E3 2010: Killzone 3 – PS3 Release Date Confirmed, Move Compatible

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As expected, one of Sony’s big guns at their E3 keynote was a detailed briefing for Killzone 3. The watching audience were treated to a special demo in 3D, and Sony announced a release date for the title afterwards.

Sony revealed that Killzone 3 would be ready for release sometime next February. Furthermore, the game will come with Playstation Move support and 3D capabilities as seen in the E3 tech demo.

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The demo itself looked pretty mindblowing. One particular moment on a vehicle craft in the air, showing the player blasting away helghast troops on the ground was one of the highlights I think.

Will it be better than Killzone 2? With the added support of 3D, it’s probably going to be the most exciting – put it that way.

Let us know your thoughts on the news.