E3 2010: Killzone 3 (PS3) Gameplay Video Show Jetpacking Action!

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PlayStation 3 owners are probably keeping a keen eye on E3 2010 to see what they can expect to see from upcoming video games, Guerrilla Games and Sony have recently released a new trailer for the game, this trailer shows viewers some impressive-looking gameplay footage.

The trailer has been embedded at the end of this post, however if you are a keen Killzone fan you will probably want to see the video in all of it’s full HD glory here.

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The video has an extremely high pace and shows off impressive weaponry, enemies and visuals, I think you will agree that this looks like a vast improvement over Killzone 2.

The trailer also shows a much better look at the overall game than the first Killzone 3 video we posted, I was most impressed with the gun-toting jectpacks. Are you impressed by this new trailer? We would love to hear your comments.

Source: GameTrailers