MW2 Resurgence Map Pack PS3 Release Time: Twitter Confirmation

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We are just hours away from the PS3 and PC release of the new Resurgence Map Pack DLC for Modern Warfare 2. It is due to hit Steam and the Playstation Store later, promising hours of fresh multiplayer action with five brand new maps.

We said earlier on that the maps should be available during the afternoon for US gamers in the Eastern Time Zone. However, you’ll be able to find out the exact moment that the update goes live by keeping an eye on this handy Twitter update page that we have provided for you.

Using this page will keep you up to date on all the relevant Twitter activity related to the Resurgence Map Pack release time. You can be assured that gamers will be keeping each other updated on whether the update has appeared in the store or not.

Xbox 360 owners have enjoyed the new content for over a month now, but PS3 owners will finally get their chance in a few hours time. Are you excited about playing the new maps for the first time?

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  • cash

    someone musta got into their servers or something because i saw like 1800 ppl online playin on the new maps already.

    • TJames

      It says it's available when you go into the game screen but it's not yet available here in Texas…


        Downloaded it @ about 7:00p.m. in corpus christi Texas

        • james

          doo u need the stimulus package to get the resurgence map pack cuz ive brought it downloaded igt and installed it and it still wont work :(

  • John

    Its 7:05 am pacifice time. Nothing yet.

  • John

    Still nothing on the west coast of U.S.

  • John

    My system show 843 people playing (resurangce) and 346 playing (Hardcore) so somebody has it. The Stimuls package released if i remember right around 1 p.m. PST. Dont see why it would be any different this time.

    • hello

      americans have it

  • John Haskins

    Okay the Barebones modes are up on old maps only. Its something…so excited for the new maps. Should be out soon!!!!!1

  • money

    for the record i hate infintiy ward. lets be awesome and release them a month after x box. lame.

    • brad

      its bc playstation puts their time in the graphics to impress us unlike the xbox

  • xblackout

    i think some people get them earier. maybe they r relasing them in different locations at different tims like with the 360

    • Drew

      I think if you on playstation plus you might get it earlier!

    • dunnhole

      it's because microsoft bought out exclusive rights to it it's not infinity ward selling the maps it's someone else just lookin for money since microsoft paid more they got a month exlcusive rights to it before it would release to ps3 and that's also why the maps are 15bucks infinity ward would of sold them cheaper

  • Austin Goss

    Im thinking that maybe the Playstation Plus subscribers got them already?

    • Garrett

      nahh im Playstation Plus and i have nothin

      • zach

        is ps plus worth it i dont get what it does?

    • jeff

      they get released to time zones at different times so as to not to overload the servers

  • adkiller1

    nothing on the east coast yet….anyone?

  • ste

    still nothin in england any1 got any luck ?

    • Max160709

      Europe gets it tomorrow

    • that1guy

      i thought england doesnt get it till tomorrow…sorry

    • Wolofe007

      uk gets the ps3 maps on the 7 not the six so u wont see them today

      • jan

        i just bought maps, downloaded it onto ps3, not there ?

  • Parker

    central 10:37 nothing yet

  • DocRobotic

    nothing here in LA so far. (taps foot)

    • lethalstrike1

      3:34 in the midwest . still nothing

    • RuggishBone-09

      nothing At 1:50pm here in malibu

    • Ptree818

      10 minutes

  • Austin

    OMG Its past noon when most reports said they would be out and still nothing! Now its either 2 or 4!

  • duckduckdeuce

    nothin in indiana, it's a little after noon.

  • jack

    where r they

  • Mike Wilson

    nothin on east coast yet = /

  • i-r8ped-nemo

    12:24 nothin in the eatern time yet

  • avan2110

    Blehh Nebraska nothing yet 11:34 am

  • key

    nothin here in uk still

  • chris

    nothing in pa

  • chris

    nothing here 10:06 pacific time :(

  • Paris

    Nothing Here in Canada, Ontario

  • Damien

    nothin in canada yet

  • CODMW2

    In England and everywhere except North America, for the record, it's released tomorrow.

  • Benhshuiwdhcow

    Nothing on store in Britain time: 18:20

  • Darksoldier33

    Nothing to report here. 10:52. There should only be as smch lag as MW2 usually has. Nothing more than that though. All the bugsshould be worked out already.

  • sam myers

    nothing in uk but the Resurgence map pack game mode has at the moment 840 people on it.

  • Austin Goss

    Friend with Plus sent me a message saying that they have got them so Reg. PS players should get them round 2:00pm Im thinking

  • Stranger

    2pm East coast nothing atm

  • darren

    got it yes

  • Jeremy

    Nothin in Illinois 1:00

  • Wolfy

    Nothing yet here in Belfast!

  • Michael

    2:10 pm in West MI. Nothing yet.

  • why


  • Magoo

    well the servers in UK PS network are showing some people on them. I cant get them tho, not on the store yet. raging. I was very excited!

  • WesStar

    Absolutely nothing in central time zone

  • das_biest7 @ Acso

    the last map pack didnt come out until around 6 pm east coast time . so im guessing that the next 1 will be released around the same time

  • Armbrat_23

    Nothing here in Virginia it's 3 pm EST

  • Shawn Demers

    still nothing east coast

  • Boxerboy423

    its 220 pm central and nothing yet

  • BlazedMarty

    Nothing here in Maryland East coast.. getting antsy

  • biggie2316

    im a playstation plus member as well and nothing and its 2:50pm CST

  • Elias

    Eastern time 3:54. No sign of content yet.

  • Austin

    I just got it in texas

  • Kevin Borders

    4:20 in detroit still dont have them

  • mike

    it's 4:41 in NY and nothing……

  • Joeyy

    Out now, resurgence, I am seeing over 4000 people on the Resurgence game types, another update you have to download though. Awesome!!!

  • mobius

    U.S. East Coast Nothing Yet

  • frank casle

    ps3 members get them free all have to do is get ur buddys acount who payed a waping 50 $ for them login to his psn store then download it on your system dahh all so stupid

  • jizzflaps

    nothing here in the UK… :(

  • John Hancock

    east coast 5pm, ps3 ,nothing

  • Armbrat_23

    nothing yet in VA it's 5:16

  • Tpen29

    Really 5 o clck and still nothing dam u infnity ward!!!

  • jade-down

    im in uk and not a sign of resurgence yet! any ideas anyone??? also…. where the fucks mosh pit gone?!!

  • nick

    nothing in florida

  • CuBiCuaTe

    nothing here …. el paso, texas …. already released on steam …. whats going on???

  • rooksgrl

    its 730pm eastern time and i havent seen nothing all day updat for the game and thats it where are the new maps??

  • jabber

    downloading it now…gotta go into playstation store and do the "search" in top right for Modern Warfare and you will see the download… doesn't appear in the other area

  • alex

    i got it in Florida at 7:40 pm

  • Earth Realist

    oh it's like 7:50 nothing in maryland im about to say blank it! thats my word

  • Chaos

    It's out central il

  • Chaos3079

    It's here but it's taking for ever to download a 346 mb file so everyone an there brother is downloading it now

  • charlie

    in houston its loadingright now

  • PS3@PS3

    im pretty sure that they come out at midnite….if it doesn't, then i comes out the next morning 4 sure…..well its wat happened with the 1st map pack for Mw2 …. i had 2 get it the next day

  • welshbiker

    still nothing here in the uk :(

  • awayt

    still not f****ing here in the uk what a fail

  • Edward

    We have the update but no where tom download from I am from aus and it’s not on the store

  • IbummedurmoM

    13. 30 uk still nothing , bastards

  • dan

    still nuthing in the uk getin board of waiting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • pissed

    screw that. im not giving my money up to infinity ward beacause of the lame 30 days bull.. we buy the game, and we pay forthe maps, why should we habe to wait?!