MW2: PS3 Resurgence Map Pack DLC Release Time U.S. / UK – My Prediction

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Usually when DLC is being launched for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 we have some sort of indication of release time for the North America and the United Kingdom, however at the moment we are completely unaware of when to expect the Resurgence Map Package DLC to hit the PS3.

We know that it will definitely be coming to the PlayStation Store today, however plenty of our readers are eager to find out exactly what time it will arrive, therefore I thought I would pull together reliable information to come up with my prediction.

Usually Robert Bowling’s Twitter account keeps us up-to-date with all of the Modern Warfare 2 news, however he has not tweeted for two days, he will probably tweet later today when it launches for PS3, so perhaps consider following him on Twitter.

When the Xbox 360 version of the Resurgence Map Pack hit Xbox Live it arrived at all different times across the globe thanks to the way it was rolled out, however most UK gamers who commented on this post say that the download became available at approximately 8.00pm UK time.

The actual release time is dependant on many variables, therefore it is hard to put an exact time on it, however I think that it will become available at around 8.00pm GMT (UK Time), 4.00pm ET and 1.00pm PST.

These times are my predictions based on previous release patterns, therefore could be completely inaccurate, it all depends on what Sony and Activision decide.

Have you received the update? If so, where are you and what time did you get it?

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  • Josh

    During daylight savings time, Eastern time is GMT -4, so that would be 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT.

    • Jamie Pert

      Thanks, updated.

    • Stranger


    • josh

      its 5:00 pm here and i still dnt c them

  • zone598

    i havent got it but the update 2 mw2 shows me its there but i didnt buy it

  • Malachi

    Release date is tommorrow: 7th July for europe.

  • DOOD

    im in kansas just got the update

    • Bobby

      I am in Texas and I am looking for it on my PS3 if you can please tell me where you found it so I can download it thanks

  • ninagosaimas

    July 6 for USA, but as usual just like the xbox 360 resurgence release this would be recieved by UK, 6 hours later.

  • popacapupyourass

    the game says that it is there but i cant find it

    • lol

      The same for me

      • dylan

        i know and none of my friends have it. it is 5:00 eastern for me and where is the pack!?

      • killa

        also cant find it

    • Stephen Deloughery

      same with me

  • Modern warfare 2 boy

    i just got update a 4pm but cant find them on store. i am in united kingdom. on modern warfare 2 and it says the standard new map pack message. i think they are cumin on at 8pm so yyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • julia

    so… its the 6th here in canada…. does it come out today?? if so around 4 here too???

  • Austin Goss

    It should be like they did for Xbox Roger was all quiet then an noon he "tweeted" and said they were ready. So Im hoping for noon!

  • Ric

    Its out in North America now but not anywhere else

  • Marte

    US still not out expect it for 6pm

  • Ric

    Its already out in North America and on playlists it sez resurgence but people in U.K have to wait till tomorrow

  • terry

    if its the 7th of july for european users, is it right for the game itself to be telling us new maps are available?

    • CODMW2

      They have to put in the update that allows the map packs to work a couple of hours before they release the content, otherwise it would glitch out the game. The update tells the game to display the message telling you to get the map pack, regardless of whether it's out or not. Besides, it's only wrong for a few hours.

  • Mitch

    In Ontario Canada (Eastern standard time). DL/d for the PC (Same release date as the PS3 version, today, July 6th) and it’s still not avilable on the PC. It’s currently 12:30 PM here.

  • Jeremie

    Its 9:42AM in BC Canada and No Update yet!

  • Steve

    I got the update at about 13:00 GMT, went to Playstation store, no maps. Its 17:50 now and I cant get into Playstation store, maybe they are updating it now??? Hopefully.. these maps look awesome!!

    • dylan

      yeah i got the update that says they are ready but they are not in store. im in us 5:00 eastern

  • shep

    i dont know why ppl are getting so excited the maps are rubbish like the servers for mw2

    • jimbo505

      i agree 100%.the servers make the game completely unplayable not just in my area but my whole bloody country.its disgusting the way fans of this game are treated with all this release date bulls**t and then to top it off when we do get the maps we are just going to get shafted by cheats that infinity ward wont do anything about or we wont get a reasonable game due to servers.infinity ward are only in it for the money, the fact that black ops is going to be run on the same servers means the game is ruined before its even released.

    • marc

      if you dont like the servers get a xbox

  • JokersRevenge4

    I'm in Wisconsin, recieved the update this morning, but I can't find it on Playstatinon Store. I'm guessing in nine minutes, 6 p.m or possibly 8 p.m, not sure.

  • Tdog91184

    Just got the update but now I can't access the playstaion store. 11:55 AM Texas

  • terry

    so to clarify, North America has the maps? UK are apparently 4hours later.. the reason im asking is because every site ive been on gives a different answer, you'd think Infinity Ward would release some clarification on the issue wouldnt you.

    • Jamie Pert

      Hello Terry, tell me about it there seems to be contradicting reports everywhere. I cannot give you a definitive answer at present, there is also talk suggesting that UK gamers will have to wait until tomorrow.

      As we find out more we will keep you posted

    • Chase Wackare

      North America Does Not Have Them Yet We Are Expecting Them Around 6Pm – 8Pm

  • dmilos

    how much is the new maps ?

  • herp

    florida here, 1:12pm, got the update, but no maps. psn and playstation store is still accessible though

  • Nate

    1:14 here in Ohio and no maps but i got the update for the new stuff. The store works for me but the maps arent there so….

  • jakemonster4

    im in New York, no signs of any update yet. maybe im looking in the wrong place, wouldn't it just be under MW2 add ons?

    • jaker30

      Update will kick in once you load MW2…you won't find the update in the PS store

  • chris

    im in uk and i recieved update at 6.15pm 6/710

  • Unthrown

    Well in true infinityward style they like people talking about them I think the maps will be same price as stimulus around £11 am in west Yorkshire got the update but no maps feel free to add me on psn my gt is unthrown maybe when the new maps come out al see some of you there

  • deathzealot

    No where on the ps3 to be found…. the ps store is problly gonna realease it sometime today in the after after noon

  • WTF

    i got the update and right now, i cant even find it in the playstation store. what gives?

  • antman

    5 or 6pm is when we get the new maps , it says 89 people are in the resurgence room but its probably just beta testers

    • Chase Wackare

      Lucky Lucky Them

  • jaker30

    Minneapolis, MN. Just got the update at 12 CST and says map pack should be in PS store…no sign of it though…

    • section–8—

      same here im in brainerd minn and i got the update but cant find it to buy it

    • Ted

      In the UK Stimulus came out a day later than the US and it was at 16:00, so im guessing this one will be the same.

    • Darren

      how do you get the update ?????

  • mw2 maps

    where are the new map my ps3 wont let me go in psn store so hopefully that good

  • Tdog91184

    It shows over 100 people playing the new maps but I still can’t find it. Maybe it’s earlier for Plus members?

  • Karan_4

    11am,BC canada, update has been recieved NO MAps, although it says at the mw2 main menu that maps are now downloadable

  • TDUDE9

    BC, Canada. Just like everyone else, i got the update, but i cant find the maps!!!

  • Jordann

    It's 2:20 in new york i got the update at like 9 or ten am and still nothing in the store
    JordannRae <<< add on psn

  • richard

    got the update at 8am in California but still sign of maps! its 11 26 am and nothing there gonna hit later on today im guessing


    Hi i downloaded the update at about 4pm gmt
    went to download the pack and was soooo peeved
    i cant beleve the always give it to xbl players first!!!!!
    i know we dont pay for online gaming but still this is outrages
    anyways lovin mw cant wait for the pack ;-)

  • Unthrown

    Well ten minutes to go till the 8pm line that uk people seem to think the maps will be on psn let's see sooon :)

  • Damn..

    got the update cant find the download
    but it looks like 100 people or so are playing the resurgence mappack

  • josh

    it seems like 6:00 today is the magic number lets just hope that's not it cause i want them personally ………………now

  • Freddy McGowan

    Nipples get cheesy when you leave them in the bath

  • Brendan Graham ッ

    yeah i got the update but no maps its 3:40pm here in New Jersey

  • Nate

    this is just a theory but on the playlists its 1-25 and every minute it decreases by 1 so mabte thats 1 hour and 25 minutes…


    wtf can someone help,i cant download the update it says "an error occurred during the download operation",I cant even play,dont really care too much about the maps i just wanna play,can someone help?

  • justin

    11:00 im in canada and i can still access the ps store

  • cajunpimp

    Louisiana 3:00pm ps store works fine but no maps yet its bs

  • dockpig

    new update came out at 4pm est

  • crzygall

    3:22 in Memphis, got the update a few hours ago…still not maps. are we really hopin for 6pm now? :(

  • Craig

    Got the update. No maps on playstation store yet for me although when log on to play game it says new maps available and there were 24 people apparently playing resurgence maps. 4:25 EST NY

  • I3IRD

    It’s 4:15 PM up here in Indiana. I have the update but I can’t find the map pack in the ps3 store. I’m guessing that it will come out at 8:00 PM.

  • staccxdagod

    im in E.N.Y brooklyn and i got the dlc at like 11:30 but the mw2 main menu says its available and i went 2 the playstation store around 20 times and i dont see it i want 2 kno when wil it be available

  • sagodz

    i got the update at 11 am pst and i still cant download the maps

  • YoMaMa

    i got the update but nothing from ps store….it ganna be 15 dollas….what time will they be in ps store???????

  • awayt

    10:00 pm in london still not in store guess it'll be up by tomorrow

  • $TACCX

    im in E.N.Y brooklyn and i got the dlc at like 11:30 but the mw2 main menu says its available and i went 2 the playstation store around 20 times and i dont see it i want 2 kno when wil it be available

  • Waffle

    anyoone know when they are coming out??? please msg me on PSN when they come out my psn is Waffley—BEAST please , please tell me cause i live in canada ,Ontario and its 4:30 and i still can’t seem to find it in the Playstation store


    - Waffley—BEAST

  • Jony

    no maps yet…

  • Tpen29

    I got the update at 2am last night. And it’s still not in the store…and no one else has is. Besides like the 100 they say are playing it.

  • noooooo

    nope, in uk and its 11pm here, says its there on game but cant find it in the store

  • Dante

    In TN, in the EST time zone, and I got the update, and its says the maps are there, but as of 7pm, STILL NO MAPS!

  • jewel

    just got em chicago


    Its 5:07 p.m. here on the mountain time zone and still not available for the Ps3. I' ve got the update and it says the same as some people with the " resurgence pack is now available in Playstation network store. " can't find it. I'm hoping that its soon.

  • beastinituponps3

    no maps yet :(

  • CuBiCuaTe

    El Paso, Texas ….. 5:23 pm ……. nothing on playstation store ….. it says on the game like the previous map pack that there are new maps available at the playstation store …. but nothing is there … its already enough i think

  • PittsburghRic

    Update but no maps in PS store yet in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • giggity goo

    im in california and it says its avalible in the ps store but its not there… anyone help

  • Ooh – Pah Ka – Ka

    5:30 here in South Dakota, got the update early this morning, and haven't seen anything on the playstation store all day long.

  • Robby_Gunz

    guys im downloading the resurgence map pack i know how to get it what u gota do is go to the play station store then go to the search bar and search modern warfare 2 then scroll down a little bit and then its there its been out this whole time we just didnt know how to get to it i hope this helps guys
    P.S.- if u want to add me on ps3 my psn is Robby_Gunz

  • Kazza

    Wow omfg….infinity whored

  • john

    go to's channel and they figured it out and their uploading the vid right now!!!!!

  • Dwilliestyle

    I’m in California and we still DON’T have it!

  • Robby_Gunz

    guys im downloading the resurgence map pack i know how to get it what u gota do is go to the play station store then go to the search bar and search modern warfare 2 then scroll down a little bit and then its there its been out this whole time we just didnt know how to get to it i hope this helps guys

  • PittsburghRic

    Downloading MW2 Resurgence pack now, go get it!

  • xDigiital-

    8:00 eastern time. Just got the new maps. In Virginia.

  • CaptnStabin

    CaptnStabin here…. 6:50PM CDST US Downloading it NOW!

  • Drew

    NOW LIVE ON Ps3 EVERYONE< (im not downloading it yet, but waiting for my mom to be home to ask her for 15 bucks) haha, but im looking at the download..

    • brad

      is tht in the uk tho

  • Elf

    heyy guys, I live in Melbourne Australia and I just got the update and 12pm. But I am not sure when the update was acually available. Anyway, the problem is that I can see the new playlist and when I'm in the multiplayer screen , it shows me that there are new available map packs. But when I logg into playstation store , the map packs are not there. So thats just a big bitch, isn't it?

  • mw2 joe

    5am here and still no fukin signs of em btw uk scotland

  • brad

    7 am britain still no sin

  • Ryo

    I think its out today. its the 7th and it 7.53. 7 Mins/

  • Rik

    10 am netherlands, no new maps here…but we won yesterday!!;)

  • boobwiser

    i got the update on 6th july at about 2pm uk time but cant find the pack to D/L so just got to wait i think. ill keep checkin tho lol

  • fuku

    damn where the hell are these maps price should get dropped a bit considering all the bullshit they put loyal customers through

    10.09am uk and no maps

  • James

    How much is the map pack going to cost in the UK? I wan't to add some funds now so I don't get the same problem as before. Thanks

  • Rayray

    8:00Pm no map packs in australia but got update 12pm last night

  • steve diggins

    11:45am (UK) message updates available but not in the store spoke to relatives in the (US) and they say it will be about 20:00hrs in the (UK)

  • StevieT_1

    WTF!!!! in uk here and not the only person that is properly pissed off waiting for these maps, have searched everywhere on PSN and no luck, have any uk users found it yet??????????????????

  • maverick99sback

    This is pretty poor.

    No communication.

    Why not just say when it's going live?

    And what a wasted opportunity to get use of PSN+ (It could have been exclusive, or reduced, or… SOMETHING to encourage people to buy it)

    I give up with the PSN. You can't polish a turd.

  • bazil-the-chef

    Just checked still nothing here in the UK 12.35pm

  • Peter

    the maps will be out at arwnd 3pm – 5pm …. thats when the playstation store gets updated in the UK

  • Dibl

    Are they there now? im in the uk but stuck in work

  • brad

    13.19 no maps!

  • Tim

    I live in australia and it said the maps have been in the Ps store all day but there are no levels, can someone plese tell me the time it actually comes out, lazy IW Basteds

  • JCV1605

    I got the update yesterday at 2pm. I hope the maps are out before midnight at least; my download time sucks :(

  • Kyle

    The Stimulus pack came out in Europe around 2.30/3.00pm, so i'm not expecting it before then. I suggest anyone who hasn't already to add the cash to their wallet now, because when they are released, it could take hours to get the maps because of all the cash transactions.

  • riz77

    14.05 uk time…….
    no maps to be seen in store…


  • jl99

    14:05 uk no maps yet



  • terry j

    update is availible in uk now, but its only for a certain disc code!!!!!! damn!!!!! i hope it becomes availible for all codes soon!!!

  • terry j

    update is availible in uk now, but its only for a certain disc code!!!!!! damn!!!!! i hope it becomes availible for all codes soon!!!

  • DarkOkubra

    I doubt they will be on till this evening, i hoped its would be 12am last night, or first thing this morning, but here in Scotland its 2.40pm and there no sign of them on PSN

  • Ainger25uk

    15:33 GMT UK time I am downloading now get ur ass on the psn store now my psn is Ainger25uk add me!!!

  • benjamin_

    I'm downloading them from the store now!

  • WSpicey

    Uk, it's here!

  • Paddy

    UK got maps now 15:50

  • Danny

    It's out now. Northern Ireland. 4 o'clock

  • ben

    im in the UK and i recieved the update this morning and the map pack at 4.00pm UK time!

  • Tmac

    The Resurgence package for the PS3 hit the U.S. TODAY

    (July 7th). I just downloaded it on my lunch break, haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet though.

  • alan

    Guys Check out the site listed below if you want free maps for ps3 or even pc

  • Sunny Barientos

    I don’t agree with it, thanks are in order for having the initiave to put it up