Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Release Date in 2011

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We have some great news for Nintendo Wii owners now, as Nintendo just announced more details for the highly anticipated new Zelda game for the Wii.

As taken from Nintendo’s E3 keynote in Los Angeles, the new title for the game is Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As you would expect, the game is a complete step up from the last Wii Zelda game, and this one will feature tight user control with the Wii Mote combined with MotionPlus.

Here is the important bit. Nintendo announced that the game will release sometime in 2011. This could be a disappointment to those who were expecting it to land at the end of the year.

We were impressed with what we saw though, and I’m sure you will be too. We don’t mind waiting for this. We’ll bring you full details on the game and a trailer soon. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • carter

    i think they sould put in the same graphics as twilight princess and make it alot like oot

    • Cooldude5

      Sorry buddy. Go onto http://www.zeldauniverse.com and look up skyward sword. They're using impressionism for it.

    • Caraaaaa

      I agree! I love Ocarina of Time! :D It makes me so happy :')

    • Umm no. For one twiligt princess while more realistic, was very dark for zelda graphics. Skyward sword however looks to be much more brighter, and toon-like, giving more flexibility to game play. And for being like Oot I hate to spoil this for you but skyward sword is a prequel to Oot that also shows the origin of the master sword.

      • Corpsa Cormano

        ur a fuckin idiot u dont know anything about zedla dude…. the person above me is such a noob haha its embarrasing.. ocarina of time is the first one theres no prequel u ass noob

        • aidjflk

          LOL you're actually the fucking moron. look it up. also OoT is not the first zelda title, do you know of A Link to the Past? Prove that that didn't come first.

          And seriously just look up the storyline of SS, the first thing you will see is that it is "A prequel to OoT" and shows the origins of the master sword.

        • Ern

          no actually the noob (lol) is right i've read it in several articles that it is a prequel OOT but hey no need to fight we all love zelda lets keep the peace mmk :)

        • JJG

          A Link to the Past is actually da 2nd Zelda title….but the first wasn’t OOT…

        • Link

          Well no thats wrong the order of the legend of zeldas are
          The legend of zelda
          The Legend of zelda 2: the adventures of link
          Link to the past
          (some gameboy game)
          Ocarina of time
          Majoras mask
          (more gameboy ds games)
          Twilight princess
          (more ds games)
          and now Skyward sword

        • MEH

          The order of the game boy games are:
          Link's Awakening
          Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons
          Link to the Past/Four Swords
          Minish Cap
          Phantom Hourglass
          Spirit Tracks

        • MEH

          and you forgot windwaker

        • ryan

          this is going to be a prequel meimoto said so noob ive been playing zelda since i was 4 so shut up

        • Eion Kilant 739

          FYI: Orcana of Time is confirmed to be the first Zelda game. Skyward Sword is confirmed to be a prequil to that game.

          And noone knows the exact order of the games. To put it simply: Nintendo pulled a George Lucas and couldn't fit it in right.

      • Dylan twaite

        It can’t be cuz on OoT link just got he’s fairy I love Zelda a lot me and my dad would play it when I was really little and I 17 now and I still play it I may not now as much as other people but it can’t be prequel to OoT are it won’t be link and Zelda is about link and zelda so there for can’t be a prequel

        • ryan

          it olmost aolways deffrent link and zeldas but always the same ganandorf

        • lkjlcxvjxcv

          … it's a different link and zelda, but it happens before OoT and explains the events

    • Just my opinion!!

      I totally agree with you! This game looks way too cartoonish for my taste!
      To me, Zelda should be epic to play, not kiddish.

    • mysterious link

      oot is awesome so they shouldn't make it like oot or have the graphics as tp. i personaly like the graphics how they are.

    • Bomb Boi

      I agree it looks like they crossed the toon version of zelda and the regular version together then added some crap to it. It also doesnt look like a very intense game and Twilight Princess was.

      • HughbertEsq

        We know jack about the actual game, who knows? the plot could be one of those deceptively dark-ones that we saw in WW….

    • Ziphis

      honestly r insane… that was the biggest downfall of twilight princess, trying to be like oot. We want a new game not oot for the 9001st time

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000271716888 Donna Andrews

      i dont think the graphics are as important as the puzzles because its solving them that makes zelda so great to play

    • Don

      The important thing is the game play…windwaker looked silly, but was actually a very good game, and you soon forget about the cell shading once you've gotten into the game

    • John Jacobs

      carter you are exactly right my friend. why change anything from oot or twilight princess?

    • lucky13

      i heard it'll be like twilight princess, but coloured like wind waker.

  • Zulai

    hmm this Zelda has anything cool like the old one had the wolf…?This one?

    • ninny

      i hope they put in a new character!!kinda like how the put midna in the "wolf" one
      ps the "wolf" one tp twillight princess

    • erik

      Oot was the forth Zelda,if you want a hard game,play zelda 2,links adventure

    • that guy

      i reckon they should make a multiplayer game (obviously putting in a new character, maybe similar to shiek from OoT.) And if there already is a multiplayer game, don’t yeall at me, i didn’t know. lol

    • fb tfgb

      srry i found the wolf moments a reppative i am going to get a lot of abous from fanbos now=.=

      • kyle

        no you are definitly correct i found them to be reppative and a bit boring but later on in the game it was wayyy more fun and trolers are haters=have anger towards everyone reaching success

    • xXMaZteRXx

      idk i only know that it needs wii motion plus:D

    • lucky13

      i heard something about a blue chick. some people think it's a physical embody ment of the master sword.

  • miniman

    i wish it was more like oot

  • zelda

    i dont care its still cool

  • Olivia

    It is strange, Link looks like the Twilight Princess one but the surroundings look like the cartoon windmaker? I like the more adult scenery and scary looking monsters in twilight princess though… And why can't the game come out now I finished Mario galaxy 2 in less than a week :[

    • jumpy ghostface

      What is oot???

      • Fluffy duck

        Ocarina of time

        • lima bean

          it takes longer to make a game than it does to beat one. thats why.

    • MoonMax

      Well, just replay some of your other games lol. But it did only take me a day to beat Luigi's Mansion… :) And It's Wind Waker, second only to OOT!!!

      • ninny

        its MM(Majoras Mask) then WW(Wind Waker) and then OOT(ocarina of time)

        • Stephanie

          Sorry but you are mistaken. It is OOT, TP and then WW THEN MM

    • Linda

      I totaly agree !!!

    • lucky13

      it'll look like twilight princess and'll be coloured like windwaker.

  • SolitaryHowl

    I wasn’t very impressed with what I saw. The cell-shaded graphics made me cringe.

    OoT is still the best Zelda game to date.

    • Andrew

      Link to the past is the best zelda game to date just saying

      • Link27o9

        hey,buddy OoT is considered as the best game ever made look it up its in the Guinness Book Of World Records: Gamers Edition 2010

      • Skylar

        I concur with Andrew

    • jt$

      Yeah oot is best to date b/c skyward hasn't released yet fool! New zelda will have same graphics as oot just more fine tuned and a much better interaction with motion plus.

    • mysterious link

      You said it SH

    • Gadge

      i agree, i do like the dramatic and epic feeling of the TP and OOT. Who am i kidding, I'm still gonna get it, im sure it will be cool

    • darkness

      you got that right

    • 7i,lo,lo

      OoT is not the best majoras mask is way better and it was funny to play so sorry guy but Majorwas mask is the best one. SUCK IT

      • Snoop

        Majora's Mask was a pale imitation of Ocarina. If you prefer MM over OoT then… well, everyone's got there opinions. Sorry yours isn't based off of fact though.

    • That one kid uknow

      Majors mask is best

    • Wizzkid

      True ;) Though I was appaled by the cell-shaded graphics, and didn't really like the beta thingy, nearly all Zelda games have been awesome! Even Wind Waker with it's cell shaded graphics. I'll be concentrating on the gameplay, which I hope has improved A LOT.
      I want something surprising. Hope it'll be here in Europe around March.

    • HughbertEsq

      people said this when WW was announced saying it looked bolhsie, then when it was released everyone was running through the streets yelling "THIS IS THE BESTEST GAME EVAR!!!"

  • john

    This game has tp graphics and cartoon graphics

    • Dylan

      no its cell shaded like the wind waker with a twist of the twilight princess >.< all they done is up the graphics a tiny bit and made link look a tad like the one in twilight princess.

  • lennic

    OoT is Ocarina of Time … for people who dont know >.>

    • kiba

      thank you….. i didnt know that

      • Oot ftw

        of course you wouldn't know in case patrick was wondering

    • Patrik Nilsson

      Who the hell doesn't know what OoT stands for v.v

  • Kenna

    Remember guys it was just a prototype video

    • Cheryl

      More videos will be released closer to the time it is released. (Hopefully?)

  • awesome

    well, I like the graphics! they are very pretty, and have u noticed that when its the same graphics its a continuation of the same link? like Ooc, Mm has the same graphics! and the same goes for WW, PH and spirit tracks had the same graphics also, so for it to have the same graphics as TP it would HAVE to be a continuation of THAT link! SO quit COMPLAINING! graphics don't matter that much (they do a little) any ways

    • 9 zelda games

      this game is like all graphics mixed so maybe this one will talk about all heros. the hero of time. hero of the moon. hero of winds. hero of light. then this one would be hero of skies.

      • Dark Sheik

        That was my exact train of thought.

    • miner

      I think the graphics are amazing and the colors look really good. I totally agree with you.

    • abraham

      the dude is right its not the graphics it is the story like twlight had both
      wind waker look amazing and had a cool story same with this

    • dark link

      some “links may look the same, but each story has a different “Link” I put it in quotes because link isnt even his name after Link’s awakening

      • mysterious link


    • jpss

      you're an idiot you listed complete different games from completely different platforms, graphics between gameboys and the gamecube are not even comparable… and graphics actually do matter very much. sometimes its what makes or breaks the games sales and ratings

    • The One

      PH sucked

    • Eion Kilant 739

      Diffrent graphics don't mean the game is not a prequil or a sequil. It just means that they created a new engine to run the game.

      Personaly, I like the graphics.

  • Goth

    I cant wait for the next zelda game im a massive fan (and my gf is sittin beside me lecturing me about it lol) but no game can beat OOT its a game i can play over and over again.. LONG LIV ZELDA!! (it just had to be done)

    • Cheryl

      Me neither. :D

    • ninny

      long liv zelda indeed i was born with that game literly…my dad had oot wen i was born and bthen mm it was great!!so LONG LIV ZELDA!!(it had to benn done 12)

  • Michael

    I'm really hoping that those weren't the finalized graphics. And hopefully by the time the next Zelda game (after Skyward Sword) comes out, Nintendo will have made a console that supports HD.

    • HughbertEsq

      I do believe Kotaku came up with some screenshots for an uber-realistic zelda game, we may be seeing something like that in the future =]

  • mario

    twilight princess was best zelda game

    • Jack

      Your stupid.

      • lol

        TP is the best! :)

    • rob

      incorrect. OoT was the best

      • spenny

        i agree although windwaker would have been the best if they didnt wreak it with gathering the triforce! that SUCKED!

        • Megan

          Holly crap I know haha :P

        • Ern

          I KNOWWW

      • lol

        TP WAS THE BEST >:(

    • Kyra

      not the best, but it was pretty amazing. i loved it ^.^ great graphics. definately my favorite zelda graphics so far.

    • chris

      oot best zelda game ever made nothing can top it yet

    • Dan

      Amen to that! =)

    • Cheryl

      I agree I also liked TP, OOT, MM, WW & ALTTPO

    • Tyler

      You're a fucking moron.

    • Your a moron because Oot was obvously better, and wind waker could've been up there if it didn't have some of its problems with repetitive/long game play.

    • Zach

      TP is a awsome game its one of my favorites but WIND WAKER IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE AND NOTHING CAN MAKE ME CHANGE MY MIND…….!!!!!!!!!……….!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ninny

      ok i think majoras mask was soooo better then twilight princess..of course most ppl have never even heard of that game i only kno of 5.twillight princess was a good game though..i have beaten it but i started over and got stuck on the water temple ^^!so im going to my couzin 4 help but if u kno any cheats….jk!!

    • kayla!

      agreed. I've beat tp soo many times, :)
      I loveee it.

    • jppp


    • Cjs

      no it wasn't… twilight wasn't bad but it wasn't the best OoT was

    • Matt

      haha not even close maybe for little kids who think its the best game ever cause u can turn into a wolf but no ocarina of time is the best by far

    • guest

      I know right? OoT Was amazing but Twilight Princess had amazing graphics, scary monster, and was just altogether the best Zelda game ever.

    • Awesome

      Oot was the best

    • HughbertEsq


  • link

    i think it looks aesome

    • ninny

      well duh all the link r awesome…..

  • jio

    been obsessed for a week, beat WW, Oot, and majoras mask

    • Cheryl

      Me too though the hardest to complete in my opinion was Majora's mask.

    • Zach

      i have too. But man i hated MM along with spirit tracks and phantom hour glass. I think that those were the worst Zelda games ever!!!!!!!!!!

    • Skylar

      why dont you download the og the legend of zelda then download a link to the past then download link's awakening then download oracle of ages and oracle of seasons then download the minish cap then beat them all……. then if skyward sword isn't out yet than you have too much free time on yo hands

  • PhaYn

    new items would be great :D

    • Dim

      there are new items. Such as the whip and beetle thingamajigy

    • joe

      there is like a wooden beetle that you can make fly around

    • Cheryl

      You can roll the bombs as well as throw them.

  • jello

    i hope that this kind of plays off of TP. i really really reeeeaaaaally like wolf link and midna!!!!

    • Jasper

      sorry, but its really plays of OOT, the story goes before link was actually born and the skyward sword is what becomes the Master Sword

      • ninny

        really how do u kno that?!! becuse if that is eally wat it is thats sooo cool!!!

    • Cheryl

      I think the spirit of the Master Sword will help Link though I'm not 100% sure.

      • King of the Triforce

        I also think that the sword girl will be the new Navi in this game. (Just hope that she doesn't go "hey! listen! look! or watch out! all the time.)

    • ninny

      i love midna and wolf formed link <3

    • FableKiller

      did you not notice that we will never see Midna again. because she went to the twilight realm and broke the mirror which was the only portal there. which i think is a shame because i really like the character of Midna.

    • samantha

      ooooohhhhhh, i lllllooooove minda! but i also hope thay put in dark link, kuz he's awesome!

  • Suckhole

    Who cares about the cel-shaded graphics?! still looks like a mofo'n awesome game!

  • masterchiffe646

    OOT was indeed the best zelda game fur sure. but the TP link was just a strait up badass. the beginning of the trailer showed, the wolf, majoras mask, king boat from WW. i think this is gonna top everything off. the graphics do need alittle work, links leggings look way to big! like blimp pants. remember, like i said before… link is a badass! make him look like it!

    • Kyra

      i totally agree.

    • jack

      he looks ugly as too

    • JAMES

      no joke and his radiant blue eyes reminded me of kenshin :D

    • meat

      dark link is a badass

  • XxDei-ChanxX

    i agree. his leggings are a tad TOO big on him.. but yes i was SOOO excited about the new Zelda game arriving, then i was also worried about if it was going to be like Spirit Tracks and Wind Waker.. and thats basically what it is except he's not all chibi link lol. The enemy deisign is pretty cool i have to say, but it would be even more B.A. if it was like Twilight Princess. i'm just happy to know its almost here.! :)

  • Joseph

    WW is an awful game, know where near OoT

    • Jasper

      I Think we can all agree that OOT was the best zelda by far, but you guys can't just talk down bout the other zeldas like WW cuz of their grafics. WW was still pretty awesome. if you really want to talk down bout a zelda game, talk bout the first 2, Zelda and The legend of Zelda, Links Adventure, those 2 were terrible.

      • Skylar

        OMFG how old are all of you guys? the original The Legend Of Zelda was like a gift from god it was and inspiration to every single game out… it pioneered the whole save game data with a little watch battery it was one of the biggest 8-bit games and it is still rockin'.. F U man i bet you havent even played it,,, probablly couldn't beat it cause it was too hard for you

    • Barns

      Why is WW such a bad game? It still had the same Zelda feel like all the other ones.

      • Cheryl

        I think WW is a fantastic game. :D

    • Water-Is-Evil

      Dude OoT is good. But Wind Waker is not awful I love wind waker a lot more than OoT!

      Oot isn't even in my top 5 Zelda games…

      Wind waker was great.. Skyward Sword will be great too!!

      Who cares about graphics!!

      • ?????ummmmm?????+???

        huh????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????r u crazy

    • larry

      WW is my favorite zelda

    • King of the Triforce

      Piece of advice for you man, "I don't like this game." and "This game is bad." are not always
      interchangeable statements.


      WW is amazing and learn how to spell

    • Zelda is EPIC

      In my opinion, its alot like OOT. ***Spoilers!*** You set out on a quest to help a friend, realize you are the chosen one. Meet zelda, she gets captured by ganondolf, you must go through temples to regain power of some sort. Then save zelda! There are some major differences, such as how easy it is, bosses, some story line events, but they are very similar. Not to mention in both you have some instrument to master and play constantly.

  • zelda makese men cry

    its time that zelda gets more relistic graphics kind of like TP but better, but i can see why you keep it this way because it is a kids game, but many of us grew up with this, actually i beat my first zelda game(OoT) at 15 and i can honestly say when i play it today sometimes it makes me cry because it brings back so many fond memories, and its just awsome(best game ever)

    • ninny

      u want the graphics to look more relistic then tp?! is that posible?!!! the graphics in tp were amazing and u want them to beat tose graphics?!!!ur crazy!!

    • ninny

      which 1 like TP or MM or OOT??
      there r many more though

    • MMFF

      I hate watching zelda games sell out.

      I think im crying

  • masterchiffe646

    WW was okay in my eyes. it was very big! and there was a l got to explore. but PHG and Spirit tracks gave it the title of a "kids game" TP i thought was a little more adult like. hopefully they can bring back theyre Rep. we can all agree we want it more like OOT, and TP. we all want to get rid of this little "toon link" we find in WW, PHG and ST. lets hope for the best! :)

    • Peter

      Games are mostly for kids.

    • Water-Is-Evil

      Actually I do not want it more like oot. I want it more like Wind waker and Majora's Mask… with a little bit of link to the past..

    • Dan

      I agree, it would be mean if it looked like TP, but in the end its the gameplay and the storyline that really matters. (and they really need to get rid of the whole "toon link" thing)

  • James Joseph

    They REALLY need to make The legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for the Xbox360 because there are people out there that love all the Zelda games, but don't like the Wii controls. So they really need to make it not only for the Wii, but for the Xbox360 & more.

    • James

      No they shouldn't. Zleda is a classic Nintendo game. They shouldn't have even made Final Fantasy for the Xbox.

    • Charles W. Skinner

      Never going to happen. Zelda is proprietary to Nintendo. Putting a Zelda game on another console would be competing with themselves.

      Those who want to play it will have to buy a Wii (and a Wii is a GREAT investment in terms of value / dollar spent, as opposed to the PS3 and XBox 360, which are overpriced and generally have weak games for those not into FPS or Driving).

      • King of the Triforce

        Amen to that! There are only a few games on the PS3 that even interest me!

    • jasper

      hail no, you iz crazy, ok. zelda and nintendo were basiclly built together and taking zelda and giving (selling) it to another company like microsoft or sony is just stupd. the game is a classic and if the other fans of zelda cant see past that to get use to the wii, then their not real fans at all, including you. These games go to the heart when played with respect for the time and creation it took fr these game developers to make it. you cant just give it away to some other company. its like taking a white sheet and throwing it into some mud. Keep the games pure to their creators and company.

    • gary

      gamecube is da bomb

    • chaos

      thats never going to happen. lol. i love zelda. ive bought game systems just t play the games. i sort of agree though. although it would change the zelda experience of the game nintendo is trying to give if they changed the format, unless of course they used the motion based parts of the other systems such as the xbox kinect….

    • kitty

      but zelda is only for nintendo!

    • Travis T.

      you wont see it on the 360 or ps3 because its owned and made for nintendo, just like mario, donkey kong. just saying.

    • gay hasler

      No its like call of duty is only for xbox

      • Koen

        Lol CoD isn't only for xBox there's also cod on the Ps3 AND wii however it sucks balls onb the wii.

    • Ben

      thats never going to happen because Zelda is an exclusive nintendo franchise

    • wat


      Well, i hope is a trololololol…

    • Ikaros

      Yes,you are somehow right but each console has her own games and that's from were it depends!If they would give zelda to other consoles they would lost a lot of money!Still i have a nintendo wii and i have also own the legend of zelda twilight princess for it!Believe me i loved this game because of it's motional controls!It is really fantastic!But still i can believe that there are people that they do not like motional controls!In other words i disagree with you but,you have a point!By the way!I bouhgt SONIC COLORS for Christmas!It is fantastic!:p If you want to discuse about it find me on fb as Argiris Ikaros

    • FableKiller

      they will never do that for 1 reason…..its a Nintendo trade game since day 1 first Zelda game was on a Nintendo system and they will never make a game for xbox/ps3. which is actually not a good business move because they would make tons more money if it was for xbox/ps3 i would buy it way before the wii version.

      • Matt

        no it wouldnt be a better business move so many people love the zelda games so they do play it on wii because they love it so much, if you put it on xbox no one who has an xbox would ever play it on wii, and the wii products will go down, so many people buy the systems FOR the games

    • brett
    • Malon

      Really? Nintendo making an XBox game? Are you serious?????????

  • Niki

    I thought the TP was the worst zelda game to date. I personally love OOT, Link to past. I hope this game has more puzzles. They seem to be getting away from that. Nonetheless, I am so excited to try this!

    • Maxie

      THANK you, someone finally sees TP the way I do. OoT and MM were definitely my favorites.

      • BOB

        What is wrong with you people!!! TP is better than OOT in almost every way!!! OOT was and still is a great game but you have to admit its getting old. The problem is all you old-school gamers don't recongnize it for what it is because every time you play OOT you start getting all teared up because it was one of your favorite games as a kid. So people just tell me one thing: Do you want to play a game that is truly awesome, or a game that makes you cry every time you play it because your so full of "memories". ( And I am sure that you are going to this one because it's not EXACTLY like OOT)

        • ninny

          ok umm majoras mask soo much better then oot!!it has puzzle a time limmit and lots if action!!it may be the only legened of zelda so far that i kno of that doesnt have the evil enemy ganon.majoras mask was amazing and way better then oot!!

        • i win

          ummmmmmmmmmm re look at your Zelda history gannon didnt come til Oot

        • King of tha Triforce

          Dude, I'm 13 years old, I didn't know what The Legend of Zelda was untill 2005 when my cousin lent me his copy of Minish Cap, and I still think that Ocarina of Time is the greatest zelda game ever, if not the greatest game ever! So don't go saying that it's only old school gamers who like OoT more than TP. Just because you like something better doesn't mean everyone who thinks differently is wrong.

        • Micah

          Haha that's awesome. I'm fourteen in in the exact same boat.

        • ninny

          wow thats sad on ur part im 11 and i have knon about legened of zelda scence i was born!! i grew up with that game!! by the way minish cap is a good game but mm beats oot by a bundle!!

    • ninny

      wow niki i totally disagree tp was 1 of the best zelda game ever!!i like oot and link to the past too…but twiliight princess was awesome!!

    • link

      u suck TP was the best ever!

    • zelda man

      idont agree i LOVED TP your crazy if u hate it

  • Linkallday

    Its not fair how a lot of the great games are only for the wii or just limited to just one console(luckily i have a wii!)

  • masterchiffe646

    thats a horrible idea. the legend of zelda is a nintendo legacy!! thats like putting mastercheif from halo on the PS3. you just dont do it! zelda is nintendo pride!

    • HughbertEsq

      masterchiffe646 be advised multiple fanboy-footmobiles are converging on your position, we count both PS3 and XBOX troops coming in hot get out of there now!

  • zelda makese men cry

    are u crazy, TP is not the worst game, WW is way worst, and that would be stupid if they made it for 360, thats one of nintendos 1st party games, nintendo has to get people to buy a wii some how, your pretty much saying that they should make every game a third party game

    • Zach

      Hey I agree with you TP is a awsome game but my favorite Zelda game is WW. I THINK THAT IS THE ALL TIME BEST ZELDA GAME!!!!!!! WIND WAKER ROCKS!!!!!!!

    • lol

      u made a HUGE mistake TP was the BEST!

  • Joseph

    yeah you guys are retards they have to get people to buy a wii somehow thats like saying that every game should be a 3rd party game,

  • masterchiffe646

    ya fur real. zelda is nintendo only. kinda like theyll never make halo for the ps3. it just sends shivvers up my neck!!! thinking about it

  • thisoneguy

    needs tp graphics, i never liked the look of toon link. and yeah wii already has like 0 good games besides ssbb, mario, metroid and zelda. those are the ONLY reasons to get a wii. if u made zelda for another consol nintendo would go out of business faster

    • Dan

      I agree

  • Tetra

    GOSH 2011????
    aw man can't they do something cool like, thins year?

    • Dani

      Think of it like this, the longer they keep us waiting, the more time they have to improve it!

  • Link

    Yo people who made The Legend of Zelda Skyward sword you people should of made it earlier because i've been wanting for it a verry long time so you should of made it in 2007 or work as fast as you can then I would be happy untill I beat the game then make another Zelda game because I am never happy that much if you can get it on the nintendo channel you can make it in 2010 some where around October to december 25.

    • jasper

      yeah they started working on the game 3 months b4 the release of TP, My uncle works with nintendo and hes part of the SS project and hes giving an idea of its release. Sometime in the middle of febuary, possibly january

    • K-95

      They started doing this in 2006.

  • meow

    graphics arent everything 8P good graphics doesnt automatically make the storyline and gameplay good

    • HughbertEsq


  • Charles W. Skinner

    Thisoneguy (above) – you do realize that Nintendo is actually making money hand-over-fist on the Wii and DS, as opposed to Sony and Microsoft, which are only JUST breaking even on their hardware sales.

    Nintendo is an 80+ year old company. They're not going out of business anytime soon, and it's quite likely that Microsoft would go under first. Except for the fact that Microsoft is sitting on $40 Billion in cash, they would ALREADY be in financial trouble for the fact that their operating systems are starting to fall by the wayside, and most of their products are either badly flawed or lost leaders.

    • thisoneguy

      ok, so nintendo might not be going out of business ha. but you have to agree those are THE main reasons to buy a wii. most of the other games are either childish or can be found on another system in much better quality.
      -MHtri is a good game for the wii however that was not in my previous list. however, im almost positive it can be found on other systems (360 i think?)

  • G4nn0n

    The trailer makes my penis hard

  • smokenator11

    i understand that oot was a good game but if the game was like oot it would not be a classic game it would be kinda boring.

  • eli12

    i am kinda disapointed about the graphics in skyward i just got done beating tp for the wii and it was awesome but skyword sword i dont know when it comes out of course i will buy it cause i am a huge zelda fan thats all i have to say

  • zant

    I think that oot and twilight princess ar the best the motion controls are not as good as a simple gamecube controler and the grafics ar weird I like the tp tip grafics whith monsters that arn’t silly looking

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001438243134 Josh Hurlock

    legend of zelda skyward sword is not releasing in jun. 15 2011 it's going to release before 3/31/2011

  • Kyra

    I loved the TP graphics. So a game more like OOT but with TP graphics is what I'm looking for.

  • Sophie

    Y'know what'd be fun??? Playing video games on that new 3 D T.V :) But i't'd hurt your eyes afer 2 houes though probably. Just sayingg ;)

    • Ganon

      Nintendo is making the new 3DS and they are remaking Classic games for it. They already announced Starfox 64 on it and there were screenshots of OoT with updated 3D graphics on ign.com so I believe it.

    • Jack


  • andrew

    all zeldas rock but oot and tp r the best in the world

  • Imtheboss

    I just wish they would redo OOT but with TP graphics and a little extra stuff

    • HughbertEsq

      le 3DS

  • batman

    twilight princess was alright, definatly could have been better, the whole wolf thing was kinda weird and differant ..and after the gay twilight movies series, i think there needs to be less twilight related stuff, but ocarina of time was actualy perfect for its time, you compare super nintendo games to 64 games, like super mario world was pretty sweet, id say probably just as good as mario 64, and donkey kong country i would say is even better than donkey kong 64, but ocarina of time dominated a link to the past, it was such a huge step up, the game couldnt have been any more perfect, but the biggest thing i didnt like about twilight princess is that the link in that game is the first link ever that didnt have magic, and now it looks like this new link wont have magic ether wich is kinda gay i think…

    • King of the Triforce

      BRING BACK THE MAGIC BAR!!!! I want to shoot something with a light arrow. Why did they even see it as a good idea to leave those things out? Those things are AWSOME!!!

    • Soldier of Link

      I hate the Twilight movies as much as the next sensible Zelda fan, but you have to realize…. TP was released in 2006… Which means Nintendo was working on it way back in 2004-05, WAY before all that Twilight crap came out.

  • Ganon

    Anybody saying anything about the story line in skyward sword is just saying a theory. There haven’t been any confirmations of any theories. I don’t believe they should make yet another prequel. They have been making prequels for as long as a link to the past was made. I don’t believe they would show all the other links in the trailer if it was a prequel, think about it why would they show it if it was a prequel. That’s just showing things that would be I’m the future. I think they should continue OoT but before wind waker( before hyrule flooded, or maybe the end of the game starts with ganondorf returning and hyrule floods) play or watch the begining of wind waker to see what I’m talking about. This is just my theory, feel free to email me if you would like to talk to me more about this. Nick.rondinelli@hotmail.com

  • carter

    i think its cool no matter what the graphics are like its suppose to be a mix of OOT and TP i heard from nintendo

  • Ladybits

    Gameplay far outweighs graphics, sure they have some importance but considering everyone is talking about how amazing Oot was… those graphics are much more poor than any of the recent games but simply because of the amazing gameplay that game still sits atop all the other zelda games in most people's minds.

  • Twilightwolf

    oot is cool, but i fail at it.XD Twilight Princess was awesome but i think that where you first become a wolf was a harder than the last temple. Beating Ganon was fun, but kinda creepy.

    The graphics in Skyward Sword do look interesting, i read about it in Nintendo magazine. It would be cool if they had the wolf thing, except maybe other animals.

    • jack

      omg took the words straight outta me mouth

  • Ken Cronk

    When is Skyward Sword releasing in 2011.

    • King of the Triforce

      I think it will be in March, but I'm not 100 percent sure.

      • HughbertEsq

        Nope definitely not March

  • greatdeku

    I am big fan of zelda games and i agree they have to make the game more adult like, like OoT instead those childsgames like PH and ST. and make the game a bit harder by giving it more puzzles. and make it as scary as OoT was for me when i started playing it as a 7 year old kid. i remember playing in the shadow world really late at night i was scared half to death after that

    • jackamon

      yerrr i wouldn't go within two feet of a ReDead without screaming

  • tiffay chapman

    it is kinda a dissapointment that it wont come out til 2011 but they should at least pick a early month like march or january! because weve been waiting since 2008 for the new game. and we dont wana wait any longer!!!!!!!! amen??!

    • jack


  • Gary

    I dont like the graphics but thats what i thought about wind waker my favorite zelda

    • HughbertEsq

      same with many,many zelda fans in 2000

  • natexnasty

    im crossing my fingers for sheik to be in this game > . <

  • Zelda

    People are saying this is going to be bad because of the grafics and that wind waker sucked. Not true. So far every zelda game has been great! (Minus Phantom Hourglass, it was decent)
    The grafics don't matter and they are an art form for zelda games. As long as the game is FUN and it is a zelda game.

    • awesome

      *applause* what beautiful words!

    • thisoneguy

      i didnt bother keeping up with the handheld games after the ones for gameboy color besides minish cap, which kinda annoyed me. i really dont like tune link graphics.

  • josjdaOLsfdasda

    the game suks my balls

    • Arshes

      Shut Up, If your Saying that because of the graphics in the game.Then Look at Ocraina of time, Alot People say it was the best game.The Graphics for that game Aren`t that good now,But there were great back when the Game Came out.If you only play a game for graphics then Get A PS3 or XBOX 360.I play Games for gameplay.I`m Looking foward to this game.If you don`t like Legend of Zelda,Then Why are you even here.

    • HughbertEsq

      NO U

  • chompa12

    i wish the graphics were more darker and misterious like twilight princess
    i tottaly loved the TP game bu OOT is the father of the zelda games

  • chompa12

    this game seems like link in wonderland

  • Chuy

    the new zelda game should have new puzzles because that what make them fun
    if there were from the past it be to easy ocarina of time is still the best zelda game
    they should have some stuff from ocarina of time like the boots and the eye of truth

  • James

    i kinda like that idea…the wii just cant handle the twilight princess style w/o a few major issues, textures for example. where as wind waker which didnt have as cool realistic-ish looking graphics, it was able to look smoother and what not because of the cel shaded stuff…now mix them so you get the look of tp but the quality of ww…make sense?

  • True Zelda Fan

    I've Been Playing Zelda games since the the ORIGINAL on NES ( wow that shows my age ) and I have to agree with James WW played alot smoother than TP, the only hasle I had with it was the way " Link " and some of the monsters looked. So if they are going to use cell-shading from WW with Links appearance from TP then It's all good

  • ralphie

    ya i have the masters quest oot and i just love it and tp i mean i cant wait for the new one to come out

  • Blah

    I personally don't care what system these games are on as long as I get to play them. I will say that in general nintendo has a better track record than microsoft and sony. Cant wait for this to hit the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    wow. graphics were one thing that in the end nintendo is not famouos for unless ya count the 64. so far i've only seen from nintendo are more cartoonish look. tp yes looked more real but still had that nintendo look. mario and things like that. they still look about the same other then bettler graphics of sorts. if you want great graphics go to the other systems. but i've always liked nintendo because they don't rush things very much. like this one. oh we've had a few problems we're postponing the date just a little well ya know it just means they want it right with very little problems. (yes i know my spelling sucks)

    • HughbertEsq


  • Zelda Fanatic

    This one looks awesome but i think they should have cartoon link its soooooooo much better, and i have to dissaggrey WW (wind waker) was the best game by far

  • Mimi

    Why does everyone complain about the graphics? It's ZELDA, for pete's sake- there's no way it can't be awesome!!!
    I have a feeling Skyward Sword is going to be legendary :) And the orchestrated music coming up…. YEEE HAW!!

    I could explode from the excitement- and this is before even seeing the game cover!!

    • potato

      Dont Explode, Then You Can't Play The Game! :D

  • zelda:D

    TP is my favorite game of all time. i thought the temples were the best of zelda ever. think back. what temple beats a city in the sky? seirously? OOT bosses owned TP bosses in every way though. I hope they bring back the challenging bosses we found in LttP and OOT like bong bongo. WW was awesome too but they just need to stick with TP graphics in my opinion.

    • supermegazeldafan

      TP was epic and a blast to play; but it was way too easy! The temples were not much of a challenge and the bosses were a piece of cake. The Ganondorf fight was cool but once again lacked any form of difficulty whatsoever. I loved OoT master quest as is provided the difficulty that TP lacked (I got it about 6 months after beating TP). But Bongo Bongo? Come on, when I first beat him I though that his difficultly level was comparable to Ghoma. How about Morphia?

  • someguy

    the graphics are like this coz they didn't mean for zelda to get like tp and mm, they wanted a g or pg game, but i like these graphics and i like the darkness of tp and mm

  • chaos

    link to the past!!! ftw!

  • ganon

    ocarina of time is the best game of all the games of zelda

  • Read this post !!

    I saw the trailer, and im buying the game for sure, only thing is, 2011? realy? you do realize that getting the game out around december the first 2010 will bring way more money since everyone is gonna ask it for christmas and anyone can wait 25 days for a game. but 2011, no everyone is gonna have new gamesand they might just not buy it because of that. I mean if you buy medl of honnor, black ops, assassin creed and a bunch opf other games, why would you NEED zelda even if its a awesome game?

  • lalaland

    the wind waker was the bestttttttt

  • OmegaS3

    All i think is that its gonna be a good game!!! Although the graphics are to TP graphics they still look good! All i really want to know is does link move to every sword movement of the wii remote or is it like twilight princess when u barely move it and he does a 10 hit combo!! Send me a email at this email address if anybody gets any more news on the new zelda game!!


  • tee hee

    oh watever i just finished tp like 5mins ago i thought it was best game ever

  • game freak

    SS is going to be so cool to play!!!even though TP and Oot seem better.

  • BettyB

    I was hoping it would be released before Christmas so I could get it for my sons.

    • HughbertEsq

      You, ma'am are an excellent mother

  • Pambi13

    Each Zelda game in the line has been an improvement from the previous, with one exception: the second game, The Adventure of Link. OMG that game sucked. Didn't keep me from playing it, though, and playing it through to the end. Ocarina was a masterpiece and really brought us into the world of Hyrule. I love that game, as I love Twilight Princess. Both just phenomenal games. I love going back and playing them all (with the one exception mentioned above). Currently playing Wind Waker again… Zelda is my reason for gaming. :-) Can't wait for the next installment.

  • bobby

    i like oot and ww but not ph or st

  • bobby

    oot is a good game i like ww better than oot and tp

    • ZACH


      • bobby

        i know ww is so fun i cant stop playing it

  • SpYd3R

    Just to be honest I liked all of the Zelda games beginning from the first on NES, Top 5 would have to be Link to the Past, Twighlight princess, Minish Cap, Majoras Mask, and Ocarina of time. I've been playing Zelda since it was first brought out and it just gets better with every release. I just wish Link to the past would get a 3D Remodel. Can't wait for skyward sword.

  • bobby

    i like halo 3 and godzilla and mario

    • zachary ghjhgjhgj


      • bobby

        no u sucks

        • HughbertEsq

          calm calm calm…



  • Earthrend

    OoT , the first zelda game I played and to this date my personal favorite, is the game they should make this game similer to. The comment about the puzzles is true, you used to be able to argue that a lot of games helped develope puzzle solving skills, but unless games are purely puzzle you dont find much of that anymore…

  • Navy

    OOT was sure the best zelda, WW was a bit of a dissapointment in terms of graphics but then again out sailing with your boat and discover things was something new and realy cool i realy enjoyd WW despite the graphics then we got TP kinda the title where people where waiting for and the most look alike zelda of OOT and now we got something between TP and WW Link looks almost like the same link from TP but his world if realy cartoonish. But o well Nintendo never let me down with a Zelda game give me an amazing story crazy gameplay and il oversee the graphics =).

    • ZACH


  • meli

    UGH! can't wait!
    I've finished OoT, Majoras mask,WW, TP, ST, Links awakening, aaand a Link to the past but Skyward Swords has yet to come out!!!

    I'd like it more if it looked more towards TP and OoT but it better be wayy more difficult than TP bc that game was way to easy! and it was to similar to OoT

    Link to the Past ftw!
    THE END.

  • I think people are going to hard against WW the game instead of the graphics. It had great gameplay. I personally think the graphics are good in WW but I get why people don't like them. But stop attacking WW!

  • shane

    they need to stop going with such a cartoon look and start upgrading the graphics, could u imagine a Zelda game with cod2 graphics it would be epic! not to mention it would give the people that started playing the series from 5 years of age such as my self some thing look forward to. better graphics and ocarina of time story would be awesome. they need to keep it fantasy but that doesn't mean send people to shroomvill!

    • HughbertEsq

      cod2 graphics? don't you mean cod4?

  • Zeldafan

    you know it wasnt really the graphics that upset me as much as every other Zelda game Link fought using his left hand and this one featured him using his right hand although the trailer i saw he used his left hand to shoot the bow…but i still miss the fact the he used his left hand for his sword thats what made him so unique i think.

  • ninny

    tk u may not reply but if u have heard of majoras mask and oot tell me what game is better i presonly think majoras mask is sooo much better but i am sad that they dont have my fav. character :( i was so sad that link didnt find navi..that was a blow off!!

  • Z-fan-1974

    It all depends on when you started.I am 36 years old. My First Zelda was, well the FIRST Zelda, I was 15. My memory of it is epic, Link' Quest blew me away, But… A Link to the Past is my all time fav. Loved them all but the weird one where you play Zelda herself on some odd non Nintendo platform that held encyclopedias and crud. Worst ever though was Majora's Mask. TTP in my opinion was of lesser quality than the Wind Waker.

    Anyway, our first experiences always color our opinions, I can generally place someone's age within 5 years by the FF they prefer. This is flawed however, if they came into the series late in life.

  • Matthew Fuguet

    TP was the 2nd best game yet, OOT rocked. i think that the tp link and toon graphics do NOT go together at all…i wish they cont. with tp graphics. i hope they put ganondorf in this one cause the final boss battle for tp was EPIC. i also think they should make it alot of skill and chalenges

  • Matt

    woah!ur 36 yearsold and still playin videogames! they're fun but its sort of wierd if u've been playin that long…no offence but u need to get a life…u know,a job,house,wife,kids…btw i've played THE legend of zelda(first 1),mm,oot,ww,phg,st, and tp but im so bad i've only beaten phg.

  • ninny

    sup ppl now tell me again cuz again i ask………who knos mm ik of 5 ppl who kno it if u kno mm please tell me iim stuck at 1 part cuz i havent played the game in years!!

  • Jesse

    I did not like the graphics. I hope they change it more like the graphics in Twilight Princess. Though Im still excited for this game no matter what the graphics.

  • Jesse

    I think Nintendo needs to make graphics like the ps3 and xbox 360. After all Nintendo has been around a lot longer then play station and xbox. Shouldnt the graphics be just as good?

    • HughbertEsq

      when making the wii, nintendo focused on innovation of motion controls, it could have done to the Gamecube what sony and microsoft did to their consoles and chose not to otherwise it would be a three-horse race and a very dull one at that

  • brynjtynj

    this will be so coool cant wait

  • triforce hyrulian

    lttp oot will rle bt this looks epic game of the year maybe

  • Patrik

    James Joseph, are you serious? Nintendo would never give up one of their best franchise, The Legend of Zelda to Sony or Microsoft, it's never going to happen.

  • Patrik Nilsson

    I actually like the graphics! I loved the TP graphics, and I honestly think that it isn't anything wrong with WW graphics, and they combined those to game graphics together! Maybe it could be a liiitle bit more like TP, but I'm pleased with the graphics atm. And I dont really care if Nintendo goes HD with their next console, Nintendo can out-class Sony and Microsoft without it :)

  • djr7

    loved how TP had a dark ominous feel to it and brilliant world.
    OoT = greatest game of all time
    who can forget MM that was a great one too
    WW was fresh good and fun

    skyward sword seems to pull too much graphics from WW, then again i thought it did for TP at first, so well have to wait and see. looking forward to it and will get it regardless cuz zelda games are always great

  • Erin

    Stop fighting about which one is best if you're a straight up true Zelda fan then you like all of them and each and every one of them is BAMF and no game can top Zelda PERIOD.

    • kelia~ <3

      every one is farrrrrr better than the last. except links awakening. that one sucked other than that- AGREED.

  • kelia~ <3

    i wish nintendo would just announce the specific release date already. i wanna mark the days on my calendar… apparently skyward sword is supposed to have a different gaming style, not just the dungeon-to-field-and-to-dungeon-repeats again. wonder how that'll turn out. (ZELDA LIVES FOREVER!!!)

  • Jack

    Just so you guys know (don't know if anyone has posted it on here yet), this game is meant to be a prequel to OoT. That alone makes it insanely badass.

  • bobby

    hi want the nintendo 3ds

  • Micah

    Heres what I like about it:
    They're going back to the classic, more cartoonie, artsy look of LTTP while also taking advantage of the new capabilities available with 3D graphics and the wii motion plus. I really hope I don't get brutally flamed for saying this but the further Nintendo gets from Twilight Princess the happier I'll be.


    I think thhis will be the best Zelda ever I love all Zelda games all time favorite series
    Stop whining this is perfect has everything I wanted i actually like the new graphics their awesome
    realistic graphic dont always mean good graphics
    I love all zelda games but actually in a different order

  • kkk

    u all are gay nerds who need to get a life

    • bobby

      im not gay

  • Connor Marshall

    Im curious… is Ganondorf going to make a return? hes my favourite enemy, i mean end of Twlight Princess he said he'd be back

  • Bekå

    Easy, OOT is not the best Zelda game in my opinion. Majoras Mask is, definately, because of the huge side missions and all the crap you can complete after completing the game. The graphics should be like twillight princess indeed.

  • fireproff

    personally id like to see nintendo redo Oot just the graphics not the gameplay or story line and mabey redo majora’s mask too but make it longer

  • jenny

    l wish l was palying this game right now l love zelda games

  • Chocolate

    Ok people, just going to throw this out here, this game is made by Nintendo so it's going to be good. If you're not getting this game because the graphics are kind of like WW, then you can go play COD, because I know that you probably think that is the best game ever made.

  • josh

    i dont think these graphics are as good as twilight but it still kicks ace….!…..i was hoping to get this game for christmas but i guess i have to buy it with my own money i have to agree with you guys OOT is the best zelda game ever made i beat every single game ever out :) and im only twelve

  • Jonathan

    Link should have the sword in his left hand as always …
    and I think the GameCubes Zelda twilight princess is better than the Wii … because is the classic version… its better

  • Jonathan

    Link should have the sword in his left hand as always …
    and I think the GameCubes Zelda twilight princess is better than the Wii … because is the classic version…

  • caitlin barry

    this game better b epic i bet it will be

  • Guest

    This is gonna be awesome!!! I personally don't care what the graphics are gonna be like, as long is it has the qualities that make Zelda games great. But I do agree with some of you people-there needs to be more TP-type graphics and adult scenery. I also hope that Nintendo keeps the storyline great. TP storyline was the best. My fav Zelda. I hope that SS will be as epic as TP was. And also-new items!

  • OoTxPhoenixKnight :)

    Tbqh, I say that Twilight Princess was good because of the graphics and the fact it used the nintendo's wii 'mote to motion the sword but the mix between 2 worlds was just too much! I mean you had the normal, then the twilight, talking to animals and all that's just weird. OoT had a great storyline although it was made ages ago. I like the sages and the weapons like the bombchus!! :) But, In my opinion, OoT was by far the best game in the zelda series followed by TP, WW , PHG (Phantom hourglass) then MM. I though little of Majora's mask because of the useless mask >_<' and the fact that you had to complete a whole temple in less then 72 hours, so many times!! ahh ><'. I think the reason that most people like TP is the fact that it used wii-based controls which made it a lot more fun! But, I think, that people haven't actually played OoT, so, that's their loss :)

  • Long liv zelda

    Zelda oot was great i beat it the release date is april 2 so its a long long wait

  • LoZFan

    First of all, people need to stop trying to make this Zelda game into an older remake. I know all of you like Zelda games, and are dying to see a remake of those great games. Quite a few of you have been asking to see OoT remade. Nintendo announced that they WILL be remaking OoT for the 3DS. That may come as a bummer to some who don't feel the need to purchase a new system, but ask and you shall receive. The clips they showed you of the game were 6 months ago! Everyone should know that they are doing their best to meet the demands of the huge fan base. Furthermore, it's a Zelda game! Anyone who questions if the game is going to be awesome needs to play more Zelda games. Every Zelda game made to date has been fun, entertaining, and above all AWESOME. I'm 100% sure Nintendo is going to make this game just as great or even greater than some past Zelda games.

  • link with =

    i already preordered it XD

  • Ganon

    Comes 2011 jan 19!!!

  • link

    i do not think link should be right handed it is just wrong

    • LoZFan

      It is probably a matter of which hand you are dominant with. The person playing could be right handed.

  • awsmme

    zelda games are awsome and TP is the best ive played so far and it has pretty good grafics

  • Bree

    I think all of you should just stop your bitching. they work hard into making new zelda games. If you don't like it then stfu. Nothing nintendo comes out with will make you happy i guess. You're always whining for a new game, and when nintendo gives you what you want, you whine some more. nintendo is trying out new ideas, but you don't like that. So if nintendo made all zelda games like OoT, would that make you happy..? That they would be manufacturing the same like game over and over again? No, I don't think you would like that either. If you don't like it, either make your own zelda games, or shut your vag. I'm so tired of people whining about how nothings ever good enough for them. Sorry that you have sand in your vag about being unable to relive the old zelda game days. You all sound like a bunch of old veterans or something.

  • Zelda gamer

    Before the release of wind waker people were criticizing the graphics!
    Then it came out and it was a super beautiful game!
    Zelda its about story and gameplay, thats why some of us still like to remember and play a bit of alttp! =)

  • Reagan Mojica

    I really don't care how it looks , I LIKE ZELDA NO MATTER WHAT! WHOOHOOO!

  • Keyairah

    It is so soon to be released! Amazon already has is ready for pre-order! Although even Amazon doesn't know when the release day is going to be set.

  • Donkey Kong

    twilight princess is the best!

  • FIZZ

    ZELDA TWILIGHT PRINCESS IS THE BEST ZELDA GAME! the graphics are awsome….wolf (favorite animal) link is of the chain….and i hope skyword sword is a continuation of TP…. OOT is pretty cool… but its an old game… and the graphics kinda suck…. but i like it…….

  • FIZZ

    i wish after you beat the game, you could roam around freely…. On TP i waz hopin that…. cuz every one went home…and i wanted to play after…. LONG LIVE THE KING OF EVIL-GANONDORF!!!!!!!

  • FIZZ

    TP IS THE BEST ZELDA GAME!!!!! idont care wut u say,its the best…… LONG LIVE KING GANONDORF!!!! oot waz a pretty good game too…

  • Twilight Princess

    I really love oot and tp!!!!!! I really wish they would put graphics lik tp though…. I hate the cartoonish graphic crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Windwakermaster7

    I hope for a mix of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Have some elements from each like the comic relief in Wind Waker and the stunning moments from Twilight Princess.

  • zeldarules

    zelda is a good game and my fav is tp but i think they should stop makeing zelda cartoonish because it makes it look horrable

  • manuel

    these is better now theres a new legend of zelda and now u could hit the monsters by swinging the wii remote aswome i wanted now

  • A. S. Tidwell

    When EXACTLY will it come out?!?!?!?!
    I am a SERIOUS Zelda fan, ChaCha answers said it would come out 12/31/2010!

  • MIchaelFenn

    I think they should add a little more teen and adult Tetra but keep the same charistics of link, so keep them both short.

  • jack

    the legend of zelda is cool i played all the games like 50 times

  • Blade

    i dont care how the graphics are the only zelda game that nintendo shouldn't have made was zelda cd but ever since then all the zelda games were the best before and after it was made in my eyes… this game is gonna be EPIC!!!!! i know it… so until it comes out im gonna be playing zelda.

  • paulhoyer

    TP is 'toilet paper' compared to skyward sword washrooms!!

  • paulhoyer

    TP is toilet paper

  • Alpoko

    why dosse the link look relalistic but the graphics don't?

  • Athena Asamiva

    You people need to stop complaining, who cares what its like…. if you are a zelda fan you know even if WW PH and ST were toon they were still good stories in all of the zelda games. just be happy they decided to continue making this series because they could have officially pulled the plug on zelda. It'll be the best game yet better than TP or OOT or even both together.

  • TpLoz

    I'm kinda glad they made it a bit different,image having the same things over and over again that would just be plain boring.

  • boodaba

    Nintendo is just trying to please people. People liked the cell shading from WW and the graphics from TP so they mixed them. And personally these graphics seem to look more like OOT graphics than TP did

  • Tony

    It would be great if they came out with a motion version and a non-motion version. motion version being they way it looks like now, and non-motion version would make it so you can play with gc controller,classic controller and/or wiimote and nunchuck minus motion features. Or atleast a built in option in the game that makes this able.

  • ZelShay


  • Guy

    Quit whining about graphics its the gameplay that matters

  • Volexen

    This game looks awsome but i wonder if they will make a remake of majoras mask at ony point in the futrue i also like the graphics because it looks like normal link and toon link stuff plus some of the new gear is cool

  • Volexen

    I think this game will be one of the best ones in the series I like all the new gear too especially the one that picks up the bombs

  • hey

    your all addicted to zelda and link is in super smash bros too {0.0}

  • http://hi your all addicted to zelda

    you are all addicted to zelda: And link is on smash bros too :)

  • samantha

    i think that this will be cool, whith wii motion plus and stuff. link looks cool, but i like TP's backgrounds better.
    i noticed that in most of the zelda games, link has no pants! looks like there adding that affitially to his outfit…

  • Samuel

    I like the twIight princess the best out of all of them. But I agree I think the new one is a little toon’sh..

  • Samuel

    Why don’t a release it now!!



  • Linkums

    guys skyward sword is its own type of game in itself. ocarina of time and twilight princess were too similar, but this is going to be the best one yet.

  • krackphox

    You've got it all wrong, man. The best Zelda game was Link to the Past. psh

  • beatthashizz

    they say the date is 4/2/11 acording to gamestop because i reserved it today.
    go to
    alot of info
    g4tv.com tells you alot also

  • kim

    Everytime I go to the game store I haved this game reserved at they tell me dates of release are further and further away…for a game that was supposed to be out before Christmas 2010 it most recent release date given is NOV 2011!!! By the time the game comes out my WII will be obsolete : ( It almost already is!!

  • Franco

    The game will be a prequel to OoT, for people who don't know…

    ALSO, for all the people who is complaining about the graphics and stuff, I really believe you are being really stupid. The game WILL be awesome, I'm pretty sure it'll have a great story (or at least I'm really optimistic about it). And about the graphics… Each game is unique. You can't judge it or compare it with other Zeldas because of that. What you need to do first is give it a chance, play it, and then speak.

    Best wishes~~

  • jeremy

    it looks to childish hope fully is harder thn twilight prinses it took me a week to beet it want to play this 1 exspecting a chellonge ;) ………………………………………. i think they should remake the casic zelda games into 3d and th gameboy ones :) a tht my idia… o yea make sure you give th boss a life jug insted of 10 hit killz and add a dificalty level and i am a zelda freak i know wut im talkin about probly th only one tht finished zelda 2 adventure of link…. so i kno wut im talkin about :) HARD CORE ZELDA FANETIC, tht my sugestion if yea reed it probly a lot of people would agreee with me ;)

  • szechuan.

    why the hell is he in pants, not tights ?! xD
    but seriously. the graphics are too much like WW,
    which is too cartoony for the human like – Link. : /
    thats just my opinion…
    and why is he right handed this game? D: :(

  • G-man

    Why should one care to much about graphics!!! and the reason why nintendo games are always great, is because it doesn't just focus on the graphics, it focuses on the gameplay. PlayStation games are always these shooter games. That's it, that's all! it is like the developers just basically said '' lets make a game with REALLY high graphics!" then two years later they ask themselves: "um.. what should the gameplay be? I dunno… let's just make it some bloody shooter game!"

    I Think SS will be a great game, no matter the graphics. WW was my fav, and TP was runner-up. TP might have been a bit tooo dark and there was no… no other characters and talking. like in WW there was the tree guys, the wind town (gosh such a long time since i played it, forgot all the names) the boat etc. and side quests. oot was also my fav. Naturally.

  • Morgan

    Personally I am not too big of a fond of the motion controls, however I really enjoyed TP.
    I think Nintendo should announce an alternate control accessory/hardware.

  • JustCoz

    Every Zelda game had its pros and cons before its release but when its finally released almost all the supposed cons are forgotten and the game is always loved for what it is,a unique zelda experiance full of epic adventures,interesting challenges,and usually somebody to save. This 1 shouldnt be any different. Let them do what they want with graphics,so long as we get what we expect from a Zelda experiance. I've loved Zelda games since I played OoT when I was like 6.They have been 1 of the things that made me me,and if they want to make something toony,I'll accept it as long as I get what I love. Matter of fact,I recently got out my old N64 and my zelda games and started replaying them again. (sorry if this is a double post,this thing isnt loading well on my comp.)

  • Wednesday

    I really like TP and OoT best of all. But I'm skeptical about this new one mainly because of the kids' graphics. Let's hope nintendo can grow up a bit and that toon link dies a slow and well deserved death.

  • Kassie

    i liked the mini clips in the legend of zelda twilight princess! I hope they have that in the new one! i beat all of the games and i want MORE!!!! I hope they make a game were midna returns!

  • will chastain1

    im pretty sure the set release date for this game is 11-02-11 , at least thgis is what the game stp in my town has it to be

    • wednesday

      Actually a game informer employee told me that skyward sword isn't gonna come out until the holiday of 2011

  • Etwan

    As far as i'm concerned, if you didn't love every zelda game, your not a real zelda fan, and there for don't deserve to be alive.

    But back on topic, this whole wait for Skyward Sword is driving me nuts! I really hope it's worth the wait and that it at least pulls a close third behind TP and OoT.

  • kevin

    i´m waiting… but i dont like the new graphic game style whats happening with nintendo? and worse.. my wii can't read my discs it sucks.. im a big nintendo fan but i not a kid now and nintendo is makin games for cooking…!!!!!!!! jum i like zelda more than any other game but with this games?…. mmmm nintendo is just re-making its games… what happen with innovations?… they sell again and again the same games… like TLZ OT 3Ds a juicy ofert but i passed that game again & again…

  • Steve

    Haha. I like all the people who say OOT was the best Zelda game ever. Don't get me wrong it was a great game but not nearly as good as Majora's Mask, Zelda II and A Link to the Past. Even though Master Quest was a remake of OOT i found a hell of a lot better than the original. The dungeons were actually CHALLENGING. Skyward Sword is shaping up to be a great game, keep it up nintendo.

  • Zelda girl

    why does everybody only like ocarina of time, i have'nt played it so tell me what its like.

    ps. i LUV TP its not the worst!

  • vanshik


  • Soroxas

    what I saw it was very Good i like it. Don't Start judging until You guya play it

  • Decu-ScrubFan

    OOT was obviously the best, WW, PHG, and ST were to cartoony for my taste.
    I've beat them all and OOT had the best gameplay, plot and the best graphics for me. WW was good but when I found out that I had to gather the triforce, I just found it stupid.
    I think Nintendo has sort of strayed away from the ''Hero Of Time'' thing, in my opinion they need to start focusing on that a bit more. They also forgot one of my favorite races. The Decu-Scrub.

    My Favorites

  • Jedi (Mc)Knight

    I freaking love all Zelda games! OOT and MM were awesome because of the puzzles. WW because there is so many things to do so it lasts longer. TP is by far the best as far as fighting goes, and it has an awesome story. And Skyward sword is going to be just as good. Zelda is the best video game series ever made, so every single one of the games is one the best games ever made. They are all Zelda in different ways, why do you guys have to pick favorites and take sides?

    • Voice of Reason

      uhh no WW may have had more things to do… but what made it last longer is the constant sailing back and forth… made it incredibly boring… plot good, gameplay meh
      TP IS NOWHERE NEAR THE BEST, the story is not awesome… it is good, at best. the fighting is the same as every other zelda (other then horseback combat and walking and slashing) and they did take a combat movement out of all the console zeldas after MM which is without in Z-targeting you just guard and press B to slash while fully protecting yourself (i'm not even too sure its in OoT may be just in MM) and i fricken love just that 1 feature of MM duck behind shield and stab continuously…
      and no just because zelda is ONE OF THE BEST not the best… does not make every zelda pure gold… there is some part of each of the games you must loath.

      i for example hate the twilight bug hunts and the first time you go to the castle in TP
      i hate the constant fricken sailing and far too many puzzles of WW
      i hate PH for the same reason as WW
      i hate the constant rewinding of time and the ikana bit of MM but i do like the timer countdown…
      and i hate the shadow temple of OoT
      what i really hate though… is the fact they took the ocarina out of the series… completely destroyed twilight princess only allowing you the damn grass whistles… sucks

      however great each game is (and they all are) the best is decided by the factors of the people who hate or love the certain many aspects of each game and the game that has more people loving the most aspects makes it the best, which at the current moment is OoT… which is also getting a remake on the 3DS… which is going to be a downer for many people even though they say they love it… because it simply is just missing something that nobody would be able to put a finger on… which i will do now: seen it, played it. people are itching for it so its being made, once its made people are gonna be let down because they already know the events that take place… however if they go and play the N64 version it will still seem incredible, because when they played it for the first time it was incredible. thats why OoT beats the sh*t out of any of its sequels, because it happened first, and there was a certain mysterious factor in the story

      which gets to my next point…. this is why SS will be a legendary game… it is not a sequel after OoT it is a prequel, it has the mysterious factor about it because it happened long before the events of OoT, so you can't really pick up any small story bits and piece together a real and accurate past that happened before it.
      and all people are fighting about is graphics, and gameplay
      for 1… the gameplay is pretty much completely new for the series, using wiimotion+ opening thousands of new possibilities, gameplay is in the bag for this zelda, and graphics. people are arguing back and forth that they are awful and they aren't gonna buy it because of the graphics… what they don't understand is that twilight princess was simply the N64 graphics restored and darkened, and they call it new graphics they call it "TP graphics" and something more is that its called TWILIGHT princess for a reason (story tidbits include the twilight which is sorta dark and restless, like the twilight), the graphics MUST take on a darkened scheme to properly tell the story…. this zelda is called: "SKYWARD sword" (and many story tidbits in SS are gonna have to do with something from the sky) when you look at the sky it is bright and lively, so bright and lively graphics ARE required to tell this story properly.

      i honestly don't see the point in fighting which is better because TP was mediocre at best, mostly because the story was pre-guessed easily, the gameplay while new was sorta disappointing, and the graphics fit the story just right (though i am vexed because i dislike the dark atmosphere, but i can't argue for they accompanied the story perfectly)

      it is called THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, it's gonna be different whether you like it or not because the sub-title determines the personality of the story
      and anybody who fights over which is best are simply immature morons too addicted to cod (and have become dependent on graphics for entertainment) to realize that story and graphics are and must be co-existing details that must work together to make a game good… but i forgive all you morons… you countless hours of playing a crap game like cod has made you devalue story…

      LoZ is cultural not catastrophic…

  • Ashley

    It comes out in November. Confirmed this at GameStop. It was originally supposed to come out next month on the 2nd AND December of last week…but they changed the date again. HOPEFULLY to just improve the game and not make us go insane.

  • OverDriver

    It would be great if they could make this game for the PC as well, people could make some awesome mods as well :).

  • camisha

    does anybody know the actual date for the release, or is there not one even set yet :P plz help ive been lookin everywhere

  • Eion Kilant 739

    The game looks promising and I just hope it comes out in 2011. Although I don't mind delays, just more time for the game to be awesome.

    Note: OoT is confirmed to be the first in the series. SS is a prequil to that first game, making SS the first Zelda game.

  • jack legand

    why is evry one complaining about graphics you wanted relistic for wind waker yo wanted cartooniefor twilight princess now you want it more relistic come on now make up your mind. ps:ther fusion of both

  • i<3 zelda

    its twilight with the windwaker texure

    • Voice of Reason

      twilight graphics are N64 restored graphics that are darkened

      its N64 graphics with windwaker texture get it right!

  • b0n3z

    I love all of the LoZ games and I really hope this one will bring me as much fun as all the ones I've played so far. I grew up with the LoZ games and I do not doubt this one will be downright awesome too. I'm looking forward to playing it.

  • Speedcake

    I think this looks like a great game. I'm very excited for the actual gameplay. I like the mix of Windwaker and Twilight Princess. It's very unique. I may be stepping out of boundries, but I loved Windwaker for it's story, and OOT for the overall gameplay. I may be a girl, but I do care about how my Legend of Zelda games are!

    • Voice of Reason


  • Evan

    I think its safe 2 say that nintendo needs to got rid of this "toon link" and start making a new home console that supports HD hopefully they make there zelda games more like TP.

    • Voice of Reason

      this isn't toon link moron, it is not cartoon graphics it is lively graphics

      twilight princess is called twilight princess because the story revolves around the twilight, and its graphics have to go hand in hand with the story

      skyward sword (SKYward sword, when you look at the SKY it is lively… or am i incorrect)
      SKYward's swords story obviously revolves around the SKY and therefor the graphics should compliment the story details… thats what makes the game good

  • zack timless

    I think they should make the games hardcore like they did in the past, like A link to the past and oot… but still i have high hopes for this new game and i hope they dont screw it up!

  • xsammekex

    skyward sword will be released on 15may in belgium

  • Jeff

    I checked Walmart pre-order for TP and it says…
    "Preorder this item today and it should ship on 09/01/2011"

    Are they just estimating?

  • alex

    I read that this game might abandond the transition from over world to dungeon game play thing all the zelda gamees has, Its also said to take place before ocarina of time being the first zelda game in the time line. it explains how hyrule came to be and how the masters sword was made (the sword used to be the skyward sword) ALWAYS REMEMBER ITS ZELDA. There has not been a single zelda game i have not loved to death, besides the second one and the ones for CDI of course. Dont worry Zelda fans, this wont dissapoint either.

  • Putricide

    To be real honest, I think these graphics are even better than those of Twilight Princess!
    Same realistic looks (little more cartoony) but much much brighter!
    Even though everyone should know it's not about graphics.

    • Voice of Reason

      actually it is about graphics
      people just get the priorities about graphics wrong
      in windwaker (the wind sounding cartoony) the graphics were made to compliment the story
      in twilight princess (the twilight being dark and restless) the graphics were made to compliment the story
      in skyward sword (the sky being bright and lively) THE GRAPHICS SHOULD BE MADE TO COMPLIMENT THAT!!!!!!

      graphics don't make the game, they just help tell the story… if we have dark restless graphics in a setting that is bright and lively, WTF?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000166563562 Dimitris Tsakagiannis

      It’s actually because it has better graphics than twilight princess because twilight princess was just a port of the gamecube without any graphical improvment,but as you said it’s not about graphics

  • lyjewjhrw

    ur all bitches

  • mitsos

    ti tha ginei re paidia exo barethei perimenv toso kero gamoto o mpo!!!
    what is going on guys ,i m bored i ve been waiting for long time for this game what aboyt the release date?

  • KuroeKnight

    I love all Zelda games (except for the CD-1 ones) and trust me when I say that when Nintendo is going to release their new console it will rule over all of the other consoles out there…