Motorola Droid X Activation’s Started Today

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The Motorola Droid X is not supposed to reach owners just yet, but there have been reports that some have already started to receive their new Android handset. This means that there has been a few early activation requests for Verizon to handle, this is something that seems to happen more and more – you only have to look at last months release of the iPhone 4.

Kellex from Droid Life did some homework on the tracking number on one Droid X and found that it was shipped on July 1st, and was delivered today. This is not an isolated case, with a number of customers phoning Verizon to ask questions about the new handset, as well as going through the activation process.

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The news of these early deliveries first came to light on @DroidLanding Twitter, and not just in one particular state. Kellex decided to phone Big Red customer services and were told that the Motorola Droid X is not yet here and will not be available until July 15th.

This has certainly confused matters, but Kellex has a possible theory, one that you can read about via the link above.

Have you received your Motorola Droid X yet?