the adoptive parent and Microsoft can GTFO

  • Ben

    there is already a sequel to ff7. So you can forget the idea of the next game being FF7 based. They made a film "FF7 Advent Children" which continued on from the story. Its not bad actually.

    Personally i think the only story which i would like to see continued is was the most fun after 7.

  • bla.

    I think we need to have a shapeshifting tiger. Anyway, I think it be cool if the game broke the fourth wall at some point. The world should be 1910s-1920s. The final boss needs to be kind of sad. I

  • Matanza

    Well I think it should be fun! Not sure if 15 should come out so soon, All the devs should get on acid and bare with me….. We should take the concept of 10 like diffrent worlds at the same time going on, we should have all the heroes like in disidia or whatever for the psp but with RPG turnbase with story…. Wouldn't it be great? We could finally see who is best be able to pick cloud squall…. Or even Squall, take the best ascepts of each game. WEapon upgrading customable characters… Not your own avatar… we might get a nother shity game like WKC….. Bring back Chaos that is threating everyone world, Each game basically has a life tree going on make him threating the universes life tree connection energy thingy that makes everything live and just play a rapefest game … That what I want more storys and endings and checking in on all the old heroes or FF games

  • Da' Judge

    I think its less about the content and more about the formula. I don't know if anyone else made this kinda comment but, I think that if they take a similar story line, "Formula" that they had in ff7 and apply it to current graphics and game quality they would have an Epic Novel just like ff7. A rough draft of this formula is like:

    Character Developement(past to present)+Chaotic environment(political or environmental)+Substories and minigames(timekillers)+ Hidden characters(playable)+M.night shyamalan twists=FF7

    They should try to bring back something like the gold saucer in ff7 that was a great time killer and winning rare equip is a huge plus. Now adays they can also let you take it online and play eachother, maybe even allow betting amongst the challengers!

    Just a thought

  • Alex

    I feel underprivileged to write this as j have never finished a final fantasy game…..hough I am close and I have never played 7 which is the lost famous but I feel that whatever way SE wants to take this would be great If they keep tue streamlined battle system of XIII which was much better than the real-time experiment known as X-2

  • zephyrkid111

    Ima go with this for a story line even though I only played ff 7 8 &9 I think there shud be a literal kind of man age 22 half beast half man lookin for a place to call home, these crystals spreaded around the world called earth tears will hold a certain countrys souls the main character will look for the crystal so that he can find his true lifes meaning but not being a part of the soul crystals legacy he will not be able to get to the crystal he will then find a demon called the zephyr that controls time n find out he’s supposed to be a demons vesel so that he can hold the power of time , after he finds this demon he will find another vesel with a demon called the shinowever who will try to kill because if there are more than. One vesel one the planet the two demons would completely take over the bodies then destroy the world so he tries to avoid the other vesel then finding himself in the crystals sanctuary again after he goes bac to the crystal he finds another demon ,without a soul of its own the demon tries to destroy the crystal so that only he would servive and no one would be able to bother him in its perfect souless world… the main character will be forced to to take action and defeat the demon saving the world I know it sounds a bit cleched but its sumthin ,right its my original idea hope u guys liked it!!!

  • CloudFan4Eva

    Really i wouldnt mind a remake of FF7 or maybe even a sequel to that game (Kinda like FF X-2) and i wouldnt mind a whole new story with whole new characters. Just the story needs to be there, Final Fantasy is not known for its action or battle system it is known for its storytelling, graphics and character development and i think they did a good job with that in FF13.
    ~What i would like to see a change in is the Battle System i really dont enjoy the whole…my turn your turn type of thing. Must rather preferr a Kingdom hearts type of battle system where you control the main person and the other two depending on what strategy your going for help you out. if its fighting defending or healing. Apparently Versus is going to have this type of battle system and my fingers are crossed and if people enjoy it and it works why not use it in FF XV
    ~Also i would love to see some classic FF Characters if possible such as Cloud (FFVII) or Tidus (FFX) they were just so colorful in their own ways and it was just fun
    AND for everyone hateing on cloud stop…He is easily the most influential Character in FF and defiantly the most known he can be considered and is the face of the FF franchise

  • rinalicat

    I’m not much of a FF7 fan so I wouldn’t really want to see that remade (I mean srsly there’s been 1 film-sequel and 2 prequel-sequel). I’d like to see a FF which doesn’t force u done one road that minute (I like to enjoy my surroundings rather than one-line routes) or a remake of a game which not many have heard of. Recently, I’ve wanted to see a remake of FF5 cause I really want to play it. Probably not on a major console but on the DS would be nice and FF15 on the 360 would be nice 2!

  • Eric

    Final fantasy 7, and final fantasy 10, Are by far the best 2 of the series.

  • mkj9u

    i liked 7, 8, 9, and 10 then it started going downhill since there was a 10-2 why not a 9-2? 9 was by far my favorite

  • Marcus

    I don't care as long as they bring back a job system like FF5 and for the love of god, don't trap me to a linear path like I have been since 10.

  • Dillon Wright

    To be honest, I've kinda enjoyed every final fantasy game that they've made,a great variety of games and the best storylines, and i dont even know why so many people complain over the many changes that square enix has added. I really enjoyed FFXIII and FFXIV and think that they should have recieved more credit than what they were given. I cannot decide wether I would prefer sequels or new final fantasy titles but I believe whatever square enix does next will be just as good as the rest of them.

  • Jt

    The battle system in 12 was definitely the best so they should go with that but in terms of where to go next either ff7 or 12 for me, please nothing like ff13 i was still waiting for the game to go somewhere when I was completing the final boss.

  • David Evans

    Gawd… if they make an ff7 sequal right now I will kill myself. It would be great if they had the same writers, and let go of this corny highschool love drama crapola stories they've been plotting since 10 (okay, ffX wasn't terrible, but it started a downhill spiral). I want a game that is about characters! People who are real, who I can relate too… don't just spout me a pouty face and some corny dialogue, I want real meaningful dialogue! And what happened to those plots full of subtelty and symbolism about life and redemption, and the meaning of the world? Final fantasy 4 wanted to be that, final fantasy 6 was that, and final fantasy 7 continued that… Why don't you go back to that which made your games great? Characters and meaning!

  • Zidane

    I seriously don't know what's happening to the final fantasy franchise. The series started to go wrong with FF 11, it became online. Why? To expand the possibilities? To be part of the new era of games that became online during that time?
    The last good spirit that was left in final fantasy was the 10th one, and yeah X-2 as well, but that was actually because it was a follow-up and because you had the opportunity to reunite Tidus & Yuna. Wasn't that lovely? Because that's what final fantasy is about, a GREAT game and franchise BASED upon a great lovestory.

    Many people think that FF7 was the best one, but that's because many players started at that part of the game, and first game (according to me) gives you the most magical and special feeling. For me, the first game I played, was FFIX. I have never felt so alive when playing a RPG game. And the lovestory in it, wow. And all the FF's had it, 7, 8, 9, 10, X-2.

    I think many people want to experience that again on the new consoles. I mean, imagine any of the FF's 7-10 on PS3! That would truly be amazing.

    Most of the SE crew has changed, but please learn from your predecessors. Don't try to renew it all the time. I think that's the problem.
    Hironobu Sakaguchi wanted to tell a great story, a lovestory. Tetsuya Nomura biggest challenge is to design clothes. The story is the key! And of course the world in it! FF12 was a fail due to its new "star wars" look and the story wasn't all to good, so personally i quit gaming right at the end of the game and didn't care what would happen anymore.

    I hope my "voice" can be heard, that it can make a difference. And if anyone want to discuss this, your memories or anything else feel free to email me!

  • Dillon

    No sequels, PLEASE. They already tried it with FF10 and it turned out horribly.

  • Chandler

    This may be just me, but what if they made the main character like Kimahri ( I thinks thats how it spelled FFX)? Of course not with his personality but that would open up so many more oppurtunities for a good storyline for XV. Imagine for once its not the human who is the main character and saves the day! If they could make something like this, I would pre-order it as soon as I could!

  • Oggy

    Bring Tidus Back, There are so many clips on youtube of Tidus and Yuna, But what we need is a continuation of that awesome amazing incredible story line (nothing like X-2, Which BLEW).

  • Alec

    I think Final fantasy 10 was the best. It had the incredible story line, the main character's development throughout the game was incredible to watch. I could feel myself being sucked in but I didn't care because the game was so amazing.

    I can't help but feel final fantasy 13 had similar qualities. I loved the battle system and the characters. The story line felt too complex at times and i wished i could replay the video to make sure I caught everything, but thats what I like about the games.

  • Edward Stevenson

    Well, I think that they should go with a totally new direction~ something like FFVII meets Assassin's Creed + BlazBlue + futuristic components of HALO.

  • Jon T N

    What I believe should be done is, make the a game with a small hand full of this and that from it's predecessers and yet make it totally unque. Now of course how the game is made isn't up to me, but if it were I would keep the classic stand stillt turn based battle system, take the 5 character use from FF4, keep the single attack summons but if a Tamer or Trainer class were to be a part of the game he/she would wouldn't use random monsters or bosses but instead special animals you find in hiddin areas, auto-assigned classes, learn spells as you level up/NO MAGIC SHOPS, and finally a final boss who is actually cool/Yevon, Ultimecia, Necron, Orphan, and Shuyin were lame so make a final boss who IS human in appearance and similar to The Undying, Sephiroth, Chaos, The Emperor of Palamecia, Zeromus, Neo Exdeath, and Kefka.

  • Chris

    Okay, ive been seeing this alot out in discussion, from getting the Lionheart in Final Fantasy VIII. I thought i’d post about it on here because many people who have played the game look here. First off i’d like to say “Do not worry about getting it until either the end of disc 2 or beginning of disc 3, it makes things easier and you dont even need it until then, or in fact at all. But that’s another story. THE EASIEST WAY TO DO THIS IS LISTED IN THESE 3 STEPS:

    1.Get the card mod ability and get the M-Bros cards refine to admantine.

    2. Go and kill Blue dragons lv 20-29 near Trabia snowfield/may have to use lv down ability which you get from king Cactuar

    3. Go in Balamb and battle Trepe fan # 1. Hes in the cafeteria. This is going to take the longest out of the three steps. about 1-2 hours

  • kurt

    I think that they should do something like the Junction system from FF8. I always loved it because of the customization component with it. The only down side was having to sit there and draw magic.

  • Chris

    part 2 of what i was saying… You need to get 20 Elynoyle cards from Trepe fan # 1. That is why it takes so long. sorry i forgot to say that. (24% chance of him playing one each game)

  • realkorn

    im a big fan of ff7-10,ive played ff1 and 2 and 6 when it was released on the ps1! they all had thimgs i liked and things i didnt but the story was always there, no matter if u didnt like the junction system in 8 the story was excellent even if the ending was terrible(IMO).
    its the story that is the best part of the games i loved 7 8 9 10 for the stories they were all excellent. i played 7 all the way through only a couple of weeks ago, the graphics are crappy compared to latter titles but graphics dont matter in rpgs in my opinion and think thats what happened with ff13. they focused so much on the graphics hoping that the player would forgive any other faults because they were so good. i couldnt believe the graphics (prob the best ive seen in any game) but what a disappointment it turned out to be unreal graphics or not from vanille crazily annoying voice to the stupid sphere thingy where u could only go in 1 direction and to the story line which had me confused from the start (what the f**k is a l'cie) and the way the characters always used to split up and go in different directions what a let down!!!!!

  • realkorn

    i havent liked a ff since 10 and unless theres a big change i will not be buying 15. i believe going back to their roots is the only way they can win me back and im not the only 1.

  • Tony

    I think they should make a remake of FF8 that to me was my favorite game. I loved the storyline and squall was always my favorite character. I wish there was a sequal. I got bored of playing over and over again. If they do make a remake i dont want them to change the juctioning system but i want them to include the real action battle system like on FF12. Oh and add voices to the characters.

    And to all those haters of FF8 u can suck it

    • Curt

      Yes yes. Finally some other people who actually liked Final Fantasy 8!

  • Adam

    There is no love for Final Fantasy VIII. It was a step up from the look of 7 and I think it is one of my favs.. next to FF2 of course.

  • roxx

    they posted new images from final fantasy 13-2 … i wonder what is going to be the sitcom of the game …???

  • roxx

    they posted new images from final fantasy 13-2 … i wonder what is going to be the trauma of the game …???

  • Jess

    I don't care what you guys say but for me every single final fantasy game is a masterpiece >:l

  • ff lover

    FF6 + FF7 + FF8 + FF9 = (strong guys (looking and history) with great friends a little of drama and some manly looking weapons for guys girly looking weapons for girls )

  • squal_ai

    Most of us here in the Philippines console gamers admires FF8 because of the action and adventures and most especially the love triangle of Squall, Rinoa and Quistis.. You have forgotten what really final fantasy is all about SE..

    Most of the games today including OL games are usually grinding, leveling, equipments, crafting, boss hunting, etc… <–this kind of stuffs is very boring.. FF8 is one of the best console game play I ever had in my teenage years until now I still play it in my pc..

    I had played many console games starting in PS FF series, DMC series, RE series, FF tactics etc… to Off line PC games like FF8 and FF7, CIV4, DMC, etc.. to OL games atlantica, cabal, rohan, etc.. But only one thing that remains in my heart, Final Fantasy series most especially "FF8" because in that game I always remember a character that truly inspires me… More power SE… C:

    • Curt

      FF8 was actually my first Final Fantasy game. I thought the story line was pretty good and the Junction system amazing once I had a handle on it which didn't take too long to figure it out.

  • Chris

    They should make Barney 007. He will kick massive ass!

  • matthew

    I have played every FF games 1-6 on roms, and 7-12,13 on disks, I skipped the online, sorry. So why I loved FF back in the day because I can explore and do things I want to do, not so much as story line. FFXIII was by far the best looking FF game their was to date, however until you got to the end the whole game was in a strait line you play the story. If you remember FFVII the story was important too but also was all the side quests along the way; the ability to explore places and go back in forth also between places on the map. I think that’s why people love FFVII so much. If only please Square-Enix would listen to me, make look simpler high end like FFXIII also with the explore abilty like past FF games; and if you would please “Golden” chocobos please. I understand that Square-Enix want this game to be played by kids of little age to but come on. Games these days have more blood and horror then ever before and the world does not come to an end; so if you would please make a little more adult “sexy” with out going to full on porn of course.

  • Crim50nTear

    We need to stop fixating on an FF7 continutation. We all played it, I'm sure we all enjoyed it. Square road that boat til it sunk. They sponged all the money that they could out of one title, if they continued it would just get dumb and ruin the initial story line. You want to know what happened after the game? Well there is a movie for that…go get it.

  • Josh


    • oOoOo

      hey crybaby remove caps and stop crying.

  • callum

    final fantasy X all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! re release it for the xbox along with final fantasy XII

  • Chris Carlisle


  • Adam

    I'm another fan that has been bitterly disappointed ever since Square made FFX13.

    I don't think the linearity of the game is necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly changes the type of game it is.

    I've always been a huge fan of the fact that you can take huge breaks from the storyline, level up, discover tens of hours of hidden content, then get right back into it. The open, free world that it provided was my favourite part of the entire game – and that is saying something, considering the gorgeous graphics.

    Unfortunately, they've tampered with the formula. Not just slightly, they've made it into a totally different game. As a result, I won't be buying Final Fantasy anymore (despite being a dedicated buyer since FF7) – until I hear major reviewers saying they've gone back to how the games used to be.

    If some people enjoy the new type of game that Final Fantasy has become, great. I hope they enjoy it. But for me, I'm simply going to have to find another series of games to love.


    Hi. What I would like to see is a remix of the older Final Fantasy games. But not an ordinary remix like they did with Final Fantasy 7.

    Some games let you make a character and build from that also if we could design some things for the game like an airship, armor, or weapons would be really great. While at the same time keeping tune with the storyline. I miss the the good days of the older versions from snes and if we could bring those back you would have a true winner.

    You can put in some DLC for more hardcore gaming fun and offer a online part for players but not limit the game to online players only. I play both online and offline. I hope this helps.

  • Bjorn

    3 things are required to make a Final Fantasy game amazing. Choice, Fun, and Epicness.

  • Will

    I have read many of the post now. As see it every game in the series of final fantasy series have their good points. I do like the graphic in final fantasy 13 but there been to many dang videos during the game. Like the story line from 7. Enjoyed the story line from 10 as well. Like I said they all have there good points and bad points. But think it be really cool maybe to have it connect all thirteen games to fight and even greater evil that has been working behind the scenes to bring down civilization on all these different planets and more. Being able to go to different planets and the cities on them. Bringing in new characters and some of the old characters.

  • Poopsie

    I'm Tired of FF7, they already milked enough money out if it. What WOULD be nice is a decent FFX sequel, I loved FFX-2 but it could have done so much better….also could have done without Yuna's cousin trying to get in her pants >.>

    • josh

      yeah i think brother ,yunas cousin, didnt have the proper i.q to understand that the whole cousin thing is a no no haha

  • Jeff

    I think they need to focus on storyline more than battling, like in FFXIII, it was like hours of battling and minutes of story. When I played FFVII i remember hours of story. In FFXV i think they should focus on saving the world and I think you should be able to explore the planet free roamingly like in 7,8 and 9. I always wondered what it would look like in better graphics.

  • Abcdude

    FF7 was by far the best one because you could do anything. The graphics were not that special, but the storyline was impeccable. Sephiroth was a bad mofo, the materia finding and leveling was awesome, and the chocobo racing was fun. FF8 was pretty cool too, but 9 was lacking, and once Square switched to ps2 10 and 10-2 were pretty much linear. FF12 was pretty close to the old ways, but no one wants to play a boss for several hours. This isnt WOW. FF13 by far had the best visuals, but it wasn’t really an RPG anymore. It was point A to point B almost all the way through, and the only level that you could explore was monotonous. I think Square needs to go back to basics. Everyone loved FF7 the most because you had the most freedom. If you’re not allowed to pick where you want to go, level up how you see fit, and advance the storyline how you want to, then you’re just in a long movie, not an RPG. Don’t recreate FF7, just make a new hybrid of FF7 and FF12 with FF13 graphics, that will be the best selling FF series. Fallout New Vegas is my new favourite right now. I’ll take complex decision-making over advanced movie cut-scenes any day.

    • Abcdude

      I think for FF15 they should have a young dude who is an orphan, thrust into a war trying to find his purpose. He has a summon that he raises and protects him, like maybe a dragon, but not Bahamut, enough with Bahamut. He gets thrown into different castes or gangs where he picks up other characters, also with their own raisable summons. The story can guide you up until you acquire most of the characters, but then be freerange after that. There should be a couple hidden characters to make it interesting, and maybe a surprise at the ending, like his parents are really the evil villain dictators. The war scenes will have warriors on chocobos, dragons, mages, etc. Keep it simple though. There were times in FF12 where the plot was confusing and I had no idea what they were talking about because of all the silly names. Please don’t make it a love story, you can hint at it but don’t ham it up. Cloud and Aries were cool, Snow seemed like he had a chain around his balls. So they go from gang to gang, war villian to war villain until they acquire enough skills to take on the evil dictators which threaten the world, and so on.

  • C. Douglas

    I think it would serve square-enix well to return, at least for one game, back to it's medieval roots. How about instead of a remake of final fantasy 1, they do a sequal. The world is so old that you can do just about anything you want with it and it returns to classic fantasy ideas and creatures.
    How would the world of FF1 have progressed if the Three great calamities of the original game (the dying of the wind, the stopping of the curents and the great earth rot) never occured. The Wind Fiend did not bring about the destruction of the Lefish Empire. The northern economic seafaring cities did not decline. The Mermish people would still flourish. The Dwarves would still have their great city (Earth Cave, my idea) and you still have the Kingdom of Cornelia and the Southern Elven kingdom. I think anyone could create a good game out of that world. What do you think?


    I believe there needs to be it needs to be steampunk. I want 1910s type world!

  • Chris

    I think there needs to be a cold war type story. Two kingdoms (and some third world kingdoms) have access to extremely powerful weapons but have agreed not to use them against each other and the people inhabiting the kingdoms do not know that that was what the crystals were being mined for and they are unaware of the weapons the kingdoms have. There is an extreme tension between the two over the crystals (what power the weapons). The crystals are running out because the various kingdoms have used most of it in their weaponry. One of the third world kingdoms is now mining for the last of the crystal and neither of the two kingdoms like this and become furious. Each of the two want the crystals for themselves so they begin to fight each other while trying to stop the new contender for the crystals and the powerful weapons from rising to power. The main character would be a miner from the 3rd world kingdom. He is working to raise the money up to buy his own mine, but one of the other kingdoms attack while the miners are at work. This is the final straw for the kingdoms and one of them start clandestine operations to infiltrate the other kingdom and destroy their weapons. The operation fails and they resort to using their weapons, which reveals to the world what the crystals are actually used for and starts a riot. So now the miner leaves his town order to escape the war and stumbles across the remaining members of a traveling circus. This will then create your party along with a few knights/characters from one of the main kingdoms. Don’t know about who the main bad guy would be though. Summons would be masks that the characters find along the way. And they would put the mask on and it turn them into the summon. Just my idea for a game.

  • dean

    i think they should go back to medevil times there much more enjoyable and id like to see a decent archer in ffXv

  • Doug

    I believe that ff13's graphics were good and same goes 4 the story but the battle system in 12 was superb where it was lacking story. ff7 remake would be nice but what about ff9?,10? every1 says ff10-2 was bad…not every1 thought so(including me). anyways for the new game here are some things i would include: materia from ff7 the upgrade weapons from 13 the sphere grid from 10 the choosing weapons/gambits/battle system from 12 the enthralling story from 9 and the romance from 8. I like every final fantasy game except 13 im sorry 4 all u out there who like 13 but i have 2 say its my least favorite the battle system was a bit boring… summons weren't 2 bad though ;D

  • Joshua

    they need to go back and totally redo ffx-2 keep the basic story of it but make it enjoyable and cut out the skimpy clothing. Seeing yuna in some of those outfits made me a little sad i liked who yuna was in FFX and i can understand the fact that tidus helped her "come out of her shell" but geeze guys give the girl some clothes and get pain out of the main party too she would make an ok side role but she holds a small amount of relevance to the big picture, they should also consider making a game about blitz ball because idk about you guys but i really enjoyed playing blitz on FFX i have like 300 hours on my FFX game and 100 of those hours are pure blitz balling.

  • dean

    i really hope they keep making FF games for years but if they dont i think the last game should involve all the best characters from previos FF games

  • dean

    what is blue magic ?

    • Doug

      blue magic is the ability to absorb and or learn an enemy ability! :D

  • Don

    I have played the Final Fantasy series since its inception and I have to say that entries like 2/4, 3/6, 7 and 10 were the best the series had to offer. Granted they all had their flaws, but they all have several things in common(graphics aside), they had great stories, characters mixtures of technology and mythology and large worlds to explore. FF10 is somewhat limited in a few of these but still had a great story and allowed you to change party on the fly. I'm not going to bash any of the others in the series because all FF are good in their own ways, but the ones i did not list seem to have more flaws. If I were to make a story for 15 I would go a different route. Maybe the characters you play as think they are saving the world etc.. but in fact they end up being the evil that was foretold, or maybe one of your main characters betrays you late game and becomes an enemy, have this person kill off a character of story importance but not battle importance. Playing as the villain for the first half to see his story then as the heroes for the second to defeat him….just some thoughts.

  • Dagonite

    If enix remade final fantasy 7 with new graphics but it was the same story line maybe add a couple more mini games in the golden saucer but keep the game play with the turn base leveling the same and using the elements it would by far be the best selling game of all time If it werent for final fantasy 7 i would never have started playing video games in the first place

  • Adam

    i would love to see SE remake ff7 and keep the story the same from start to finish just modernize it update it if you will same story same side quests same missions same music same same same just no horse hoofs for hands and no block bodies think about it the game we grew up with and loved with HD/ PS3 graphics makes me want to scream with excitement

  • Don

    Some more things I would like to see: 1: More use of chocobos in actual battle, after all they are the horses of FF. If nothing else perhaps chocobos in more stylized mini games like a jousting tournament with your characters mounted on chocos facing off against increasingly better competitors. 2: An army of moogles fighting in a war. Moogles always seem to be on the sidelines(barring FF6). They are portrayed as merchants and so on, it would be nice to see another main character like Mog get into the action. 3: A thief character that is actually useful for stealing. Make the game so this skill actually means something aside from the "steal useless items from enemies" and "steal somewhat useful items from bosses". 4: Get rid of useless items that cast spells that you don't get until the end of the game making them obsolete. An example of this is FF4 the firebomb and other items are practically worthless by the time you can actually obtain them and use them. The same is to be said for some weapons and armors. 5: Please don't put items you get at the start in chests at mid-end game. I still remember FF1 getting clothes in the ice cave which for those who haven't played the original is starting armor at mid-end game area. 6: I know some people like to customize characters but I believe they should have defined roles in the game, this gives them more back story and their own identity and individuality. I'll go to FF6, Locke is a thief, Shadow is a ninja and so on, but by mid game every character can scrap their skill set and just use magic, making character identity meaningless. After all who cares about blitzes like bum rush when everyone can cast ultima. By having defined roles the game is more strategic and allows for character development and better story options. If customizing is whats wanted then do it with weapons and armor or relics, give people options but leave the characters to their roles.
    7: Replay potential! Have arcing story lines or paths to "choose" not just do one after another, that affect the story and the game overall. Lots of mini games and side quests that not only are beneficial but fun. Make some be fights against extremely challenging enemies for great rewards and others just fun games for a break from the action that also give things like gil. Have a few potential characters that could be the main villain but are not yet until your actions change them or push them in some way.
    These are some ideas I have had for some time and many of the ranting above are things that I see occurring in many genres of games. Please feel free to critic my list/ranting as I welcome any feedback for or against my opinions. I enjoy the FF franchise and aside from a few hand-held entries and the latest online version i have played them all. Even the ones I rate low I still enjoyed in some fashion as each game in the series is unique and that is why they are where they are today.

  • Jean-Françoi Varin

    Do you know Star Ocan ?
    Without space but in medieval.
    Airships exploring like traveling in a WORLD MAP

    OK take FF 1 to 9 and put the world map in 3d

    Exploration like old times ;)


    They should do a grand REMAKE (not a port) of FF1. BAck storys

  • roger

    First off, stay away from the women main characters. Makes for a horrible game(in my exp.). Secondly, Breath of Fire, Legend of Dragoon, FF1-10(minus FF8 magic/stat system), Lost Odyssey!! ALL GREAT!!! Why? Basic RPGs with little twists to make each on different. So i'm just going to say keep FF15 a basic RPG!!

    • BLABLA


  • Ellen

    FFXIII has been the best FF so far in my opinion. I'm hoping they go for a stronger RPG feel, where you are able to create your own character. But as long as there is a credible storyline and you can pick to be a female character, I don't mind.

  • Zip0

    i am a fan of ff8 and ffx i believe that the creators of both of them were the same . I want a ff with a ship to browse the map such as ragnarok and a story that please the character won't be a dream FFx Tidus :D So much more i want to have the abilities to control the GF Aeon eka Sheeva Ifrit BRing on some new creatures !!!!! and make it possible with hard work and items that are rare to equip and become the ultimate player in your world Weapons that deal max damage and magic :D

  • Nick

    I saw the label "shitty adventure game" to describe FF 13, and that's a pretty good. It moved away from what made the series successful, and one of those biggies is the concept of adventure – going into the wild, exploring, testing yourself.

    My main beef in FF 13 is the characters. I liked Lightning, but Snow, Vanille, and Hope were ridiculous. I don't want an epic drama and "save the world" with 16-year old kids. It's a joke. There's no diversity in the cast, and there's no character chemistry. I'm so sick of the "youth in revolt" plot notion. It lacks intrigue and mystery. Remember when Kain betrayed Cecil? That kind of stuff makes the struggle epic, not amazing graphics, battle systems that do the work for you, faster gameplay, and pretty graphics in a techno world.

    I've been loyal since the SNES days, but I've lost a faith as of late. My $60 purchase of FF 13 was a major disappointment, and a waste of my cash. That won't happen again. My money talks, Square Enix. Get your act in gear.

  • hieronymust

    square enix needs to stop re telling the same old final fantasy cliche stories..'a group of outcasts set out on an adventure to save the world'..that s*** has been played out already!..i mean.why is it so important for SE or any game companies for that matter to have a storyline thats so epic it has to involve the whole planet?..who said epics have to be star wars like?..

  • hieronymust

    also..the CHARACTERS!.
    omg.yuffie.selphi.eiko.rikku.penelo.vanille!did they all come out from the same womb?..wheres the ORIGINALITY there square enix?..its not necessary to recycle the same sub character from one game to another just cuz thats what some want.i think they need to remember that every individual, likes many DIFFERENT things..and.also things you can relate to.can u imagine a person that can relate to Hope? i just wana punch that kid in the he made it that far in the game without the other characters killing him is anybodys guess…

    • Don

      I could not agree more with both of your posts. There needs to be more originality in the story telling period. The same blah blah group of kids/adventurers save the world from evil empire ran its course long ago. If they can't come up with new stories then just look through sites like this one and listen to the players for ideas, many players have great ideas or at least some plot devices and so on. As for the whiny characters they need to go and never come back or at least give players the option to not recruit them. most of them (not all) are not worthwhile in combat and their stories are either terribly done or completely non-existant. More original characters could take their place easily and have much better story arcs.

  • hieronymust

    i think one of tha many factors that made the ps1 final fantasies really successful which is continually overlooked is the fact that they had more than one disk for each divided it into gave it a surprise.

  • ichocobo05

    Make a game where it has a story, and a verses game sepearate.. while you play the storymode you could upgrade your guys, and on the verses mode thats how you upgrade.. juss play story and upgrade while playing the story.. if that makes sence! xD. and instead of it called " Final Fantasy ", call it " Final Wars " that sounds awesome! and take my word, dont put it on PC, i like the games on 360 and ps3…. i dont have a PC. xD. and in " verses mode " you should put the characters from 10 to 14, and make the characters from final fantasy 7 unlockables, from the story.. the further you get.. the more 7 characters you get.. ! : )

  • Swanson

    final fantasy X was my favorite for the story mainly. they just need to stick to old school turning taking thats the reason why were all writing on the board. Because we love turn taking, and it needs too be long, painful and hard.

  • Janoy D.

    They should make this thing epic! make it like FF7, FF8, FF12, and FF13 combined. even tthrow in FF10 in there somehow. probably than staying on one planet, make it like multi-planet or multirealm adventure like FF8 and FF10, include the combined battle systems of FF12 and 13 (the summons have to EPIC, make them rememberable and familiar i.e. Shiva, Ifrit, Bamahut). I could see a FF mix of 7 and 8 as the storyline. Fresh characters with customizable clothing and weapons with some old final fantasy friends tossed in the story to help it along (like the appearance of Cloud in FF: tactics- 12) have familiar characters like Cid play the evil guy or the wonderful ship engineer. well there is some ideas.

  • Melon

    Why are we comparing the recent renditions of FF to 7? FF7 wasn't that great a game (neither was 8 for that matter, both horribly overhyped). Surely, the game should try to develop and grow to keep it fresh. If the gamemakers cling to past glories, the series will become even more stale than it is now.

    The game isn't the problem. The story is. FF10, 12 and 13 had really crap stories and characters. Fix this, and you'll have a successful, enjoyable game.

    • dean

      how did 10 have a bad story ?

  • Jeff

    Just let them be creative, and give us the newest best experience possible. You can’t recatch lightning in a bottle. (ff7)

  • chung

    Why do people keep suggesting games that save the world? Here is a suggestion make a game where the main surrender his power in the beginning like an Angel who choice to fall to Earth to wait for the day he can fall in love who the woman he saw in a future vision. Something happen where her body and soul are in Hell and the hero must faces trials to regain his power and along with ancient artifact so he can goes and save his love. See saving the world is great but saving someone you love even that the expense of the world make it more memorable. As in Final Fantasy 10 Titus willing to break all the rules and fade away to save Yuna.

    • Don

      The main problem with love stories being the core of the story is that there are less motivations for other characters to get involved. This is the reason the save the world plot is used time and again so that all the characters fight for a common theme, granted it is still overused but unless you can give other characters reasons to tag along it will continue to be a mainstay in the franchise.

      • dean

        10 involved most of them

  • Clint

    instead of playing in the good guys shoes play in the bad guys shoes for example. You are "Colt" the villian, your intentions is to purify the world, after the world has pretty much killed itself in sin. So the three good guys (we don't play as) try to stop him. "Colt" and his two followers in the end do succed, and the good guys are spared, since there the only six in like this holy ground as the world is engulfed in flames, afterwards there is one more final scene "Magnum" the good guy kills "Colt". As "Magnum" Looks around at what he has done he sees a vision of a new clean populated world. And he walks through the vision, realizing that the new change was for the better.

  • dfgvsd

    10 was the best do something with that

    • dean


  • Berto

    SE needs put their thinking caps on to come up with a great story. That is the reason why most of us keep playing the games. That's why I do. And they need to stop with the linear story too. Allowing the players to wonder around a town or the world map is half the fun. FF15 should incorporate a lot of the most popular aspects of the previous games. I'm a fan of job classes which make each character useful in different situations. Even though it's not in the FF series, I love the hack & slash system in the Kingdom Hearts games. It looks great in the new preview for Versus. SE should not try to make the game fit onto one disk. With multiple disks the world and maps can be huge. And with a bigger world to explore players can spend more time exploring the new fantasy world and take a break from the story. And not many people will complain about how short the game is and how it only took one week to finish. FF15 should be a new story with new heros and villans. Remakes should be an appetizer not the main course.

    P.S. make favorite's are 7, 8, and 9.

  • mmafanatic

    do a remake or ff8 or 9 they were awesome, or a theme like 9

  • random guy 567

    i think the new ff should have multiplayer in the main game. my fav was 10 and 7 13 was okay to but they should definatly add multi

  • Wyatt Young

    I think you guys should remake final fantasy X! keep the story, juss add better graphics, and some cool looking weapons, and make side quests.. add the cieth stone battle thing from XIII. and keep the roming thing at the end! i loved roming around at the end of the story! "And" put it on Xbox 360 and PS3! cause thats the only game systems people have nowadays! so please take my word "Remake Final Fantasy X!"

  • JudgeDread

    Bring back control of the characters in battle. I'm tired of all these newer final fantasys playing the battle for you. I want to cast the damn magic, i want to res my own people, i want to control when i cure and what EACH of my characters actions are. Gambits and Paradigms are for people that want to see multiple flashy moves without having to do anything but hit the x button. i want to see my list of abilities i worked hard to get, i want to select the magics or attack that they use. And they need to quit calling summons different names. Espers? Eidilions? Aeons? Its all the same god damned thing so keep them with one name please. Get off your graphic high horse SE and start giving good stories with character controlled battles.

    • Shaun Wayne

      Hell Yea

  • Crossfirevii

    Personally an I know ALOT of people will agree with me, square enix haven't made a decent game since changing from squaresoft. 7,8 an 9 are masterpieces and captured angst, emotions like fear, love and hate perfectly.
    7 had a compelling story and the materia system is the best ability/ magic system in any game to date.
    8 on the other hand for me anyway, had far deeper characters and a very intricate and adult theme, the whole squall, raine, laguna thing was genius, it had real depth of character customisation and also a real sense of freedom ( as do 7 and 9 ) the fmv's were awesome and I think empathising with the caracters struggle really came naturally with 8. The card game was refreshing too!
    0n to 9, my personal favourite. The sheer charm of this game should IMO make it a favourite of many a gamer, it oozed coolness with zidane's womanising, steiners bumbling rants and garnets attempts to fit in, graphically I think it was pushing alot of boundaries for a ps1 game and story wise it was epic. The medieval theme was a real plus point as we are playing "fantasy" rpg's and I really dont
    think the series has hit a bullseye since, the 3 games I'm talking about for the ps1 may be graphically inferior, but the world was yours, you really felt a part of it… Somewhere down the line square has lost site of what made these games so appealing… We really don't need top spec graphics if characters, storyline and sence of freedom are compromised in exchange.
    What I mean is 10 and the abysmal 10-2, 12 and defiantly 13 have scrapped the open world system for repetitive narrow corridors, they've swapped beautifully drawn pre-rendered back drops for over the top graphics which Lachlan charm and they've traded text type speech where you have to use a little imagination for crappy voice acting. I personally see the ps1 games as interactive stories where as the latest instalments are like Hollywood B movies.

    What I'm getting to is the fact we don't need fancy gimmicks of flash graphics, sure they're great if the characters an story are they're first.

    I'm so in favour of square going back to ff7 and doing a full blown remake with maybe 13versus graphics, expanding the materia system and world map and adding more minigames and even more freedom to the story, and then doing the exact same thing for 8 and then again for 9… Personally I am utterly convinced this is the only way the series can get back to it's roots as at the moment it's very misguided an has lost direction and most of all it's charm and soul.

  • BLA

    They should make something that like IX paid homage but is original too. It would be cool if each part parodied a past game.

  • andrew

    i belive 7 8 10 were the best ff games but people who want to bring back ff7 i think are nut 7 had its time let it be. we have been let down so much by square lately thats why people want to bring 7 back. square need to wake up and stop bringing us shit like ff13. ff13 had great music and that was it. i just remember when playing 13 running like an ass in a stright line all the time not being able to get away from the storyline to do a side quest or 2. also the storyline was so shit that i didnt get it and if anyone say they got the storyline to ff13 frist time there lieing to themselves or there from a ff world itself.square enix wake up before u kill your own brand.

  • Eric

    I personally think final fantasy is an awesome branch of gaming and i hope they make a game similar to the popular titles 7, 8, 9, and 10 as far as gameplay, i liked final fantasy 12 as well but i found on final fantasy 13 they focus more on the cgi's and its story than the actual play. it took until disc 3 before i could adventure beyond the story's path. i think the story should be "sciency" and interesting but not its biggest focus. it should be able to go outside of its main plot and be a great game even if the player decided to forget about it. leveling up is one of the funnest things in rpgs, wether your leveling your equipment, character, spells, or even minnigame levels the accumulation and self improvment is what makes a players "showing off my stats" ego. i suggest secret weapons galore, minigames and a ton of sidequests and an inovative style of leveling like they did so nicely with ff8 and ff tactics. final fantasy tactics gameplay style was amazing and that itself should be implemented as a minigame.

  • Eric

    i also think that attempting to connect the games in small hints and cameos are awesome like gilgamesh travelling through the void to either become an assistant character or just a summon or boss. remembering the older games are good through suggestion but making an entire remake would be a fail. final fantasy 7 was good but it shouldnt be ressurected it belongs as it is: a classic. if people wanna see more of it just pick up the psone ff7 and play away. i would also suggest not to make it a kids oriented game becuase even the kids now are killing nazi zombies at 8 years old and they dont wanna battle teletubies and hello kitty lol. cool characters like auron, gilgamesh, odin, steiner, character designs like that should be improved on and renewed. not to say comedy should be forgotten i liked battling the jumbo cactuar on ff8 it was a nice comedic relief from the games almost "serious" feeling lol. and definetly try to avoid a huge love interest in it. and try to make the monster design classic not hd new technology crazy looking like ff13 simple is genius. the new espers or summons or eldions whatever their called shouldnt have bicycles attached to their feet and look ridiculus they should look cool.

  • Eric

    multiplayer option is aslo a plus too many games are single player and im hogging up the tv ff9 had a little bit of a multiplayer option but that should be expanded

  • Eric

    just thinking outside the box here but what if they did something completely different from pretty much all games ever released where your the good guy saving the world; and you were the bad guy trying to take it over. the bad guys never win. i twould be a interesting point of view, and being the bad guy is awesome sometimes lol. also having the main character completely customizable would be great where you could make him or her anything you want a trench coat with a shotty or big hooters and a hoverboard lol. and my final side note will be that there isnt enough equipment useally they do armor sheild weapon gloves and boots but there should be earings necklaces scarfs forearm plates leggings and it would show up on the characters as your equipped them, that would be so cool and make each experience personal and unique

  • gilgamesh

    what about an option to play as either the good or bad guy and having a different outcome through each side of the story? throw in a new game+ option for completing one side and carrying over the loot and there you go lol brilliant.

  • Nerd

    how about having an old timey setting with samurais and junk but having say one character from the future like in chrono trigger, final fantasy tactics and oh i dunno data from star trek!, it may be a bit of a gimmick but it wont have the effect of everything being all futuristic and weird looking. it'll have the idea of med-evil but have a cool star-character that everyone will wanna know more about. maybe he can absorb technology into itself? or has a completely different leveling system? (seeing as how he is from the future) lol just a throught (yeah its a sweet idea so like this if you want square-phoenix to see lol) by the way i just personally think mario-rpg was amazing

  • Maverick

    gilgamesh and the void!!! (like it you know you wanna lol)

  • Michael Polson

    Final Fantasy VII is a great game but not so amazing that it deserves such attention. FFVI is probably more deserving.

    I think the main issues with the more recent FFs are the villains. Vegnagun kind of came out of nowhere and Vayne was bland. Kefka, Sephiroth, and Seymour were possibly some of the best villains of FF.

    FF needs a villain that kills without remorse and strategically places himself near the protagonist(s) without their knowledge and making an act like, in FF7, destroying the most beloved character or, in FFV, settling an old score with a horrible outcome. Maybe, like in FFX, tell a secret that no one should have known.

    If there's any category that FF has been slacking in, it's the villain. The villain that changes the course of the game. The villain that does unspeakable act after unspeakable act. The villain that the player loves to hate and cannot wait to destroy.

  • DerpBartz

    I think remaking seven would be a good idea, but don't call it Final Fantasy XV.

    My idea:

    In a world like ancient Asia, the gods (which are comparable to the gods of the Chinese folk religion) have given up on the denizens of earth since they are always fighting and wanting more.

    I have to get off right now, but I'll explain more later if I can.

  • dean

    the thing the newer ones have been lackin is a good story if you look at 10 the story is brilliant im playing it at the moment nd im feeling depresed cause i know wats goin to happen it can make you laugh, cry the newer ones dont do that

  • dean

    does anyone know if there goin to do something for ffx,s 10th birthday

  • Tyler

    15 has to go back to the original fight system, or atleast something like the fight system used in ff10.
    Square Enix also need to go back to the airships, the boats and the big world maps etc.
    It doesn't feel like final fantasy anymore and I find that upsetting as final fantasy games are my favourite!
    13 wasn't the worst game. I think the story and characters were alright and however 3/4 through the game and I gave up. The fight system was infuriating me and I despise having to play as one player.
    The ff series has to go back to how it was.
    I think remakes should be done for all the previous FF's especially 7 & 8.
    Please go back to the old fight style square Enix.

  • FF Gamer

    Lets face it, its a combination of 2 things , great story line and fantastic gameplay. FF7 had a great story line which made you part of that world. FF9 had great gameplay. The best thing about FF are the massive worlds, the large number of side quests (with rewards for completion) I remember having to breed the Black Chocobo (I miss those days). FF13 was a travesty, and was the first FF title that I did not complete. In my view bring back the great gameplay, whether in a brand new story line or in a remake of FF7, either way, the gameplay will ensure playability, and my consumer loyalty to the brand. PS, I am not buying FF14, they tried online gaming before and it just annoyed me.

    • Shaun Wayne

      Not buying chapter 14 either

  • joseph cloud

    whats good every body im hear to give an idea of what finalfantasy 15 need to be it needs to come to our reality with real poeple we know like jay z tom cruez niki minaj leonardo that kid who played in titanic movei rather we know it or not this life that we live is a finalfantasy god and the devils finalfantasy you know there really like giant size video gamers and the name of there game is who has the most souls but like i was saying it would be good to fight bosses like G.W bush and his father who is the son of prescott bush g.w, jr who is the grand son of alister crowly ben ladin,,, you know these are our evil bosses who we have to deal with rather you like it or not, femma is shinra,, the secrect survice is the turks, in our reality so poeple like eminem mily sirus these our folks i put in the game

  • CUFCfan616

    Return to the roots of magic, different character classes that actually make a difference what your party is and a massive world to explore at your own leisure. Bring back the world maps and towns and cities to visit. Some of the best memories of playing FF have been wandering around Garden and Balamb, or finding the hidden locations in FF7 & 9, no rush to do anything, just finding stuff. No more steampunk, no childish love story, aka FF8, and no more running down tunnels.

    The other thing I didn't like about FF13 was how the backstory came in backflashes half way through the game and at the beginning you were stuck into the action without really knowing what's going on and told where to run, what to do.

    Apart from FF7 and FF9, the best Square game I have played is Vagrant Story. An awesome story, brilliant setting and characters you didn't detest. Hire whoever wrote that and see if they can come up with another gothic story that's been better than any FF for the best 13 years.

    Just don't have the story something where the thing that saves the world is love…

  • anon

    just give me the nice ambiance of ff9 and I will be soo happy.

    never liked sci-fis

  • john

    i think that for the new final fantasy, they should go back to the old times such as 5 and 10. I think that the new games are far too modern and complicated, It should be how 10 was, with loads of summons, and a sort of deep and meaningfull journey, with a fragile main character like yuna and tidus were. I also think that they should bring back the crystals and the job systems from final fantasy 5, because this is what the series were originally about. I love the idea of four heroes of light, but then again i also love the idea of gaurdians and a summoner. Overall, the game shouldnt be set in a modern time like 13 or 7, it should go oldschool and be sort of magical, and no electricity, much like final fantasy 10 and 12. Also, it should be NOTHING like 9. ( was a complete fail! )

  • Dominic

    I think what would make everyone is happy is an extended remake of FF7 with added details, possibly longer. That would make it different but also play off the nostalgia, and the old mechanics fans seem to be calling for, plus you might as well get it out of the way while you seem to have no other ideas, and it would sell…

  • Paul

    This is a great question. Yup…FFXIII sucked big time.

    I am craving a classic feeling RPG. FF6 and FF7 come to mind.
    Would I buy and play a remake of either or both? YES! Do I think the remake should be called FFXV? No.
    I think if either game was released as a remake it would bring excitement back to the FInal Fantasy franchise.

    As for Final Fantasy XV, focus on the story. The MAJOR problem with 13 was I hated the story (gameplay aside). There was just nothing to draw me into the game other then the graphics.

    As for story line. It would be interesting to have a story where the player can choose to be good or evil. Its always about saving the world, what about taking it over? Could be a novel idea.

    Either way. I just want a good classic feeling RPG again.

  • J.T.

    I personally thought that FF9 was really good when it came out. It had a great storyline and awesome characters. FF10's sphere grid made character skill expansion cool and simple and at the same time made you level your butt off in random battles to get strong enough to fight the biggest enemies. FF12's development system was ok to me, it might could be used in place of FF10's. If SE were to combine some of the traits into one game, along with the graphic scenery used in FF13, the game would be absolutely amazing.
    -My two cents

  • Morrigan La Fey

    What I think final fantasy needs is another story that means something. I think that Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 10 were meant to get the audience thinking about world issues, and they definitely reflect the creators opinion of them. If you don't believe me look at the themes about ecology in ff7 and how shinra was using up mako energy like fossil fuels. Or look at Wakka struggling with his oppressive religions worldview and a more realistic perspective on spira. The more recent two final fantasies have lost that magic that sways our hearts. Maybe that element of real life mixed in with fantasy is what we really miss.

  • JustME

    Can anyone tell me why the series is even called final fantasy?? I know but im not telling lol

    • Don

      I believe it was going to be their last game as the company was going under but final fantasy saved it from oblivion and into the company we love to hate and hate to love.. If I recall

      • Robert M

        That's correct.

  • sjkcdihe

    I would like to see a new final fantasy game with a more open gameworld where choice determins the storyline

  • VideoGameAddict

    I really do love the series of Final Fantasy and everything. I even have an idea for a new Final Fantasy game but I know that Square Enix might have a policy on not accepting other ideas outside of the company.

  • gell0

    What would be awesome is having a free form battle system… Have random battle sequences like I believe it should be, but take ff13's system and make me able to move around, and use specials, but maybe you can have 2 or 3 of them equipped at once to use at your will after you gain enough Tech points etc… This style of battle system is needed because the non-moving turn based is not adequate when compared to the environment.

    Open-game world is a must. The weapon system in 13 was interesting.. of course a change is always welcome, but the skill system in 13, i felt like i was just climbing a tree, that in my mind was just mundane.

    Storyline – how about a sword/sheild or modern era (with awesome characters such as barret in ff7) type game, where you are a mercenary hired to just kill in one army then the next. Eventually you meet the female or male co-lead (depending on if you chose female or male in the beginning). Which gives you a change in heart, and you have been killing for the wrong reason, and of course the storyline blooms into saving the world.
    Of course twists are always fun so the evil armies best warrior is actually your brother (which you know from the beginning unlike usual) but then you find out your father started the 'good' army, thus making it feel like your destiny to stop your brother.

    Characters- I always believe that depending on your choices in the game you should get certain characters, such as if you pick character A then you can't get character B. This creates a drive to play again and try a different combination of characters.
    —- Also i believe characters should be distinctly different classes as they are in most classic RPG's but this if course personal preference.

    hidden things in the game should exist and if you have an open world should be hard to find. Unlike the missions in ff13, i did enjoy 5 staring all of them, but after it was done i still felt unsatisfied.

    On a side note i really wanted to fight Titan in ff13, because killing Emerald and Ruby in FF7 was the highlight for me.

    Also for people who like to level ridiculous amounts the final boss should scale to your level, and not just top out just become really hard if you get to say level 190/200. But maybe not so bad if you are 100/200, because then you are playing to finish the game not to do everything.

    Either way i am going to buy FF15, does not matter if it is a sequel or not, but I do like the new worlds and new systems i get to play for each new installment of the series.

    Cheers, come on Square Enix give us something good!

    • Kefka

      i like your ideas except for the part of chosing your character gender and not getting char B cus you picked A and monster/boss lvl scaling that sounds like dragon age 2 for me :p

  • shooter

    Why are games like VII and X revered as the recent greats? Because they were the opposite of what SE has been producing recently: deep storylines, non-linear, great variations of the traditional battle system. By going back to these roots and modernizing the presentation (not unlike the initial Versus trailer), they could make another "great" FF.

    They have succeeded with both strong fantasy (IX, X) and "industrial-esque" (VII, VIII) genres, both of those are safe choices. But if you could do a medieval or some other general genre of strife (no pun intended) such a game would have great promise.

  • Nimzi

    Ok I tried to read everyones Comments. My opinion is that All Final fantasy games are great except from the new ones even thought it has better graphics. On of the biggest problems is SE is having is that they forgetting some of the old features that the old FF had. For example: THE WORLD! You could travel the world by walking or FLYING A SHIP. The New FF is too Linear and it keep Following a line from A to B. Only FF Fans know what I mean. I Dont mind if its in a Village or a city but at least the world should not have the new system. FF7 FF8 FF9 are all good and you cannot say FF7 was the best as all had their own Plot and theme. I personally liked FF9 very much because it felt like a Fantasy game which is why is called Final Fantasy. If all FF game be the same then it would get boring soon or later. someone said about Customisation, its good but it should have a limit. Making your personal character or whatever will not make the game very good. Because Final Fantasy was all about finding out what are the new Characters and what the story is? Moreover, you want to know how the world looks like and most of all, THE GAME PLAY!

    I agree that having Mini games like the Mini Card games or the Chocobo games does make a diffrence because the new FF games doesnt feel like your making use of the Chocobos as you just get them to run From one point to another. It needs the freedom and needs the old system back on. Im getting really tied of the new FF games and its getting worse and worse. I was expecting a lot more as they have now better Mechine such as the PS3.

    I like to have a remake of FF7 but i already know the story, which is pointless because you know whats going to happen so its best to create something similar but with a new story and new character and keep the same system as I mentioned but offcourse with a new game system.

  • Alan H

    I agree on something unique however I'm really enjoying working my way through final fantasy 13 I find its story quite entertaining at times. Its has its good points and bad points though, Cutscenes and visuals are very good as usual, however the fact you can see ya enemies before ya attack is something I did not like, I can't play final fantasy 12 as I really hate the combat system change in that compared to earlier versions.
    I'm a FF7 fan and loved the fact ya had random battles and able to call summons to attack was great, the fact they hang about to fight in 10 onwards was dissapointing as I prefer the old style where they arrive launch their main attack then vanish, just like 7,8 and 9.
    I'm eargly await info on ff15 and hoping they go back to the older style of ff7 for the combat, or better still a remake of the entire FF7 game with glorious nice visuals and stuff and still maintain its playability, I hope if they eventually do it, it will have visuals comparable to advent children or better :)

  • Shaun Wayne

    I First started playing Final Fantasy when the super Nintendo NES first hit the market! so I have also had my up’s and down’s with the franchise… Enjoy the setup on chapter 12 except for the fact, by the time Im strong enough to beat the summon monster’s, IM so strong that their services are no longer needed.

    The whole point of having this amazing power in my opionion is so that you can feel like a bad ass when U whoop it out am I right here??? Not the feeling I got From 12.. Chapter 7 materia was a fun way of configuring your character and when I Summoned Knight’s of the Round I felt Like a bad ass!!!! Chapter 8 Limit breaks are fun absorbing 100 magics from every monster suck’s bad… Love the story line though. Well’ Ive wrote more than anyone will read already so Please stop making me spend 50 bucks just to get home to another sucky game. Is Chapter 15 worth my time and my money we shall see???????

  • Terra

    i would like for the next final fantasy to have a little twist to it, ya know? near the end make it so that when they do defeat what they needed to defeat, it leads to a bigger problem because the antagonist they defeated kept it in check or something.(it would be a good twist, very few books/movies/games have included this in thier storyline)

  • T.J.

    why does everyone have to hate ff7 so much? i thought it was a great game. i think that since it was so popular and over exposed,( AC was great, CC was good, DOC idk why they made it) it has as much haters as fans( for example, miley cyrus (during the time she was hannah montana) twilight, bieber (about a year ago) etc etc, the list goes on. i personally think that they should remake because i would love to see it remastered. i also want to see 6 remastered also. and 6,7,9,10,4,8,1,2,5,3,11,12,13. (14 doesnt even make the list)

  • ramon

    ill give a right arm for a remake of FF7. I mean graphics remastered or even add your new battle system in it itll be cool. but if not… then make a new story with a MANLY main character haha

  • Concerned Gamer #9

    If you actually did your research you would've known that XIII sold 13 million copies, foolish internet troll.

  • Concerned Gamer #9

    Oh and for the love of whatever deity you worship no more damned FF VII it was one hit wonder and thats it. So there's a villain who is an alienspawn and turns into some massive blob at the end of the game it isn't that interesting.

  • Tizim67

    SE could do a sequel of any of the classics ff2,3,7,8 and it would sell. But please don't call it ffxv its not a new game its a sequel. Call it buy its original name and fellow up with tease of the new storyline for example ff8 The new sorceress ffxv should be an all original storyline with classic game play.

  • Josh

    I think FF has never tried the path of Oriental. i mean like Three Kingdoms and stuff like that. I mean you get a warrior seeking revenge from the Chinese -like empire, a wise panda, a ninja chick, a lizard traitor, an alchemic prodigy, a pirate captain, and a marionette. I think ancient China has interesting stuff to offer. Or maybe a story inspired by Avatar(James Cameron).

  • Gordon

    final fantasy 15 should be like mario galaxy traveling to different galaxies and planets.the last galaxy is the most dangerous enimies. there is a time limit to reach the last galaxy before the electrical energy shocks and touches everything making it dissappear.a plague that attacks must find away to cure by finding the lightening crystals. and also eliment crystals will help learn new magic. and boss crystals to summon monsters.

  • Jon

    Put Hiroyuki Ito in charge and you'll have an epic game. Guy brought us 6,9 and 12 which were in my eyes the strongest of the series. Sure 12 was let down by a whiney brat and some bad Voice actors, but each had the core ideals of what make a Final Fantasy game great.

    XIII sucked because the man who made Final Fantasy Barbie edition (FFX-2) was put in charge, how he keeps getting work is a miracle to me….

    One thing i do want though from the next FF is Nobuo Uematsu's return as chief composer, his music is atleast a third of what made the series so awesome.

  • Gordon wong

    in final fantasy when encounter enimies the fight should be like mortal combat.and in the finishing moves strip or babality,pulling out guts with magic transformation to gain extra gold exp or weapons and armour

  • dan

    A new or old style game for final fantasy 15 easy answer an old style game with the correct battle system old school tern based battles like ff7 and ff10 the two best im my eyes because they had it all a battle system that worked easily so u could play it even when u were drunk and a story line that made u wont to keep playing even when u were a bit pissed at the dragging leveling stuff and i now what other people will say well there trying to make it all interesting and yes there trying but there falling ff12 and ff13 have had the two poorest battle systems iv seen saying that iv enjoyed the story lines there nothing to blow me away but they did keep my attention and yes i now that ff7 and ff10 are not the only ones there are but iv not played the ones before ff7 as i cant find them and if i can im not paying £30 for a second disk with a story games were every things made of squires as for ff8 i found it confusing and gave up on it and ff9 was a good game just not as good and 7 and 10 in the way of story and why did we have to jump form 10 to 12 and 13 to 15 because of theses online pc games that u have to have a subscribe to and have a computer that has the power to send me in to space to run them on that was good time wasted that could of been used to make a game for everyone but if ff15 must have a new active battle system why don't they use ones that are known to work like the tales series system or my Favorite star oceans that was sweet and have a new super story line to it because we now they cant handle running off an old one as x-2 showed us by being so bad i cant even call it a ff game ( yes i know theres one fall stops and stuff in this im dyslexia and never really got what to do with all that )

  • Jess

    Please give us the fans back our pride a remake of FINAL FANTASY 7

    With same characters and same system of fighting we love that old school system

    Final Fantasy 7 Lives forever Square Enix Make a remake of ff15 with ff7 storyline.

  • Bob

    Honestly i loved final fantasy 13 what i loved about it was you could not really be too over leveled (which i loved) it was different aswell it wasent the whole boy meets girl – fall in love go on an adventure fight some random evil douce and the end i loved how even in the end two people died (two of my fav characters) i mean getting over Aeriths death was hard jks :p and i think allot of people hated it because you could not one hit ko the last boss liek you could with JENOVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Ross

    i really hope someone replies to this post im going to write.

    My life revolves around FF. i have them all 1 – 13 (minus 3 but my gf is getting it for my ds for my bday.. she doesnt know this yet but she will lol) plus a couple spin of games but lets not talk about them.

    7 and 10 are my favourite games. <<< getting this out the way first lol

    what XV (DRUM ROLL) needs is simple. it needs a world map, the only game ive played that had a world map was lost odyssey but i never completed it cause i literly only play FF and zelda lol.

    Graphics to me are very important but i am a web designer so graphics are just my thing. I want a 7 remake as every FF fan boy does but imagine if you will, a FFX remake. im not saying i want this but FXV should be more X related. The story was epic, the scenery was unique, no other FF game was like it. it incorporated all different elements of our world into it. it had cities it had sort of bahamas type place it had mountains and a big asian feel too it too. it was unique and i like that. but the main thing it had above all other FFs was the Monster Arena. that thing was F***ing epic! having to fight all the monsters to level up your sphere grid to ultimatly fight Nemesis.. AND THEN! DARK AEONS HOLY SHIT! plus Penance and celestrial weapons and hidden temples and hiddeon aeons and fun mini games. i mean the game was effing huge! The battle system was tremendous too. it was old school but with tweaks in it to keep it fast and tactical. if FFXV had 13 graphics and like on grand pulse but too a much bigger scale that would just be amazing. + towns and NPCs.

    The one thing though is how later FFs like XII and XIII has is its all about imperial this and high command that. theirs lots of high up characters talking about complex words like nethecite and l'ce its almost like watching elections. i know shinra had it too but shinra was pretty much made up of 5 characters and their was no were near as much speech. the important stuff was said to understand it but it wasnt too much it was just perfect. I play FFs mainly for the story but as much as i loved XIII and XII my mind would wander during speech specially on XII cause i just didnt fully understand it because it wasnt captivating enough.

    One thing i do disagree with though is going back to medievil FF. the reason for this is simply that every single Western RPG is medievil Oblivion dragon age ect ect and i dont think it works too well anymore on a FF, they went back to it with 9 and yeah it worked but i think thats enough. not that i want FF to be futuristic either cause thats just not working for me.. like i said FFX type uniqueness.

    trying to think if their is anything else… (its half 2 in morning lol)

    Oh yeah (once again im not saying it against 12 and 13 cause i really love them especially 12 and i had a countdown app for 13 i really am the biggest FF fan in scotland lol) but stop this AI nonsense. i want to be running along on a world map then SMASH *epic battle music dun un un un dun un un un di di di di lol* i want 3 of my guys on the left hand side of my screen and a few badies on the right and i CONTROL ALL THE GUYS! not stupid AI were they do half the work, i mean seriously by time your guys are on level 30+ on 12 you set the gambits up keep your finger on up and read a book and by time you look at the screen you have completed it.. you really dont need to do anything!

    also im one of the few people who dont care too much about characters that are annoying like vanille i found her pleasent. i hated all of 12 characters bar fran and balthier, the rest were 2 dimensional, and Vaan wasnt even needed. Lightning was cool but she needs a joint or something to chill out. main character of XV should be like Irvine from 8 with a bit of honour like Cecil think a good mix. and a female character like Aries. angelic but not annoying and useless, a bird that can hold her own lol…

    anyways i hope someone takes the time out to read this and reply i would love to debate this with someone :) night

    • Justinhall8686

      Ross- I couldnt agree more with the things you have said! Yes people did like 13, but they were mostly kids just getting into Final fantasy, They need to throw us oldschoolers a freaking bone, we are the ones who made this franchise so huge in the first place. Graphics are important but it seems they have have gotten TOO important to the makers of these games. SPEND MORE TIME ON STORYLINE, CHARACTERS, AND A FRAKIN WORLD MAP!

  • Lani Solfire

    As a devout follower of the franchise since I first discovered it I have to say I am very dissapointed that square is trying so had to encourage "new" fans by changing the traditionality of the final fantasy series instead of staying true to there real fans who grew up and loved there games. I personally started with final fantasy 9 and worked my way forward all the way up to 13 and I personally believe they are trying to hard to change the games into a diffrent type of game completely. I Myself now have played every final fantasy game (accept 11 because i thought that was a spit in the face to squares true fanbase) and consider myself a devoted fan (even so far as to playing the spin offs like final fantasy tactics and mystic quest). Final fantasy is still one of the ONLY turn based rpg games that is still amazingly fun to play and there is always an epic storyline with amazing music. Even the newest ff13 still kept mostly to this but i fear the biggest downfall is the gameplay and if square continues to "reach out" instead of listening to there true fans the ff series will liekly go the way of sonic

  • Daniel

    Final Fantasy 15, for the PS3? Oh the possibilities.

    How about a Final Fantasy 7 remake? Oh, come on. We all want it. And yes, 7 is the best, coming from some one who has beat them all. It had more memorable characters, and game play then other games. Final Fantasy 13 was absolutely horrible to me. Took to long to get into the fun parts of RPGs. This is what it needs to have.

    If not a Final Fantasy 7 remake:

    Weaker story? What? Yes. The story was to in depth, making me confused at sometimes, and the cut scenes were to loooong. Give us text based story.

    Turn based battles. Nuff said.

    Customizable characters? Might be cool.

    Include more weapons. I want to update weapons all the time. This is one of my favorite parts of RPGs.

  • Bvs

    Year after year Square-Enix have been making worse and worse final fantasy games after the merging of Square and Enix, focusing on graphics more and more, at the same time less and less on the gameplay i.e. "freedom of movement" (world map)

    Before they try to remake the title Final Fantasy 7 or add another instalment to its saga (A legendary title created by square-soft), they need to prove that they can do so without harming its image,

    The 1 thing no Final Fantasy fan wants to see is a failed remake/addition to Final Fantasy 7

    They need to make a NEW final fantasy title but focus more on the game play, to prove they can live up to square's reputation for making grate Final Fantasy RPG

  • Shon

    I would like to see a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS3. Add the FF 13 conversation bar in where the characters talk and have full voice overs. The combat should involved into something similar to the Kingdom Hearts franchise and FF Versus 13. Tune up the graphics and keep everything else the same and let's make it happen.

    Also if Square Enix does a future FF game series, I would like to see something new like "Final Fantasy : Spirits Within" type of game. Controlling squadrons and firing alien tech type of guns and using crazy spells to go against creatures who are invading the human planet. Let's see more modern world type of fantasy's.

  • that1guy

    ff9 remake. better limit breaks/trances, multi hitting attacks. more realistic style. make excalibur 2 possible to get with a buncha crap. and finally basically get rid of eiko, meaning not making her a playable character and give all the best white magic/summons to sarah garnet dagger whatever. that game would be just too good

  • Brian

    Why not let the main characters be the villians?

  • Raquel

    FF7-10 all had that one thing in common…a strong, well thought-out, emotional, “pull at your heart strings” storyline that FF11-13 has lacked. FF10 is by far my favorite storyline. I’ll admit…they could have made Tidus a little less flamboiant at times. But all in all, as we played this game, we watched him grow into a man; so different from the little childish boy that he was at the beginning.

    Anyway, do you see my point here? We get wrapped up in these beloved characters. Their individual stories, personalities, flaws, as well as their main impact of the game. FF11-13 became too futuristic and the characters too technical and cold.

    To fix the FF franchise, I think that SE needs to get back to it’s basics. Better storylines, less-futuristic, robotic worlds, and (dare I say) romance. Not to mention…those ever so precious, butt kicking tough guys such as Steiner and Auron that we have all come to love. (Every group has to have it’s older, wiser, and more experienced bad-ass).

    Remakes? Eh, I don’t think that we would even be mentioning remakes if SE gave us the storylines similar to those that we came to love in the past installments of FF.

    My solution is simple…..get back to the roots of the RPG. Intense storylines, favorable characters, tone down the action a bit in the battle system (one that is less “first person shooter”esque), and of course….romance. :)

  • Memi Nemi

    Hmmm I think that what ever FF15 will be will parallel with another game im sure of it……. Personally I would enjoy a crazy game full of a class system like FFT, a summon system like FF6, and stories as good as FF7, 9, 10, and 13….or it could bring a new aspect….Art is all about the new and the better…. You lose stuff when you work in the exact same style in a new composition…example ALL squeals to movies (except maby toy story 3 but especially Disney movies), FFX-2 although I did like the class changing except no summons = no go… and I couldn't get into the story. anyways Im blabbering BS now so Im gona stop here.

    oh but wait

    To me I think FF9 and FF13 kinda feel like remakes of FF7. FF9 with relation of Kuja and Zidane almost on the same plane as Sephiroth and Cloud. Oh mind you an alien planet (possibly thought of as a meteor) is going to take over the planet's life stream makes my brain flick on FF7 omg omg omg ….Lightning is basically the same personality as Cloud even similar hair. Also the whole technology/real world think. I remember being stuck in a very mechanical and futuristic place for a good portion of the beginning of FF7 then allowed to roam a big open space hmmm (ok that one may not stand very well but w/e) I just notice some parallels. I say let square-enix do their think they are doing a great job in unity and creativity.

  • want old rpgs back

    Please return to turn base combat and all will be forgiven

  • Charlie Westman

    ok, you know advent children? that was pretty good huh. i would like to see another final fantasy movie like that. as a matter of fact ive been playing 10 again lately and i cant stop thinking of how awsome it would be to watch a movie of braska’s pilgramage. y’know with jecht and auron 10 years prior to the story. watching those jecht spheres make me want to see more of thier journey sooooo badly.  you gotta admit, it would be pretty damn epic.

  • Charlie Westman

    ok, you know advent children? that was pretty good huh. i would like to see another final fantasy movie like that. as a matter of fact ive been playing 10 again lately and i cant stop thinking of how awsome it would be to watch a movie of braska’s pilgramage. y’know with jecht and auron 10 years prior to the story. watching those jecht spheres make me want to see more of thier journey sooooo badly.  you gotta admit, it would be pretty damn epic.

  • Renato Banagudos

    i love FF, especially tactics,  9, 10, 11 and 12. 13, 8 and 7, although i liked them, i couldnt get myself to finish them for some reason i loose motivation.
    15 should be something like an amalgamation of things, music that is so imaginative like Valkyrie profiles 2 and/or Naruto , storylines so complex but moving like Naruto, characters so well developed liked Naruto(20 or more playable characters with individual fight styles), and a battle system that includes 4 characters that relie greatly on team work like Chrono Cross, Dragon Age Origins or Naruto.
    yes lol, i know, since naruto companies cant make a great naruto game, FF should make one. base on a ninja world era, but instead of naruto and his gang as the protagonist, make akatski the lead with capturing the 9 jinkurikan as the summons, the leaf village destruction as the main mission.

  • Anonymous

    FF Games have brought a wealth of enjoyment and knowledge to my life. The vast disconnect from reality with their ongoing fantasy worlds has always enticed me again and again to play these games. And as a child playing them has taught me lessons here and there on life and simple things. one thing Ive always noticed is that most of the games try to have thier own stories that are different from the others minus a few things like chocobos and airships and minor similarities. this difference has avoided conflic between these games so one wasent better than the other, or one should have been more like this one, or they forgot these people or these things from the other game. Just like movies. In the Aliens movies, I thought that the 3rd movie was a poor movie all together. Lack of characters and adventure. And with all that ripley had learned in the previous two movies, one alien killed near all of them. The problem with sequels is as a new one comes out it is difficult to make it as good or better than the one before it. Wich that is the goal because once the audience thinks they have seen it all, you blow their mind with new and twisted stuff to keep their interest. Having the FF Games stories different has kept these games going as long as they have. To my knowldge no game or movie has as many installments as FF.  So as for an idea to keep the legacy going, lets take a different approach to this. As we all no FF games always have a large expanse of places and things to do. wich makes alot of the games last a long time for gameplay. I say take final fantasy through space. Have a new game where airships could take carachters through space to different planets and different lands on these planets. Have a Galactic Empire or similar force or a godly force try to rule the universe and expand the characters involvment in the game with other races and peoples on different planets but keep the game in tune with origanal ideas as to not go too science fiction with it and ruin the FF ideals. As with the first FF game ever it took place in a medevil setting and time. In FF 12, there was a combination of old and new ideas of a land run like an medevil time but worked with the advance technology of modern times and future techology. That has been the benchmark of most FF Games and it has made them rule amongst other rpgs. But also keep in mind that the stories must have love, heartach, twists turns and an overall good story plot that can make anyone gammer become one with any character in the game.I dont just play FF games, I feel them.

  • Anonymous

    FF Games have brought a wealth of enjoyment and knowledge to my life. The vast disconnect from reality with their ongoing fantasy worlds has always enticed me again and again to play these games. And as a child playing them has taught me lessons here and there on life and simple things. one thing Ive always noticed is that most of the games try to have thier own stories that are different from the others minus a few things like chocobos and airships and minor similarities. this difference has avoided conflic between these games so one wasent better than the other, or one should have been more like this one, or they forgot these people or these things from the other game. Just like movies. In the Aliens movies, I thought that the 3rd movie was a poor movie all together. Lack of characters and adventure. And with all that ripley had learned in the previous two movies, one alien killed near all of them. The problem with sequels is as a new one comes out it is difficult to make it as good or better than the one before it. Wich that is the goal because once the audience thinks they have seen it all, you blow their mind with new and twisted stuff to keep their interest. Having the FF Games stories different has kept these games going as long as they have. To my knowldge no game or movie has as many installments as FF.  So as for an idea to keep the legacy going, lets take a different approach to this. As we all no FF games always have a large expanse of places and things to do. wich makes alot of the games last a long time for gameplay. I say take final fantasy through space. Have a new game where airships could take carachters through space to different planets and different lands on these planets. Have a Galactic Empire or similar force or a godly force try to rule the universe and expand the characters involvment in the game with other races and peoples on different planets but keep the game in tune with origanal ideas as to not go too science fiction with it and ruin the FF ideals. As with the first FF game ever it took place in a medevil setting and time. In FF 12, there was a combination of old and new ideas of a land run like an medevil time but worked with the advance technology of modern times and future techology. That has been the benchmark of most FF Games and it has made them rule amongst other rpgs. But also keep in mind that the stories must have love, heartach, twists turns and an overall good story plot that can make anyone gammer become one with any character in the game.I dont just play FF games, I feel them.

  • Kentahwood1

    Final fantasy 15 needs to bring back the new. Adb system that was in part 12. Final fantasy took a step back in 13. The auto talk was good and the new graphics was great but the button mashing was rediculous I missed out on the action cause pressing the button to much. In final fantasy 12 I could program my character with gambits to do what I want them to do. All I had to do was explore and enjoy the action. Bring back adb with the new graphic and auto talk. And maybe. Different combos for each chacacter

  • Kentahwood1

    The story lines are allways good that not the problem. .bring back that black guy in ff13 make him or his son the lead character and bring back von from ff12. Incorparate the adb system with high action attack moves like in valkrie profile (with break mode) but in real time.

  • Mattff

    whatever happened to limit breaks in ff13, seriously limit breaks were one of my favourite things, plus bring back stuff like materia in ff7, i always loved finding new materia and finding out what they did

  • Mattff

    whatever happened to limit breaks in ff13, seriously limit breaks were one of my favourite things, plus bring back stuff like materia in ff7, i always loved finding new materia and finding out what they did

  • JBoy1162

     In my Oppinion Final Fantasy IV was the best, The true fight against good and evil, Realising your fate. Discovering who your real friends are. And the Romance between Cecil and Rosa.

    My ideal FF game would be to
    1. Let all the characters fight (Maybe be in control of 4 and the rest as NPC’s)
    2. Turn Based
    3. Actually being able to explore ninstead of going in a shtraight line all the time (FF13)
    4. Stop being Futuristic
    5. Deep Storylines
    6. Amazing mind blowing twists that make you think, Wait… What just happened
    7. Get the old music back
    8. Awesome Cutscenes

  • JBoy1162

     In my Oppinion Final Fantasy IV was the best, The true fight against good and evil, Realising your fate. Discovering who your real friends are. And the Romance between Cecil and Rosa.

    My ideal FF game would be to
    1. Let all the characters fight (Maybe be in control of 4 and the rest as NPC’s)
    2. Turn Based
    3. Actually being able to explore ninstead of going in a shtraight line all the time (FF13)
    4. Stop being Futuristic
    5. Deep Storylines
    6. Amazing mind blowing twists that make you think, Wait… What just happened
    7. Get the old music back
    8. Awesome Cutscenes

    • Prince Al-Marzouqi

      4. Stop being Futuristic7. Get the old music back8. Awesome Cutscenes

      FF13 had the best of those 3 things you’ve mentioned!

  • Ericsamuelsphd

    Why is the verses game only on the psp? Bring it to the ps3

  • Lil_cat_23

    I have to start by saying I have a special place in my heart for the PS era games. That said, I hated 12. My view is simple, keep the graphics, bring back Uematsu because the music was so much better then, get a better, more complex story together, and put the battle system back how it was. I don’t hate 13, but I feel like I’m on auto-pilot until I get to Pulse, and that just becomes redundant. Get creative again. And definitely throw some major twists in, like in 7, 8, and 9. I like having to play the game a few times to completely understand it. But leave out the retarded predestined god choice though…seriously, I threw my controller down and quit in 12 when Ashe was carried off to dreamworld by the gods in the game, and my hope in 13 being a return to amazing died with the Fal’cie. And one more thing, stop making up words we can no longer spell without punctuation randomly inserted.

  • Ericsamuelsphd

    How about starting a story with a warrior whos at max lvl the strongest in the land, training a recruit, when the legenday warrior is attacked by a rare mystic spell that causes him to lose his great strenght and forces him to follow the way of the black mages

  • Cysal

    I was not disappointed in the least by Final Fantasy XIII, and in my opinion, they should listen to the fans who’ve stuck with them through the years as I have and supported them, not the ones who gripe and find the most minor things to complain about from the minute they pick up the controller. As with most video games, Final Fantasy XIII isn’t for everyone, and if you don’t like the game, don’t play it. It’s that simple. 
    I thought the story was emotional, unique and gripping, the characters endearing, the battle system fun, and the graphics gorgeous. I’ve played and loved every Final Fantasy, but XIII has become my favorite of them all, and Lightning has become my favorite lead character. 
    I would like to see another strong female lead character for FFXV, but other than that, I have faith that they’ll make yet another great game, so long as they stay true to their biggest supporters. And while I love Final Fantasy VII, I find that it’s gotten more attention than any of the other games, and while a remake would be fun, I think it’s had it’s time in the spotlight. Multiple times in the spotlight, actually.  

  • Prince Al-Marzouqi

    A party of 8 characters or more like FF (Type 0)!! As for the story, FF13 had a great one. I would like to see pirates in a FF game and a fly ship on PS3. Open world with lot’s of monsters and magic. FF15 needs to focuse on FANTASY and take us to a real fantasy world. It would be nice to have an adventure feel to it. Forests, dungeons, under the see, countries on the sky…etc I would love to visit those places .in a new FF game (FF15). I wanna see new creature or even mermaids, fairies, elves and like a said, pirates! A story focusing on taking us to lots of magical places (A combination of fantasy and adventure) . Lots of evil guys as well.

  • Joemez066

    I think final fantasy needs to go back to what it was.  For me FF 6-10 was bascially my childhood growing up into my late teens.  Those games defined a lot about how i developed into a man haha!!!  its true but the emotion from those games made me feel amazing and the story even today into my adult life I can still remember!!!

    How about we go back to turn based combat.  And bring back limit breaks, real summons, and strategy for combining magics like materia system.  lets focous on final fantasy fans through the years give us what we want.  open world maps, tons of weapons to find and magics materia to discover and combine, and bring next gen graphics to hardcore final fanstasy fans who have been loyal.. 

    keep it up like 13 but bring back the old school feel like ff7 with the open world map and amazing fantasy towns but with beautiful next gen graphics!!!

    bring back Nobuo Uematsu!!!

    lets have one strong main character focous on him, and bring other characters in to create a bit of diversity and set the mood at times.  Like in ff7 u had such a great range of charcters that all had something to do with one goal in the storyline!!!

    ***** what I’m trying to say is, “stop trying to keep up with the Jones”.  what makes fallout and mass effect great could never define the greatness of what final fantasy was and forever will be!!! 
     Final fantasy was always great because it was a intense, 100 hour, replayable, intense story, time turnbased rpg, with amazing characters, music, towns, and huge open world maps!!!  final fantasy is its own genre of rpg… it is emotional.  Lets make an amazing main character with one amazing villian like ff7!!!  Lets bring time turnbased back cause thats what final fanstasy is, and bring the beautiful next gen graphics and colors to support that combat and open world feel. 
    final fantasy will never be a action rpg.  Mass effect is an amazing action rpg.. but isn’t an amazing final fantasy key term being “fantasy” rpg.  what made final fantasy amazing was the fantasy feel.  The amazing larger than life towns and world maps… the huge swords, the limit breaks that came just at the right time.  final fantasy could make u mad, happy, sad, by using a fantasy story and world.  but it made u also feel human through those emotions of gameplay!

    *****Conclusion, stick to what made you rich and famous square-enix.  That is time turn based with a focous on an amazing story/quest.  You can make the graphics as pertty as you want.  but, don’t change what final fantasy is at its core, a “fantasy game” not a realistic feeling rpg!!!!!!!!  go back to turn based fantasy it worked for you before.  Give it one more try and I guarentee you will not be let down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  • invader zim monster

    I think they should make a remake of the first original Final fantasy cause I didn’t ever get to play the first one. I wonder what happens in the first Final fantasy. I they do it, it should have really good graphics like  Final fantasy 13.

  • Cero Obscuras

    SquareSoft, it was an RPG, i understand that some things need evolution, but not this, FF shoudnt change any more, please, return it to what one made it FAMOUS.

  • 21212

    I think square enix could make money with downloadable after years games like they did with FF4……I think new games should tell new tales, but the focus needs to be on story.  Square also needs to do away with AI Programming battles.  It’s not fun……

  • Faithfull RPG Lover

    They need to make a Legendary storyline like FF7 and FF10, as for game play I love most of the new style Mechanics and i still love the old style mechanics and i feel most people feel the same, But the old mechanics will always be the best,  FF13 storyline was great but the cut scene every 5 seconds got old quick, and not having the freedom of the original FF’s to go wherever you wanted ruined it some as well,  I think a new FF game should be incredibly long with just the main storyline A world 10x the size of the original Final fantasies like 7-9 while being able to move freely like in Fable/Oblivion but with random battles
    and maybe for Game play you can chose what you want to be for the main storyline in the beginning (instead of becoming incredibly overpowered at the end by doing it all and grind forever.

    -Long Legendary storyline that grips you in (without cut scenes every 5 seconds)

    -Large free roaming world

    -Freedom to choose what you are(even if it takes longer to create the story to surround each type)(so as not to become overpowered late game)

    -Random battles (or the option to turn it off (only at the beginning) and if you do have them roaming around
    like in FF12 but takes you to a separate screen

    -250+ Side quests

    -Mini games 10-25 and none half done or cheaply made, but not giving you over powered items

    -Choose-able difficulty’s at the beginning (just easy, normal, hard(only effecting the main storyline))

    - Hundreds of Themed attire for the game that goes with the story (diverse)

    -Thousands of Weapons none being incredibly overpowered But still Strong or unique in their own way late game(weapon enchants and such)

    -so many other addons you can add in as well, Old song themes from previous titles, in-game acheivments that if you do them give you small bonus’s

    -customizable look to go with your main characters theme (rogue/warrior/healer/mage/summoner) as long with Male/Female with storyline going with it (just small changes)

    -No online play (would ruin the game like most games 99% of the time that are RPG’s)

    -No Kinect/Move/Wii like Fable is doing which will Trash the franchise for a few extra bucks which will actually make them Lose a lot of money

    that’s just my personal opinion

  • tag

    This could be a new idea have the sommon’s more aggrassive have their attack’s get better put them with
    5 level’s of mastery like limit break’s like ifrit going to do hell fire attack put more attack’s to it when he does more explosion.

  • tag

    And have the sommon’s like FF12 by following us.

  • tag

    And here’s a anather idea should have the esper’s sommon’s gaurdian force’s talk.

  • JK

    a lot of comments i see… so i’ll just say: ‘Remember, why was this called Final Fantasy in the first place?’

  • tag

    Yo SE hold tight im quietly wroting a lot of idea’s.

  • Renato Banagudos

    ok heres an idea… turn FF11 into a single player game and call it FF15. it has great storylines, great music, great characters, great monsters, huge environment, and the game mechanics are all ready there. all you need are support characters, thats simple, just come up with recruitment guilds, use existing jobs just much up with FF12 AI and of course better graphics.

  • tag

    put new bed’s like hamma bed’s for inn’s that would be funny if one of the charecter’s fell of it lol and hit the
    floor hard that would be very funny cutscene or during the story have the beach’s like very long and leveled
    have the wave’s like very long have them go way up on the shore.


  • tag

    put this game like time to do this now put it atleast little bit spacial atleast lesser and have the spell’s like
    with level’s like have a charecter done a huge tornado powerfull spell like put the charecter’s almost true god’s and here’s anather idea or do this not make some badland’s that some island gone to apaclype’s like
    a undead dark island with undead monster’s huge behemeth’s walking around and the land scape’s with the
    science fiction like with black towering mountain’s with dead tree’s laying around and have the with dark
    deep crack’s that fan’s cannot see the bottom and have the cloud’s thundering and have the island’s like
    dark brown and with huge dead tree’s laying around.

  • tag

    Holy bucket’s i ben up all mostly night playing FF13-2 now im stock where to get the last graviton core i was thinking about have chocobo racing better have chocobo’s get faster like into ultimate racing machine
    it would be outstanding fun though like have more race’s on the coure’s beside’s chocobo’s and more course’s track’s about 4 to 7 of them and have them short and long more lap’s 3 to 6 lap’s i think and oh
    and put more racing charecter’s like have wolf’s racing and one of them horse’s from final fantasy 12 like
    have them different better design for racing to have the charecter’s build level’s to build up speed from experiance point’s to build up speed have stamina boost build with ap have stamina boost have more
    abilitie’s like start with sprint by building up ap to better abilitie’s after done with the race like in any place
    have the charecter’s get faster. 

  • tag

    Matter fect i think square enix put FF13-3 for example have like lightning return but no bikini outfit’s put the chocobo racing extreme overwhelming what i just wrote about chocobo racing and have square enix released FF10 remake this year or maybe sometime early next year uncluding the ather game’s outtheir
    and have anamoly puzzle not on the FF13-3 anymore that just get testing of about that their have taking of
    and put FF13-3 the new coccoon just huge anough to roam it. 

  • tag

    Here’s anather better idea here with chocolina’s charecter’s how bout square enix build a chocobo village
    with them along with tree buiding’s like in Nier have the buiding’s bigger and widder and have some several
    chocobo’s put this on the new coccoon world and put the story like with episode’s and chapter’s and put a
    anather race course’s on new coccoon world of fun. 

  • SymbolicDrummer

    Everyone is saying XV should have a story like FF7. People like this don’t understand what Final Fantasy is (or what it should be). It is a new, fresh experience every time. The characters have to be developed and the story has to be strong, that is all I ask from the next FF game. …And maybe a less active combat system. If I wanted a third person live action Final Fantasy I’d just go play Kingdom Hearts *cough* FFv13 *cough*.

    • tag

      Dude i wonte agree about that their what if square enix might failed have FF15 like FF7 story i ben thinking about that what fan’s just braught up about this if it failed then square enix just wasted big huge time on it  i rather agree new fresh experience that square enix will show light of the day and
      yeah square enix are going way over greater about these new title’s but fan’s just wate once
      you get this Final Fantasy 15 it will be surprise. 

  • K0urosh27

    Am I the only one who thinks ffxii was the best ff??
    And even if it was not the best I REALLY LOVED the new ADB

    • Zachary Bryan

       i agree on that entirely

  • tag

    Im sorry square enix that this is taking very long to get some writing done but im getting far on my rpg classic game’s in Final Fantasy 7 classic game and Final Fantasy 9 to include’s im trying to find a ps2 console long time ago i sold it though and im trying find some more idea’s. 

  • tag

    Ok well im ganna tell some of it here underworld cave have a hole on the lake about 8 or 9 feet wide round
    have it twirl like a worldpool once fan’s enter the cave have it 1.37mile drop with the waterfall and put a waterslide next.

  • Peronwalley

    i think they should bring back the airships and canoes and make the battles either like the original final fantasy or like final fantasy 10. also they should build a game on what the customers want and not something stupid like 13 and 13-2

    • tag

      Yo dude i have something that it’s going to half surpass final fantasy 7 remake or mostly but im not putting stuff down like 13 style no it’s not this is something else that you haven’t came acros before
      seen or heard about this look it don’t you want go into underworld cave what it has that square enix
      are (making top sacred close fantasy title’s in the feature) like have a boat and your went into the big
      underworld cave and including im working something else really great to for square enix feature plan’s
      and saveral more great thing’s but it’s big and great but i don’t think i can’t make the whole fantasy map of it if to be on supreme level to make it or i might and im really active and agrassive on it though
      it has every all kind’s of view point’s it really has and it look’s big and amazing.

  • NeoAquarius12

    I believe that there is a lot of room for growth as well as room for returning to the old ways. Similar to how the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection was a collection of unique games with similar ties, the future of FF probably lies in that area, as a multitude of games that appeal to all gamers. Having a proper and classic turn based game and then a highly actionized real time game would surely meet the demand all of these people are asking for.

    But when making a classic FF game, you really need to incorporate pieces of nostalgia that begs us to demand more from a story. The customer wants to engage in a story, but also be able to shape the world that they are in. They want to find new places, and people. and secrets that are so unimaginably difficult to find that they both annoy and excite us.

    And when making a modernized type of game… go with the Kingdom Hearts type of play. No need to invent new and difficult battle systems, when the current ones are worth rebuilding in a better way. I imagine that is what FFXIII Versus will be like, but you never know.

    And don’t forget your chocobos and such. You have a brand to keep in mind!

  • tag

    I thought anather idea im just ganna say this anyway’s make a anather encounter like gargoyle big like
    diablo’s in Final Fantasy 8 with bigger wingspan have it fly just quick and have them same color detail
    like in Final Fantasy 7 classic more realistic and almost same style like diablo’s but not red put it like blue

  • Orlando Hernandez

    Square Enix should put missions like going back to space like the old final fantasy game like 4 , 7, 8 and the card games

  • tag

    It look’s like square enix talking about global big project’s holy bucket’s hey what if konami throw their
    yu-gi-oh idea’s in new Final Fantasy title’s one of their top 10 deck’s.

  • tag

    Hello Square Enix Head Qaurter’s Employee’s and ceo look i need more time to write it of Extreme high
    graphic’s worth of etc graphic’s worth of etc leveled of quality to be revenued and i think this underworld
    cave going to become the legendary cave that fan’s ever came across and i think it need’s a engine to it
    because it’s huge though it’s about 6.00km wide and 12.00km long or maybe less longer i haven’t gotten
    that far yet this cave going to become unblevable and just outstanding!!! it’s going to become fun funner and
    funnier yet streight through logical order (The Underworld interior fantasy cave).

  • tag

    And this cave i think it’s going to be top of the line.

  • tag

    Square Enix look in to fondito’s it’s fullfilled of Descktop wallpapper’s it has lot’s of thousand of idea’s.

  • tag

    Square enix i thought an great idea for just cause 3 put a Megaconda like in lost tape’s
    have it on bumuda triangle island and put a huge kraken on the lake somewhere have it atack boat’s and have a sign said Do Not trasspassing Their’s a Giant squid up ahead.

  • tag

    Square Enix Here’s some lot’s of Building’s of cathedral’s and palace’s and more their will
    be more coming yet and im working hard on this huge cave to well here it goes’s Fort Jefferson, Acient Glamour Istanbul, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Whittington,
    Gloucestershire-Atypical Country Village, 14th Century Bridge Over The River Dee,
    Llangollen, The Coucil House, Birmingham, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Glasgow’s Art Gallery, The University of Glasgow, Esplanade Edinblurg Castle, Rock of Cashel,
    Alpine Village, The Low Countrie’s, Porte De Hal Brussel’s, Palais De La Nation,
    Cinpuantenaire Arcade’s, Luxemdourg City, Grand Ducal Palace, Atypical Cantilever Bridge Over Canal, The Munttoren, Isartor Gate Munich, Raesfeld Castle Westphalia,
    Rothenburg Bavaria, Porta Niegra Trier, Schauspielhaus, Bamderg, Wasserburg upper
    Bavaria, The City of Munich, Flensburg, Hamburg, Germany Hamburg, Harbor Berlin,
    Germany, Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark, Stock Exchange Building’s,
    Oslo Norway Lofoten Fisherie’s, The Stave Church, Vaster Bro Bridge, Stock Holm,
    Helsinki Finland, Chillon Castle montreux, Bern Switzerland, The Kramgasse and Clock
    Tower, Bern, Cathedral Bern, Geneva Switzerland, Ancient Cathedral of St, Pierre,
    Spiez Castle, Bernese Oberland, St. Gallen Cathedral, Palace of Schonbrunn on the
    Out Skirts of Vienna, Salzburg, Castle of Estherhazy, Portugal Belem Tower castle of Pend Near Cintra Gossip at The Village Well Rural Portugal The Lure of Spain The Alcazar Segovia El Retiro Madrid Casa de la Real Panderia La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Street Scene Cordoba Arco Delaa Pace (Arch of Peace), Milan, The Colosseum The Arch of Constantine Wind Mill Sicily Pante Vechhio Florence The Castel Sforzesco The Cathedral of Milan Venice Tower of Pisa Cathedral in Ancient
    Carthage place Du Gouverment Algier’s New Medina Casablanca Admiralty Building’s
    Algier’s Native Bazzaar, Tunis Pyramads of Egypt, Tunisian Rug Embroidery Market
    Scene at Manlay, Typical Mosque in Morocco, Camel’s at Rest in Algeria, Mosque at
    Kano, Nigeria, Pyramid of the sun,

  • tag

    Square Enix the cave it has landscape’s like in Aeos from Star Ocean The last Hope and
    Building’s are like in Vallhala and their’s about three lake’s the third lake it’s in the huge area where fan’s really come up at from the second lake and the cave it has cloud’s like in
    Vallhala to also and their’s pyramid city to the end of the cave along with the valhala building’s and also their’s big giant water fall’s coming through the cloud’s going on top
    of the island’s and on the third lake it’s like the same style from Final Fantasy 8 that purple water tsunami background gf’s attack: silent voice gf siren.

  • tag

    Ok Here’s some more Hotter Buliding’s yet
    Replica of Mayan Civilization Concordia Park Tegucigalpa (Columbus Cathedral Havana)
    (Bamboo Avenue Near Lacovia) (Sans-Souci Palace Cap-Haitien) (Columbus Castle Ciudad Trujillo) (Mission Dolore’s San Fracisco) (Superstition Mountains) (St. Francis Church Phoenix) (Roun House at Fort Snelling St. Paul) (State Capitol, Des Moines, Iowa) (St. Louis Cathedral) (Wright Memorial Kitty Hawk North Carolina) (Mississippi River Boat Modern Style U.S.A) (Willamette Meteorite) (Tower of the winds at Athens)
    (Shwe Dagon Rangoon Burma) (Indian Rock-Cut Cave Temple) (Cathedral at Salamanca) (The aqueduct at Segovia) (Hispano-Moresque ivory Box) (Silver Custodia)
    (The aqueduct at Segovia) (Central transept within the gothic cathedral at burgos)
    (Staircase of the laurentian) (Staircase of the palazzo madama) (staircase of the paris opera) (Spiral Stair leading to the jube or choir left in the church of St. Etienne du Mont.
    Paris) (The Terrace steps of the temple of Confucias at peking)
    (The central staircase chambord chateau) (The Scala di Spagra rome)
    (Ceremanial stairs leading to the top of El castillo chichen-itza)
    (Cast-iron staircase and column in the Tassel house) (Monumental staircase of the Hotel de ville) (interior of Ste. Chapell Paris) (Exterior of ste. chapelle the first gothic gables) (interior of st. urbain Troyes 1262) (Exterior of st. urbain)
    (interior of amiens cathedral) (interior of the cathedral) (chancel of gloucester cathedral) (interior of st. Anna Annaberg)

  • tag

    The Underworld interior fantasy cave
    Have the hole on the lake or ocean 15 or 17 feet wide round circle have it twirl that wide
    like a world pool when the charecter enter the underworld cave after the world pool have
    the hole 10 or 13 feet wide along with the waterfall and have it very long like 2.00 km long
    or just put it extremely deeper like 3.00 or 5.00 km long and deeper and enough that
    charecter’s go about 200 mph by falling down to the waterslide next have the waterslide
    3.80 km long now have the waterslide 11 feet wide enough to take the whole crew party
    on it and have it fast to while the charecter’s still going to the big cave then now have the
    charecter’s fall into a lake with the waterfall from the waterslide have the lake about 1.15
    km long and 1.00 km wide and have a hidden boss below the lake bottom’s well from
    final fantasy 7 classic have this hidden boss on a huge level like over 80 some have the
    hidden boss look more fearsome and aggressive and have it sleeping bottom the lake
    and have it better and different put a seven sacred pool waterfall with two waterfall’s have the beach’s light brown have the beache’s look largely and very long have the wave’s go eight feet long along the shore put the landscape like in Aeos in star ocean
    the last hope have the bigger and better like put it higher cliff’s have it bigger path have the root’s bigger and curly and put those giant stam’s those purple stam’s a lot
    taller and put a scecond lake much bigger 1.90 km long 1.15 km wide ad a river lead’s
    from the first lake that above the hidden boss have the river wide about 60 m wide put
    the river 780 m long ad some water fall’s about couple of them like to the second lake
    ad a waterfall on the lake ad a forest to the second lake put about 250 m wide and 1.54 km long on each side of the river have the cave about 567 m wide put the ceiling
    on the first lake 65 m high but put no soda straw’s on the ceiling it might not look right
    or maybe have the ceiling look just rough like some cliff’s edge’s on the ceiling make it look just higher put the second lake with higher ceiling about 120 m’s higher put the second lake area good spot level up at boost up the status ad a island on the second
    lake put the island about 650 m’s long 400m’s wide ad a bridge from the shore to the
    island like in lower raven’s rill in dungean siege 3 put a small town like on pilgrim’s road where that sign is at it said welcome to raven’s rill and that man standing by the
    gate ladisles that his name have those four building’s on the island put no inn in the
    small town have the town be a tonberry village small town have a well in the small town
    it fully restore HP and MP instead and ad some good shop’s in one of each building’s
    and put couple of side quest have the island with higher level encounter’s on it put about three mountain’s on the island like small mountain’s with trail’s going up with good chess and put some some chess first to second lake now after the second lake
    put a trail it lead’s to big huge area have the trail 300m’s long and 300m’s wide and have it look deep 80m’s high by going up the trail have above the trail shape like an
    eye have it 1.00 km wide and and 70m’s high have the charecter go through it over the ather side have a very long beach about mile half long now put this big huge area
    13.00km’s long and 6.00km’s wide and have the ceiling about 670m’s high and ad cloud’s around and put a very nice fantasy horizon shining from the cloud’s have the
    cloud’s 300m’s high have the cloud’s like in Final Fantas13-2 valhalla cloud’s now have island’s big like in just cause 2 like in civilion city panau city-financial district panau city-park district and civilian village’s kampung sekam padi area’s but sept for those bigger island’s desert island and big giant snowy mountain’s absitlutly not them ok ok now have the landscape on the island like in star ocean the last hope aeos and sept for the building’s in just cause 2 have river’s and lake’s style like in final fantas 8
    siren gf’s attack:silent voice have the purple water in the backround in around the island’s on the lake’s in the cave and do this maybe not have some big waterfall’s falling down from the ceiling and on to the island’s here’s anather one here do this or maybe not have the waterfall’s glowing bright white on the waterfall’s from the ceiling and by going through the cloud’s then on the island’s and ad some lot’s some lot’s of waterfall’s along side of the mountain’s and island’s and including ad some tiny and big islet’s along the shore’s and giant sea stack’s in between island’s
    and way on the side of the cave put more like growth ring’s with tree’s and big purple
    stam’s in aeos star ocean the last hope now put some new encounter’s like in Final Fantasy 12 Archaesaur Dragon/Tyrant #129 have it different and better and big and
    aggressive and fearsome looking have the feet look like frog’s feet but dont have it hop like a frog or bunny have it like that willd saurian dragon/tyrant in final fantasy 12
    in the dalmaca sand’s have it swim in lake’s and have it sneaking out of the lake like
    a crocodile by going after small mammal’s by getting stronger like the wild saurian dragon/tyrant like over hundred and thirty some have it look huge like in final fantasy 13 adamachelid have this monster start of level 70 ad about 5 or 6 of these roaming
    around in the cave and have it gave lot’s of experiance points now put more island’s
    like the size of them about 1.80 km long and 1.00km wide 1.60km long 1.10km wide
    1.60km long 1.10km wide 1.60km long 930m wide put about eight or nine of them put some island with extemely powerfull encounter’s to be a good spot to level up have this cave enterable to put like two lead’s out to the world like put this path go out through the cave or mine have this part with extremely high level encounter’s so the
    charecter’s cannot go through their yet for later on in the feature have that big part
    way on the right of the cave and now have some bridge’s going across to the ather islands have this cave with couple of village’s and big one town with the island’s have one village like in final fantasy 8 shumi village have the buildings look different inside
    have nymphs from final fantasy 9 for the towns and village’s or just normal charecter’s
    or build a town with roof’s like in final fantasy 9 cleyra/cathedral roof sept for the bell
    and build a well just like it have it fully restore hp and mp put some hidden bosses in
    the cave for later on in the feature have Dracozombie have this the most powerfull one
    in the cave from final fantasy 9 with extremely big powerfull spell’s and have some chess around the cave now next put a big land way on the left in the cave like behind
    the islands put about 1.70 km long and 1.35 km wide and just put a forest to explore in it with big sea stack’s have the forest like in aeos and put plants and tree’s on sea stacks and put a village somewhere with couple of shop’s put a giant slaven have it big
    and tall like Adamantortoise in final fantasy 13 enough to go over the tree’s and all have this giant slaven like the shoopuf in final fantasy 10 and have it ridable in the
    feature to look for hidden boosses with it. Now have the end of the cave with big pyramid city along with valhala buildings and have the city with nymphs walking around. Put some good shops in the city also and put some chess around and several
    of side quest in the city also next some how put a cave that lead’s out to the world or
    put air ship in the cave or put elevatore that leads out to the world like acove the city.

  • tag

    Im finaly done with this, giant cave.

  • tag

    Square Enix the world fantasy map im talking about it’s about these mountains their the
    best of the best it would look just great with highly quality of towns villages and citys it’s
    not from anywhere else like in fonditos also or any ather website art at all but sept me
    well im ganna tell you the point here its ganna take about far as next year or end of next
    year because its all in my head it’s hard to sketch it out.

  • tag

    Square enix i ben very buthy lol here i really got lot’s of more building’s like way back 10
    to 18 century building’s and lot’s of boat’s and ships and including lot’s of submerines
    and some big huge cathdral buildings and much more.

  • Tag

    Square enix here some buildings here and a big boat and a wolf (The stupa complex at
    Borobudur in java indonesia) (Marble Boat) (Mesotamia) (The Tasmanian wolf) and here’s anather title Dungeon Dragon Eberron Campaign Setting Created By Keith baker.

  • tag

    square enix their ganna be a lot more buildings and you cannot believe this their outstanding overwhelming.

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    their are over hundreds

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    square enix i have lot’s of more magnificent buildings and it’s almost all ready to put some more down so theirs about almost three page’s full worth of building’s of architecture and lot of big building’s here’s one of them here Cologne Cathedral and i will
    be putting these big building’s by next month or early now here’s some boat’s ship’s and
    submarines (Dugout Boat) (Kayak Boat) (Outrigger Canoe Boat) (Raft of Inflated skins)
    (Early Egyption Boat) (Egyption Galley 1500 B.C.) (Roman Trireme) (Norse Ship)
    (Greek Bireme 500 B.C.) (Roman Merchantman 100 A.D.) (Viking Ship 900)
    (English Ship 1200) (Flemish Carrack 1480) (Spanish Carrack) (Elizabethan Galleon)
    (Frigate Ship) (Clipper Ship) (Henry Grace A Dieu 1514) (Sovereign of the seas 1637)
    (British Ship-of-The-Line 1790) (American Clipper Ship 1850) (Steam Paddle Coaster)
    (The Invicible Naval Armor Ship) (The Warrior Warship 1860)
    (Aluminaut Research Submarine Reynold’s 1964) (Alaric British Submarine)
    (Quill back fleet submarine) (U.S.S Clamagore Guppy submarine)
    (H.M.S Explorer British Submarine) (U.S.S Albacore high-speed submarine)
    (Nautilus Loading submarine) (Neither Train Nor Plane Aertrain)

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    Here they are lot’s of them
    (light thouse at the entrance to buzzards bay massachusutts) (the obelisk temple at byblos) (dome of the rock in jerusalem) (bosses decorating the ceiling of the lady chapel
    gloucester cathedral) (medieval chapel and stirling bridge) (saint-andre cathedral and the pey-berland bell tower bordeaux fr) (the cathedral on the palaza bolivar bogota)
    (the 14th-century belfry bethune) (twin towered belvedere a top the villa medici rome by
    annibale lippi 1574-80) (tower of belem lisbon) (the cathedral at belem braz) (the cathedral of saint-pierre and the towers of the palace of justice beauvais) (tower of belem
    in portuguese estremadura) (deal castle) (the west tower of ely cathedral) (farnese palace) (sans-souci palace near cap-haitien haiti) (kedaresvara and gauri temples at
    bhubaneswar orissa india) (taj-ul-masjidin bhopal madhya pradesh) (the royal tombs at
    bikaner rajasthan india) (the grand plaza at tikal showing stelae the pyramid of the jaguar) (centre left and the palace of the nobles right) (brhadisvara temple at thanjavur
    tamil nadu india) (model of a tell el-amarna nobles estate) (suspensiorbridge conway wales by thomas telford 1822-26) (old-style inn ryokan takayama japan) (tomb in bahawalpur) (square in tournal) (cathedral church of the holy and undivided trinity ely)
    (cathedral of moray at elgin moray) (beneditine abbey einsiedeln switz) (eddystone lighthouse off plymouth eng designed) (south west view of salisbury cathedral)
    (the church of notre-dome dole) (the alamo) (the prasad phra deebbidern)
    (jokhang temple in lhasa) (cathedral interior in toledo spain) (ryerson laboratory of the
    university of chicago) (the cathedral and the of st. severus in erfurt e. ger)
    (the temple of hathi singh at ahmedabad built in 1848 as the local shrine of jainism)
    (palace of fasilidas 1633-67 gondar) (kiyomizu temple at kyoto japan) (court of the lions) (court of the myrtles and comares tower) ( pavilion of peristyle court of the lions)
    (windows of lindaraja hall of the two sisters) (detail of windows ambassadors)
    (the moorish palace) (palace of charles) (chester cathedral) (mousoleum of general)
    (glocken spiel pavilion of the zwinger complex dresden) (the cathedral curtea de arges
    romania) (church of st. nicholas in the old city) (liberal arts hall millikin university)
    (facade of the temple of hathor) (dirdham temple in darjeeling) (capitol building des
    moines iowa) (the tomb of omar khayyam) (13th century monastery of sopocani)
    (kasbah citadel and ramparfs) (detail of the stoughton house cambridge mass designed in the shingle style) (escakra dorada ornate stairway from burgos cathedral
    spain) (christ church anglican in simla) (mosque of suley man the magnificent istanbal)
    (palacio da pera sintra portugal) (slype Gloucester cathedral) (the idgah mosque multan pak) (lycian rock-cut tombs at the site of ancient kavnas carian town)
    (cathedral of sveti- tskhoveli in mtskheta) (jaina templeat dilwara)
    (mortuary temple of the phaoh khafre at giza 4th dynasty) (amoque along the water front at moroni comoros) (cathedral and plaza gardens morelia mex)
    (cathedral on the plaza hidalgs monterrey) (mors belg with the church of st.waudra centre) (monreale sicily with monte caputo in the background) (mishima shrine mishima hoshu) (the saint-guilhem arcade and garden court at the cloisters)
    (shrine of imam ali ar-rida) (torii portal entrance to the futarasan shrine in nikko japan)
    (galanaath temple at patta dakal karnata ka india) (noth damr de paris)
    (so called tomb of absalom) (the santa cruz cita del of oran alg overlooking the mediterraneara sea) (the tomb of the mahdi omdurman the sudan) (island of san giulio
    lake orta italy) (the basilica of saints maria e donato italy) (santa maria cathedral in cardenal belluga square murcia spain) (the zenko temple nagano japan) (shurei gate)
    (the middle gate of the grand shrine of kasuga nora) (interior of the church of
    vierzehnheiligen) (the cathedral of ss peter andpaul at naumburgger)(veretian fortress on the island of bourtzi off nauplia greece) (cajamarca cathedral peru)
    (the royal pavilion at brighton eng) (tempietto s pietro in montorio rome)
    (cathedral in brazzaville congo) (interior of santo spirito florence) (the mahabodhi temple at buddh gaya bihar state india) (the prime ministers lodge in buea cameroon)
    (char-minar mosque and madrasam bukhara uzbek s.s.r.) (north portal of the chateau
    d ecouen) (the eulenturm tower-chapel calw ger) (corpus christi collage university of
    cambridge) (cao dai temple at tay ninh neartlo chi minh city formely saigon) (mission san carlos borromeo del rio carmelo carmel calif) (meeting of prince ereus and st. ursula and the departure of the betrothed detail of a panel from the cycle scenes from
    the life of st. ursula) (cascade in the form of a water stairway palazzo farnese caprarola italy) (casino at monte-carlo monaco) (castel sant angelo rome)

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    Big Architecture and more the one’s with star look’s like this * it’s the hottest one’s on here of architectual feature’s.
    (cadiz spain with the cathedral in the background) *campanile st. mark’s square venice
    begun 10th century* *The cathedral in canterbury kent* (Medieval fortification the cite
    carcassonne fr Brno) (zech overlooked by the castle on the spilberk) *Brooklyn bridge at
    night from the manhattan side* *The Aztec capital tenochtitlan mexico city aztec society
    1519* *The old 12th-century cathedral at salamanca built in late romanecque style*
    *central transept within the gothic cathedral at burgos 1221-1567* (The aqueduct at
    segovia a late roman structure) (Mark at one of the entrance’s to the jami masjid principal
    mosque in old delhi) (nave of saint-etienne caen fr norman style begun 1067) (liberal arts
    hall millikin university decatur) (astreet in a section of al-madinah the old city of tunis)
    *mandalay pagoda* (nave of york minster eng decorated gothic style 1260-1320)
    *the louvre* (the mortuary temple of queen hathepsut at dayr al-bahri western the bes)
    (kasbah citadel and ramparts sfax tunisia) *a silkhar of the bhumija type u dayesvara
    temple udaipur madhya pradesh india 1059-82* (castello del buon consialio) (the winter palace) (forbidden city as seen from mei shan) (the ruins of persepolis from the
    south) (pisa the baptistery cathedral) (duke university chapel) *st. marks square in
    venice 15th century* *a buddhist temple in bangkok* (the alabaster mosque)
    *cathedral cloister* *city temple of shanghai* *the palace of the emperor charlemagne*
    *canterbury cahtedral* *chilandari one of the serbian monasteries at mount athos*
    *cloisters of the convent of santo tomas at avila spain* (a franciscan hermitage part of
    the great monastery) *cloister of the carthusian monastery* (day room of fountains abbey 1132) *jerusalem chamber or abbats parlour* *el escorial spain* *eton college*
    (bridge over the yangtze river at wu-han) (dubrovnik yugos) *the carthedral of the
    church of christ and blessed mary the virgin at durham city eng* (bayezid cami mosaque edirne tur) (the wartburg) (north front of blenfeim palace) *warwick castle*
    *st. peter’s vatican city* (alcazar at segovia 15th century) (borgund stave church)
    *cathedral of the holy virgin* (the great mosque in al-qayrawan) *great mosque of damacus* (two eyvans of the masjed-e shah of abbas the great at isfahan 17 century)
    *interior of the rustem pasa mosque* *amalienborg palace centre* (the ribat monaster
    -fortress in al-munastir) *peace tower the parliament building* *the peace palace*
    (menai bridge) *galleria vittorio emanuele ll* (laon cathedral) *reims cathedral* *late gothic 1434* *votive church* *the paris exposition of 1889* (the holy city of benares in
    india) *the ornate national palace* (neuschwanstein castle king ludwig) (ancient moorish castle) *nave salibury cathedral* *hagia sophia istanbul* *the great gate way of
    hampton court palace* *the horyuji temple at nara* (central moscow) *mausoleum of
    lenin* (the cathedral in milan) (the citys ancient fortress) (an experimental monorail line in france) *the 280-foot tower of munich’s neves rathaus new town hall* (the university
    of santo tomas in manila) *palace of sargon ll* *salibury cathedral* *hagia sopia istanbul* *bouges cathedral* *barrel vaulted nave of saint savin sur gartempe* (forbidden city) *cathedral rising* (paln of fountains abbey)*monastery of santa laura*
    *ground plan of the abbey of st. gall* *clairvaux cisterian* *clairvaux cisterian*

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    square enix look up on mystery ruins i just found anather.

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    Square enix this one ganna mixed huge comment worth of different idea’s and more
    several ship’s.

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    lots of ideas
    (interior of the amphitheatre at pazzouli) (interior of the amphitheatre at pompe)
    (arena and auditorium verona) (rowing a sampan) (typical greek acanthus) (capital temple of mars) (typical roman acanthus) (modern frieze) (da vincis ornithopter)
    (roman aqueduct at segovia spain ad 100-110) (pont du gard roman aqueduct nimes france) (mushroom column with fountain) (small reed boats) (the minaret of jam iran 1116-1202) (ivory casket 13th century) (hanging mosque lamp enamelled and gilded glass)
    (lacquered secretary and cabinet with decoupage decoration) (bronze griffin in the camposanto pisa italy) (brass ewer in laid with silver and copper) (silver drinking horn of
    the guild of st. george 1566) (menkaure detail of an alabaster statue from giza)
    (necholl bronze statue 7th century) (osiris bronze figurine of the late period)
    (solid wheel on fixed axle) (aqueduct of amoreiras built between 1498 and 1622 elvas port) (sledge on roller’s) (carrying-pole) (sledge on runners) (back load and tumpline)
    (shiraz rugs) (ship rock new mexico) (travois) (bright-cut engraving on adam style cream jug 1790-91) (training ship in the naval port at brest) (the brig maria asumpta built 1858) (brigantine ship) (bristol porcelain vase) (brougham 1838) (buyid silver basin with sasanian motifs 10th century) (walnut cabinet and stand with floral)
    (side chair with cabriole legs attributed to thomas affleck) (the pont valentre spanning
    the-lot river) ( central nave of the caitya at karli near pune poona india) (arrival of the
    first canadian pacific transcontinental passenger train at port moody B.C. july 4 1886)
    (panama canal under construction 1912) (restoration period carved arm chair with cane) (canopy or sounding board over pulpit burgh church lincoln shire england 1623)
    (egyption palm capital) (egyption bellor papyus capital) (achaemenian persian bull
    capital) (greek doric capital) (greek lonic capital) (greek corin thian capital) (roman doric capital) (isiamic bracketed capital from india) (romanesque cushion capital)
    (early english gothic foliated capital) (renaissance cassone gilded poplar with painted
    panel from the palazzo strozzi florence 1475) (catapult mechanism for ceffully propelling stones spears or other projectile’s) (the brundenburg gate berlin) (greek throne chair) (roman chair and table) (greek couch and table) (elizabethan chair)
    (gothic chair and back detail) (william&mary petit-pint seat) (louis xv settee) (lois bed&
    chair) hepple white chair) (sheraton chair and cornice) (louis XVI hanging table)
    (adam brothers console table) (french provincial) (chair and sofa) (italian provincial
    chair and table leg detail) (seagoing war canoe) (cedar plank house) (carving a huge
    pottatch feast bowl) (haida cradle of cedar) (totem pole) (longboat carved from single
    cedar trunk) (a pavillion of the mahara’s palace at mysore) (the gateway of india building in the harbor of bombay) (the jain temple of calcutta) (the golden funerary mask of egyption pharaoh) (egyption mummies) (limestone statue of the assyrian emperor ashurnasirpal ll) (five-footed winged bulls protected the gates of assyrian palaces) (part of a relief sculpture at persepolis) (model of original ziggurat) (egyption wooden statuette) (harp from mesopotamia) (an aqueductin segovia) (inca city of machu picchu peru) (pre-aztec pyramid veracruz mexico) (part of the great temple of aman-re at karnak egypt) (the baroque church san carlo alle quattro fontane) (religious shrine) (a public fountain) (statue of the goddes selkis) (tomb of tutank hamen) (gold death mask od tutankhamen) (the finest 17th century churches in peru)
    (presidential palace in the plaza in the de armas) (colonial churche) (church in ouro preto brazil by 18th century) (plaza moreno in la plata) (the cathedral in jujuy)
    (a fort built by de valdivia founder of santiago stands atop santa lucia hill)
    (the windmill 1641 etching and dry point by rembrandt) (ancient egyption polished wood stutue) (the tomb of the egyption pharaoh tutankhamen) (the pont du gard)
    (german armor for man horse date 1548) (carving on casket 1300) (flemish virginals
    date from the mid 1400) (an early italian spinet produced light tinkling tones)
    (a grand harpsichord built in 1656) (a square piano from the 1800) (bartolommeo
    cristofori made this in 1720) (this ornate piano) (intricate carvings) (stutues of 108 gods and demons) (carved american cupboard) (oak chest with a carved front)
    (philadelphia chippendale-style chair) (glass salt cellar) (french clock of about 1770)
    (a french clock of gilded bronze) (an american banjo clock) (a 200-year old french traveling clock) (french clock of the 1700) (german of the 1500)

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    square enix i think this ship might be perfect with lightning returns its chilean ship esmeralda sails it’s big huge tall white ship.

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    i have more ships on the way and more by next week.

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    Hey i didn’t dissapeared their will be more building’s coming yet im trying come up with something far then FF 7 remake and im getting ready of lightning returns FF 13
    about this idea it’s going to take a while and a anather big cave it’s to be more over the
    the top i think have giant’s in the big cave or maybe not.

  • Xero

    I would say just make the game back to 2d graphics and just give us at least 500 hours of gameplay lol

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    Square enix their will be more on this writing beside’s these idea’s and their are more
    about the big cave with huge soda straw’s.

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    Square enix their will be lot of thing’s for fan’s in this cave i haven’t gotten that far yet
    where their will be a city way in the back this one will be The Central Plaza of the Aztec
    castle it’s a pyramid city where i am at now it’s ganna be amazing where fan’s ran into a
    huge cave when they ganna start of here.

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    Square Enix i almost done with this cave or it’s half way done that’s all i got to do is measure out more landscape’s like big crack’s and big soda straw’s big and high bridge’s
    and long by going over huge crack’s and throw a town and that The central plaza city.

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    Squre enix here some more highly quality it’s shiva mandir temple

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    Square enix here are some more highly quality of temple’s shiva mandir temple

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    I think this title it’s getting to full

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    Boat’s ships’s and more
    (log raft’s boat’s) (a large flat boat) (ferrying a conestoga wagon) (outrigger boat’s)
    (egyption cargo ship) (irish currach) (chinese junk) (viking long ship)
    (phoenician galley about 700bc) (large greek rowing vessel about 300bc)
    (roman galley about ad 100) (17th-century galley) (16th-century caravel)
    (early 19th-century heavy frigate) ( fast late-19th century british clipper) (the oseberg ship) (steamboat) (the clermont) (oliver perry’s flag ship in erie) (the flag ship santa maria) (the constitution ship) (the clipper ship) (the nina) (the pinta)
    (the savannah vessel ship 1819) (the american ship contitution 1812)
    (the nautilus atomic submarine) (nuclear-powered submarine 1961)
    (the roosevelt island tramway) (the world’s largest blimp zpg-3w)
    (the first successful air ship france in 1852) (an airship of the 1900 santos-dumont)
    (the italian airship norge) (subm-hunting blimps) (egyption oared ship)
    (roman trireme) (norse ship a.d. 835) (venetian galley 1540) (the cutty sark ship 1869)
    (brigtwo square sails on both) (brigantine square sails on foremast fore-and-aft sails on
    mizzenmast) (four-masted bark) (barkentine ship) (three-masted schooner)
    (top sail schooner) (ketch) (english merchantman 1610 ship) baltimore clipper ship 1833) (american whaling bark ship 1850) (the great spanish armada 1588)
    (an egyptiontomb of 2000 b.c.) (a three-car turbo train 1966) (fulton’s steamboat)
    (argentina’s railroad train) (sno cat trucks)
    (the transrapid 60 largest electromagnetic train in the world) (umiak) (wood burning rail
    road train u.s.) (river flat boat u.s.) (sailing vessel) (four-masted bark u.s.)
    (diesel-powered passenger trains go into service in the united states 1934)
    (a nothern pacific train 1879) (nelsons flagship)

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    (the plaza de arequipa twin-spired cathedral 1612) (the colonnaded court of the ducal
    palace of urbino 15th century) (sriringam on an island in the cauvery river in madras province) (heian shrine ancient temples) (buddhist temples in bangkok) (the abbey of mont-saint-michel 13th century) (the nave of amiens cathedral 13th century)
    (the temples of kandariya mahdevo) (the imperial palace in peking) (the nave of st. marks
    cathedral 11th century) (ruins of the convict settlement) (reactor for a rocket engine)
    (the alhambra at granda spain) (spectacular babylonian temple) (the huge benedictine abbey) (Gandan teke chiling monastery in ulaanbaatar) (the da khure monastery)
    (towering pagodas) (conway castle in caernarvon) (the cathedral of notre dome in reims)
    (dome of the apse of the church of san vitale in ravenna) (the shwe dagon pagoda in rangoon) (independence plaza) (metropolition cathedral) (toshogu shrine) (el escorial near madrid) (the breakers a 70-room mansion) (roman catholic church)
    (nave of the cathedral of saint sernin) (the cathedral of santiago de compostela)
    (the masjid-i-shah mosque in isfahan) (cave temple at ajanta india) (angkor wat ruins)
    (edinburgh castle) (two intricately carved thrones) (balthasar neumann) (torre-tagle palace lima peru) more buildings are coming this week then the cave

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    here some buildings
    (the presidential palace in havana) (columbus cathdral) (london bridge spanned the thames river from north to south) (the great mosque in meca islams holiest shrine)
    (edin burgh castle on rock) (the kyongbok palace grounds) (tower of london complex)
    (the market place) (hamlet kronborg castle) (the temple of horus at ed fu)
    (the horyu-ji temple at nara) (the royal mosque masjid-i-shah in isfahan) (the church of san marco in venice) (the cathedral at chartres) (the chapel of san ivo della sapierza at
    the university of rome) (the paris opera inerior reign of napolean 3) (O’ connell bridge)
    (chennai) (shore temple mahabalipuram) (jaipur) (dover) (dunedin) (vienna) (vicenza-palazzo) (the transrapid 60) (founder of santiago) (florence’s ponto vecchio old bridge)
    (buddism) (tower of han period) (chilopods) (king mino’s palace) (the 1282-foot covered
    bridge) (circus maximus ancient rome’s largest hippodrome) (buddism the todaiji temple
    745) (the ruins of the old church tower at jamestown va) (spanish colonial architecture)
    (ruins of petra) (the municipal building 1700) (the sofuji temple in nagasaki japan 1629)
    (the memorial tower foe the revolutionary martyns) (santa lucia bay in naples)
    (riverside church) (temple emanu-ei) (st. patrick’s cathedral) (st. john the divine)
    (trinity church) (the cathedral of leon) (parliament buildings in ottawa1857)
    (the tower of magdalen college oxford university) (tower on clingman’s dome the great
    smoky mountains) (pu’uhonua o honaunau national historical park)

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    The Underworld Giant Cave
    Have a hole on the ocean or lake like a whirl pool have it 30 meter’s wide round have the
    water slide next extremely very long and very fast have the water slide big and wide
    enough for the whole crew on it put surfing on the water slide then have the charecter’s
    went into small lake have the size 200 meter’s wide and round next have a path leads down 680 meters long diangonally down and have the path 45 meters wide and have some soda straw’s along the cave and have some small water fall’s like river stream’s
    going down the cave to the next lake have the ceiling 70 meter’s high have the giant cave
    stormsong cavern in dungean siege 3 have the next part area down the cave bigger 260
    meter’s wide and 400 meter’s long have the ceiling 90 meter’s high have this area with
    big pond’s like 2 or 3 of them and have the ground and ceiling with soda straw’s along
    with pond’s and have the pond’s like 2 feet deep with random encounter’s and to explore
    around and have some chest around now the end of the area with a long tunnel have it
    go toward’s right have it 555 meter’s long and have it just 25 meter’s wide and have the end of the tunnel or cave 75 meter’s wide have the ceiling and the ground with bigger soda straw’s and back of the tunnel have it like 200 meter’s higher and have a little small
    river by going toward’s the bigger area now have the bigger area on the left have it really diangonally have it 500 meter’s long and 400 meter’s wide and have the ceiling
    230 meter’s higher like have the soda straw’s on the ceiling have some mostly big one’s on each side like 5 or 7 of them and on the ground put a big pond on the right
    have this big area be a good spot to level up the stat’s have the pond with soda straw’s
    have them like 3 meter’s high in the big pond have the big pond 230 meter’s long and 100 meter’s wide have the pond 2 half feet deep like have the pond to walk in it now
    have good chest in the big area and have the inn some where and a save point ok now
    have the end of the area where can see like above the cloud’s have the cloud’s look
    thick and have them blue darker blue and black like have them dark bluish like along
    with stormsong cavern big soda straw’s like have the soda straw’s 300 meter’s wide
    or skinnier like have them long like 427 meter’s long and have them same style like in
    stormsong cavern in dungean siege 3 and have the cloud’s with along big soda straw’s
    like hanging through the cloud’s like from the ceiling throw a fantasy horizon in the
    cloud’s like have a weather system in the cave have it lightning and raining and really
    windy like 90 mph wind like in some area’s have the lightning it’s actually hitting the
    ground like in real life have the fantasy horizon shining mostly at the town and city only
    but cept for the side along the cave have the side of the cave with creepy area’s and
    dark bluish detailed have the cave 17.00km long and 8.00 km wide and the ceiling to ground 1.00 km tall have the end of the area have a hill by going down through the cloud’s have the hill like diangonally down have it 1.40 km long and have the cave like
    500 meter’s wide like have the path 27 meter’s wide like along with soda straw’s along
    the hill now have the in the cave landescape with bridge’s like have the bridge’s like in
    shadow of the colossus like along with big soda straw’s have the bridge’s more
    unrealistic with hanging soda straw’s bottom of the bridge’s have the bridge’s by going
    over big huge crack’s and have the bridge’s going over the huge crack’s and have the
    crack’s along side soda straw’s throw big pond’s area’s along with soda straw’s likehave the pond 760 meter’s long and 470 meter’s wide and have the pond three
    feet deep have like four pond’s in the cave now have like dead tree’s forest along side the big pond’s throw some hidden in the cave like temple’s have the curtein one’s that
    charecter’s cant get to it yet by on foot like have hidden temple’s with powerfull enemie’s and a big huge bosses inside the temple’s and more have great three big
    opponent’s that charecter’s boost up the status like have behemath big like shaolong
    gui from final fantasy 13 and shape like sanctuary keeper from final fantas 10 but cept
    for the head have the tail with it on the sanctuary keeper and have it look like omega
    weapon from final fantasy 8 but not the upper part on the omega weapon the head arm’s core not them now havethe snake 110 meter’s long and four feet wide and have it stood up or stand up 45 meter’s high and have it dark blue unrealistic scale skin
    detailed like have the snake look more fearsome like have the snake with black and
    red glowing eye’s and have it scream now the third one have the gargoyle big like diablo’s from final fantasy 8 like have these along with dead tree’s forest like have them sleep like into a stone like inside northern cave from final fantasy 7 classic when
    the charecter’s get to close to them have them unstone now have the behemath roaming around at these big huge soda straw’s that look’s like in stormsong cavern
    dungean siege 3 have these soda straw’s forest creepy area’s and dark now have the
    snake like swimming in the big and huge pond’s like along with towering big and huge
    soada straw’s like have the snake’s swimming benneath the water have the pond’s about four feet deep now for the village’s town and city have the village’s in the cave
    4 or 5 of them and have them with ruin’s and temple’s and have one of the building’s with inn’s inside the temple’s and have the villade’s along with chest and side quest have the village’s town and city same color style like in stormsong cavern now have a
    town like burmecia in final fantasy 9 have it different better and larger like big like
    solomon’s temple have like temple’s in the town and put armor shop accessory shop
    weapon shop in one each temple’s and put inn in the town and a item shop have the big buiding’s like residence about 2 or 3 of them and have like two pathway’s have the
    uptown area like next area put a bar in one of temple’s somewhere have the bar serve
    coffee for new item and put the item shop along with the bar inside the bar temple now have anather area like in final fantasy 9 burmecia/square have it different and better
    put a big fountain in the center put some temple’s in their with chess and side quest in
    temple’s now put a palace like in burmecia put a big gate and have statue’s that look
    like master gizamaluke and the top of the palace with no roof have the palace big and
    large have the master gizamaluke fly in the cave that charecter’s could ride on to look
    for hidden ruin’s and temple’s with hidden bosses and more now put the city way back
    like 15.00 km far away in the cave have the city like the central plaza of the aztec castle included a pyramid temple’s and palace’s have this city like really big to explore
    put about 21 chess within the city put about 5 great tortoise from final fantasy 12 have them be taxi for transportation’s in the city or have or have chocobo’s to ride on have
    them like black or grey in the city and have like lot’s of shop’s in the city weapon shop
    armor shop accessory shop item shop material shop grocery shop meat shop scrap
    shop and a fresh brewed coffee&tea shop and put a bar in the city have the bar serve
    coffee also and have the city 10 or 15 side quest and throw some big round torche’s
    have them like four feet wide with big fires of torche’s in the city put the city scale about
    2.60 km wide and 3.40 km long likehave the city filled with worth of pyramid temple’s
    and palace’s so that fan’s could actually get lost in the city put about 7 to 9 save point’s put some bridge’s in the city like have the bridge’s go to lower part of the city now put like wall’s of patio around the city and palace wall’s throw a strict militaristic
    empire the barbarian aztec’s and have them great controlling force in the city have a
    huge pyramid in the city the palace ground’s where beautiful garden’s and menagerie’s
    put a aztec temple the tenochtitlan the great temple of bragatheeswarar and put temple’s established for houses put a big land area in the city for master gizamaluke
    to land in the city have the gizamaluke big and huge to fly on it Now have the feathered
    serpent pyramid temple have the serpent god the most pewerfull boss in the cave or
    the entire game like have this ancient serpent have it scream just loud and have it look
    fearsome big and huge and aggressive have it with extremely very long massive hp
    like between billion to trillion of hp have it like quietly long fierce battle like have the boss like a real battle serpent god.

  • tag

    Square enix I guess Dead space 3 already beat me to this
    when it showed on t.v. it showed a charecter went over the mountain and it exaclty look like my writing with multiple
    towering pillar’s above the mountain i said oh well yeah
    their was ganna be a ice titan from kingdom hearts 1 but i
    have way better idea that i was ganna put like round island in Final Fantasy 7 remake kk5 forum so i already
    wrote some of it already with the big and long arena lobby.

  • tag

    I found anather idea it’s waipio valley i thinck it has a view
    point like how it look’s.

  • tag

    Square Enix
    I hope you be brave these building’s are outstanding yet
    some are really beutifull extremely very high quality and
    more here’s one of them lake palace.

  • tag

    Here some lot’s of idea’s
    (yurt) (zebu) (water wheel) (wickiup) (wig wam) (Winch) (tracery) (Toril) (sphinx 2)
    (samovar) (schooner’s sails) (rose window) (the acanthus leaf design)
    (pendentives) (pagoda) (doric) (lonic) (Corinthian) (marquetry)
    (long house irogouis) (censer) (conning tower) (credence) (davits) (epergne)
    (ewer) (finial) (flagon) (franklin stove) (girandale) (grand father clock)
    (egyption hieroglyphic’s) (hogan) (impost) (irish harp of 1819) (blue jade censer)
    (the ark of the covenant the sacred chest of the hebrews) (impost)
    (green altar screen of the shun 1650A.D.) (chinese teapot the oldest jade teapot’s) (a giant menorah in jerusalem) (the menorah) (the coconut tree)
    (trunks of royal palm’s) (the date palm) (the branch like top) (fan palms)
    (the palmetto tree) (cannon beach) (mount desert island) (ofu island)
    (the 65-feet lighthouse on boca chita) (60 foot brandy wine falls) (long-dry sea)
    (ever glade’s marsh) (granite towers of the central brooks range)
    (preserve’s lituya bay) (gigantic glacier bay) (grant teton) (bristlecone pine)
    (mount haleakala’s) (hana coast) (kilauea’s pu’u O’o crater hurls molten lava skyward) (the joshua tree) (valley of ten thousand smokes)
    (bubbling hot springs in bumpas shell) (snowfall in mount rainier)
    (the term rain forest) (sol duc river) (the rocky shore) (blue ridge mountains)
    (deep blue glacial pool) (the first steam loco motive 1825)
    (common juniper tree’s) (dismal swamp in virginia)
    (sunset on the oregon coast at cannon beach) (the united states navys first
    submarine 1898) (german submarine war 2 1939)
    (a traditional japanese house) (the ruins of petra) (nebataean city)
    (golden temple) (seouls south gate) (the lighthouse of alexandria)
    (the mausoleum at halicarnassus)

  • tag

    Here’s anather ideas Giant Sea creature Caught on tape.

  • tag

    (salisbury cathedral) (west portals of chartres cathedral)
    (kailasanatha temple) (the hindu god shiva a.d. 1100)
    (golden gate park) (strasbourg gothic cathedral 1439)
    (jupiter) (vanguard) (scout) (juno2) (mercury-redstone)
    (titan-centaur)(space shuttle system)(saturn 5)
    (soviet vostok)(mercury capsule)(gemini capsule)
    (apollo command and service modules)
    (appollo lunar model)(soviet soyuz)(munichs new city hall 1919)(the mormon temple 1830)(independence plaza 1700)(monte carlos casino)(minarets)(TIkal city a.d. 750)
    (the harbor of funchal)(asculpture of the maya corn god)
    (the roanoke ship 1892)(manchester cathedral 1400)
    (windmill at the mennonite village museum in steinbach)
    (castle chateaux)(the amphitheater of nimes 1800)
    (historic french furniture)(palace of versailles)
    (the arcde triomphe)(trevi fountain)(the sea god neptune)(arch of septimius severus)(fort ticonderoga)
    (the chateau of fontain ebleau 1500)(kronborg castle)
    (the doge’s palace the grand canal)(round kufas)
    (the tomb of sun yat-sen)(coverd bridge over st. john river in hartland)(ornate homes the carson mansion)
    (belvedere palace)(ottawa)(buddhism)(hwahorg gate)
    (the medieval suwon castle)(hina)
    (pagodas in szechan province) their are more coming
    next week.

  • tag

    Square enix here some more
    (cree bark tepee)(cree bark lodge)(chipewa domed bark lodge)
    (kickapoo wigwam)(iroquois long house)(seminole house)(creek house)
    (omaha earth lodge)(wichita grass house)(sioux buffalo hide tepee)
    (haida plank house)(kwakiutl plank house)(diegu eno summer hut)
    (interior salish earth house)(paiute brush wickiup)(pueblo adobe village)
    (navajo hogan)(apache brush lodge)(maya ceremonial building)
    (maya thatch hut)(guay mi hip roofed house)(arawak thatch hut)
    (inca masonry temple)(inca masonry and thatch house)(panoan house)
    (yamamadi communal house)(ashluslay hut)(tehuelche hut)
    (yah gan hide and drift wood shelter)(ancient skyscrappers)(a house on stilts)

  • tag

    Square enix this island it’s going to be so dang close it’s about the landscape
    it’s going to surpass Final Fantasy 7 remake in the marshland where the
    midgar zolon is at it’s going to surpass that the island is very creepier though
    if fans go on this island at night well actually im ganna tell some of it though
    the landscape it has spanish moss on the trees and the roots and the roots
    are 9 feet high so fans could hide beneath the trees from powerfull encounters
    from game over and the island it has 3 creepy enemies and new encounter it’s
    a big long undead centipede i think theirs 11 of them and that’s how far i am
    about this title and the long arena lobby it’s ganna be towering inferno highly
    stunning though.

  • tag

    lukas i am palying Final Fantasy X see if i could get more
    ideas im where just got ifrit at but im getting ready big
    blitz ball tournament by getting tidus and wakka really
    strong and for bosses coming up in luca and tidus HP
    it’s about 1040 and wakka is 1107 and im playing more
    games see if i can comebined with these ather games.

  • tag

    Here are some more temples
    (temple at yun-kang near ta-t’ung shansi province china)
    (confucian temple in taiwan) (the national palace museum
    taipei)(ritsur-en ritsuri garden takamatsu japan)

  • tag

    Square enix Heres one of them more of pyramid city
    The Hanging Gardens Babylon.

  • tag

    The Round island is comig this week but only the
    landscape and less more.

  • tag

    Heres anather idea make a water garden combined it
    with secrad seven pools waters falls and ad it in the
    big caves and more.

  • tag

    Round island
    put a big beach have it about 1.00km wide 700 meters
    long and have the mountains 700 meters high and 880
    meters wide have the mountains like in crisis core
    final fantasy 7 when fans summon odin in the back
    ground have the mountains look like it in the back
    ground have it like black and bluish and dark grey
    for certain layers and have the raoming area 3.70km round have it like round island in final fantasy 7 classic and have the landscape like in the
    mournweald in dungean siege 3 now have the
    landscape big dead trees forest like have the roots
    18 feet spread wide of space and have the roots
    same color like in star ocean the last hope cave to the purgatorium on the ceilling in the caveand have the roots look like that big to and have the roots are
    eight feet high under the trees have fans hide under the roots like under the trees have the tree
    big and wide like in Nier in the forest of myth the
    divine tree have the dead trees like 100 meters high
    and put about 6or7 big sea stacks along with the big trees and throw about 13 tiny islets in the forest
    also have the sea stacks 140 meters high and have
    the tiny islets 30 meters tall have the trees with
    spanish moss by hanging from big dead trees and the roots have the dead forest look dark and creepy
    and have the landscape look misty and have the mist look bluish and thick style throw some marshlands around to about two of them have like
    one of them 1.00km long 600 meters wide and the
    ather one about 475 meters long and 300 meters
    wide and have the marshlands with big dead trees
    with the roots and with sea stacks and tiny islets and have the marshlands glow like the mournweald
    in Dungeon sige 3 and have the landscape look black on the ground and have both marshlands feet
    and half deep now have the roaming path 14 to 23
    feet wide preferable put the encounters from final
    fantasy 12 shadow seer fafnir avion/diver vulture put a big new encounter undead centipede have
    it very long big and wide and agressive fearsome
    looking have them black and grey and with glowing
    red eyes and put about 13 of these raoming around
    have them big like 70 meters long and 8 feet wide
    have these big monsters give lots of experiance points with powerfull items like megalixirs and elixirs.

  • tag

    the next part for round island big town village maybe
    this week or the next month with Hidden merchant
    in a secret fort.

  • tag

    Here are some more high quality architecture
    (leg rowers on inle lake near taunggyi burma)(temple of siva at sommath gujarat)(al-muzaffariyah mosque
    taizz yemen)(stave church at heddal telemark nor originally built in the 13th century)(palace of diocletion)
    (grand mosque touba senegal)(the baths at spa belg)
    (testing station for large rocket nozzles)
    (an enameled casket for valuables 1500′s)
    (san salvador’s cathedral)(blue no sell based in hali fax harbor)(apublic fountain guarded by a statue)
    (great cypress swamp)(power indra leader of the gods
    of india)(the giant locks at gatun)(a shrine of three
    religions in jerusalem)(where hindus and buddhist bow
    before their idols)(magnificent temple of a vanished
    people in inda-china)(the jewel box of old constantinople)(the 16th century guns)(the great hall of columns in the temple)(the temple of all the god’s at rome)(ruins at lop buri: ancient capital)
    (the marble temple)(the grand palace)
    (palace courtyard outside the chapel royal)
    (bang kok show place native elegance)(temple spire
    historic monument)(a splendid palace of nineveh)
    (the nebraska state capital)(a temple in nara japan)
    (the papal palace in avignon)(the reign of ashurnasirpal II)

  • tag

    Heres two more of these the grand palace of nineveh
    and imperial palace of nineveh.

  • tag

    Big town village in round island
    make a big town village under the trees like with the big roots be like forts under the trees have inside
    the forts eight feet to 14 feet high like certain ones and have the village with no inn in the village put
    a spring some where like a well it would fully restore HPMP have all the shops in the big village armor
    shop weapon shop have the weapon shop with almost ultimate weapons and have item shop and have a coffee shop in the fort set chess in the village with good loot like 4000 gill within the chess and
    have the chess inside the forts to and throw about 18 chess in the village have the village big like 623
    meters long and 440 meters wide and put about 37 forts under the tree forts and have the roaming
    path about about 20 meters wide in the village have the charecters be piscodaeman from final fantasy 12 and the mind flayer both have them be in the village with the shops and raoming around
    and more set a hidden merchant in the secret fort within the village have it sell like powerfull items
    like mega phoenix megalixirs elixirs mega x potions and more and have the hidden merchant be the
    piscodaemon from final fantasy 12 have the village with side quest/secret and mysterious secrets.

  • tag

    the next part is big lair cavern with the big queen undead centipede

  • tag

    Square enix Heres anather big building its called
    the tower of babel and fans this big cavern its big dark
    and creepy to i havent gotten far in it yet its difficult to
    figured it what stuff i should put in but i know what to do though and their ganna be roots hanging from the
    ceiling and along with soda straws and have the soda
    straws big like in shadowrift cave and stormsong
    cavern in Dungean siege 3 and theirs mist.

  • tag

    Square enix heres lots of them its babylon city

  • tag

    Square enix put the Purgaturium from the star ocean the last hope have it like Better inside just put
    about 5 floors have it bigger and different on the round island.

  • tag

    And also have that one part that fans could pick location like in Nier in the Desert.

  • tag

    Big lair cavern in round island
    Have the entrance like in star ocean the last hope no
    planet aeos urd falls cave entrance and have the big
    lair like urd falls cave on the landscape and have the
    the ceilling with roots and big soda straws like in storm
    song cavern in dungeon siege 3 have the cavern
    landscape dark bluish have it same style like urd falls cave have some ponds and waterfalls like in mournweald and stormsong cavern both have the mist
    like in final fantasy 9 in dali/underground have the cave three floors very long have the path like 27 to 33
    meters wide and have the ceilling to ground like
    20 meters high put something new like a hidden path
    like in a deep pond have it with mist smathered it and
    have the pond glow to like in the mournweald have the
    hidden path leads to hidden chess with rare powerfull
    item or have it with million gill inside the chess and have the rest of the chess with good loot in the cave
    and have the ground with soda straws have the soda straws like seven feet tall on the ground throw
    the encounters in their the centipedes have them
    same size 70 meters long 8 feet wide and have the
    centipedes on bigger level where fans could go way
    over in bigger level boost up thr status put a big area for the big queen centipede 220 meters big and round have the ceilling to ground 80 meters tall
    and put bigger soda straws on the ceilling and ground have them like 17 feet long and 10 to 13 feet wide and throw some big water falls have them
    like 50 to 60 meters long and 15 to 17 feet wide put
    5 or 6 waterfalls now put the big queen undead centipede 100 meters long and 12 feet wide have it on big level have it at level 87 and missive hp of
    37 million.

  • tag

    Square enix and fans the arena its coming next this
    week or the next week its very brilliant though im
    thincking i hope square enix be brave it has the same
    charecters like in the village one of the piscodaemon
    and its comebined with the barren temple in Nier and
    it has candles in the big long arena lobby.

  • Justin Goldman

    make a game where you play as a clone of cloud, where ff7 otherwise has little to do with it. at least make the main build carry a gigantic sword. we love a main dude with a gigantic effing sword. and nobody else gets one. make a bad guy as awesome as sephiroth. with an insanley sharp long sword. and nobody else gets one! and toward what we think is the end of the game… he effing joins you! You are a liar if you’re going to tell me you didnt want to play as sephiroth. whats the point of making a game if you’re not making it for the fans. oh. and give us a little bad arse like vivi… not a wuss like that kid who could summon alexander.

    • Justin Goldman

      how about you just meet cloud? he’d make a killer quiet supporting d00d. just supposed as a guy who is a clone of a d00d who saved the world a milion years ago. most everyone doesnt believe. wawa

  • tag

    Have a very big gate like in final fantas 12 to the pharos lighthouse or better big gate now have the
    big long arena lobby be like popola’s village like in Nier where that big long place is at where the item
    shop keeper is at by the entrance and the rest of the shops are have that big place be the big long arena lobby like have it different and better and dont have the windmill and fountain in their put one more bridge in their like cross the like those ather two are and have the graphics like in dungean siege 3 the heroes crypt with big long arena lobby and comebind it with barren temple and just only those
    six rooms be in their not the rest and have the barren temple with the heroes crypt graphics to and have the hall along with the rooms dark have the big lobby and barren temple along with the candles
    like have it with the shops and have them on the ledges like in the heroes crypt have the piscodaemon
    shops like in nier the shop keeper like have the candles on both sides on all the shops and have the
    big lobby and the hall like litle darker to and have the poles like in heroes crypt those big round poles
    with candles on the bottom have them be in the hall put the candles under the bridges in the lobby
    like on those poles in the heroes crypt now have the shops like armor shop with highly defense stats and more great armor and have the item shop be in their with all the items and have a weapon shop
    and have a spot to register for battle to go through the big gate into the hall where the arenas are at
    with six rooms and put fight coins exchange put like extremely powerfull items weapon and armor
    throw couple of ultimate weapons in their to and more.

  • tag

    Square enix their ganna be realy a lot of stuff like more
    buildings furniture guns rifles and lots of egypt stuff
    also im really busy looking for this oh and lots of trains

  • tag

    Here are lot of trains
    (shay lima locomotive)(climax manufacturing company)
    (climax manufacturing company #1499)(shay lima
    locomotive works #2858)(shay lima locomotive works
    #25811912)(shay lima locomotive works #716 1902)
    (mikado 2-8-2 the baldwin locomotive works #59284)

  • tag

    here some great ideas
    (victoria falls zimbabwe)(serried mountains)
    (the siege of tyre)(norwegian fjord)
    (temples near pagan myanmar)(medieval town hall)

  • tag

    Here are more trains
    (H.K. porter company #6821)(the baldwin locomotive works)(heisler locomotive works)(williamette geared
    engine shay type)(simple articulated the baldwin
    locomotive works)(mallet the baldwin locomotive)
    weyerhaeuser timber company)(the sound timber
    company)(the cherry valley timber company)

  • tag

    Square enix their are more big buildings are coming next week this time im
    putting the comments about half smaller so it could go quick and i have some more amazing buildings i have
    lot of it though and im trying to come up with something real and very terrible some ather island.

  • tag

    more big buildings
    (the leipzig city hall)(the plaza de armas in lima)
    (the palace of louis XlV at versailles)(al-azhar university)(the palace of the popes)(the impressive
    royal palace of emperor)(the palace of bir singh deo
    in datia)(the chateau at chantilly)
    (palace of the sultan)(the khadimain masque)
    (the rupublican palace in khartoum)(twelfth century
    cathedral at palermo)(the great mosque at kairouan)
    (quebecs parliament house)(floors fleurs castle)
    (the maharaja saya jirao university of baroda at
    vadodara)(aprliament building victoria B.C.)
    (uffizi palace in florence italy)
    (the front of the palace of fontainebeau)
    the crystal palace at sydenham hill
    (the great mosque in the city of isfahan)
    (the red fort of the maguloin agra)
    (the basilica of st. mary major rome)
    (windsor castle)

  • tag

    Square enix im coming with anather great cave this
    time it’s going to be highly traditional or extremely
    instad i know whats truely traditional is like though
    with point of view with the cave and i thinck the
    most big encounters be grand horn from
    final fantasy 7 classic tree golem from final fantasy 12
    and kjata sommon from final fantasy 7 classic and i
    thinck the cave its ganna be like zertinan caverns in
    final fantasy 12 along with etc and more.

  • tag

    square enix i thinck the tree golem doesnt seem right with the cave here it
    would ruined it and failed though im putting that gigantoad from final fantasy 12 in giza plains area then it would look much better that way im trying to write it very effectively and be on top.

  • tag

    square enix bridges are coming next week and more stuff.

  • tag

    Look IGN this island it’s going to descend from the heavens im putting this island way of course
    and extremely powerfully and im figuring it out more about this island I have no idea how many time’s
    it is but im really putting it very effective much possible it seem’s surpass the previous island that I wrote
    down before and this island it’s going to make fan’s eye’s go big and Square enix you could put the store’s how fan’s wanted though it’s that very powerfull in the city but this island it’s not done yet but
    im keeping it low profile.

  • tag

    Fan’s you won’t believe about this island.

  • tag

    (moorish bridge crossing)(the alcantara bridge)
    (westminster bridge over the thames river)
    (riatto bridge over the grand canal)
    (bridge of the dance of death over the reuss river)
    (pont neuf over the seine river)
    (Alcantara bridge over the tagus river at toleda)
    (kintai kye brocade bridge)(stone bridge)(camel back bridge near the summer palace)(agrass rope bridge over the indus river)
    (old spanish suspension bridge over the huari river)
    (Karls bruckle charles bridge over the vitava moldau river)
    (a cane foot bridge in the himalayas of north eastern india)
    (covered bridge at west brattle boro)
    (old arch bridge over the river at ronda)
    (the charles bridge)(wine tavern streel bridge)
    (the firth of forth bridge)

  • tag

    light house’s
    (south west pass light station)
    (batiscan range front light house)
    (race rock light)(new cape henry lighthouse virginia)
    (bishop rock light england)
    (Sanganeb reef lighthouse red sea)
    (rattray head light house sctland)(macquarie lighthouse australia)

  • tag

    Square enix i found more castle it’s called the land of the haunted castles

  • tag

    Hey fans anymore ideas.

  • tag

    Square enix and fans this island going to be number one title like i thinck it’s going to
    surpass all the towns in final fantasy 7 remake its that so critical and it has view point
    but its not in science fiction or anything like that but it looks great at night along with
    the moon or without the moon and its very beutiful and its very big the island its like
    midgar and fortcondor in final fantasy 7 but no train though but it has something better
    then that and it has underground sewer and cave it’s like you end up wanna live in
    thier lol and i thinck its ganna be fresh for feature games and fit just perfect for
    luminous engine but im not done yet.

  • tag

    I forgot one more thing this island its going to become every way within the series.

  • tag

    Square enix i found something some kind of ornament collection but its called
    medieval castle that its made out of a cup with a castle on top and it has point of view with it but doesnt shows
    up when i try to look for it and it’s been made way
    back 1460 and it’s made out of copper and it weighs
    14 pounds less and thier’s more of this thier
    called uspensky cathedral egg.

  • tag

    Square enix make a great weapon for lightning or some ather tittle like into two bows
    one bow have it shoot powerfull strikes like long range harpoon strikes with powerfull
    abilities and more and make like two kinds of arrows normal arrow and bigger arrows
    size like harpoon spears then have the bow really big.

  • tag

    Square Enix im ganna tell some of it here the island it’s like the guruvegan city on the
    lake like in Final Fantasy 12 it’s like top of the mountain and the mountain it’s like
    oregon crater with the city on it and their’s lot of waterfalls around it along with tree’s
    and plants.

  • tag

    Square enix please keep final fantasy 15 ideas open and fans somehow throw some
    ideas in here or get some ather fans that who wants to do this please.

  • tag

    I have an idea here this will exceed FFseven make like anather project that charecters
    could transform into sommons and have the project the basic like in dissidia.

  • tag

    (Old-time Weehawken New Jersey elevator)(Burgenstock elevator)(Municipal Elevator)
    (Elevator at Bahia Brazil)(Santa Justa Elevator)(The katrinahissen street elevator)

  • tag

    (niag ara)(Yellowstone lower falls)(vernal)(yosemite lower falls)(lllilouette)(nevada)
    (bridalveil)(giesbach switzerland)(victoria rhodesia)(sutherland new zealand)
    (gersoppa)(king edward Vlll british guiana)(vettis norway)(trummel bach switzerland)
    (multnomah oregon)(fairy washington)(takakkaw)(silver strand)(yosemite upper falls)
    (ribbon california)(staubbach switzerland)(krimml austria)(tugela south africa)
    (gavarnie france)(royaima british guiana)(kukenaan venezuela)(angel venezuela)
    (velino delle marmore)(yellowstone falls)(victoria falls of the zambesi river)
    (the fulls of the blue nile)(niagara river and the falls)(horse shoe falls)

  • tag

    Here’s some lot great idea’s
    (skipjack)(flasher)(nautilus)(the huge radio telescope of the jodrell bank observatory)
    (concrete shelter)(plywwod shelter)(steel igloo shelter)(above ground shelter)
    (basement shelter)(lean-to shelter)(an ancient trade route)(one of the first lamps)
    (student lamps)(decorated lamps)(the pioneer betty lamp)(the candle)
    (the discovery of kerosene)(the petticoat lamp)(the first eddystone light house)
    (an erosion in cathedral gorge state park)(sandstone spires in the garden of the gods)
    (red rock canyon area)(cuenca carpet)(oriental rugs)(embroidered rugs)
    (a forest of oil derricks)(confederate hunley)(hollands fenian ram)
    (asculptured gateway)

  • tag

    Hello Square enix im really combinding this title so i drag the island to the shore so i
    could combine it with junnon but it’s different then junnon though and im putting like
    more of traditional logical palarity title and more effective worth of etc.

  • tag

    Square enix what do you thinck of these 4 big jaws encounter’s (Andrewsarchus)
    (Tylosaurus)(Zeuglodon lizard)(Basilosaurus)

  • tag

    Squre enix have an great idea for many of fans out their how bout make Clouds bike
    cool shade’s for 3d glasses.

  • tag

    Fans just be patient out their for Final Fantasy 7 remake giant masterpiece play your
    games for the time being or rather get ps4 and get bigger TV for the game like one
    of Vizio M801d-A3R 80-inch 1080p 240 Hz LED 3D Smart TV with 8 3D glasses the
    price is $3798 if you know what i mean knock your self out and im putting these title’s
    queitly overwhelming the cave is going to be just stunning when i kept on reading it
    though make sure everything is good though or see if i miss anything the cave is big
    and round though it’s only about 13.00 km long and 11.60 km wide.

  • tag

    Square enix im looking for to get more games and more buildings
    will be coming later on and their stunning.

  • tag

    (the merzouga dunes)(rissani)(the attarine medersa)
    (the karayouine mosque)(the en najjarine square and
    fountain)(the walls of the oudaia kasbah)
    (the hassan tower)(chella)(the great gate of chella)
    (mehdia)(an ancient gate to the city of chartress)
    (dar jammai)(the moulay lsmail mausoleum)
    (bab mansour)(bab khemis)(babel bardain)
    (bab boujeloud)(the northern borj)(bab aguenaou)
    (marrakech)(the koutoubia)

  • tag

    Square enix im trying give you a lot of buildings here
    but it doesnt really goess on here it said sorry you lost
    connection to internet server.

  • tag

    Square enix create the super big galaxy city saucer that is floating out edge on the globe out into the space and have fan’s fly to it with the space air ship and enter bellow
    the big super saucer but not like final fantasy 13 scene though and have it like
    science fiction architecter like big round ancient sky scraper’s have all the shop’s in
    their to have the super big galaxy city saucer scale about 3.40 km big round and have
    the floor to ceilling 1.70 km tall or rather have the imperial city of archade’s from
    final fantasy 12 but not the old archade’s have the city much more bigger better and
    different charecter’s and put more path’s in the city like more 7 area’s in their to explore
    have the path much more wider and then have a building like the trainning center
    like in final fantasy 8 in balamb garden have it like much more bigger then the training
    center and fan’s could level up the stat’s also have the landscape like the feywood in
    final fantasy 12 those big tree’s are and have more big root’s bellow the tree’s like have
    it more evective more detailed of high graphic’s to it and put different random
    encounter’s in their throw like 3 more area’s have the training center like go round like in final fantasy 8 like the training center now have the gold saucer area where the
    station is and put the terminal sign show’s where all the place’s are for paranormal
    scary haunted mansion, amlly theater, chocobo race, arena, big monster fin’s zoo,
    inn, but dont actually put it like the gold saucer have it like same style like nautilus
    from final fantasy 13 where the nautilift concourse and festival road and comebind
    it with that ather kind of gold saucer from star ocean till the end of time and have it
    look really big like have it like nautilus city to explore it but sept for park square to all
    theway back to the fiendlord’s keep not all them though put the activitie’s like the
    amlly theater and have a zoo with big monster fin’s and chocobo’s and more put the
    paranormal haunted big mansion like very scary creepy and spooky and put the arena like in star ocean the last hope arena like more better then have the chocobo
    race like really super big have like 5 track’s to race have chocobo’s and fin’s go like
    super sonic speed have the super big galaxy saucer and the gold saucer area with
    side quest and chest.

  • tag

    Fans please put some idea’s or probably square enix has enough idea’s though and the tokyo game
    show it’s coming up this month 18 to 21.

  • tag

    Have like a big city center top of the mountain with the island have it like lake city aqua palace along
    river’s have a big river go round the city like in giruvegan and have the size mountain the bottom
    3.40 km wide top part 2.55 km wide and 1.17 km tall and put waterfalls quiet have the city along with
    plants like in dipan city from valkrie profile 2 have the river and waterfall’s going really smoothed
    quiet and not rough have the river almost see through the river and barelly on the waterfall’s and have
    the crell monferaigne combine it wath dipan city just not the castle dont worried about that
    have more river’s and waterfall’s around the mountain put some big waterfall’s have some couple
    of long waterfall’s to and along with big pool’s and river’s have plant and tree’s also on their and put
    several cave’s and have one of them lead’s to the very big cave that’s beneath the city and have the
    trail be like a maze around the mountain fan’s could get lost but dont please have like bad counter’s
    in their have the mountain like best spot really level up at have the mountain like fan’s could do power level up at put it like flexible and just preferable have like big encounter’s like slow and dumb where fan’s every where they go at have the mountain with of many chest about 45 of them have like several
    of them with poerfull item like weapon armor like 5 megalixirs with 8000 gold and more and have the
    city 30 side quest have the leviathen swimming on the big river around the city it gaurd’s the city and
    have it for to fly on it.

  • tag

    The next part very deep cave beneath the city but it’s not that giant cave though but still big.

  • tag

    im half way done through the cave and my writing it’s about comebine with deep sea deposit from
    final fantasy 8 and along with turgen cavern from valkrie profile 2 silmeria and it’s 6 level’s down for
    the path and along with elavated platform’s in mushroom rock from final fantasy 10 and also im writing
    more idea’s from the game’s and for the game’s also.

  • tag

    Square enix im working hard and this title it’s a pain by putting every etc to it for the cave though
    and im trying get more idea’s from final fantasy game’s and more and im rewriting the title so it could
    be more better more effectively.

  • tag

    square enix im going to wright some more titles legendary best ones and going to get the action replay max for ps2 and i thinck for ps1 also so things will speed right up and i gotten more games
    and it’s romancing saga it’s amazing but it’s hard to go through it i don’t thinck i don’t worry about
    anyways when i get the action replay it would help out everything and i gotten far in dragon quest 8
    im on level 36 rest are on level 35 im far where before im ganna fight doulmagous the jester in the
    dark ruins im using that place to level up at though and i have idea from romancing saga from my
    ather games to like from final fantasy 10-2 also.

  • tag

    Square enix here’s some more idea’s use the pit vampire from romancing saga have it much more giant
    and have the charecter’s jump really high on buildings to look for chest and more have the airships in
    dragon series alchemy pot right in the airship and have desert like in valkrie profile 2 silmeria in the sahma
    desert on to some ather project i crisis core final fantasy 7 when zack go in courage boost when zack
    see cait sith use the background landscape some ather project heres anather idea creat a city thats
    beneath the ocean heres anather idea use that one city from final fantasy 13 gates of antiguity have
    that city on some ather project ad along with tall bannana palm trees and more use the thunder plains
    from final fantasy 10 make it like bigger and better like comebine those lightning towers with towering
    long cinders or pillars and have the landscape more better and have the clouds like in crisis core final fantasy 7 above the midgar scene and set some big rocks or along with the landscape and ad cliffs with
    it and big cracks and combine those lightning towers along with reactors and generators put about 13 or
    18 towers in the landscape have the dead trees look black like they got burened from lightning and have them look big and smoky and have it like really rainy and heres anather idea created a big landscape area
    worth of 8 or 10 valcanoes around and along with granite spires on the ground have like dry lava on the
    landscape look black and ad mountains around and have big smoke coming from the out of valcanoes.

  • tag

    more buildings coming next week

  • tag

    Square enix what do you thinck about these (tradtional village suva)(Ein typisches toggen burger
    haus in brunnadern)(wrights marin county civic center)(The royal Wawel Castle)
    (The Towers at Narragansett)(The Barnum Museum)(Cadet Training Ship Eagle)
    (Boldt Castle on heart island)(The Namdaemun gate)(Palace of fine arts)
    (Famous jain Temples)(Rathaus)(glasgows art gallery museum)(the palocio salvo hotel)
    (the council house)(palais de la nation)(louis XVI-style building)(ruined tower)(wing chateau blois)
    (the exodus)(baha house of worship)(gripsholm castle)(the vienna opera house)
    (arched gateways and medieval)(ancient sumerian village)(old wine-storage houase)
    (the rocke feller memorial chapel)(buddhist shrine sin mandalay)(eight-sided pagodas)
    (bremen town hall)(many europeon houses)(the cathedral church of st. peter)
    (cathedral of st. alexander nevski)(the rows with the high cross)
    (the beatiful jain temple at calcutta)(wing of the temple of hathi singh)

  • tag

    Square enix i got grandia 3 im on disc two already.

  • tag

    This cave it’s almost around the corner.

  • tag

    Hello square enix i might throw a lot in this website sometime next month theirs a lot about the cave the cave
    it’s has some area’s about that it’s extremely powerfull graphics along with critical point of view where fans
    could see the next cave like to the upper cave with a hole and thier’s ray beams coming down the area thier’s
    a very lot about that area and thier’s big giant slaven in the lake and a big water fall coming from the upper cave along with big splash down to the ather cave and a rainbow above it.

  • tag

    Hello square enix the cave it’s going to end up the best cave into two caves im writing it way the fans wanted
    to be into trully modern legendary traditional logical order very effectively close graphics of both caves the great charecters is grand horn and midgar zolom kjata from final fantasy 7 and avion/diver beast/taod from final fantasy 12
    land worm from final fantasy 10 and more but im making sure everything should be ok though that i might be
    missing something to the title and fans just hang in their.

  • tag

    And im really put my mind about the cave though.

  • tag

    Hello square enix im going to write a lot of more gothic building so i could carved my stamina writing their are
    3 page’s done already their ready to put down beside’s this cave it’s really super big worth of writing so far
    and it’s this friday coming up or i might put it down these building’s and im really working hard on this cave i
    just came up with something else about upper cave about this and im going to put it in their to where fan’s could see the bellow the cave from the upper cave and their’s ganna be lot more building by just storming in
    this website.

  • tag

    Here a lot of buildings here (the temple of the emerald buddha)(marsh house)(sargons magnificent folly)
    (the chateau chambord)(arch of trajan at bonevento)(house of juacques coeur)(solomons temple)
    (herods temple)(the splendor of an entire era)(the catherine palace)(the small and ancient village of monreal)
    (shake spear courted anne hathaway)(manila’s university of santo toma’s)(pragues charles bridge)
    (prague’s charles bridge)(poznans city hall)(great buddha hall)(yume dono hall of dreams)(pagoda of the daigo-ji)(kokubun-ji kokubun temple)(the kinka kuji temple)(the horyu-ji temple nara)
    (palazzo comunale in cremona)(kensico gravity dam)(overflow gravity type wilson dam)(face of angram dam)
    (down face of norris dam)(stone spillway of howden dam)(downstream face of aswen dam)
    (moorish bridge crossing)(olavinlinna in south easter finland)(jeronimos monastery)(rangoon temple)
    (the ruins of kidwelly castle)(a roman cathelic church)(the jahargri mahal)(akbars tomb)(gross ropebridge)
    (old spanish suspension bridge)(kintai-kyo bridge)(camel back bridge near the summer palace)
    (exterior of a cha-shitsu)(heigen temple)(temple in kyongpodae near kangnung)(church of st. anne)
    (red square in moscow)(the malay peninsula)(the keling mosque in pinang)(westminster bridge)
    (the thien mu pagoda)(the tomb of emperor khai dinh)(the garfield memorial in clevaland)(A bridge in bruges)
    (salzburg)(castle neushwanstein in bavaria)(square bell tower of the duomo)(the mahabodhi temple)
    (a buttress in reims cathegral)(cathedral of saint mary)(ornamental columnar chimney pf the tudor period)
    (choir stalls of st. pauls cathedral)(village on cheju island)(norman cathedral)(the cathedral at chartres)
    (medieval cottage at aldbury)(compton wynyates manor house)(the chateau de fayrac)
    (the charter oak monument)(cathedral of the holy cross)(the cloisters of the cathedral utrecht)
    (high altar westminster cathedral)(the vast cathedral at chartres)
    (the statuary of the north porch of the cathedral)
    (the cloister and chapter hall of the 12 century abbey of fonteray)

  • tag

    Build a island have it be like mysterious island with grand mantis have them roaming all over the place and have them bigger about 85” inche’s tall and have 2 more encounter’s silicon tortoise gigantoad from final fantasy 12 have the island 1.80 km wide 2.00 km long and have the island along with tiny and big islet’s and
    throw several of big sea stacks around the island to and some in the crater lake and ad river waterfalls in the crater lake and put just no plants and tree’s on the island have the island a sand storm hurricane and have
    dead tree’s on the island to and have the island free roaming open world have the whole island smathered by
    hurricane sandstorm and have the whole island tilted down like a crater put about 730 meters deep and have
    the bottom crater with little big lake 280 meter’s long have the twirling round pool 130 meter’s big and round
    have the landscape like in advent children final fantasy 7 out in the midgar area comebine with mushroom
    rock cliff’s around the island from final fantasy 10 on the island but dont have no sand around though put couple of chess on the island have the entrance through the twirling round pool like a deep river have it go
    really fast on the river waterslide have it like very really long next have the charecters go in to big long fall
    1.80km drop then have the charecter’s fell into deep little lake have the lake 80 meters big and deep along with the waterfall have the entrance to the massive cave have the path by going left and have the path like
    djose highroad landscape in final fantasy 10 have it 2 or 3 times long have the landscape like in mushroom
    rock landscape to along the path in the cave have the path by going down but not very deep but less deep
    and have the path wider have tiny islets along the path to have it effectivelly have some easy random
    encounters along the path and good chess for long journey ahead have the path go down like a zigzag path
    like a Z have a big area in the cave have it big almost like grand pulse in final fantasy 13 have the landscape like in giza plains the rain in final fantasy 12 and have this area open world wider path 2 or 3
    small lakes and have river’s that leads in to lower deeper in to the massive cave but sept those sunstones
    dont have them down in the cave or have them around without light and have them in the upper cave have
    big islet’s like soda straws columns around put several of big waterfalls in the back ground end of areas and have rivers that leads to the lake and to the right of the to the big valley along with big sea stacks have
    the edge of around the area and put couple of big sea stacks along the area and put just 2 very big limestone deposits in the area with lot’s of plants and tree’s above it and have the area good spot level up in
    this area and on the whole two caves have the along the walls like in final fantasy 10 mushroom rock only
    for bottom of the cave have one of the limestones deposits with the small village have the small village looks like temples along with normal or different charecters put six buildings in the village have item shop
    have fans alway stay their for free at the inn have weapon shop armor shop put couple of good chess along
    the village throw spring in the village so that would fully restore HP/MP now have the outside the village out of the area have the path way on the right have it go down like in final fantasy 10 calm lands south have
    the path go left by going down have it long just like it where those 2 hover vehicles are now have the cave
    about 13.00km long 11.60km wide and ceilling to ground 1.30km tall or less just in case have the bellow the
    cave along with giant tree’s ground to ceilling have the giant tree’s grow through the ceilling to the upper cave have about 9 giant tree’s and have them about 200 meters wide and have them stand out more
    effectivelly more detailed along with streams coming down have the cave two caves into one massivelly cave have the upper cave 13.00km long 11.60km wide have the each cave floor to ceilling the bottom first
    600 meters high for the bottom of the cave and have the upper cave taller yet 780 meters higher have the both caves with clouds in it have the bellow the cave with little clouds have it kinda little thick but not that thick have the clouds fans could see through it and along with ray beams that’s shining from the upper cave
    along with big holes fans could see the upper cave have them very big and round have them 435 meters long 300 meters wide have them a lot more bigger to along with waterfalls have the holes look like in zertinen cavern/hourglass basin have them like every different shape have the upper cave ground and bellow the cave ceilling 140 meters thick have the holes along with lots of root’s and vegetation and hanging vines and have the ather couple of big hole’s along with very really huge along with very big wide
    waterfalls like in iguassu falls or delicate falls have thehole’s 770 meters long and very wide just about 400
    meters wide have this one be the biggest in the cave along with the big waterfall have the waterfall create a big wide splash have it look really big in mid air and have it like 300 meters high and have a rainbow above it ad plants and tree’s plus vegetation along with the waterfalls in the upper cave ad islet or just rocks
    along with the waterfalls have this waterfalls center of the cave along with the huge lake bellow the ather
    cave have the lake about 4.00 km long 2.30km wide and put a bigger slaven use the Enkelodos from final
    fantas 12 have it about 110 meters high and have it like roaming in the lake and have it make a tsunami
    evey time take a step and have the lake four feet deep and have the tsunami eight feet high and have the
    tsunami go on the whole lake and the big forest have the tsunami go almost halfway in the forest thats around the lake (please don’t have the tsunami kill the charecter’s or go low on hp fans wont like it)
    have the tsunami brush back the charecter’s away from the lake and back in the forest or have the charecters hide behind the tree’s so they won’t get push by the tsunami and have the lake along with big islet’s in the lake so fans could get up closer tothe giant slaven and have the giant slaven feeds on
    surriander beast/toad and more toad sand lizards from final fantasy 12 more in the lake have the slaven be
    ridable later in the story next have the forest around the lake have the tree’s 200 meters high and have the
    trees 10 and 13 feet wide have the tree’s same color style like nier the lost shrine that one tree in the tower
    and have tree’s with leafs above it to and have the above the tree’s look really thick have it look like fans cant see through it to have the roots like in Nier the lost shrine in the 1f first floor like have the roots
    completely smathered the groundand have the roots big and wide about foot half like 13 15 17 inches wide
    and have the roots same style like in the feywood final fantasy 12 and put some hidden spots under the trees to along with chess with some awsome item’s if fanscould find them like along great big weapons and
    hard hidden armor within the chess and a lot of gill like 30.000 gill and have some chess along with great items and more and have the path 23 feet wide in the forest and have the forest along with bigger
    beast/toads like suriander have them like 7 feet wide and taller have the bellow the cave look dim and have

  • tag

    more are coming sometime next month