Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC – Map Packs on Xbox 360 first

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If you are a PS3 owner thinking of purchasing an Xbox 360 Slim we have some news which may make your decision for you, when Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC is released, it will be coming to Xbox Live first.

This has been the case with both of the map packs which have been released for Modern Warfare 2, the first map pack (Stimulus Package) was first available on Xbox Live on March 30th, whilst PS3 and PC owners had to wait until May 4th. The second map pack (Resurgence Package) arrived on Xbox Live on June 3rd, whilst PS3 and PC gamers had to wait until July 3rd.

Yesterday at E3 2010 Activision confirmed this news, apparently they have reached a new deal with Microsoft which will gives the Xbox 360 exclusivity with all Black Ops map packs (probably for a month or so), which will no-doubt leave PS3 and PC gamers frustrated.

If you missed Microsoft’s Keynote you will have missed Treyarch’s impressive gameplay footage videos from Black Ops, you can see these here and here.

Has this news made convinced you to by an Xbox 360 Slim?

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  • J-Dog34

    why would i buy a piece of crap x box that i have to pay 199.99 for the system and then pay for my wireless adapter and then my online subscription. After about a year the all mighty x box is more expensive than a PS3. X box has the ring of death to almost 40 some% of their products. PS3 has had no such problems. We might have to wait a little longer for the maps but it is well worth it to own a superior gaming console with better graphics. Also does a X box come with a blu ray player? i didnt think so. PS3 does not pay for online play. Does this convince you to not get a X Box Slim?

    • Paul

      ring of death has been fixed for sure, the PS3 doesn't really make that much difference graphics-wise and the blu-ray player is the most pointless thing in the history of consoles why the fuck would you want to use blu-ray when you have to buy the movies seperate to videos/DVD's and the majority of the population have DVD players (the xbox has built in DVD)

      You dont have pay for online play? oh yeah that's because it's shit quality

      • JAY

        i own both and and my xbox collects dust oh wait its in getting fixed but when i get it back its for sale. the online play isnt any better and you pay for it. PS3 IS THE ELITE SYSTEM…

        • dazzoboy

          well i have both xbox 360 and ps3 and the reason ps3 is free online is because it takes absolutly ages to get online whereas with my 360 im in a game within minutes if not seconds and yea my xbox got the red ring of death prob more times than anyone has had it but i had it 30 times at the least before it actually broke down and i sent it away but had no problems since and that was almost 2 years ago graphics wise i really don't care bout them tbh why would you want a game to look realistic when its not real blu-ray yea ill agree there ps3 have a hand up on that but they ain't using it to its full potential because they have the same games as the xbox so for gaming its pretty damn useless and plus im quite happy with my kinect wayyy better than ps3 move, move is just a rip off of the wii cept the controller looks like a demented lolly pop :D id stick with the wii rather than paying almost £100 just for 2 controlls

        • Mason

          Yes the ps3 did copy the wii, but they improved it just like the xbox did with the playstation eye. So Basically everyone has something good to copy off thats a good idea besides the xbox. Any yes i do agree with ps3's not being used to their full potential on games that are also made for xbox. Yet on the other hand with games like killzone 2 and upcoming final fantasy 14 looks steller on the ps3.

        • mike

          have your final fantasy. that game is clearly overun and by far one of the stupidest things to repeat over and over. Also btw ps3's "eye" isnt nearly as good as the xboxs kinect. so dont say tthat xbox has nothing good when they clearly do

        • jofre

          this is the most ridiculous run on sentence EVER. It's pretty impossible to read and take you seriously when you type something out like a 5 year old.

        • Tim

          $50 a year for xbl. at first i thought it was stupid, 'cause i'm a sony, fan and i still am. but i bought a 360 ('cause the system was way cheaper than a ps3 at the time) and i got my wifi adapter (you don't have to pay $100 if you use ebay i paid 20). and i gotta say that i love it, i mean over a year, i can just save a dollar a day and easily pay for xbl. yeah ps3 is free online, but now you gotta pay for the "premium" to play game demos and betas when they first come out. plus xbl has more players. i was playin on my friends ps3 and there was like no one online so it was boring.

        • rob

          jay stop already. i realize you are a ps3 lover, but you and i both know that your post stating the ps3 online service being better is a complete and utter lie.

        • Mason

          Being a ps3 fanatic myself i have to agree with you. That is the only thing that xbox has the upperhand on which is the online service.

        • John

          Ps3 all day

        • John

          Ps3 all day

        • jono

          rofl ps3
          is way better the only reason in the world xbox has a chance is cus of halo games

        • Muzz

          yeah i have the 360 and my ps3. The ps3 is a lot more expensive overall because of the initial cost and i can't find games online. Its soooo slow. My xbox has never got the red ring. So xbox is a lot better. Plus i use X link Kai so i dont pay for live,

        • ps3sucks

          i know its only the elite system when you replace it with an xbox

      • Nathan

        Just to Let you know buddy, the Blu-Ray player in the PS3 system plays DVDs also. The blue laser inside it plays both. And just for the record, I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 slim. I play them both and I have HDMI cabels for both. I prefer the PS3 though because the PS3 doesn’t have as many little retarded kids running around and screaming at you non-stop. Plus I hate having to pay for online pay but I so it anyway because all my friends play Xbox 360.

        • Josh

          Well If You Do Not Like The Little Kids Screaming, Mute Them Idiot :L

      • Nate

        you r a friggen idiot the ps3 has the same online quality as the xbox plus you aernt forced to buy blu ray movies its just an option and is the best quality of video you can get

        • Xbox360sucks

          since nobody knows what they are talking about I will say something buying for internet doesn’t make it better it will make it worst my friend play on xbox live and on modern warfare 2 and there is still hackers on xbox live with ps3 there is no more hackers for modern warfare 2 or most of the games because psn cares about every player that uses psn unlike xbox live and the graphics are better on ps3 but it really doesn’t better to me most people it does but for me it doesn’t and if you want a game system and blue-ray drive together buy ps3 its $300 dolaars why spend more money and blue-ray can play both dvds blue-ray and non blue-rays dvds and you can play ps2 games on ps3 unlike xbox 360 well you can but its shitty as hell and I haven’t seen 1 good xbox 360 game yet fuck halo look what sony got killzone 1, 2, 3 MLB 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, heavy rain 1 and 2 and there is a lot more.

      • premium

        Yeah obviously xbox fanboy right above me here has everything nice to say about an xbox, considering when people are actually able to see the extreme flaws in a xbox he gets defense and starts dissin the ps3… Graphic wise the ps3 actually bosses the xbox's. 1080i is alot better than 720. Sorry bud but the reason is that xbox cant handle high graphics because its harddrive is to small and crappy to be able to handle such quality.. If you serious dont understand the use of blu-ray yet, its just ridiculous that your even able to make a comment in this and be taken seriously. Blu ray is a huge step up from crappy DVDs. I'd rather watch something in higher quality thanks. Just the way most people should be considering its better… Plus the Blu-ray technology in the games also helps with graphics.. As for the online, its still just a myth that xboxs is better than the ps3s. Ive played BO on xbox and the game cuts out if anything more than on the ps3. Not to mention every game was laggy…. So dont start given that crap. Its only you waisting 50 bucks a year on a system that will be obsolete in a couple years.

        • Mason

          Its already obsolete as soon as it hit the shelves against the ps3. And its not only the hard drive(which is also better in the ps3 because i can basically have any internal amount of memory in the system that i want) but its all the processors.

        • eric

          aha funny 1080i animated graphics, what a joke. animation can only look so good, I'm not saying ps3 isn't better then xbox for graphics but there is no difference between 720 to 1080i for animation those are fancy terms used for describing the quality a camera can pick up, since animation isn't captured buy a camera it doesn't matter. ps3 has better graphics because the bluray disk can store more data therefore can store more data so an image can be sharper.

        • ps3sucks

          you're a retard paying like $600 for a ghost town system titles and map packs are earlier on xbox and quality is unnoticeable under the hubble telescope. More people play xbox games, are better, and noobs don't run around shooting at the floor on xbox. PS3 is for children so when you get out of your toddler years have fun in the xbox market. You might also want to get out of the mine you're living in. I guess thats the reason you have PS3

        • SUCKMYWANG

          just because thers people shooting at the floor doesnt mean the xbox is better
          … its a game not life you sc rub and oh yeah here i go to see if the quality is better on the xbox than the ps3 under a fucking telescope… if people shoot around… its to have fun and its because theyre not fucking tryhards

        • mike

          lol if you look at a screen from blackops on the ps3 and a screen from blackops on xbox 360 they look if not exact close to the same picture

        • Conor

          Ha. You made my day. Xbox 360 can do 1080p easily with both VGA and hdmi. Get your facts right (:

          Also the Xbox 360 has been around longer than PS3 and can still handle games like Black Ops and Fallout. So saying its going to be obsolete in a few years is a big no no. As for the blu-ray, if I wanted to watch my favourite movies and I had s WiFi connection then I would most likely stream my movie from a laptop. Cost wise it’s more than worth it, £29.99 (about $35 me thinks) for early content, better server support, brilliant help centres (of which I’ve only used once) against a higher definition dvd player, Home (which admittedly does sound brilliant) and a browser? I think the Xbox has this one.

        • FAT $HIT


        • wanskt

          so obviouslly you are a PS3 fangirl. why are u pretenting to know so much aight. Xbox 360 can play with full HD(1080i). there is no fucking difference in the quality. Im am not a 360 fan or ps3 fan but i do have both. I do play the ps3 more cause all my friends play it. anyway 360 kicks EVERYTHING PS3 has to offer on LIVE playing, including but not limited to downloading demoes, DLC's. But some of the LIVE playing is the same quality the servers crashs as often as on PS3 for 360. but the online servers is upto the gaming producent to fix and maintain. However you DO acually find a game quicker on 360 cause more people are playing.
          But I do agree BluRay is a Good thing and bluray movies kick ass. but this is not needed in a gamingconsole. if you cant buy another bluray player, then you are a fucking poor bastard.. and I do think 50 bucks a year is to much. eventough I think the price is actually 80 bucks ;) … even worse.
          The new Xbox 360 has a hard disc so if microsoft is willing to demand people to buy the new xbox insted of the old one, then Xbox wont be obsolute in a couple of years. but keep up as long as the ps3 is up .

        • YouKnow

          1080i is not better than 720p only 1080p is better ratard

        • Xbox360sucks

          Finally somebody knows what they are talking about

      • mike

        really why would you want a blueray are you stupid go listen to your cassettes and 8 tracks retard

      • tucanchu69

        ps3 doesnt wright on blueray disk just for movies because the use the disc for its storage space picture and sound quality diference a single sided blueray disc can hold 30/40gs of info and a dual layer blueray can hol 60gs of info and the security is strickter on a blue ray and the coding process is harder which makes them harder to copy that is the reason they right to blueray whatch the standerd in the future will be blue ray they will fase the dvd out just like they did VHS an cassette and 8 trac just whatch then i will say told you so

    • The rest of the world

      I have wii, Ps3, and Xbox and both ps3 and wii have broken down and fuck up my discs, i don’t have any problems with xbox at all. Also if you get playstation plus on it its fuckin retarded, it took sony four years to do what xbox did instantly. And the only reason regular online for ps3 and wii is because its a reward for the piece of shit gamers that fucked there wallet with 1.PS3$300, either higher or equal price to xbox, blue ray discs(come on shut the fuck up and don’t pay $100 extra for slightly better graphics, and if your stupid enough for a year of plus, you might as well say goodbye to a paycheck or too,

      XBOX360 BITCH

      • jay

        you break your wallet when you pay for online and you still get lag. add all the money you just to play it in one year and the system you can buy a ps3. but wait then you have to keep paying. slightly better graffix 10 times better graffix Dumb A**. UNLESS YOU HAVENT SEEN IT ON A LED LCD DONT TALK NONSENCE….. Idiot shaking my head…. dont hate cause you cant afford one

        • Mike

          I can buy a year of gold for 70 dollars… I think a PS3 costs more… I am sure glad I learned math, and then lessons in common sence

        • dazzoboy

          i got 2 years of XBL for £60 and really i have a hdtv in my room and the graphics are exactly the same there really isnt any difference and i have got both because i can afford both and tbh i would rather pay for good quality online gaming rather than sit and wait for hours for one game like i have done with ps3 at one point to prove a point to my mates and if you think about it this way sony are getting worse i mean WTF is up with killzone nobody liked the first one yet they made a second one and are planning on a third thats just stupid tbh

        • kahlil

          To say "don't hate cause you cant afford one" really defeats the purpose of your second statement completely.

        • Jamie Theaker

          I have 2 ps3's 2 xbox's n 1 wii the wii is now collecting dust as for the xbox's they are superb but I have to admit the ps3 320gb RRP of £285 is worth the extra money as it's £85 that pays for it's self if u want a blue ray player and xbox live for 1 year it will cost around the same (the 250gb slim xbox vs ps3 360gb) as for memory I won't bring it in because it is irrelevant 160 gb is perfect for any AVERAGE gamer

        • rob

          jay calling people idiots and insulting them wont make them run out and buy a playstation3.

        • ps3sucks

          you get lag because you live in antarctica i can afford one but why but your PS3 SHT
          when i can make my own sht which makes a better game console and i have seen it on an led lcd but only for a few seconds because i kept lagging out of t he game

        • Cody

          Stupid Ps3 fanboys. One of the reasons your lagging is because you have crappy Internet, someone from over seas is the host, or someone is useing a lag switch…

      • Mason

        First off your second statement is wrong. games that are on multiple systems will be the same price and not higher. Theres no way you can compare a ps3 and xbox exclusive. Your first point is correct but have you considered why microsoft has not come out with a good system in the begining. In the long run in order to keep up with xboxes in the future you would have had to buy multiple xboxes, because the current xbox will not be able to handle the blu-ray because of its hardware. also with the online play loyal xbox fans, in order to play there games will be paying for two systems at least, and the price for online play which totals to far higher than ps3.

    • Ps3gamer

      very good point
      ps3 may be more expensive than the xbox but when you have paid for all the online charges and the wireless adapter it will probably be twice as much.

      • donkey2168

        Let md start by saying I was always a fan of the playstation and I hated the original xbox. After giving the 360 an objective test run, I fell in love. I have both, but the only use I get out of the ps3 is purely for space heating purposes. There is nothing the ps3 has the xbox doesnt. Xbox on the other hand: gears, fable, mass effect, a lighter clientle, and the list goes on….

        Fact: The xbox slim has a built in wireless n adapter. Thats faster speeds and better range than the ps3′s dated g adapter. Xbl is way better than psn, after all you get what you pay for. Communication psn sounds like everyone is talking through a tin cans with strings. Xbox has better exclusive titles. It also has a better controller. These are not just opinions of mine, but of the majority of the logical, open-minded public. Sure the ps3 is more economical, but thats it. Who gives a shit about blu ray? That technology is almost dated. Oh, and there are no rrod issues with the xbox. Microsoft owned up to that issue. The huge factor and the reason map packs come out for the xbox first: the ps3 is harder to program for. The xbox is easy the code and developer like the box more than station. Pull your head out of your ass and get down with the sickness. Seriously, how long have you been under that rock?

        Yor mom is my xbox, get it?

        I also heard through thr grapevine that psn wont be free for much longer…

        Your hair is a bird. Your arguement is invalid.

        • rob

          well said. well said.

        • OmegaCenobyte

          Not only that, but in relation to the Blu-Ray discs… anyone remember the first attempt? … BetaMax? Not many people do… guess why? I feel The Blu-Ray will end up with the same fate. Only my opinion, however. :-)

        • Chris

          Format war is already over bub, Betamax failed because it wasn’t open because Sony wanted to have absolute control over it. It was actually higher quality than VHS but gel less video than VHS. On the other hand Bly- ray has already won the format war, beating out hd-DVD. Bly-ray isn’t going anywhere. It took along time for DVD to be adopted too.

      • kahlil

        slim has a wireless adapter built in.

    • Sam

      if ur worried bout payin for online on xbox thenn ur guna have problems payin online for ps3 because ps3 users are going to start paying online loserzz :D

      • john

        only if u want ps plus u dumb fag. do your research before posting

      • jay

        nope thats just a roomer….

      • http://PRnewa ps3killsxbox

        no actually they wont ive been looking it up for ages and cant find anything u have to pay for playstation plus but not PSN

        • kahlil

          playstation plus is fifty dollars for XXX number of days.

        • Ps3beatsXbox

          Dude its always free you have an OPTION to pay for online unlike the gaybox360! and even still its only 50 dollars, my friend says he has to pay seventy dollars. and you get a free month so it 13 months for 50 dollars or free and you can still play ANY game online, free of charge.

        • ps3sucks

          actually if you owned an xbox theres a $1 a month sale my friend got a 3 year contract for $35 so ps3 can suck my D I C K

      • Xbox360sucks

        you retard thats a rumor sony already say we don’t have to get your facts straight first your xbox 360 fan boy faggit

    • Anonymous

      He said Xbox 360 SLIM not Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 Slim has built in wifi.

    • poop

      yea it does xbox is sweet. mircosoft is very smart to build an xbox to break, makes ppl spend more money its a business… and AT LEAST xbox's look cool when they break :)!!!!!! RED RINGS FTW!!! ps3 dont have red ring hahaha :(

    • JONSY68

      your gay, the ring of death was on the older versions, xbox is clearly better. Microsoft has way more money to come out with better games and better graphics, thats why ps3 has blueray just to try to spice it up. OH and theres to many hakers on the PS network, it is TRASH

      • omeganyn

        Completely false. The PS3 and the PS3 networks are still not hacked to this day. This is because of how and where the access keys are stored and the layers of security needed to get to them. If you were to look into the topic you would understand that the only way to hack the network is through the console itself, which remains to be hacked to this day. The truth of this matter is that the PS3 network is currently the best network to play any online game on due to the fact it is not not hacked. The same cannot be said for xbox live or steam unfortunately.

        • dazzoboy

          well no it has been hacked and ive seen it hacked on youtube so you really need to look into it more coz it happned a few months back :O

      • JAY


        • BUTTERNUTZ

          Liar xbox 360 slims cannot get the red ring of death because they have had a totally reenginered motherboard wich is the same as a pc motherboad if you open it up so lolz quit smoken ur krystal meth

        • XboxMan

          How come you never spoke before about having a new xbox. You F*****G LIAR!


        omeganyn is right Xbox live have way more hackers getting free MS points, hacking other peoples profiles alot of other crap getting Xbox live gold for free and Blu Ray is the best format

        • P-S-3 is G-A-Y

          XBL and PSN both have hackers, I know MANY people who can, and have modded and hacked PSN and XBL, and also, blu-ray is almost outdated now, and is trash, but to be honest, XBL has FAR superior online gameplay, and if anyone wants to pull the "I hate little 12 year olds screaming in my ear" Bull****, think again, thats what PARTY CHAT is for, ya know, where you can just kinda, start your own chat lobby and invite your friends to talk? whether they are playing the same game or not, stupid PSN owners, lol

        • Xbox360sucks

          P-S-3 is GAY get your facts right blue-ray will be around a lot longer then dvds players will thats why they mostly coming out with blue-ray movies and you can invite your friends to party chat too if you in the same game or not so get your facts right let you know if you have playstation move your friend can see or if he got one he can see u and playstation move is better because you can play better games unlike those gay games for xbox kinect if I want to play cartoon games I play on the wii

      • gfgfdfgdfgf

        thats the problem with microsoft they have to new models because the old ones sucked sony on the otherhand take their time with their consols so they dont have to make 5 biljjon gameconsols

        • Conor

          Really? Are you REALLY that ignorant? D;

    • jay

      ps3 game play is garbage online

      • phrost

        If the psn is shit why are there more users switching over to it. As of last august pns had over 20 million users and x-box live only had 17 million which proves all those dick who try to say “awww no one ever plays online with the ps3″ wrong. And the ps3 has way more capabilities then the x-box. The best it can do is download movies from x-box live an stream from a computer source. The ps3 can stream just like the x-box the ps3 can download movies just like the x-box but what it can do that the x-box can’t is file transfers such as movies/music/pictures. The ps3 also has a internet browser the x-box doesn’t. The ps3 also has controllers that are rechargable straight from the box so you don’t have to go out and by batteries or a rechager kit which is just more money that you need to spend on the x-box along with the many other thing you would need to by to try to make it as good as the ps3. The ps3 can also use any did you get that ANY universal bluetooth headset or bluetooth key pads. For the x-box you would have to buy the ones designed for it which are shitty and over priced.

        • YourMomsLipsonmyCoCk

          you are stupid, Black ops alone had 57 million gamers playing online. on opening day……
          ….. playstation sucks admit it, PS2 was the greates system ever. Sorry but sony dropped the ball on the PS3…..mhhhh smell that …. thats dreamcast revenge right there….. now wonder why sega now drops games exclusively for XBL….. Long live S….EEE>>>>GGG>>AAAAAA

        • FE4R x VENOM

          x-box the ps3 can download movies just like the x-box but what it can do that the x-box can't is file transfers such as movies/music/pictures
          Ummm im pretty sure you CAN do that cos i do that all the time on my xbox slim with a USB, so guess what troll
          Fail troll iz Fail!

        • Matt

          Because people can make multiple accounts because its free and people with PSPs could have accounts so that number is extremely inflated. I do have a laptop next to where I play xbox so i can use that for internet so that does not matter.

        • Conor

          If I wanted to browse the Internet I would probably use my laptop, that way I can game and browse. Add that to the other points and your argument = Invalid (;

    • xbox > ps3

      Thee online might be free but its shit you lag all over the place in almost everygame you play xbox gets things faster because it is a superior console and ps3 has better graphics…..i dont think so

      • Xbox over Ps3

        first of all PS3 is Shit. How do the game glitch for over 20 times and its not even on online. xbox don’t ahve that problem. second of all you might have blu ray but we have 1080p Bitch so dat doesn’t mater. third of all you don’t have to buy a wireless adaptor for the xbox just hook up the wire to the back. and over Xbox is better with the kinect. played it in first hand experince in july at MALL OF AMERICA it completely shits on the gay imove or whatever its called.

        • Xbox360sucks

          xboxoverps3 stop being a xxbox 360 fan boy come on I play both system now I own a ps3 because its better I play oblivion on xbox 360 only thing it did was lagging with ps3 didn’t have that problem and the kinect sucks if I want play cartoon games I play the wii or I go back in the 90′s lol with the playstation move you can play every game almost killzone 3, MLB 11 the show, socom 4, heavy rain 1 and 2 and more I think ps3 and playstation move is better and until you play both system like I did you will know that for your self.

    • esoteric

      superior my arse ps3 is over priced under qualified best thing about ps3 is its a pc w/ blu ray … everyone has a pc today and who wants to buy blu rray discs again over priced, my friend payed well over 1000 the day ps3 came out … he is an xboxer now!!! sony suckered you in w/ the so called xtras as far as paying for online you get what you pay for ! as far as rrod and no rrod xbox might get rrod but they replace it ps3 just breaks down and you pay or pay xtra for xtra warranty. have fun we'll be seeing you on xbl soon or stay with the sissies idc.

    • Impunkindrublic

      The thing is, Sony force u to pay for a blue ray player!! We pay for xbox live because in return we are given a MASSIVE community where socialising is the key!! Ps3 are played by annoying little twats that scream down the mic, and the vast majority of ps3 players are wank!! As for the wireless thing, the new Xbox has built in wifi but, wireless is shite to get the best connection u need a wired connection!! Just because mummy got u the wrong console doesn’t mean u have to bitch around like a little kid who’s just lost his yoyo! Enjoy not havin the new maps u dick

      • jay

        ya but how long did you have to wait for wirless built in hater…

        • URmomslipsnumb

          I didn't buy my Xbox for Wifi….. That Sh_it is G_ay. Like Youg Jay….. I bought my Xbox to play aswome games Online…. yea you pay for XBL but hey i work and can afford it…… PS3 is F_ucking Horrible….. Blue Ray…hahahahahhahah give me a break. Buy the way i did have the RROD with ONE* of my 360's But ive had Six since then. I could have bought my self a PS3 anytime i wanted…. But since im not a F_ag i didn't …… I can afford to spend money. and i chose to spend it on the system with the best online multiplayer platform hands down. don't worry PS3 H-omos the statistics will be out soon and we will see which online platforms gets the best reviews/awards……

      • http://msn jamie

        add my gamertag: ElectBeatle

      • OmegaCenobyte

        If you REALLY care about community so much, and socialising, try opening your front door and looking at the world around you instead of swearing and insulting other members of the community on the internet. Oh and in my opinion swearing is a sign of losing control of oneself and a lack of vocabulary.

    • xbox man

      if u dont like it den dont searh for it u prick!

    • Zacheyboy

      You're right. PS3 is free. Thats why every white trash individual owns one, because its cost effective. You can't make parties. You can't have social interactions between friends in different games. The old, out-of-date controllers are a huge downfall (just fucking let go sony. Please). The point of the Xbox is CORE GAMING. I don't need a gimmicky swiss-army system that can do EVERYTHING. I want to play games. You probably own an iPad too, don't you

    • joe

      hey dumb*** ps3 is a piece of **** (i bought it new)……. i had the ps3 for 1and a half years and it broke because of yellow light of death…… also whenever i had 2 download something it wouldnt work so i brang the piece of **** to a electrcian and he could barley figure it out…. so ps3 breaks and doesnt download **** but with my xbox i havent had any problems…… it may cost for live but it beats having to keep buying a new ps3

    • CRAIG


    • Xbox rules

      the new xbox slim has alot more features than the playstation 3. The new xbox does not have the red ring of death. Microsoft took out the red l e d lights. To me the xbox is better quality and has better graphics.

      • dazzoboy

        well tbh i still have the original xbox that came out all thos years ago i ain't buying a new one just to be with everyone else but the xbox i have i havn't had any problems with it since it got fixed almost 2 years ago and having both consoles i can say the online and entertainment on the xbox is sooo much better than ps3 now it wouldn't bother me if dlc was coming out first on any console at the end of the day its a game you don't NEED the dlc and you will get it some day only game i bought all dlc for the day it came out was borderlands and thats because i was adicted to that game at the time

    • agfdsa

      wait a month then who cares, i get it early than you ps3 people :D

    • Scott

      Actually, i paid £189.99 for the xbox 360 slim, with wireless built-in, ps3s are still more expensive if you want a decent sized hard drive, the Xbox's being 250GB, and the red ring is fixed on the new console. Xbox Live is being made free 2011, the PS3 is unprofessional in comparison, and microsoft remain streets ahead in sales figures. Xbox is clearly far superior.

      • EAChris

        Sorry mate, I don’t know where you heard that, but xbox live will never be free, there might be a price drop, but it will never be free. :)

        Having said that I own both the PS3 and the 360 and there can be no questions that the graphics are superior on the PS3. And the people saying Blu-Ray(Spelt like that), is shit are just wrong, have you ever watched a film off of a Blu-Ray DVD? It takes it to a completely different level!

        However, having said that, the system I play the most is my Xbox, without a doubt the online gameplay is FAR superior, as are the communication abilities, the sound quality of the standard Microsoft Wired mic is much better than any Bluetooth device I have used!

        My opinion, the Xbox is for the majority of serious gamers. The PS3 if you’re not so serious.

        Everyone will by biased, I’m as fair as you’ll get ;)

    • Anon

      blue-ray is basically HD graphics are the same and newer versions of xbox dont get rrod

    • nathan

      YOu must have some info mix ups, the slim has no rings of deaths and they dont make noise and they are not cheap. Pluse even though onlinew isnt free you have multipule more online entertainment with more players, also built in removable hardrive and wifi and Party chat while doing different tthings, therefore the only thing better about ps3 is not as good online gameplay and blu-ray, plus the xbox is a little more, so online games accesories and games outnumbers the ps3 totally and i play both so i would know

    • yomama

      wow are you fucking stupid HAHAHA xbox has soo much better games then a peice of shit ps3 plus i dont have too worry about my xbox crashing when i download a new arcade game so pls3 users suck big monkey dicks

    • Caleb

      Ok all people don't like Xbox because they have to pay, and I completely agree. I like ps3 for better graphics and it is more sensitive. I don't mind it's internet not doing so well after SIX HOURS it's easy enough to set up ps3 but extremely hard to set up X-box

      • Rob

        U can play 360 all day and the Internet wont fail like ps3

    • Zak


      • N8SAB3R-PLUR

        Xbox only gets maps faster cause of less programing then the ps3 and only noobs play xbox true elite gamers play the ps3. Also the infamous “red ring of death and yellow light of death” will never be gone so you can get off that subject. Following xbox paid out the ass to get an xclusiv ps3 game the one and only final fantasy 13. You really think that cause you pay for xbl your connection is better? Sorry that just means you have good internet everyone will lag ps3 or xbox doesn’t matter its your internets fault you lag. I have owned my ps3 since it came out, have had no problems with it my sister even pored watter in it and its still amazing. Ps3 has blu ray oh and guess what it has 1080p as well check the video settings. Yeah ps plus isn’t worth it but who cares its the only thing you pay for. Sure xbox has the chatting with others who aren’t playing the game you are ps3 has ps home where you can customize a real avatar that looks real not all stupid cartoon crap and way more people mod their xbox cause its easy. Ps3 has smoother gameplay and its japanese whom wich reign in the tech world. And there women are pretty damn sexy. Add me on ps3 my psn is N8SAB3R-PLUR

    • link

      you are right about 2 things the ps3 dose have better graphics and a blueray but ring of death dosnt happen anymore and wireless adapter is built in now what im tryin to say is i own both and my ps3 is my bluray player thats it no more no less the only game i would ever play on that thing is little big planet plus ps3 controllers are crap i hate holding those things oh well i guess some people cant afford a beter gaming system than ps3 anyway xbox rules ps3 is a bluray player with accessories and im not even gonna point out what makes the 360 better its just to obvious

    • paul wall

      no red ring of death on new xbox no red ring on console at all new xbox built in wif fi not all people have blu ray disc with full 1080p tv to get most out of blu ray disc much better console and true dont have to pay for ps3 online but whats better free school lunch or resturants you have to pay money to get good food? no brainer. ps3 are not perfect. read up on xbox 360 you will see the difference

    • ryan

      you are a fucking idiot you buy the slim it has wifi built in so why buy an adaptor also at that price most come with games does the p shit 3 nope and you are lucky to get a hdmi cable with the ps3 let alone a headset. ring of death huh you mug so what abot the ylod on ps3? plus games are usually more expensive than xbox and the also come out on time unlike ps3 the build quility of the pads is piss poor on the ps3 not to mention they are only ps2 pads painted black WOW!!! there isnt much in it in graphics but i have owned both the xbox looks more sharper. as for blue ray who gives a damn they are cheep enough anyways. id rather pay for a subscription. also whos servers went down when mw2 came out not the xbox sorry p shit 3 fans you had to wait didnt you. so you tell me a machine which comes with headset built in wifi with games costs nearly 100 less a free month trial on xbl map extenshons cost almost half what the ps3 does. oh yeah 1 more dig a your so called mighty p shit 3 UPDATES ha ha ha ha wow xbox takes bout 2 mins ps3 nearly an hour. i wanted to set my ps3 back to factory wait time 4 hours 39 mins xbox 5 mins face it sell out on xbox when it came out ps3 couldnt really give them away when they came out. so console with everything ready to go for 100 less with games or a blue ray with nothing but the console for more mmmmmm tuffy that 1

    • Matt

      Yeah, but u get better connection on xbox and new slim has built in wifi. Also, xbox has espn on demand which shows everything on espn from the past week.

    • ulises corona

      well see when you buy one youll see why you have to pay for this shit but aperrently you dont know anything about xbox so you poor ass mother ****** you cant afford it

    • peter

      yeh proves what you know dont it the ring of death is from the older consoles consoles from 2009 onwards have had the problem fixed and the new slimlines are even better they fun faster smoother and have better cooling fans and heat sinks

      yes the ps3 has the better spec but the xbox is far better on the online game play and better online service

      anyway no one said you have to buy the xbox did they not microsofts problem your a fucking broke arse bitch i have both the slimline 250gb xbox360 and the 250gb ps3

    • commonsense

      buy the slim dumbass it has built in wifi and ur oblivious if u dont think millions of ps3 consoles havent been sent in also

    • leo

      are you using your ps3 online to write this because your responses are taking forever to show up

    • John

      LOL all the ps3 fanboys bring up the "no wireless internet" and the "RROD" NEWSFLASH that is with older xbox 360 consoles! slim doesn't have that problem AND we may pay for LIVE, but PSN already is charging 50$ a year for premium if u want all the things that LIVE has, so id rather have all the features of xbox live with the slim which has a waaay better wifi connection than the gaystation

    • 7mack

      lol Thats ok when were all relying on other nations for products we can thank you for wasting money on foreign junk. Ive had my xbox for 3 years with no problem. PS3 is made by the lowest bidder, It cannot and will not ever match the buying power of microsoft. and lastly Just looking at the PS3's shaky graphics will make a wildabeast puke let alone the gayness of the controllers. Ever herd of "OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT" i think you buddy just swollowed your leg.

    • elliot fenn

      On xbox we pay so we don't have echoing mic's and not as much fucking lag, also we get apps and sky, you may get the internet but you can get virus's and then who will look the fool ? yeah also the slim has built in wi-fi

    • http://Facebook Bryan

      I object because I gave both and I like the xbox 360 way more and ps3can Gary what’s called infected much like the red ring and if you buy the slim 360 it comes with built in wireless and a 250gb hard drive although you have to pay you can set up for auto renual and every mobt on the dashboard they have deals were it is one moth for one dollar and plus people on ps3 suck so much and there is way more competition on Xbox 360. ^__^

    • LOL gtfo


    • J-Dog34 is an idiot

      PS3 has had failure problems for starters, although they are EXTREMELY rare, also, the newer Xbox's have built in wireless adapters, also, PS3 and Xbox graphics are different, yes, but not by much, and who cares about Blu-ray? its not as amazing as everyone thinks it is, anything HD is good enough. Does this convince you that you are an idiot?

    • Gareth Gardiner

      erm just one thing for you to think about you have to pa for xbox live because its just better as you have party chat and ever changing dashbords and rapid fixes to problems, also sky is great. the ps3 is a good console but the gfx arent better as cod is the same for both consoles and the gfx are only 720p any way it isnt made for 1080. the bluray is good but not worth it imo. there are some problems with the ps3 such as data corruption and if you buy the xbox slim you done need a wireless adapter as it has one built in.

    • shauras

      PS3 players may have better graphics and blu ray but by now no one cares about blu ray because nearly everyone has it, and the Xbox has more games which are quite good eg. Halo. PS3's don't get a ring od death but the get something else(don't know what it is called) that i have seen people complain about. So don't try and make the PS3 sound superior.

      THEY ARE BOTH GOOD GAMING SYSTEMS, if you take all the good and bad points from both of them they will balance out.


        PS3 HAS LBP AND LBP 2


    • frogsot

      lol it has bulit in wifi lol

    • SMSgtBrown

      i am a ps3 owner and ps3 does have the yellow light of death, but it is in about 10-15% of there ps3s and we will soon b able to watch tv on the ps3



    • adam1234567890

      Do I really want a ps3 because of its blu ray player soon as I already have one. The servers are much better on xbox thats why you have to pay for online. Plus most xboxs dont get red rings only if you play it non stop for hours on end which just means your a fat nerd. Plus ps3 is more expensive at this piont in time.

    • Thatman

      Ok so first off the xbox slim has a built in wireless N witch is better then PS3 also xbox live has years on psn… whenever I try to find a game on psn it takes forever… Also it will only be a matter of time till Sony starts charging for it… Think about it u can get that playstion plus thing for 50/yr how long till u gotta pay for online multi… Yes I do gotta give the ps3 props it has 3d bluray and will b the first to get 3d games but there’s few game that are ps3 only that are good… So intill psn gets better and good games my ps3 will remain my cheep blu Ray player

    • andrew

      i agree with everything, but the new xbox has an internal wireless adapter. and the live is worth it (in my opinion, our opinions obviously differ in that regard) with all of the features it includes.

    • Fuck you bitch

      It convinces me that ur a faggy ass bitch dick sucker mother fucker. All hail Microsoft and all its glory.

      • Y U WANNA KNO?

        DAM RITE MICROSOFT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      u guys r cheap as fuck just cuz yall dont want to pay $50 a year for better service.anyways ps3 tryed to copy the WII with the playstation move and xbox didnt copy anybody cuz we dont need to hold controllers any more….HATERZ GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Juddmeister


    • Nathan

      Fuck ya, I love my 360 after selling my ps3 and Wii. I do not care what has what or what u have to pay. The xbox server is by far and will always be the best!

    • Bob

      your right we do have to pay for xbox! but i wud rather pay to play anyways ps3 can mess up just like the xbox! but when u get the nex xbox u cant get the red ring of death plus it has a wireless adapter built into it! and on ps3 the harddrive messes up all the time! i havehad 3 of them andt hey all messed up

    • Gamerguy1989

      "X box Slim" has a lower chance of breaking down, oh an does the Ps3 Have good gaming community? NO, Xbox has better online gameplay than ps3 i know cuzz i used to be a playstation owner an its shit connections

    • N/A

      fyi PS3 announced in an E3 connvention that they were going to start an online member ship just like microsoft had imposed in a beggining on there "infamous" xbox, thats the first thing.

      • N/A

        The fact of the matter is ( and its not an opinion) 360 delivers stunning grpahics, in awe gaming expirience and over-all amazing games that most of the time PS3 has no exclusivity to, furthermore if your going to talk about console features, lets atlk about the fact that (as simple as it sounds) i can play music i had downloaded on my xbox WHILE i play, im sorry but the ps3 does not have the most simplest most useful features ever thought up of, blue ray true there is no blue ray but if xbox would have it ps3 would have been hammered by microsoft and i can watch movies just fine with or without blueray. besides xbox 360 rocks( here is where my opinion kicks in), it handels grapphics way better than the PS3 ever could i mean have u ever played gears of war on hdmi cable or any other games that blow away the PS3 and set a new standered for gaming every time a new game comes out? i dont think so. BTW the 360 slim has integrated wifi. to conclude ur rant on how PS3 is better or how bad the 360 rocks is this, every body has a prefrence, opnion and A LOAD OF FACTS TO BACK UP AN ARGUMENT REDY TO DEFEND THE BEST GAMING CONSOLE CREATED TO DATE END OF STORY.

    • TrueViP

      ill tell all you what, yea i got the RROD, and my new xbox's cd drive messed up. but unlike ps3, the games are better, the graphics dont have those jagged lines, i can link my xbox to my computer, and i can buy a 120 gb HDD for 50$ and hack it for xbox, as i replaced my CD drive with a new one for 20$. All in all my replacements cost 70, but this is 4 years old, not to mention i installed two 3" fans into the console case to keep it cool. Now lets talk about playstation- i hated xbox until my ps2 (just like everyone esle's) blew up after 1 year- but NO replacement. SO i switched to xbox and my original still works 10 years later- but i realized how xbox's interface is 10 times better and xbox 360's is 100 times better. Yea, stuff costs more, but theres a reason- xbox experience is far superior. oh and blu-ray? a true tv-finatic wouldnt want his game system to clash with his video system since one offers a better experience alone than when combined.

    • BBBB

      The slim has built in wifi no adapter needed.



    • Joe

      They're talking about the NEW Xbox. You don't need to buy a router. You can if you really want to but you wouldn't have anything to use it for unless you planned on using it on your computer or something besides your new Xbox. and MICROSOFT > sony. Xbox has more players (good and bad) and more exclusive shit. The ring of death doesn't happen to close to 40%. Do you think people are that stupid to believe some figures you made up? They believe enough of that garbage given to us by our politicians like Obama. PS3 versions of games always have more glitches too because they don't give a shit about the code for the PS3 because everybody likes Xbox better.

    • brandon

      j-dog34 dude your retarded apparently your are going of old news the new xbox slim does not red ring stop being a broke ass and get sumthin worth a crap like xbox oh and the ps3 online play is junk and laggy do yourself a favor throw your ps3 in a river

    • Vanyea

      Haha, is that why xbox now has the fastest built in wireless adapter? Not to mention it has always had more memory internal drive or not. The xbox new system might i add has dropped the the percentage rate of RROD, yeah sure you might get free online with ps3 but who said fun was cheap?

    • bob

      hey dumb ass you guys have the yellow light of death on that piece of shit you call a system

    • anon

      blue ray is basically HD scrub.

    • xKranzEx

      PS3 has yello wlight of dead. and i have been using xbox360 for about 3 and half years without any RROD.. what the fuck is wireless adapter, where do you need that?? haven't ever heard of it.. and you crying to pay about 3 euros in a month to get a network that really works?? i have heard kids crying about PS3 and computer lags for Black Ops still about month after the release.. I am so happy to pay for things that work.. and 3 euros in a month.. God damn you must be poor if you think that is much.. superior console with better graphics? for example MW2 looked better on x360 than PS3 or PC, and bluray is fucking useless.. Just to say you're just one PS3 fanboy with your facts and mighty talk about bluray that really is not that big thing at all.. It's pretty useless when it comes to gaming.. And the xbox live is full of all kind of stuff you could dream of.. trailers, reviews, renting movies, music.. and live works! Someone said in the comments below that you need to pay for some premium to play game demos and some other stuff… just 3€ for xbox live.. and you decide to buy PS3 to not pay, and have shitty connects etc.. Good luck with your ultimate superior awesome piece of PS3.. Just to say, think about why for example Machinima uses xboxes, and not PS3. But hey.. PS3 is awesome, it has bluray!! Yea.. good luck with that..

    • tdog1000

      the new xbox has built in wifi so you dont have to pay for a wireless adaptor, get your facts straight man. and yeah i know ps3 had built in wifi first so yes the xbox is just copying them

    • toxicmop

      yeah theres a reason why its free to go online on the ps3…thats coz its crap.

    • det13

      I have a 360 and would not trade it for a ps3 my friend has one and its slow and lags so bad the 360s graphics are alot better

    • 46544

      ps3 as the yellow light of death though

    • Ryan

      I think you'll find the Xbox Slim comes with a wireless adapter built in. And also, the PS£ has the Yellow Line? It's not just the Call of Duty franchise that offers Xbox customers DLC first, there is also Fallout and many other games. The dashboard on an Xbox 360 is about 50000000000 times better than the PS3s. All you people care about is graphics, but to be honest there is no real difference, it all depends on the TV you own. Recently, Microsoft introduced Kinect, which doesn't need a controller so what did Sony come back with? A Nintendo Wii.

    • xbox god

      ps3 cfonnections suck

    • SilkyAdjabeko

      1st. Who cares about Blu Ray! I bought my Xbox 250GB to play games…not to watch movies!
      2nd. You dont need a wireless adapter for the new Xbox it has wifi built in, plus we pay for a better service. friends of mine have playstation and have to wait hours to load a game when they buy it. Go play your little "Piss Station" and when your ready to play with the "Big Boys" go buy yourself a Slim 250GB XBox 360!

    • trey

      yes we might be paying for x box live but if u think about it then paying for x box live gets you better things you can have no argument that the ps3 has a browser because that sucks ps3 graphics arnt as good as the x box so stop being stupid u dont know what ur talking about ur an unegucated moron fanboy

    • Damien

      Duhh, Ps3 are Way better, why pay for online, just cuz you want maps sooner? thats like GET A LIFE

    • Big Nate

      I totally agree with you there jdog, xbox is for fucking fags. people who say that gamers have no lives are separated into 2 categories. Gamers who aren't retarded and buy a system that doesn't require $200 AND like $50 online subscriptions.. and then theres the dumb fuck gamers who waste all of their money on bullshit which makes them have no lives and not know how to fucking do kindergarten math. 200 + 50 + x (x being the number of years someone plays sex box for) = 250x. so if x = 250 then your wasting 250 dollars more than ps3 owners. so fuck all you xbox faggots and fuck microsoft who thinks that ps3 players give a fuck about a game to the point where a month of exclusivity matters. it doesnt so fuck you microsoft.. stick to fucking computers and sucking bill gates' cock.

    • Xbox is beast

      maybe because the ps3 is newer and the xbox multiplayer is way better

    • fredyfox27 psn

      j dog nice answer for this xbox geeks i just hate all this kids that think just cause they pay subscriptions everymonth they get more benefits or something, just thing if your dad takes u to the store what would he buy xbox 199 or ps users stop making xcuses.

    • Alexiiimo

      may i just say that xbox is one word not two, also ps3 has no better graphics than xbox and if so then its hardly noticeable. xbox has better games and controllers and who givers a crap if you have to pay online its only £4 a month. Obviously your too poor to pay that much. I do understand about red ring ive had it before but the new slim is amazing and has no problems.

    • panis131

      welll first off the xbox slim comes with blueray and wirless built in so you pay 199.99 and the 49.99 for a year of live you loose connection alot less my friend has black ops for his ps3 he loses connection all the time so with is the superior console???

    • JOSH

      well ps3 are better i got 1. i know this because several of my friends have 1. PS3 ARE BETTER NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT

    • xboxguyy

      well urm tbh mate, the only reson ps3 u dnt pay online is becuase sony havnt got there onwn gaming server sooo….. its pure download whil xbox has there own server so u dnt use as much download on your internet and its less laggy ;) so i dnt mind paying a little extra for a better exsperiance ;)

    • berillium

      no and ya no why… because the ps3 has no good ps3 only games, xbox has gears of war and halo, what does ps3 have? "Killzone" wow what a crap game. and the set up of an xbox is also far more supperior to the dashboard of the ps3, so yes i'll get a slim.

    • powned

      lies cos the xbox slim has wireless built in and its cheaper than the ps3 and the online fee is a minor you are able to join partys and other chats so much easier than the ps3. still better?
      new maps early :)

    • nasty nate

      yea we might have to pay but thats wat people with money do and we pay so are networt dont get hacked like yours lol sorry bout your ps3 network kid

    • Lilman

      I totaly agree with you mate, Honestly people always bitchin bout how much they have to spend on games or extra stuff, Xbox screws u, first they suck u in thinkin its better on graphics, hahaha, its a dvd player for 1 sad really, 2 you have to pay to play on top of paying for your net, and 3 it has the same sevice as ps3, and the hole install game to hd is dumb cause u cant play it without disc, so what is the point….. by the time u get done your spending more money in the long run… Ps3 has blue ray, dvd free net and best part bout it last longer, u can browse the net etc…. to me its a way better deal, so personally waiting for the map packs doesnt bother me cause i know im spending less money and getting more for it then the people with n xbox, the controller is also more confortable on the ps3 as for the xbox controller is just a dumb new version of a super nintendo controler….

  • Yoface

    I am a PS3 owner and I don't give a damn. This is just Microsoft wasting money. The map packs suck for call of duty. The packs for both CoD4 and MW2 sucked haven't play the Resurgence Package but I cant imagine that its very good, and for $15 bucks thats a fucking rip off.

    • bullet

      I agree, I own both consoles and I could care less if the dlc comes out 1 month before on one console than the other. DLC usually sux for the amount of money they charge. DLC should be included in the $59.99 game I already own. These companies just trying to milk people over and over again.

    • omeganyn

      One thing to consider before you say that you pay for a better service is that the xbox live is a hacked network. It's completely compromised and you pay to play on that. The PS3 on the other hand does not have that issue and it is free to play. try to justify it any way you want to but the PS3 is superior to the xbox in every way that matters.

    • afsag

      You didnt say cod 5 which is made by treyarch because those maps weere good considering they also added a zombie map with every dlc for only 10 bucks

    • Nathan

      I would have to agree becuase ps3 and xbox are both better than the wii

    • Mind yo

      your poor that why

    • urmom

      only cause your poor that u say this

    • guest0.00001

      remember that treyarch made black ops, infiniti ward made cod 4 and mw2.

    • Roland

      bully don't swear your not a ps3 owner call of duty modern warfare 2 does not suck microsoft are not wasting money $15 is not a rip off and i don't give a fuck

  • Bully

    u r in the dark new xbox has built in wifi…and we pay to better service

    • IPLACEIcom

      better service, please. xbox box sucks!! ok, if xbox has better service then thats only 1 thing better than a ps3. freeonline, better graphics, blu-ray, wireless, etc. the listgoes on.

      • johnny

        PS3 sucks xbox is so much better and we have dedicated servers so thats why we pay, and PS3 online sucks to much lag.

        XBOX: kinect sensor, better online experience, built in wifi , better games oh wait the list goes on!!

        • Steve

          I would like you to keep saying the xbox is so great after you get the red ring of death lol.


          LOL Red ring of death is highly highly highly overreacted, ive had my xbox for 3 years now, not once have i had the red rings of death, PS3 sucks, and you know it, shitty games, none of which are even highly anticipated, and dont be acting all cool and shit just cuz it has "BLU RAY" wow if i want a blue ray ill buy a blu ray player, and better graphics? please, HDMI is HDMI is HDMI is HDMI, doesnt matter from where its coming from! its still 1080p!, and reasons why we pay for online services, is because the quality is 1000x times better than PS3 online, we get the new shit first!! and it has dedicated servers for better connections. and PS3 came out with some shit called PS3 move? motion sensor but with a controller, SHIT MY BODY IS THE CONTROLLER FOR THE 360 now, ps3 again! is wayyy behind!

        • eazy

          u mad 50$ later?

        • Aaron J. Laws

          PS3: PS Move(which uses the move controllers AND also you can use the eye without the controllers), more mature games, high quality graphics, built in wifi FROM THE START lol, web browser, and oh wait… the list goes on!! hahaja!

    • john

      whats better about the service? the only xbox has that ps3 doesnt is the party system

      • chris

        ps3 has group chat

        • tury

          but not while in a game and in xbox u could be playing different games and still chat

          plus u could also hear music while u play

        • look a distraction

          I was just at GameStop and saw a sign. Check out the new 4GB XBox 360. Only 199.99!!! Seriously!? I bought my iPod touch for $150 and it has more 8GB.

    • codgod

      i completely agree i have seen many ppl play ps3 and lag out of nowhere and xbox isnt vere frequent with lag i have the new xbox and its well woth the money

    • The Expert

      Um no…the new xbox does not have built in wifi….it's an extra 100 dollar adapter…..someone is blowing smoke up your butt.


      Better service? u cant be that stupid. SAME SERVICE

      • black ops

        how can u say free is better than paid theres always a catch

    • I know things.

      -um, no the service is the exact same. All online gaming works off of a host server setting, so the only thing you could be paying for is technician support for problems in the servers. – and I have never had a single problem playing online on my PS3. ever.

    • TXRob

      haha…yeah after how long? Better service – my friend has xbox live (i'm proud to be PS3 owner) and he's yet to find anything better about the xbox live service than PSN. Microsoft is wasting their money. No PS3 owner is going to downgrade to an xbox for the sake of a one month early map pack on one game. Can't wait for new zombies – five was epic!!!

    • steve

      oh really dude????!!!! xbox FINALLY has wifi????hahahaha, ps3 have wifi from the beginning. Bottom line, xbox is for suckers who dont have a life outside of games and dont have girls to come over and watch bluray movies with their built-in bluray player, and their dick gets hard when they realize that THEY get the map packs first. WHO CARES??? for service you get a d***k up your bottom and a thank you for paying $200 for something that SHOULD cost <$100, I would rather get a wii. F*** OFF

      • BillGates

        haha umad crap PS3

    • PS3 RULES

      the first PS3 that came out had built in wifi, blu-ray, no disk tray, they dont overheat, they have a built in HDMI input, they might cost $100 more than xbox but in the end xbox costs more then PS3 cause you have to pay for online use, you used to have to buy wifi seperate, kinect cant even pick up black people so had to recall it, kinect has lag time, move doesnt, better games for move, costs less, PS3 is getting a bigger online media everyday, you xbox faggots need to jump OUT of xbox and jump into PS3 its 10 times better than xbox just get over it


        It all comes down to you get what you pay for. PS3 online gaming is free, therefore sucks ass. Xbox 360 is $60 a month therefore minimal lag, better service. Xbox 360 gets red rings, PS3 gets the Yellow screen. both are an easy fix. PS3 is for people who are too poor to 1) Pay for Online Gaming. 2) Get a Computer for an internet browser. It is for People who complain about xbox because they are jealous and cant afford it.

    • Bullyisabitch

      you because your just a retarded consumer, microsoft has the shittiest customer service ever, Bitch

    • GSix

      Yeah, you keep telling yourself that to make yourself feel better.

    • Trip

      Hahahaha if xbox is so great? why they have to do this type of thing so youu prefer an Xbox over a PS3, i dont mind to wait i keep my ps3 F to U Bill gate, japanesses go go at least on gamming

    • Michael

      when comes down to it yall xbox users are trying to keep up lol we had the camera 1st yall had what some of psn turn downs granted halo is good but god of war is great the graphics on the 3 is killer and ps3 been had bulit in wifi since it 1st came out and the we get great service for free thats how playstation take cares of the psn users lol the only reson we waiting is because there making the graphics better for the 3

  • Jordan Dyckes

    Microsoft can go stick it up there ***, I'll never touch an Xbox 360 ever again, got a RROD every week or two; switched to PS3 and has lasted over 2 1/2 years with no issues. I'm outraged that Activision keep put DLC on Xbox Live first, i might not buy there game; just to prove a point when there income is going to be less than expected. Xbox 360 Elite = Electric Oven, Xbox Slim = NOW With instant heat, perfect for cooking your breakfast; while playing COD.
    PS3 has cost less in the long run, no replacements, no need for a new console to use Playstation Move. Hence Microsoft cost my mates over £1,000 in console replacements, Xbox Live, and more… Spent £425.00 on my 60GB on launch day and not a penny on anything apart from games.

    • tharok42

      If you got RROD every week or two, then your Xbox 360 must have been on a tightly packed bookshelf. And you probably thought your Xbox 360 might get cold, so you probably wrapped a fleece or maybe three around it. The Xbox 360 Slim does not overheat unless you try frying it on a skillet while running a game off the hard drive (i.e. Modern Warfare 2 or something) and a DVD on disc, whilst it being wrapped in all the blankets in the Portland IKEA, and having 1,000 flamethrowers on it. Then, maybe then, is there a small chance that the Xbox 360 Slim MIGHT overheat. My I have an Xbox 360, an Xbox 360 Slim, and a PS3. PS3 = Shit online, PS3 = doen't have Halo, PS3 = big and bulky, hard to transport, PS3 = hackers everywhere, hackers don't get banned, PS3 = not Blu-Ray that determines if quality is high or not, it is T.V. ( On my Sony Bravia, same as Xbox graphics, on my Samsung Plasma T.V., same as Xbox graphics ( as if there are both compared on the same T.V.) PS3 rating = 2.5/10 Xbox 360 rating = 1,000,000,000/10. Suck my nuggets you dimb PS3 loverboy. You don't get our CoD: Black Ops DLC first!!!

      • xbox_can_suck_it

        jesus, why dont you and your xbox get a room.
        your just mad coz you know that ps3 is better overall

    • Brandon

      dude…….Activision is not gonna give a shit if you don't buy their game…..on the first dat there was already 3 million people online..only person who ganna suffer is you when there is only like 15 matches on Modernwarfare and everyone else is playin Black ops

    • Ian

      Lol do you think they care if one person doesnt buy their game? Lol lets see $60 or about a million or more players? i think they dont really care if one man doesnt buy it.

    • qwert

      u dont need the new xbox for kinect it just makes it simpler u dipshit

    • Keegan

      haha sales in black ops blew off the charts so even if you bought it or not you didn't make a difference and i have had my mw2 xbox since it came out and RROD it is completely gone from xbox. Xbox is way better for better online service. I owned a ps3 and i was appalled by how much online sucked! I bought an xbox and was astonished by the greater organization of the online and cool things it had to offer. Point proven, case closed.

      • HAHA


    • rob

      your boycott will change nothing.

    • thomas

      u just dont know how to take care of an xbox i have had mine for allmost 2 years now and its perfectly fine

    • Joe

      You think you not paying for the game is going to bankrupt them? Good luck buddy. The CoD series is the biggest game series ever created. MW2 out sold any other game ever, and Black Ops will soon outsell MW2 if it hasn't already. You don't have to play it but you will not resist getting MW3 next fall. Trust me. Plus, more Xbox's are sold every year than PS3's AND more PS2's are sold every year than PS3's…even the PS2 is better…that's saying something there.

    • joe

      if u got a red ring every week or 2 what in the hell where u doing with ur xbox?

    • alex

      my ps3 got the yellow light thing within 2 days of bying a brand new one. i swapped for a 360 and it is a lot better :)

    • cody

      that probley becase u cant take care of anything

    • Jordan Dyckes is Gay

      I don't think activision will care that jordan dick is not buying their game. They have plenty of sales and plenty of money withou your money. Why don't you just sit over there in Europe and think about all the times America had to save your ass in war. :)

  • Collie Daly

    What a bunch of fanboy arsewipes. in your comments you do nothing but bitch about problems that have been for the most part resolved before the release of the slim. RROD has all but disappeared in the last 2 years. It has already been proven that even though the slim is smaller it generates less heat than the original model due its new chip and fan so stop being such whingy little girl over a console which you apparently couldnt give a toss but yet still find time in your what im sure is a busy fucking shedule to rant on about how shit it is. Please do yourselves a favour and grow the fuck up, if you don't like the slim say it in such a way that you don't come off as an arrogant cunt or at least do some research on the topic before you try and criticize what i believe is an absolute stellar upgrade to the original 360.

    • Ryan

      I have 2 ps3′s and I cant wait for the new 360 to come out… I dont understand being a fanboy, why not just buy both systems? They both have different perks and exclusive games.

      • bullet

        I agree 110% with your post. Get both systems and stop this bull of fanboysm. Microsoft and Sony have milked you out of your money one way or another.

    • Guest

      You're wrong! My friend got a xbox 360 a month ago and the RROD hit him 4 days ago! THE RROD LIVES ON!

      • fanboys suck :D

        he said that it is almost gone, depending on what model he got is why, there are still some places that sell the old xbox 360 and they still have those problems.

    • me2

      as a ps3 owner who couldt justify hanging on to his Xbox a couple of years ago the real only difference i see is a bluray player psn isnt too great i do miss xbox live but ill be laughing when theonly reason i bought a ps3 in the first place comesout *if or eventually* bring on gt5 lmao ps it is a disgrace how microsoft can flash the cash way too often

    • Scott

      ^^ what he said.

    • MW2 4ever

      you sound just as bad your nothing but an Xbox kiss*** keep polishin Bill Gates shoes

    • ECG xbox

      Exactly finally somebody who isnt a complete idiot who knows wat they r talking about. i had PS3 and it sucked xbox slims cant even get RROD because it doesnt have red lights in it. Keep telling these a** wipes wats up.

    • anomynomsos

      wow thank you. you could be one of the only non pricks on the intenet

    • john

      LOL what the f are you talking about, my friend just bought a slim and he got the RROD on it after 2 days of gameplay (not 48 hours, around 2 hours) so ya shut ypur mouth fan boy you don't know what you are talking about…..

    • johnny

      lol your doing an awfull lot of bitchin about people bitchin, maybe you should bitch to yourself about it? or maybe you should grow the fuck up, cause name calling is so 80's

    • SMSgtBrown

      My freind has the new xbox and his chocolate bar was sitting by it and it completely melted

    • brutal_deluxeuk

      If RROD "disappeared in the last 2 years" how come ebay is flooded with RROD consoles of that age ?, i have been an xbox fan since the first console but im using my fourth because of RROD and i've replaced my brothers twice, all my friends have also had RROD. my ps3 on the other hand is still going. Xbox live is better for chat and match making but wtf has that got to do with paying ? you think voip setup right cost more ? sony just dont listen to gamers and spend to much time on the multimedia crap. MS rob us all they started this paying for games in instalments crap or as some people call it dlc, they tried to make us pay to play on the pc but we refused ( games for windows). PS3 is the better value console with better hardware

    • Jwiz

      Haha all of this makes me laugh. You would think we were in the UK debating rugby or something. People comeon its a game system. I have a ps3, wii, slim 360, and older concolses in my house. All of this is personal preference. The 360 has gotten rid of the overheating issues, of course they did they wouldnt leave a problem like that go. Everything is constantly updating and getting better. My friends and i used to argue this, but he guess what, we realized its pointless. He loves his xbox i love my ps3. Every system has pros and cons, its life. So why not stop arguing and either go play the respective game system your gloating about or just stop the petty whinning.

  • me

    so xbox gets dlc first still wont make me buy a 360.sticking with the better free online doesnt rrod blu ray player ps3 360 can stick the map packs up there fucking arse.s ps3 forever

    • ps3 master 2000

      i agree the the xbox sucks ass i dont give a shit the ps3 has better graphics better gameplay free online i recommend a ps3 its way better

      • Eddie

        Why use the excuse of blu-ray? The xbox is more dedicated than psn, take black ops I.e. PC gamers have dedicated servers, they also pay attention to the xbox community because we pay for our gameplay and sure we get lags here and there but not that often, and since ps3 players don’t pay they don’t pay attention to u guys and that’s y u get all the lags and shit along with the Wii

    • vanyea

      OH wow a blue ray player thats an original excuse to buy a p o s. Sony they dont even use the full capability of the blue ray disk. thats why the new slim has a ten time brighter visual, the main chip is more or less stronger then the ps3 it self.

    • xKranzEx

      Nice job with the most childish fanboy message! Your better FREE online is not even near to xbox live.. it sure is an expensive 3€ for a month, when you get so little as a WORKING connection (yea i have heard so much about PS3 having connection problems and for example black ops lags for about month after the release) and live has so much things for people.. free demos, reviews, videos, then you can rent movies there etc etc.. And when it comes to RROD.. it's just among PS3 players nowadays.. i personally haven't had any RROD for 3 and half years i have had my xbox.. and they fixed things.. new lighter system, and again with the slim, new chip and stuff.. everything is okay.. you can't even get a rrod with slim.. So.. PS3 forever with the free garbage network with thousands of frustrated players with their lags, BUT FOR FREE YAY!! Hopefully i will see you in xbox live paying happily to get some good connections and other service for low price.. some day in the future.. But until that, good luck with your awesome PS3! And BTW, the bluray is freaking useless for its price! Sure you can say yeaa i got a bluray.. but where do you need it??

    • grave

      first of all blu ray fucking sucks its the biggest piece of crap ever invented it completely ruins my movie watching experience and every game on the ps3 tends to suck balls unlike the 360 which has proven back to back the superior style of games released year after year so ps3 may have all this free crap and a tiny bit better graphics but still doesn't change the fact that 360 games are far more superior and entertaining so F the ps3 and all your losers who claim to love it so much.

  • Lithium

    Actually the point of the Xbox 360 slim is to resolve all these issues, and it comes with a blu ray player so really neither will be the superior console once the slim comes out.

    • Vance

      The 360 does NOT have a blu ray player. If it did, it would have trouble playing old games which were tuned for DVD speed.

    • jay

      still didnt solve the problem i have one of the slim ones and and it already got the ring of death after a month….. Thank god i have a ps3 or i wouldnt be able to play for months waiting for my referb….

      • rob

        you are mistaken my friend. the new xbox cannot get the RROD.

        • shauras

          Yes it can it is just ment to be harder to get, but a lot of people get the RROD withing a month or 2 months of them purchasing it.

        • Nick

          I NEVER got the red ring of death, you just have to be smart with your xbox. don't over-play it. i've had my xbox for more than a year, two months my ass. and its bull crap that the new ones get it a lot too, the newer xbox models have the jasper chip, so we're fine.

        • ps3sucks

          same i am very careful my friend lifts his fricken xbox while a game is in and he smashed the xbox and then he said there the cheapest thing ever

        • Vin TheDean

          "don't over-play it" That is just classic. Your suggestion is to not do something that a devices it's supposed to do.

          Sorry but it's like saying, don't drive a car for more 2 hours at time or it will overheat. That is just dumb.

        • eric

          they cant get the rrod it shows up on the screen as error 45 instead and for that to happen it has to over heat but the slim automaticly shutsdown when it gets to hot so unless your an idiot and turn it back on right after then you don't deserve to own a gaming console.

        • bob

          yes it can

      • jarid

        well dont leave it on

      • bob

        then u broke it cause ur retarted

    • MaPenina


    • possum?

      Comes with a bluray player because xbox cant come up with their own fucking ideas

  • Michael

    LOL fanboys are so funny. RROD was fixed in the last version and the rate is down to something like 2% and last time I heard ps3 had a higher failure rate now. It may not have blueray but I don't buy a GAME SYSTEM for blue ray, which is what all my friends say their ps3 has become since they bought it. I've had an original xbox360 and the new MW edition xbox360 and neither have ever had a problem and I play for hours on end on weekends. The built in wireless on this slim alone makes it worth it since that is generally $100 on its own. By the way, I heard ps3 multiplayer network was going to paid or at least a paid version soon. Paying a subscription isn't great but it means you're a customer and have the right to complain and get things updated and fixed. If you guys aren't paying they can take it down at any moment and not care. So I'll keep my paid service and weekly updates to keep the games going strong.

    • ps3 owns on xbox

      you cant fight back on ps3 on a retarded theory that ther gonna have to pay soon thats not a fact idiot you say i dont want blu-ray like its a bad thing to get you sound so retarded blu-ray isnt just for movies the game disc is blu-ray so it has much better hd graphics stupid and this lame idea that you think xbox is better is your opinion as you say you'd rather so your saying it out to talk crap on ps3 with no real reason to dis it but on what you think but ther is actual facts that ps3 is better then xbox not some lame fake ass theory and saying you'd rather pay you just dissed yourself you sound so stupid and shut up with the fanboy crap you sound lame you sound more like a fanboy trying so hard to make up stupid crap just to (try) to make xbox look good we're just stating (facts) your trying ot make crap up

    • James

      your a homo ps3 dosnt break down fast i had mine for 4 years still about to be 5
      and is not ethier you guys who fight about what consol is better are guy

    • DJs

      2% tht is so not true its 20% dumb fuck a ps3 failure rate is 0.5% so fuck you xbox users ps3 better and idc if xbox get first cause all the maps they get first have lower graphics cause you guys cant fucking wait and they have a lot of bugs thts why ps3 COD gamers aren't a bunch of no life fucks or kids tht have to hack the system to get a fucking kill and just an FYI an xbox can be microwaved and it is a good idea to microwave it because its awsome to watch the fucking thing burn

      • Conor

        Just saying, you can microwave a ps3 as well…

    • God your a tard

      All right, lets set this thing straight. PSN DOES have a paid subscription service called Playstation Plus. Its around $80 a year and yes, it does give me the right to complain, they can take the network down when ever they want, the same as microsoft can, everyone will just complain and shres will drop. For technological advancements, see Sony, for a constant flow of DLC and money wastage, see Microsoft. All i willever use of Microsoft is Windows 7 Ultimate, which I didnt even pay for, and othersuch software such as Microsoft Office. Oh, and by the way, PS3 Slim still has the etter processor and graphics card, my PS3 plays all games after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in full HD [1080p] last I checked, Xbox 360 was still only running games in 720p. The difference is noticable on a 52" LED T.V. Did I mention Sony PS3 has 3D gaming? And that Microsft Kinect is just an updated 2010 version of PS2 software designed for Eyetoy mixed with a little bit of Nitendo tech also? Xbox sales are only higher because the idiots at Sony HQ charged to much for the PS3 system, and, surprisingly, they didnt even make a profit, because the intial sale price was lower than the production price.

      • fuc u

        your are rite about some things but the kinect is nothing like the eyetoy trust me i had both and xbox has some games supported with Stereoscopic 3D because i use it all the time

    • Reply to a Hypocrite

      Cool, so what you're saying is, it took years to fix what should have never happened? I like it. Oh, by the way, PS3 has PSN Plus, which is like X-box Gold except….better. I own both Xbox and PS3, and I know which I prefer. But fanboys, PS3 fanboys (The ones you're making fun of) and X-box fanboys (You, ironically, and hypocrite-like) need to pick the memory card slot of their choice and go fuck it with their tiny dicks.

    • not a fanboy

      your not that smart bro i have both and truly i think x-box 360 slim is not that great but look at the facts ps3 has pretty good stuff but 360 has reach. Although ps3 has God of War they are both good so stop arguing about it. Its not gonna change anything if you keep talking crap do you think if you keep complaining about them someone is just gonna come up with a Playbox 360. Just go watch a movie

    • Nic

      I personally like Xbox because I have never had a problem with their products at all, I love the slim too so quiet and smooth.. I had a PS3 and within a few months I had to replace its motherboard..

    • Guest dude

      you do realize that all the PS3 games are on Blu-Ray discs right? – so they have a great graphics quality, better sound quality, and can hold much more data. – that's why 360 can't have great games like LBP, Killzone, Metal Gear Solid 4, and resistance. -because there's too much game data to fit on a normal DVD disc. -the 360 shouldn't even be considered 7th generation- it's basically an original XBOX with slightly better graphics, and…………………………………………….that's it.

    • damien

      Hey, maybee your friends are just snobbs who watch too much television..

    • PS3 RULES

      PS3 has a 13% fail rate, xbox kinect has a 56% fail rate

    • DISDIxnurmouf

      your a dumb assssshh

    • GSix

      It was fixed because they physically removed the lights but it can still break. Oh, and PS3 got it right on the first try, just saying.

    • Whodafkcares

      Lol PS3 has a thing called Playstation Home so many people go on it and pay for things on there that it pays for most costs so people get free online maybe xbox360 should have soemthing like that its clearly a smart idea you can charge them 10 dollars a month and have that kind of game making income

    • MATT

      Ok heres the deal, 2% is still more than the 0% chance of failure on the ps3. And you can keep your xbox service. Your paying for weekly updates because the product needs to be repaired weekly. I should know i use to work tech support for the company. Microsoft is a shady buisness.U can choose to believe me or not i really dont care. Im just sayin i worked for the company and i own a ps3. Oh and by the way a little secret, the online your paying for is the same exact service as ps3. Xbox will tell you they have more servers than ps3 but i hope you like being lied to. Playstion chooses not to charge for there service because they dont have to. Ps3 is out selling Xbox every quarter. That is a solid fact.

      • tucanchu69

        and xbox fan boys dont realize that a ps3 hasnt even been pushed to the limit yet and no came has filled up an intire blue ray disc yet 1 single sided blueray disc hold 30gs of info no game has came close to that yet well let me refaze that GT5 came close that is why it is an hour to an hour and a half install for it and it installs as you play because if they were to install it all at one time it would take 4 to 5 hours oh and blueray disc also come in dual layer ones that hold 60gs of info so um think about that you xbox fanboys.

    • guest

      Yeah..You need to seriously get your facts straight. Never had a problem with my PS3 and I've had it for years; and those rumors about becoming a paid network have turned out to be just that: RUMORS. So sorry to tell you, but your XBox is still a piece of shit crapped out by Bill Gates.

    • The Truth

      xbox just now got built in wireless…ps3 had it since day one….xbox still has a disc tray…even the Wii doesn't have a disc tray so the games dont get scratched…ps3 and wii have internet, motion controllers, and rumble….xbox has just the rumble…xbox remotes take batteries unless u get the playing charge kit…ps3 charges with ANY USB cable and doesnt need batteries since day one….blu ray looks a hell of a lot better than dvd and that goes for the games as well…comparing games that are for both consoles doesn't prove anything because the quality is lowered for ps3 so xbox can even play the game let alone fit it onto a dvd, compare the excusives, for example metal gear solid 4 looks better than any xbox game period, so does uncharted, xbox uses dvd with 8.7 GB on a single sided dual-layer disc, ps3 has 25 GB on a single layer disc and 50 GB on a single sided dual layer disc, so just imagine the graphics with that capacity, much better than dvd which means much better than xbox, soon when gaming goes to the next level xbox wont be capable to run the games without better disc capacity, oh and sony invented blu-ray so i dont think microsoft will be getting it soon…xbox pays for online…ps3 online is free and is exactly the same, you play online with ur friends and the rest of the world, so what (and be specific) is better about xbox live???…ive seen xbox live lag a lot (i have an xbox and live account so i know) people hack and mod like crazy so that part isn't better and ur just lying to your self if u say it doesnt lag…the funniest thing is when an xbox 360 hardcore fan is playing on a sony tv lol and has surround sound being powered by a sony reciever and records his gameplay with a sony dvd recorder or even takes pics of his cool xbox with a sony camera…sony makes more than just the ps3, so when it comes to entertainment sony will always be better than microsoft


    yeah fanboyisnn reaks allover the net i am mainly n xbox dude for friends n myone reqason for ps3 was mgs4 soooo epic but it ended :(

  • Awesome Person

    Microsoft are pathetic- it's funny watching them try to sell their 360 even more. I'd rather have my blu-ray PS3 with better gameplay and graphics. You could offer a free mansion with a 360 and I'd still take PS3.

    • XBOX 360 pwns

      lmfao graphics are identical, id like to put both games on a 50" tv and see if you can tell the difference i bet u cant becuase they both look the same. p3s lol i like you fan boys, i pay for service and its cheap only $5 a month? its that too much to ask for? i guess so…

      • i owned

        £5 a month = £60 a year which if you imagine you have xbox for 5 years thats £300. not to much to ask eh? its only £300 to play ONLINE not forgettening the cost of games, console, kinnect and mics when the first sh**ty mic that you get free brakes. oh and with the RROD that could come to £1000 in 5 years. not to much to ask… but to be honest i'll think i'll stick with the ps3. have you god damn map packs 4 weeks early. but i laugh at you kids. go go on youtube and start posting comments 'xbox>ps3' at least their you won't start crying.

    • dumbass

      i like how everyone uses blue-ray for a reason why xbox is better OH WOW SOO GREAT its a GAMEING CONSOLE you dip**** i bet you still think the RROD is still going around HAHAHA fucking dumbarse

    • Jimenycricket

      well ur a fucking retard then hahahaha

    • ProtonjonSA

      Microsoft are pathetic? Nice grammer kid. Anyways the 360's fail rate is less then the ps3 now. You could complain to microsoft about glitches because you pay every month unlike ps3. And who doesnt have 20 dollars? Your stupid. And ps3 has the exact same graphics for gameing. And I dont buy a gameing consle for bluray.

      • i owned

        yeah same graphics. ps3 with 1080p xbox with 720p.

        • Diggit

          I'm running 1080p on my 55in LG seems to work fine… i don't know where you getting you information from.

    • Jon-Paul

      I'd like to see you turn down a mansion just because it has a 360 in it.

    • Woot

      Hey i would take the mansion with 360 and just bring my ps3

    • fanboy

      i'd take the mansion burn the xbox then buy a ps3…

    • xKranzEx

      Dude are you living in 50's or something?? RROD is freaking history! And i haven't had it for 3,5 years i have had xbox360.. And where do you need the bluray?? It's freaking useless.. you just pay more to get useless things in your PS3.. And for example MW2 looked better on x360 than it looked in PS3.. and Black ops is almost identicall maybe better on xbox, because it was first made for xbox, and then modded for PS3 and PC.. I would be happy to get a free mansion and for example a paper bag for 200€.. you're just fanboying there.. you get a PS3.. i get xbox and a free mansion for 200€.. I think i win..

    • umm

      dude, quit bitching, All ps3 is, is a dvd player that is getting its ass kicked by the wii

    • ecafruoymai

      i would take the mansion trow the xbox in the trash n get my ps3 :P

    • person

      oooo blu ray so nice.

  • ___

    u forgot the CHAINSAW MODE on the xbox

    • asdfghjklpoi


  • King

    Why so many "DLC Haters"? Just because your broke @$$e$ are too cheap to pay for extra content doesn't mean it sucks. You're probably horrible at multiplayer & only bought the game for the 1 player campaign. If you're a die-hard fan & crying, maybe you need a better job…

    • Brad 5

      Agreed you just probably not good at multiplayer

    • yomama

      your right and if your horrible at multiplayer then get better

    • Microsoft <3

      youre stupid. its not a matter of beeing "broke" but just making better decisions. xbox sucks d*** and I know so many Microsoft loyal customers that are sick and tired of paying money to get their xbox with the ring of death. Yeah thats cool they FINALLY got a built in wifi finder but ps3 is way more superior than xbox and Id love to bet you money that ps3 has way better reviews than 360. I love playing 360. Dont get me wrong. But dont accuse ppl of being broke just because they are smart enough to make the better decision on the quality of their console you ignorant douche

  • guest

    will the game come out at the same time on all consoles or is it the same principle

    • rodog 1010101010

      the only reason people like xbox 360 is because wen it came out in 06 it was like no one has ever sean before way better then first xbox so people sed oh shit that looks cool and then ps3 came out in 07 and xbox 360 gamerboys were like i all ready have in xbox 360 so ignored ps3

      ps3 x 360

      better graphics ok graphic
      blu ray hd movies
      free online total of 120-200$
      google youtube only youtube

      ps3 all the way screw microsoft tryin 2 get DLC a month later we can wait they spend so much money on advertisements no joke evert gaming commircial by it on xbox 360 i sick of that shit they spend so much money on their system it suck PS3 ALL THE WAY

      u still think xbox is better go on youtube then go on ps3 vs xbox EVEN PS1 CAN BEAT xbox 360

  • guest

    Why would one game make someone want to switch systems? Call of Duty isnt that great…

    • Anonymous

      You're right 1 game isn't enough but this game could be better than the others plus some games were made by Infinity Ward.

    • xbox

      either is a PS3. :p

    • pornstar

      lmao wtf is ur problem. what did u smoke when u thought of the second part of the comment

    • blackopsproducer36

      you suck call of duty is the best game EVER!!! it took my alot of time to make black ops and you really need to buy it!

    • cod father

      jesus ya all have been on somfin black ops is awesome out its the best game ever made!

    • vanyea

      Naw cod isnt that great only won the best game of the year for fps. well all games basically

    • Skram Boss

      thank you. you so right every thing that i have heard on this bash cite it little kids bitching over who has the cooler system. honestly both systems are great in there own way. both have pros & cons. i feel comfortable stating this having owned both systems but i settled with the PS3.

  • webbwulf

    everytime i her someoneone talking bad about xbox it about the company n system. everytime i hear someone talking about ps3 its directed towards the owner whats up with that .monthly subscription isnt helping xbox ps3 better graphics proven………………sony is just better srry guys this isnt about pride just common logic

    • u dont need to kno

      first off xbox and ps3 have the same graffic cards so how could ps3 have better graffics. second xbox has better servers because we actually pay for online. last ps3 s cheap and worthless

  • Eric 87

    ive played xbox 360 but ive always had sony gaming system and never had a problem with it for me its not popularity its just simply that i enjoy ps3 better controllers fit better in my hand. but back to the topic i think they should put the map pack on both systems at the same time cuz why should one get it sooner then the other one. thats gonna make the maker of the game lose a lot of people like all the people ive read people already have said and its true thats a way to lose ur costumers i mean y do they really put it out for one and not the the other i mean its not like xbox live players get to play psn players so y pick favorites.

    • tharok42

      Microsoft pays Treyarch and Activision a large sum of money to have the map pack first, so Microsoft gets more money out of the DLC.

    • ryan

      more people play cod on xbox than ps3

    • Woody

      the makers of the game wouldn't give a damn as once they've sold the game to the shop or whatever they've made their money.

    • scarface

      Ps3 is for broke ass fags with no money and the blu ray sucks i have a samsung blu ray home surround system it kills ps3.. SO all u ps3 homo's get a better system or a better job so u can afford a better system

      • Pat

        lol i dont think anyone cares about your samsung blu ray player, they are comparing the xbox and playstation you half wit, you should join a debate team lol

  • Anonymous

    No. The DLC is downloaded through Playstation Network or Xbox Live. It does not unlock it.

  • dave

    why cant treyarch just see theyre frustrating the hell out of ps3 AND pc gamers with absolutely no result. after hearing that i dont think i even give one about black ops anymore and neither do pretty much all my mates who have a ps3 (and one with pc) well guess im gonna have a laugh playing new vegas

    • obamaisathief

      No you won’t because that dlc is xbox only first also

    • Doxyc

      Yeah, have a laugh playing the glitch-master of the year buddy. I think it's shitty 360 gets the DLC -first-. I think they should all get it at the same time…but yes, I have a 360. I'm happy just to get it. But Black ops seems to just…not have big enough maps. Not much fun for snipers.

      • adamdabomb8

        I heard the black ops dlc was area 51. A new zombies map

    • gfhjdfuigfhgjd

      fallout new vegas dlc so far only gonna b on xbox

    • that guy

      lol, what happened to wii XDD

  • Raptor007

    Paid map packs in CoD6, and the fact that they are confirmed for CoD7, is enough reason not to buy it.

    By the way, I already own a 360, but if I were going to buy CoD7, I would get the PC version. Better graphics, better controls… who cares if you have to wait to waste $15 on a map pack?

    • Infinityward sucks!

      well first off the games are made but 2 diffrent companys with Activision and one makes crapy games for little kids (Infinity ward)….. it took me forever to beat Waw and then i took me 4 days to beat MW2 and the hardest mode what that tell you? it a pain to beat a game thats older then the new one what kind of bull shit is that ohh thats right i was made with little kids in mind… witch also reminds me how mommys and daddys should stop buy there 9 yearold kid shooter game when the case says 17+ so when your kid ends up shooting someone just think about how you got him that game and not he think is ok to do dumb shit like that

      • Smarter than thou

        It takes most non retarded people about 6-8 hours to beat any fps so how about you stop rating games based on the level of retardation you had at the time of playing them.

  • stuhud185

    all u ppl that r sayin a 360 is a waste of money i got a 60gig ps3 n release day 2 hours later it broke sent it 2 be repaired it took a month 4them 2 send me a replcment .so know av 360 all i can say is ur missin out live is 100% bta than playstation n ppl on here sayin uv got 2 buy all outher tech like wifi adap……. erh get ya facts right built in wifi n u get headset included u dont on ps3 n who cares bout blue ray wen 30% of people av sky hd you noobs kinect is gunna b bta than move its just bta value 4 money console simple as

    • Jared

      kinect is gonna be stupid. PS3 MOVE has games where "you are the controller" too. We just have remotes cuz they tend to come in handy for people into shooters, and action. or basically anything that doesn't involve sports and catching a big red ball. so you better get your facts straight. My friends brother works for Gamestop and he says they get 50 percent more calls about broken xbox's then ps3. My ps3 has lasted a year so far without getting red rings viruses that cost a ton of money to repair. And graphics are better on the ps3 cuz there all blueray! no one cares about xbox except for stupid little fanboys

      • adamdabomb8

        You dumba$$!!! Red ring costs no money to repair. I had an xbox that got it. Mail it to microsoft and get a new one back a week latr. FREE!!! So get YOUR facts straight and know what ur talking about

        • Smarter than thou

          He did get his facts straight, dumbass. Just because don't have to pay doesn't mean it isn't being paid for. Microsoft has to pay for it and also outside of warranty you have to pay for it, so stop being such a fanboy douchebag and get YOUR facts straight.

    • Jamie

      Actually PS3 does have build in wiki you dikead :S

    • sloppyJoe

      wow you seem really intelligent… how about you learn how to spell…. plus you have to be half retarted to break a game system in two hours… by the way if you want move you have to by another console. Have fun with that glitchy piece of sheeat

      • jacob

        spot on spot on

    • yeah totally

      I seriously doubt that really happened, and in the slim chance that it did- then you are one of the 5 people that have ever been treated that way by sony. Sony took care of me, I spilled a Monster on my ps3, called sony, they sent me a cool box that fits the ps3 perfectly, and they paid for the shipping, and it was priority mail. I waited like a week and got a brand new PS3

    • guest

      If you took care of your game console with the same care that you used here spelling, it's no big surprise to any of us that your console broke within two hours.

  • @Woozaboy

    wow…. just wow…. Adam…. you seemed pretty intelligent until that last statement. i have a ps3, and i will admit that XBL is better. you get what you pay for. but im just not going to pay for something that i can get for free. Cross Game Chat? i dont give a shit. so far, kinect looks like a fail. if they can fix it, more power to them, but it is, and always will be, a makeover for the EyeToy. as for DLC, if it isn't 15 dollars i'll get it. idc if i have to wait 2 months to get it, as long as i do.

    • Macogrande

      OK the kinect is far superior to any version of the eye toy. I dont think that the eye toy used an infrared to detect your motion. They have pretty much all the bugs fixed out of the actual machine so far it is the games that are what is holding it back. Its not like the PS move is much different from the eye toy either. It uses the SAME CAMERA but it now only looks for the controllers rather than the person. And plus i would rather pay for XBL reek the benefits than sit and deal with crappy online and ridiculous wait time for dlc. Plus who knows. Treyarch might just pull a fast one and do whats been done to all the fallout lovers. XBL exclusive and make more money as all the little COD fan-boys come running to bestbuy or some shit place to buy the Xbox.

      • guest

        It's reap the benefits not reek them, but considering you're talking about X-Box Live I would say that statement is pretty apt.

    • alex

      yes, cuz ps move dosnt resemble a wii mote with a light bulb on top at all :P

  • xbox man

    graphics on playstation is shit

    • Jared

      your just jealous retard ours are better than yours! they're hd and blueray based

      • Guest

        Both of you are being stupid,first off,I do not buy a gaming system for BLURAY!!!!!!!
        I prefer the xbox,but they're both great systems.Now shut up and get a life.

    • guest

      xbox graphics is worse than the ps3 n i have alot of former xbox fanx n they also agree with me

    • PooPooFace

      Wow your a retard the only reason you think xbox has better graphics are better is because Sony put the brightness lower than Microsoft did if i put the broghtness the same level as the xbox is. I can tell by your name that your a fanboy.

    • anonymous

      lol, that sounds like an unbiased comment- from XBOX MAN!!!!! –kind of like Batman, just not smart, strong, and not electronically adept.

    • blue ray

      u r dumb lol all i can do is laugh lol

  • Enforcing Storm

    How childish lol. Both consoles r excellent and fun online. Get a life and get them both

    • skoler

      i agree i just like the controller for xbox.

      • adamdabomb8

        This is true about the controller

    • daOtherMatureDude

      finally a mature dude

    • bothebuilder

      you suck you need to only like xbox … my gamertag is cornupthebutt69

      • LookAtTheseFanboys

        be mature you fucking co ck su ck er and cornup the butt? somebodys gay..

    • john smith

      Yea both consoles might be fun. but PS3 over all Spec wise and capability wise is a better console. why own crap thats gonna fail (xbox) when you can just have the best.

    • person

      thx u finally some1 understands

    • Pat

      gotta disagree with yall i think the ps3 controller is best, notice how its always been the same but the xbox controller started off as a giant and slowly started looking more and more like the playstations…….oh wait lets put the left joystick up here and maybe they wont notice

  • john

    omg microsoft is so retarded. who cares about getting it first in fact its like the xbox gamers are like test dummies like when the resurgence first came out and it was broken but worked straight away on ps3 and even when they fixed it on xbox ps3 owners who had played it on friends xboxs saw that the maps where garbage and didnt waste their money

    • Mark

      yeah ur right man, sony was smart enough to wait so that so it came out for ps3 it worked and won't have problems

      • asdffga

        sony didnt wait, the map pack was just released later

    • ps3sucksnutz

      i think you're the retard …u must not even own a xbox john …you say that the resurgence pack was broken…explain….because i know i gamed that s*** all f***** day

    • person

      No they couldnt afford it

      • LookAtTheseFanBoys

        Sony wipes their a ss with the money microsoft gets

  • Enforcing Storm

    Ask urself Y microsoft feel the need to shell out large amounts of £ to get access to map pax b4 Ps3 or Pc. I think that the days of exclusives should be ended. Surely most if not ALL companies would prefer getting £ from all gaming platforms rather than 1 or r they stupid enuff to think they can pick and choose, especially given the current financial situation.

    • PooPooFace

      Who ever did thumbs down on your coment is an xbox fanboy.

  • James Kingsley

    I play on PC and you people are so lucky to have a gaming console that plays the game perfect, I never get count down time at the start of a match, its laggy, there is billions of hackers, I cant play with my friends, I really want an Xbox so I can play with my friends but I cant because I am poor, I have about 15p, I'm 13 and there is no jobs around, so if your complaining that your Xbox or your PS3 isn't good or its too expensive just think of me.

    • omeganyn

      And people wonder why the world hates americans…

  • stevo

    think use haters are reading to much into it with faults that 360 have made
    no one remember the ps2 failure rate yeah didnae hinkso well a waited 2 munth to get ma ps2 bk wen it furst come out an got nuhin in return o w8 a did tekken who the fuck wants teken no me nways so wen a purchased the first xbox that came out no problems atall with them now that 360 has problems use wanna compare with the ps3 why not compare the shitty ps2 with the first xbox wen it came out ? coz it was better ? a think thats the reason
    an av read that the ps3 has problems with it now a had a ps3 didnae touch it 4 a full yeer that a had it sellt it thats how good its free service was ;)
    as 4 the 360 ps3 argument

    • omeganyn

      I'm sorry… what? i have no idea what you were trying to say there. I got that you are an xbox fan but the many gramatical errors that are in your argument made it very difficult for me to read. Could you fix that so i can actually understand your argument?

    • dfherygryrt

      I honestly have no idea what you were trying to get across there.

    • PS3 is better

      Actually, you're wrong. Both Xboxs always broke. I had a PS2 and it never broke. The only thing was the cable and it was broken by my siblings so you can shut up. PS has always and will always be better than xbox. I would know, 2 of each xbox, all broke and every single playstation ever out, never had one break so you can shut up and fix your crappy grammar.

  • tyler

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm goingoutside <3
    but honestly i like xbox for the controler. simple as that both consoles have great gameplay.
    soooo yeah keep it in the pants :)

    • ps3 owns xbox

      ok that made no sense how is it better xbox controllers is like holding a big polished brick when ps3 controllers fit right in the hands

      • WildFuzz

        I thought that Xbox contolers were more ergonomic

  • really frustrated

    hello … plz someone help me cause im really frustrated… in modern warfare u shouldnt pay but u have to pay for black ops and then theres somthing better on xbox so wich one should i buy xbox or ps3 cause i dnt want to end living with this wrong choice plz help me….

    • omeganyn

      It is the same game on both consoles. The xbox online service you will need to pony up some cash for, PS3 you will not. However, xbox live will receive the new maps for black ops before the PS3 or PC. However, you will need to pay the same price for the maps when they are released across all three platforms. That being said, it will more than likely cost 15$ for a map-pack for black-ops, this means that no matter what platform you game on, you will need to pay 15$ for the map-pack. The only difference is that xbox users will have the option to download the maps before anyone else.

      • PS3 is better

        Get it on PS3, your console won't break.

      • guest

        I am a xbox fan but u should probably get ps3 for free online gaming. :)

  • OSE

    Lol. It's how M$ is. They are practically a monopoly forcing everyone who wants to buy a new computer (other than macs) to use windows. They also patent everything and buy everything from everyone so noone else can use it. They are the reason you can't play music on ps3 while in-game, although it kinda ruins the game if u cant hear it… Linux and ps3 4eva baby! Zune is the only thing I would even think of intentionally getting from microsoft. It's been perfect. :) I had a 360 but just gave up on it after a while. Valve and portal2 on ps3!!! So stoked xD. (Yes I like Valve so what?!)

  • Jar

    Xbox fails. Blackops is coming out for ps3 and xbox at the SAME TIME. The map packs for mw2 only came out for xbox first because Infinity ward made them, unlike the nazi zombie map packs and other map packs for COD5 which came out at the same time. Not to mention xboxs break all the time! My xbox has broken 6 times and my ps3 is left without a scratch.

  • ex-Xbox fan

    I am at the last stage of transferring from Xbox to PS3. What really pushed my decision to switch was when i found out they wanted to raise the rate of Xbox Live!!! What a bunch of greedy basters! Why not go to a system where online is free? It's just as good as Xbox live in my opinion and a heck of a lot cheaper! It's bad enough you already have to pay $40+ for internet service, then pay again to play online? Not worth it. I'm sure Xbox lost a lot of customers when they raised their rates, and I bet they don't profit from the raise because of all of the Live dropouts like me.

  • dude

    I have a ps3 is no better than 360 who needs blu ray. i kno tons of people who got a ps3 after they already had blu ray player… thats not why u shud buy a ps3. ya ps3 online sucks its hecka laggy. xobx connection is awesome… when it lags(which it does not do a lot at all) it switches hosts… so really x box is better. i have a USED 360 that is 3 years old and it is fine. it never has done anything malfunctioal before. so go 360!

    • john

      ive noticed that every person who says "Who needs bluray"? is just a retart…ya who needs graphics twice as good and wants to use top technology? see my point?

    • PS3 is better

      It actually doesn't lag, that is because of your sucky internet connection. I've played on both and the online is exactly the same. Again, depends on your internet connection. Grow up and research it and then you can reply. And also, PS3 doesn't break near as often, never has.

  • Vince

    You know im not sayin either system is better..okay maybe i am..i had bought a xbox360 like 2 weeks ago and mw2 of course went online and there was sooo much for dumb moron xbox lovers who say they pay for a better network..your all full of crap..your paying for nothing but microsoft to stay in buisness.. mind you playstation network is just as bad but at least they aint taking peoples playstations sell way more then xbox cause you dont have to pay for online and you can have a billion accounts for FREE so i say i can care less i aint payin for a damn map pack to get it first lol thats just plain stupid..just like xbox

    • kayoss

      I was in the same situation as you. I had 3 xbox 360's before getting the ps3. My first xbox 360 I got RROD I sent it in and had to pay (this was before MS decided to fix rrod for free) 4 months later it happened again. So I sent it in and they sent me a refurbished one. 2 months later the tray would not eject and xbox finally died. I sent it in and they gave me a brand new one, but by that time I got a ps3 for the blu-ray. When i hooked up the ps3 to play cod4 I never encounter lag and always 4 bars (except when i encounter lag switchers) but my xbox 360 would only have 2 bars connections. I still have it just for exclusive games, but I buy multi platform games for ps3.

  • Echo xXKirbyXx

    Whats the point of arguing over 2 consoles, of course there different…
    if all the consoles in the world were the same whats the point?
    your only looking at the negatives to both of the consoles, what about the positives, i don't see anyone mention any of those, just bagging the other console or "fanboy". It's your preference of something of course someones not going to like the controller of the xbox but alot of people prefer it, or paying for the accounts, but i prefer to pay something thats worth it, and dude you can't blame the consoles network for lag on mw2, infinity ward made it so it relies on someone else being host, depending on the hosts internet, depends on the lag

  • If-Man

    ur all f n retards, xbox is better. ps3 has to many baby's playing it and also well over half have sucky connection.. u get wat u pay for. xbox ppl take game serious as opposed to anyone and everyone gettin to play online and suck and s*** like that. Ps3 aint a bad system, but is bad online! xbox gret all around and we now have espn3 too Whoo!! we don need a disc in our system for that or the netflix, i can stream anything i want from my laptop and have grerat quality.. X is the best and 3…. not so good

    • omeganyn

      PS3 does not need a disc for netflix. PS3 owner can stream anything from any computer on their network as well, they also have a complete internet browser.

    • esgsdgvds

      u need to learn facts idiot. PS3 has the exact same online as 360, – they both go through a host system no matter what the game is.–except Halo and Gears because they are on 360 servers. -but same with PS3, LBP, MGS4, Killzone and all the others run off of Sony servers. But I have never had a single problem with the online gameplay on my PS3.

  • Nathan W

    ok for all u xbox haters out there read this… I have owned a xbox360 60gb for 4 years now, only 1 disc reading problem i sent it in and got it back for free 1 week later, they decked it out with a faster tray and a cool skin. The Xbox 360s are amazing consoles, it may not have your blu ray player or free internet, but if that is the only reason you bought a ps3 dont even talk. The xbox has a more friendly and bigger online community then the ps3 and treyarch see's that. Also the ps3 overheats like a beast, my xbox does not have that problem. Also if you come up with the i have to spend money on a wireless adapter, go and pick up a ethernet cable for 5$ at walmart… or are you too lazy… The xbox and ps3 are 2 very great machines, your just hating on one another because u want to defend your console, people with both enjoy them very much.

    • omeganyn

      PS3 does not have an overheating issue. It did some years ago when it first launched, however that is no longer the case.

    • Casual Gamer

      no- PS3's have better graphics, better sound quality, a lower fail rate, bigger hard drives, bigger processors, and also have universal USB compatibility with bluetooth technology for the controllers and headsets. -they also have playstation home, where you create an avatar, and basically travel the world, talking to people and meeting other members of the community, so for you to say that the 360 has a more friendly and bigger online community is very stupid- more people play the PS3 online- the people that play the ps3 online are generally people that have LiVes- you know, where they leave the house every once in while. –add all that to free online, and Blu-Ray movie capabilities. —-also, PS3 discs are Blu-Ray discs. 360 uses DVD's, which cannot hold as much as a Blu-Ray disc- leading to lower graphics & sound quality.

  • Skyler

    Either way PS3 is a better system because of free wifi,blu-ray,its basically a computer(you dont have to plug it into a computer),theres a lot more settings, better graphics,you can make as many free accounts as you want,personally ive had a PS3 ever since the first one came out and its never had a problem,(Ive been through atleast maybe 4-5 360s and thats horrible and ive only had one PS3(I do admit that 360 has better online play but I still prefer PS3), O and PS3 DOESNT HAVE AS MANY CRY BABYS,CAMPERS,NOOB TUBERS OR LITTLE KIDS!!!

    • name

      maybe you've been through so many because you're a freaking retard and mistreat it.

  • squadz taste gd


  • xbox is king

    PS3 fanboys unite

  • Ruben M

    Ok. i hear alot of backstabbing and smacktalk around here… fine if your going to be like little kids barking at everything and everyone count me out. im here only to say that ive had 5.. yes i repeat 5 xbox 360s in my life. including the newest that just came out. and let me tell you what happend to all of them.. nmb 1 rrod and over heating. nmb 2 cd rom stopped working and the power stopped working. nmb 3 another rrod and overheating. nmb 4 the entire console stopped working.. they couldnt see anything wrong with it. and nmb 5 cdrom destroying my games. overheating and bad cables… i for one saw the light and just switched over to the ps3. and it havent failed me yet. i could live with the paying monthly part. but i cant stand bad quality hardware.. i know the ps3 is expensive when you buy the console but you will be happy you spent them on it.

  • that one random guy


  • Dan

    xbox has better online – for all u ps3 fags, plus stop with the bullshit about online subscription, fuck its 60 fuccking dollars for a year, holy shit you waste more money buying a new game and only playing for couple months, unless it has good online. now if u cant afford 60$ then your ghetto, gay or retarded becuz i dont see how u can afford a game and not an xbox live subsription, heres a ti for you btw, once u get your xbox, dont move it or just leave it where it is, if u do move it, to it gently, because ive had my elite for 2 and half years until my brother took it up and down the stairs to see difference ing raphics on our hd and it ended up with red ring, i had a warranty and some stuff, so it was all free, i sent it nearby to toronto, got it back within a week, no big deal. so fuck you ps3, upgrade to a 360 and join the real gaming experience. i have a severe feeling im goin to get negative comments from ps3 users

    • omeganyn

      360 is a downgrade. Upgrades are hardware related and 360 does not have better hardware.

    • xbox 360<Dog shit

      ok so your saying never take it it to another room a friends house or touch it to hard and bhappy? wtf

    • Dabbelt

      Xbox has about equal online. Lag depends on the host, not dedicated servers. And yes, I will waste 60 dollars on a new game and play it for MORE than a month, thank you very much. I'd rather have a new videogame rather than buy an Xbox Live account and have to run into people like you on Live. What's your gamertag? I'll kill you in Reach when I get my live account back. Start running your mouth and I'll know you're shitty, leave your gamertag and I'll know you mean business. Peace.

  • dabo

    i have xbox 360 and ps 3 and either console has it's failures ps 3 has been in the shop for 6 times and the 360 4 times so what. And yeah ps 3 graphics are a little bit better but not so much to be jealous . For online gaming it's all the way 360 it simply is better not to say ps3 is bad but if you have to pay for online services than you can also be sure it's been used for maintenance and online gaming best experience

  • omeganyn

    For all the fanboys of box out there, one thing to keep in mind… PS3 sales have started passing xbox sales in the past year. The reason for this is because the PS3 has more room for developers. Say what you want about the network, the fact is that the PS3 network is solid and it is free. Blu-Ray technology is coming to the forefront of gaming and the video industry in the up and coming years, microsofts HD-DVD venture failed, so they will have to use something proprietary and not dvd based for a future console to stay competitive in the gaming industry in the future. In contrast, sony will already have a leg in the door for developers with blu-ray technology. That is going to be a huge hurdle for microsoft to leap over. Talking about networks and yellow lights of death, okay you can take small instances of a handful of problems that PS3 owners have experienced, thats nothing compared to the massive rrod that has plauged the 360 since launch and has carried over to the slim, while not as abundant, its still there. Sony has already beaten microsoft as soon as the blu-ray HD-dvd war was over. Sorry xbox fans, the fact is that in the next 5 years, microsoft will continue to fall behind as sony continues to move forward and dominate the market. The xbox is hacked, the PS3 is not, the xbox live has been hacked, PSN has not, these are the facts. Geohot couldnt crack the PS3, he tried, he failed, and firmware was released to cover his method to keep anyone who wanted to follow his footsteps off the PSN. The xbox simply costs alot more over time in terms of money and time. PSN has improved over time and is alot more stable than it was 3 years ago. If you lag on the PSN now its because you have a poor internet connection. Hide behind your language, blast PS3 because you dont have one and you need to justify yourself because no one wants to admit when they are wrong and your egos are hurt, i understand but the facts are the facts. PS3 has already won this.

    • Richard Fleming

      I have been playing the xbox 360 for a few years now and really enjoy it over ps3 sure i got RROD once. This sucks because I live in Alaska so I decided to trade it in at gamestop the only problem is that it was the halo 3 special edition:(
      My profile name is akrickyboby if anyone wants to add me:)

  • Dabbelt

    Soo… I've just been reading over all these comments becaues I enjoy watching both sides fight back n forth. I agree PS3 is better, but I'm not going to boast it up. I got 360 for Halo Reach and thats about it. As far as the map packs releasing… Who cares? I have wayyyy too many other games to be enjoying anyways. I know most people call themselves "gamers" when they ONLY play COD, or in other examples, ONLY play Rock Band or something like that. If you're a gamer you probably should buy and play other games once in a while rather than be stuck up COD's butt. It's a good game, don't get me wrong, but expand. I also enjoyed how all the Xbox fanboys in this post, are making fun of all the PS3 fanboys to get a life, and then end their comment with "superior Xbox" or something only justifiying how much of fanboys they are themselves.. If I was still living with my parents and didn't have to pay bills, I'd probably still be rocking a Xbox Live account, because its a fact: Everyone and their mother has a Xbox Live account. Oh, and dedicated servers or not, I'll kill you on either system. Come find me. PSN/Live ID: Dabbelt.

  • Lars

    Funny how so many people bitch on Microsoft or the 360.
    Yeah sure, the early Xbox 360s had their Rings of Death. Doesn't mean the console sucks.
    I've been using the same xbox since it got out, and i haven't had ONE ring of death. It just means you don't know how to handle a console. And you don't HAVE to pay for a wireless adapter. It's your choice. I'm not gonna waste 50 bucks on a wireless adapter when i can get a net cable for half the price and a better connection to my router. And no offense to who says the ps3 has better graphics. But this is just wrong, i've played both cod mw2 on the 360 and a ps3, and i couldn't tell a difference other then a small shading difference with some MINOR pixels. This was also done on the same Tv. Another good thing about the 360 is is that we don't need crappy bluetooth shit to speak to other people on the e-webs. Like some earlier people said: We pay for our good internet service. Sure there's some minor lags here and there, but that's because of the host of the game. Now another funny fact.
    Xbox 360 owners don't have to pay to get their 360 repaired unless their warranty has run out. Ps3 gamers have to pay 200 bucks to repair it. What's up with that?

    This post does NOT state the 360 is better. I'm just giving my opinion and i enjoy BOTH of the consoles. The reason why i have both is because both consoles have some epic games we can't play on the other console.

    Also i play racing games on my ps3, and shooters on my 360. PRetty much anything else is just scattered across my consoles.

    • guy #9132532982653

      -PS3 gamers don't have to pay anything if they're inside of the warranty, just like XBOX. – so if it's been 3 years and ur 360 breaks, Microsoft will tell you to screw off, and buy a new one (they'll probably want you to buy an elite with 4 controllers, wifi adapter, HD-DVD capability, a years' subscription to XBOX live, and all of the other cheap gimmics that Micro$oft uses to cheat you out of your money.) – granted the 360's warranty lasts longer that the PS3's, but 360's still break wayyyyyy more that PS3. – the original 360's had a 42% fail rate- now the slim's have a 13% fail rate. PS3's that first came out had a 2.3-2.4% fail rate, and the slims have a 5% fail rate. (mostly because they are built with a cheaper plastic case, so if you, (or the guys working a Wal-Mart) drop your PS3, then internal parts might fracture) – however, the fail rate is still much lower.

  • randomness

    i agree with Lars exept for the fact that if you have warranty on a ps3 the fix is free but if you dont your screwed but i guess thats the same with al consoles.

  • Stephen F

    Why the hell would anyone splash out their hard earned money on Microsoft’s pathetic attempt at a console then spend even more money for a subscription to play online on the thing just to get map packs for a for a game which in my opinon offers nothing much new to the CoD series?

    What you’re asking is would anyone pay £200 of whatever an Xbox 360 costs these days, plus a £40 subscription, plus £45 for another copy of a game I already have on ps3, then £12 per map pack to get them a month early! Does the author of this article realise how stupid that sounds?

    Who the hell ever let this idiot near a keyboard?

  • Jack Meoff

    Guys, first off, don't get into your shitty little "I want to justify my purchase by insulting other people's consoles" war. Both consoles are very good; the Xbox has an extremely good online but you have to pay for it and the PS3 has some very good looking games and can play Blu-Ray discs. I swear, this can become worse than those stupid "Mac vs PC" wars. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, you're being pathetic by coming here to flame things that people have spent a lot (depending on whether you class it as 'a lot') of money on just to make YOU feel better about what YOU bought, this has nothing to do with anyone else, YOU just want to make everyone else feel bad because you're feeling 'Buyer's Remorse'.
    So, yeah, have fun with your consoles guys, they're both awesome. :D

  • xbox is crap end of

    In response to those saying their ps3 has broke more than their xbox, either ur making stuff up or u just cant look after a game console properly. just look at the facts, its completly clear xbox is more unreliable hence the infamous red rings of death, every game console owner knows of. however, how many people hav heard of the yellow light of death? thats just a shitty reason xbox fanboys made up to try and lower the reputation of the ps3 for being by far the most reliable and everyone knows it and xbox owners are afraid to admit it.

  • In My Opinion

    I have had my xbox for 2 and a half years with no red rings at all and I play it for sometimes as much 8 hours at a time. If you keep it away from extremely dusty places it does fine. Plus all the exclusive Xbox stuff like Halo along with CoD map packs now and the great HDMI graffics I think it is so much better. Plus, why do you think they have Xbox Simulators for the PS3 but no PS3 Simulators for the Xbox? The answer: it's obvious!

  • Xbox is better

    Are you fucking kidding me people!? Ps3 is 300 dollars. Xbox is 199. Live is 25 dollars now per year now. And you don’t buy an adapter if you have slim or have half a brain enough to run a Ethernet cord to your xbox. Games are the same price just about! Ps3 gets yellow ring of death, 360 gets red unless you have the slim! You get maps and upgrades faster. Who da fuck cares about fucking blue Ray! Idk if ps3 has a marketplace where you can buy games movies and other things but 360 does!! Nough said

  • Storm Delta Ops

    who the hell would want to switch from PS3 to Xbox 360
    its like saying a pro competitive PC gamer wants to switch to Nintedo DS Lite
    its so unimaginably stupid
    if anything u should move from xbox to PS

  • nemmy

    you guys pay $50 a year for 6 years and this is what you get in return? A small list of maps a month early? What a scam.

    PS3 + PC = free online gaming. You already pay for your internet, why are you paying again to use it? Seriously…what is wrong with you guys.

  • wardoc22

    lol guts, both ps3 and 360 are all great gaming consle both with its advantage and disadvantage.

    Btw, microsoft fixed the red ring if death by taking out the lights in the slim lmao


    cant wait, about time all those ps3 owners get the **** handed to them, really calm down about it, the new xbox has wi fi built in and its still the same price, the RROD is gone now. And on the playstation, you lag out of matches every five seconds ( i know this cuz i went from wii to ps3 and ultimately to xbox360) so dont go sayin xbox sucks just cuz you enjoy your unenjoyable ps3. we are payin for the more reliable and not ***** service so go **** yourselves. XBOX IS WAY BETTER!

  • Guest

    I really don't care that much about microsoft pathetically bribing treyarch – black ops is amazing! the online is incredably addictive and the zombies mode is insane!!! i own a ps3 and i have no problems with it and neither do i hate the xbox but i see absoulutly no point in buying an xbox just to get a map pack early – i just hope the next few packs will include more zombie maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thums up for the raygun!!!

  • gt a life

    STFU listen to yourselfs complaining on the INTERNET about games nigga get a jobjavascript:%20postComment(0);

  • Danharris83

    LMAO all you ps3 fanboys that are moaning about xbox users having to pay you make it sound like were paying hundreds of pounds out when its actually only 30-40 pound a YEAR!!!! how can that be expensive. The online experience has always been crap from sony from when they started with the ps2 and now. So unless you can find something worth talking about shut the fk up and get back to the actual topic.

  • Chuck Greene

    TBH i don't care that we get it later we get to play online for free. soo mircosofts way of saying sorry is getting it early so they can make more money XD

  • PS3 sucks!

    PS3 sucks that all there is to it so all you fan boys need to STFU and stop your QQing

  • i like big cocks

    i like boys

  • ilikebigwillys

    comment pending approval

  • alex mason

    you guys are ambling on abouit free psn but to tell the truth xbl is worth paying for.another thing who gives a damn about blu-ray i bet half of the ppl who say they hav blu-ray player dont even watch blu-ray plus all ur doing is watching a it better quality.if u dnt want xbox then stfu keep ur fukin ps3 and get over it!!!!

  • Bob bob

    Ps3 owners you’d are a bunch of shitheads who are just biased in your decision tbh they cost around the same with all costs and I think what the fuck is the difference and who gives a shit and if you moan about paying for xbox live well then your just a scatty bastard who can’t afford it

    • Stephen F

      What a knob, you really have no idea what you’re talking about, do you? Scatty bastard who can’t afford it? and that coming from a dick who bought Microsofts cheap shitty console. Epic fail

  • Reality Check

    PS3 is the most enjoyable game experience ever (For Me). I have tried the XBOX360 but I can never get around to difficult dam controller. My PS3 has never "Failed" nor has my PS2 ever "Failed". I had a few friends that have 360s that are broken or there games are scratched up because of the 360 being knocked over.

  • frogsot

    why is is that ppl cant just get along and agree that ether one is good xbox gots halo gears fable. ps3 gots clank mag. and the wii well i think we can all agree thats the one that truly failed. when everyone else was handing out good gaming system blue prints they missed out for the wii. but it was a fun system for awhile…………….

  • Tim Wheeler

    I have had a PS3 and XBOX360 and I see no idea in how you morons thing the graphics are not the same. I have sold both PS3 that I have, Sure I didn't have to pay to play online, but that free online was worse. Also alot of you need to learn to spell and type. XBOX360 is far better then the PS3 or the Wii for that matter. I need a video game system I buy a XBOX360 and if I need a blu-ray player then I go buy a blu-ray player. the whole well my PS3 plays blu-ray so its so much better is like me being in the year 2011 saying well you know I could have bought that new Chevrolet Volt, But this 1974 Pinto came with a aftermarket radio so its just so much better.

    Go play with your PS3 and I will sit here with my top of the line XBOX and play nazi zombies.

    Have a wonderful day.

  • Weeaboo

    Screw PS3 and XBOX 360. PC gaming all the way.

    PC has more features than both of them combined. :D

    • Edgey

      and better graphics=D

  • tom

    If you think about it ps3 has it good and bad points so does the xbox 360 also the pc but tbh the pc is soooo much better than any of these I mean the old graphics card I had (nvidia 9800gt) is better than any of them now I a GTX 480 which is over 10times better also I can get I blu-ray player for about 30£ and an i7-980x. So all together the pc comes out on top and you can fix a computer within a day

  • User 222

    Ladys ladys stop fighting. Both consols are great in a way. I am a sole ps3 owner that dosn’t make ma a fanboy. The only real reason that everybody uses a bluray player as a fact is because bluray is out selling dvds witch are not being made anymore. Plus with bluray discs they can hold more graphics then regular dvds. As for the consol in general the new xbox looks great and even thow they got rid of the red lights it dosn’t stop the consol from getting the red ring of death. The ps3 hardly gets hardware failure. Also even thow the new xbox 360s have fixed issues id dosn’t still mean a thing. The fact is that microsoft built a shitty consol and set it on the market while the ps3 was developed. Sony then saw the defects and improved them. So the fact that new xboxes may have old issues fixed it means that they had to improve on a shitty contraption while the ps3 had all of those issues fixed plus more.

  • Dean Moores

    Right let me start by saying I like both of the consoles. However I do have an Xbox 360. But I also have a brand new gamming PC that I built myself. If I could afford it I would have a PS3, Nintendo Wii and the handheld consoles. WHY? you may ask. It's simple they are all good in there own ways. I have an Xbox because I like the online community and the games that are Xbox exclusives such as Blue Dragon, Crackdown, Forza etc. So what I pay £40 a year for live. Thats nothing compared to the people that play WOW on PC at £8.99 a month £107.88 a year. I have a PC because I like the graphics and the controlls for certain games such as Counter Strike and the exclusives. I would have a PS3 for the exclusives and the slightly improved graphics over the Xbox, but I wouldn't use the Playstation Network as it's unstable.

  • Dean Moores

    I would have a wii infact I did have a wii only got rid of it due to money problems at the time but I plan on buying another soon for Zelda and Mario etc. Last the handheld I would have all of them for the main reason if I wanted puzzles and platformers it's the DS and if I wanted hardcore games PSP is the way forward. So please people stop moaning about which console/PC is better they are all amazing systems in there own ways and we should just all get along with eachother.

  • ECD xbox

    Key word "when it came out" and who cares about hd movies just watch a ******* dvd it isnt that much better anyways and xbox gets stuff earlier and better internet since we pay for it so u can stick with ur piece-o-S**t playstation and go suck a ****

    • Jared

      oh wow! a week earlier good for freaking you ps3 is much better in all other respects!
      And im not gonna pay hundreds of dollars on an internet thats like 5% better than ps3's retard. read this article i found online.

      Okay, so PS3 came out at a VERY expensive price, but the price dropped dramatically after just a little while. The reasoning for it being a tad more expensive then XBOX is because the PS3 had Blue-Ray and HD games as well as it being a Blue-Ray player. Xbox's play Blue-Rays, but not in HD Blue-Ray quality. You see every blue-ray movie has a Standard Format and and Blue-ray format. XBOX just plays the standard format.
      Now, I'm not saying Xbox exclusives aren't good (although Halo can get a bit repetitive), but PS3 has way more exclusives and they're better. Such as Infamous, Little Big Planet, God of War, and my personal favorite: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, plus many more. These games had lots of time put into them and they turned out great.
      I know XBOX has recently got Netflix, but from the start, PS3 had it to where you could rent AND/OR BUY movies.
      Plus we have Playstation Home, which is basically a free game that comes with it. It is completely online based and you're in this whole virtual world, with millions of real people online, themselves. And you can go to virtual bowling allies and bowl, and stuff like that.
      XBOX, unlike PS3, is a money-sucking system that charges $50 a year for internet, which isn't a bad price but it's way more expensive then it deserves. And all you XBOX fans that say, "Oh, the reason it costs money is because it gives you a better experience!!!!!!" Honestly, is it really that much of a "Better Experience" to charge 50 bucks more a year for XBOX Live? Oh, and don't forget, even if you have a wireless router you still have to get a WIRED CONNECTION, WHICH COST'S 100 DOLLARS!
      PS3 has better graphics because they are all blue-ray and HD based. And I understand that the XBOX has good graphics, but it's not as good as the PS3's.
      And the PS3 has internet browser, a music library, filled with music you can download. Same with pictures and videos, and yes, I know XBOX has some of those features, too. But you can't make themes and backgrounds for your XBOX menu, when on PS3 you can make YOUR pictures your menu background.

      • adamdabomb8

        Wow, that u said all that just to try to prove a point is really f*****g funny. Get some balls and stop whining like a little b**** about how your little game system is better. Suck a D**k…

        • Guest

          ohh the little bitch lost so he turned to insulting the guy who just proved him wrong ps3 is the best

      • The Insanity

        This is totally outdated netflix has been on the xbox for like 2-3 years now we have zune,last fm, and espn now. We are getting more as we speak. To say ps3 has is true but only for exclusives because they don’t take the time to make another graphic design for it to be better on the ps3. The exclusives on the xbox have a larger fanbase(Halo,Gears of War,Fable) Ps3 has more story based games like god of war, uncharted, and heavy rain.

        What comes down is what kind of player you are

        ps3 you are a less competive nonfrequent online player who really loves a good story

        xbox 360 you are a frequent online player looking for a more competive fanbase and you are looking for things to be done to improve your experience.

        • smarter than thou


        • Guest


  • BIG sweet46

    there should be a Xbox VS PS3 matches on COD Black Ops to see who have better players

    • shockinall

      ps3 gamers wuld win… 360 wuld have no match bc ps3 has faster rps and other sh!t and i played on 360 and every match i played on cod mw2 and black ops they all sucked SO PS3 FTW!!

  • Tyler

    PS3 fanboys = idiots. Xbox fanboys = idiots.
    If you want a blue ray player that can also play singleplayer games well then go get a ps3 but don't expect a halfway decent online experience, you get what you pay for. If you want to have the best online gaming experience and a sub par singleplayer then go get an xbox. It's the truth.

    • ps3 owns xbox

      xbox graphics suck on single player and multiplayer idiot

  • Anon

    A month's exclusivity? Good. I can watch some youtube clips, giving me a month to decide if I want to buy it or not.

    So glad I had that chance with MW2. Thanks Microsoft, for paying to make it easy for me to decide!

  • alex

    can I buy der riese for black ops of the playstation store

  • Brian

    a know af far as hardware reliability, Ive had my Xbox RROD on me, and my Ps3 YLOD and need a replacement bluray drive, Xbox lasted 3 years, PS3 1.2 years….both have problems, but at least Microsoft had extended the warranty to 3 years….Sony has been denying claims within a year if system has "excessive dust" inside – well, Im not the genius that put air vent right over the drive causing early drive failure – Sony needs to take responsibility, and both need to make better systems – both slim systems are garbage!!!

  • Chris

    Holy fucking shit!!! Is this fanboy central or something. You all need to man up and get a wii, like real men.


    yes most mof the maps from call of duty4 was already on the modern warfare 2 disk you basicly paaid to unlock them but they did give you some other maps

    black ops is getting some of the maps from world at war and 1 or 2 zombie maps from world at war aswell there going to be 1200 ms points for the map pack and they are bringing 6 map packs out for black ops

  • phuckit

    poor bastards buy both of them and see which one you will be playin more xbox live is worth it all. go and buy it. ps3 is for bluray only oh and ps3 only titles

  • Sam-Ando

    tbf its all about what console your mates are on! if they own a ps3 then you'll buy a ps3, if there on an Xbox, then you'll buy an x box! both consoles are the same other than blue ray and subscription!

  • michael

    when are the maps for waw going to be releaced

  • Brian

    PS3 blows. Quite possibly the WORST controllers EVER when you try and play an FPS with them. I'd rather use an original NES pad to try and play FPS than those shitty ass PS3 controllers.

  • jt_18_90

    omg you all are f-ing retarded seriously why do you think ANY dlc gets exclusivity on the 360? um because microsoft has actual paying customers on there console and actualy have the money to make deals like that instead of fucking retards that expect everything for free and abuse there gaming consoles by using them for bluray players last time i checked i got a gaming console to game not to sit there with my thumb up my a*s watching high def movies and if i really wanted to do that guess what id just stream HD movies from my f-ing laptop to my 360 sure i use to be a playstation fan back when i was in middle school seriously grow up its time for change mofos

  • mario

    wii is retarded, now that aside i have nothing to say anymore (anon, genius!! XD)

  • Mario

    Please children, Obviously the Wii is the best system out there today. Look how Sony AND Microsoft have Copied the motion gaming. And what console has been the hardest to get a hold of since it was released? Not 360 or PS3.

  • Herbs

    I have all consols and a

    Quick heads up is sexbox shreds over the gaystation for reasons most of you will not understand

  • Joe L

    As reading through these comments inoticed sum bs bout the ps3… Xbox having better exclusives? Let’s xbox has halo,gears,l4d,forza,and fable… Ps3 has killzone,resistance,twisted metal, gran turismo, infamous, littlebigplanet, motorstorm, ratchet and clank, god of war, heavy rain, uncharted series, MAG, metal gear solid (with snake), and pribaky more I can’t name. Xbox lost mass effect they lost there Good halo developer bungie slims still rrod power brick bigger then a fuckin house 60$ for live yeah I’m gonna pay 60 a year to be told off by 12 year olds who have there older brother hack for them yeah so worth 60$ u have kinect ur laggy piece of shit that simply looked at Sonys eyetoy and said let’s do that years later. Ps3 simply better free online, better exclusives, better reliability, blu Ray, 1080p for people dumb enough not to know it had it better controllers come on it’s 2010 and xbox controllers need batteries… Ha micoshit failed whatcomes out next year for 360? Gears 3 wow ps3=lbp2 killzone 3 resistance 3 infamous 2 and more yeah the xbox is a better console… Wanna argue?

  • cdugger

    fuck yall xbox 360 elite is the shit. ive never had a problem with mine and ive had it for 4 years and ill never by a darn ps3 they suck ass

  • Mc747

    Everyone has their preference, but put simply, Sony & Microsoft wouldn't make their consoles unless a substantial amount of people purchased them. Clearly they've both made decent machines.

    My reasoning? I have friends – i'm sure some of the others posting mindless insults on here do also. All of my mates have xbox's and personally i'm willing to pay a small amount and sacrifice a blu-ray player for the sake of chatting to my mates while playing games. Again, preference.

    (cue nonsensical hate response)

  • Mc747

    Everyone has their preference, but put simply, Sony & Microsoft wouldn't make their consoles unless a substantial amount of people purchased them. Clearly they've both made decent machines.

  • Adam

    I really don't understand why all of you get so wound up over consoles?

    The only time a 360 is going to get RROD is if your some kid that plays it non stop.
    They're all the same.

    Who honestly gives a fuck? This is so childish.

  • Manyk

    First off xbox can’t get rrod anymore, but it doesn’t matter because ps3 had ylod at first, then both were fixed and xbox is better because of it, ps3 just stayed the same.

  • exogen

    90% of the posts on this thread are so pathetic.
    It's a games console, you play it for fun.

    You people are getting so anxsty over the fact that someone doesn't play the same games console as you… really think about that & how lame that is.

  • lololoololo

    your all idiots.. the reason behind 360 getting the DLC first is because we pay for our live so we get better content sooner

  • ps38tr

    Ok, let me say this first, and Im not being a fanboy when I say this: Xbox has better graphics.Its PROVEN. It has a better graphics card with more space then the PS3s.Dont believe me look it up. And Ive had my xbox for over 2 years and it hasnt gotten the RRoD yet. And the ps3 has a horrible control scheme. Who cares if it plays blu-ray, you dont by a console just because it can play more expensive versions of movies that you could buy for less and not have it affect the way you watch the movie.

  • Diederich

    Wtf is "CHAINSAW MODE"?

  • Positive Emotions

    Nice. That way they'll give me time to play Gran Turismo 5.

  • Jared

    just to let you know, the ps3 has had more exclusive titles than xbox and theyre all better. Uncharted 2 for example, is amazing. Plus, GTA 4 was gonna be a ps3 exclusive but xbox paid them a ton of money to make it for xbox too, and when they did they had to reduce all the graphics for it because it was too much for the 360, cuz they were originally made in blue-ray. And btw, we have free internet and a browser. And even if the connection is a tiny bit better on xbox, its not 60 dollars worth better. Xbox is money sucking. $60 Xbox Live, $100 adapter, and all xbox has is halo and fable as exclusives. oh, and gears of war. But in all honesty, Halo SUCKS. it's the same thing everytime. A 2 hour, pointless, repetative campaign. and i wouldnt buy an xbox just for gears of war when playstation has uncharted 2, killzone, and INFAMOUS, God of War, and little big planet, which is also amazing. And PS3 still gets the map-packs like a week later so what the heck! and PS3Move got rated better than Kinect on IGN. so what now? We actually have something called buttons, which tends to come in handy for anyone into shooters, action games, or anything that doesnt involve running and catching a big red ball! and we have some games where you are the controller too. But not all of them. We wanted to have a little more of a chance for variety in our games. so forget Xbox fanboys! ps3 for life! (GO TO PS3JOURNAL.TK and go to xbox vs. ps3)

  • mapayne

    I find it interesting the amount of arguements users of these two consoles have. To my way of thinking each console is excellent in its own way. I own a 360 myself but have played the PS3 and am impressed by both.

  • dick long

    xbox sucks….thats the cheap game system….had one when it first dropped and it didnt even last a year….dont waste your money on 360 people…who wants to pay to play online when you have

  • adam

    xbox is better u poor people who cant pay for xbox

  • sulligentf12

    its all good because sony has talked bout making ps3 ppl pay so rock on xbox

  • luke gillespie

    the reason i as a xbox owner will get it 1st is because i pay for year subscription ya like £3 a month im really going to mis that ant i lol to all you haters of subscriptions, i am a paying customer to xbox and i believe i should get stuff for my £3 a month which is V.I.P. treatment to game D.L.C. so i believe it is far from A-Z and have no problem the reason why we get it first for is cause microsoft will give Activision an x amount of money what they get from there subscribers like me because microsoft can give them that money as it is called looking after your customers now any ps3 owner who thinks this is unfair is just plan ignorant and believes he should get every think in life 1st as he thinks the world revolves around him/her well reality check it doesnt so deal with it and stop moaning because it is fair as i pay my money for V.I.P. treatment just like when you pay for V.I.P. tickets to go somewhere.

  • Random Stranger

    I used to be a die hard playstation fan tried ps3 and it sucks ive never had a problem with ma xbox that was mainly the 1st edition xbox that had the problems an even if it does breakdown send it back to microsoft free of charge and they will fix it or give u a new 1 without the cost with playstation 3 after 18 months they are pron to the yellow light which means ya console is dead playstation dont take any liability for that

  • Talker

    Wow.. I went on the internet to see if there would be any map packs for Black ops and this came up.. Do some of you even realize what you're typing? I can't believe you guys just sit here and try to 'defend' your favorite console, over the internet, against random people you've never met. Seriously, even if you do "prove that your console is better", what's gonna happen? Nothing. I just don't understand why you guys care so much about what strangers think of the VIDEO GAME SYSTEM you bought. It's a video game. Grow up. Most of the arguments are stupid and pointless anyway, not to mention half of them are barely-legible run-ons.

  • xbox

    i can't understand how childish PS3 players are. they start to cry because of this. think outside of the box. the reason of why DLC is coming first in Xbox is because Xbox players pay for playing online and microsoft thougt that if they pay for activision to get first DLC the customers would be happy and keep going to play Xbox no't PS3. and so what you don't have to pay online gaming<we pay, we play, we got updates. better graphics… in my ass. blu ray… what the fuck you do whit that on game system, i bet that you don't have money to buy blu ray player and Xbox and it's compounds. and we got better online game, better games etc. and my Xbox has lasted ever since i bought it 2 years ago but all my PS3 has failed in a year… so fuck you PS3 fun boys and get a life and better jobs. and yes i own PS3 and Xbox 360 and i prefer xbox…

  • rustypro

    you guys do realize that microsoft made a deal with them, and its not just a back rub its called money. their going to make more money making these dlc packs exclusive, and as long as they do they will. on a side note, xbl is better than psn duh always has been always will be you get what you pay for, mlg, and G4tv time and time again vote the 360 everytime for best controller, and speed. soo 360 has all that, and ps3 has what blu-ray you should just – that thats not what a console is even bought for. oh so ps3 only beats the 360 in graphics hmmmm well it sounds like GTA to me i rather have a better game full of things to do with some slightly downed graphics, than a game thats a lil slower and half the content for better graphics. well thats just logic isn't it? you can have saint row 1,2 1080p HD/ or you could have gta 1-8 720p HD now im just an average gamer but wouldn't a real gamer pick gta? oh and the failure rate is about the same since 2gen. 3years ago 1 year after it came out, what thats not an excuse it was a broken console on launch, well what about ps1, and ps2 slim? yeah so stfu unless you have something to say about future consoles because this war was won n00bs. by the way, ive grown up on ps, but ps3 was just too damn expensive and there very limited to the games they get, lol i just realized its like a pc/mac war oh well ps3 isn't compatible with anything :P oops i mean apple.

  • rusypro98

    lmao ford:ps3, chevy:xbx360, and dodge:wii in the corner minding its own business. the only reason ps3 has better graphics is because of the slower blu-ray player built in. blu-ray can handle more memory movement/ usage on one disc than normal dual layer/ cd's can. also the ps3 games are 1080p native, while xbx360 games are only 720p native if it weren't for asians and how size/bulk makes them not like it then we would have a bunch of 2-3 disk xbx360 games with native 1080p, not only the same graphics but faster speeds, less load time/readtime and what not.

  • Jon-Paul

    I don't care what any of you say I have an xbox and a ps3 and I think the xbox 360 is way better.



  • Valuck

    I have both xbox and ps3 and super upset with xbox that its rotting on the shelf collecting dust thinking how to destroy it with pride. i have had nothing but probs with it, ring of death. hd failures and much more then spend more money for wifi card then pay for online gaming and microsoft thinks im going back to xbox for 1 month early DLC???? i dont think so, it cost me much less sticking to my ps3 for free online play, no failures and its bluray movie player and im happy to wait 6 months for DLC let alone 1 month on ps3. And no im not biased in this its my true view on this matter.

  • big tommy from dc

    wow all u guys talkin about how an xbox gets the red rings and shit but iv had mine for 2 or 3 years and not once a red ring, wen u get a red ring its means u dont take care of ur shit…..

  • Henk looij

    Microsoft noobies, idiots who pay for xbox live omfg. Map packs suck better buy new game:)

  • Mike

    all of you 360 fans go buy the new 360 and shove the old one up you're ass…
    think about this Sony-Japenese Xbox-American
    which leader is fucking us over worse obama or whoever is in Japan. sad to say all americans give a fuck about now is money so quit helping them pay their bills and make the switch…besides who's smarter Japan Or the U.S….

  • Solid 360

    All you jap game system users can burn in hell

  • the one

    I own both 360 and ps3. Ps3 is by far the better of the two. Both have there pros and cons. But when you get down to brass tax the sexbox is def more expensive slim or not. Oh and the rrod does live on even in the slims. You have to buy everything for the box including batteries for you fucking controller, online subscription, dlc, games(unless you got a modifiedbox)and possibly a harddrive. Start adding just that shit up and you got a ps3. I’ve had my ps3 for 4yrs going on five years not a problem yet. I swap out my 60gb harddrive for a 650gb hd and use the old one as an external hd for my ps3 and computer. Cost of everything $65 on amazon. Xbox does have a few exclusive titles such as Gear and fable but for the most part the rest of the exclusive games suck monkey ass. As as online gaming goes xbox live is a hacked network just like anything else. The problem is dumbass people pay for it. Then try to justify getting raped! Wtf? I rather not pay to be raped but hey its a free country. But serious gamers game on no matter the system. Hey you’re not spending my money so I don’t really give fuck. (black ops G1w-come get wet) “gameguru”

  • Chirs

    Xbox = trash and everyone that has one is trash too. Now go out and by a ps3 and join the rest of the world you limp dick assholes.

  • Xboxman

    You are all stupid! If you wanted a gaming system then get a gaming system not a piece of #### blu-ray player. And for all of you that say the PS3 has better graphics you are right, but the only reason it does is because Sony used Microsoft technology to make the PS3…. ever think of that?

  • TheOpinionMaster

    Gameplay > Graphics that formula should just about solve any issue if you want to buy a system.


    why is this even a topic of argument. XBOX LIVE requires users to pay, and they still have 5 times the number of gamers in the community. Pretty clear which online community is better. When Modern Warfare 2 released, PSN couldnt even handle the community, had to shut the servers down for a couple of days. Im a 360 fanboy, only because microsoft pays for things like an early release of content. That makes the 5 bucks a month i pay for LIVE well worth it.

  • CrazedWolf

    …$50 a year is very little if you complain about you must be living on the steets

  • For 360

    You guys are stupid. Microsoft took advantage of the time and are living it big. I am happy being a XBOX 360 owner. PS3 Gamers are all but campers and young. Like 5-10. Over half of the community on ps3 are kids. Unlike 360 when 80 percent is adult. Think about it

  • Heishere

    People who argue over which is best ALL have no lifes, i have a xbox 360 but i'm not going to compare it to a ps3 so why dont you gys have something better to do then argue over which is best and ENJOY it and if thats not easy for you get the cock you have in your ass out.

  • Xbox360=PS3

    I am not trying to argue with anybody here, but I want to say something. I have both the Playstation 3 & the Xbox 360, and I happen to like the Xbox better. If you think about it, when the Xbox360 first came out, yes, it had the red ring of death (which ruined my first Xbox after 2 years, but I got a free one), but that has been about half fixed. And a lot of ps3 people say ''Well PSN is free!'' Well about half of those people bought the ps3 when it first came out, at $499 for the normal 20G. The Xbox came out at $299 for the core gig. And the new xbox is $199 and has built in wi-fi connectivity, which costs about $100, which is about 2.5 years on xbox live, so pretty much, the xbox is cheaper for the first 2.5 years, then after that, the ps3 becomes cheaper, because they cost $299 now.

  • Xbox360=PS3

    And also, Xbox is gonna be a little more popular now that there is Kinect (even though there is PS Move, you still need a controller for that, and Kinect follows your body's movements), but I think the 2 of them combined are gonna be neck and neck for a long long time, and everyone will have their arguments. And I think the PS3 is a revolutionary system! I just for some reason favor the Xbox bairly. But I know that everybody will agree on one thing, both the PS3 and the Xbox360 are gonna SCREW THE WII! :)

  • Lion

    both play in 1080i and 1080p. same graphics. xbox has better games, better online, better community, better communication. doesnt get rrod anymore. suck on that popsicle.

  • StevoLAWL

    Big lol at any one actually arguing over consoles…. find something better to do with you time

  • Nothing.

    Anyone who says PS3 or XBOX360 is a superior console is a retard.
    Guys, the PS3 has free online, that doesn't make the online ****. The HOST in the GAME will make the game lag. It's the exact same as Xbox! PS3 also has free online because they have PSN, which ONLY has game demos and stuff like that.
    You pay for xbox live to play online, yeah. But it ALSO comes with IGN gamernews. Which shows you little bits and secrets of the games you have to try and get the most out of your games. XBL comes with "My community" which is Facebook, MSN, XBL friends, parties, private chats and more!!! It has the "Video marketplace" Where you can buy, rent, stream movies and tv shows from Zune! You can buy FULL games on demand. ANd really, there's no point to that if you have the 16gb hard drive. WHICH IS WHY the put the 60gb, 120gb, and 250gb hard drive out for sale! And the new xbox has the 250gb hard drive to start with! If you look into all those things, you'll see there's ALOOOT more than just what I've named, coming with XBL.

    Now for PS3:
    PS3 has free online, who DOESN'T want that? And the graphics are AMAZING. But they are also AMAZING with XBL. But I will admit that PS3 graphics are a considerable amount better than XBL. Sure you have to wait a little longer for DLC's and stuff like that, and you don't get IGN movies or Zune or anything, but it's still a great console. You get the internet browser, so you can actually GO on facebook. The facebook app for 360 sucks dick. Honestly. You can see your friends statuses, comment on them, and post your own. That's it. And when you do anything like that, it says "Via Xbox live" on your comment/status. So you look like a complete faggot.

    So overall, Neither console is superior. It just depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you're all about talking to friends, and socializing and playing games. XBL is for you

    But if you want Strictly gaming you should get PS3, you can still talk to yuor friends, but they have to be in the same game. I have an xbox360 because I like socializing, and playing games with friends. I play my friend's PS3 all the time, and neither is better in my opinion. I just like the xbox 360 because I'm more of a social person.

  • Zach Ishak

    Dear Xbox, I find it sad how you have to resort to bribary to get people to buy your cheap systems. The new slim xbox is a photo copy of the PS3 slim. But wait its $100 less than the PS3! Oh wait….. you have to pay for live and a new xbox every 2 weeks when the last won you bought breaks down. Oh Joy. Xbox you are just great in every way. btw tht last part was sarcasm for all the dipshits out there. =)

  • Thorne

    I would like to say, in theory PS3 has better graphics, In reality the Xbox does; just look at all IGN’s graphics comparisons, the WiFi argument is invalid: the Xbox slim has it built in, that being said, I still run a cable because its the fastest way. Xbox online is better, sony fanboys give it up, we get what we pay for which is a larger community, better service, better speed and a lot more competitive gaming, MLG Ps3? Nope? the majority of Major League Gaming is Xbox based and if you go on Gamebattles there are 5 times as many Xbox teams as Ps3 teams.. Face it, Xbox outdoes it in every way apart from the Blueray player, but I already had one when buying my Xbox, it came with my surround sound/home cinema system which I use with my xbox’s superior sound quality.

  • Kyle Jelonek

    ps3 is better cuz u cant get ur dick stuck in the disc tray.


    i have both an xbox 360 and a ps3 and i have to say the ps3 is far better. ive spent more on xbox live subscriptions than a ps3 itself. i hate that the dlc is coming on xbox first and probably wont buy it at all. i LOVE the xbxo controller though. the triggers are way better than the ps3

    • some loser

      hmm more than the ps3 aye?
      sounds like sum1 has bought a couple years worth of live…. wonder how you cannpt like xbl yet buy so much worth of live lol

  • fanboys get a life

    Games cost more on ps3, the money you'd pay on that over weighs the money you'd spend x box live. I'd rather buy live which isn't that much for a year in the first place and get the better quality anyway. Now i don't own a ps3 but every time I've been to a friend's house i have been dissapointed at the amount of lag i had to put up with, almost every time.
    I'm glad i got x box over ps3, just about everybody at school has xbl over psn and one of my friend's who had a ps3 has ditched it in turn for the x box he admitted it, it's not fun playing it while on xbox it is. to be honest i don't really care which system is better i just care about which one i have more fun on and that is x box.
    xbl= $30-80 (most of my friends get live from e-bay) for a year's worth of live in return for good quality entertainment.

    psn= every time i have played it, it took ages to find a game, when they did it was laggy as sht and ultimately…not fun at all.
    Not some xbl fanboy and i don't hate ps3 either, just saying what i think about both.

  • mark

    for ps3 you get the yellow light of death over 65% of ps3 owners get it

  • bob

    You guys are seriously making my day. Ps3 is great, but you guys are basically have sex with it. The new xbox is probably the best thing to buy, yes you have to pay for live but thats understandable. We have better exclusives to at that. So the ps3 has blueray, you're telling me thats why you have one? just for blueray. its pointless if you ask me. Xbox 360 is way better than the ps3 and it has been proven. You fanboys are just to stupid to realize and admit it. Maybe you guys should go get some sun and actually do something than play xbox. fuckers

  • bob

    this is why ya don't have girlfriends

  • Pabs

    when was the last time u heard xbox asking for money without giving something out? when you pay for online, they use the money to make it better. and all u fiking retards on ps3 its not a game console. not a blu-ray play. also u can watch hd movies without an xbox reader. and another thing, the key word in ure text is "when it came out". now, the failure rate for xbox is lower than the ****** ps3.

  • Russ

    you guys that have bad review for xbox take note they have the slim now 90 percent less chance to redring and no wireless to buy way more contenet for xbox i love the ps3 but all it does is goes on internet? i can do that on my computer plays music well shit my 360 does that too i laugh at ps3 owners ill have my map packs long b4 you……

  • OhSoRandomJoe

    I think everyone should just shut up about this. PS3 and Xbox are great in their own ways. Now, weather PS3 players want to admit it, the Xbox is better for mutiplayer. The servers are payed, yes, but they are oh so much better, be it such little lag or how easy it is to get into a game. I have PS3 players who use their PS3 just for Blue Ray, because they hate the multiplayer servers. PS3 on the other hand, let's face it, has WAYYYY better graphics. This makes the PS3 ideal for awesome single player games. And even still, no matter which side you take, it all ends with this: They are game consoles, stop debating them, and go freakin' play them.

  • dewey

    ps3s are way better 360 are cheap peices of crap so far theres only about maybe 100 people that had a problem with a ps3 and only about 200000000000000000 people that had problems with a xbox. they suck there company is cheap with all that money there should only be 50 dollars and free everything but no. and ps3 hav better graphics because all the games are blu ray. and xbox break in 1 min. you also get free online so dont even try to say u get better service when u pay becasue u dont. ur paying 4 somthing that should be free. and my friend has a xbox and he wished he never had it cause it lags just the same if not more and too many hackers. he gets kicked out of lobbys all the time.

  • southardbadboy

    well i have a xbox 360 and for all you crappy playstation lovers playstation has had its problems it was on watchdog around a year a go with a yellow light of death which made the playstation a paperwait and if you didnt pay extra for insurance then sony would not repaire for free where as xbox did a 3 year warrenty for and 3 red light and repaired for 3 didnt even have to pay to send it off also xbox charges for there online gaming because its out of this world its 100% better then the playstation network

  • southardbadboy

    online is so fun and so easyer to use then playstation so what for the blue ray player if i wanted a blueray player i would go but one and look playstation with the new move is crap still have to have something in your hand where xbox is totally wireless and now handsfree its show in sales xbox is better and always will be sony is nothing no more they need to go back to the drawing board they are trying to compete with microsoft which they will never win they should both buy into each other put there heads together and build a number 1 console for all and make it 3d gaming or virtual reality or something i also dissagree with people who say the ps3 is better graffix if this is true then why is it black ops looks smoother on xbox then it does on ps3

  • bhafc 4 life

    honestly i couldnt care less :L
    oh no il have to wait another month?
    big woop
    its rediculous :L no one cairs :L
    seriously, get out and get a life!!!!

  • D3viL_cAn_cRy

    fools…..i was ps3 fan for like 2 years….had great friends community….and my brother had xbox. when the ufo hack came out on ps3 every child was usin it…so i said fusk the ps3….sony is generaly fucked…..cause they have no money to respone fast on hacks and get them updated,evry mofo was usin ufo glitch for one big reason in witch xbox will allways be better then ps3…user had no reason to be afraid of hackin and gettin banned because makin a new profile for ps3 is 4 free…..retards took an advantage of it….i said enought…..i bought xbox and my ps3 is in the livin room dusted:D…even that friends community didnt stop me of doin it…its only a question of time when they will hack the system again on another game….ps3 graphics is the only and the shitiest advantage of ps3….xbox has bette everythin else….whitch is a lot…..startin with takin care of a customers…online!! connection twice better then ps3….ps3 is usin one microproc…called sellchip….the onlyone takin carre of online, main menu, memory and gamin itself… has three processors….one for online, one for dashboard and one for the memory….ps3 is freezin so many times because of this:D….i loved ps3….free stuff…..uau….but then i realised its worth of payin for it rather then havin hackers ruinin everyones game and fun…xbox for life

  • dan

    all you noobs have no lives.. I mean LOOK at this. six whole pages of bickering over what console is better. just keep your opinions to yourselves and get over the fact that people are entitled to think what they want.

  • mA33ive_attack

    No I'm not convinced in buying an xbox… Why would I waste my money on a console that has a short life expectancy and has the tendency of scratching dvds… Which reminds me I have blu ray and xbox doesn't, you have to pay to play online i don't, and the only thing that I'm convinced is that Microsoft is money hungry corporation who likes to take money from idiots like you who are stupid enough to buy their product. If your half way as smart as you seem you will understand that Microsoft wants you to pay for EVERYTHING and still not have the luxuries that a PS3 offers for the same price.

  • youraidiot

    idiots xbox might have rrod but it dosnt have it alot anymore oh yea how about ps3s yellow light thought about that. microsoft bought the right to have the map packs first so dont be angry microsofts richer than sony

  • psn savagepsn

    you all are funny… ps3 is best.. no brainer like john said xbox players are the test dummies. and i buy all the map packs if i like them or not. (true fan…) sony all my life… i have an xbox360 and u know what it does? it holds my games upright. alls its good for.

    all true ps3 fans comment my psn – savagepsn dont hate xbl

  • ATLfalcons72


  • hefsefser

    accualy there is a built in adapter on the xbox so ps3 lovers fuk off

  • shalashaska

    I've got a older xbox 360, it works perfectly, no ring of death.

    The PS3 gets gas pockets which erases all the memory and the games are more expensive though graphically no different apart from one or two games, black ops graphics is worse on ps3…

    The controller is awkward and feels like its gonna fall apart. It copied the Wii remotes with stupid balls on the end.

    Glad the map packs are on the 360 first, sony are very sneaky and dont deserve them yet.

    • bob

      I agree with you ps3 sucks it has the worst graphics for all of it's games!

  • Truth

    Whoever is complaining about RROD, all I have to say is Sony has just as much (or more) problems with their first release of a console. I got a PS2 when they first came out and that machine was a piece of shit. I had to send it to Japan twice, and when it failed the third time I gave up on them. My friend got a PS3 when they were back compatible with PS2 games and it failed 8 mo. after his purchase.

    I also had a 20 GB Sony Walkman mp3 player a few years ago and it failed within 6 months. Not that this is a gaming console example, but it shows that Sony sucks in all their electronics. Since then I have avoided Sony and have had a great life. I had far more issues with Sony stuff than Microsoft stuff. (Oh, and I have a MacBook Pro, so it's not like I am in love with Microsoft either.)

  • Woody

    Can I just ask why is it that so many people are saying that the makers of the game (Treyarch/Activision) are going to lose money, how? they sell to other companies such as Amazon and Gamestop for example. They DON'T sell directly to you so I don't seem to see where that argument is coming from…

  • Johnb31609

    ok, there is obviously some stupid people in here. First off, the xbox doesnt run any hotter than a ps3. With the ps3 youre downloading every game to the hard drive before you play so its not running the disc…The same goes with xbox too though but with the xbox you have the choice of doing it or playing from the disc. Secondly, ps3 doesnt have any problems like the red ring of death like the xbox?? Are you kidding me? They have the yellow light of death! (Ive gotten it and so have tons of other people) And to end this, so what ytou have to pay money for online, at least on xbox you have good connections, alot less lag, more people talking with mics (and not in some other language either) You people arguing over what system is better than the other are retards, theyare both good in thier own ways. I personally own both a ps3 and a 360 but all my online gaming is done on the 360.

  • clark 2005

    yea all of yall sound like a bunch of girls i had both and had problems from both it dont mater witch one you get they all have problems

  • Brewt

    it is pretty obvious ps3 is better by the fact we have more exclusive games and developers that previously made exclusive games are coming over to the ps3

  • KingOfBox

    Ummm.. this article does nothing but show how desperate Microsoft is to stay alive in the world of gaming in which it is endangered at this point. Buying exlusivity rights doesn't help Treyarch… it merely helps XBox. But this is like using a band aid for a gunshot wound… Face it XBoxers… PS3 is running the show… EASILY

  • armadillo

    fuggin jap lovers

  • Maurice


    add on ps3:: mausi-gangsta

    See ya

  • Kevin Tidd

    money is money they dont care who it comes from as long as it comes in F all you ps3 losers in the A i wouldnt be caught dead with a ps3 and if i wanna watch blue rays ill fu**in buy a blue ray player stop bein cheap ya friggin gimokes

    • charlie

      fu fukin fanboy

  • Alex

    You are an ignorant ashole thats a fanboy I have both systems and I use my Ps3 more even though I use both and its been satisticly proven that xbox has had more problems not only with the system but their customer service and the time to get their repairs back from microsoft and the system has also been proven to be much weaker durabillity wise.

  • Champ

    I believe that both systems are pretty much equivalent, so I will sum up what everybody has said in their previous posts. Lets start off with charges and fees. PS3 costs $299, Xbox costs $199. Xbox Live costs about $6 a month, PS3 is 100% free. A Sony brand headset costs an extra $60, every Xbox comes with a complementary headset. A PS3 controller costs $5 less than an Xbox controller.
    Seem pretty equal so far?
    Next, I need to say that I, myself, do own and play on the Playstation Network. Does that make me a hater of Xbox live? Of course not. Now time to compare network quality: My brother owns an Xbox and is 100% satisfied, and as a PSN player, I am 100% satisfied as well. I did notice that while playing in Black Ops so far, PS3 does take a bit longer to migrate hosts, but it is completely fair since the Xbox players are willing to pay a small sum of money for a slightly better internet connection.
    I read how the argument sparked, about how Xbox gets the download content first, and I am completely ok with that as well. For Xbox players, they get the new stuff first. But this doesn't put PS3 and PC gamers at a disadvantage. They get the opportunity to watch Xbox map gameplay and see if it is worth it. For example, in MW2, watched my brother play the stimulus package on the Xbox, and I bought it on the PS3 since I liked what I saw. But by watching my brother play the resurgence package, I thought that the maps didn't look so great, and I didn't waste my money on it for the PS3.
    I would also like to help prove that players on both game systems are no better than the other. I play both game systems with the exact same skill level and am happy with both. Hope this helped…

  • Fen Bellger

    You're all loosers. Both systems are dope so buy both you broke ass mafks. And buy a wii too.

  • Maximus L

    I have an xbox and i love it! but my brother has a ps3 and I think that is great aswell with the different games on offer e.g infamous, little big planet. I think the whole point of having an online console is so that you can play with your friends, if your friends have an xbox you should get and xbox, if your friends have a ps3 you should get a ps3. Either way im xbox all the way:L

  • Joe

    People do all of there trash talk on Xbox because of the RROD. Who cares, honestly if you get rrod death fix it i fixed mine myself for 4 dollars and I spent 20 minutes at max fixing it ya its a minor drawback but deal with it and no i didnt use the retarted towl trick.

  • Equal

    Everybody here picks and acts like they are all educated. PS3 fanboys say "We got it all free, which makes us better." and try to defend about the ridicule of console's Japanese origin. Xbox fanboys say "PS3 gamers are all campers and suck," or attempt to defend against the PS3 fanboy's comments about the RROD. I have been watching this site for almost 3 months and it has been one of the most hilarious things I have ever done. Xbox fanboys talk in text talk and half of what they say makes absolutely no sense. PS3 fanboys try to act educated, using complete sentences only. Also, I find it funny how the two systems attack each other by saying that the community of the other system has players in age groups that are strange to them. Xbox people make fun of PS3 because they have players that are like 5 years old and know nothing, while PS3 fans hate on how the majority of Xbox players are adults, that are not true. Both systems primarily consist of teenagers, who the game was designed for. I support equality in the systems. Both have pros, cons, and myths. RROD and the PS3 gravity hack are both pretty much gone, except in rare cases. I am glad for those who support equality. Anybody who is a fanboy: GET OFF THE COUCH, LEAVE THE CONTROLLER, AND GO GET A SOCIAL LIFE!

  • dan

    ps3 best 300.00$ i ever spent i had both machines and like sony better.(p.s.)I also own ps1 ps2 &ps3 i use them all and they still work great.

  • ryan

    every article I've read on this site seems very biased, I think this site is written by xbox fanboys or microsoft employees either way its hilarious :)

  • Matt

    ps3 does not have better graphics, blu ray does not look any better than a regular dvd. xbox has exclusive content and the controllers aren't tiny and retarded. plus it doesn't have those dildo controllers that copied the wii. i've never had a problem with my xbox and $50 a year is not expensive. also, the ps3 servers are laggy as hell, it is almost unbearable. hint hint, xbox is better.

  • steve

    u guys do realize that ps3 is switchin over to subcriptions right? so all u who r sayin id rather play for free think again cuz ps3 yearly subcription is gonna be about 70 to 80 dollars ill stick to 50 amonth u idiots


    xbox is for people who can acually pay. don't flame you poor mexicans

  • guest

    You people need to calm down. It is a matter of opinion which console you like best, but that doesn't mean you have to spam fanboy comments all over. Each console has its pros and its cons. Instead of having pointless arguements over consoles onlin, try to go hang out with frineds or get a girlfriend. Seriously, I hate it when gamers argue about consoles like two year olds. I hope people read this comment and think, oh my maybe I really should stop being a nerd and go have fun in real life.

  • danny73

    to start off ive had a ps1 ps2 and psp still use that today for films and the odd game but when it comes down to the ps3 and xbox i went for the wii cheeper at the time graphs where crap but kids loved it but i missed my real games so i went for the xbox360 rrod or not but ive had mine now for a 2 years and no probs as for black ops dlc bring it on at any price we pay for our net play for beter servers and a beter updates as far as i hear from ppl with ps3 its very hard to get online to play black ops at all takes me 2 sec to get online to play and my friends are now thinking of coming over to xbox a cos of this

  • xion

    dude from what i know ps3 awesome system and xbox 360 awesome system too however they both have their downfalls ps3 has a dumb chatting system but online is free , yellow light of death also know as (ylod) is what the ps3 can get which is a overheating problem and i have seen three ps3s go through this already. xbox shitty online sevice cause its like 50 or 60 bucks i dont member how much it cost for online but the chatting system is great , but has red ring of death , which i hav only seen 2 so its like either way these system are great but the companies are screwin us over .power to the gamers

  • Fred

    PSN are going to be using dedicates servers in the next year which mean that they will charge for the service to maintain the servers

  • Pleb

    There’s a rumor that Sony are going to be using dedicated servers for the PSN which means that they will have to charge for the service

  • Jere

    Kinect is what is making ps3 owners switch to xbox, I got the Kinect and it's by far the best and coolest thing out for gaming in the last 20 years. It's even more accurate than the Wii and that is a controller :D

  • southardbadboy

    well its the big sting for ps3 owners around end of january beginning of febuary psn will not be free no more they are going to use dedicated servers at a cost of 80dollers which is around the 50pound mark for a yearly subscription whic makes xbox cheaper straight away you will be able to still brows the internet for free using your ps3 this charge is for using the psn network so all these comments that say ps3 is free so its better will perhaps change and overall most people who have ps3s are in the age range of 8-17year olds so for the younger generation how will they afford this so this wont go down well with the young ones this will reduce sales in playstation so all people thinking of buying one for xmas make sure you think firs as xbox is cheaper console and is cheaper for online subscription

  • Just me

    Acually the new xbox slim cannot get the red rings of death and has the fastest wi-fi of any console, we pay more for better product and service

  • John Smith

    Hell no, PC and PS3 for life. I will never own a xbox. Only because Microsoft has no idea what it is going on when it comes to gaming(windows is starting to call too, i hate vista and windows 7. Xp was the best but anyways) Look at Sony, still makes and sells PS2 games and console's on top of the PS3 games and console. What happened to the original xbox. Gone off the market with no support what so ever. Not to mention that the PS3 is so much more of an advanced console of the 360. IDK what the new specs are on the xbpx slim, but I do know that if you own the big 360 that your console's are topped out and can not get pushed anymore with games graphic wise. Not to mention disc size limitations. dvd = 4.5 gigs Dual layer DVD = 9gigs blue-ray 25 gigs dual layer blue ray at 50 gigs. Meaning that PS3 games can get so much more into dept. Look at some of xbox's exclusives and compare them to PS3 exclusives. PS3 takes the cake in my book. And its not about being childish its about wanting the best product.

  • Reece

    The reason why Activision have given microsoft the DLC earlier is because they get payed a staggering amount of money for it, which is probably enough to cover the costs of the people on the ps3 and pc that get angry and dont buy it. If activision lost profit from it, do you think they would do this? And i think people should really stop argueing about consoles! Xbox live costs money because the service given to the customers is better than sony's service. The RROD problem is not an issue now as new xbox 360 models are built better now. And the % of consoles breaking is now the same as ps3. I think the ps3 has better technology in it but if your buying a games console its not all about the blue ray. And the graphics depends on what kind of setup you have and not really the consoles.

  • Only person with a mind here

    I’m going to set things straight. I own ps3, xbox, and wii. First off, wii sucks. Now that we got that out of the water, let’s move on. Ps3 costs more because it’s worth more. It’s not that complicated. Blu-Ray, better graphics, better hardrive, perks like the Sony Bravia connectivity or free online. Xbox makes you pay for online why? Because microsoft can. They know that xbox owners will still pay for it, regardless if there’s another system that doesn’t make you pay. It’s called today’s market. Those of you who think one is obsolute to the other are wrong. Xbox has 25,000,000 users in the world. Not much compared to the world. Ps3? 23,000,000. Those of you xbox assholes(not all xbox owners, just the asshole ones) who are thinking “oh that’s more than ps3! Ps3 sucks ha ha ha” so what? Not by much. Also assholes who are thinking there’s no way that’s the actual amount, it’s called rounding. Yeah, it exists. Both ps3 and xbox are good. The fact that Microsoft had a deal so they’d get the map packs first so ps3 owners would get frustrated? No, that doesn’t make me want to get an xbox slim, it just makes me think Microsoft is run by a bunch of douchebags. I personally go with ps3 online because it’s free. Microsoft and Sony get along. Why can’t their fans? Seriously, just diss wii. It’s really easy. Wii is made by nintendo. Nintendo will go out of buisness after wii is obsolete. Why wouldn’t Microsoft and Sony? Because they make more than just videogames. Yeah. Wii sucks.

  • guest!

    microsoft will neva beat sony cause theirs blu ray and 3d compatible games for ps3 and all microsoft has is kinect which sony made years ago. microsoft will never catch up 2 sony

  • sam

    i think it is childish fighting over which one is better and both consoles have their good and bad points

  • sam

    if you guys have time to argue about random **** like this then you need to get a life

  • fayt

    from what it sounds like. some of you are jus making up things to make the other system look bad. both systems are good systems. i have seen more than my fair share of friends who's xbox have had the rrod due to software problems and overheating problems. and i have one friend who's ps3 went to crap. on black ops i get on matches jus as fast as my bro in law gets in matches on his 360 slim (he's in the room above mine). both have had problems due to the shitty patch which we had to download the other day. there is a graphic difference really only noticable on a lcd tv and if the game is ps3 exclusive. games which appear on both systems have no graphic difference (look on the back of the game package to see max res.). getting through the xbox menu is alot easier and less loading than a ps3. as far as controllers go it's jus a matter of preference. as far a map packs go do you realize you are arguing about who pays for them first? both companies basically pay for bragging rights. and as far as servers go. if the servers were that different why are both systems having the same problems with the same patch. i have no problem with xbox even t hough i own a ps3.

  • fayt

    and as far as the arguement of why it took like three revamps of the same system to finally get rid of the rrod and actually put innate wifi connector. wifi speed is based on your internet provider. and if you wanna pay for three of the same systems to finally get everything in one. it's there money. i'm sure alot of people have paid for the original ps3 and the new slim for one reason or the other.

  • deathspear14

    PS3 FOREVER!!!

  • Xbox fanboy12

    Ok first of all wit the slim u get a free wifi inside nd 2nd of all if u guys are really that poor were u can not aford 60 bucks a year then u might as well not even play that’s like less then 2 $ a week y u complaning and 3 rd the people at Microsoft have stuff organized yes x box breaks sometimes but it don’t matter u no y they take in for free they pay your shoping and send it back 4 free. I broke my ps3 u no wat they said at Sony oh that would b 160$ plus shoping to fix it nd I said he’ll no nd then I said well can u tell me the serial number nd they said we don’t have that information so go get the slim slim doesn’t break eaisly

  • southardbadboy

    xbox forever ps3 will be left behind after they start charging for there use of psn it will be just a blueray player after that and know one will buy just because of that especially as you can pick up brand new blue ray players for 100 quid eat my dust xbox is better you can tell all you ps3 lovers sound like your beggin to be best the way you go on

  • southardbadboy

    A very common argument in most flame wars is that the Playstation 3 simply “has better graphics”. I’m not sure where that argument came from; Sony obviously did a good job of marketing the system. However, the argument is entirely false. The Xenos GPU on the XBOX 360 is superior the RSX on the PS3. And thats a fact

  • southardbadboy

    Xenos simply has more power – higher fillrate, higher pixel processing power, higher vertex processing power, and better memory architecture. If you look at multiplatform games and contrast the graphics on the two consoles, XBOX 360 almost always leads. Whether they use a higher resolution or higher quality antialiasing, games often look better and/or play smoother on the 360

  • southardbadboy

    On paper, the Playstation 3’s Cell engine is more capable than XBOX 360’s triple-core Xenon CPU. However,the XBOX 360 is much easier to develop for. In other words, a lot of the Cell’s power is going to waste. Although that is expected to change eventually, as always seems to happen with Sony’s consoles (compare early PS2 games to current games, and the same goes for PS1), one year later we’re still waiting for someone to fully exploit the system. Another indication that the PS3 is harder to develop for is the fact that almost all multiplatform games arrive weeks – if not months – after their 360 versions.

    • fgghjjkll;''

      it's because Microsoft is trying to become a monopoly- so they are buying out all of the developers to back up the 360 (for a little cash of course)

  • Sean

    People saying ps3′s online is shit n no one plays it. It takes me longer to get games on xbox n when I get a game it says migrating host counts to 7 then backs me out n that happens 6/10 tines wereas on the ps3 it’s only 3/10 times

  • Dot Man

    Ps3 sucks asshole Xbox 360 FTW we get better games Halo and Gears of War!! Call of Duty is better on xbox!

  • 1loudninja

    If its 10 bucks ill get it…… but i dont wanna heve to pay 20 or 1/3 of the games price for about 6 maps. If it comes with 20 new maps for 20 buck i guess ill consider it. Anyways I can wait.

  • Ryonical311

    I would like to mention that Microsoft have made a solution to the red ring of death, by giving the motherboard more space to expand in the heat.

  • Nic

    It's really sad how quickly people get defensive over a console when they both do the same thing… I own both, however I get on my 360 more due to friends. Maybe seeing that little blade of grass outside the map because you have a blue ray player makes the PS3 better can be your arguement for the fanboys of the Ps3. And the 360 fanboys can say that you pay for a better service. I'm just saying in my opinion they both do the same shit.

  • PopsMcKraken

    All I know from reading just two pages is that PS3 people do not know how to spell worth a damn and the XB360 people do know how to spell. I'm a PC Gamer so i get the map packs later than EVERYONE but I know my PC is better than your PS3 Or Xbox.

  • fayt

    y is everyone getting so defensive over both consoles? lol some games come out earlier for a particular system probly because that company shelled out a bunch of extra money. i think it only makes sense to argue over who gets what map packs first is if ps3 and xbox players could play eachother. if xbox gets it first it's not like ps3 users log on and you pick'em off every chance you get while they learn the map. and you can't really say things like "on paper ps3 is better because of this" and then come up with this whole arguement about y u think the software on xbox is better (someone a few pages up mentioned this). certain games come out earlier for a particular console and other come out at the same time (ie black ops)

  • fayt

    sony charging for psn and online gaming is jus a rumor as of now. as far as i know you pay for the premium thingy for demos and stuff. and the host migration thing is the same on ps3. that damn patch screwed things for both systems and i know this because i watch my bro in law play on his 360 slim and it does the same thing on his that it does on my ps3. i haven't had any problems on my psn that my bro in law hasn't had on his 360 slim

  • domenic


    Xbox is way better than a fucking piece of shit ps3 i have both including wii and wii is shit too but who really gives a shit about a fucking bluray player i still play dvds on my xbox anyways because it doesnt matter and ps3 graphics arnt better are fucking high and for all u poor ps3 asian prods afraid to pay 7$ for xbox live then take a better look at ur games fucking retards you have to pay for so much shit on psn like fifa and a bunch of other games so shut the fuck up and red rings? really you fucking stupid ps3 licking whores you get a free xbox if u get them and u bearly get them anymore and u ps3 prods are probaly so fucking stupid that you don't realize that ps3 gets yellow rings fucking retards and its not free repairs i got yellow rings and had to take the shitty ps3 to a repair shop to get it fixed 40$ and when my xbox got the red rings booooooom call microsoft bring 360 to ups and get a free 1 a week later so shut the fuck up ps3 is shit worst thing i ever bought not literaly but all fucking most! and we get map packs sooner way sooner ha ha fuck yea fucking eat that fucking ps3 prods watcha gonna do ay bitch ps3 is shit watcha gonna do, and the only people who buy ps3s are fucking asians and poor americans that cant afford a 360 and xbox live quality service but instead they buy cheaply made ps3 shit from chinese slaves and ps3 people usally have a low self of steam and small dicks and there usally between 10-17 years old with no life and playstation move really wtf is that im not even buying that shit loooks so fucking gay instead im buying kinect cause its fucking awsome and im not a cheap faggot scared to buy xbox live

    and guess what PS3 IS SHIT and what are you going to do stupid fucking piece of shit ps3 prods. buy a dam xbox

  • bob

    i'll let you ps3 owners know how the new maps are :)

  • PooPooFace

    I wonder why xbox get everything early? and PC and PS3 have to get it a few months later. Is microsoft paying Treyarch?

  • phil

    i once was too a PS fanboy until i got in depth with the 360.. now i love them both pretty closely but for the most part the 360 does have better graphics for most multi platform games and the online game play varies between the time and day and most of all your internet connection.. it sucks that xbox charges but to me its worth it for what i do and the amount of people i talk to.. unlike the PS u can only text unless ur playing the same game and even then some PS games dont allow chat which is horrible and PS needs to upgrade a bit to equal the tech for todays date..

  • Darkened echo

    I have an XB 360, and a PS3. Kinect is *OK* youll disconnect from its camera every few hours, and the XB 360 overheats, there graphics are nice though.
    PS3 has just amazing graphics, and amazing CoD players. ive seen Xbox live hate mail on vids, you can't do that on the PS3. they have a mod that censors things… so as a PS3 gamer: Microsoft, **** you.

  • Sean

    Seriously? I used to be a play station fan but there games… SUCK !!!! I guess thats just a matter of opinion. I must agree on the fact of Xbox over pricing and charging their customers for rediculous things but none the less i still choose xbox over playstation. I played a PS3 and to be honest i didn't like it. Just for the record to i didn't notice that much of a difference in graphics. Besides i heard (whether true or not) that with blu ray discs once scratched cost heaps to repair or they just don't work.

  • You Guys Are The real Idiots here

    Grow up you dick heads there just consoles who fights over which is the better console it’s a console not a god there both good consoles so stop fighting like little kids and GROW UP

  • OmegaCenobyte

    You are argueing over different opinions. People expect and appreciate different things relating to both machines. They both have strong points and weaknesses (nothing is perfect). It is a matter of personal taste and experience, neither of which can be called wrong or right. To tell someone that their personal taste in something is wrong, is futile and will be met by defence. People are different and it is better to embrace this, rather than argue and hate someone because of it.

  • Knight kid

    I have a PS3 and My girl frend has a XBOX i play both of them because i have some friend that only have xbox. but the standed graphic on the xbox is so bad to compare to PS3 i need to find some way to make it better i know that HDMI cabel would sort it out but my plasma dont have it. so im not a big fan of xbox plus you have to pay extra £40 a year to go to xbox live that really do my head in. and when xbox say that they are going to release black ops new maps first that is a lie before they have also said that black ops was going to be release first on xbox but they came out as time as PS3 so dont post some crap next time…. learn little boy …….

  • poor but happy

    All I have is the super nintendo.


    XBOX is total shit, thats right microsoft keep dumping hoards of money into activison in attempts to get more customers on your side. Ps3 still has free online play! whats that xbox you make your customers pay for that shit?? Cant wait to see yet another XBOX be discontiuned!!!!!! PS3 for life bitches!!

  • will

    why would i want to waste my money on a stupid xbox for a dlc that is 1 month earlier than the ps3 and pc, ill stay with my ps3 and not listen to these people that are being biased

  • Botty

    Most people with xbox 360′s are people who had ps2′s and wanted to get a ps3 but did not have enough money for one so were left with xbox. They were then jelouse of people with ps3′s so they started to become xbox fans. Online services for ps3 are not as good as xbox but the difference is not worth the money you need to pay for xbox live.

    • PS3 is better

      You are stupid and wrong, they are the same price but PS3 is built better with better graphics, bigger hard drive and came out with the wifi in system first so shut up and learn your facts.

  • The OnE

    Japaniese electronics are simple better then junk from the "United" Sates. microsoft should of stayed with juat computers. Never had a problam with PS3 online n the blu ray player is juat an add on why have an xbox and blu ray player? juat takes up space

  • Reidy

    Also it's a bit retarted the ps3 users that are going OH PS3 IS BETTER BECAUSE IT HAS A BLU-RAY PLAYER.

    You're argueing over which is the better console, nobody cares about the fact that it can play slightly-better-definition movies.

    Thats like me saying my oven is better than yours because it has pictures of cats printed on it.

  • ps3 beast

    x-box faggs shut up ps3 is the bst for life face it!!!!!

  • Marcus

    HAHAAHAHA its hilarious to see you fanboys argue about witch console is the greatest! HAHAHA omg! xD in my opinion, you get what you pay for when you use xbox live and with playstation network it's like a crappy freeware

  • SzFatalxp

    I never understood why people talked about consoles like their were defending their dignity/self esteem. Either you're all 12-year olds discovering the internet or you nerds have nothing better to fight over.

  • eddie

    well thats hard to belive that that the ps3 broke in 2 hours unless ur so stupid u tried to take a shower with it or watching porn cuz ur a fuckin loner
    cuz iv already owned 3 xbox and they all broke within a month and ive hade the same ps3 for about 3 years already with no problem

  • Kieran


  • ps3

    well xbox sucks….all my friends who has a xbox either hate it or has red rings…….soooo ps3 is a way much better system then xbox

    • hrfueh

      maybe ur friends suck and are bad at taking care of a console cause everyone who plays ps3 and have call of duty suck and camp

  • ps3, xbox360 owner

    Yes the ps3 does have a bluray, but how good is that quality???? I have compared, its not all that good of quality with picture and sound.. My blu ray blows my ps3 away in every catagory you can think of when watching movies, I never use it for movies and if your useing yours for movies, then you just dont care about quality so you may as well use the first playstation and play some mario..

  • keeron

    i got all the consoles and have gotta say free online gaming rocks only thing that worrys me are the jailbreaking cheats im all for jail breaking a machine but not for using cheat apps in online services i think psn will be a bitch if they cant control the psn jailbreak cheats. as for graphics mate how a**l are you they are both great consoles and unless you are a scientist doing the numbers you couldnt really tell based on the fact seeing is subjective and colour is also subjective now the wii version graphics suck but that is actually the surprising winner in this one if not for the wii version i wouldnt have bothered with ps3 after spending 350 on xbox premium only for it to be made to look like a relic so i wasnt in a hurry to buy microsoft consoles again after rrod i had xbox 1 and was great but 360 in terms of durablity it has defo frightened me away from the 720 lets see how my ps3 gets on after reading about ylod these might be the last console i buy and i been consoling since the days of atari 2600 bitch now thats what i call whack graphics great gameplay (in its time) nes bitched it clean and master system and the console war rages on :-)

  • 333

    Its stupid to be released for one console before all others. I stoppped playing modern warfare with all their repeat map releases trying to get me to waste money and now ill stop playing call of duty because theyre just gonna do the same B!S! Its time to put the CoD and MW franchise to rest and then there ya go…. no more worries about who gets the stupid waste of money game from a money hungry company first.

  • NativeAmerikila

    How the hell are they gonna give xbox the maps first if anything they should give it to the pc because thats where fps' got their fame. Im gonna be buying the maps for ps3 but still fuck microsoft!

  • Liberator

    I'm tired of all these people hating on paying for DLC, and not wanting to wait on maps for PS3 and PC. I keep hearing you say that it will cause Treyarch to lose customers, when, in reality, you all know you will get the map pack no matter if you must buy or wait for it. This is just the way it is, and your complaining about it won't change anything. Get it if you want it, or don't. I, for one, am getting it the first day on the 360, no matter the cost. If I buy a game for $60 and can spend $15 or so to keep my attention on that game for a while longer, I'll do it.

  • Raymond

    I am never buying a Xbox360 again, my 360 got broked within a week! didnt get a new one from the store i bought it from so, I bought the Ps3 and I am so much more satisfyed whit Ps3. Btw Ps3's design is so much more nicer then the ugly design of the 360.

  • mactavish

    xbox 360 rulessssss!!!!!!!!!! I mean ps3 is good but Xbox 360 is better@@@@!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Haha love all of the arguments and can safely say that im xbox all the way, blu-ray is pointless and nothing WOW in terms of getting a gaming console as well as paying over £20 for a dvd with better quality beaucase the money will soon add up, about having little big planet, you bunch of stupid idiots it is a pathetic game with no difficulty just running around as a stupid ballsackboy climing over things and completing challenges and mini games, xbox has gears of war, mass effect 1, forza and fable. The playstation has more problems: online support, online gaming, losing memeory? plus the yellow light. The new xbox slim for instance has built in wi-fi so no need for an adapter and i do not mind paying £40 for a year because its awesome at only £3.33 a month BARGAIN.

  • da7ooooom

    well im a crazy on cod Especially on treyarch but im not gonna spent 200$ for only map pack thats a stupid move im gonna just open the youtube and watch every one playing it and im just Humiliated myself then 2 mounth past and ill buy it on ps3 activison u r the worst i really loved u in cod5 time but now u just caring for microsoft.. activsion ur the worst.. treyarch ur the best

  • MarkMark778

    I am awesome at black ops. Add me on Xbox Live: MarkMark778

    I feel sorry for the PS3 users u guys made the wrong choice.

  • ferrariops

    it makes me sad that does. microsoft are bullying ps3 and yeah, maybe xbox is better because its dlc ecslusive and it has more games but so what? ps3 is much better in other terms like cheapness. most people say that xbox is much cheaper. thats actually wrong though unless you dont get online. i want the new map pack, but it takes ages for it to come to ps3. i just dont know what ps3 has done to deserve this, as after all ps3 is the better console as you dont get faults (as much) free online and blu ray.
    it seems like all the new games are exclusive to xbox and i only know two games which are only exclusive to ps3.
    when online starts costing though, i will get an xbox.

  • cory

    I bought a ps3 when it fist came out still runs never sent in like a xbox. And as for the map packs coming out first for the xbox is total bs I think they should drop the same day

  • You Retarded Fanboys

    Ok fanboys listen up correction 1: both systems have 1080p and the blu ray in the ps3 has virtually no effect in the graphics because the games are the exact same format if there for both consoles. I have both and they are the exact same, very little difference. Correction 2: xbox live has many more features than psn, and is a richer online experience, xbox clearly wins here. Correction 3: the new xbox slim is a lot more durable and have a very low failure rate and also the ps3s disc drive tends to break down so in my opinion they are fairly similar in durability and failure rate. Correction 4: as far as dlc and downloads the ps3 takes much longer than the xbox and it has to install which takes some more clock too. The xbox is very fast when it comes to downloads and it normally gets dlc before ps3 for games such as Call of Duty as early as a month before so xbox overall is a clear winner and its number of players shows more people like it bcuz it has many more players online than the ps3 so number of online players shows which console is boss, the XBOX 360.

  • yomomma187

    lolz…your all fucking stupid get a life i got all systems they both have seperate advantegas personally i prefur xbox for the servers and the controllers more comfy:0 that little ps3 controller is for lil bitch handseither way everybody go get some sunlight u fuckin lazy sacks of shit your all a waste of life:)

  • URexWIFE

    I have both systems and they are both awesome in there own special ways. First would be the online experience is better on XBOX due to the better operating system and user friendly interface. Everytime I access the Playstation network and Dpad my way through the cross media platform I feel lost and never trully get anywhere. XBL strives to change and be as user friendly as a MAC computer ;D. I’d say that every year to year half they update and totally revampe there interface. Wherase PS3 I have never seen any improvement out of pure neglet or the no care for the consumers that would bring a trully immerse experience for them (maybe there to busy making 3D tv’s?). The main debate I hear is that XBL is $60 wherase PS3 is free for an online experience. Which is not entirly true XBL GOLD is $60 and silver is free. True to get any kind of experience with XBL you need gold so one up for PS3. Another debat is the graphics to me they all SHMELL the same as far as mult-platform games go. Exclusive game titles such as UNCHARTED (AWESOME) and HALO ( KILLAMANJARO) are tottaly different beast. Here is what you have to consider exclusive game titles push the boundrys for that certian game console over and beyond. Multi-platform games such BLACK OPS (OFF SUBJECT) do not for example lets say an explosion or nice scenic view of the ocean looks awesome on the PS3 but renderd on the XBOX looks horribly pixalated and looks like ur mom’s beef stew NASTY!!. The game producers will then decide wether are not to go back fix the coding sequence to fit nicely with the xbox. Which means millions of $ hours of which they do not have or to just delete the whole entire code altogether and put a cow in the way to block the view. Thats a ruff example. One thing I have to say about the PS3 is the BOOM A WRONG controller for the life of me i feel like i am not in control PS3 should highly invest in there R&D department to set the controller to higher standards. So thats my 2 cents I hope I did not offend anyone just my opinion.

  • killaklankaze

    just another pathetic attempt by microsux 2 compete w Sony n how can u blame cod? microsux prob shelled out millions 4 the exclusive early release rts lol just 2 make their lesser quality product seem a tiny bit better but does sux-box have a cell processor? i dont think so lol. is it compatable w computer mouses keyboards external memory devices n so on n so on? NO. It simply sux n then they actually have the nerve 2 make u pay 2 play after youve already wasted ur $ on their system w a shelf life that burns rings into their crappy DVD games forcing u 2 spend more $ rebuying them just 2 continue playing?? i watched my room mates sux-box destroy 17 games b4 taking a sh*t on him 3x followed by buying another 1 that broke 2 months later. needless 2 say hes now a Sony customer after being a microsux fanboy 4 life.

  • josh

    i think its kind of retarded how microsoft gets treated better when now that the ps3 population is growing and catching up to xbox their still getting the exclusiveness i think it should have ended by now at least.

  • Justin

    Hey i have a ps3 and a xbox 360 elite and ive had both for over 3 years and as happened nothen has happened to either of them.except the fact that sometimes my ps3 froze and i had to restart it that could be my internet I think its unfair for infinityward to make this contract due to the fact that if u bought black ops on xbox, pc or ps3 you paid the same amount and i feel bad for the people who dont have a xbox exspecially because xbox fans will be bragging like sht for no real reason. And i have really am pist off at microsoft because over half my freinds have a ps3 only and they gotta wait another month to play but ohnestly whats the big deal i mean 2 months after you buy the dlc its gona be boring as hell exspecially the the zombie map because most people will me playing that first probably.and guys wtf with insulting at each system ohnestly wtf.

    And i think because of microsofts decision to bribe infinityward i have lost alot of intrest in xbox maby not exactly what the were hopeing to have as a responce from some xbox gamers

  • alex

    Ps3 graphics arent any better than xbox 360s and if so then its hardly noticeable

  • MilitaCommander

    Isn't this product review supposed to be about the DLC for Black ops?! also the Xbox slim is better. Mabye not the Arcade or Elite but yes the slim is compared to the PS3.
    XBL GT is name.

  • Adam

    Its the same game, releasing the same map pack… why does Xbox get it first? Is it because your fail rate is so high and you charge for network? But don't the Xbox users still have to pay the same amount of money that the ps3 users do for the pack? Did treyarch get a cut fof xbox live sales… i think not, so the fact that you pay for a network means jack shit!


    i have a PS3 and iv played xbox 360 before it sucks compared to PS3 and the mw2 pap packs did NOT come out first on xbox 360 i went to school not knowing that their was a map pack out and my friend has an xbox 360 and he said he got on his xbox b4 he went to school and there was a pap pack that wasnt there the night before and when i got home i had the map pack in ps store same thing with both they came out on the same time

  • fff

    i have a ps3 and an xbox 360 and me personally i think that xbox is alot better not only cuz you get the online map packs earleir but also cuz the online gameplay is alot more smoother so pretty much you pay for what you get with the xbox but you also pay for what you get with the ps3 cuz it doesnt cost to go online so you cant expect the online to be as great as the xbox's online

  • cole morgan

    this is gay why did microsoft pay treyarch to give them the new maps firts than ps3 i mean ps3 i better than the 360 cause better sound, image and all that so i am mad that it hapend to ps3 users.

  • Dude

    Yeah well i owned an xbox once and i had hell with it had to send it in 4 times finally got rid of the P.O.S. but i dont understand why Activision is releasing on xbox first and not Ps3…. Ps3 has by far better graphics and presentations of their games and systems than microsoft. Sony makes you want to buy their systems/ merchandise. To me its pretty sh***y not to release at the same time. But the “Pro” for it is that by the time it comes out for Ps3 it will be a better debugged version than what released on xbox.

  • karl

    buttholes smell

  • Ki aka Kyle

    Lol listening to al this bítches moan on and on really gives me a kick. I own both Consoles multiple times and trust me PS3 has just as meny issues s the Xbox does, but while i'm here let me correct a few misunderstandings.

    1) The Xbox has RROD BUT the PS3 has YLOD. (Both caes practically fixed now)
    2) The xbox doesn't need Blu Ray Player as it still uses a HDMI cable. (Still HD)
    3) The Xbox controller is big but the layout is better in my opinion.
    4) Sony IS NOT making the users pay monthly. Instead it's optional PSN+ (£40PA)
    5) Both Consoles have so meny Fan Boys it's unreal. (Sad Fúckers imo)

  • Ki aka Kyle

    Finally the DLC comes on Xbox live first yeah okay no problem, Microsoft is wasting money because in about 3 hours after release there will be vids on youtube showing people how to glitch out of the map. Since MS own the contract for the PC aswell as Xbox Live it would seem there neglecting half of there income, which means there not as shít hot as the fan boys make them out to be. Sorry but switching consoles for the sake of a game is just pathetically sad! Get a grip of your sad little world. Oh and for fúck sake stop bítching on about which console is better instead see who's got the better scoring leaderboard between the two consoles or something.

    PSN: Ki-aka-Kyle
    Live: Zantenkai

  • Rugersr9

    The game came out on same day for all systems,they should do any packs the same why piss off so many gamers for microsuck money.

  • Guest

    I am waiting for the map pack to download right now!:)

  • scott

    its called marketing ppl

  • Joel

    Wow really? All bunch of you guys here are really pathetic. I have both the 360 and the PS3. While I prefer the PS3, it really doesn't matter, everyone has their preferences! Guys arguing about this over the internet? Seriously pathetic.

  • fhfmghfg

    its all about the wii phsych
    PS3 ftw

  • cageuniverse

    I have a ps3 and BTW when all new maps come out There Shit on Xbox 360 because the bugs are not taken out and most people on Ps3 were sick and tired of COD 's shit that most player had their friends and them pitch in the 15 $$ 15 Divided by 6 is 2.50 so everyone paid 2 dollars and 50 F'in Cents thanks to game sharing while people on the XBOX paid 15 bucks for Laggy, Buggy Sh****** So thanks Treyarch you just helped many ps3 owners Save money and save their TV'S because of lag and Bugs PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Modern Warfare 2 Any 1 ???

  • connor

    haha bill gates thought he could buy this contract with activision to get people to switch over to x box! BIG FAIL YOU FAGGOT!!! ps3 has better graphics, a blu – ray player built in and we do not need to pay for online, also there are more frequent problems with the xbox! so that was a waste of money bill gates thats why your not the richest man in the world anymore dickhead! and this topic is a fail does it convince me to buy an xbox slim? NOO!!! ive had xbox's and they are constantly breaking down and you have to pay almost double for your xbox live and the adapter which comes to £100 which is more than half of what you pay for an xbox!!!

  • EC06

    Who cares about the box getting the maps first as a old 360 owner and now a ps3 owner i can say id rather wait and get them a few months after than having to play on screwed up maps with bugs since no amount of testing can provide the results you want untill you stress test it aka send it live. Also those of the PS3 fanboy/girl club pissing on the 360 il tell you this now both the old versions of both consoles had a overheating problem call it RROD (360) or the YLOD (ps3) both systems had it and now its not so common on the newer slim models.

    Also id rather not pay to play my £40+ games on my £300 system but then again id rather not play with cheating/hacking americans who think spawn hacking,wall hacking/auto prestiging and aim botting is good or cool your only making fools of yourselves since you can not play a game without hacking it to death no wonder you all suck at everything and thats one thing about the 360 is there are alot less hackers compared to the ps3 player base form the states.

  • EC06

    Who cares about the box getting the maps first as a old 360 owner and now a ps3 owner i can say id rather wait and get them a few months after than having to play on screwed up maps with bugs since no amount of testing can provide the results you want untill you stress test it aka send it live. Also those of the PS3 fanboy/girl club pissing on the 360 il tell you this now both the old versions of both consoles had a overheating problem call it RROD (360) or the YLOD (ps3) both systems had it and now its not so common on the newer slim models.

    • tucanchu69

      see what people dont realize abouy YLOD all it is is a fail safe to protect the ps3 and all you have to do is give it a reset and all is good and most of the YLOD are caused by those dumbasses buying that stupid intercooler that breaths less than the ps3 puts out so it is restricting and just cause you get the YLOD doesnt mean it is dead compleatly it just means it got too hot and kicked out and needs to be reset

  • whatsaxbox?

    Ps3 users shouldnt be mad that they get maps 1 month before us… if you think about its like they are being thrown a bone…i mean ps3 users have many more advantages over xbox….atleast let them have this one little advantage….they test it out for us like guinea pigs then its bettter updated for ps3 =)

  • nintendo 13

    xbox sucks

  • tucanchu69

    comenting on conor’s talking out of his ass about shit he doesnt know about conor you cannot i repeat cannot recieve 1080p through VGA 1080i yes you can only get 1080p from 2 soarces in the electronics world and if you dont agree with me then do some research about it at at the video section those 2 soarces are 1 a Blueray disc Via hdmi 2.and HDMI there is only 2 Games that ever came out that are in 1080p resolution and guess what they are????? they are ps3 Exclusives any ideas i bet the ps3 owners know what im talking about Its UNCARTED 2 and GT5 and that is it if you dont agree then look it you you stupid ass and think before you speak.

    • tucanchu69

      here are some facts for some of you ignorant people this is a non biasd comparison of under the hood horsepower and specs on the newest versions enjoy reading facts for example

  • Joe

    Xbox is Better. built in wifi, avatar,and we get 2 play da maps b4 U!

    PS3 Sucks

  • BOZE

    ps3 fans are mad cuz they're losin the race! xbox kinect works for any xbox console. Kinect sold over 10 ten million in 2 months, wii sold over 5 million since its release, ps3 shipped over 4 million not sold but shipped! The wii sold more console then sony, xbox sells are higher than sony!!! the list can go on 4ever. payin for online we get better service and more exclusive gamin content than sony.RROD has been fix for years and ps3 prices are still 2 high. ITS EASIER FOR SONY 2 BEEN OVER AND JUST LET XBOX INSERT THY HARDDRIVE IN THE O OF SONY.

  • Niko

    Yup I'm just going to get an x box just cuz they have the map pack first lol who gives a sh!t like relly it's just a month and sorry but I'm paying 99$ for Internet a year plus ps3 has a bleu ray player boom the only thing x box has better then ps3 is there controller's but that's it ps3 is better!

  • Guest 77077

    ok the reason microsoft gets the dlc first is cuz they pay extra because if it werent for them getting it earlier everyone would play ps3 because of its just a better system plain and simple and xbox is scared that thell get pwned if they dont pay extra to get things first

  • Crystal Gail Colvin

    i agree with J-Dog34 i have owned an xbox and we had to turn it in 3 times in 1 year… my ps3 has givin me no problems except for with black ops always getting kicked out of rms and stupid crap like that… i dont have to pay to play online with my friends.. not everyone can afford all these monthly bills people keep trying to scrap out of everyones pocket… you dont get better internet service because your paying to play… u get stuff earlyer like the map pack.. ooo big whoop whoop for you

  • Brad EC

    if they want to put it on xbox first let them do it! Stop complaining bout it damn! And y would I want to buy and xbox slim after buying the first xbox 360 just so it can still not outmatched the PS3. but overall they the 360 and playstation r bout to the same so it just bout preference! And the map packs r kinda of expensive buy if ur gonna play them enough then it worth the money! All of y'all r just dumb

  • Adam

    What you Xbox fans don't understand is the Xbox is old high compressed 8 gig holding cds, a blue ray can hold over 50 gigs and the system came out over 1 year later with newer tec. In the electronic world 1 year is like 10 years so Xbox only can compete because the game makers do not make the game different on both systems, they just burn the crappy Xbox copy in blue ray so ps3 owners have to deal with crappy compressed games and small maps until the Xbox is a blue ray and has a cpu that can keep up with the ps3 ibm cell processor which is more than twice as fast so the blue ray is better just not yet because Xbox will continue to hold the better system back so thats the truth that why Xbox has to payoff the market place on the games they have to fight dirty because there system is old tec. So buy a system that is part of the future with a blue ray. Cd's are out dated just like the tape player so join the future and lets phase out the old crappy tec that is holding the gaming world back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cas

    I have both xbox 360 and the PS3. Will never go back to xbox 360. It serves as a paper weight on my entertainment center. I do wish they would bring out the map packs to both systems at the same time.

  • abe

    pc is better than both consoles and steam is better than both xbox live marketplace and playstation store

    • Rartrin

      yea, steam is better when you have internet LOL

  • TrashyMcNasty

    I have a xbox 360 slim. I have never had any problems with it. My best friend has a ps3 and I play it almost as much as my 360 so we can play together. I prefer the xbox controller but thats just a personal preference. I do believe online game play is better on the xbox. I dont get kicked or have connection issues near as often as he does and i have less lag. He has his game on a 46" lcd and I have mine on a 26" lcd. And that could be why my xbox seems to have better graphics than his ps3. But for me xbox is better, I dont mind to pay $50 per year for better servers. And thats all it boils down to for me. If ps3 didnt have as many connection problems I would probly take ps3.

  • Flash

    Not one of the consoles can be compared with pc. So who gives a shit about microsoft releasing First strike for xshit360. I bought the 360 about 3 months ago, 5 days later it made me sick

  • Another xbox owner

    Ive gone 3 years with an xbox and I havent gotten the red rings of death. Not a single one. Who gives a fuck about blu ray? Who really watches it? And for payed online? We do it for better servers. While ps3 has shitty ass servers.

  • Ps3


    • Rartrin

      Epic Fail! PS3s cost way more! LOL!!!!! Plus when the PS3 network went down, what is there motivation to fix it soon? The customer isn't paying anymore or less and when the sames hackers tried to hack the xbox 360 network, they failed on the first or second firewall, and they were only trying to hack one game (COD Modern Warefare 2).

  • Rartrin

    It sucks that PS3s don't get something similar to red rings cause I'll be laugh'in my but off when your house burns down due to overheating.

    Plus, I have had my Xbox 360 Elite for about 4 years now with no problems; after leaving my console on for 12 hours and playing it most the time, I felt the button of the consol and it was barely warm; my Gameboy games warmer then that thing!

    It all depends on location of the console; I have mine in an open area on a table and clean dust every few months and it is fine. Never had Red rings. A freind of mine has gone though 5 xboxs… 3 from red ring, 1 broke, and the most recent on (and this is my favor it that I saw) no disk drive!!!!! He leaves his console on the ground though and his room is messy… with nails sticking out of the floor… but only a few…

  • xbox is fo no lifes

    i really dnt care if ps3 gets it after 360 i own a ps3 and i think that xbox gets it earlier b/c they have more gamers with no life juss saying wile ps3 people arent jizzin there pants if a new map pack is being announced… 

  • jorge

    wll the ps3 if you wanna lay it down sideways we have no worries about getting our disk fcked up and ruined like the xbox any ways the reason that xbox is getting it early maybe cuz they pay for the game plus for monthly internet bill plus gold and last the dlc’s ps3 jxt internet and games and dlc   seee the ps3 is for people that are not as much game freaks like the x box bcuz we dont have to pay gold so 1 month is worth wasting fck xbox i had 5 of them and all broke ive had the ps3 4 4 years no proble now dont say i didnt take care off the xboxes beacuse i jxt told yall i had a ps 4 4years so dont hate game freaks jxt masterbate

  • inyourface

    ps3 works perfect, blue ray player which works amazing, no internet bill, and it doesn’t look as awfull as that xbox. therefor if you want class and don’t like to pay for something which is free elsewhere, you buy a playstation 3.

  • Nathan Rartrin

    Keep in mind, the PS3 would have less video game freaks then xbox, not because of cost but because more people buy the Xbox then PS3.

    Plus how often do you actually use blue ray? You get blue ray just to pay extra money to get a disk with a quality that doesn’t make any difference unles you were to be using a screen the size of a movie theator.

  • Kiowa Jester Wright

    the ps3 is better becuse you dont have to pay twice as much for you internet  bill  becuse you pay for xbox live and also use your other internet connetion