Kindle Wireless Reading Device 6-inch: Amazon buys Woot

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For those looking for a great deal on a range of different products many of you choose to go to Woot. Today they have a great deal of the day – the Kindle Wireless Reading Device 6-inch, which strangely enough is much cheaper than being sold on Amazon.

The price that Woot is selling the Kindle device for is just $149.99 compared to just under $200 on Amazon. You might wonder why we would be talking about this – the simple reason is that the world biggest online store has just acquired Woot.

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The idea of deal of the day certainly took off, with consumers being offered their favorite devices for a much lower price than other online stores. The Kindle device on offer today will not last long so you had best grab yours now.

If you take a look at the video below you will see a funny video of a Screaming Monkey rapping all about Amazon buying Woot. The video goes on for two minutes and 46 seconds, so bear with it – it’s worth it.