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Approximately one hour ago Apple launched iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod Touch, so far we have heard some success stories regarding the update, however there are also quite a few problems.

There are two main annoyances so far, one of these annoyances is that the optimizing images process takes a very long time when installing iOS4, the other problem is that performance on the iPhone 3G is said to be very poor.

This is probably because the iPhone 3G has just 128 MB eDRAM and a 620 MHz processor underclocked to 412 MHz, whereas the iPhone 3GS 256 MB eDRAM and a 833 MHz processor underclocked to 600 MHz.

A few frustrated iPhone 3G owners have venter their annoyances on Twitter, such as bhaggs who recently tweeted “I don’t recommend iOS 4.0 for the iPhone 3G. It has been way sluggish. Almost want to revert to 3.1. But I got an iPhone 4 coming”.

iPhone 3GS owners seem very happy with the update, such as techworlock who tweeted “Early impression of IOS 4 is that it feels faster than 3.1.3″

Have you installed iOS 4 on your iPhone 3G? If so, how are you finding the performance slow or fast?

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  • Alex

    It seems to be running decently on my 3g . Make sure to restart the phone again after the installation is completed (even if the phone has already restarted once). That seems to take care of some of the sluggishness.

  • Andrew

    Had it since the GM release at WWDC; also slow. The Commander in Chief wants a downgrade. Works fine on my 3GS.

  • Steve

    Extremely slow on a 3g. Currently looking at how to switch back.

    I expected better from Apple.

    • Nik

      I just had the worst experience with ios4 with my iphone 3G
      After upgrading, it was slow, kept crashing and finally after the white screen of death appeared and the phone kept turning itself off, I decided to DOWNGRADE.
      Big mistake.

      After reading about it, I did the restore from firmware 3.1.3 option as decribed by many sites with success. Not me though.
      The old firmware wouldnt install – I got errors 21, 23, 1063, 2009. I tried restoring to iOS4 but that wouldnt work either, while my iphone 3G was always in safe mode, and for some reason the backlight wouldnt work anymore.
      Finally, I use irecovery to try and get it out of safe mode, and kept trying to do a restore in iTunes. I tried about 30 -40 times. with many hard resets in between. Finally it re-installed 3.1.3 – I dunno what I did that made it work in the end – persistence?
      Anyhow, I'm sticking with OS 3.1.3 until iOS4.x makes it stable and enjoyable on a iphone 3G. Too bad I lost a day of internet surfing and headaches thinking my phone was bricked. THANKS APPLE….

  • André

    performance not stellar of ios4 in iPhone 3g. Lost its snapiness. I did better after one more restart (more than the 2 or 3 already in installation sequence).

  • ben

    It's running great on my 3G! really fast!

  • Me.

    whats new, i have the update on my 3g iphone can cant see much has changed no new apps

  • Soo

    Way tooo slow. Anyway I can go back to 3.1.3?

  • Ant

    RARG. 3G users dont get to change their homescreen background. Wtf. only feature i wanted. Well done apple ;)(Y)

    • Peter

      3G doesn't have enough ram to handle that feature. If you really want that feature upgrade to a 3GS or 4G.

      • John

        Not enough ram… Right… Apple pulled the wool over your eye didn’t they… So I havn’t had changable backgrounds and multitasking on my jailbroken iPhone 3g since I got it a year and a bit ago. One thing with Apple…. they lie…. Alot..

  • tara

    way slow on my 3g, won't be getting a 4 for a couple of months. May have to go back to 3.x.x

  • Marco

    Works fine on my 3G after a restart.

  • excitedformyiphone4

    been running great on my 3G, faster than it was yesterday. loving folders. upgrade took sometime but I am happy with eating my cake and not having too…

  • Tom

    My iPhone just randomly rebooted, about 3,5 hours after installing.
    Only the mail app was running in the background, otherwise the phone was in standby, i wasn't doing ANYTHING at all..
    Any reason for this to happen?

    • Pixquel

      same here…my phone rebooted several times for many random stuff,…during phone call…got froze at the mail app…at the facebook app…at the messenger app..im re installing iOS4 again so i can see what happens…

    • Scottm

      Same here, mail freezes and crashed phone, reboots, sluuuuugish! Dropping frames on zombieville game. Very poor update! And it’s my business phone! Apple should know better that this!

  • MaltaWantiTunesStore

    Update/Backup/Restore Lasted way too long… Now waiting for the whole syncing. I will be posting my thoughts on it. I got a very bad feeling about this !

  • Kliv

    my installation process failed. twice. not a good start. i am yet to see the benifit of this upgrade

  • Aaron

    Reboot and waited a couple of minutes. Running about as fast as with 3.x

  • brandon

    i have an iphone 3g, after installation the phone ran slowly when i flipped between app pages. and also, when i'm in a call i can't use the the functions of the phone! when i press the home button nothing happens! and you can't end the call unless you press the sleep button! so frusterating. the screen is just black.

  • Pixquel

    i just updated my iphone 3G to the new iOS4….the whole process no problem at all..but after a few minutes of playing with the phone it reboots randomly, from doing nothing to just even seeing an email..or making a call…it freezes for about 1 minute…and then reboots itself..please help!!!!

  • Laura J

    absolutely gutted that I cant change the home screen wallpaper, one of my main reasons for downloading and installing this tripe for over 3 hours. Well I guess your master plan worked apple I'm getting the iphone 4.

  • lisa

    Can somebody tell me how long this update takes.. I am still at 9 hours remaining wtf is this for real

    • ykc

      I can't remember. I guess mine took 12 hours just for the backup. It's left with the PC overnight.

    • Rodney

      The processor is way too slow to handle iOS 4.

  • Michael

    I'll do my best to review my experience in 14 hours when the update is done downloading :-/

  • Steve

    It took around 3 hours to install, randomly reboots itself, day 2 seems fine, though I can't see any benefit for a 3G user. No wallpaper, no folders, no multitasking? you do get picture tagging and spell check though.

    • armald

      you get folders and multitasking will kill your device

  • Chris

    Runs lightning fast on my 3G!!! Unbelievable!! The time it takes to open apps is decreased greatly. Only downside is scrolling in the “Settings” app seems to be a bit choppy. Otherwise, GREAT!!!!

    • Scottm

      Are you kidding?

  • Myles

    My update took just over 4 hours. And that was after I removed music and videos, and set to airplane mode. The back was done after about 3 hours but it was another hour before the restoring processes were complete.

    I'm on a 3G and the first test of iOS4 was terrifying, very scratchy. But after a reboot it is working great, especially since I've come from a jailbroken environment.

  • Zul

    After the IOS 4 update, I feel that there's a slight improvement in overall performance on my 1.5 year old iPhone 3G which had less than 100mb free space before the update. Was very much hoping to be able to change my homescreen wallpaper, though. Oh well … The update process took me nearly 5 hours, by the way.

  • http://twitter.com/undeadboy @undeadboy

    Runs fine on the 3G. No issues at al. You DO get folders which makes a big difference. However my WIFI will not connect at all. Incredibly frustrating. The tick box next to my wifi account switches on and off as I watch it. It's truly bizarre and I have no idea how to fix it.

    Shame about the wallpaper and multi tasking, but I plan to upgrade to the 4 when it is released in Aus (however long that may be) and so it's nice to have a shiny and clean running new OS.

    Beware though, when I update all my SMS disappeared and I lost a couple of MMS I hadn't yet saved the pics from, make sure you do before you upgrade.

  • dmitry

    after updating everything was fine. but when i tried to restore a back up, it just cycled, can`t do nothing… it just show apple loading screen than retore screen and again and again…
    What to do :( ?

  • Chopper

    Fast on my 3G – just took forever to update and stuff had to load again for the first time – after that though its faster :D

  • Manish Mandhyan, CRCM

    Is working fine on the 3G so far. Do not see any performance issues. As disappointed about the missing multi-tasking as the others. Initial reaction to the iBooks app is also positive.

  • Silko

    I upgraded my 3G, via iTunes, in about 20 mins and without problem. The first time I tried to send a text message the phone was lagging and pitifully slow, but I rebooted the phone and that seems to have helped. The fact that we 3G owners have been left out of so much sucks though. Still, I only got a 3G under warranty because I lost my original 2G one, and as a result I haven't actually BOUGHT a new phone for a few years. Perhaps it's time I stopped 'cheap skating' and invested in an iPhone 4? (lol)

  • Nahel

    It is better than 3.xx on my 3G so far !!

  • Bas

    My 3g is slow as a turtle after the ios4 update. even my calendar takes seconds to load each time. don’t upgrade just keep your previous version. it’s so much quicker then the new update.

    • Greg

      I ditto that re Calendar issue – makes it almost unusable.

  • Jelkap4u

    I installed iOS4 to my iPhone 3G only to discover that neither multitasking nor backgrounds worked. That was disppointing. So far, my phone seems a bit sluggish. Also, I noticed that on archived photos…..the images are no longer clear. They appear blurry. I will get an iPhone 4 and then hopefully all these issues will disappear.

  • iphone4_what?

    I lost all my SMS, call history and favorites when uppgrading 3.1.2 – 3.1.3 because I was told JB would work with latest baseband. Thank you Apple. I have 4.0 now, slow as hell….

  • http://dis.mantle.me Burke

    It runs OK on my 3G, but its definitely a tad jerky. To be honest though, the 3G wasn't exactly blazing with speed before either. It's slowness has always been a PIA for me. Going to get a 4 pretty soon so this is about to be my wife's problem anyways!

  • Fisho

    It’s sloooooow on 3G. To be honest, it’s not worth bothering updating.

    Never mind. Time to get an iPhone 4

  • @NoahDouglas

    I love the Folders. They're great and really handy.
    My Messages app, when tapped, takes an average of four seconds to open and show the texts. That's a lot longer than it seems.
    I really don't care about the multitasking. The only thing I would use it for would be to listen to music while having another app open. I could do that already by double-clicking the Home button and the iPod controls would pop up.

    It really angers me that you buy Apple's new toy, and about two years later, they've gone two new models ahead, and are leaving you with scraps. They can't give us 3G users a BACKGROUND? Really?

    The overall speed of the iPhone 3G is reduced. It was faster with the older version.

    Has anyone had to wait seven seconds for Settings to open? I have.

    Apple might dismiss the delay for Messages by saying that I might have a lot of messages. I have two conversations going. Three lines each. No images. No audio recordings. No videos.

    I guess that us 3Gers are going to be left to sit in the dark and rot.
    Although, I have an iPhone 4 coming in. But this is just really sad what Apple does to the "outdated" customers.

    Cum'mon, Apple. Get in the game.

  • Roger Bixley

    For those of you complaining about wallpapers and multitasking not working, these limitations were plainly laid out when Jobs first announced iOS 4 months ago. Do the research before you upgrade.

  • Scott

    My 3G with iOS4 seems very sluggish in almost all respects. So far, all apps I've tried take longer to load, and the typing is not as responsive. I've also had several apps crash before fully loading.

    I have Free Memory installed, and prior to the upgrade when I'd free up some memory it would tell me I had between 38 and 40MB free… with iOS4, I haven't seen it get above 4MB free using Free Memory (not sure if that's indicative of the memory being used by iOS4 or if Free Memory just doesn't work properly in iOS4).

    Anyway, it's bad enough overall that despite the parts of iOS4 I really like, I'm considering figuring out how to go back… or just use this as my rationalization for spending the money on an iPhone 4. ;-)

  • tonyf75

    My experience so far is that the phone itself definitely lags more when going into things like email and text messages. it just seems like it's laboring. One application doesn't work at all. I even reloaded it. It starts up and then crashes, every time, no matter what I do. It's not unbearable but the last OS was much more efficient. I'm not gonna be one of these people grabbing an iPhone 4 the day it comes out but I'll be able to deal with OS4 until I do- I guess. The folders are kinda cool but to be perfectly honest I don't really want to folder my apps unless I have at least 4 of the same genre (like games). If you haven't upgraded yet I see no real reason why you should.

  • Jigger

    Its ok for me.. the sluggishness comes from apps not yet optimized for ios4.

  • applsucksguy

    3G is as slow as hell. You guys are all falling in Apple's trap. I guess in 2 years you all will buy Iphone 5. I am getting another kind of phone and leaving AT&T and Apple.

  • Rob

    Really slow on my 3G. used jailbreak upgrade…

  • Greg

    On my 3G; Very very sluggish and jittery, especially the Calendar app (stranges pauses, blanking and redrawing).

    Performed a "restore" method of upgrading. Have hard reset several times and even done the re-install process all over again. Still slow as treacle and unresponsive.

  • nlesun

    i installed OS4 yesterday on my 3G. I found it sluggish, the maps refreshes very slow, screen flips slow as well. Takes time to update, it tooks more than 3hrs

  • Hyperknight

    VERY SLOW AND SLUGGISH PERFORMANCE. Someone had a video of 3.1.3 and 4.0 side by side and i tried to do the same and found it to be slower on 4.0!!!

    APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS. RESTARTS do not always fix this. Must we jailbreak and run the processor at FULL SPEED ??

    Very Dissappointed….Droid or Even WINDOWS 7 is looking good now

  • http://www.jonascallens.be JonasC

    Extremely slow on 3G! Camera, Messages, iPod, … it all takes about 10 seconds to load.

  • Iggy

    If my 3G wasn't so expensive I wouldn't hold back now to throw it on the floor and jump on it until it breaks in tiny pieces. I just got it 6 months ago and was so happy to have it and couple of months later there it is, the new better 3GS and now 4G. I don't have it a year long and it's already outdated and missing some functions that normal phones have.

    I was at least expecting something with this major update. Wasn't expecting multitasking or folders and any other of those thing which i wouldn't have use of anyway. But I can't believe they had a problem with putting a simple wallpaper function. I mean, there are lots of worse things iPhone is missing and I'm over them, but this is too much.

    I wasn't expecting any performance improvements either, but still wished the camera app was a little faster. And what do I get, even slower phone than before. My eyes hurt when I have to wait for 5 secs for the messages app to open and I don't wanna talk about camera app now. I've restored it 10 times today, deleted everything, rebooted numerous of times and nothing helps.

    Good job Apple!

  • Rgoble3

    VERY disappointing on the 3G!!!! Missed several phone calls, because it takes too long for the phone to think about my swipe to answer. I'm not happy! I want to go back to 3.1.3 in a big way. If your on the fence, don't make the same mistake.

    I have an app called System Activity Monitor, which I can free the phone's Runtime Memory when the phone starts to act sluggish ILO restarting. With 3.1.3, I would free up nearly 30 MB of memory, but now when I refresh the free memory, I can only free up around 3 MB! IOS4 uses way too many system resources to be effective.

    Not standing upon the soap box any longer! I can't believe Apple would approve this for the 3G. :(

  • Golcondio

    No problems here at all with iOS 4 on my 3G; it took a long darn time to update, and yes the photos app crashed while syncing the picture library (but accessing the camera roll from the camera app fixed this issue).
    This said, my phone IS snappier than it's been for the last year, especially when loading apps.
    I didn't experience any loss of texts whatsoever (though at first it had seemed so… weird…).

    I am definitely keeping it!

  • http://sneesby.com.au pete

    performance is appallingly slow on the 3G. It has killed the tomtom app – it takes far too long to enter data such as destination addresses etc. (and yes, I've upgraded the tomtom app to the current 4.0-compatible version). Similarly, apps take way too long to load. Some game apps (eg the "Angry Birds" game are now virtually unplayable because of the stuttering performance.
    My Alpine car stereo will no longer reliably control the iphone, and the iphone bluetooth system will no longer realiably connect to the Nokia bluetooth receiver in my car. Prior to OS4.0 I had a good, reliable system. Now I need a way to downgrade back to 3.1.3.

    This latest OS might be fine for the 3GS and later models, but it is not suitable for the 3G at all.

  • Nick

    Mine has become slow after the 4.0 update.
    How can they relese an update that is bad for a 3g????

  • Nickster

    My sms and contacts and other stuff disapperared from the update. The iphone 3g is very slow now. The update itself took a very long time and itunes dosnt work well at all on a pc it seemes.

  • mandi

    I have a 3G and this whole software process has been a nightmare for me. First it took two hours to upload, then once it did, my phone was completely unresponsive. It would stay on the black screen with the apple, and then would keep rebooting itself. I couldn’t even make calls, or get to the regular screen. I took it to the Apple store yesterday TWICE. The first time they fixed it, but once I took it home and tried to reload the software again, it did the same exact thing. I went back last night and they worked on it and finally gave me a new phone. I tried to download it on this phone and the only thing that is working is the mail threading. My phone even says it’s using version 4.0 so I have no idea what’s going on. I might try again tonight..

  • http://fanaticalvps.com/ Nick

    It's OK, I've jailbroken it and got multitasking and wallpaper, which probably make it slower. A restart every so often clears up any issues though.

  • jrep

    Was jerky after the update. Did a hard reset (hold power+home to the silver apple), no help. Did it again, seems OK now.

  • Jeffrey

    My 3g is running very slow after update. Used the folders and liked it much, but why is not possible to add more apps to the folders and why not the possibility from folder into folder.

    I bought myself a HTC Desire. That machine is so much better then the 3g :-(.

  • sophie

    makes my phone uber slow, screen takes ages to respond, key pad keeps stopping working during calls, not good at all

  • Jeff

    My 3G was going unbearably slow but i read the above comments and shut it off, then turned it back on and it is so fast, mine is unlocked and being used on T-Mobile so i dont know if that has anything to do with it, i wouldve figured itd be well slow, but no. so shut it off and turn it on, might help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=710025211 Luke Hughes-Bunger

    I have now installed 4.0 on my 3g 3 times (don't ask).

    First install (processed as an update) very sluggish after update.

    Second install, (clean install and restore with jailbreak) Much better. Very quick and responsive. I think a little better than 3.1.3 in most aspects, with a few taking a little longer (like camera). Some apps were clearly not optimised for 4.0, but after installing updates for most of them, they improved quite a lot also.

    Third install (clean update and restore with jailbreak and "added features" such as desktop wallpapers). A little sluggish, but not a deal breaker. I used the "re-enable functionality" option in Pwnage tool, just to see how it worked. Let's put it this way. I can see why Apple didn't include it, it's not brilliantly fast, however, it's good enough that i think i'll keep using it.

    I would ideally like to selectively choose which "functionality" i re-enable. I think home screen wallpapers works well enough, multi-tasking (depending on the apps) can leave me needing to reboot my iPhone every so often, and does take a (probably unnecessary) toll on my battery life… however, i have not yet gone back to "Stock" settings, so it can't be so bad.

  • Mps

    Have installed it on my 3G, so far so good, it would appear to have extended the battery life?, go figure that one!!!!!

  • Kirk

    Running very poorly on my ipod touch 2g. Slow response times and app crashes (Pandora and Mail.app especially).

  • Argonaut

    I didn't notice any reduction in 3G performance. It was nothing to write home about before. But it doesn't do a great deal for me functionally. Folders! Email inboxes in a group! Not exactly life changing.

  • Marty

    It's very slow. Performance is sluggish. It takes a while for images to show up when you go to maps (for instance). Searching through contacts and making phone calls is also very slow.

    I want to go back!!!

  • Gary

    I am finding it quite slow. I will try to revert back to 3x. I wish I would have been warned before doing this update.

  • vk mahajan

    It is just terrible. Iphone 3G has become unusable after installing V4 softwae. You can go to rest room and application is stil loading. The Contact Photographs have blurreled and become unrecognisable. I was so happy earlier , made manny friend of mine buy 3G

    Apple dont bask in your glory. do somthing to resolve the problems. One of the solution is that exchange4G at reasonable rates. I am from INDIA.

  • christina

    I upgraded my 3g with the ios 4. Not impressed. It took a long time to upgrade…3 times. I had to reboot/re store my phone 3 times because I wasn't seeing what I wanted. No folders. Nothing. I finally was able to restore my phone but it's been acting very slow lately. It also freezes when I'm listening to music & trying to multi-task on the phone. Very slow. I do not recommend people to download the ios4 for their 3g.

  • 23db

    Been running iOS4 on my 3G for a week now. And I regret upgrading! Every app is unresponsive within 10 – 20s after starting. Some apps, like Y! Music crashes on startup.

    I only upgraded to get the single Inbox email and folders features. But they are not worth the pain and aggrevation.

    Looking forward to July when my 2-year AT&T contract is up, and I can switch to Verizon and Droid X!

  • Matt

    As others have said, If you own a 3g beware of updating. It has made mine almost unusable (just painfully slow). If I had known, I would have never upgraded.

  • http://www.visualcriteria.net Shurik

    after updating to ios4 my 3g became unusable – very, very slow. think twice before upgrading.

  • Bryan

    I agree with many of the others, 3G + iOS4 = slow and sluggish! Anxiously awaiting Apple's solution to this one . . . a "dumbed down" version of iOS4 for the rest of us "poorer" iPhone users perpahps? ;)

  • jonathan

    something seem a little faster, but I use whats app and its really slow…the keyboard struggles to keep up with me. and it often crashes when the app is running.

  • Arjie

    Ios4 and my 3g work very good to me. Multitasking was good. Way faster than 3.1.2. Few apps don’t work good. I’ll just wait for them to be updated.

  • patrick

    After the 4.0 update all of my photos that were very clear in the old os are now really fuzzy. Looks like the default is to compress even more than before – really sux !!!!

  • Andy

    Even after 3 reboots it is extreeemly slow!!! sometimes have to wait 4 seconds for any reaction from the iPhone. really annoying when trying to pick up a call! Bad Apple, bad!

  • wim

    using iphone 3G only having probs with iOs 4,
    very slow, really not happy, music seems to have errors while tapping the next..
    crashed allot on me not wanting to reboot stuck on apple logo,
    seem to lose my network allot.
    and the list goes on… can't wait for ihone 4 here

  • http://seriouscodage.blogspot.com Duncan Smith

    Maps app is VERY slow and unresponsive after iPhone 4.0 upgrade, and generally performance seems a little crippled on my 3G… Maybe I’m becoming a cynic, but Apple would never sell a new product that performed this poorly.

  • Carmen

    Updated to ios4 since last week. My iPhone 3GS can't seems to detect any reception/signal since yesterday, days before yesterday were fine, just a bit sluggish when opening applications. Now I can't make any calls and no calls can come in, it's either "No Service" or "Searching" the whole day. My sim card works well on other phones though.

  • sharp



  • Tom

    Oh and I get a black screen after a call so I can’t hang up. it’s the first time that I updated a device which then turned it to crap. This is my second time writing this because it reset half way through the last time. I was going to get a 3GS but am now thinking of checking out the android phones.

  • Tom

    I have a 3G and ios4 has made every function on my phone slower I don’t have many apps on my phone and am using about 25% of my phones memory even wifi surfing is slower. If there is not an update soon to sort it I will be changing my os back.

  • iphoneuser3

    Runs OK… it is very choppy flipping between pages. I am running an jailbroken and unlocked version of iOS4. Folders and multitasking is good. But unnecessary for me. I'm looking a way to downgrade to 3.1.3 and unlock on the newest baseband (5.13.04). Overall grade, 3/5.

  • Redonkulous

    I have a 3G and it is so slow. I reboot my phone once a day and even my iTunes started flaking out and crashing. If its true that AT&T can no longer charge you the full 200.00 for canceling your contract, I’m going to start looking at a different carrier and phone. I heard the iPhone 4 was awful.

  • Al

    Following the ‘upgrade’ to iOs4, my 3G is virtually unusable. It is way beyond slow, and sometimes freezes for several seconds. I would recommend that 3G users stay with the version they now have. The downgrade is a bad idea, and Apple doesn’t seem concerned about offering a path back to a usable OS. Don’t do this upgrade, you will regret it.

  • http://twitter.com/OldSchoolCobb @OldSchoolCobb

    ios4+3G = sluggish at unpredictable times. the ipod app starts, then drops back to the menu. does this regularly. camera take 6-12 seconds to open up. reboot helps.

  • disgruntled

    Horrible…everything's annoyingly slow now. Even after restart. I'm sorry I upgraded.

  • BossII

    IOS4 is very sluggish on iPhone 3G. Seems to get real bad when the battery is low. It will sometimes lag so bad I think my phone froze. I'm going to revert to os3 ran way smoother. Also I noticed is that my battery doesn't seem to last as long. Not sure if it's me or the phone.

  • Hank

    iOS4 is so far much slower and buggier on my 3G. This phone has pretty much been rock solid for 1.5 years, but iOS4 is stressing it apparently. Mail is now slow when messages get threaded into subjects and program switching is very noticably slower. Safari is randomly crashing when trying to close a window (e.g. 3 windows open, close 1 and Safari crashes to the home screen). Had a few lockups with making calls right when some other event (new mail notification, incoming text) occured. Not happy with iOS4 so far, it seems to be too taxing on the lower RAM and CPU speed of the 3G.

    My brother, who has a 3GS, says he's had no problems and has noticed improvements in program launch, switch and close, while I have seen the opposite. Either Apple didn't bother testing iOS4 on a 3G that actually had anything on it data-wise, or they did, noticed the lagging and didn't care to address it – forced-upgrade style. I'm guessing it was the latter.

    I'm personally still on the fence between the iPhone 4 and the Evo 4G, leaning towards the iPhone 4. If iOS4 gets on my nerves much more I'm going to stress seeing my current contract all the way through another 4 months.

  • Mauricio

    Extremely slow for me. I have to restart it once a day or the performance becomes unbearable. SMS App crashes constantly, iPod takes ages to load. I have an iPhone 4 coming so I’m not too concerned.

  • http://ww.fotoLibra.com Gwyn Headley

    I haven't had time to notice how slow iOS4 on the iPhone 3G is because I spend most of my days manually deleting emails from theiPhone, one by one, max 8 at a time. With 500+ emails daily that takes a while. But now you come to mention it — it is glacial. And apps crash regularly, even Apple's own; Mail, for example. "Aaron's Time Machine London" seems to work better though.
    Not a good idea to upgrade to iOS4 if you have a 3G. But I guess Apple assumes it will blow over because we'll all have iPhone 4s sooner or later. Mine isn't due until November.
    But please get bulk email deletion working by then, Apple.

  • Bas

    What seems to work for me, is doing a 'Reset All'. Increased performance, only drawback is that you lose your phone settings (spellchecker, wifi passwords, sounds settings, etc.), but that's all. Please note that you do NOT lose your app data – all your notes etc. will be preserved.

    Worth a try, I'd say. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All, and see what it does for you. Just my $0,02.

  • Gregory

    way to slow msging sucks on it, i can type half of my msg before the phone has even started to make the letter popout and type but it still realises that ive been typin and put the msg together a few seconds later

  • Greg

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE_XPwe7enU what my phone is like now

  • CyberCarl

    I too had problems after upgrading to iOS4 on the iPhone 3G. It was almost unusable. After much angst, I used the restore function as had been suggested in other forums. WOW. Now it's back to running as fast as ever. I don't know how it worked, maybe there was just some "clutter" in it. After restoration I have about 250MB of free space I didn't have before. Quit fretting and complaining, run restore and the iPhone 3G running iOS 4 is good again!

  • http://twitter.com/AmyMWilly @AmyMWilly

    Super slow on my 3G. Very disappointed. Any way to switch back to an older OS?

  • CyberCarl

    I withdraw my previous comment about iPhone 3G being slow with iOS4. I ran the Restore Function through iTunes and my phone now is as fast or faster than it was on iOS3.

    If you are having problems with your iPhone 3G running iOS4 try this. I did and now no more freezes, crashes, balky keyboard, or slow start. It took about 3 hours to get everything back to normal but it was well worth the time.

    • http://randomland.net zourtney

      How recently did you run the restore? My phone was maddeningly slow…chuck-it-in-the-ocean slow. And apps (including Safari) would randomly crash. I didn’t know it possible to hate my iPhone so much. So, I tried a restore and set it up as a “new phone.”

      Indeed, it was nice and snappy at first. But a week later, everything is slowing down again. Apps aren’t crashing, but just typing text messages is irritatingly laggy.

      And no, having to hard-reset (or “double hard reset”) my phone every other day is not an acceptable solution. Plus, I had limited success with that route.

      Thanks Apple, the iPhone has been a game changer. But come contract renewal time, I’m leaving the party.

  • LZarin

    I had to uninstall IOS 4 and restore the 3.1.1 OS. IOS 4 created VERY long lag on whatever I attempted to do on my iPhone. It was tap a key and wait…….and wait……and wait….
    Do NOT download IOS 4 to 3G!!

  • Michael

    My update didn't take all that long (took longer to download than to actually do the update, even with a full backup being done first).

    I love the folders… BUT

    The phone is a SLUG! Opening SMS takes 7-10 seconds. Typing text sometimes lags several characters behind typing, Launching the camera app is almost pointless, and sometimes even crashes.

    I purchased an app called FreeMem that actually forces ram to be freed up (ram that is no longer in use, but the OS or a poorly programed app failed to release when no longer needed). This helps a little. Still… overall disappointed with this update. I wish there was a simple way to DOWNGRADE the phone's OS.

  • James

    Slow!!! Data Freeze! Slow!!! Crash! Loading Apple Screen is my new best friend. Slow!!! Crash! Lock Up… Crash! Slow!!!Slow!!!Slow!!!Slow!!!Slow!!!Slow!!!Slow!!!Slow!!!Slow!!! I want to throw my 3G at the wall and watch it shatter into a million pieces!!! Did I mention Slow!!!

  • marsalie

    I attempted to upgrade my 3G overnight – came back in the morning, grabbed my phone in a hurry and found that it was wiped. My iTunes was not current, so it would not restore my phone until it was. Once that issue was resolved (took over 10 attempts to successfully bring my iTunes up to 9.2), it loaded iOS 4 just fine. But since then, I've had buggy issues – mysterous screens appearing and disappearing (no kidding), crashes and now, the one that has me so frustrated, my battery has suddennly died. All at once. I had a solid battery life before – it makes me think that iOS 4 is sapping more power than before, or created some other buggy problem. All this the day before I go on vacay. So, Apple, nice way to twist my arm into an iPhone 4! I really can't afford it just now, but there's no other feasable option without giving up an iPhone and I loved my 3G way too much to do that.

  • asdfasdf

    fuck iphones. piss me off. fucking lame ass fucking upgrade POS. trying to all make us buy the shitty ass iphone4 that suck. fuck you apple fuck you!

    • Qmpeltaty

      My 3G is slow as turte, it's not worth upgrade to OS 4.0. I'm installing 4.0.1 now. If it doesn't help i will go back to 3.x.x version for sure.

      Good Job Apple idiots.

  • Adam

    Ran like garbage on my 3G. Despite the capacity for global inboxes and folders I switched back to 3.1.3. Performance was unacceptably slow, and also less stable – I had the occasional app crash which never happened once on 3.1.3. It does seem that mileage varies for 3G owners, but my experience was terrible. Downgrading was a hassle but entirely worthwhile for me.

  • Stefani

    The first time I tried to update my 3G it completely froze after about an hour. The next day I tried it again and it succeeded after about 3 hours. Ever since it has been extrememly slow, it freezes sometimes and the apps crash a lot more often. I am going to see if doing a restore on it will help. :-/

  • mao

    I wouldnt recommend to update 3G phone. Even after two reboots is slower than previous OS.
    Going back to 3.1 is so complicated that i would recommend not to change OS.

  • Bas

    Did any of you read any of the previous posts or are you only here to complain? Have you tried a full restore? A 'reset all'? Or are you just here to complain and bash Apple? My 3G works great after doing a full restore to 4.0.1. Maybe you should try that first.

  • tutin

    I have a 3G and had the stupidity to upgrade to iOS4. It's not sluggish, it's unusably slow. It's absolutely horrible – the calendar takes 10 seconds to load, the internet browser is barely usable with constant lockups for 5-6-7 seconds, even games and apps that ran fine before now get the hiccups.

    3G owner ? Do NOT upgrade. All you get as an extra is the ability to create folders, but you sacrifice 30-50% of your phones performance.

    Score 1/10

  • George

    Well, on my 3G, I upgraded straight to iOS 4.0.1. Everything is working great and super fast, and I can change the home background as well. The upgrade only took me about 15 minutes. And I think I love iOS4

    • Bas

      Change the home background as well? I guess you jailbroke your iPhone then? I'd be very interested if you found a way without jailbreaking… :-)

  • Randy

    it gets more and more frustrating day by day. it is way too slow and I am starting to become annoyed with my iphone, which was something i never imagined could happen…

    • http://randomland.net zourtney

      I second that: I never thought I could hate my iPhone. But iOS 4 has accomplished it thoroughly. Doing the reboot/restore thing seems to help for a few days, but then it’s back to maddeningly slow. (Sounds like poor memory management, to me)

      They need to provide an official downgrade path (my efforts to do so last night failed and frustrated!). iOS4 offers next to nothing for the 3G user — and we are still out there, Apple!

      I tell you, this is NO way to keep customers interested in upgrading.

  • mhmower

    The IOS 4 update for the 3G is a big, stinky dog! I highly recommend that 3G owners do not upgrade. My wife has a 3G and she saw the same issues when she upgraded too.
    I upgraded to IOS4, found it had significant performance issues and down graded to 3.1.3. When IOS 4.01 was released, I foolishly upgraded again assuming that Apple would have addressed some of the issues. I have just finished down grading once more and here I will stay. My major concerns were the following:

    1- I found very little advantage to the ISO 4 upgrade for the 3G. Most of the goodness was not available for the 3G.
    2- I found Safaria would frequently fail to load the pages requested. When selecting a new page or link, I would just get a blank screen with the URL at the top. I would be forced to hit the reload at the top of the URL space. This was very repeatable on Google.com/news, foxnews, etc.
    3- I found the phone to be very sluggish, frequent pauses in loading or switching screen or apps, and pauses of several seconds when entering text.

  • rob

    First off, things they did not add for the 3G have been around for some time if you jail break! (home screen pictures, folders ect…) so Why cant I now? I have JB my phone off and on now for the last 1 1/2 years now… I was hopeful with 3.0…..and disappointed and again now, ios 4.0…… i'm disappointed – come on Apple – NOT adding things I / people want – just like the video camera for the 3.0 update now like my phone can't handle You sold me a app a week later….. now my Phone is SOOOOOOOOO SLOW and i dont have things i want…… can I go Back?……… Please let me go back….. can I please……. Upgrade by Jail breaking I wish i did you can even run multitasking with your 3G

  • http://randomland.net zourtney

    Downgraded to 3.1.2 and it’s pure software bliss :-) After adapting to the horribly unresponsive iOS4, I’m shocked by how much better 3.x runs. (And now I remember why I liked my iPhone!)

    Downgrade: it’s worth the headache.

  • wes

    IOS 4.0 ruined my 3G…DO NOT INSTALL ON YOURS!!!

  • Aijaz Mallick

    Hi all,
    After going through tons of forums & articles about iPhone 3G & iOS4 performance issues, I did the following n my iPhone 3G works ultrafast. I have compared its performance with 3GS & even iPhone 4. It is way speedier than iPhone 3GS with iOS4.

    The only constraints are that the procedure consumes much root partition space and you need a mac to do it. I wish this helps u guys as well since we all paid well for our iPhone 3G phones n we DO deserve all iOS4 features :)

    well, to start with, i did i used pwnage tool 4.0 (not 4.1) to jailbreak. When it asks for the root partition size in expert mode, initially i tried with default root partition size, it was tooooo damn slow…. then with 1GB, again too slow…. then with 2GB, bit better but yet not impressive. Later i did jailbreak with 3GB root partition and it helped tremendously.

    Do NOT install install any app after jailbreak, just go to Cydia, add the ultrasn0W repo n unlock it.

    Then do hard reset couple of times. The trick is to press the power n home buttons until shutdown msg appears and apple logo comes, keep holding it down for around 15 seconds more. It might turn off completely or restart. In case it turns off, turn it on and again press both buttons, this time it would turn off for good. In case it reboots, keep holding the buttons until its completely turned off.

    Then I used Cyberduck to SSH into phone and deleted all daemons apart from the one I needed [use ONLY Cyberduck)

    Also, DO NOT install SBSettings. It would make it slow. Tried myself.

    The other trick is to only keep required apps running in multi-tasking. Kill other apps.

    N yes, in case u use hotmail for email, route it to gmail. DO NOT use hotmail. I dont know why but this makes iOS4 sluggish.

    Hope it helps.

  • booldm

    first i did hard-reset
    and now i always run XSysInfo app from appstore to clear memory of my 3g.
    now my device works really fast like it was with iOS 3.1.3