Sony PS3: List of PS3 3D Games – Updated at E3 2010

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We have some exciting news for PS3 fans now, as Sony revealed a new collection of games that will be supported by their 3D technology. There are some surprises in store too.

Joining the list of already announced 3D titles such as Gran Turismo 5, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Super StarDust HD, Pain and Wip3out, Sony detailed a list of new 3D games that we can look forward to.

These include Mortal Kombat, Crysis 2, Tron, Shaun White, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, NBA 2K11 and Ghost Recon.

Wow, the new Mortal Kombat in 3D – we didn’t expect that. We have already seen details on Gran Tursimo 5, but the new lineup might entice a few of you to fork out the cash to buy a 3D setup.

We’ll bring you more details on these 3D games soon. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Kinectimaniac

    Um…the article title says list of 3D PS3 titles…and the post even says Sony has a detailed list…so where is this list? Is there ONE place on the internet I can get a complete list of announced 3D titles? And none of this "list includes" bullcrap…I don't want a list includes, I want the whole damn complete list.



    • BishopLord

      I know, wtf?

  • EvilET

    3D gaming rocks!

  • thiseos

    i downloaded the demo of motorstorm but i see it in 2d. how i turn it in 3d? should i download something? i have 3.41 firmware in ps3. email me in plz thanks :)

    • Hil

      Do you have a 3D TV with active shutter glasses?
      You will need that in addition to the PSE with the firmware update.

    • Danadahd

      On the first menu screen pull down to select play in 3D. I didn’t see it at first either

    • Alex

      Hey thiseos, if u still cannot get the 3d capability then look online in google for the 3.50 update.
      To do this you need a memory stick with the two folders; "PS3" and inside of that folder you need "UPDATE" they must be in capital letters.
      this is where you need to save the update.
      then put the memory stick into your ps3 and go to "system update" and then into "via storage media" an open the 3.50 update.
      hope this helped

  • chris

    I had the same issue. Goto settings on the PS3. And scroll down to "video resolution or settings" (I'm going off of memory). Once you go into this video setting area it like auto detects 3D ability. After that you should be good to go

  • rick puiu

    I purchased the full game of wipeout in 3d off the sony store…how do I play this…its my first time using the store because they don't sell any 3d games in stores in Canada…do I need to buy the hardcopy of this game?

  • DDD

    Have to have HDMI 1.4 cable for the ps3 to play 3d games

    • TheAnswer

      I'm using HDMI 1.3 for all my 3D connections (PS3, Samsung 3D Blu-ray, and Directv 3D Sat rec.). It works great. HDMI 1.4 is used when a ethernet return path is required or you are sending and recieving resolutions above 1080p.

    • Alan Ng

      Nope, I can also confirm that 3D games work on a HDMI 1.3 cable just fine. Motorstorm is great..but I just wish there was more to choose from. Bring on 2011!

  • Raz

    If you have previusly been using the ps3 on a non 3d screen, you may need to go into the video connector options (you know, where you choose HDMI, RGB or whatever) and reconnect to the 3DTV… it should then discover that it is a 3DTV, and asks you if you want to activate 3D, and ofc the newest version of HDMI cable never hurts

  • Dave

    I've had 3d gaming for what almost 2 decades now. This "new" 3d technology is really nothing new at all. On my PC I could play just about any game in 3d if I wanted. The only difference is now it's on TV's and consoles but the actual technology is 100% the same. All that said, this does bring some new life to an old(er) console but it still feels too gimicky to me to become mainstream. The biggest issue I had then on PC is still a big issue now, and that is the requirement to where (somewhat) heavy glasses. If you already where glasses to correct vision, adding the 3d glasses over them can really be a pain (literally)

    • guest

      Get contacts.

    • chris

      get laser eye surgery and boom! no more problems trying to use 2 pairs of glasses

    • guest

      There is a pair of 3d glasses they recommend for those who already where glasses. They sell and review them on amazon. optoma bg-zd101 dlp link 3d glasses. The price averages $80 a pair.

    • Kate

      The glass aren't heavy at all. And it's bitchin to play true 3D games on a 73"TV.

    • surethingjackass!

      Hey Dave. If you don't see the difference between PS3 3D technology, and that 2 dacade-old crap you've got, then you are the biggest tard on planet.

    • michael

      i aint gonna get a 3d tv or do 3d gaming because 3d wont even last long.3d came out in the 50s so y is it the latest thing now and nobody even wants to watch tv or play games in 3d its a total waste of money.Other day when sanctum came out they said that w in 3d they gave us those real 3d glasses i took m glasses off an it wasnt even in 3d and it wont b long until something new comes out because HD hasnt even been out that long.loads a people bought a HD tv an now they expect us to buy a 3d tv i dont think thats gonna happen an even more when u have to wear those stupid big glasses. ive bought 3d dvds that come wi the red an blue glasses but i couldnt watch 3d tv all the time its a waste of time an money.

      • Scarfacefry

        Stereoscopic 3D is a new era. I work in the audio visual industry and it is going to be mainstream! All AV hardware is now going to be 3D capable as for HD the human eye canonly see 1920×1080 resolution so the obvious extention of that was 3D! Yes resolutions are available above 1920×1080 but thats purely used for large rental staging events and extremely large format but the human eye doesnt see anything clearer than 1920×1080. Anaglyph 3D was the old school and has major health warnings over the refresh rates of the human eye this is not the same as the active glasses do all the refresh rates for the eye!!

  • bob hope

    Hey Dave…….why don't you try stabbing yourself in the hand with a sharp pencil that way it will transfer the pain from your glasses to your hands instantly…….Good plan??…i think so ;- )

  • ihatedave

    yeah DAVE… u suck… pc gaming sucks in every way, dont project your frustration of crappy pc's on gaming consoles like the ps3… Get a life PC FREAK

  • joe

    i didnt change anything ps3 pick up on new 3dtv on its own

  • Roger

    Dave u suck big time!! I played 3d games on the pc and now on my ps3 with a 3d TV from samsung. U can not compare it at all… guess u have not played the motor storm demo which is fantastic in 3d!!!! No pc game can do that so far!!! sucker!!

  • netkillercat

    got the new Sony tv with 3d and ps3 and i can tell you it will change gaming 3d is going to be everywhere news ,sports !you know! visual media it will take over after the glasses are gone lol no question about it !all about the detail! the detail will be better and the games will look real enough for you to get flash backs and nightmares

    not now of course in a couple of year my English suck

    • Alan Ng

      What 3D games are you playing atm?

      It's a bit disappointing that there are only a few supported titles to choose from.

  • Atari Noob

    Dave can go play his crappy neo geo emulated games on pc for another 2 decades for all i care. :) As for me i am one happy customer of a 3D plasma from samsung – (sorry sony your release was a little on the slow side). And now that play station anounced a firmware to play 3d blueray and 3d games i will definatly buy one. Not just for movies but GAMES.. 3D MMO RPG's?? wow!! 3D Multiplayer First Person Shooters? WOW!!! 3D Simulated Car Racing Games. Tripple wow!!! Even the Wife will wanna play 3d games. Fun for the whole family. I give sony's efforts a big thumbs up. Please Bring 3d gaming to the masses game developers.. we are getting anxious….. We have CASH to BURN…. =oD

  • bo b.

    anybody interested in 3d gaming hit me up. ps3- boknows01 . Avatar multiplayer is pretty cool. also just got move nba 2k11 coming oct.5th

    • Alan Ng

      Hi Bob, thanks for your feedback on the article :)

      Which 3D games are you looking forward to playing next year? Killzone 3, Mortal Kombat, Crysis 2 perhaps?? ;)

  • utd

    Can all ps3s play the 3d games if you have a 3d tv

    • w00p

      Yes, you only need the latest firmwire from playstation network (which you probably already have if your playstation is online). And then of cause a 1.4 HDMI-cable :)


  • mattt

    i saw a sony package with a 3d tv and ps3 with 3d games today. ever since they started doing the 3d thing with movies and tvs i have been talking about how cool it would be to have 3d games but thought that it was still a few years off, i dont know whats involved but i imagine it would require alot of work to make games 3d. Im buying the package on monday. I figured id wait until there were more movies and tv in 3d before getting a 3d tv but a 40inch full hdtv with a ps3 1 2d game and 4 3d games for less than $2000 why wait. Thank you sony i new youd do it but never thought it would be so soon. Keep up the good work. All those dissing it … well …. dont worry if you work hard one day you'll be able to afford it and i bet once you can play 3d games you wont be whinging youll be greatful that the good people at sony studied hard to make our dreams come true.

  • ancjob

    has anybody tried 3D gaming with PS3 and HMDs like Headplay [3D built-in field sequential] ?
    is the 3D output from PS3 via connectors – field sequential OR side-by-side ?
    i have Vuzix AV920 as well which accepts composite interlaced field/sequential/side-by-side format..
    i hate the idea of spending on 3d TV – HMDs are always great for immersion..

  • Billy1980

    Yes the ability to use a speak set while wearing glasses will be awkward, would like to see how they tackle it. Still, crysis 2 and ghost recon sound good. Maybe they should 3d a few back catalogue titles too. Some good shooters and residet evil 5 etc just a thought.

  • paul

    I tried a 3d tv with a 3d blu ray of monsters and aliens at my local store today. The quality is mind blowing. I'm seriously ready to rush out and buy a 3d tv and ps3. It is seriously better than watching a 3d movie in your local cinema. I've never sided one way or another xbox v ps3, but Microsoft are taking a wait and see approach to 3d gaming. This is a huge mistake. Forget motion contollers – 3d console gaming is the battleground and the PS3 is about to leave the XBox behind.

  • CantBeDuped

    Lot of Sony phishing going on here…. -_-

  • SooSitta

    Where is the list? Of course, its a fraud.

  • chuckles

    mother fuckers

  • andy pc

    you guys payin out on dave really have no clue what so ever with your console talkin it up crap im sick of reading stuff like this about console is better than pc i have had 3d on the pc also about 10 yrs ago from america !!! that i could watch any movie play any game in 3d
    & was exactly the same as what they have now !!!! & wanks, i know i have a samsung series 9 2010 led 3d ,ps3 with move, x box 360 with kinect & my pc makes the games on both console look like space invaders from the 80"s !!! i have nba2k11 on ps3 & on the pc nba 2k10 that looks ten times better on pc & its not on a pc monitor either witch is better

  • andy pc

    just on a panasonic Lcd not a Led 3d tv. You peanuts really need to wake up to yourselves get a job & buy a real gaming machine my graphics cards!!! 2, 1gig gtx 480 make the ps3 & xbox seem like a atari console from the 1980's wake up to yourselves A CONSOLE WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS A PC loosers for many reasons try update your crap ps3 graphics card oh but wait you can update the hard drive like i already have to 500 gig oh wow you corn bred 15 yr old wanna be my consol is better than pc weasels maybe you guys should ask your mums for some money to buy a decent pc that you can upgade instead of getting ur parents to buy you a console !!!! pc is no 1 !!!!!!!!!!!


    I am A high end home theater Designer. and I have pretty much seen it all and designed it all. from 65 inch plasma systems to 100 and 200 inch movie theaters. I have a 65 inch VT25 panasonic and a runco projector which is about $60,000 dollars with a 150 ich stewart creen and I have 3 xbox 360s and 3 ps3s and a real top end built pc A dedicated 80 inch system for gaming and I will tell you right now until they figure out how to make 3D gaming and or TV watching without having to use glasses the masses will not go for it. For all you young people 3D is not new its been around since the 80's Unfortunately the electronic companies out there have tapped out the flat panel industry and can no longer make any money on it. And they dont have the heart to tell the North American continent that the next level in technology is 4k television. How many people do you think will be pissed of that the new LED, LCD or Plasma TV that they bought only a year ago is now obsolete, and that the new format is 4k. I highly doubt that people will like that change. And if any of you have ever watch 3D on television. The background is very fuzzy and not you see trailing effects. If any of you know video at all this is called bug crawl. So let the industry actually make HD perfect first before they even try to attempt 3D transmissions. Its a fad for now.

    • guest

      My husband says SO…we have over 1400 bucks into it now, its too late. LMAO!!!!

  • Diablo

    I wasnt sure about 3d, all the demos I saw in store looked like what they were , demos. But in the market for a new tv so a nice 50 inch 3d tv with freebies:- 2 pairs of glasses, a free bluray player (stored away as its useless for now) and a copy of shrek all brought home and in place last night. 1.4 cable hurt the wallet a bit on top of tv, but no regrets now. First port of call was Stardust. Had played it a few hours before we got the new set on the previous 50 inch HD and always liked the game. Long story short, activated 3d and was truly stunned. Graphics are mindblowing and so far and away beyond the old 3d attempts I have seen in the past as well as totally blowing away the regular 2d stardust graphics. Wipeout also stunning. Cod black ops took some getting used to, but can honestly say that if this is the first genreation of 3d for PS3, it has already converted me. Lets hope the future only improves things more. Stardust is probably the best I have seen so far for showing off 3dtv.

  • Iwant3dEverything

    Even after 2 decades, Dave still doesn’t know that you “wear” glasses, you don’t “where” glasses.

  • WGSantee

    AWSOME!!!! Gotta get it if you don't have it! Enjoy it if you do! I do mine.

  • val

    I am a jackass when it comes to this 3d stuff. Please help. I want my boys to have a 3d christmas. We have a 3d tv, 3d dvd player coming xmax eve. i want 3d ps3 games also. They are big ps3 players. Ages 19 and 17 please give advise.

  • Alan Ng

    Thanks for the review!

  • Mike

    I have a new 3dtv also, check out Avatar: The Game for Ps3. It's mind blowing!!! The tv looks like it is 8ft deep! A used copy is only about $27.

  • Ken

    Hi Swolern,

    I have also bought the new Panasonic Viera TC-P50VT25 but Avatar is not playing in 3D even though this gameis 3D enabled. I have contacted Ubisoft who state they are no aware of any problems. Do you know how I can resolve this?

  • amirsam

    do u need special 3d glasses to play the games on 3d? or could u just use the standard ones which come with the ps3?

  • GaryKieth

    I too Have juts got a Samsung 3D television and the graphics are amazing! I'm Currently playing COD:Black Ops and it actually feels like your holding the gun. HD is The new SD to me :P

  • adie

    just brought the same tv for the same reason, is it as good as everybody says it is ?

  • DREW

    hey everyone BLACK OPS IS IN 3D along with TUMBLE,THE FIGHT.. YOUR MOM jkjk play tumble with the move in 3D yaaaaaahh WOW

  • Ayre

    Fail the game is not in 3d only the movie is

    the game was terrible and so were the graphics. Who u trying to fool?

  • Rylos77

    actually i have the Avatar game for the ps3, and i can confirm 100% that it does have the 3D option. you just need the 3D tv, which i might add im getting this friday woo hoo! so before you dis-credit someones comment . make sure you know what your talking about first ok.

  • Ren

    Wrong the game is in 3D, FAILBLOG

  • jasmin

    Order the TC-P54Vt25 Next week.
    Can't wait !!!!! But my wallet can wait … big blow on the bank side of thing.
    But when u see it, u just cut somewhere else!