YouTube Hacked: July 2010 hack via comments

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Video sharing website YouTube has been hacked today by members of the Internet communities 4chan and other computer hackers. They managed to achieve the hack by taking advantage of the site’s comment system.

Samuel Axon from is reporting the hack was mainly featured on videos of pop idol Justin Bieber; other music videos were also targeted. Social networking site Twitter was deluged with complaints about the problem, and Google also got some posts on their forum.

All this started on Sunday morning when users were able to inject HTML code that could be executed on the site; this is supposed to be restricted within in comments. The site got pop-up messages appearing over the site saying it had been hacked, and redirected Bieber video pages to pornography sites and malware.

Comments were disabled within the hour by Google, and the bug was fixed in less than two hours from the start of the attack. Read the full article here.

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  • Anonymous

    it wasn't 4chan they had nothing to do with it it was all

  • CarlPrenston

    yeah, it was they have been bragging about it for a while now.

  • reneeswifts

    Well, the real meme is when youtube was hacked raising the views of a useless vid to 80 billion!