World Cup 2010: Twitter severe load and downtime


By Posted 18 Jun 2010, 14:39

With the ongoing FIFA World Cup Twitter has experienced severe load and downtime, this has resulted in Twitter announcing they are to postpone a complete switch to OAuth dubbed the – OAuthcalypse – by one and half months.

Ben Parr from website is reporting that currently there are two different ways to connect to Twitter apps. The first is basic authentication where a user has to provide their password and username. The second way is OAuth where users hand out “tokens” instead of account data.

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Twitter originally intended to stop the use of basic authentication on June 30th, and provided a countdown clock so application developers would be ready for the event. With all the problems Twitter has now decided to move back OAuth until a full month after the World Cup ends to August 16th, with the switch to be complete by August 31st.

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