Dennis Gabor and Google Doodle For Birthday

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For those of you who are wondering what Google’s latest doogle means on their homepage, we can tell you that it is in celebration of Dennis Gabor an electrical engineer who invented holography.

He was born on this day, June 5th in Budapest, Hungary. After serving in World War I, he studied in Hungary and developed an interest in electron optics.

After his studies, he became a British citizen in 1946, and invented holography in 1947 while working at British Thomson-Houston.

He received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971 for his works and today his efforts are still acknowledged whenever June 5th comes around.

This latest Google doogle may not be as fun as say a Pacman flash game, but it is a lot more significant you have to say. Let us know your thoughts on Dennis Gabor.

  • sandy

    its really so great and refreshing that google celebrate event themes and people that goes beyond its commercial motives, well done

  • JJay

    Hologra[hy in 1927? Wow. Ahead of his time, for sure….

  • Ashraf

    I think the attention google gives to people is really necessary. I, for example, didnt know that fact and i didnt know who Dennis Gabor was before i clicked on the logo to see what Google's new image was… Thumbs up Google!

  • Bill Parker

    Keep up the GREAT work Google, I like to follow your doogle links.

  • Audrey

    When I turn on my computer, I always wonder what google will teach me today. Now I know who invented holography, which will surely come in handy in a quizz game some day… ;)

  • ass

    google rules. but this blog is lame. nerdy

  • Elliot

    I have studied Dennis Gabor's work and to be honest I think it is fantastic that google are making is work known to the world because im sure many have never heard of him. Great work Google team it looks great!

  • Sarah

    Excellent Google can expose this relatively unknown but important inventor to a truly wider audience. Keep it up Google!

  • Rune

    Pacman wasn't a flash application.. I know because I tried ripping it :)

  • Beverley

    "you learn something new everyday!" Dennis Gabor a genius of his time!Thanks Google for celebrating our legends!


    Thanks Google for that. I had never heard of Dennis Gaabor before. Its true, you learn something new each day!

  • Dober Man

    Less is more, what a greaty image, I never look into these images, but this one had me intrigued

  • Kurt Bull

    Its definitly good that google makes these people recognised, its people like this that we have to thank for our lifestyles today or atleast in times still to come as holography is still being perfected and is likely to become more widely used in the future.

  • Andy

    I'd like to say, it's because of selfless pioneers like Dennis Gabor, that we have benefited from new discoveries that have increased our knowledge of Science.

  • lauraine

    Thanks Googlr, for the infomation, that you ggive us on special occasions such as bithdays, i had no idea before i clicked on it,whom dennis gaabour was. keep up the good work as it is like trivia to us .Thanks again.

  • Ankit Jain

    I really appreciate google celebrating such days cuz it not only give tribute to such people but also makes people aware that they are the reason why you have so much facilities around…. :)

  • doo-doo_butter

    you should not even have a blog. This is a waste of electrons.

  • Roswitha Blasche

    I like the very informative logos we get from Google. As my grandmother used to say, "You turn as old as a house and never finish learning." ("Du wirst alt wie ein Haus und lernst nie aus.")

  • Tina

    Thank you, Google, for honoring the people who actually made a significant contribution to technology. The way we live our lives today rest on the shoulders of relatively so few, thanks for bringing them into the spotlight.

  • Petur Williams

    Ignorant as I am, I was surprised holography came about such a long time ago. Thanks, Dennis.

  • Aldinéa Pereira

    Que bela homenagem!
    Como professora de Fisica, achei muito oportuna a lembrança.
    Espero que mitos jovens tenham a curiosidade de acessar e procurar saber quem foi este homem.

  • Aldinéa Pereira

    Que bela homenagem!

  • BobH

    I'm a professional holographer since 1980 and really appreciate Google's shining some light on Gabor's work. Holography is one of those techniques that works "behind the scenes" in research, industry and design that usually gets no credit or even acknowledgement. Understand holography and you'll understand perspective, interconnectivity, coherence, interference and dimension.